Oooh boy am I stoned!

Due to some anxiety I decided that it would be a good idea to double up on my Amitriptyline for a few days until I see my GP?

I had also not realised that after waking a little after 4am, and alarm bells over that going off in a big way, but omly falling asleep a little after 2am I had not had a lot of sleep.

Being a Fibromyalgia sufferer we do not get restorative sleep at the best of times!

Restorative sleep is the most important part and comes after REM sleep and it is what it says where the mind and body go through checks and repairing of things. Muscles repaired, toxins repaired, brain cells flushed along with skin and a great number of things. Your talking about a whole body. The brain does not do what we need it to do.

This has serious consequences and likely the main reason our memories do not function correctly each and every day? That particular symptom has a name all of its own,, Fibrofog.

Anyway I had planned to go and see someone and … well make an appointment. I went to hunt down some Mega Marshmallows and realised I was feeling a little light headed. It still did not occur to me what was going on. I caught a bus that has a terrible, terrible route and ‘goes all around the houses’ before it gets anywhere near my home. The bus route goes out its way at least three times and in opposite ways throughout its whole route.

Annoyingly it also does not go anywhere near a hospital!

So I am sitting on the bus, thinking how my feet are not too bad today while focusing on the light headed feeling. I realised it was intensifying. Before long I was stoned and every time the bus went around a corner I felt like I was in a boat as the bus swayed left and then right.

In fact it was so intense I wondered whether I should get off the bus by my Doctor’s surgery?!

Also the nodding off has increased in my brains desire to just give in. Just now I had my head flung backwards and withj my eyes closed while trying to type out this post! Lol!

Sleeeeeepy … must … resist!

I was planning to order an item tomorrow to replace one I have that is very faulty and that would be my Moto G phone. I am sure many would be pleased to hear that is it has played up fairly badly in calling and texting. Added to this the screen surface has more or less worn through. Plus I have noted that I can leave it to charge with screen off for 3 hours and its only half full?!

So battery buggered. Some mornings I get up and there is still 75% on the phone while otherr times it can drain right down to the point of switching itself off. Weird that.

I have never had to phone 999 while I am out but not only do I know that day is coming but I have been ordered to to do is I have another bad seizure.



Why do I say the things that I do?

Why is it that I sound cynical about everything?

It is not someone being cynical … it is speaking from experience and I realised that before very long if I approached everything with a cynical attitude I was hardly ever being proved wrong.

That is just how bad things were, are and getting worse.

It is why I voted to get out of Europe.

I ask myself if I made a mistake and will continue to do so.

It is why I will be paying close attention to what those running the country will do over the next couple of years.

I also imagine it is highly likely I will be sending letters to both Nigel Farage in time and likely to the next Prime Minister, whether this is Boris Johnson or someone else.


  • Picked on/bullied continuously at school by Jamaicans (never affected me but not good)

  • Parents divorced after years of fighting

  • Knocked off racing bike by a car about 13 years old (along bonnet, up windscreen onto roof then off the side) which would come back to haunt me later on in life

  • Kicked Out 14 (after row between mother and father)

  • No Qualifications as a result

  • Kicked Out 15 (I never broke laws or had bad habits by the way – by grandmother)

  • Left homeless by Local Council (Brighton and forgot about this one)

  • Get a great deal of really painful heartburn, diagnosed with Hiatus Hernia

  • Left Homeless 24 with a Baby Girl (Homeless five or six times in total)

  • Court Case for custody while at College (to get into UNI!)

  • Watched Grandmother die in hospital after wrong diagnosis

  • Ex girlfriend stole my home and I was left homeless, while at UNI!

  • Stabbed in back by Middlesex University over Degree grade (Despite Distinction on Thesis)

  • Beaten up repeatedly by ex-girlfriend

  • Along with other niggling pains beforehand my feet start to hurt

  • Found out person I cared about most was raped, had child

  • Dad humiliated on BBC TV for things he did not do (though he did bullshit)

  • I get attacked by bailiffs who take one of a kind £4,400 mountain bike that features in What Mountain Bike Magazine plus 4 other things, they lie and tell me they sold it all for £735 (JBW Group) but I know the bike sold for £2,800 (parking ticket £550)

  • Despite trying hard and using forums I do not get Police interested in bailiif fraud

  • On a forum I get intercepted by a woman claiming my case against bailiffs worth millions

  • After getting details of witnesses and all my paperwork woman who contacted me via Community Action Group vanishes along with my witness (who saw bike sell for £2,800)

  • Person closest to me was abused and held against her will be radical Muslims

  • Found out radical Muslims were asking about Stratford, prior to London Olympics (they was in Liverpool)

  • Eventually get my hands on the Home Office file on one of the radicals I still have today, published on blog long ago

  • Start recording background conversations and sending the DVDs to MI5

  • He was left homeless by a Local Council

  • My father died prematurely at 56 (all 500 people at funeral blames the BBC)

  • DWP Kick me off disability

  • Get involved with someone to start a business but he turns out to have .. problems and a bit child like and a bit of a bully

  • I get stalked and get hate mail and photos over a period of about 6 months to a year

  • Grandchildren stolen by evil ex

  • Uncle dies at 58 leaving me feeling guilty to this day I did not see more of him

  • I decide to start BLOGS

  • Court case gets started up over my grandchildren and failures of the local council

  • After asking for 13 years about my feet I find out most of my 100 plus symptoms are due to Fibromyalgia

  • Court case leaps across five courts (Magistrates, Criminal, Family, Crown, Hig and Supreme Court)

  • I quickly realise upon research that the NHS already knew about Fibromyalgia and repeatedly lied to me through maybe a dozen General Practitioners (diagnosis I made confirmed at Guy’s Hospital but they tried hard not to refer me)

  • I manage to get back on Disability after proving that the DWP are corrupt and when you ask for the medical evidence they burn them (meaning Doctors all lied on letters too)

  • Court case of person close to me is won by person close to me and large damages awarded (or so I am told), they then disappear and still awaiting contact

  • DWP go after my Incapacity Benefit instead of my PIP benefits with via lying along with the lamest of excuses proving they have no medical knowledge whatsoever and no medical professionals … AGAIN! (post later)

  • Capital Punishment is more humane

  • Driven by the thought that these things can still keep happening to the person that is closest to me, others and my grandchildren

  • During all the above series of Anxiety and Panic Attacks, breakdowns and even suicidal periods


  • Paperwork and documents going back 20 years plus

  • Recordings cover several Local Councils, NHS, two Police Forces & others (much on here)

  • Also several retail chains selling refurbished goods as new to me (Littlewoods, Argos & PC World) – missing from that list

  • Did not list all disasters, thought it would be too long, and …

  • Should be mostly in chronological order

  • Ailments: Fibromyalgia (120 odd symptoms), Inguinal hernia Repair Pain, Inguinal Hernia, Hiatus Hernia, Physical problem right knee, High Blood Pressure, Postural Hypotension, High Cholesterol

  • Now having seizures too, falling unconscious


  • Passed driving test

  • Had a daughter (later to turn bad of course)

  • Learnt Wing Chun basics

  • Attended University

  • Got a BSc Degree in Applied Computing

  • Owned two Cloverleaf Alfa Romeos and a GTV 3.0 V6
  • Owned an Audi A6 Quattro
  • Owned a dream one of a kind mountain bike, albeit briefly, that appears in What Mountain Bike Magazine

  • Learnt advance Wing Chun

I have constantly asked myself how common lives like this are and could there be people actually worse than that?

They would have to survive it all of course!


Ooh I SD something that had annoyed me not long after a few things that have worried me.

First off its been talked about all along many millions each week, told it was 150 million a week but thought I heard it was 300 million a week, will be saved.

This has been mentioned to be used for the NHS, except you’ve got to kick out the tip brass and Primary Care Trusts first otherwise your still wasting vast sun’s of money. Money for patients health, bit greedy fat cats and executives that probably live on a golf course?

Except I read somewhere that Nigel Farage had since said that should never have been promised? Did that include other things like helping proper British people that have been are the back of the queue for ten years plus?!

Secondly I heard, think it was Boris Johnson, that it was never or they won’t be able to stop the immigrant problem?!

Oh deary me! If I ever find out these things were said UK be the first to sign up for a second referendum and base it on being misled. I thing I’ll be joined by tens of millions of people on that one?

That’s if there isn’t a bloody great riot first?

There’s been signs recently of just how pent up people’s feelings have been. I said it before, bottling yo bad feelings and unhappiness because politically correct morons think it’s the thing to do turns into hatred and then into pure poison.

I also predicted some trouble will come over this. I also don’t condone it and state here and now this behaviour is wrong.

I will also ask you to stop and think for a moment … you have nothing to gain and everything to lose from this behaviour and you will lose and the politically correct morons will use it to day they were correct.

Would you really want that? Proving then right after all this time? Or smile knowing you were vindicated?

Don’t hurt people.

Someone once said to me that if we could have gone off to another country, got treated and out before the nationals and given everything wouldn’t I do it? They was right.

This hated and bottled up emotions was created over a very long period of time. It’s our now how most people feel. You can also bet that a fair number of the people that voted to remain in the EU also feel just like you have done.

That’s the real serious realisation of the numbers. Just because people voted to remain does not mean that they also feel OK about letting anyone in and placing them above all British born people, even disabled people. No, they would feel the same but just not had the guts to vote to leave.

So the 12 or 13 million can have several more million added to it when it covers to British people being fed up with things.

Think about that.

This is what is being taken on board. It’s why so many huge changes are going on in politics. As Jeremy Corbyn trotted among the migrants in Calais it might be why they are now trying to oust him? They must realise that if most of Britain are fed up with migrants being put ahead of Brits that Jeremy Corbyn will prove to be yet another disaster at the next general election?

So don’t hurt anyone, don’t abuse anyone and don’t be rude or leave stupid offensive notes.

If I can’t get through to you on that then consider this … have you thought about this backfiring? After all that time of being put last you do something stupid that costs you dearly? Get fined? Put in prison?

You know it’s stupid when you think about it so don’t do it.

As for the leave politicians they had better get this damn right and if Boris Johnson had just made any old noise to further his career and ambitions and not the benefit of the British people I will make his life hell.

The funny thing is reach time I say that I’m getting more visitors than I was the last time I said it. So I have more and more influence.

Wink-wink! Lol.

Those two, Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson made a lot of claims and believe me they had better deliver. Because by the time they don’t, which is two years time, I will likely be getting 50,000 people each month and have accrued quarter of a million. On just one of my thirteen blogs?!

What? You thought there was just one?! Or two?!

Get real … I’ve been playing the game to win.

Though I’m constantly told by rude fanboys, trolls and idiots on YouTube I suck at gaming?!


Oh, oh and what’s this about German number two Michael Fuchs trying to tell us what we can and can’t do and holding us to ransom?!

Basically he had stated in a roundabout way that to stay in the single market we have to allow free movement?! Did he even watch the EU referendum and hear what the British people were saying.

There’s not one or two but a while just of reasons the British public feel like that and it’s about time someone kicks morons Luke him yo the arse and pours an espresso his nose and ask him if he can ‘smell that bitch?!’ lol!

Brexit: Boris Johnson – time to build bridges with Remain voters –


OK then, George Osborne played straight into my hands here!

After disappearing for several days no doubt sulking over blowing good chances to be the next Prime Minister George Osborne pops up like the proverbial bad penny.

His job? Calm the markets. Good luck with that after all the secret scary crap you and your best mate came out with!

Oh … but, he didn’t! Oh dear!

He must have gotten one hell of a shock when the Brexit view come in?

Hands up everyone that had him staring at his TV with his jaw open for the first 24 hours? With people poking him with sticks to see if he was still alive?

The one thing that did not occur to me even when David Cameron announced he was going was that my least favourite politician would be going too! I won’t have to see him or hear him for much longer?!

I thought he was over confident, uncompassionate and insincere and that was just three things I picked up on.

He also came from that school that produces far too many people like him. I wonder if Boris Johnson hails from the same school? At least he is likeable though I’m not entirely sure about Prime Minister material. Though I don’t think there’s been a good candidate for that since John Smith died, what that his name? Labour leader tipped to be Prime Minister years ago? Could have been wrong mind but seemed a decent human being. So sorely missing from politics.

I think of what some Americans say and I feel for them when they day they don’t like either of the options they are going to be presented with!

I don’t know Hilary Clinton but some bad things are said about her even by Democratic voters. The same goes for Donald Trump, though i have to like his straight talking attitude. Might not agree with everything he has said and I know little about either of them. But he is likeable which is rare for me with someone so rich. Or is that too rich? Lol.

But I’ve been in the same boat here in the UK. There hasn’t been a single person I can think of that I would prefer over Nigel Farage. That might be a shock but I don’t believe any of the tripe that gets cooked up about him. I see this as panic tactics because he is seen as a threat.

He didn’t prove much of a threat did he? Even though I thought he would in the last general election. Most people I know voted for UKIP too, which showed me there was going to be a political or voting uprising before very long. I thought that would end up being the next election but the EU referendum beat it, to my surprise.

My predictions of trouble towards ethnic minorities and/or migrants send to be happening, quite sadly, ahead of time too? I’ll touch on that in my next post.

So, it’s going to be a very interesting couple of months, especially as things seem to be popping out of the woodwork for me!

There are a couple of things that will drag on fit the rest of 2016 and will publish these over the next few months.

Currently reaching out to solicitors fit two completely separate and quite unexpected things.

Never a dull moment, eh?

No rest for the wicked either!

Osborne: UK economy in a position of strength –


Oh for once some information comes out of Europe that is inconvenient and not convenient. Although this is debatable, possibly?

I voted to leave purely because that Europe did not give a crap about the British public and more specifically the most vulnerable of British society.

Now someone comes out and says ‘oh, that’s a shame your leaving the EU because we were just about to change one of the things you have complained about for years now!’?

What the fuuuuudge!!

Paralympian Baroness Tanning Grey-Thompson stated this four days ago, though I’m only learning of it now! Typical! Absolutely typical.

Still it’s suddenly convenient that this came out when it did and typical it was not covered by anyone in the news media. The news media? Not a news media at all and mire a ‘we want the most sensationalist headlines’ media no more than a gossip column. More interested in political fallout, forced resignations and leadership coups!

Funny add that’s what I thought gossip columnists are for?

No I’m sorry. I have posted for four years nearly on these blogs alone and other public places long before that. Well over one hundred thousand people since I started. Many of my stories and headlines have appeared in the news media so many times that it often gets pointed out by others. So influential people like journalists have been here, those working for the public services I’ve attacked and no doubt politicians too?

As well as these possibilities and facts I’ve also directly contacted everyone that mattered and/or tasked with reporting and taking action on such things. Both here and in Europe and I’ve even corresponded with the United Nations. Long before then I contacted the European Court of Human Rights or whatever it was called. One of many things I’ve done and then forgotten about.

It’s important that I discover the parts and then send in my probes without pussyfooting around. Sound stern and angry because they are not liable to respond it act otherwise and I’m highly likely to forget.

So the idea is to probe their attitudes to the public they are tasked to serve while at the exact same time I’m more likely to get a reply that will remind me to continue.

They also get correspondence that shows how strongly someone feels and therefore how badly affected they are.

I couldn’t find anyone that gave a shit.

Except they will give a shit now. Both here in the UK and in the European Union the powers that be are getting a kicking and will continue to get a kicking for the next two to five years.

Get to being kicked in every orifice did about fifteen years and you may feel what I did. Close to it but not as bad in many aspects.

But now they will want to change, in my estimation and I believe will start to take action more often to appease it’s public. Certainly the EU will but you still have the problem of the same core people and very wrong people in these jobs with this amount of power and responsibility.

So still overpaid while still having those God-complexes and also in time back to making all the same mistakes. No, that’s probably wrong as it’s likely to be a whole new set of mistakes?

So now we are to believe that the disabled community is going to be treated worse over exciting the EU?

It’s being disabled and being treated like crap that I voted to get out.

None of my friends and family are disabled, some working with salaries, some with small businesses. No I’m wrong … typical I forget that I’ve friend is Type 2 Diabetic. He is listed as disabled, fully with all three works on the benefits. But he was working for years, list guys job and now unemployed for couple of years.

Hrs discovered that which eluded him previously. That’s it’s not easy to get a job, the local councils are run by heartless twats with no compression unless your an immigrant just gotten off a boat and have forgotten what ‘public service’, service specifically, actually means.

They seem to think it’s the British taxpayers obligation to pay them for doing next to nothing and then patronise the public when they complain. They also like to lecture about political correctness.

I cannot wait for interviews with the PC Pratt crowd that work and run the public services over the vote to exit the EU?

As for the rights of the disabled … well they already get a hard time from me and this will only get worse and worse for month after month until twenty four of them have gone by.

They really won’t like the numbers I would have attained by the time they get the power back.

As always I will be watching.

Reality Check: What has the EU meant for disability rights? –


Why do I suddenly have this feeling that this event of Britain exiting Europe is going to be the the thing I most cover over at least the next year?

I have heard members of the public talk about this decision to leave like it was made by a small number of people and not a majority, like the majorities views do not count.

I have also made my view of the movements against Jeremy Corbyn clear but that does not mean to say that I am a fan of Jeremy Corbyn. As far as I was concerned he was a straight talker, rather like Nigel Farage, and I liked him until he took one ill conceived action.

Now for those within the Labour camp with sour grapes let us get something very clear. The reason why most of England and Wales decided to vote to leave is due to things that have been going on a very long time. Forgetting the aloof and incompetent people that run almost all, probably all, local councils, this was something ill conceived when Tony Blair was in power.

This is something that really grates on me whenever the BBC choose to alarmingly continue to hail him as the messiah and ask his opinion like it matters.

I have stated for almost four years on here that it has not been fair in the UK towards British born people for a very long time. I know as I have experienced it over and over again for twenty years and it has gradually got worse and worse in that time.

No one listened and it became very sad and ever more obvious that it will be the case that until what has affected me has affected enough people before anyone takes any notice.

Then there is the political correctness that got rammed down our throats by central government but more importantly, local government. That forced people to bottle things up for a very long time and as I stated before … this just turns into poison in the long run.

Sadly it was a case that every public service wanted to look politically correct, did not want to be labelled as racist in any way but did not have the money. So how could they save money without looking or being labelled racist?

Well there was only one answer to that one.

So what did Jeremy Corbyn do that cost anyone British listening to him? Why he turned up in Calais voicing his plight for the migrants there which is only a mess of their own making because of fairy-tales that have been banded about. Banded about because it spread like wildfire that in Britain everyone was too scared to turn down any immigrants and would class them above their own nationals.

Anyone that thought this was going to end any differently was deluded. Pure and simple.

What I fin funny is that the person that has now been sacked because they were trying to force a coup against Jeremy Corbyn was one of the Labour MP’s from the days of Tony Blair, Hilary Benn.


Then there were these two women who when spoken to, in Northern Ireland I believe it was, stated how shockingly terrible things were and how uncertain and bad the future looked for young people. Oh and how everyone has decided that all older people voted to leave and young people did not?

So everyone in the blue areas of the map in the news media are almost entirely made up of older people are they?! Jesus Christ! Where do they get these ideas from? Was it the same place that decided that Vote Remain would win before a single result came in? The Factory Of Wrong?

Oh and I must be listening and reading about the news in another country and not my own because I was under the impression that for the last 5 years or more the future looked pretty damn uncertain for absolutely everyone?!

Is it a different kind of uncertain that they face now? Or now it is more uncertain than it has been for five years? There is a scale of measurement for uncertainty is there? Can someone please provide a link on Amazon to the Uncertainty Meter? I would like to buy that, does it take two ‘AA’ batteries?!

I think that people that voted to ‘remain’ should be advised to not answer any questions in the media as there is an obvious risk of making yourselves look like fools?!

This does not mean to say that ‘leave’ was the right thing to do and ‘remain’ obviously wrong but more pointing out that the arguments and comments have been pretty lame and pretty … embarrassing.

I liked Jeremy Corbyn up to a point, not saying I would have ever voted for him or anything like that but blaming him for the way we voted is wrong. He must have sensed this as he even told everyone not to blame him. Well … turninng up in Calais did you no favours at all Mr Corbyn as you told every British person that they would continue to be placed last just as they have done for the past 20 years.

It is about time politicians stop pandering to the news media, who are always getthing things wrong, and do what they claimed they had to do after the UK Referendum result, the last general election, the general election before that and God knows how many bi-elections and scandals like the expenses one ….


Time after time after time the message is the same. We are all stupid, fickle, easily swayed and all possess short term memories.

As far as the latter is concerned I actually officially do! But I am calling a great deal of things, calling you out on a great deal of things and have been predicting and recalling a great deal of things.

What does that say about the political elite? Nothing good, lol.

Oh and why is it that in Scotland they think that people changing their minds over their vote only works one way? Oh we have to have another referendum because Scots that voted to be part of the UK would have voted otherwise had we known this result?

Hmm yeah they key is in the choice or words used with ‘known this result’. But you KNEW the UK referendum was coming. Why did you either play towards the possibility that Scotland would be dragged out of the EU or indeed wait until the UK referendum was over?

I am starting to think that Alex Salmond forced the Scottish referendum in early because if it did not go the way he wanted he could call for another one if the UK referendum went south … oh wait that way lies Europe, … north for the winter?!

A great deal of things are occurring to me regarding Scotland I never considered before. But then I am not paid huge amounts of money by the British taxpayer to consider these things. I am somewhat different as in the aftermath of a great big cock up I realise how they have cocked up and how they waste millions upon millions cocking it up continuously.

My God, politics have to change so much but I think this is the next things people have to realise and if the people of Scotland were disgruntled over money … errr HELLO?!

It is also kind of funny that it did occur to me that Scotland might have been receiving money from the EU and that is why they want to stay in but … as a result of the EU getting the many, many millions out of the UK government … I wonder if they considered that any kickbacks they might be getting just might not be there any longer?

Does anyone stand back and take stock any longer or does everyone out there think that the best way forwards is to be reactionary?

I do rather doubt I will see anything improve in my lifetime?

If we do come back into the body of someone else and continue on as souls going from one frail human body to the next, being kin of resurrected, … I am going to kick and scream about being brought back into this world for at least 100 years!

Hmm being spiritual? That is not something I have touched upon much in my blog posts.

Oh-Oh-Oh I nearly forgot?! I am waiting ever so impatiently to see these sour grapes turn foul as there are conflciting things coming out of Europe, Angela Merkel being calm, and Brussells, being spiteful, and I have wondered something …

Along with the deep desire to be spiteful towards the UK and its people I wonder if Brussels will make an example of the UK and its people to scare the bloody bejesus out of other European Union members from ever leaving?

Combine those spiteful towards the UK over this and those wanting to scare the crap out of the remaining members and you might just get something like that which has occurred to me. In which case as and when it happens I will be paying a very close eye to Scotland to see what its reaction is?

If anyone has brought this upon themselves it was the farce that was Tony Blair’s leadership but really lapdog status and Brussels making stupid decisions about what constitutes being a vegetable and not giving a crap about the British public.

Because now if we are treated like crap and we do not see the money they claimed we would save … well there are two names … two now very big names that we as the British people can rip the right royal … stuffing out of.

There is a reason that the ‘remain’ camp could not put up a good argument by the way … because the future was and is uncertain along with the fact it has gone down a very long hill for twenty years.

Think about that when you next reach for your sour grapes.


I forgot something I wanted to say.

I think it’s absolutely ludicrous with a capital ‘L’ that there is this motion of no confidence regarding Jeremy Corbyn.

Do you know what this says to me?

We are still not listening to the British public.

The British public do not know what they want, unless it’s what we want.

The British public are too thick to work out what’s the best for them?

Which is kind of hilarious when you think they have mostly voted to kick the establishment for not listening.

I said in the last post the European leaders are too thick to learn from their own mistakes and in the post before that I started very clearly that the British government and shadow government are just as guilty of this.

I see Margaret Hodge, that was a surprise I must say, and one other Labour member made the no confidence vote.

The public eye airways going to vote this way, it was England and, surprisingly for me also, Wales that voted to leave. All I see is England getting a crap deal and then everyone else creeping on us and that’s what I hear from people.

The English got to vote and say something but now everyone else wants to ignore them.

Those that don’t want to blame everyone except themselves, their predecessors and complain they want to go for another round.

A shame as I think it will need fifty years, a whole new generation and some history books exposing the fools for what they are before anything changes.

Hold onto your butts until then!


Rather bizarrely and likely because of sore losers the is a petition to have a second EU Referendum for the UK?!

Wait, what?

As it turns out and because those voted for leave was lower than 60% or something and the turnout was less than 80% then you can ask for one.

To a degree I can see what they are getting at. Except that if you look at things then you will realise that the low turnout was down to Scotland.

Everything I saw in England was around 80% give or take 4 percentage points.

I also could understand completely, with the proverbial on the other foot, if anyone who voted for leaving the EU was offended by this.

After all I look at the turn out for every general election and scratch my head at how they get in because of people that don’t bother to vote. They simply don’t have anything like the majority of the populace behind them.

Even stranger is that the petition is going to be considered because it tipped over the 100,000 mark? So the mire than a dozen million that went out in all weathers suddenly don’t count?

I’m a bit astounded by the gall of starting a petition, that it was stated way before the result was announced, had twelve signatures by the time the result was announced and the disregard for others.

The Scottish referendum generated some ill feeling among some English people I know. A second EU referendum will generate further I’ll feeling and followed up by a second Scottish referendum? Not good, bit good at all.

Fail at a second Scottish referendum and every single English man and woman will likely call to have Scotland kicked out if the UK. I already know if one person that stated they wanted an English referendum to have Scotland “kicked out”, to my surprise.

I don’t blame the Scots for having their referendum but everyone petitioning and calling for second referendums every time a result dies bit go there way is simply not on. Not to mention bloody expensive to the taxpayer.

All this over a European Union that looks set to crumble over the next two years? I think it will, Donald Trump thinks it will and there are parties in France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and, I now learn, Sweden queuing up to have their own referendums.

Let’s not forget about Greece of course!

Plus I have no idea about any others.

It’s been crystal clear that Europe had been run badly for a very long time and quite how the idiots in there, got there I’ll simply never know. I have no doubts that it either needs to change damn quick a die a slow death. Any attempt to do this again many, many years in the future and things would have to be done very, very differently.

I’d suggest the European public vote people in but they probably haven’t learnt anything from Eurovision and vote for their own or their best friends and not the best fit for the job. Either that are maybe those that vote in the Eurovision are the very people involved in the EU in the first place?!

Lol, now that I would find … hilarious.

I said before I’m no lover of the Eurovision despite the fact I live music, just not that you hear in the Eurovision. Rock, pop, easy listening, soul and even classical. I’ve even a few film soundtrack albums.

Therefore I have no idea how the Eurovision works. I just like poking fun out of it as I’ve seen all the complaints, year in and year out. Even to someone who is not a fan it was obvious what was going on. So badly was it obvious it made the voters look like utter incompetent fools.

Something is very, very wrong when those running things are in such lofty positions that they can ignore being ridiculed the easy that they were, year in and year out. Because there is no backlash to running things badly therefore things are suggests run badly.

After awhile the public grows ever more bitter and in every greater numbers to the extent that new politicians emerge and before long you got a referendum on your hands. That won’t be good … oh wait a minute?!

I am even interested to see if they have still failed to learn anything at the European Union? Based on Juncker’s response to the question of a crumbling Europe I would think not.

The stupidity comes from that arrogant response and how obvious it is that this will just enrage every nationalist party out there that wants out of the EU.

So will they learn anything? Or just do a very old English comedy act and carry on regardless?

Very interested to see if we end up having a whole series of referendums?!

Don’t get me wrong I think referendums are a great idea. But for big decisions and history altering situations and not just the same thing over and over again because some one that can’t admit defeat.

I was voting out but expecting to stay in. I would have been happy with a big message going out to be honest.

Imagine how the UK would look if we had a second referendum, view to remain and then France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden all ended up leaving Europe?

All that trouble from sore losers and Scotland and then there was very little of a European Union let to be in?

Or do Scotland’s news media not report on the fact other nations are also wanting their own?

I can’t believe it would not occur to them to wait and see what happens with these other countries before creating another hullabaloo.

I certainly wouldn’t!

But then I’ve often stated I’ve seen previous little intelligence, common sense or wisdom when it comes to politicians. Not that I look that hard but then I should not have to.

EU referendum petition signed by more than 2.5m –


I am going to have to report on something with Brexit that nobody else seems to be doing.

In fact I can state that I am going to make some comments regarding to separate issues that despite paying close attention no one else seems to be doing?

Wait a minute? Are all these people supposed to be really good at the politics expertise, business expertise and have good memories? The latter of those becomes highlighted when I point out that I have memory blanks, am not good at politics and bloody well hate it and … well am unpaid and not really a journalist! Lol.

So here goes …

First things first … WTF?!

Now I said this to my friend in his store yesterday morning … how is it that David Cameron who wanted to stay in says … “I will start this process as soon as possible …” before going off to his top job as Balkan Envoy, then Boris Johnson says “Whoa slow down there Tex! Let us not go racing off doing anything rash!” or something to that effect?

Eh? Someone only doing this for political point scoring but did not think they would really win? Someone else offered a job beforehand whether they win or lose?! It gets better …

Mr Juncker, Jancker or Vancker or whatever his name is? Was he not the one that was going for the European Prime Pratt job that a great many had concerns about? Inhuman? Cold fish? Something else? A man that then appeared in the media because he was seen on someone’s video conferencing thing looking almost human and joking around?

That Vancker?

Was he not the one that when asked about the European Union by a British journalist answered simply “NO!” before marching off with no additional comments with a ‘fuck you’ look on his face and thinking “Fuck you bitches, I got the job now and I am the overlord”?

Suddenly he makes remarks like “Oh well no you have voted out I want you out by the end of the week … nooo do not play for time … OUT!!”

Did Himmler write a book called “How to be a politician in ten days”?

Is that the same Vancker?!



Well I did find something buried away in the BBC News reporters about other countries crying out for their own referendums to exit the EU.

In the Netherlands it is Gert Wilders of the Dutch Freedom Party. In France it is Marine Let Pen of Front National party. Now I learn that in Italy there is Mateo Salvini of the Northern League party. In Austria it is Sebastian Kurtz mentions a domino effect. All praise those who chose out, all thanked us and other countries like Belgium now say they need to do everything to do others leaving.

The Domino effect. The Dominexit! Lol!

Stefan Lofven of Sweden states this should be a wake-up call for Europe.

A shame they didn’t have that same wake-up call when the referendum in the UK was called for and set? Maybe they could have gotten off their arrogant arses and shown some interest into the human rights of the British people?

Insultingly they now state that during the two year process of leaving we, the British public, will be afforded the same human rights as that we have had before?!

So none then?

After all I did contact bodies outside of the UK and what happened? Jack shit is what happened!

My blog and it’s contents, documents and recorded audio have been widely available for four years nearly and seen by well over 100,000 people. Some of them must have been people tasked upon acting upon injustices and prejudices?

Have I been contacted? Well, no.

Even of those I contacted not one even showed an interest in the evidence…

I told them I had it all deliberately and then waited for then to ask for it, setting them each up for a fall in the process.

How many asked? None!

This includes a long list of UK based organisations.

This feeling of being fed up will also include the arrogant and very selective news media. Have they picked up on this this far? You bet your life they haven’t?!

I sat there last night while they all day there talking about how the ‘remain’ camp had won?! I was dumbstruck! There was no exit polling going on. Nothing. Just a few private ones do doubt those in possession of millions that think they can double their money in the markets?

These are the very tossers we are fed up with and what did they do yet again for the umpteenth time? They got it wrong!

I thought it would be a narrow ‘remain’ win. But that was many weeks ago now and just a couple weeks ago I started to see and hear of things. I started to think it may turn out to be a ‘leave’ win. Scotland and Northern Ireland were always going to vote one way. Wales I was unsure about. England would vote to leave but would there be enough?

The Newcastle vote came in with a win for remain but suddenly the news journalists were speechless. This had not gone how they thought and what was expected to be a 70% win was a 51% win. Suddenly it changed.

As well all now know it turned out just as I thought. It was never going to be a big win for either one but I thought the Scots works swing it originally.

One European politician was asked a question, answered ‘no’ got up and walked out. The reporter started that it was this aloof attitude that everyone is pissed off about in Europe. This was after the result!

Nothing has changed then?!

That won’t go down well.

One wonders if the poor and members of the public have to start burning people like that in the town square like that of medieval times before these utter twats change?!

I wish I could meet that I’ve as I’d ask him who the fuck does he think he is? Jesus or God himself. Maybe Caesar?! Lol!

Don’t they teach history at schools anymore or is that that politicians simply don’t choose history while at school?

Maybe, just maybe they just think themselves so superior and so special that they can’t fail? Or don’t deal with underlings? Lol.

These are the people that the public across Europe feeling disgruntled should take it out on. Trouble is when they are given away in a small country and the ones that wasn’t to kick crap out of them or demand answers can’t do that when they are thousands of miles away.

One wonders if they will every learn?

The truth is that it had become clear over the past couple of decades that the way politics works is simply wrong and didn’t work. The people running things right across the boards are quite simply the wrong tour of people for such positions and responsibilities.

To me it has always appeared that they have treated the countries,  money and people like that of pieces on the board game called Monopoly.