Rather bizarrely and likely because of sore losers the is a petition to have a second EU Referendum for the UK?!

Wait, what?

As it turns out and because those voted for leave was lower than 60% or something and the turnout was less than 80% then you can ask for one.

To a degree I can see what they are getting at. Except that if you look at things then you will realise that the low turnout was down to Scotland.

Everything I saw in England was around 80% give or take 4 percentage points.

I also could understand completely, with the proverbial on the other foot, if anyone who voted for leaving the EU was offended by this.

After all I look at the turn out for every general election and scratch my head at how they get in because of people that don’t bother to vote. They simply don’t have anything like the majority of the populace behind them.

Even stranger is that the petition is going to be considered because it tipped over the 100,000 mark? So the mire than a dozen million that went out in all weathers suddenly don’t count?

I’m a bit astounded by the gall of starting a petition, that it was stated way before the result was announced, had twelve signatures by the time the result was announced and the disregard for others.

The Scottish referendum generated some ill feeling among some English people I know. A second EU referendum will generate further I’ll feeling and followed up by a second Scottish referendum? Not good, bit good at all.

Fail at a second Scottish referendum and every single English man and woman will likely call to have Scotland kicked out if the UK. I already know if one person that stated they wanted an English referendum to have Scotland “kicked out”, to my surprise.

I don’t blame the Scots for having their referendum but everyone petitioning and calling for second referendums every time a result dies bit go there way is simply not on. Not to mention bloody expensive to the taxpayer.

All this over a European Union that looks set to crumble over the next two years? I think it will, Donald Trump thinks it will and there are parties in France, Netherlands, Austria, Italy and, I now learn, Sweden queuing up to have their own referendums.

Let’s not forget about Greece of course!

Plus I have no idea about any others.

It’s been crystal clear that Europe had been run badly for a very long time and quite how the idiots in there, got there I’ll simply never know. I have no doubts that it either needs to change damn quick a die a slow death. Any attempt to do this again many, many years in the future and things would have to be done very, very differently.

I’d suggest the European public vote people in but they probably haven’t learnt anything from Eurovision and vote for their own or their best friends and not the best fit for the job. Either that are maybe those that vote in the Eurovision are the very people involved in the EU in the first place?!

Lol, now that I would find … hilarious.

I said before I’m no lover of the Eurovision despite the fact I live music, just not that you hear in the Eurovision. Rock, pop, easy listening, soul and even classical. I’ve even a few film soundtrack albums.

Therefore I have no idea how the Eurovision works. I just like poking fun out of it as I’ve seen all the complaints, year in and year out. Even to someone who is not a fan it was obvious what was going on. So badly was it obvious it made the voters look like utter incompetent fools.

Something is very, very wrong when those running things are in such lofty positions that they can ignore being ridiculed the easy that they were, year in and year out. Because there is no backlash to running things badly therefore things are suggests run badly.

After awhile the public grows ever more bitter and in every greater numbers to the extent that new politicians emerge and before long you got a referendum on your hands. That won’t be good … oh wait a minute?!

I am even interested to see if they have still failed to learn anything at the European Union? Based on Juncker’s response to the question of a crumbling Europe I would think not.

The stupidity comes from that arrogant response and how obvious it is that this will just enrage every nationalist party out there that wants out of the EU.

So will they learn anything? Or just do a very old English comedy act and carry on regardless?

Very interested to see if we end up having a whole series of referendums?!

Don’t get me wrong I think referendums are a great idea. But for big decisions and history altering situations and not just the same thing over and over again because some one that can’t admit defeat.

I was voting out but expecting to stay in. I would have been happy with a big message going out to be honest.

Imagine how the UK would look if we had a second referendum, view to remain and then France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria and Sweden all ended up leaving Europe?

All that trouble from sore losers and Scotland and then there was very little of a European Union let to be in?

Or do Scotland’s news media not report on the fact other nations are also wanting their own?

I can’t believe it would not occur to them to wait and see what happens with these other countries before creating another hullabaloo.

I certainly wouldn’t!

But then I’ve often stated I’ve seen previous little intelligence, common sense or wisdom when it comes to politicians. Not that I look that hard but then I should not have to.

EU referendum petition signed by more than 2.5m –



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