Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Apart from someone called Victoria .. someone who appeared from nowhere and if never heard of .. this legal action against the Metropolitan Police went under my radar.

Admittedly my ‘radar’ is not very good at times due to situations and circumstances. I have one bad situation I’m not taking about a great deal. I also have a while at of circumstances I’m also not talking about at all. Sorry.

Those that have been coming here awhile might now be thinking ‘ooooh?’ and .. well .. yeah.

I’ve always stated that with me and this blog is not always the things that I am stating you need to be taking notice and/or be wary of but often the things I am not.

If I suddenly stop talking about a situation then you can pretty much bet that there have been some radical developments. You can also take it that things are very, very different to how they were when I last mentioned them.

Trust me when I say that there are bloody good reasons, of love to divulge many things .. must be running into the dozens now, but simply cannot.

I do not like giving my enemies a heads-up to an attack and my enemies are not all known and can arise from the strangest of places. I think. Well .. I do not know to be honest and I tend to just think of them as a single entity when there is, in reality, a fair number of them. All bad people and organisations, of that you can be assured. All guilty of one or more crimes against the people and probably humanity on occasion?

This report is about the case of the black cab, I did not even realise he was a black cab driver and therefore in London, driver John Warboys.

The Police have been found guilty of treating rape victims like absolute shit.

Seems to be systemic, does it not?

Around the country the Police have been found to be doing this, even the odd GP too like one in Liverpool a few years back I covered on here.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

It ain’t over.

This war between the rape victims and the Police was concluded in the Supreme Court of all places.

Funny as I’ve been complaining of the lack of use of the higher echolons of the British Legal system being used for the rich and not for the benefit of all for someone now. Now we finally get this? Taken long enough.

So finally, or maybe it has happened previously, the court and no less than the Supreme Court in this instance uses the word ‘inhumane’ to describe a public service. Well it is a start .. now we only need this stated about one or preferably more local councils and the NHS. IN typing that last sentence I have realised this was probably said about disability assessments which the DWP got lucky with as its not directly, but is indirectly, linked to them.

So out of the big four I have been publishing about, NHS, DWP, Local Councils and Police, we have two of the four had the word .. or insinuated that they have been found to be inhumane and .. that strongly suggests corrupt.

The both hilarious and disturbing part about all this is that they make you pay to run them so that they can do this to you?! ‘Pay taxes for us so that we can treat you like garbage’.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: John Worboys case: Met Police loses ‘landmark’ appeal –



Hmm interesting report by the BBC about the numbers of people getting into work and those unemployed.

It would appear the number of unemployed rose for the first time in two years, a number I think had been fabricated for a few years now.

While at the same time the number of people getting into work rose .. too .. wait, what?!

Hold up there a minute? How does that work?!

I’m not really an expert in this field but I have foreseen many problems with it. I’ve also predicted that it would get .. hacked, for want of a better word, by the government.

So here I am reading a very, very short report, bad journalism yet again, stating that the number of people without a job has gone up while those with a job has .. also .. gone up?

Jesus. Last night in trying to explain to someone that the chicken shortage at KFC is not some government test on the public to test what food shortages will do. This morning I see this?!

A test for food shortages? Yeah, I don’t think so. It was possible that this chicken shortage was due to that scientists have been talking about for several years? That meat would start to disappear due to overpopulation and lack of the amount of land needed. But even if this occurred and solutions not found I didn’t expect it for another ten years at least. Though five years is possible. Besides this .. well you don’t need a test to see the reaction in food shortages as it’s happened many, many times all over the world and the end result is the exact same. Panic that induced panic buying. According to an actual linked report that was sent to me it was a supplier screw up anyway.

So after realising my predicted time frame on disappearing meat is intact, unless it’s more bad journalism, I’m wondering if I’ve seen the first published proof that the unemployed figures are bogus?

The fact is when you have screwed with the Welfare State as much as they have you kind of start asking yourself if it affects the numbers they live to publish, intended or otherwise?

Hmm I did just think of one possibility ..

You people leaving schools and further education with half getting jobs and half not could result in small rises for both numbers? I think this would be under certain conditions and the jobs market would have to be pretty stable without much in the way of big changes on either side.

But I have also read now that Maplin is in trouble? To be honest I’m surprised that one didn’t happen ten years ago or more. Their prices went very, very high from very, very low. Be a shame because despite not using Maplin that much I do from time to time. In fact I was in one two days ago. A particularly shitty one of in honest. The BBC news report mentioned something about a report, they begrudgingly admit was Sky News’ report, of a potential buyer for the store. Let’s hope it’s someone that returns the store to its former glory and not using the screw the public.

Maplin was the only supplier of electrical goods that I never had nor heard any evidence of were selling refurbished goods as new.

But then maybe that’s why they suddenly appeared to be expensive years back?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: UK unemployment rises for first time in two years –


Well I have to say I have been hearing of things going on.

These things should be in the mainstream news and by that I mean everyone in the UK should have seen this on TV!

I also thought that when it started out would signal the beginning of a dark period in the UK’s history? That lost generation striking or lashing out continuously. For a long time to come.

It still has the potential to become, not one but, two lost generations.

Maybe this was all part of the grand plan?

Criminalise sections of society to make any instalments of any systems for the poor to go more smoothly?

Get rid of the Welfare State and bring in Universal Basic Income. With the flat rates nationwide and the costs of rent in the big cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and possibly Leeds among others will be too much and anyone without a job moves away.

The rich and the pawns sectioned off from each other? That’s what many seem to believe will happen. Some dystopian future akin to something from a classic sci-fi film or book.

I only ask if there is some sort of switch system? What if someone in the inside loses their job or becomes poor for whatever reason? What if someone among the poor becomes wealthy? Will there be some kind of switching system introduced? Some building for processing those that go in and those that go out?

I’m having visions of scenes from films like Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner and Blade Runner.

Yeah I used to think some of these conspiracy theorists had watched too many movies?

Except .. we do have a future ahead of us and we have no idea what that holds.

It would also be wise to remember that they have been banging on about how the planet is overpopulated for many years. They have also harped on about on oncoming food shortage. I might also mention the storing of seeds of plant foods in Svalbard. Is there one in Greenland too? Kentucky Fried Chicken running out of .. umm .. chicken?!

The way to get power is to manipulate the public into behaving like animals. By treating them by animals and letting them see, hear and read about stories of single mothers dying. Whether they froze to death, starved to death or took their own lives .. it stems from the same treatment and reaches the same intended goal.

Yeah that would be some master plan.

If no one knew of it. If no one knew of its possibility and probability of working and divulged it onto the Internet in some form so they can get called out on it at some point.

Every human being had the potential, or is highly likely, to behave like animals when treated like animals.

Then it’s not that hard to get large portions of the public to perceive these large groups in a very negative light.

But don’t worry .. as I’ve told a few conspiracy theorists that like chatting to me .. ‘this is not something that can happen overnight. It can’t happen in a couple of years even. Your looking at an absolute minimum of five years but my estimation would be at least ten.’

So there is trouble in Manchester. According to the Manchester Evening News’ headline .. feral teenagers and organised criminals?

Now that has to be two separate entities at least? Think about it, organised but feral teenage criminals? Yeah, I don’t think so.

They seem to have been going after the public transport system for their targets.

I suppose that of some plan had been concocted it would be in phases? By way of different protocols?

The first would be too got the financial system or indeed .. systems.

The second would be to turn take people’s disposable income and move it from the positive to the negative territory. Or when I saw the bean counters can’t do math.

Third would be too get them to behave like animals in every increasing numbers.

The fourth is to then move them on en-masse to other locations.

The fifth of to either keep them there or keep them out of the big cities of rich people. One of these theories involved a prediction of a wall built around London.


I wish I could step into the distant future.

A time where society as a whole had woken up and stiff and stupid laws have changed.

Laws that they claim are to protect us but which at times only serve groups that have old fashioned and outdated notions that are not just wrong but have been proved to be so over and over and over again.

How is there even a legal fight of any kind to be allowed to stop someone’s pain or suffering?! Just how the fucking hell do we get into a situation where the law on something serves absolutely no other purpose than to cause suffering?!

Then you have to look into just how long this has been in place. Then how long it will stay in place. Then consider just how many people have suffered agonising symptoms, shaking, pain and other ailments in all the years this blind incompetence has gone on?!

I only see two words pop up in my mind when stupid laws exist that cause suffering ..

Money from fear of lack or decreased work and/or difficult to tax and ..

Religion .. because some fucking outdated notion that something is linked to a non existent figure, red with horns, living in a fiery pit.

Really?! No .. fucking REALLY?!

You have to consider that among those suffering will be old people and .. CHILDREN.

Here is another example of a complete waste of time and money that was completely unsuccessful in getting a bunch of overpaid people who are leeching off the taxpayers to uphold the rules that serve no one. A ridiculous example where the answer was to pop across the English Channel with their son and administer a drug for a rare condition that proved successful.

I mentioned that one possibility of this stupid law is saving money or over money? Well .. read this ..

This child was experiencing 3,000 seizures in a single year and 48 of these resulted in a hospital visit!

Despite this condition and form of epilepsy being rare .. very rare, with only six cases worldwide, many conditions exist that cause shaking and convulsions.

Now think about that. How many people that have trembling or shaking to deal with? How many with convulsions? Epileptics? Parkinson’s? How many other conditions? How many affected within the UK?

But all of these have to suffer because of difficulty introducing taxes or an action being linked to the devil’s work?!

Fucking REALLY?!

Good God how I would love to live in a country where it’s not predominantly made to of a populace that are secretly amoral, mostly naive and the rest sit on their arses and do nothing. A country where they are not mostly right wing in all the wrong areas and the wrong reasoning .. to keep to the appearance that they are left wing. Helping one or more groups at the expense of another.

The drug is not even the one that I’m not allowed, which is Sodium oxybate which is not allowed anywhere in Europe. Nope .. we are talking, of course, of Cannabis.

Who was it that denied this child the only drugs, out of the tens of thousands of drugs they make billions on, that worked?

Why that would be the Home Office of course and giving the umpteenth example of a complete mockery of the law and the government and a complete waste of taxpayers money while letting down those they were tasked to protect.

God, I hate this country at times.

I am sure if you complained they would answer ..

“No but that’s the way that it is”

No, that is a bloody mess and the way that you constantly leave it in.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Home Office denies medical cannabis pleas for boy age six –


It’s funny. Ever since I was first told about UBI or Universal Basic Income it keeps cropping up in the news.

When first rid about it by a supporter I thought it was some mad idea cooked up by some drug crazed conspiracy theorist?! But no.

The person explaining it to me was a big supporter of the idea but I thought it was totally fucking bonkers!

For example .. everyone gets £100 per week .. EVERYONE?!

First off .. that’s utterly stupid and your wasting a large chunk giving out to people that are earning a high amount anyway so neither need it nor deserve it.

Of course you know that any system introduced like this will allow them to get rid of the welfare system fairly easily.

Umm .. rent? That’s the biggest problem in the UK and especially in the south east is the criminally high rent prices.

Rent is one problem. Next up .. children?!

See where this is going?

Now all this are the basic problems and you don’t have the most immediate and painfully obvious problem ..

.. money?! Or how are you going to pay for this? Every person, there is 58 million or so, gets £100 or whatever it is?! That’s one hundred times 50 million? Providing, that is, of its set at £100 per week?

Like I said .. sorry .. it’s bonkers, pure and simple held onto by people so desperate for their lives to change from the living hell they are living in.

They can’t see the wood for the trees I’m afraid.

It’s also been rejected recently, or something very similar to this, in Switzerland. Theirs was a lot more than £100 per week and I think it was over £300 per week? Seem to recall it being over £1,500 per month but likely due to the high living costs in the country?

Imagine it being set at that amount in the UK?! LMAO, does not bear thinking about.

That’s another problem you have with this nationwide flat amount .. regional variation.

Oddly enough the supporter of it failed to realise that it would actually bring about a mad sounding conspiracy theory he had. That they are planning to move all the poor people and shepherd them into built up places away from rich people. There was also some mad talk about a wall around London?

Yeah well .. if you pay a flat rate .. people are going to migrate away from the more expensive places all in their own. Not having hoods places over there heads, bundled into an unmarked van in London and dropped off somewhere. Somewhere rundown.

This BBC report below isn’t this UBI thing .. or so it claims but it sounds a hell of a lot like it to me.

As for introducing something like this? Look how effing long it has taken them to bring in Universal Credit and what a major feck up that is?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: £10,000 proposed for everyone under 55 –


Well don’t say I haven’t sad over and over again that the number of homeless people is going to increase rapidly.

Don’t say I didn’t state over and over again that these public service jobsworths that all suffer God Complexes and Delusions of Grandeur like that of a Shiar Horse.

Don’t say that I didn’t point out that despite their attitudes to their own public that comes across that they possess a high level of intelligence. Despite the fact that the truth is in my experience and across several local councils, welfare state and health service, among others including the Police, they most certainly do not. Intelligence and wisdom simply would not register on any level.

There have been plenty of examples of this low or non existent intelligence and wisdom. Perhaps to the point of being completely amoral, at least where political correctness doesnt become an issue.

But being amoral is being amoral. You cannot claim that you are not amoral because you treat one group as human beings and another like dogs.

Hmm? There seems to be two groups of people in the UK that treat another particular group as if they were dogs. Or some lower form of life, perhaps found under a rock?

The clues are there in everyone’s faces. You only need to look at specific groups, like the different groups of disabled people I know.

It states everyone in their faces but people either don’t see it or decide not to?

I wonder if the people who are victims in the story below have anything to say about it? I know that they are starting to .. because I was close to where this is taking place. The locals told me as much.

It’s a crying shame.

The one thing I’ve learned about the human psyche is that if something is staring you in the face and your forced to keep quiet, tell yourself it’s not the case or scared to say anything something eventually happens. The longer you go before you give in our cave in the angrier you will be when you do. Perhaps realising you have suffered for years over this. Perhaps you thought of you were patient that the suffering would end one day? That any given public service and the government would stop treating you like dogs because you have enough of that from another group?

It’s worrying to think about where all this is heading.

It’s also likely it’s all following someone’s dastardly plan .. precisely?

Shudder at the thought.

Food for thought.


That’s just sad and too late for everyone involved.

Deaths were going to happen and at an increased rate than ever before in the UK’s history outside of the two World Wars. Maybe a few others. Peace Time, yeah that’s the phrase they prefer to use in the news media.

If they didn’t know this was going to happen then they should all be fired .. and charged .. with incompetence. If they did then they should be charged with murder!

Instead and as is the usual way they stay quiet and feign ignorance until someone dies .. no .. until there is a death that the mainstream media cannot bury then they come out, feigning sorrow, feigning shock and call for things to be done.

After all they can’t make it too obvious they are only interested in their careers, can they now?

So the news story below reports on a homeless man being found dead not far from the entrance, ‘on doorstep’ in headline, of parliament.

Well .. they will all be feigning like there is no tomorrow right now and for the next few days to a few weeks?

Yeah sorry .. I unfortunately predicted stuff like this, starving, freezing, dying, losing parents, killing, crime rates going up and so on, prior to the financial crisis.

Odd then that each time something occurs it always comes as a complete surprise?

The one and only surprise for me is that same one and only reason the death was reported. It was on parliament’s doorstep.

To become a sad symbolism for the future of UK politics?! I reckon so.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Homeless man found dead ‘on doorstep’ of Parliament –


Some things feel like an eternity.

It is akin to pain. A small pain that hits deep down inside myself that disturbs me greatly. Because of this I try not to think about these particular things and I try to close down my mind.

Some things and some times these are unavoidable. Sometimes there simply is no escape. Often this is due to others and the vast majority of the time this has everything to do with government, directly or indirectly.

My current situation is down to others.

But I failed to realise that Valentine’s Day was soon approaching. Because and for the longest time Valentine’s Day meant nothing to me.

Love is something that has escaped me for the longest time. Long enough for others to simply not believe you if they discover the truth. The truth is simply disregarded as being too difficult to believe. So people generally do not.

Bizarrely I thought this Valentine’s Day would be a little different to the last fifteen? Well .. there was one year about eight years back that was like another about twenty years back. Both times were a mirror image of each other with two anonymous Valentine’s cards arriving by post. Each one sent by a different person. Each occasion was talked about for weeks or even months afterwards. The senders or admirers were never discovered.

This time around something was .. different. I actually have feelings for someone that I was told felt the same towards me. But I have been unable to .. get into contact with them.

The problem is two fold .. one they have stopped doing something they was doing semi-regularly and .. someone else has not mentioned it to them therefore. Though this culd have occurred via other .. methods. Secondly they have not logged onto Facebook and so totally unaware that I have .. reached out to them.

As far as I can tell, judging from the grey tick not turning blue or into a little tiny icon of their profile image as it does with everyone else, it has been ten days since they have logged on, minimum .. umm I think.

It will be two weeks this Friday the 16th of February. Crap! Another date I tend to forget .. my birthday!

Valentine’s Day gift or birthday gift? Not so bloody likely in my experience!


The thing is and this has been the case for a month now is that all of this in the last month is purely the stuff that I can speak about. There is a whole bloody mountain of things that I simply cannot speak about. Mores the pity!

There is also a bunch of stuff I would like to do but .. the damned weather! It is just unbelievable and even when we are told of a few days of milder sunny weather being just two or three days away it changes to crap weather once it is twenty four hours away?! Twice we have been out whe it has been sunny and mild, not even felt the need to use gloves and upon reaching our destination it has turned cloudy and cold within an hour and come back with our hands completely numb even while wearing gloves! That is the weather taking the piss and that has happened several times, the hand numbing temperature changes having happened twice. Going cloudy has happened three or four times since I got here! That is how bloody bad they are and predicting the weather of late. Funy as they spent a great many tens of millions, in the UK alone, on a new weather computer and they are getting things wrong more times than they ever had before. In fact many here were talking about this cold snap and heavy snow that has been predicted twice in the last month and not even either of those have arrived. At least not in the south east of the UK. But everyone was talking about it so everyone was given the same impression which later turned out to be wrong.

So yeah .. it is bloody frustrating and boring right now and you have nothing better to do than sit around listening to the wind and rain while worrying about the things that are so serious I cannot mention them on here. I just wish something would work out positive for just bloody once! OK maybe I wish a couple of things would work out positive, but that is because one of those is something happening to someone else.

And it is Valentine’s Day .. the one time I have not blocked it out of my mind because for the first time in fifteen years I actually feel something .. in the fleeting moments between feeling worry, anxiety, anger and anything else that comes to mind.

I might actually make someone dinner in a date .. or at least I did think or hope that I might be doing that.

It could be a blessing in disguise .. as it has taken me longer to do the things I need to do and I have suffered with severe back pain for the last couple of days ..

.. so hearing something positive or getting that green light, if it finally happens, might make me want to rush things when I cannot possibly do that. Not right now. But I have the option to do so in a few days time.

I just need a bit more time to get a few things in place and .. allow something to get even closer to reality because certain .. industries are infamous for taking their God damn time.

Peronally I cannot help but think that, thanks to the public services yet again, I missed the first glimpse of the chance of happiness I have had in fifteen years?!




Well I simply don’t believe it.

I knew things would come out eventually and we first had reports questioning the salaries of people at the top of many charities.

I don’t nor never have liked charities ..

Too many things simply didn’t add up for the longest time.

Now we have a revelation coming from the biggest make in charitable, ahem, organisations that shocks even me?! No .. as I said I expected more but .. not this?!

Accusations are that Oxfam staff were involved in child prostitution?!

What the fuck is it with child prostitution?! It seems to be happening everywhere?!

First we had allegations involving Police, then politicians, then the BBC .. then paedophile rings by Muslim men that dragged the names of local councils into it. There will be more on those names over the next year or two too! Even Hollywood and American politicians have had accusations against them?! TV celebrities here in the UK too.

It’s like some fucking disease sent to from hell itself?!

Even the royal family had people accusing a couple of them on the Internet.

Now the biggest name in charities?!

Is nothing sacred?

Is there no organisation that is what it claims or portrays itself to actually be?!

Is there not a single help or charity like organisation that has not been used by corporate fat-cats to create a false career along with big salaries that should go to helping people?!

Is there no organisation that actually helps people?

Is there any organisations that actually helps the specific groups that other charities claim they are championing?!

All this remains to be seen.

When I started this blog five and a half years ago I stated that there was corruption and failures in a number of areas, or industries if you like, within the UK. Most of these have now been exposed as getting up to no good and lying to the news media and the public. The news media have obviously reported in a way that has been .. favourable and the reporters and anchor men and women .. far too God damned stupid to even realise. Or at east most of them have at any rate.

  • NHS and more to come on them
  • DWP and more to come on them
  • Local Councils and a lot more to come on them
  • Police and more to come on them
  • Charities and no doubt more to come on them
  • Politicians and more to come on them
  • Retail Outlets, a number of and no doubt linked to politicians and maybe even Prime Ministers?!
As far as I can tell that leaves just one or two of the groups I have accused to be exposed for the thieves and lazy bastards that they are ..
  • Ombudsman
  • Governing Bodies and Standards Bodies
    • As absolute shit is being sold as new
    • As the public is being ripped off on fuel prices

Oxfam’s deputy chief executive quits £100,000 role over prostitution scandal


The Armchair Activist on Facebook has published another post and this time it is about a 24 year old woman called Lorna Taylor .. who suffers with Multiple Sclerosis and has been refused Personal Independence Payments that proves once and for all everything I have stated for five and a half years ..

That the government was going to dump every single disability off the benefits system .. meaning that there first port of call was to take away any financial support so that every single person got the same on the welfare system. But it was never going to end there ..

.. eventually they would have gotten rid of the welfare system altogether down the line and one Tory MP even stated as much in a Russia Today interview that I linked on here and can be found on YouTube.

But this is something that would take years to do and as they like to feign their surprise over the financial crisis you wonder why they would make mention of an intention that they cannot possibly carry out for well beyond five years down the line?

So what else do they know that they are not telling us?!

Also anyone notice the announcements about council tax rises?!

It has already gone way beyond ridiculous and into the realms madness and the figures have long since not been able to add up and it just keeps on going.

They are creating large armies of people without considering the numbers of these armies on their own and certainly have not considered the numbers if these armies are combined!

What armies? The victims of the public services ..

Those that have been victims of the Police, Local Councils, the DWP and the NHS and there will no doubt be others I have not thought of. Pretty big and rapidly expanding, if currently segmented, army if you ask me.