Well it has been a long time coming but the final day in a very long case I have avoided typing about for over a year is finally here.

Saving any…delays or extensions.

I seriously doubt this though as it had sounded like the minds were made up at least a couple of months back and maybe six months back?

I go through periods of nor being kept informed but this is OK. Not being contacted for my help nor my evidence meant they was acquiring enough on their own.

Had I been contacted I would have taken it that they needed help and setting up the thing the way I did I pretty much figure they should not need it. Not for the initial case at any rate.

In fourteen hours or so I should know a few things. Some figures, charges and dates which I am waiting for. I will then try to get the paperwork sent over so I can edit them. This may take a few days to a week… possibly more as the documents might have to travel in the post twice. Hopefully they will be at hand immediately and can be scanned and emailed over?

Like everything else I should know, finally, in fourteen hours and it feels a little strange if I’m honest.

It’s partly disbelief we are at this stage and partly head spinning over what else will happen through this blog.

My landlord came for his rent. He knew nothing about this and I told him what I have been unable to post on this blog. He went wide eyed at hearing this three year battle was not only still going during but was ending within twenty four hours.

I said I wouldn’t leave things in a muddle for him and he said that he knew I would nit do that.

He was stunned and asked me to text him about the outcome of the case when I hear tomorrow.

I said it looks like I will have to leave town for a few days at least and that they want to meet me but do not know which if the three stated that.

Had it been the judge it might have been for evidence but this was unlikely I my mind and the fact there is one day left had ruled this out completely. Unless, of course, there will be a rapid follow up case? I did think this the most likely outcome when it all started up.

There is the possibility, to my mind, that any follow up case was not needed. The evidence regarding my involvement would have been given plenty of times and I am listed in plenty of documents, including a 1,500 page local council file.

Of course my blog was here. Yes yet another facet his being realised is that I placed as many of the most relevant evidence here! This way it could be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world. Why world?

Because any if the legal team might think if something while in holiday far overseas and just want to check something?

So more details regarding my involvement, evidence, documents, times and dates were all here.

I did say early on that this blog not only possessed many, many facets but also acted as a series of traps for those in the public service and government who decided to be corrupt yet did not have the intelligence to do so well. Not from my point of view.

The posts themselves are date and time marked which is relevant I’m many things.

So that was two facets, though being used as a trap in itself has the long list of my many adversaries. So many facets there.

Then of course there is the facet that was obvious from the get go and that is as a complete encyclopaedia to help and advice to other victims of either the many public services and several private companies.

When the documents are in and along with a few others incoming these will boost the blog in several ways.

The sheer series of shocks that will come from tomorrow’s court case alone will have my visitors telling others for months which will boost my monthly figures.

As well the couple of others that will get posted over the next few weeks.

So after just a few months my monthly visitors will reach a number that finally helps me! Well unless something quite unexpected happens between me, the court, the legal team or the compensation clerk over the next few days to a couple of weeks?

But I do not know what will happen and though I was told of the request to disk to me it may be for something else I have not considered? Just always trying to think if all the angles and possibilities.

It’s certainly going to change everything for both of us and I am not even sure how the outcome will affect me emotionally? This is the end of a battle that had gone on line then three years and there in lies one important point in all this. In fact it’s not the five years it might first appear to have taken in this blog!

No, no, no and as I keep explaining to everyone when they say ‘well what have they fine to you!’ this battle had actually gone on for twenty years! That is 20 years.

Yes, that means for twenty years my life had headed, dreaded at times, to this pivotal moment in time!

So if it seems like I have done much to help others and post all this over the years then no it’s not. Nor is it the 6 years since I added a microphone to my arsenal and secretly recorded everything, umm even things that were going on 250 miles away without being there.

No, no, no it was the very beginning of this battle when I knew something was not right in this country and first thought about corruption.

I thought the very idea ridiculous and ruled it out.

Unfortunately over several years I had seen and heard enough to know that there was corruption. I saw it everywhere and was even clear to me on TV.

So eight years ago I started to dig and something told me to not lose any of my files and letters twenty years ago regarding public services and this case and so they started mounting up.

Of course I green discovered that not only was I correct about everything and everyone but one by one it was revealed to me that each one was far, far worse than ever my over reactive imagination could muster!

Fortunately the decision to secretly record came about because I thought everyone would think I had lost the plot. Had someone put these facts to me without evidence I would have thought the exact same thing.

The more and more I discovered the more important it became too tell the British public and even the world.

Before I started my blog I had already written two books to get published to show people to be able to help themselves against these corrupt organisations.

Only that did not pan out as I had planned.

The books are still here and detail events leading up to the creation of this blog but I have not even written a letter to a single literary agent regarding them.

I decided that one my numbers were big enough I would then perhaps contact letter agents and even publishers directly and things would go very differently to that which went before.

I am hovering close to the numbers required for me to become animated again as regards literary agents many of which I see as pointless and clueless.

They all wait for someone ends to take a short in the dark with a new ideas and when it’s fine and made money and the novelty worn off they then go looking for the exact same template thinking they will replicate the success if the first.

You could use the Harry Potter books as an example but I was told that they were accepted accidentally by an agent after being rejected eight or nine previous times?!

I thought that if I just worked on this blog for two to four years then I can build up an interest in what I do and even a loose number of followers too?

Therefore reducing the time period I have to death with literary agents.

Maybe even sidestepping them completely?!

Fingers crossed.

So Day Zero is finally here.

Not long now before I can stop being pumped up about this final day and know all that I need to know.



Oh and just a quick one for the record …

I have had nothing back from the Post Office regarding my complaint.


I then went back to a different Post Office and this time with my birth certificate along with all the others … as well as my drivers licence which turned out was not out of date.

I handed them all over and what did they do?

They picked up my out of date passport and used that?!

Want to put that on here before the Post Office backs up the guy and claims that the passport is not a reliable form of ID, we KNOW its no longer a passport but that is not the issue here.

Plus the drivers licence is not out of date and a document that the DVLA told me in person, and yeah I have been in the building in Swansea, is not a form if ID and had kept telling the Post Office this but they just kept ignoring for years.


A question often asked by those wanting to stop them and along with the lackeys and hired thugs that do there bidding without considering all the facts with a little common sense.

Well today I might well be able to tell you where some of them are after a phone conversation with a shocked person to tell me that when they arrived at court there was a load of people with those masks on!

A-a-hem! Whoops!

This person knew I had been in contact with them so thought “Oh I know who did this!”, lol.

This contact is documented on here and I even wrote an article for them regarding the NHS. They even said they would pay me, so much per word for 2,000 words and I did not receive any money but then I did not care. I never expected to get paid for it anyway. I did it because I should…and because I could. Much like everything else.

It has to be admitted that this was a highly strange coincidence that after three years and on the third day of a final five day hearing with some pretty big revelations regarding our case that these masked people appear?

There does appear to be something regarding the Liverpool Echo newspaper about these people and I was told on the phone that there was some Police there and it sounded, we was brief, like there was a but of tension.

But then maybe it is not a coincidence?

I had predicted for some time now that the protestors would be out in larger numbers and maybe they have been but the national TV news networks were not covering these events for some reason?

Maybe having a hard time making space in between all the announcements about manufactured musical boy and girl band gossip for twelve year old girls?!


It looked like, when I gave it a quick read, they were there for other reasons but then if I was the leader of a protest group I would likely come up with cover stories to keep the pursuers of the group members guessing.

I have not … advertised the times and the places but a group like Anonymous would be able to find out … if left a few … bread crumbs, lol.

They might have been Anonymous? But then Anonymous are anyone who agres with them and decides to actively do something about it. Of which there are different ways of doing things about something you feel strongly about.

Or in other words the hackers will … hack. Everyone else will be involved in … other things The media loves to call them “the Hackers, Anonymous” so everyone thinks they are made up purely of hackers.

Because many people think that if it ain’t on telly it’s not true and if it is on telly it must be true then, think that Anonymous are hackers. The truth is no one truly knows and as they are unlikely to appear in a TV show like HardTalk then your only going on what is suggested to you on TV.

I dare say that Anonymous would have one or two negative things to say about TV … and the national tabloids along with the TV News Networks too?

I know I do.

I just have not said them just yet. Not fully anyway and the trap is still in place for them … LMAO!

Just two days left.


How bizarre?

I heard of this…letter signed by business owners, an open letter, stating that the Conservative Party should be able to finish what they started?

So you should vote them back into power for the next 30 years then?! Lol!

This letter is also supposed to be regarding small businesses but I’m afraid that the one person that came on TV and spoke was not a good representative of small businesses, despite what she said.

Her name was Jo Malone and I’m afraid it was quite laughable to listen to her and I wonder if she had thought about what she was going to say?

She owned a business age then sold to a larger firm, so obviously made a lot of money. Then she claimed that she opened a single store, so a small business, to help the country? A single store? Oh well, crisis over then? I also think she was arrogant and not to mention thoughtless about people who own a small businesses when she is obviously not in the same boat as many small businesses.

Because the majority… no the vast majority of small business are living on the breadline and don’t have a bulging bank account from selling a previous company to a large chain.

She also stated that no one else represents Britain, foolish and obvious to most that this is wrong, and that she would not want to live in a country that does not have the Conservatives in power?!

In business sometimes you can just get lucky. It’s not all about hard work despite what they say. Luck of the draw is a lot to do with it or maybe she knew what she was doing with her first business and knew all along that she was creating a company that this particular larger company would come along and pay a lot of money for?

Sometimes it’s also about the right thing for the ever changing market at the right time. Although it is possible to predict that this is only a tiny fraction of the time and the rest your just shooting on the darkness. If this was not the case then what would this day about the business owners that have gone bust and this that are struggling?

If these were chain stores then yes they knew what they were doing, astute when it came to business sense and then one day turned into blithering idiots without a clue?

The world and the UK especially is far too full of these ‘entrepreneurs’ who got lucky and then think they are the Stephen Hawkin of the business world!

The funny thing is that Jo Malone appeared on the TV to state these things and I sat there and wondered how in the world she thought she was helping the Conservatives by saying the things she did? Lol.

One of the major problems in the UK comes down solely on the use of taxes. The end! Money is being wasted, to much is paid to too few, task forces, ombudsmen and governing bodies are not doing their jobs. The same is true for the public services.

That problem could be used to explain why must of the populace don’t trust anything or anyone and not spending money, if they have got any that is. It may also explain why the majority of those that pay more taxes do their utmost not to pay it?

I would find it hilarious if Jo Malone was ever found out for doing this after her during remarks about but wanting to live here with anyone else other than the Tories because they are the only ones that care about Britain?

I would then ask if she was able to live with herself? Lol!

Maybe if the country was more efficient with the taxes and everything was run properly those that parter higher taxes would be happy to pay them and not do everything to avoid them?

Also and I cannot remember the question but a woman in the studio, cannot remember her name either, she her a fair question and she replied “I’m not going to answer that”. Lol.

My word. What utter idiots there are that seem to think that a bit of luck has somehow managed to work winners with both their IQ and wisdom?

Now that is a country that I am getting fed up with living in!

Did somebody erase the world ‘humble’ from all their Oxford Dictionaries?! Lmao!

I’m now interested in reading The Daily Telegraph’s article but you can bet your bottom dollar I’ll forget?! Lol! Mostly interested in what they say about the letter.

I don’t know the political leanings of all the tabloids and to be honest I simply don’t care. Because it comes down to those terms I hate the most and they really are not relevant anymore due various reasons. In fact someone I know who is, or was, extreme left wing asked me his I could hate the political terms that I do, like ‘right wing’ and ‘left wing’. I simply said ..

Why does everything have to be one or the other?! What if I agree with some from one camp, done from another and also disagree on one subject with both of them?”


Europol chief warns on computer encryption –


Before anyone reading this wonders what happened to the big reveal .. nothing yet!

I got the dates wrong, I think lol, but not the days.

The first day in the five day countdown to ‘Day Zero’ has passed by and there was a couple of things of note but all in good time. Well, four days time to be exact.

Although you may have to allow for a few things? I simply do not know what will happen, his things will happen and I also do not know what ‘days’ well be set for anything else.

Now I am expecting things to he exactly how I thought which in the beginning I thought there would be two correspondences from the two or three separate parties in the court case? Though it’s now been stated that they want to meet me it’s still the same these parties. Though now with each of the court days disappearing one of them is becoming far more unlikely.

However, even after the last day there is still a possibility that the Crown Court Judge will request to see me some weeks after the last day of court.

I am named a large amount of time, I assure you of this, in a 1,500 page file that spans twenty years. There were a hell of a lot of letters and emails over a two year or more period that ended about three years or so back.

Unlike some daft people I know crimes involving others in a car being heard by a criminal court cannot be ignored.

Or in other words they seem to think that if serious crimes are revealed in a criminal court hearing these crimes are ignored completely because the victims are not standing in the court room?! Lol!

Now, quite how these crimes are handled by everyone I am not entirely sure. If the evidence is conclusive then the punishments for those crimes can be dealt with at the time because at the end of the day the files are there in the courts hands and so are the guilty parties.

To me, despite the confused looks I had from a couple of egotistical people, it would seem to be a vast waste of the taxpayers money to get everyone back in court yet again for what is essentially part of the same case that’s already taken up getting on for the years. Why go through the expense of the courts time, judges, barristers, legal teams and anything else that had to be paid for when the files have shady been heard? Just plain stupid.

Also with the fact that the evidence is incontrovertible and that the defendants have lied, cheated and conspired and have not once been honest … well it would be foolish of everyone involved to do it all over again.

Added to this is the fact that the accusers who have now been turned into the accused would be really stupid to even think about disagreeing with these crimes to other parties, in other words ME, considering what had just happened?

So the only thing I can think of, if not covered during the case in these last few days, is that a signature is given, a letter is sent out with a proposal offer, answered and then it’s done.

Hmm I have typed out more than I thought I would on that.

But did to elements of what went on between myself, this case and a couple of other organising I thought it funny when I saw the story in the link provided below …

A Europol Chief has warned about how difficult it is investigating and apprehending terrorists because if the encryption used? Don’t know if Europol is new name for Interpol or a separate organisation?

Typical isn’t it. They themselves want unbreakable encryption then complain about others being able to use the same thing? Err, yeah fur security reasons, mate! Especially after what MI5, GCHQ and the NSA have been caught doing!

Now that we are in this subject … of encryption and terrorists … and it being so difficult …

Then exactly why then were they listening on the general public and businesses … well everything basically.

Well except trying to figure out a way to get around the now stated encryption problem?

So vast amounts of time and money were wasted listening in on everyone and then handing it all to a foreign nation? Marvellous!

Not forgetting the fact that in recent years two of these cells were provided to them, rough locations and people to follow to the exact locations who lived thirty minutes to an hour away, by your truly. In other words not from listening in on everyone.

You would think someone would sit down and before providing the News Media with some bull to run that they would think of all the possible things other organisations could state to different media that renders their own statements…well bull?! Lol!

This is the same way I approached the legal case now ending and how I instructed the defendant on how to behave and what to say. I had to be sure that they were under no illusions on how to conduct themselves and be totally open with the legal team. Understandably it was for to me several times that they thought they would get ‘into trouble’ because of lies repeated over a number of years and a great deal of facts being twisted so that they city’s be taken completely out of context.

I, however, was not worried about this because my attitudes and that of those who are corrupt are completely different. Poles apart, you could say? My approach is extremely simple and straightforward while this that are corrupt are extremely convoluted and this makes things both difficult and stressful. An ever changing story made a great deal worse when you have the person or persons responsible sitting in an office higher up sending pawns, or sacrificial lambs try the slaughter, to the court in their place.

That is the very thing I knew would happen and banked on it because I want the court room judges would become insulted that their court room could be ignored so blatantly like it was worthless. Because they see themselves of being above certain laws. These are judges who were biased in favour of these people in many cases I read about.

I wanted to see if I could put this loose loyalty to the test on this case and it would have to be one hell of a preparation that was needed. A few years of correspondences between each of those involved, well except one of the four which I had no involvement in. I did not have any involvement with another but they are directly involved with one of the two I did and in a big way too.

Now I wonder if I might start reading of organisations being changed completely, dissolved, decommissioned even or just starting to do things properly and do what they are tasked to do?

Several years ago this seemed like a very distant memory that I could not even imagine a timespan when it could be foreseen.

That, at least, is starting to change.

Europol chief warns on computer encryption –


Six months after starting to blog about the corruption, lies and deceit within the UK, which largely points to American or American owned companies I have to say, I decided to run another blog side by side on a different site.

This way I could reach twice ass many people in the same time that I would with one. I also thought it would be interesting to compare them and partly because I thought that some figures might get altered along the way. This for a number of reasons but think along the lines of I would get bored and walk away. Or you could think along the lines of ‘crap, we are getting a lot of viewers but do not want to pay them anything for it’. After all we have to go on trust alone based on a set of algorithms they use but which we cannot see. Even if we could how many of us would understand what is going on?

Very recently a group of doubting Thomas’ close to me admitted something that surprised me. “Everyone tells me that when they look for anything they find your site!” That person also stumbled upon something I posted about, likely with the evidence attached, and I got a text stating “Martin, I just read your piece on [WHATEVER IT WAS INSERT HERE]! Wow, wow, wow, wow there is some scary stuff going on!”

I do not have any political leaning, in fat I hate all that crap, and I am just fair. Just too!

The person who sent me that is an extreme left winger who was told for years about stuff going on, without any evidence I might add, by other extreme left wingers. This person was a member of the Socialist Worker Party and I often disagreed with many things they spouted. “No, that is just mad!”, “No! That would NEVER work and it should be bloody obvious to them that it wont!” followed by detailed and simple explanations as to why.

Despite all that she was told by a party she has not been involved in for a fair few years she was shocked at one single solitary post of mine, the first one she has read since I started. Yes well over two years into blogging. How do I know so much about them and their political views and involvements with the SWP?

She is my mother!

I see a lot of things! Sometimes I cannot explain how…well not fully. 

But it did not take long before I noticed a gaping gap between two Blog hosts that would put a super massive black hole to shame, or at least well on it’s way to doing so!

Of course I immediately smell skullduggery and I have been watching these numbers ever since. I do mention them too. But not … ahem,, over there!

I am speaking, of course as some would have guessed, of both Blogger and WordPress. I started on Blogger and then got the idea to start up a mirrored image of my corruption blog on WordPress after all the intent is to help people see and those that have been victims themselves driven mad because they do not understand why or how can now have this explained to them.

Except there are to types of victims, well actually three but let’s not talk about death, eh? First of you have victims that have become victims and then you have those that are going to be victims whether they know it or not.

Depending on who it is they are victims of and how bad things are at the time this can be world changing for many and also extremely destructive on your personal life and of course family life too. One minute you have your family all around you and in what seems like a blink of an eye it can be all torn asunder. Believe me I know.

So I thought that the blogging would be a good idea to help others and in so doing educate others into realising what is going on. Hopefully teach those in denial and with their heads in the sand that acting like that just condemns others and assures that when your time comes your for the fall to. In other words condemning yourself. Or those closest to you even?

Today I decided to take a look at how many people had visited my posts on corruption, which you now realise of course that there are indeed TWO. I have many other blogs on exotic animals, British Wildlife, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Wing Chun, Tropical Orchids and a few other things…some of which have been seriously neglected. Err hello?! I have battled dozens of large organisations and corporations over corruption and evil deeds! It is a little time consuming, lol.

I digress.

Amyhoo I noticed that just as it has been for several months my other corruption blog on Blogger seems to have stagnated in the 70,000s total. This is … weird. I am pretty sure, without diving into mathematics, that this is mathematically impossible? Even if not by some stretch the follower numbers certainly are!

Now according to my calculations …

Blogger Totals is             77,472

WordPress Totals is        5,616

There are several months between starting the two but even so these numbers are … well weird, lol.

Now the followers … now by the above figures you would be forgiven for expecting Blogger to have way more than WordPress? No …

Blogger Followers are              7 (and have been since I hit around 10,000 visitors, lol)

WordPress Followers are  194 (?!? LOL!)

Surely you now see this as weird?! LMAO!

Now if you divide the Blogger Totals by the WordPress totals you get 13.794 and a bunch of other insignificant numbers.

Now multiply 7 by 194 and you get 2,522 which is what the Blogger followers should be based on how many more visitors I have had on Blogger compared to that I have had on WordPress but clearly this is way, WAY out.

This begs the question …

What in the bloody world is going on?

Every now and then I have posted about this. I have always stated the same thing based on my gut instinct that very rarely fails me. The numbers are false. But how are they false and more importantly why are they false?

I have thought of some crazy theories since it started. Like ‘Are all the visitors to Blogger ‘Right Wing’ and all those on WordPress ‘Left Wing’? Well I think I have made me thoughts and feeling about all this political crap clear for a very long time … oh and I just did again! Lol!

I maintain that which I have always stated and that is that someone is messing with the numbers…or there are some very bad algorithms being used…I mean really bad to the level which that whoever wrote them should not be involved in computer coding in any way shape or form! Computing is a mathematical subject and I should know as I studied for four years constant and have a degree in the damn subject! Lol.

Or maybe someone is trying to slow them down? To put me off maybe? To put visitors off who might think I am rambling about bullshit because the numbers are not that big? Is it Google doing it for monetary reasons? In other words ‘to con me’?

Then of course I think of others, always and ultimately is how it goes, and wonder how many others this could be done to? Well they do seem to have no end of money to buy lots and lots of companies with that they then screw up and ruin, like Blogger and Android, lol. Well I believe it now numbers in the hundreds…or will tip over 200 before too long. It was 153 companies that Google had bought when I read a computing magazine a fair few months ago.

The truth is I do not know for sure what is going and and why. The one thing I do know is that there are reasons for it. Maybe everyone hates Blogger or that they hate Google? But then the two numbers of both totals and followers do not coincide to suggest this. If the Blogger followers were 4,000 or more I could say everyone hates WordPress. If the WordPress totals were some degree higher than Blogger’s 74,000 then I could state that everyone hates Blogger or Google. But I cannot.

Now to me, and why I cry ‘foul play’ it looks as if someone has altered one number and forgot to alter the other to make it … unnoticeable. To me it looks like they failed … miserably and another example of why someone should not be involved in something that involves mathematics. Or maybe, just maybe they had not thought of the possibility that I could have another blog and therefore compare the figures and realise something was seriously wrong? OOPS!!

Also they failed to realise that I am no more than slightly interested as to why and the figure would no affect me or what I do. I think they missed the point and also failed to realise that over a period involving several years it was impossible for me NOT to notice something was not right.

I do not care I do not have many followers, I myself am willing to confess that I do not follow others much. I never get the time to read everything and by this I mean, even the subjects I am passionate about that I blog about. Hopefully some time soon I will and I am sure that this will change within this year of 2015.


What I do like to do is publish anything odd so that others can see. Some that may be better than me with averages, means and medians (its been a long time) and other statistics may discover what is going on? It might prove stupidly innocent r prove that something more … sinister is going on?

This would be great to expose but I simply do not have the time and not entirely sure that in inordinate amount of my time would be worth it.

It would be good if someone else could see what is going on and explain it to me, I seriously doubt that however. Well … not anything totally innocent unless it was complete incompetence of course? Lol!

EDIT: Oh and the posts are almost identical but on Blogger I have posted around 2,549 and WordPress 1,967 so not really worlds apart. Though I keep feeling guilty that I have not given WordPress readers as much stuff as Blogger readers, lol.

Anyway here are a few screen-shots as always …

Blogger Totals 220415 Blog Post SPIKES 220415


I had a letter this morning which was quite a surprise.

Not here is something to cook your noodles when I say that someone is paying attention.

I do believe that someone somewhere has worked something out?

What was this letter, I hear you asking?

Well I have had four victories out of four thus far and the fourth one came in a letter today as I have now been awarded a Freedom Pass and it so long ago I applied I only recently remembered it and was about to turn my focus on them. Right about the time that I was to get my hands on some crown court papers that would blow everything into orbit.

Now I do not have to!

Hmm I keep looking at that ‘four victories’ and wondering if that is right?

  • Court action with Shop Direct (Very Catalogue) selling me a refurbished and used phone which had several faults as a new phone
  • Enfield Council over Council Tax court proceeding (both this and above without leaving my sofa!)
  • DWP and PIPS
  • You could add …
  • PHSO (who think it is over), NHS over DIAGNOSIS and FALSIFYING TESTS but this is still an ongoing process though the PHSO keep insisting its either over or did not happen (try looking on my blog idiots!)
Yes, it is four out of four. I think. This is my Fibrofog at work or me wondering if I have forgotten something that I won?
Anyway …
I had to go for more blood tests, I kept forgetting and then yesterday drinking tea and all ready to leave the house for the hospital when I suddenly remembered I was supposed to be fasting!
After leaving the hospital today I get to a main post office in Enfield Town with my pristine but out of date passport (well it is still ID, not a passport any more but it is still identification). I also have the card section of my old driving licence so not that old as its the photo card. I have a letter from Eon Energy along with a letter from the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.
With a letter from one of the most powerful bodies in the country, a passport only a couple of years out of date (2012 I think), Energy firm letter, Driving Licence card and an offer of a Visa Card show, which he first says yes to then changes his mind, I get refused.
Now he gets cocky when I explain things and we have an argument and I have to walk out empty handed. I wont explain details because I sent an email to the Post Office Head Office with a complaint about what happened.
Instead of explaining it you can read about it in the email pasted below …
Oh yes and this is another nail as stated in the title and I wonder if by saying that I have given another clue that readers may pick up on now?
I have several nails incoming too!
You have to think metaphorically on this one. Or what saying is used metaphorically that includes the word “nail” in it? Lol.
You also have to think ‘Evil Trinity’, lol!
Or as I thought as I was typing it ….
If you have not paid attention then no this is not the big reveal I was referring to recently that is about to come…no, no, no that is way, way bigger than anything you could imagine.
No this is just annoying and unnecessary.
I was more tired than I thought and with pains in my back and shoulder when I got there and was not in the bloody mood.
To get an idea of the scene you really need to have seen the very first Transformers movie…
The scene near the start where the splinter armed forces guys are in the desert in Egypt? They are trying to get hold of their commanders but the radios have all been fried? They reach a small town in the desert and one of them gets a hold of a mobile phone?
Remember that annoying guy? Going through a load of spiel about special offers and being iffy with the soldier on the line?
It was just like that!



Post Office Ltd

Finsbury Dials

20 Finsbury Street



Dear Sirs


I wish to make a complaint regarding the main Post Office in Enfield Town.

Now first I am going to explain what happened and then in part two I will explain why I am getting a Freedom Pass and the hell I went through to get it.

Then in part 3 I am going to explain why you need to pay very close attention to Parts One and Two and why this complaint will become very important to you and not one to be brushed aside.


After initially making a few mistakes I attended Chase Farm Hospital to have a series of blood tests, ordered by my GP at The Town Surgery a 2 minute walk from the main Post Office.

In pain and getting very tired and more so than I thought I managed to get to the main post office in Enfield Town with my …

  • Freedom Pass Approval Form

  • A Passport albeit a couple of years out of date

  • My Driving Licence Card that was out of date but I did not realise

  • A letter from Eon |Energy

  • A letter from the Investigatory Powers Tribunal and one, if not the most, powerful bodies in the country and I suggest you look them up as the are a tribunal for everything that has a policing force (MI5, MI6, GCHQ, Police, HMRC and the Armed Forces)

  • NOTE: I do not drive and have not done for years nor had the finances to leave the country, much as I have loved to get away from this rotten God forsaken country (see PART THREE)

I was told by an idiot that he could not give me the Freedom Pass as I did not have a valid ID?!

I then stated that the dates only apply to what the documents are for and they are still legal documents and I am not leaving the country. He still refused with a clever remark that was wrong and I stated that if he was insinuating that the documents are false then this is illegal and I suggest he picks up the phone and has me arrested.

I then pointed out that my name was on the document and despite the ageing that has gone in anyone can see that the photos on both documents are me!

I then showed him the Eon Energy letter and then asked him if he knew who the Investigatory Powers Tribunal are and he said no. I then pointed out that they are one of the most powerful tribunals in the country ass I was holding the letter he was looking at and presented it to him and stated that I have been aiding them.

I then also pointed out that I have a Visa Card with my name on it to which he first said let him see it before then quickly changing his mind and stating “no a debit card is no good”?!

For the record I have been aiding them in three out of the four organisations mentioned above in the bullet points.

He then still refused and I said “Hey! Listen, don’t be an idiot…not everyone has a passport and not everyone has a driving licence and that this was ridiculous.

His answer?

A sarcastic pointing out that “it clearly states on the document to bring a birth certificate”?!

So let us just summarise this, shall we?

Two documents with my name and photo on which ,compared to what he then stated I should have had in a sarcastic manner’ are extremely recent and as stated my photo on along with a letter from Eon Energy and the Investigatory Powers Tribunal and my Visa Card are “no good” but a 45 year old piece of paper without a photo which a child could forge on the Internet is OK?!

Are you effing serious?!?!

The odd thing is I have been wondering while in anger and in pain if this was somehow mean to happen?

I was planning top renew the Passport this year because of a series of events that have and still are taking place which means my financial situation changes drastically that launches it into orbit! But I kept forgetting to do it.

This financial situation has already changed in a big way but this is just a precursor to an much bigger change.

I also get a great deal of attention for what I do on the Internet and currently have attracted over 200,000 people and around 20,000 people a month but due to events about to explode this will go nuts throughout the rest of 2015.

Strange as it may seem I am not one to like getting attention and I will get a great deal that I have been working hard to avoid (see PART THREE)


Reasons I was awarded a Freedom Pass

  • I have Fibromyalgia Syndrome (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome the same thing)

  • I get pains in many areas of my body that consist of 6 across both feet, calf muscle, back, shoulders and neck pain)

  • With all the other symptoms it numbers around 120 all told. Yup it is true and that is out of possible 200.

  • One other thing it does is cause short term memory lapses which has it’s own name of Fibrofog

  • So you can see a lot of preparation needs to take place which gets overlooked so I did well to actually have all the documents with me I had?

  • I have had this over then years and, get used to this bit, this was lied about across 6 GP Surgeries and 5 or 6 Hospitals.

  • I diagnosed it myself, various NHS staff tried to avoid me finding out.

  • I manipulated them into sending me to Guy’s Hospital and they confirmed my diagnosis

  • I then discovered that the strange occurrence of the two completely unrelated drugs I had just been given and the first to have any effect were actually the only two drugs (as stated in Black’s Medical Dictionary) to have any effect on Fibromyalgia. So they knew and had done for awhile.

  • I have a right knee issue

  • I have had this for over ten years

  • This was only official diagnosed in 2014 and then lied about in documents

  • Hiatus Hernia & Oesophagitis Grade C

  • Severe Heartburn similar to heart attack

  • Vomiting without warning…respectively


  • Hypertension Stage 2

  • High Cholesterol Levels

  • I have only mention a small percentage of the corruption I discovered within the NHS

  • In total and in itself only a small percentage of the corruption I uncovered

  • None of the corruption I mentioned matters because of PART THREE

I am not going to go into details as I have already done so many times and publicly…


What I do

  • I have a large series of BLOGS

  • Exotic animals, British Wildlife, Computing, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Wing Chun and among others CORRUPTION

  • Six years ago I decided that along with my documentation on everyone I would get data and mount it up so much that in each case it was INCONTRIVERTIBLE

  • I documented everything I did and also recorded every single meeting, appointment, series of tests, applications, problems and anything else with recording devices

  • I was caught after four years and they thought I had only just started

  • I was accused of doing things illegally and was going to be reported, I told them be my guess as they were wrong!

  • I pointed out that I used to work for a solicitors firm, been doing this for 5 years and not just started and that for the last 2.5 years published it all on my blog

  • Like a Specialist Doctor at Chase farm Hospital I confronted for falsifying an ultrasound test result and he admitted it, re-dictated a letter to my GP that they found things…he later never sent

  • No point in telling them your recording as I wanted to get EVERYONE and they would all warn each other of what I was up to

  • I was asked in January 2013 (consider the amount of time that has passed) by backbench Labour MP Michael Meacher if he could use elements of my data to fight Iain Duncan-Smith in the House of Commons and other elements to the News Media

  • Much of what you hear in the news, along with the frequency, is taken from my own endeavours

  • The News Media, I am afraid, is also a target of mine and themselves fallen into a trap

  • I do this to help other victims like me, many of which I cannot because they have committed suicide already, sadly

  • I am also involved in the ongoing case with Rotherham Council, though I guess not directly? A journalist was told to expect more councils to go the same way…one is about to in a legal case of my design and a Crown Court Judge is literally and imminently going to charge one Local Council (not far from Rotherham), a Police Force, the Criminal Prosecutions Service and Cafcass (look them up to realise how serious this is) of grand crimes, a cover up and misleading a Crown Court legal process

  • I used what was done against me twenty years ago to hide the fact that I am directly involved in this case and a compensation clerk to the Crown Court has told the defendant that she needs to speak to her…before very long.

  • That would be the 27th April which is the final day of the about to start five day hearing which has lasted three years and spans twenty years.

  • I have also had a great deal of crimes made against me by others, not just the person above who is the most important in my life …

  • With Secret Recordings, Secret videos, emails, screen-shots, letters and God knows how many other things on each and every one …



  • THE NHS, THE DWP (with COUNCILS all conspiring against the public I call the EVIL TRINITY) and ATOS

  • MANY OMBUDSMEN OFCOM, OFGEN, LGO, FSA, PHSO, IPCC, ASA, SRA, NICE, GMC and many others all of which I claimed on my blog would not only do nothing with lame excuse but everyone is set a trap so that they prove they act FOR the organisations and NOT the public

  • Help and Advice Organisations like the Community Legal Advice (a U-turn and then quoting the law wrong)


  • While recording Conservative MP Nick DeBois, who failed to help me years earlier, claimed they found out about Atos and got rid of them. In this face to face meeting I pointed out that he was peaking the the very person who had gotten rid of them! He made some excuses and left the shop I was in!



  • I have no TEAM

  • I have no sidekicks helping me

  • I did this alone, wounded, hurt, angry, frustrated, with no money and VEANGEFUL!

  • I knew that they knew I was acting alone and that they would see me as a nobody and with no chance and I used this attitude against them.

  • When I started my BLOG everything was planned so that there was absolutely no way that any one of them could stop me.

  • I had my Disability Living Allowance illegal taken away from me and I found out it happened the tens of thousands of others and long before the financial crisis started, odd that is it not?

  • I moved to Enfield WITH a Freedom Pass and then was refused by Enfield Council and the Concessionary Travel group for the next 7 years.

  • You can imagine what I had to go through to do that?

  • But then maybe you don’t? Maybe you think the ID’s with photos as invalid and that a faded 45 year old piece of paper without a photo is perfectly valid?

  • Maybe you think that there is no possible way that one person could do all that I have done?

  • Maybe you think I have made all this up?

  • Then maybe you should look here …

  • or you can use it really does not matter

  • There in lies all the evidence to all that I have stated and a great deal more!

So you can imagine my frustration and anger over what appears to be a political interference to piss off the public over ID so that ID Cards that have been touted for years get accepted by the public?

I would like an explanation please to what occurred and why it occurred as in future any involvement I have over Post Office staff will result in a scene far worse than the one I had today. How worse will depend rather on how my disability is affecting me at the time.

If you want to know the answer to that and improve how disabled people are treated by your staff I suggest you look up Fibromyalgia, Oh and not the generic rubbish everyone spouts online, including the NHS who have proved clearly that they are either clueless or want to refuse to admit to how bad the symptoms can be so that they save money, as instructed by either the British Government or Serco (see I stated there was a lot more) who seem to be running the evil trinity and then the rest of them all save money by being able to state that I have no proof to the effects of my symptoms.

This stance has been completely blown away by me and via my blog I am slowly destroying anything and anyone that is rotten and corrupt in the UK so that it no longer works with anyone.

If I see a large organisation acting like idiots towards the public or corrupt then my focus sstarts to train upon them and I can come up with extremely inventive ways of gaining whatever it is I need to expose whatever I think it is they are up to.

So yes an explanation would be nice and it had better be a bloody good one!

Because the first thing I think of are the other types of people worse than me who also get treated like idiots or messed around unnecessarily especially when I think there might be a reason behind it.

Maybe you do not understand what it is that I am implying, or at least not in full? So I will give you an example of a conversation I had with a different GP to one I think I mentioned.

  • After discovering a falsified test ressult, one of many, and had the Doctor admit it on tape I was then set up, or so they thought not knowing I had recorded them, and tried to state that no conversation existed

  • A group helped them who were supposed to be acting for me, except I knew they would not, phoned them and told them to kick me off for violent conduct…except every single appointment was recorded as well as the one I had when the letter stating kicking me off was in the post while we spoke…OOPS!

  • Seven months into my next GP, I did this to five in a row 100% corruption and lies, I go in and am asked to turn off any recording devices I have on my person…

  • I take on my phone which was recording and turn it off in front of him

  • He sees a Sony Walkman and wires to headphones and asks me to turn all that off too

  • He tells me I have broken the law and I tell him I have not

  • I then ask him, HERE IS THE POINT, “OK, who called you up and told you?”

  • His idiotic answer? “You did!”

  • What I told you I was secretly recording you and it has taken you 7 months to tell me not to? I don’t think so. Try again. Only this time I am going to tell you that someone high up within the NHS called you and told you this. I have been waiting for this for a very long time. I have been recording for well over 5 years and its all too late for the NHS, so who told you?!”

  • Idiot answers “You did, you told me about your blog”

  • Laughing I then say “I told you about my blog seven months ago, I always tell people about my blog knowing full well they wont look at it, its part of the trap. And your telling me that when I can quote you as telling me 7 months ago that you said “Oh, I cannot look at that, I never get the time!” but suddenly you have?”

I wont go on about the row that lasted an hour which I won, I always win.

But I will tell you this …

Three days later I receive a letter from that GP kicking me off the Surgery list. Reason? It states and is on my blog like everything else …

Mr Haswell, despite telling you not to record our consultation it has come to my attention that you had a third and hidden device on your person and continued to record our conversation and posted it on your blog that night!”

It was never illegal, no one within the public services had no right to stop me from doing it. They are paid by the public purse and so work for me and I am fully within my rights to both check they are doing their job for the high salaries they pay and expose or report it when they are not.

Except despite the many bodies that exist no one actually does anything about it and mostly help the accused get out of trouble.

This will make you fully aware that any trickery within a complaints process will be seen by me within seconds and I will see it for what it is!

This lengthy email now does away with any crappy procedures to deliberately take time to put people off and go away.

I really have seen it all, trust me, and exposed it too.

Now are we there yet?

I look forward to hearing from you with one eyebrow already raised.

Yours faithfully

Martin Haswell BSc

Complaint Screenshot and yet another web form and no email address, how extremely convenient for customers?

PO EMAIL 220415


CTRAVEL 220415


We have watchdogs.

We have watchdogs for the watchdogs.

Yet the retail market place asking with the actual services of the public services is in the biggest mess ever in recorded history.

I noticed a very long time ago that there was no effective policing and yet an inordinate number if period being paid a hell of a lot of money to…well, POLICE

The large retail outlets sell mostly refurbished goods and anyone can read about a new model of something they want and not see one in a store for 6 months to a year.

I have reported many times of absolute crap being sold and a very large majority of it but for for prose purpose and not even with the postage, let alone the price.

I have also explained how you then get harassed by the seller and the owner of the market place, in my cases Amazon, to remove a negative comment. Despite the fact this was made illegal. But sellers of shit priest that they have a right to make a living selling people shit.

It has been spiralling downhill for a fair old while and I wondered when there would be an increase in injuries or even fatalities.

Now a poor mother had to live without her daughter after dying as a result of taking dieting pills purchased online!

However I have heard no mention of who was selling them, or what country they were purchased from along with what website they were bought from?!


The fact that no names were mentioned leads me to believe it’s a big name. Funny how the big names have everyone terrified of mentioning them in case of a lawsuit. Another surefire example of what is rotten about British law and how it’s literally abused by nearly every lawyer it there protecting the one with the money and power who are in effect, the guilty parties.

I immediately thought this could well be eBay or Amazon.

Funny how is always American companies behind the degradation of the retail sector and the British legal system. This is quite literally I assure you and it’s bizarre that things stated started going downhill bit long after they arrived in these shores and the more they get their grubby hands on things, or brands asking with property, the worse it seems to get?

A strange coincidence?

I have heard some pretty lame excuses by these so called watchmen and there was another great lane excuse over the Labour umm what was he now? A Lord? Well he faces the real possibility, or did, of being accused and found guilty of some historic sexual crimes against under age children but cannot face trial because he had dementia?!

The best part was their explanation when this was challenged.

Bullshit, basically.

It won’t go down well with the growing number of victims, bit just in this case, or the conspiracy theorists? Hmm I imagine that with the number of shocking revelations in recent years that conspiracy theorists must be growing in number too?

Hmm I just realised that with the amount of revelations in recent years reported on along with the countless amount on-line, like my three dozen or so,  that the words ‘theorists’ sound be changed to factualists’?! Lol! Yes OK I made that word up.

So a sad, sad story of an unnecessary death it took to make period realise there are things seriously wrong and when left and ignored some terrible things can occur. A sad, sad day.

There are times when I myself have wondered if this is what it would take with my own endeavours? My death? I hope not!

This one was reported on but taking into account how the press seen to ignore what’s been carefully placed right under their noses I cannot help but wonder how many injuries and deaths, among other possibilities, there have been gone unreported by the biased and cold fish that are the News Media?

Mother’s plea after Eloise Parry ‘diet pills’ death –


I have held something back from this blog.

Well mostly I just kept forgetting as I am busy with camera duties while on my bike and I have some blood tests I need to get around to doing…

…ooh yes and I forgot to mention my GP has added yet another pill to my roster! Quinine … errr … sulfate? Quinine! These are for the leg cramps that hurt like nothing you could ever imagine. You quite simply cannot talk and lose the ability to speak. I mean this literally too and even uttering a single word takes ten seconds of focusing and trying to block out the pain.

Not easy.

I am not sure if he realised something with the bad cramps but suddenly I was hit with a barrage of blood tests. Yes a bloody gain! OH CRAP!

Forgot to ask them for copy of the ltter they sent to my GP and what he sent back…lol well I am wagering on the fact that they never contacted my GP and once again another lie, cheat and rip off of the DWP?!

Uno momento …


Now though you would like to see what I put in the emails?

Once again and is always the case with me you have to read between the lines…the evidence is there and always is that I am not doing this for the reasons it first appears that I am.

Despite this not being clear, as it also is with some of the things I rant of about deliberately in the news, this all will become clear now in the next few months.

“Ooooh FINALLY!” I hear people think.

Well this is an ongoing battle against a large number of things, organisations that are destroying Britain, involved in the worst kinds of crimes, corruption, conspiracies even and cover ups you can imagine.

I cannot, I repeat I simply CANNOT make things too obvious to my enemies.

This is because along with certain upcoming finalities not too far away I can then reveal something rather … amazing about my endeavours going back bloody years that will blow holes the size of Elephants into the only accusation that could possibly made against me by my enemies that would … well … sully my name.

Believe me when I state that I was well aware of this possible accusation by both my enemies in one group and doubters, naive people and even amoral people that come on here. Oddly I was expecting this accusation to pop up in comments quite a few times in my blogs but I feel proud of the fact that it never has.

Only I want those enemies mine to make the accusations. Ooh it’s a trap! Lol!

Yes indeed yet another of my invisible traps I never mentioned.

The best part is that the ‘trap’ could be a double bluff?! But those wanting to make a move need to be absolutely certain that it is, and … well they cannot be! Lol.

SO those emails then?




Dear PIPs

Personal Independent Payments
Please forward this email if not the correct department.
I am not going to thank you for the latest letter refusing my appeal over motobility.
Instead I am going to tell you of something that has happened that is quite weird, but bad for the DWP, nearly all councils and the NHS along with others I have battled over corruption and it is not going to be good I assure you of that.
Now first off I have a big case that I expected to break in the Autumn of 2015.
I expected my battle with you to come to a head around the same time along with several others.
The breaking and posting of the details of this big case I have is going to cause something of a Tsunami online.
It is a legal case that I am heavily linked to, in fact I was the architect of the whole thing, but not named in. YET!
A few weeks ago someone drove, excited and pumped up, for a fair few hours just to spend two hours in my living room before jumping back in their car and driving a fair few hours to get home again?! I tried to stop it.
It turns out that our case has come to an end and the deed is done, carved in stone and the outcome is inevitable now.
A Crown Court Judge has accused four organisations of the most serious of a list of crimes and a cover up to hide something big and by this you need to think of what happebed to Rotherham Council recently.
The individual in the case stated that I was correct from day one and that the legal team has stated that … well that I am a genius and that everything I did was the absolute greatest of plans they have ever known and want to meet me. A compensation clerk has also requested a meeting! Oh dear!
I am afraid it gets better as I am now telling you, as your a public service, of those organisations who are about to be found guilty …
One Local Council who will remain nameless

One Police Force and the same applies

The Criminal Prosecutions Service

I also discovered that this was ending not in Autumn as I predicted it would along with you and the NHS but instead in just a few days time!!
The fines to each of the above have been stated by the Crown Court Judge to each of the above are going to be seriously high due to their conspiring to deceive and the constant uncooperative nature along with failure for evidence and documentation to be presented despite each one being ordered by the court more than six times to produce them. An obvious delay tactic of one was to keep sending a new front line staff member who turned up with nothing and not knowing what they had to bring.
This resulted in no less than two court sessions on separate occasions where a representative of the council was shouted at by the Judge and ordered to leave the court and return in three hours with the documentation they have failed repeatedly to provide.
I can also tell you that a second … family, which were behind the Passport Service grinding to a sudden halt and not the official reasons given out, were being defended by the council and against us have now been told that they are going to have their children removed from them!
The final dates of the court hearing whereby judgement and compensation is awarded start from the 21st April, yes that soon, and the 27th April 2015.
Despite the fact that I had stated that compensation would be given and that they would want to speak to me at some point neither of these were mentioned in three years!
They have now!
Along with the compensation clerk speaking to the defendant and completely blowing their mind they have stated that they want to meet me.
Now I know the legal team have always wanted to meet me, kind of goes without saying. But this feels more like the Crown Court Judge, as it would be obvious I am involved because I was the grand architect of the whole event and am named several times in a 1,500 page file at least. Well that is an understatement I know as its likely to be in the hundreds of mentions.
Now the best part is that this is now mere days away from starting and another week from finishing.
I am sure you can believe me when I state that in each case singly of the four named and standing accused that each one is worthy of a front page of the national tabloids and I know the legal team want to go this route.
So I am certain you will realise quite quickly that collectively this is going to go way beyond boiling point and the 210,000 visitors in total and the 15,000 to 20,000 visitors I get each month is going to go … well a bit viral at some point with just this alone?
Only in the coming weeks this case will not be the only one getting published on my blog as I have contacted HMRC about PC World not only selling refurbished goods as new but have now discovered they have been altering their sales receipts to pay less VAT!
I have also contacted and investigatory media group about this and provided them with the evidence! Double oops!
Plus another council needs to respond to my accusations and better than they did and so do the NHS over the same thing who have denied I made any official complaints towards them so I am going to direct them to the posts on my blog where I published proof that I have contacted them more than a half a dozen times.
Trust me on this as I have won four out of four battles and have won one with excuses like the NHS’s previously … IN COURT … EXCEPT I WON THAT WITHOUT EVEN ATTENDING THE COURT!!
I am extremely good at what I do!
I am getting asked more and more and more often just how I managed to battle and win each and every organisation out there, though it appears this way there are many I have not battled. Well I cant do everyone and I think three dozen or so is more than enough to contend with.
That leads me to the other remark I get sometimes. ‘No one has ever done what you have done before!’
I reply “Well that is just one reason why I did it”
So no thanks as regards your letter which rather strangely I have not gotten around to publishing but will do in the next few days?!
Good luck with the stormy seas!
Martin Haswell BSc
Dear PIPs

Personal Independent Payments
Oh and I almost forgot …
I OFFICIALLY REQUEST that you send me copies of the correspondence between you and my GP for you to reach the decision that you did in refusing my motobility, if you please?
Martin Haswell BSc
Crash and burn, baby, crash and burn!


Well now lookee here?

I am typing this out using a mobile phone…a new mobile phone! Ooh I like it already…it does not go too mad when I add three dots to simulate a pause.

It has a swipe keyboard too I did not expect!

That is because its a Windows Phone!

However there is no official Blogger App though and in using one called MyBlogger.

I have also hit a snag as I now have the same problem I had compiling hotmail emails…the screen does not scroll down correctly after awhile. As you can see very early on too?

I now did this bizarre as its only happened with Microsoft software and happened twice!

It could be bad coding by the MyBlogger developers?

Also I did not like the two fields presented to me as they should have read ‘Title’ and ‘Main Body’ and the field to the latter should be been more than just a single line. I was initially confused.

Good God this scrolling problem is extremely annoying and no one with more than sixty characters to say could use this…they must think Blogger is like Twitter?! Err, no.

I saw this phone while I was checking out Windows Phones for a friend as his screen has cracked on his old Lumia 630, I think the model is?

Now this one might sound like a much lower model in specs, being the Lumia 535, yet I could but believe that its quad core and a screen that’s way bigger and brighter than my Moto G first generation and bigger tag the second generation too.

I think they bought this out because of the Moto G and though at 150 odd quid it is still cheap this thing was £60! It’s thin and feels fragile but as I wanted to get away from Android altogether I thought it would be cheap enough to have and see how it goes?

Though if I can’t get decent Apps to write out posts for my various blogs it will be useless anyway.

However I am surprised at how well Cortana works and if I can dictate posts using the phone and then paste then over this in itself will be invaluable!

I will try this out a few times in the coming days, provided that I don’t receive a call to head to the other end of the country by a legal team that is! Lol.

I have asked that they let me know what they want of me and to give me fair warning so I can make arrangements oh now it won’t scroll up at all?!