The Era of Dead Reckoning

Imagine, if you will, for the briefest of moments a terrifying scene of fantasy ..

In a far away land existed a once innocent young girl.

Her life was surrounded by horrors most would not believe while others not survive.

All around her predators waited. An evil mother with mental health issues, a gang of rapist men, an evil extreme leftist council that loved to victim blame and a inept Police Force, incompetent and scared of their own shadows.

Her life strangled as if choked by a tourniquet, the air slipping slowly away.

Her friends not knowing what she should do.

Turning to all kinds of outs she was asked if she could turn to her father for help and she said she had sent a letter but thought that her father was likely just as evil as the rest.

In a moment in a year long gone by a matron remarked at how gentle a father was with his baby girl while at the same time she would fear for anyone that would hurt her as he looks like he would kill them.

A man once collapsed to his knees sobbing in tears as the one brief moment he saw his daughter at six years old also sobbing as he watched her bottom lip shaking, burying her head into a cuddly toy given to her as the coach once again took her away.

A letter arrived at an old address out of sheer desperation.

In a very brief time word got to the father who sensed terrible things but was surrounded by naysayers that would insist he was imagining things.

The daughter would be surrounded on all sides, all enemies including those tasked and paid to protect and guide her. A sense of nowhere to run and foreboding would have been overwhelming to someone so young.

The ultimate set of betrayals.

Suddenly the ground around them would shake.

A man lands amidst the furore with confused face but for the evil mother whose eyes widened and knowing what comes next would turn and run, racing away like a injured duck that had just drank a super-serum.

Hey Kiddo”


The ground rocked their world and all around staggered off balance, stepping right and then to the left all unsure of their footing.

Rising slowly up a analysing the surroundings and the enemies around, a strike was made to the gang, bodies reeling in all directions.

Flipping to the opposing side a strike was made to the evil left of the council and a friend would say “Who the hell is that?”

As another turn was made striking the incompetent and lying Police Force the girl would turn and grin ..


A sinister plan of attack was thwarted by sending data to the very organizations once interested in his abilities. They made but one phone-call after he vanished of their radar and they called him ‘genius’ not knowing this is was not all he was.

There was just a little help.

When the focus of the group was intentionally shifted by the one that was onto their murderous intentions. Upon its execution they had a party waiting to receive them at the location they were manipulated into switching to.

The news media already suspect all ignored he please and her plight.

From that very moment the war had begun and the mission ahead was clear.

A mission in of itself was repair to the damage done by these evil, amoral groups before the unadulterated and justified revenge could be carried out. But carried out it would most certainly.

Two rules, absolutely no excuses nor any prisoners would be taken once the guilty parties had been found.

The true enemies would eventually reveal themselves in rather incompetent ways with their messages and claims and little by little the path to the puppeteers would be ventured further along to its inevitable conclusion.

He would often think how some parents even among his own were blissfully aware of how lucky they were .. are.

People would start to gather around him, standing in awe as the ability to dispatch and the ruthless and cut-throat attitude that would be one of many traits.

The gloves long since thrown, my tactics careful and no prisoners at all will be taken by any and all that were part of the evil I now face.

Absolutely none.

Little by little they would be in awe with each new discovery made.

My tactics still in place. All must be unsuspecting until each strike is made and the details revealed to not the country .. but the world.

No margin for error, no chance of escape.

Each world they built, every goal they think inevitably theirs, all must die in a burning pit of fire and even then my revenge will not be satisfied.

One by one they would talk, often telling the man that he was awe inspiring to watch and how blessed they felt that he was on their side.

Others would request he remind them never to piss him off.

In time the fallen would be far too numerous for the biggest graveyards.

Those that got to be told all details of the story would either go into uncontrollable sobbing or fire up in anger.

While sobbing the abused girl would tell the father they had robbed her for so many years ..

I cannot believe [SOBSOB] who my father is, I have NEVER felt so lucky”

Well this cannot be isolated and I will find out who is ultimately responsible and when I do I am going to expose them and destroy their worlds until only dust remains. I am so sorry I gave you such an evil mother, I tried so hard to get you out of that”

The girl sobs uncontrollable, upon hearing for the first time that several attempts were made to find out how she is and get her out.

The enemies would stumble across clue but refrain from looking too hard and reading too much, that was the gamble.

It never occurred to them to wonder to the kung-fu, bo staff and nunchaku videos and why they existed and the purpose behind the training.

The message set and was in no doubt would only be received in part, that was the naivety and arrogance of the self-proclaimed superior beings.

In excess if four years and not once did they ever discover.

Could you imagine such a scene and even one with possibly for more involved than that described here?

The sad reality of this is that despite how unlikely something like this might appear the fact is that it is all true.

However there is far more to this story and so much so that at one point in time there was interested as the one in the story taken advantage of and let down was approached with talk of films, TV series and appearances and books.

This suddenly evaporated and nor was it the first time as a court case suddenly dissolved before her very eyes at the 11th hour.

Someone, somewhere did not want the wider public knowing about it.

But I am sure those that read this would be asking themselves, and quite rightfully so, how I could possibly claim that a story such as this was true.

I would be a perfectly relevant question and indeed there is also an answer.

I am the father.

Take a little time if you need to.

It is not possible to describe the years of guilt and pain I have endured.

If you have seen me online, if you have seen or heard about my resolve and ruthless nature and if you read in a previous piece about the old enemy that re-emerged out of the proverbial woodwork, called me the ‘C’ word and asked me who died?

Well I think as there appears to be a sudden and new focus on me and oars have been collected up to stir up the creek it seems the right time to divulge that which drives me.

Well .. in part.

As I said there is far more.

There was more prior to that and there has been more since.

In fact there still exists something that involves several children that east away at me.

When I said I had been doing this a long time and that I was linked to a number of organizations some previously interested in employing me, this was not in jest.

Several audio recordings exist regarding this one with detectives that is in excess of four hours long all on its lonesome.

For those that watch me you had two simple choices, have me as your best friend .. or have me as the worst enemy one could ever imagine.

Now you would think that in a world where everyone think they are equal to Einstein, the choice in this instance would be obvious.

All the clues are there.

In a couple hundred predictions my success rate is 98% and I cannot lie and have saved many lives of children, adults and animals.

What possible information could come your way or how biased and political and utterly desperate and stupid would you have to be to decide to make an enemy of me?

That period spanned 2011 to 2017. Technically it is still ongoing. Still they lie. Still are they placed in danger.

Even the NHS ignored things, lied about things and even after the above they missed cervical cancer in the young girl.

For those that have heard of read that I have referred to them as The Evil Trinity and that there is no accountability?

Well now you know.

If no accountability exists then I would spend every day of every week and year after year doing one single and solitary thing.

Create my own and make absolutely sure that before their plans are executed that the illusion is shattered and every person in every area in every country knows the truth.

Where it was thought I was destined to go hundreds if not thousands see me as a hero.

As did several Christian groups which I have alluded to many times.

They are now even aware of all described above and what is described is only ten percent of all that has occurred.

Now maybe, people will at least begin to understand.

One can only hope.

Memories can often be the worst of curses.

Unless deceased they should fear me because I will not stop coming.

Here is something that people that work for public services need to learn, little lies are bad.

Lying about this and covering up is bad as it is but little lies across the board in the public services allows evil people at the top of society to do a lot of harm because the effects are cumulative.

The is happening in health too and with anyone that has had to deal with heart conditions and covid and is explained in recent posts I have made.

Those that had throught me mad but now say its way worse then I had theorised and the events worse then I predicted have not caught on to this just yet.

It is a couple of shocks that will reverberate around the world.


The Pipers All Out of Tunes

Well now Mr Schwab and friends, what now?

The whole plan rested on it being put in place before the majority realised they was being duped.

In the last few years each of the groups you pushed were split down the middle and people started to realised that something was not quite .. right.

A fox got into each of your hen houses and scattered them in all directions.

One of your mistakes was opening your mouths.

Sadly for you the ripple effect made its way to the top and the canaries started trilling while others would stop, take a step back, analyse the situation and want out.

And the bullies descended.

Each time this occurred the proverbial veils were dropped and the true face was shown to all, often with a little tugging to help the real agendas and thoughts get an airing for all to see.

What was easy was that in a scenario that could be considered a possible end of the world even only the end of the world as we know it, the behaviours and narratives fit a scenario like that like a proverbial glove.

Acts towards self-preservation by idiots wanting to hold onto the top branch.

This was never about the greater good or building back better.

You also made promises to obsessed groups I was well aware you never intended to keep. Despite the fact that switching to socialism, as some got into their heads, would have allowed you possession of the top branches.

The problem is and what many failed to realise is that they were allowing you attempts to cement your positions because they would get a world they wanted.

In this respect it was child’s play to show that they were being completely amoral to others and with that revealed they would lose people.

As for the silly uses of childish labels and attempting to corrupt language by way of redefining words, this was very easily spotted and dealt with.

Distorting science and its meaning and with people riveted in fear was harder and not helped by all the big names out there trying to find ways to bury, cancel, suspend and suppress me.

Then along came Covi19 and after initially saying it was just the flu, helping it spread and then doing an about-face out of desperation of losing the masses, I knew I had you.

In fact I knew this was soi out of sheer desperation I even taunted your people and groups for doing what they did. I told them that if they do this and insist on repeating the things they do it would be over in 2022 and that as the year drew on you would lose more than you had done previously and at an ever increasing rate.

At the start of this year they would lie or attempt to convince themselves by claiming it was not happening or it would suddenly turn around. But that never happened. It did as I predicted.

It was very easy to just use the things that I was 90% or more convinced would be the case and in turn and with each one the ripples would increase in frequency and number.

Now I taunt the most obsessed by asking them something that gets under their skin and it is just four words ..

‘Is it 2023 yet?’

The public opinion has shifted and yours are a shrinking minority that is rapidly occurring.

Doctors and scientists are now thinking twice about many of the pseudoscience tunes they had previously been singing. This will increase no end during 2023.

Your plan was a divide and conquer one with a goal of reductions.

My plan was to find and expose those ultimately responsible for a plan I was telling many a decade ago was in place, despite actually knowing who nor all the details.

The story was one of revenge and I had a number of key things in my favour ..

Not only do I not like dishonesty, due to my condition I cannot lie.

My condition also amplifies my brain-waves as well as my pain signals.

Now I tried to tell so-called professionals for a number of years while I was telling many people who would not listen that certain types of people, not suited and idiots, into higher positions.

But they were idiots and would not listen then would not accept and lied and covered up and continued for years. You stopped several legal actions.

What everyone failed to take on board was that I was not stopping.

So the mission gradually morphed from one of justice to one of revenge.

You intentionally hurt many people including young people and used them and tried to destroy them and their lives and this included ones close to me.

THAT .. was your final mistake.

The fact that the prevention of an attack that was not the authorities but me and others took the credit is nether here nor there.

That attack was prevented by me and because of the people close to me I referred to. Yet another of your mistakes.

Once I figured out the who I then had to figure out the psychology used and where your messages stemmed form.

Took awhile but that was Karl Popper.

It was a ridiculous level of incompetence when the egos of some of you wrote articles on him when I was only half convinced this was who some of you was using. If I remember I will prove that one at the bottom.

Once the message and psychology was obvious to me it was not that hard to come up with an alternative that would both frustrate your minions and expose them to others.

Of course this could not be done overnight. Well none of this in actual fact.

No, no this was a process that was going to take many months or a few years, after all you had plenty of time to embed this .. human software.

I have also stated to people for a long time that they are running out of ideas and heading towards a slow-down and a brick-wall on many things.

The way that they had gradually moved things and even using overseas workforces showed to me that they was nearing many limits. So much so that fifteen years or more ago I was starting to tell people that I was greatly concerned where things will stand in as little as twenty years?

A few years back one follower on Twitter did not realise that we were real-life friends and back then he, along with everyone else, thought I was mad.

When he realised in a private direct message who I was it blew his mind and we had not spoken for around seven years.

He then asked his followers of they remember him talking about knowing someone he lost contact with that predicted all that was going on.

Despite the fact he had come out of his shell and had amassed nearly 10,000 followers it was funny to think that many followers likely thought he was exaggerating and telling tall tales for clout.

Some did not know me, others had seen my tweets over a number of months and people came to me via direct messaging and asked me if it was true.

Was I this person that predicted it all and had a blog they all thought was fantasy?

“Why yes, yes I am and here is the blog”.

Word spread and my followers went up by a few thousand that following week as the news that this fantasy figure with the amazing prophecies was indeed true.

Sadly we was already being suppressed heavily and people were already vanishing from Twitter at an increased rate.

What I wanted to put s stop to is when trouble broke out the anger and possible violence would be aimed at the minions and not themselves.

Many a time I tried to tell these fools they were being used but they was so fixated on getting the world and society they wanted, ergo amoral and selfish, and were so convinced they would get this that they continued to push lies.

They would also bully, mass report and get so angry then when they showed their true nature and even stated they even wanted me dead, lost count of the number of times that was said, they would then realize what they just said and then blame me for it.

Yeah if it was not Trump’s fault it was mine.


There was one point when an old name that had run away over a year ago turned back up and called me an annoying c**t and asked who had suffered or died to make me like I am.

Did he mean tell the truth he does not like or was he just pished because now he could see it all collapsing and they knew my predictions were right? After the pro-science group lied for months and said I did not make them,

The reply was most certainly a joke and a jab at me being so focused and determined to get in among all their groups and their leaders and deities and atomise them.

He was hinting I was so made and determined that it was like some kind of revenge mission.

The thing that readers would be stunned is not the revenge mission, as I had already alluded to that, but the fact that I dangled this in their faces in excess of fifty times, giving them a fighting chance, in the first year I was at them, four years ago.

Now its possible that some that disappeared did actually slyly take a peek, as you are instructed not to look at anything. That’s how they tried to control people. So anyone that did would do so and not openly mention it.

I literally gambled upon this happening but said absolutely nothing.

Many lost followers and one claiming to be a Biologist I absolutely ripped apart even twice in his own subject and used to use the ‘c’ word and many other just as colourful, knew.

They may well have figured out that my determination and passion was actually causing their control/programming of others to break down? It is likely the case as the signs were the targeting of me became far more intense.

Sadly some on my own side did not get this.

But then if they did they would be as good as I was.

In a war you cannot complain your getting too many notifications on your phone or the war is not being won in the way you wanted or expected it to.

If that’s the case, pack your kit up and go home.

Think about it, if you was literally on the battlefield would you turn to your squad and complain the gunfire was too loud?

Or you wanted to win by going in the front door of a building and throw your toys out your pushchair because you was successful going in the back door?

It is odd too as they had not only my years of being undefeated, my 140 plus accurate predictions, my turning down a PhD and regarded as a genius by PhDs as well as being wanted by GCHQ, a covert organisation and the Ministry of Defence.

Yeah some on my side did have a problem, even some that followed me.

I have an ex-SAS friend and he used to watch this and had followed me for four years.

He seems me as the most formidable SoB on Twitter and you should see his private direct messages after he used to see some of the complaints against me that were made.

There was a point when this guy turned up, claiming to be ex-military.

There was a woman called Dawn and she and I was on him in a flash.

My SAS friend got friendly with him and I did not want to put him in an awkward position and the two were talking military talk and I just ignored him. I referred to him as McClonkey.

I would see them chatting and I did say “Tread carefully, there is something about this dude, watch what you say”

Couple of weeks later they was not chatting any longer and my friend came to me on direct messaging and said ..

You were right, the guys a fraud. He is not who he says he is and making things up and some things he is coming out with you would never talk about publicly, let alone on social media. I have blocked him”

There were also other details and something was supposed to be in process and I never mentioned anything publicly.

When people think you talk to much its much easier to keep secrets.

There was also a time when I was fully suspended and had two within 48 hours and during the celebrations among my enemies many of which had crawled out the woodwork they was all telling me what a frikkin’ dick I was.

McClonkey was telling me that I was a spammer and a madman and that one time I had spammed him and I got suspended for it. That is what he told me after I had been fully suspended.

Confused? So you should be.

You see I had just set up another account as my first was fully suspended, what frikkin’ luck, eh? I called myself Mark Cyst too.

So I am dm’ing my angry followers and telling them to chill and say nothing and just watch while on Twitter I am all “Uh-huh, uh-huh” to the celebrations and bullshit about me and this dude telling me without even catching on he is telling me that I was a prat and suspended for spamming when I had never EVER been suspended for spamming previously.

My side went quiet, the enemy thought they were winning and chasing us away and then within an hour I literally strafed the thread on my original account when Twitter agreed I had not done the things I thought and removed both suspensions.

Picture it ..

A bunch of alarmist WEF members celebrating that after four years of trying to get rid of me walking around in a growing number parading their trophy to the other side.

The other side screaming at them that they cheated and getting two finger salutes presented to them.

Their enemies all go quiet and they get louder and more numerous and cannot believe they actually won one of the greatest battles on Twitter and silenced a multi-disciplined scientist telling the truth.

Then as my side wait and watch in comes the King swooping low in his A10 Warthog decimating Wokesville with very large rounds, roaches scattering everywhere.

Then picture my side then all tweeting taking the absolute pish and the laughing and clown-face emojis and all the memes?

Here is one ..

The Rise from the Flames

They continued to test my resole which was most unwise.

I do not even think that to this day McClonkey has any idea he was blasting off bullshit to me though her did kind of disappear a few days later.

So its very possible, oh he had serious mental health issues, that one on his own some guessed it was me, turned to him and said quietly “Umm .. you do know you was just talking to the King for the last hour?”

This was one of several or many times I did something like this and each time I did and with this particular time could you imagine the looks on their faces?

I bet a very large number of people would pay good money to have a picture of them looking at their computer, tablet or phone screen when I pulled stunts like that?

Or comebacks like this one ..

Yeah he kinda walked right into that

It was always quite amusing that, even as a collective, they thought they could take me on.

There is always the fact that I would show them a list of blocks just on climate that was over 172 people including scientists and then show them blocks from Mann, Cox, Hayhoe, Honeycutt, Schmidt and others.

But they always thought they would succeed where all these real scientists and TV people and politicians, radio presenters all failed.

The people that claimed that everyone was the same or equal .. thought they were way better?

If you know anything about logic and logical fallacies especially as well as being absolute shit at science and getting very angry over weather reports their logic was out in orbit.

Somewhere around Jupiter.

George Soros was fascinated by Karl Popper and his views but sadly his intentions were sinister to say the least.

Their connection was the London School of Economics and imagine how ironic I thought it was when I was passing their regularly with a camera on my photographic pursuits?

They were not happy on Twitter when I made the link.

This one is on Karl Popper and actually written by George Soros.—and-back-2007-11

Questioning and also seeing a twisting of the quotes and philosophical musing of Popper by Soros

The George Soros and links to Karl Schwab and the World Economic Forum

Even posting things here I was doing it long ago and long before this particular blog was started as there is another that was started before this one.

I was telling people before even Facebook appeared and was sensing things now and then from 1990.

After I discovered a few things in science in 2001, on the parts ‘When Science is Divide it Falls’ and ‘Rivers Deep, Mountains High’ I was suspicious when a few years later a certain narrative I had disproved dug its heels in.

Then an under-age girl was subjected to abuses around 2011 and again in 2014 and 2017 that the public services lied about and covered up, along with the Police, and I finally was able to look more at this.

Then is very late 2019 I spotted some data that led me to more data and so on and so forth and I scratched my head as to how I missed it and no one was talking about it.

Well as I have contradicted every national and local news source in 2012 telling them I had evidence to a major crime and cover up I never even got a response form, and half expected as much, it was easy.

It was easy to see the signs and was more covering up.

I had been calling much of the news on BBC as fake from the late 90’s to late 00’s.

It is because of these reasons and others that when Covid-19 came along and they did an about-face, I know that I had them and could put a time-scale of three years on it.

Despite a growing amount of suppression, shadow-banning and attempts to permanently suspend me it was still easy to get the message out.

One way I did this is now latched upon each time I do it by the WEF people and they keep calling it spamming when it is not.

Bret Weinstein of the Darkhorse Podcast as some, at least three, interesting conversations with Norman Fenton in the UK.

One of those was about the BBC and an ex colleague of Fenton lying and airing a documentary that was awful on vaccines.

In the following conversation they talk about people at the top like governments and Anthony Fauci being comfortable with lying to the masses.

“The people that predicted what would happen and did a good job? Those are the people worth listening to” – Bret Weinstein

“You should stop listening to the people who told you it was effective, because they were wrong” – Bret Weinstein

“You are not gonna find anything, if you go on a Google Search you are not going to find your name” – Norman Fenton

They go on to talk about how people, naïve frikkin’ idiots, have been captured and how the Hippocratic Oaths have been ignored, something I have been posting and blogging about for close to a decade. People totally ignored me, friends and family so they destroyed many relationships with their intentional lies.

I have told this to alarmists after correctly predicting 150 odd things just in the last four years, give or take, and these WEF people that have got absolutely nothing right continued to appeal to the authorities and the pharmaceutical companies that got everything wrong and were continuously caught lying.

They also mention about how scientific papers are now being refused by some journals which I have been hearing about for several days now. Along with Fenton talking about how he was attacked for his views.

Did you know that in climate change a Professor Peter Ridd, as have others like Dr Susan Crockford for giving real number for Polar Bears, was attacked for telling the truth on the Great Barrier Reef growing?

He was attacked left, right and centre and this went on for years and years.

Recently it emerged that the corals on the Great Barrier Reef have been bigger than they have been in decades. Likely before most even knew of any potential global warming.

Since then the John Cook University has has a massive drop off in student enrolments.

How weird? Its almost as if your people that want to become scientists and make a difference do not want to be later attacked for actually presenting science lying political fascists do not want to hear?

In the areas of medicine and various other sciences it has been absolutely clear that there is a nasty, amoral, selfish group of liars that have gone after those that are professional and honest.

Anyone that agrees with this is either very .. VERY stupid or an absolute fascist that is not interested in being progressive but having powers via deception over others.

In the Planet of the Apes films Caesar in the last movie talks about how apes always seek the top branch and this is effectively what has been going on.

The apes on the top branches are trying to remain there and idiots helping them are hoping to go up a few branches by way of helping them push lies and mislead others.

In effective making them pliable and therefore controllable.

Its a real shame for these people that one Alex Berenson has just had a judge rule in his case the the Big Tech firms like Twitter, Facebook and Google with Blogger (fecked me) and YouTube (also fecked me) cannot censor people.

That plank on the show, Ian Crossland is at it again.

He can say things quite sensible sometimes and then, as he does at the end of this one, goes completely off the rails and seem to want to accept Klaus Schwab as Supreme World Leader and seems to even be begging?

Good grief!

How about a Romanian Member of European Parliament ripping into Big Pharma and Moderna in particular about what they claimed about vaccines along with what they hid?

When I say ‘ripping’ I really do mean it and the chair or moderator was more concerned about his anger than what pharmaceuticals have done.

I have had this exact attitude from British government and the public services for years and have RIPPED into several people with “I catch you lying and putting people’s lives in danger and causing suffering and your only concern is someone getting angry about that? ARE YOU F**CKING KIDDING ME?!”

Funny story ..

On Twitter the WEF people who had lured in potential communists had come after me about two years back.

Eventually this guy Gerald Kutney who recently appeared in a Richard Tice interview and made a fool of himself but told his followers he won, used something called Bot Sentinel on me.

It concluded that I was a bot which was a ridiculous claim and obviously the software was complete baloney sausage.

All it is designed to do is find people with the best facts that are against their narratives and then list you as a bot so the alarmists and communists along with WEF people can go around and tell people it is official that people are bots.

In the hope that people will block/mute/report but mainly take no notice of your posts.

All the while being buried by Twitter themselves that was so badly done that I would get a private message from followers every now and then telling me they have to go to my profile to see my tweets. Very often people thought I had left Twitter altogether and would go to my profile to check.

Now someone that was likely involved and was on the thread when we all decided to .. play a game, tagged me in to someone, a British lady who had been listed quite low but was annoyed and looked into the legality of the software.

Now what was funny was that the reason I was that a number of us decided to have a little competition.

We had realised there was nothing about this software linked to bots and that its intention was to pick up on keywords that these anti-science alarmists did not like and list us a problematic.

So we decided to see if we could set it off and see who could do the best job at it.

Now as I recalled and put replies on the thread, I thought I reached 94% and was being congratulated by everyone when one Canadian lady I was very friendly with beat me with 95%?

Then as I was posting the video above about I suddenly recalled, my memory is terrible, that I would have likely taken a screenshot and proudly posted it.

I had and when I found it, it stated I had scored 95%, was a problematic bot and that I should be reported to Twitter.

Could not get to 100%, must be a term I am not aware of?

Lastly in a follow up to my last post regarding one natural unprecedented event reportedly causing heart issues then was followed by a reluctance to diagnose, forced sweeteners in drinks now reportedly causing issues, man-made and man let out Covid-19 causing issues along with vaccines causing issues ..

Tim Pool and guests talk about Luke Rudkowski’s report about things in your food causing all kinds of issues.

Tim thought initially there was nothing to the story but knew people that came to the US, prepared their own foods, ate the same, put on weight and then after they left they lost that weight.

The Karl Popper they conveniently ignore ..

One ‘they’ abused
Another ‘they’ abused
And another ‘they’ abused

The Grand Plan Z

If there is one thing I do not like is loose ends.

Since 2010 I knew something was amiss and friends and family would testify that I had my odd suspicions many years earlier. You could say from around 1990.

There was various things that my government did that made absolutely no sense at all and in some cases they made changes where it was supposed to be for our benefit, like for health, when the fact of the matter it had the opposite effect.

Now in many, if not all cases, whereas I was sure it was something else but did not know what but had a few theories, others would agree and insist it was all about money. Taxes, to be precise.

With 100% of those I spoke to they thought it was like a nanny-state little by little but always thought in each case it was about money. Every time.

Despite how I enjoy speculating I really do hate claiming my speculation is the truth and I really either like to prove things or at the very least present things in such a way that people could not see how it could possibly be anything else.

Now I had thought that I was six months to a year away from something. Something that at first glance people would be forgiven for thinking was a recent thing.

But for those paying attention I have repeatedly stated that these plans, like the Great Reset, had been in the pipeline for decades.

I was very pleased to discover that I was not the only one pursuing the truth and have come into contact with some great and interesting people with my endeavours in recent years.

Now I have brushed upon it but I have something going on and I have mentioned that I am being screwed over by two British public services again.

To do with my health and am being messed around and it really does feel intentional.

I got asked to do another blood test and despite asking four people, no one could tell me why they wanted to do it again other than they have found something.

They watch me and maybe they realised where my daughter now works, how many people know her and are STILL awaiting my arrival and thought that my .. demise might cause more trouble then they bargained for?

On the fifth time of asking and the nurse taking my blood it turned out that my potassium was excessively low and my salt high, these things are connected.

This also has an effect on your heart, which is why I was having the tests, it was a prerequisite before a hospital, St Bartholemew’s in London, before a CT Scan.

Now there was one other thing I was already aware of. Linked to this.

There was another thing I had mentioned to Doctors and only got crickets on my theories, not all just this little one I have not revealed just yet.

Today I clicked on a Jimmy Dore video I nearly ignored, wondered what they was talking about, realised they was talking about the first thing I referred to.

That I had been telling a guy who .. lets just say ‘medic’ and told I had been unable to find using Google search lately.

Told my friend that this was weird .. fork me I know how to do research and find things and IT professional is one of my fortes and used to do this for a solicitors practice called JC Cleverdon.

Told several people I started to winder if I had imagined reading about it?

In the video they mentioned something and I did a little research to see what this was all about and suddenly found the thing that suddenly because impossible to find. Did not use Google this time.

Something else came up as an effect.

Jimmy Dore does not realise just how big a thing this is he covered.

These things all slot into place chronologically and there may well be a few other loose ends, I have already been told one thing does more than I found .. but it can be laid out.

I think they thought it would be lost among the noise and they threw in a few things that would both distract and make money while scaring the shit out of people at the same time.

I was already seeing through the noise,

I do not scare easily.

The noise has now all but gone bar maybe one or two loose ends likely insignificant.

They probably hope I would ‘succumb’ but that is not that easy either.

I have a resolve you do not want to test and had they done half as much to me as they have done I would still swear by all that is holy that I would bring their plans crashing down around their ears.

For the longest time I was a damn fool and could kick myself.

That being SAID

Now then lets get to work ..

If you have been paying attention on Tim Pool’s IRL podcast they have mentioned the word ‘culling’ in several episodes.

I do not like the term ‘conspiracy theory’ as to me it does not mean what it does to most people which today means its not true and some crackpot idea.

In the true essence of science and deduction all possibilities remain on the table until they have been ruled out and whatever is left is what it is.

Now any fool will know they did not come up with a plan to re-engineer the western world let alone the entire world within a year or two of Covid turning up.

But they were quick to use that.

Unknown to me while I suspected there was some sinister plan people ere banding around the terms ‘Agenda 2030’ and ‘Agenda 21’.

I still cannot really tell you all the details about these two things.

Now lets look at a possible culling of people in two parts.

The reasons why ..

  • Shortage of resources
    • Number 1: Food
    • Number 2: Oil or Energy

The reasons for the above ..

  • Volcano eruption of 6 or above? Yes.
  • Sudden Little Ice Age or deeper? Yes.
  • Asteroid Strike? Yes.
  • Continental Shift? Yes.
  • Lied to us about oil amounts? Possible.
  • Pandemic? No. Would be no reason to.
  • Rising CO2? No. Plants grow better.
  • Rising temps? No. Plants grow at lower latitudes.

The methods ..

  • Obviously execution is out, the next Hitlers would not want to be identified, they want to stay on their proverbial thrones
  • A man made virus would be good
    • But you would have to get as many people as you can into a confined space and come up for all sort of lame excuses for letting them in
    • This was it spreads better
    • Then you could come up with a magic wand and act as saviours when instead you were actually doing the opposite
    • With everyone confined to the same .. ‘spaces’ you can then force them to take the magic miracle cure
    • The question is is there more than one that thinks they are Thanos?
  • Those that force plans for the greater good are never party to it themselves

Now I have a nasty health condition that’s been ignored and I have had to spend fecking years nagging Doctors and they have refused things, they have insisted I go through certain things, NHS Podiatry, as it affected my feet, refused to see anyone between the ages of 18 and 65, a very nice NHS Rheumatologist at Whipps Cross Hospital said it was ridiculous that they refuse people.

That was back in 2005-6.

I did see a Kiwi Podiatrist sometime later and she was about to return home after five years working for the great NHS and she told me off the record, I am convincing and people do trust me, that it was shit. She went on to say that so many of her fellow students were jealous of her but they were going to get a series of shocks with the stories she had to tell.

Of course it got worse.

As for my condition it affects so many parts of my body, I only thought of this seeing Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom, that it has been like someone has had possession of a Voodoo Doll of me.

Every now and then striking a new part of my body.

I can tell you know that out of hundreds of NHS staff I could likely would not require all the digits of a single hand to count how many gave a damn.

They also lie a lot and its why and those that know me would tell you, it was annoying to watch the circus seals with their pots and pans and I said to people “They are going to feel so fucking stupid in a couple of years time when this all comes out”.

So I had, had this condition from about 1987 .. ish. After a very bad car accident I only ever got x-rays on my legs for, that I recall.

Off a bike, across a bonnet (hood) of a car, up the wind-screen and along the roof of a Peugeot 504 Estate (stationwagon) before falling off one side onto the tarmac of the middle of a set of traffic lights (intersection).

Well that is what witnesses told me as from the moment the car hit my left side I do not recall anything until I was waking up on the tarmac in the middle of the road.

Realising where I was and concerned about other cars hitting me I got to my feet, tried to go get off the road, remember seeing my racing bike in an ‘S’ shape to my right before suddenly realizing as I reached the kerb there was a massive pain coming from my right thigh and was confused. As the car had hit my left side. Then I passed out.

When I awoke a second time there was ring of faces around me looking down at me and someone saws calling my name.

Turned out to be a Turkish girl I that used to me in my class some seven years earlier who saw the accident and recognised me.

What I did not know was that there had been other damage done that would gradually give me symptoms one by one for four decades.

Some would appear only once, thank God as Costochondritis is not nice.

Some would come for a few periods and then go.

So would come and go once arrived.

Some became permanent.

There was a point when I found a checklist of symptoms and two things shocked me about this.

The first that the number of symptoms amounted to 272 at the time.

The second was that some symptoms I had already been told were down to something else.

Now here is where it gets .. well weird.

One diagnosis was made in the late 80’s.

Around 2015 I had a conversation with one Doctor I liked who loved chatting to me and told me I was right about the NHS and she then quit telling staff she had, had enough of the NHS and Primary Care Trusts.

Her name was Dr Huq.

She stated that I was still on a drugs for my Hiatus Hernia and that it did not make sense and I said “Is this because I should have only needed it until the ulcer healed up and then stop and are you asking me because it has just come out that taking these over long period affect the kidneys?”

She asked how I knew.

I said I had been suspicious of my original diagnosis for a long time and then I saw Lansoprazole mentioned on the news.

Bearing in mind I was being ignored in 1988 on. Then I was ignored from 2003 on, different symptom entirely.

For a single symptom for my feet I was wrongly diagnosed more than six times and each time they did it they would then decide their guess (I referred to it as x-ray vision) was correct and discharge me.

So it would take me many months and a waste of taxpayers money revisiting Doctors to get referred only to get a wrong diagnosis I would work out a few months later was wrong.

Then the whole process would start over again.

Six times for a single symptom.

I then correctly diagnosed myself on just my second guess. The first being the rare Charcot Marie Tooth Disease. The second being Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Then there was the point I was given two unrelated drugs, one neurological and one a pain killer.

This was around 2011 ish and I was told that one would work on my back but not the other symptoms and two would work on my other symptoms.

I was half way home when it hit me.

Houston? We had a problem ..

You see when they gave me these drugs, Gabapentin, Amitriptyline and Tramadol, they did not have a diagnosis. On EITHER! So how did they fecking know?!

Then sometime later I found Charcot Marie Tooth, that was ruled out and then Fibromyalgia.

But it was not Dr Kirkham of Guy’s Hospital that told me I had Fibromyalgia. No, no .. his mind was blown after a few minutes when he realised I knew a lot about it and diagnosed myself. He even said “I know you have worked it out and you figured out cycling (which I CANNOT DO HERE) helps and had you not told me that I would have told you to start cycling”.

No it was a copy of Black’s Medical Dictionary that confirmed what I diagnosed and why I had to catch my GP out lying while recording them and force them to refer me to Dr Kirkham of Guy’s Hospital.

Because for Fibromyalgia they only listed two drugs and the two they had already prescribed.

Gabapentin and Amitriptyline.

Remember these were totally unrelated drugs given for many symptoms they had not diagnosed.

There was only one way they could do that. They already knew what I had.

So they had been lying for at least two years,

By 2016 I was having the odd and very rare heart issues. In fact at first I did not even know I was having them and something would come up on tests now and then.

Either by a paramedic or my own blood pressure monitor.

The Hypertension Stage 2 came first, you see and the monitor I had would pick up things with the heart and I did not notice at first. It just was not something on my radar.

Then one day I was looking at the blood pressure numbers and wondered why a bar lit up lined up with a red colour? There was also a tiny symbol of a heart with a line through it, a beat or electricity, I cannot recall. Now and then that would be lit up.

Nurse visiting my home picked up Tachycardia. Still have that scanned on my computer.

Then around 2014-15 the odd event would occur, mild and I would just pass it off.

Then in 2016-17 it was becoming noticeable and more of a problem and I ended up in hospital a few times and still nothing was sorted out.

Then I moved because the public services were doing as bad with my daughter and grandchildren as they were with me.

Then it was two or three times a week.

Still the NHS was fucking useless just like all other public services, stupid, lazy, liars, slow and unhelpful. Argumentative, tone deaf and thought they knew everything.

So here I am in London in a place that aggravates so many of my symptoms and attempts by this disabled person who feels often like he is going to drop dead on the street and worried about my daughter getting a phone-call of her father dying she never spent any of her life with and the public services doing everything they can to prevent her getting what she wants.

I was supposed to move to Wales back in June 2022 and now in September 2022 not only have I heard nothing I have been lied to. Asked stupid questions, kept in the dark told I was informed wrong which means they are saying the council here are wrong. My Doctor is wrong. My daughter is wrong and a woman she just gave a house to is also wrong.

Despite the fact that the very fact she gave this house to a local actually proved this woman at the council is lying, But to her everyone else is lying and she knows she is lying,

She also barefaced lied to me on the phone.

So the lady who was housed in half the time I was asked my daughter a very important question about a week ago ..

Where the FUCK .. is your Dad?!”

Well it turns out I also got told that the woman dealing with me has a hatred of men as one found out the name of the one dealing with me.

Oh that is great, hates men that much she is intentionally fecking over someone in pain and with a potentially fatal condition despite the fact my daughter is both a key-worker for the NHS .. hmm maybe I should wait for you to stop laughing? Oh and my daughter has been screwed over for years and now in a new place and a ‘protected’ resident and her own life is in danger.

But fuck all that, I am a man!!

I have emailed all the people either the government pays or naïve people do with donations and all supposed to be these big humanitarians and either get name dropped on TV or in movies or hit you with guilt tripping TV adverts telling you what humanitarians they are.

Hang on .. switching documents ..

Guess how many I have contacted? Twelve in two waves.

Guess how many have agreed to help?


Some of these are large corporations you are either paying for with your taxes or donations.

When I am on the highest banding you can be on, which is Band 2. I am told only migrants get on Band 1.

What humanitarians actually believe that some people are more equal then others depending on your sex or skin colour and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE?

If you do not know already I was telling people from 2011 onwards and told I was wrong that they were intentionally employing absolute morons within the DWP, NHS and Local Councils/

People thought me mad but I told them I suspected this had been a gradual process going on a very long time.

They had no doubt I just dealt with a moron. They just thought I had just got unlucky and spoke to one idiot and I said “No. It does not matter how many I speak to nor what organisation they are always morons”.


Affairs of the Heart (Part One) – Magnesium & Hypomagnesaemia (2017)

So one of the things they did on the NHS was miss my Hypomagnesaemia and forgot to tell me how important this was, that I need calcium with it, that it can affect your heart and cause Sudden Death Syndrome.

They also forgot to put it on my medical records and then asked me to get my own pills from Holland & Barrett despite the fact they knew I had just lost my disability again.

‘Yeah sorry your money went down 70% and we cannot back you up any more as its in the hands of government but fuck it, we are now going to make you buy your own crap!’

Affairs of the Heart (Part Two) – Everything’s Electrical (2021)

One of the things they have done in recent times on the NHS is ignore my theory, but not the one where I had Covid in November 2019, where what is going on in Earth Science has been making my condition worse.

I do not know where these people learn their ‘trade’ or WHAT they are taught but they are but they are utter kuffing shite when it comes to science.

Affairs of the Heart (Part Three) – Potassium & Hypokalaemia (2022)

Now as I stated my health condition got worse and with new symptoms being added for a number of years while at the exact same time I got treated worse and worse .. and worse.

I could never describe fully just how frustrating this was and from my perspective it seemed like the world I was living in was slowly descending into hell.

More and more often each time I spoke to someone within the public services two things started to stand out and as I have stated many times I have a knack for spotting patterns.

The intelligence level was dropping while the condescending and supremacist like attitude was going into orbit.

I recall one point when they took something away and I spoke to someone on the phone that descending into a row and I told them that their actions was basically telling me that I had been defrauding them for years and if that was true they would have taken me to court.

I then said “So take me to court!” and all I got in response was crickets.

After several seconds of silence I then said “No. You wont do that because you know damn well you would lose!”

Oddly enough and anyone British will know that if you look, you even get adverts on TV from some of them, the country seems to be full of bodies, government or donation funded that are supposed to act as regulators.

The fake mainstream news, I outed them as that finally in 2012, were good at telling you how good the country was on disabled people and human rights too.

Well I went through a very long list of these people because I knew what was coming for me and indeed, I got nothing, nada, zilch, zero.

Some of them outright lied, like the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman and the odd thing is the rules state that you have to go through a procedure to get anywhere. With the PHSO, who are corrupt liars, they make you go through a lengthy complaints process with the actual corrupt organisation you want to complain about.

It is all designed this way and intentionally lengthy so that you either get bored and give up or you end up tripping up.

Guess what they do if you do neither of these things?

Well if I explained that after a long period of silence form the PHSO after yet another two years, because everyone knows that life is so long, I contacted the PHSO asking what is going on and they replied with ..

Who are you? We have no record of you?”

I asked ..

What are you talking about, I have been corresponding with someone called Jonathan White for two years?!”

They replied with ..

There is no one working at the PHSO known by that name”

I replied with a forwarded email as I never delete anything that not only was one of their email addresses but had his name before the ‘@’.

As I stated, the IQ point dropped like as rock where as the ‘holier than thou’ condescending attitude went into orbit.

Not only did I not get any kind of explanation of any kind from the PHSO I never got anything out of them ever again.

Only two possibilities were possible from this exchange, either the person was lying to me and got found out because they tell stupid lies when their own names are in the email addresses.

Or some ‘agency’ was somehow masquerading as them in some way.

There are literally man dozens of other things that were going on in parallel where those that knew half or most of it asked me how I had 1) Not gone insane? 2) Not left a trail of burning buildings and dead bodies in my wake?

But these amoral feckless idiots all that it was just another day at the offices of morons.

So they missed the magnesium deficiency for years and it all came down to an educated guess from a Dr Andrew Thievendra Dharma (not sure of the order of names) that turned out to be right.

But a load of important details were not told to me regarding this.

Kind of handy then that the British Government would only allow 6 or 7 minutes with each patient, no?

Also handy and likely little known was that Doctors were instructed to deal with one symptom at a time and I would sometimes actually be stopped talking about the next one.

I would ask in each case why and in each case I would explain to them that they cannot do this and that as Doctors they should be more than aware than a single ailment can have more than one symptom.

I also pointed out that this would therefore prevent of seriously delay a proper diagnosis in a very large number of people.

Then the government kept changing how they handled appointments and eventually there were different rules for different surgeries and each one thought everyone else was doing the same.

I find it fascinating that many leftists on social media moan about the way things are done and think it was solely down to the Conservative Party.

Under the Labour Party they kicked off everyone, at least in my area of Enfield, with mental health problems from disability benefits. Disgusting.

Oddly these people seem to think that living in a a socialist society where you own absolutely nothing even down to cutlery (except clothing .. possibly), but still have to work for the same people in power they hate is some kind of solution and utopia.

So I am running around the country trying to save the lives of women and children that the public services put in danger and then spent years lying and covering up where violence was involved and a prison sentence just after my grandfather died and a cousin stole £32,000 in inheritance that despite reporting the Probate Office did nothing about.

No I am not kidding and yes this was in parallel to many things going on.

To my mind everyone involved and every dishonest WEF and lying socialist should be thrown into a prison for the rest of their natural lives. For IDIOCY if nothing else.

So I got no support and lost absolutely everything yet again and found myself with both my known and missed deficiencies being refused a Doctor by the NHS.

I had friends telling me I was wrong and I cannot be refused and me yelling at them, after years of this idiotic bullshit, that they need to go into the three surgeries that refused me and have it out with them.

Eventually I found out there was a ‘special’ surgery for people like me that was miles away when I had one fifty yards from where I currently sit.

What I did not know was when I was sitting in their being treated as an idiot and a liar by a moron Doctor that looked like she was 22 years old, they were preparing for a pandemic that had not reached the country I already had while sitting there.

No, I am not joking. I had discussions with Doctors in hospitals two years later on this theory and they agreed with me.

So my heart was playing up more and more, after the Doctors were telling me I cannot have issues with my blood pressure and be Hypertension Stage 2, despite taking three very high readings, and then the GP locked down.

My attempts to get out of my torturous prison and find out what was going on with my heart stopped dead.

That was either December 2019 or January 2020. Around a year after I predicted a pandemic or two on my blogs leading up to 2025. Yes. Yes, I did. And a fair few other things in science you have seen in the news were predicted by me. Pattern recognition.

Oddly enough many of the predictions I made I would have made years ago as, as I recall, my life seemed to have intentionally been fecked each way but Sunday for years on end and I missed a large number of scientific data.

Was telling someone a few days back that I used to check science sections of the BBC and none of this crap I missed ever came up and they were obviously avoiding reporting on it.

Then almost a year ago things with my heart were getting bad.

I had also been getting these very off and very bad headaches that affected the back of my head and neck and once again I found out ON MY OWN that these were Hypertension Headaches.

So after being told there was no records of hypertension, YES AGAIN, in my medical records that I had been previously told they could not open because they were so large they crashed their computers, they panicked.

Because in the conversation I mentioned Ramipril, Amlodopine and Lisonopril and I was asked how I knew what these drugs were.

I explained that if she had actually looked through my records they would see that I had been prescribed blood pressure pills and that my Type 1 Diabetic social worker friend had got angry and asked me WTAF they was playing at. While another had given me several boxes of Lisonopril as they had not got their act together before a totally useless lock-down took place.

They then panicked when I sent them a readout and a blood pressure of 238/179 and ONCE AGAIN asked me why I had a blood pressure monitor.

Because I have been Hypertension Stage 2 while under The Town Surgery in Enfield back in 2017 where the staff of the surgery, I actually got on well with, were fascinated when I walked in one day with it. It was small.

They were then shocked yet again when I sent them a picture of an Omicron readout that was also high as I did not believe my first monitor and bought another.

Then it went nuts.

For about a month.

Then it went silent again.

I was supposed to have two emergency appointments by the end of 2021.

One did not take place for four months and I would hardly have called it an emergency appointment and eventually they put a 24 hour ECG on me which will not do anything and should be 7 days minimum.

They just do things like this so they can mark it down and it look on record like they are doing things the correct way.

Bearing in mind the whole time this is going on and I am being ignored, messed around and lied to I am still spending a lot of money on magnesium and other pills to keep myself alive not logged in my medical records so all their test results are in error.

I trust with a little thought that is obvious.

You take supplements. They take blood tests and tell you everything is normal. Which are then not if you stop taking supplements. It is not rocket science and nor is this how medical science should be done.

I do at blood test at the hospital.

Then they tell me I need to do a blood test at the GP Surgery.

Then 9 months after it all started, fork me pregnancies do not take this long, they call me and tell me I have to do another blood test and I ask why.

They cannot tell me. I then go in for something else .. oh yeah, I flipped my shit as another public service a woman had lied to me on the phone and started lying to me in emails and messing me around.

So I ask reception and several people there and they do not know.

I go in to see the Doctor and I rant off about the public services for 30 minutes and she agrees. I ask her about the blood test request and she does not know.

This was a blood test requested by the hospital for the CT Scan I was supposed to have in 2021 that on the 24th December a GP was shocked to here on the phone that I had not had it yet.

Yes it was the 7th of September and the follow up blood test no one told me about for a hospital appointment that was supposed to be an emergency and taken place in November or December 2021.

Bearing in mind my daughter is a senior healthcare worker for the NHS now too with some horror stories to tell and was sobbing on the phone about the NHS and her Local Council treating me like crap and lying to me.

My ‘protected’ daughter and 15,000 people were expecting me to arrive back between April and June 2022.

It has gone from ..

  • Is it rue your father is coming her to live?
  • We want to speak to him about a science role
  • We want so speak to him about an advisory role in health
  • Where is your Dad?
  • Why is this taking so long? And the last two weeks ago ..
  • Where the fuck is your Dad?!

Nearly two weeks ago I received an email to tell me that my GP had sent an email to these people who were supposed to house me back in June at the latest and that was already late according to the locals.

Yet the council have not contacted me to tell me they have been in receipt of that email and once again and like the PHSO it was an email address that was direct with her name in it.

So why the second blood test, which was actually the fourth I believe?

Oh your potassium was excessively low and your salt excessively high”

Once again despite me explaining who I am and what I know already no details were given to me and nor was it explained that if your potassium gets low your salt goes high.

I had already suspected that they was going to go with a situation and diet excuse to get themselves out of trouble if I died. I was right.

Guess what else they did not tell me about potassium levels?

Affairs of the Heart (Part Four) – Aspartame & Diet Drinks (2016-2022)

So then in very quick succession I had seen the paperwork regarding my suspicion about Earth Science data being unprecedented and affecting my condition and/or heart.

I already had the magnesium deficiency missed for years and then dealt with incompetently and left to my own devices and with my memory condition for supplements and refused an Occupational Therapist I had asked for, for years and have been told by private health companies I should have.

Then there was the constant bullying over people taking Covid19 vaccines to a pandemic I myself predicted that now everyone became instant experts on and gatekeepers for. Fucking idiots.

After all of that and I am not even divulging half of it and I could write a whole piece just as long about the lies over my feet and again over the lies about my back and AGAIN .. over the lies about my knee. Fibromyalgia alone would, and has, requires a hundred pages.

A week after the potassium issue and me spending more money at Holland & Barrett I see a Jimmy Dore video.

Now I very nearly did not watch this one.

I do like Jimmy Dore as he and his guests are honest and I very likely would disagree with him and his guests on things. But I do like people that are honest and willing to admit when they are wrong and not start lying about it.

Now the odd thing about this is actually an odd thing that in the UK I was going OFF about years ago and once again everyone disagreed with me.

Now I do not like diet drinks.

They taste effing awful and every advert that says they have a new great taste is lying their feckking arses off.

Now when these first appeared many years ago the only people that were fascinated by them and bought them were women. As a child I always recall my mother having some diet drink or other and she still has.

I can assure you that in her home there would, at any one time, be between five and six bottles of drink that at least two people in the home moaned to me about my attitude towards them and not liking or drinking them.

Have another friend that knows these two people and he gets quite annoyed, especially when idiots, argue with me on things.

Especially when one main reason I do not drink them now is that after finding out about my magnesium deficiency I discovered that artificial sweeteners lower your magnesium. This can cause Sudden Death Syndrome.

Another odd thing about this is that literally a few weeks ago I was speaking to someone whose career was ‘covert’ and has serious issues now and treated like crap by the NHS, that I had tried to find webpages about this thing with sweeteners using Google and could not find any.

He thought that was odd but we all know that all the big tech names have been screwing us over in all sorts of ways.

I told him that it has been so hard to find anything and what with my memory I had actually started to wonder if I had seen anything at all or even just read something wrong?

Over the years they did catch on with men and I had a friend who was always a little overweight despite being a vegan but used to like his beer.

His cars always had bottles of diet coke.

Then came the sugar tax and that’s when, or one of the times, I was at serious odds with everyone else.

I am a non-conformist and I do not succumb to bullying, coercion nor group-think.

It has been absolutely fascinating for me as well as scary now watching many people around the world that woke up and then, like I have done oh so many times, finding themselves falling out with people they thought were friends that turned out to be nothing more than fekking morons.

Jimmy Dore is always talking about that and I am always nodding and thinking ‘See? See?’

But they are doing this for our health, its for our benefit that all the drinks have less sugar sweeteners in them!”

Oh really? Its weird because at other times your whining like a bitch that the government do not care about us and now they are forcing companies to put sweeteners into almost all soft drinks that lowers your magnesium that can cause Sudden Death Syndrome in some people, you fucking think this is for our benefit?! You fecking moron!”

Well .. not all conversations got quite that bad but one or two did.

I will be honest and I have to include all possibilities, unlike governments and socialists and Marxists that have got it into their heads that feelings and guesses are the way to go. Then blame it on Trump or everyone else they now class as far-right when they cause death and suffering on others. No its you and I am living, breathing, walking proof of that.

Despite their best attempts I am still alive.

So I had to consider the possibility that this was intentional and part of some sort of plan?

Why would you force a substance into drinks linked to dropping magnesium which is linked to Sudden Death Syndrome? When magnesium drops the more active you are.

Oh yeah and there has been the push to get people to exercise, exercise some more often linked to diet drinks as its all about losing weight. Think about that.

Its a good job that like the fake-arse global warming they can scare you to death or drive you to death and make billions from it, eh?

Wait? Who dared to say Covid-19 and Vaccines?! Show yourself, DAMN YOU!!

So I thought it was about saccharin and magnesium only but apparently not, well I cannot know everything, yah know?!

Oh dear .. part four in ‘What has fucked up my heart lately?!’

Yeah and according to a report from a woman#s hospital in Boston, USA over the last couple of decades the cancer rates have ‘skyrocketed’.

Oesophageal, Kidney, Colon, breast, liver and pancreatic cancers have all increased.

Would it shock you to hear that I looked after a friend who died from Kidney Cancer that no one helped at all? His name was Kenneth Walter Bunn, used to be a projectionist many years ago and considered himself a socialist.

Buried at Chase Farm Cemetery in Enfield after dying in Chase Farm Hospital and one of six hospitals that lied to me. Or maybe it is seven now?

Are we there yet?

Are we thinking yet?

What are your options and what is more insane sounding?

Remember I cannot speak for other nations so if you are not form Britain you will have to look into this but is everyone in the health authorities, government and science a God damn moron?

Or was this planned and lost amidst all the noise?

I honestly thought I was still a year away from these last pieces to this particular puzzle.

They watch me.

Though I am not sure they know about every platform I am on but they know of five or six, of that I am certain by the platforms .. lets say ‘behaviours’.

If the local council’s sudden discrimination against me is not from outside influence or intervention then it is likely that they do what I know for a fact they all do as they have admitted it in the past ..

How do you know these details about me? It is not on my file”

I check the Facebook accounts of all my clients”

That was said to be in 2017 and it was not a surprise as I had known for years, only a surprise he admitted it. But then we had a connection and that was the Royal Air Force and AVRO.

My great grandfather was a test pilot that dies testing the Avro Manchester bomber and is named in books whereas his grandfather built engines for Avro.

Seemed he did not know everything.

Wondering about effects from the supplements?

Well hard to say, first few days things seemed less intense and dropped in frequency and I always say that and then always say this could be just coincidence.

Forgetting the things done for my benefit that had affects that worked towards a fatal outcome ..

My body and ignored by the NHS and public service vampires ..


  • Head: 0-11 (Hypertension Headaches)
  • Brain: Just a mention because as well as heightened pain signals also heightened brain waves and I have had bad short-term memory loss for over a decade
  • Nose: 0-7 (Allodynia)
  • Shoulders/Back: 0-11 (Collapsed Discs, have X-Rays NHS refused to look at)
  • Hands: 0-11 (Allodynia)
  • Calf Muscle: 0 or 12 (unable to speak, linked to a toe locking up)
  • Right Knee: 0-10 (cannot walk. rare, physical, NHS refused for decade)
  • Ankles: 0 or 12 (immediate fall. Achilles Tendinitis)
  • Heels: 0 to 8 (Reverse Plantar Fasciitis symptoms, Fibromyalgia)
  • Chest: 0 to 8 (Severe Heartburn, listed as Hiatus Hernia, think FMS)
  • Toe (Calf link): 0 or 12 (Reverse joint on toe that likes to lock up which locks up my calf on right leg where varicose veins reside)

These are the main things, these do not include the potentially fatal things and now does it include many other symptoms and no Costochondritis which was a 10 on the pain scale and was left off because it only ever happened once.

An 11 is walk in front of a truck unbearable and 12 is reserved for those where I have literally been able to speak. Having people ask me what is wrong and you open your mouth and then get confused because nothing comes out.

It is the most bizarre feeling but the feeling does not come on, obviously, until later when the pain is over or at least down to a level where you are trying to process what just happened.

The Achilles Tendinitis is at that level but the pain is a sudden snap and over so you would not even have time to say something.

Not a lot of point in including those that were mild, are mild or the very painful ones that only ever happened once and in the case of the Chest Wall Pain? I forking HOPE .. it never comes back!

The next few months will be .. interesting.

I will finish by telling a story where I have two others involved.

The year is around 2015-16 and I enter a Chemist in Enfield with a friend of mine who is Type 1 Diabetic and was a social worker for 20 years plus at Camden Council in London.

We also had a mutual friend who was a scientist I put him back in contact with.

I was friendly with the chemist and we had chatted.

When decent intelligent people meet me they like to talk, when they are amoral they just ignore everything I say and then throw their pacifiers out of their prams when I showed them I was smarter.

So we are in this chemist and the owner starts to chat and I say ..

This is my friend who was a social worker for decades and Type 1 Diabetic. Tell him what you told me about the NHS and supplies of drugs”

A little while back completely overnight the number of prescriptions coming in cut down by half without warning and it was not only me but speaking to others affecting pharmacists across the country ..”

My friend’s mouth opens and he looks confused.

.. after awhile we and others had to start throwing away tens of thousands of pounds of drugs because they passed the ‘use by’ dates and nearly put many out of business and may well have done in some places. They were already avoiding diagnosing people slowly over time but just nose-dived over night. This is a mistake.

This is a ticking time-bomb waiting to go off because what is going to happen is you are going to have more and more people walking about with conditions they have no idea they have and you already have a percentage like that already. In ten years time this will go off, the NHS wont be able to cope and will collapse and people will die”

Six years or so later we have a pandemic, vaccines that are not safe like they swore were and now all this is coming out I have listed her along with Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors’?

As we left the chemist Mario was silent and I said “You can close your jaw now”

He did not believe me and had not done for a few years I was warning him and he turned and looked at me and said “I don’t believe it!” and I said “I told you!”

Now Mario has all his own stories about being lied to. Intentionally fecked about and told that the reason his Lloyds Pharmacy never has all his drugs is down to an agreement between surgeries and the pharmacy.

After telling me several times that I was right about everything. He also did not believe there would be a pandemic that would prevent him going to Hong Kong for a holiday. Needless to say he never made it to Hong Kong.

Yes after years of that he still disagreed with me and thought the vaccines were magic, worked, were totally safe and everyone should be forced to have them.


If you shit your pantihose each time they scare you, they will find a way to control you or kill you.

If you wanted to cull populations then what you have here is a very crafty way of doing it over a long time, little change here, little change there and actually make mountains of money while murdering millions of people.

A number of dead dictators and turning in their graves not able to slep themselves silly for not thinking of doing this themselves.

Jimmy Dore on the rising cancer in a women’s hospital in Boston and aspartame.

If you thought that sounded nuts how about the story of what Illinois plan to do in January 2023 many are calling ‘The Purge’.

The fools actually call this the ‘Safe-T’ act.

Tim Pool, still naïve to a few key points, says ‘You will own nothing and you will be happy’ in response to a guest asking him if he has heard about the Safe-T act.

They are calling it a zombie apocalypse and tell stories about towns in the US where the shops are closed and no one is about and homeless people with drug addictions or mental health issues wandering the streets.

In one case going from two people in a nice town to several hundred people and you wonder how bad this is going to get?

‘People do not take much notice and wont change what they do’.

‘They only care about what is socially acceptable’.

No shit?

Rise of the Grim Reapers

I often find it quite bizarre how sometimes things completely turn around

It is just that I wish on some occasions they did not take so very, very long!

As I have a broad spectrum of knowledge in science and cover a lot of fields with many correct predictions in each and an ability to learn new things very quickly. Though getting others to see that which I do is a far greater and often impossible challenge.

I had predicted on blogs elsewhere looking into every facet of climate that a pandemic would come and possibly more than one and that they would mutate. A lot.

Now I could not really claim that I predicted the pandemic that everyone got banned from speaking about because we started to learn and now more or less know it was not quite so natural.

Though I still got the mutations right.

This was because of a sustained high level of cosmic rays and as Carl Sagan pointed out in his famous series called ‘Cosmos’ this causes DNA to mutate.

Predicted from a series of data that went against the narrative of man-made climate change as does a lot of data and failed predictions they are also now trying to stop people talking about.

Now I never said anything about people dying nor the numbers.

But then within around eight weeks things started to have a certain .. whiff about them.

When the vaccines first arrived I was never one to tell people what to do but I did tell many people, some who had even just apologised and stated that everything I said for a decade turned out to be true, that I do not trust them.

I actually predicted that the cures would turn out to be worse than the disease and they very people who had apologised to me and stating I had been right about everything went straight back into being negative. Oddly one was someone that did not believe that I stated that in 2020 he would not be going to Hong Kong in April.

Two weeks later “They cancelled my trip to Hong Kong just like you said!”

A month after the vaccines when he wanted everyone to be frog-marched down and forced to take the vaccines and I told him this was literal fascism “I was pressurising my son to have the jab as he did nto want it and now I find out his friend collapsed five minutes after having one?! I nearly killed my son!!”

He still would not accept I was right.

Despite now discovering that he and members of his family were being lied to by the NHS he still could not grasp health staff could be stupid, uncaring or lie. Not about this.

I was so sure of myself before long I made a couple of memes and was posting them on Twitter sending the hard-left, who uses to hate big pharma but now love them and hate censorship but now all for it, into complete and utter meltdowns.

They would rage about any suggestion about Covid-19 not being natural, despite claiming iun the beginning it was just the flu.

They raged about the vaccines when Trump was President and then hailed them as a proverbial gift from God when he was no longer President.

Any article or report about the effects, or not as the case my be, of vaccines would be attacked and mass reported.

Because thats how science works today, you have to agree with children raging about the way they want things to be or else suffer the consequences while I would tell them to shove their feelings up their tail-pipes.

I have been right on everything and as reports and scientific studies came out backing up what I claimed and proving me correct little by little one that was responsible for actually causing deaths tells me who has save hundreds of lives that the world would be better off without me.

Yeah him lying and ranting and bullying people into things that either scre them shitless or casue deaths is such a benefit to humanity while one that has been documented as saving lives and with 140 accurate predictions in science over 3 plus years, is not.

The minds of these self-righteous people are so fecking warped Mr Spock;s head would explode trying to work out their logic.

Now here is the interesting thing about my own case as I refused the vaccines but was asked so many times by the NHS to have one it would qualify as harrassment ..

  • Was telling the NHS from 2016 I was having chest and heart issues which were ignored year after year
  • Had a bunch of other things ignored like my right-knee, Fibromyalgia and each of its effects
  • Had been diagnosed BY A DOCTOR in Enfield as having Hypomagnesaemia, meaning low Magnesium levels that were THEN left off my Medical Records
    • Caused muscle pain
    • Did not tell me linked to Sudden Death Syndrome
    • Discovered that sweeteners the government forced everyone to put in their soft drinks was linked to dropping magnesium levels
  • Was having increased heart issues from very late 2019 to early 2020 around the time I had a weird illness and was trying to move to Wales before the virus arrived
  • Recently upon telling Doctors in a hospital I now think that illness from late 2019 was Covid-19 they nodded and agreed
  • Yet I was hounded by the NHS via text messages to have the vaccine and even had one a couple of months ago

Now if that starts to look suspicious to you ..

  • Told the friend that apologized to me for being right who himself is now lied to was not only a social worker for 25 years but also is Diabetes Type 1 that something was wrong years and years ago
  • Stated that a particular type of person was being emplyed in the public services that seemed uncaring, clueless, political or some combination of all three
  • That due to other things I am seeing and hearing something big was coming, around 2014
  • Someone that started to work for the NHS has been asked to work while being tested positive for Covid-19, has had it four times and has seen an NHS nurse speaking to someone about signing an ‘Do Not Resuscitate’ order with no other witnesses from either side

Told this friend along with others that I had been among several different groups of people, patients for pains along with a group for my condition and being told the NHS were nglecting them and getting things wrong.

I myself, though thankfully not always, had been getting a feeling of supremacy and it was not only affecting Doctors but also GP Surgery receptionists also. People from all over Wales are now telling me this too and I had hoped that this affliction of the public services was not affecting Wales.

These days I get no end of people contact me either quite publicly or privately and now not even confined to the UK and tell me that it feels like we are being culled.

What do you say to something like that when you have seen what I have seen for twenty years?

It has been a slow and gradual process and so slow that it was designed in such a way that no one would notice. Like the boiling frog analogy.

I noticed and likely the point from which I was being buried and lied to by big tech.

Sadly the three that I refereed to as ‘The Evil Trinity’ are in deep shit. As is the British Government and their Puppeteers.

I have been opening up several ‘dialogues’ with people just as a number of things are all breaking and I already have job offers that they seemingly are trying to keep me from doing because of all this and what I predicted.

In fact I have often told people that had I been lving in the US I would be in a very highly paid job long ago.

Now I warned them about this for several years now but I am afraid that on a very large number of fronts their message is not only collapsing fast but serious questions are not being asked by more and more.

Even the channel Redacted are all over several things right now.

The west collapsing.

Previously believed climate was not an emergency and now realizing they lied about that too.

Lastly lying about vaccines.

I am so very careful about the people I chose to post or even watch. Very careful.

That being said no one is every right all of the time and I think more of those that do not lie and that can admit when they are wrong.

Natali, I think her name is, did that in Redacted and I was already impressed with them and you cannot progress unless you are able to admit to your mistakes.

Those that lie are regressive and a drag on humanity. Period!

Jimmy Dore on the American Heart Association, when I have been reporting that all UK organisations, help agencies and charities are shit, shills, lazy and liars, burying a lead story on Myocarditis affecting men under 40 and intentionally misleading people.

Mark Steyn on GB News and guests covering the same study from Germany on Covid-19 vaccines and Myocarditis in younger men and the one that Jimmy Dore covered.

The people that have been attacking me for several years long before I started this account, on Covid-19, vaccines and climate who actually go around mass reporting and bullying people have a head honcho.

We have been at it awhile now and he is now famous for vanishing when I turn up on a thread. In fact there was even a period that as soon as this happened people used to post a gif of Homer Simpson disappearing backwards into a hedge.

His name is Gerald Kutney and likely out of desperation as my prediction all their caused would fail across the board in 2022 now obvioulsy happening ..

He was interviewed on the British talk Radio by Mark Tice and listen to what he tries to do and he tries the bullying he gets thousands to do on Twitter and Tice rips him apart.

Now then while I saved David Dubyne from the KutneyKlownKult at one point and ended up chatting and us following each other, I sadly attracted attention to Jake and Mari of GSM News.

So Kutney and Co had been on his case starting from several months ago and I was unaware it was still going on. Censorship is a beyatch.

Now I posted a video where Jake does a great take on the Kutney interview but I have to gove those to a bit more ‘love’ and put it up on my ‘other’ accounts.

Its funny, but if you watch the whole thing forgive him for having mic issues.

Dr John Campbell on the excess deaths more and more people are speaking about that have continued for many months now.

In this video he makes two very important points with the second right aty the end.

  • What if this continues for several more months?
  • The fact is many of these deaths should have been people already dead from Covid-19 so these number should be BELOW average, not above average

On GB News ex BBC radio presenter, David Hamilton states that he has not even seen a GP in recent times and has never seen the NHS in such a mess as it is now in all his life.

Dan Wootton and Neil Oliver on GB News talking about the ‘covid cover-up’/

So Paxlovid is crap too?

Did you know that Pope Francis told people that we are in the first staged of World War 3 and he has ordered all money and other items back into the Vatican by the end of September and yes that is this year of 2022.

Now then I stated online that despite the heatwaves that were not and got redefined that the bottom half of the globe was below average. Again I was called stupid and a moron by the hard-left who like to claim things so you get scared and give them power over you.

Yeah except the global temperatures for August dropped and went from +0.36C to +0.28C and therefore a drop of 0.12C.

As if that was not bad enough as we now head into Autumn and I was expecting a big drop, bought two jackets and then heard of some cold fronts coming for Europe and the US ..

I then see a story about a massive cooling effect going on at the south pole which is not long after experts claimed that the Hunga Tonga Hunga Haapai eruption would not cool but indeed warm. Baloney Sausages.

So just remember, the northern hemisphere is now entering its Autumn period with forecasts of some cold fronts coming while the southern hemisphere is heading into its Spring and if you look at the map of that cooling stratosphere it really is impressively and surprisingly large.

Nothing much in the way of ice-caps and glaciers up until 3,000 years ago?

Ocean oxygen levels doing the exact opposite as they did in last warming period, yeah it has happened before and no it was not Fred Flintstone’s car.

Food for thought.

To annoy Gerald Kutney and his followers along with others I used to stick it to them whjen telling them it would all be over by asking ‘Is it 2023 yet?’

Well, is it?

MEMES as I do like to finish on the brighter side and no I am not taking the .. [BLEEP]