This one passed me by.

I have been targeted by so many people and for a long time, people, government, fraudsters and lairs.

Many years ago now I was attacked and defrauded by bailiffs to the tune of £4,000 and was then defrauded. Long story .. have evidence but not going to go into the details.

I was on a website, forum called Consumer Action Group. From there I was put in touch with a Sheila Harding. All kinds of promises were made and I was told I would be compensated pretty well, she said it was the best case she had ever seen. I had witnesses too to their lies and corruption along with my documents.

After awhile the alarm bells started going off. Then my witness, a Tony Murray, and Sheila Harding disappeared off the face of the Earth.

She was supposed to take a company called JBW Group to court.

Later found out her name was on a book they published and she in fact worked for them. What bailiffs actually do is break the law .. a lot. They even tell each other how to do this. They produce a book and TV series to make it appear to the public that they are lawful when they are not.

This was a very traumatic period in my life as someone living with a disability and was just one in a long line of very evil crap that goes on within Britain that they have spent years covering up.

This very blog is full of that along with documents and recordings .. even to this.

Those that have done me injustices over the years using lies and trickery I have professional witnesses to, some of which have just been sent the link below, that can testify to this.

These include the British Government, Police, Secret Services, the NHS, Local Councils, the Department of Work and Pensions, HMCTS Courts and Judges and just bout every ombudsmen you can think of. Sorry to inform you but all ombudsmen are corrupt but do not mind being paid out of your taxes.

Some time ago I was left a link I had failed to notice due to my hammering of social media while dodging more proverbial bullets as big social media try to suppress me and my recordings now.

The lengths I have to go to is nothing short of a joke.

9 years ago many thought me mad, not a liar as they knew I was honest and genuine but my stories and claims were just so bizarre they thought I had to be losing my mind.

Today it is a different story as they have seen for themselves and been targeted too .. even disabled people I know with type 1 diabetes.

Yet despite all this they still refused to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as the modern day socialists are evil and biased and many realise its their scheming in the background and whining like morons as to why we are being treated like shit today. Because the socialists do not believe in being fair across the board and are very .. VERY biased.

Recently and after a general election .. they are blaming these following evil people for screwing up the country and allowing the Conservative government in. Jews, white people and Hindus.

Turns out and took me years to discover its the socialists that have slowly brought this country to its knees.

Below is a webpage by Jason Bennison and on it he provides details to that I talk about, has some recordings of Sheila Harding, oddly I believe I may have too but God knows where they are.

He also reports she has harassed and ripped off many and is a convicted fraudster.

Not surprise .. nit surprised at all.

Make no mistake .. you do not want to to involved or even associated with Sheila Harding or anyone she is associated with. So anyone on this page basically.


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