Why do I say the things that I do?

Why is it that I sound cynical about everything?

It is not someone being cynical … it is speaking from experience and I realised that before very long if I approached everything with a cynical attitude I was hardly ever being proved wrong.

That is just how bad things were, are and getting worse.

It is why I voted to get out of Europe.

I ask myself if I made a mistake and will continue to do so.

It is why I will be paying close attention to what those running the country will do over the next couple of years.

I also imagine it is highly likely I will be sending letters to both Nigel Farage in time and likely to the next Prime Minister, whether this is Boris Johnson or someone else.


  • Picked on/bullied continuously at school by Jamaicans (never affected me but not good)

  • Parents divorced after years of fighting

  • Knocked off racing bike by a car about 13 years old (along bonnet, up windscreen onto roof then off the side) which would come back to haunt me later on in life

  • Kicked Out 14 (after row between mother and father)

  • No Qualifications as a result

  • Kicked Out 15 (I never broke laws or had bad habits by the way – by grandmother)

  • Left homeless by Local Council (Brighton and forgot about this one)

  • Get a great deal of really painful heartburn, diagnosed with Hiatus Hernia

  • Left Homeless 24 with a Baby Girl (Homeless five or six times in total)

  • Court Case for custody while at College (to get into UNI!)

  • Watched Grandmother die in hospital after wrong diagnosis

  • Ex girlfriend stole my home and I was left homeless, while at UNI!

  • Stabbed in back by Middlesex University over Degree grade (Despite Distinction on Thesis)

  • Beaten up repeatedly by ex-girlfriend

  • Along with other niggling pains beforehand my feet start to hurt

  • Found out person I cared about most was raped, had child

  • Dad humiliated on BBC TV for things he did not do (though he did bullshit)

  • I get attacked by bailiffs who take one of a kind £4,400 mountain bike that features in What Mountain Bike Magazine plus 4 other things, they lie and tell me they sold it all for £735 (JBW Group) but I know the bike sold for £2,800 (parking ticket £550)

  • Despite trying hard and using forums I do not get Police interested in bailiif fraud

  • On a forum I get intercepted by a woman claiming my case against bailiffs worth millions

  • After getting details of witnesses and all my paperwork woman who contacted me via Community Action Group vanishes along with my witness (who saw bike sell for £2,800)

  • Person closest to me was abused and held against her will be radical Muslims

  • Found out radical Muslims were asking about Stratford, prior to London Olympics (they was in Liverpool)

  • Eventually get my hands on the Home Office file on one of the radicals I still have today, published on blog long ago

  • Start recording background conversations and sending the DVDs to MI5

  • He was left homeless by a Local Council

  • My father died prematurely at 56 (all 500 people at funeral blames the BBC)

  • DWP Kick me off disability

  • Get involved with someone to start a business but he turns out to have .. problems and a bit child like and a bit of a bully

  • I get stalked and get hate mail and photos over a period of about 6 months to a year

  • Grandchildren stolen by evil ex

  • Uncle dies at 58 leaving me feeling guilty to this day I did not see more of him

  • I decide to start BLOGS

  • Court case gets started up over my grandchildren and failures of the local council

  • After asking for 13 years about my feet I find out most of my 100 plus symptoms are due to Fibromyalgia

  • Court case leaps across five courts (Magistrates, Criminal, Family, Crown, Hig and Supreme Court)

  • I quickly realise upon research that the NHS already knew about Fibromyalgia and repeatedly lied to me through maybe a dozen General Practitioners (diagnosis I made confirmed at Guy’s Hospital but they tried hard not to refer me)

  • I manage to get back on Disability after proving that the DWP are corrupt and when you ask for the medical evidence they burn them (meaning Doctors all lied on letters too)

  • Court case of person close to me is won by person close to me and large damages awarded (or so I am told), they then disappear and still awaiting contact

  • DWP go after my Incapacity Benefit instead of my PIP benefits with via lying along with the lamest of excuses proving they have no medical knowledge whatsoever and no medical professionals … AGAIN! (post later)

  • Capital Punishment is more humane

  • Driven by the thought that these things can still keep happening to the person that is closest to me, others and my grandchildren

  • During all the above series of Anxiety and Panic Attacks, breakdowns and even suicidal periods


  • Paperwork and documents going back 20 years plus

  • Recordings cover several Local Councils, NHS, two Police Forces & others (much on here)

  • Also several retail chains selling refurbished goods as new to me (Littlewoods, Argos & PC World) – missing from that list

  • Did not list all disasters, thought it would be too long, and …

  • Should be mostly in chronological order

  • Ailments: Fibromyalgia (120 odd symptoms), Inguinal hernia Repair Pain, Inguinal Hernia, Hiatus Hernia, Physical problem right knee, High Blood Pressure, Postural Hypotension, High Cholesterol

  • Now having seizures too, falling unconscious


  • Passed driving test

  • Had a daughter (later to turn bad of course)

  • Learnt Wing Chun basics

  • Attended University

  • Got a BSc Degree in Applied Computing

  • Owned two Cloverleaf Alfa Romeos and a GTV 3.0 V6
  • Owned an Audi A6 Quattro
  • Owned a dream one of a kind mountain bike, albeit briefly, that appears in What Mountain Bike Magazine

  • Learnt advance Wing Chun

I have constantly asked myself how common lives like this are and could there be people actually worse than that?

They would have to survive it all of course!


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