I very literally do not know what is going on at the moment.

My daughter has been getting some pain and likely from the fact that the NHS stupidly gave her a second lot of antibiotics when the first lot did not work? Also that this is worrying because it could be the cancer and right now it as the Easter weekend.

Added to this I have been having some stomach pains of my own that have been on and off. This was accompanied by both an increase in frequency of my chest symptoms and heart palpitations but a prolonged period of it.

I awoke at 3am .. and then had difficulties for several hours with the chest symptoms and palpitations causing me to be extremely restless. I did get back to sleep albeit for just a little while before waking up with the same symptoms and back to being restless once again. Tossing and turning, so to speak.

Still getting the blacking out too and I am scratching my head as to what in the bloody world is going on?! This applies to what my daughter is experiencing too, if you had not guessed.

Ever since I wrote that last post abut that poor young girl who succumbed to cervical cancer some years ago at the age of 19 I have been .. in a .. state.

I told my daughter that I simply did not understand how that story mentioned nothing about punishment or compensation and that I simply could not believe that something did not happen. I stated that it would be literally unbelievable that this could have happened to someone else recently and that they could still get away with it.

I then asked about where all the cancer charities have been and where all the women’s charities have been if the government and the NHS have been allowed to get away with this for years?!

My daughter replied “I know!”

There are so many scary things going on that you simply cannot think straight and I am at a loss to how neither have us have had some sort of complete mental breakdown. That is to say one that lands us in some mental institution?!

I even mentioned about this blog and what I had been stating for years now. When talking about the NHS lying and falsifying tests I said that she can now see that I was right all along but how frustrating it has been to not see this blog go viral, how does that even work? She could see that too.

I might have been able to do something abut this a long time ago had most people not been narrow minded or lived in denial. Or it could be that everyone is just inwardly amoral, despite liking to sound as if they have high morals on the outside?

I could not have done anything in time for the other Sophie, mind you, as I had only started blogging around or shortly after she passed away.

In fact I am not even sure I knew the extent of the lies and falsifications within the NHS when I started blogging as many recordings were posted up after I started the blog.

As for other things I predicted over recent years .. crime getting worse but how about in weird ways? Here is one .. Policeman murders his wife?

My daughter was passed off, fobbed off for having something completely different than the fatal illness she actually has .. as was another poor young girl also called Sophie in the same borough several years before and here is a guy that was told he had hurt his leg unknowingly .. he died .. at 29 leaving behind children that will no doubt grow up bitter about the NHS ..

I was getting nervous about where I was living .. there had been a murder within a half a mile of my flat .. in a place I simply did not want to live and now and inside of six months a murder at the end of my road! Yes this is where I live .. technically ..

I still do not know what it is causing the chest symptoms and it simply would not surprise me if I dropped dead. I would not care except ..

The only thing I do not want to do is put my daughter through any more pain than she has been in .. left to put up with and inevitable she will endure more of .. thanks to the NHS, DWP and Local Council of Wirral ..

The Evil Trinity as I have been calling them for so very long and here they are at their very best, or worst, and actually doing the things I have accused them of .. to me .. my daughter .. and my grandchildren!

A catastrophe waiting to happen? A series of catastrophes in fact.

I use the word ‘failure’ i my tagging to draw people in to my posts but I have always hated and felt quite uncomfortable using this particular word. Because hat suggests it was a mistake or that they did not know what they were doing or what the results of doing what they do, or not, as the case may be, would be. Umm was that last bit even Englash?! Lol.



So as you will see below we are back with the Liverpool Echo local newspaper.

It seems I just can’t escape this particular rag?

I was sent this by my daughter and I could not believe what the story was about or the name of the poor girl that died. Added to this was how long ago this was?!

What are the chances of this?!

The first instance of a young woman under the age of 25 having cervical cancer other than my daughter and she not only lived in the same council borough but has the same fucking name?! What makes this even harder to accept without becoming fucking furious with my own country and government is this was back in 2012?! Six bloody years ago and they were calling to lower the age of smear tests back then?!

My daughter, also called Sophie, said “Dad, the minimum age of shear years in Scotland is 20” to which I pointed out even that minimum age would not have helped this poor girl as she was 19! I then said ..

What is it with this fucking smear test and that fucking stupid law?!”

I can see me going on a very personal war with this country and the government before very long!

If they thought I was a headache already they have no idea and better not put me into a position where I have nothing to lose?!

There are a lot of things I would not only dearly love to do but have dreamed of doing for a very, very long time now.

It had been becoming every more clearer that there exists an absolutely disgusting disregard for human life by the current Tory British government that has also existed with the previous Labour government.

My skin is currently crawling at the thought of these governments and this .. disgusting attitude.

Makes me sick to my stomach when I think of how they wax lyrical about their care and sympathy for the plights of people of another land.

Ooh it’s a bit like when I thought the European Union might actually give a shit about the British people and they didn’t give any help to even the disabled people of British society.

When are the majority going to stop voting on hypocritical, two faced, amoral morons?!

Hmm .. mind you of they all are I don’t suppose there is much you can do about it .. except abstain.

Ahh that’s because everyone that’s moral doesn’t bother voting anymore meaning only the amoral ones that vote for selfish reasons remain!

Ahh yes it makes sense now. The amoral, selfish and heartless politicians have driven those that vote with morals in mind away from the ballot box.

That’s why this country has been getting worse for the last thirty years plus!

If someone else also called Sophie had cervical cancer before the age of 20 and in the same borough then there must be a lot across the entire country?!

So where are the figures? Where are the charities shouting from the rooftops about this?!

Where are the fucking women’s TV programmes talking about this on the fucking TV?! No I guess an actress getting two million instead of five is far more important?!

Jesus H. Christ!

This is a young woman with cervical cancer, my Fibromyalgia and on top of all that a severely Autistic daughter, possibly another, four children in all living with her and .. only half her rent being awarded annnnd ..

Refused DLA for her Autistic child!

Every single public service tasked to protect vulnerable and sick people and children not just letting them down but kicking them once they are down!

No point in them existing .. the amoral can save even more money by abolishing them all ..

.. I mean they are not paying out anywhere near as many benefits and before long .. won’t be paying out any benefits at all. That’s their long term plans according to many anyway.

So abolish them all.

Got this damn court case of my own too which is getting at me and I’m having damn heart issues and with still no Doctor to talk to.

Jesus Christ, these amoral wankers really have this planned out and tied up well.

I foresee an increase in frequency in deaths and all I’ve come to know in recent times is death.

I’ve lost count of the number of deaths, in fact, that’s occurred in my life in recent years.

Yet the one I’d happily accept still continues on in distress, anxiety and pain not to mention these damn palpitations and chest discomfort.

And what a time to quit smoking to hope improving these symptoms.

Oh any my medical records are full of shit too .. yes I have them ..

Diverticulitis down to pills? Umm nope just as I told them at the time and I haven’t taken the offending pills for a couple of years.

Falling unconscious down to pills? Umm nope and take a guess at what I also told those most intelligent of people and what I have not been taking the last couple of years?!

Yeah .. I still blackout and two days ago I spent 18 hours in bad pain and basically the symptoms I thought previously might be Diverticulitis.

Your paying for all these self entitled wankers.

I stated to someone in the last few hours .. or was it yesterday? I stated that as well as being in my current situation with more to think about that any single human mind should .. well more symptoms than any human body should .. that I get weary of it all.

The lies, the amoral people, the corruption, the health issues and the situation along with the battles and the pain.

I just get so tired of it all at times.


Currently I am having some real difficulties getting my prescription drugs, some of which keep me alive, which is the fault of the NHS every single step of the way.

I have emailed NHS England three times, emailed the local hospital that has a Walk-In Centre twice, where I am supposed to be able to get my prescriptions, and I have visited a pharmacy and a GP Surgery.

The GP Surgery told me to go to the hospital or ring NHS England and the hospital and NHS England told me to ring ‘111’. Who are not Doctors. Go figure. Oh and the pharmacy, who are supposed to give out emergency drugs, also told me to ring ‘111’. It is an absolute mess and I wondered if I had just gotten off a boat from a foreign country if I could get drugs the very same day?

Then I heard that there has been a spate of foreigners with take-way restaurants, we no doubt provided money for them to set up, that have been rigging their gas and electric meters to get free fuel and that has been going on a long time, as it turns out. Hence why the rest of us have such high energy prices.

Well now I have to post a link to the dreaded Daily Mail because a Muslim man who was apparently planning to blow up Big Ben has been found to have two council houses. Reason ..

Because his wife wanted her independence?!

Say what now?!

I kid you not.

Taking money and properties when British people cannot get a single thing, I know because I have tried even as a disabled person there is nothing there.

Now it turns out they are not taking just a single fucking council house but two and I wonder how often this has been occurring too?!

Makes me think of the ones in Poland that were given money to set up there own shop and then killed a young Polish kid for stealing a can of Coke! Saw that one on YouTube and a load of locals went down and caved the front of the shop in with bricks and other items used as projectiles.

Right deep into the most miserable time in the UK’s long history with people not only at an all time low, finding out they are being conned, lied to and refused help despite the serious situations they may be in and now this is going to be going around.

The more I think we may soon turn a corner the more I get tagged or linked to things that show it will only get worse.

I still cannot get over it .. a Muslim woman wanting her independence from her Muslim husband and actually gets grated this?! Yeah .. right!


Well the UK have asked Mark Zuckerberg to appear before a committee and he had refused.

I don’t like the government much, you’ve read this blog right? But I also don’t like heads of large firms that believe themselves to be above the law as well as government.

They are becoming increasingly above reproach.

Mark Zuckerberg wants to send underlings instead. Watch my account vanish within twenty four hours?! Lol.

It is something I have wondered about for years .. that some companies are getting so big that they think themselves above or beyond reproach to anyone and everyone. Seemingly in the process of trying to take over the world too.

The only thing we have in our favour is that there are just too many big organisations trying to take over the world that no one of them will be able to achieve this. Or they are all in some clandestine group like the infamous but mythical Illuminati often joked about online and TV programs like Family Guy.

You can think of bog names like Samsung and Apple and the like but the real dangers come from those that supply online services like the big social media companies or those with operating systems and browsers and such. Facebook, Google and a few others I cannot think of right now. Well I do have memory issues, you know?!

The dangers are going to come down the line and only a few years from now when the heads of these companies refuse requests like this and get away with it. Eventually it will become second nature that they wont have to appear before anyone and therefore the things they get up to will get worse and more illegal and immoral in nature.

In human history there are always those seeking total control, whether it is over a small group, a whole district, a country or even the world. Eh, Mr Putin? Lol!

Strange all this and I would love to see where it ends up down the line but I have this sneaky suspicion I wont be around to witness it?

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg declines to appear before UK MPs


If you recently read the part about a GP Surgery knowing my name, without giving it, when I am 250 miles from my flat and were surprised, possibly surprised?

Well that is nothing.

That is nothing compared to what has happened recently and the best and worst part about it? I simply cannot talk about it!

I cannot talk about it or prove it for legal reasons because I simply do not know what is going on and I cannot talk about it because .. I simply do not bloody know what in the world is going on!

What I can tell you is this though .. many that I know are blown away by it, have been shown proof and are also wondering “what in the world is going on?!” or saying “That just is not possible!” but it has happened. There is no getting around it or denying it.

I also dare say that others are going to hear about this too and from people that have been shown proof and they are all going to say one thing ..

“Oh shit! We are going to have to apologise to him .. again?! He was right all along?!” Yeah .. I have had this in the past too.

I also dare say and have already told others that two people are going to state to others that now I have proof of what I have stated for over five years that I am going to turn up and rub their noses in it. Yeah .. no.

Now I imagine that the person who tells the story, which he does even when I have asked him in the past and he has done so anyway, will state the following “Look? I really do not think he cares. He certainly never has in the past.” Which is true.

Apologies can be sent .. ON a postcard to the following address .. FREEPOST .. LOL!

The reactions I have had thus far today ..

  • What?!

  • Oh fuck, that is weird

  • Interesting

  • I do not want them knocking here!

Yeah that last one may come across as odd .. my daughter laughed when she heard that one.

Also the one that will go around telling this story was a social worker for twenty years plus and one of the disbelievers from six years ago plus. What I was involved in before I started blogging and one of the main reasons I held of starting a blog for a whole year. Until September 2012.

Yeah, yeah I know. I could be on a regular income if I had not held off as I did. Yeah well there are more important things in life than blogging. Like trying to save people’s lives and catching out some very bad people and locking them away. Annnd .. trying not to cause unnecessary panic.

When I was speaking to my daughter about this she realised there was only one of three possibilities regarding what was going on ..

  • Crazy Stalker, since ruled out, that has performed many months of research on me

  • A Miracle has just happened when my late friend Old Ken stated it would NEVER happen and that is mentioned on here going back five years

  • A clandestine organisation has just contacted me which I stated were indirectly involved and predicted would happen and the likelihood was extremely high

I could be about to be threatened?

I could be about to be made one of two offers? Though I have completely ruled out one. I would not be blamed for considering said offer as I have not gotten very far anyway and I have been trying for nearly six years and am not sure how much more I can do? Though I still have a mountain of recordings on file I never got around to publish.

But what of the miracle? Yeah well .. there are a few things that are .. stumbling blocks. My age for one. My situation for another one.

I could have had an attempt to lure me into a trap, with this post being .. kind of what they were after? As I stated .. there are legal reasons why I cannot speak about this or show any proof. I do not know what is going on and it might be the one thing I simply cannot envision it to be?

Unfortunately the trap, if of course it was a trap, did not work. I am in no way going to do what they might have hoped that I would. Sorry.

But I will say this .. a lot was said and I was promised that this person was not a clone of me and it is these details that have sent some into a frenzy. It is because of this that I was yelled at by one to do a video call with them. Yeah .. everything about this just seems so unbelievable and everything seems cherry-picked by design. The .. look of it all .. the traits .. the level of intelligence and the subject matters. Even Stephen Hawking, Carl Sagan and Richard Feynman were mentioned in conversation. Difficulties with relationships with others due to the level of intelligence. It just goes on and due to my short term memory issues I am not even recalling everything.

How about The GCHQ Puzzle Book? I kid you not!

But trust me when I say that many I know are going a bit nuts about it and do not think it is possible and I have not spoken to many just yet. In fact I am still awaiting a reply from one and I am sure he is going to be blown away.

So what does it all mean? I have absolutely no idea .. if I am honest about it. I know what seems the most likely ..

As I stated some things were ruled out very easily.

But then I tend to be able to do this in a way that surprises most people. But it is all down to body language, though not in this case, and the things that people do not say as well as the things that they do say.

There might be a point later down the line when I can speak about it in greater detail but as of right now I cannot.

Just know that there is .. something!

But it might sound like a fairytale and appear to be a fairytale does not always mean it is a fairytale and .. well .. fairytales just do not seem to happen in my life.



Well there is yet another petition to do with the NHS.

It seems odd to me that everyone seems to want to get involved with saving it but not in dealing with its specific faults. Like who runs it and how it is run.

Many years ago now I realised that they were deliberately avoiding or ignoring certain health conditions and therefore .. patients. I became obvious this was the lesser known conditions and were ignored despite the level of pain or suffering involved.

Now what I assumed at the time is that they must be therefore concentrating on the conditions that are household names, or that everyone would have heard of. Things like Multiple Sclerosis and Diabetes along with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s so to speak.

I naturally assumed that anyone with a terminal illness whether this be cancer or something else received the best treatment and understandably so. However before long I had a friend who developed kidney cancer and things were something of an .. eye opener for me.

Old Ken, as he was known, had no one. No help, no support and what little aid he had was outright appalling. No hospital, no visiting Doctors that I saw in my many visits, no charities despite how many there are and not even MacMillan. I was utterly stunned!

Fast forward and as of right now I know a young mother and she has been failed by them all and is now currently being ignored by them all!

The situations she become involved in were the faults of ..

  • Central Government
  • Local Government
  • The NHS
Who is now ignoring her are ..
  • The NHS
  • Local Government
  • The DWP (though this one may be about to change)
What she has to deal with is ..
  • Domestic Violence
  • Severe Autism in at least one child
  • Four children
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Cervical Cancer (not seen because of minimum legal age for smear tests!)
  • Only half the rent being paid so homelessness
  • Terrible health after latest biopsy and given same antibiotic TWICE?!
I could go on for page after page about how many public services are involved and who is involved, like Ofsted and an Independent Review, or Reviewing, Officer.
I could go on about how many times they have acknowledged the terrible mistakes, the number of times demands were made and fingers were pointed. That would be close to two dozen.
I can simply some up in one word how much help and support she has had ..
Soo .. they want to help the NHS yet again and there has been this 6% plus pay rise? sounds to me like things will either stay exactly the same or get worse.
If you believe in just saving careers then by all means sign the petition. If, like me, you believe in the health service doing that which it is both tasked to do and paid to do then I suggest including a comment, which I think it does offer, with your signature and state what they should be doing.


Oh .. you know not of how many levels of which I speak about pain.

But last night took an awhile turn .. to the point my normally narcissistic .. ahem, member of my family tried to talk to me twice about what was happening. They also knew it had been all night too?! Not sure how.

In what was a very .. very rare occasion they looked concerned. I still doubt they will do what needs to be done if it ever gets to that. Like call an emergency number. Well .. yes it is true I never do that myself .. but not for myself. If it was someone I deeply cared about then yes. I just never call anything other than ‘111’ for myself and never ever do that in these instances.

There are those times when your suffering and even badly so and you just want to suffer alone. It is as if anyone being around makes things worse? Not sure anyone can relate?

I am in pain as of right now .. just less so than I was. I did get to sleep around 10am .. ish. It is 11.43am now and I’ve been awake about 40 minutes and this was down to pain. Quite unfortunately.

I’ve .. something else going on to that’s .. well it’s just so peculiar .. no .. ‘peculiar’ is the wrong word and does not do it justice. Despite the illness that afflicts my daughter currently after another ..

exploratory and biopsy .. she was blown away at these recent .. developments.

Trust me when I say it very much goes against all odds. And then some.

My daughter thought up the exact same to theories that I did.

One theory went out the window. There are .. three theories but .. one? Just too darn crazy to consider. The odds? Astronomical and that’s not even considering any outcome, which I’d also say right now was equally unlikely.

I mean me being ..

I mean .. she being .. all that ..


Maybe at a later date I’ll talk more about that. I really don’t even know where to start with it all and where I would go with it all?!

I mean .. after recent events didn’t seem to pan out could I even use words like ‘kindred’.

‘Kindred’ is a word that my late friend Old Ken never thought would EVER be used to describe anyone associated with me. Ever. I do believe I’ve stated as much within this blog going back to the beginning.

Yeah .. I can’t really ever be accused of ever hiding anything and I can’t be accused of claiming things I didn’t say .. that’s the good thing about blogging. Everything is dated with even a time provided for the posts.

No point in hiding anything.

Oh and .. yeah .. I still possess .. umm probably over 50GB data and yes .. I did think of get the rest up during 2017 but it kind of didn’t work out. What with everything else that occurred.

Also .. though it would have certainly brought my blogs up to much higher numbers than I have now ..

Yeah that’s the thing about maths .. it has a much greater effect the higher the number of monthly visitors when I do start to publish them.

I also have to go through them all because target foolishly I never renamed the files. As there are dozens and dozens of them and with my memory I can’t remember half of them and the ones I do of never find.

Yes, yes there are certainly dozens were I am told more lies .. but which lies and where they are?

Maybe this year at some point I’ll get around to sorting then into some sort of order? If I can get them sorted across half a dozen folders, maybe?

Ooh I was supposed to try and get my medication today?! Damn it! Just keeps being postponed.

Oh and I also wanted to try and get out with my damn camera equipment.

This is heading for a bad ending currently. .. I just know it.

Still in pain too.

Daughter still in pain and hearing now she has to return to hospital after they have given her a second lot of the exact same antibiotic they gave her in the beginning?! Well that is a full gone conclusion then and a pointless exercise?!

Heard from my solicitor over my court appearance that is getting ever closer .. yeeeahh not got my printer and would not have space for it if I were able to retrieve it anyway!

Good God, man. I hope that they do attend this hearing. If I fail to turn up because of my health I am worried that this would go against me, though rather incompetently so if it does. If it has looked for two years like I have had a representative that also does not turn up?!

Yeah like I said .. no printer, daughter’s cancer worse than they thought, pain, anxiety and memory problems getting worse as is my sleeping, heading south for the winter like everything else. I am worried this will be used and twisted so that they can get what they want.

I am starting to wonder who you would complain to about the HMCTS before I have even had the court hearing?!


Well I simply do not believe it.

A number of newspaper reports by The Independent have shown that the DWP and government have to pay back 70,000 disabled people for not paying them benefits?! Jesus .. some good news finally but I will believe it when it happens!

Apparently the reported figure they will have to pay is £340 Million. Yup .. for those that are amoral and do not like the welfare state .. sowwy! Well you have been an idiot and I always said that this was a futile exercise and a complete waste of your tax money, so I have been arguing your .. umm .. arguments. Or points. Well you did not moan about the fact that the government pays tens on millions of pounds each to at least three and maybe four organisations to cheat people. The keyword here that everyone missed that would have made them put s stop to wasting the public’s taxes in the first instance is .. cheat. It is also a massive exercise in ignoring the laws as well as any morals .. but I guess that is all OK as long as you are getting what you want? Well do away with laws completely if that was your attitude?! Either have laws or do not have laws, you pays your money you takes your choice!

I am afraid it gets better .. as many might actually get a higher payment than they did previously because I for one got less money than a diabetic friend of mine who admitted that I had more difficulty than him. More frequent then he and whereas he can .. take preventative measures anyone with Fibromyalgia can not. Mostly they can just be careful which does not always work and damn difficult to judge.

I am afraid it gets better still as it also turns out that the government has been found to be discriminatory towards people with mental health problems?!

There is a fucking God!

Ooh the thought of amoral people crying into their cornflakes fills me with joy right now! Well as much joy as I can possibly muster given the circumstances I am faced with.

Now I thought I see a line somewhere that said that the government had put money aside for this? Oh? When did that occur? When they started in case it all went wrong? Or was this a secret plan to cover their arses over their “we are all in it together” crap to state that they always intended to pay us back after we paid for their mistakes?! But I am not sure .. I might be remembering the line wrong?

Now there is just the question of Universal Credit .. I mean .. they now admit that they have been discriminatory towards disabled people so what do they think the Universal Credit has been designed for?! To be FAIR?! I do not fucking think so! Single mothers and unemployed expected to work for 12 pence per hour?! Hmm they might have upped it to 13 pence I am not sure?

Oh and then there is the question of homelessness and the ever inflating rent prices, especially in areas people know and call home .. like my home of London.

Wow this was .. unexpected, I must say.

Oh and where are the criminal prosecutions for all this?!

Government ruled to be discriminatory towards people affected with mental health issues ..

I previously stated that a diabetic friend said that I am worse than he and should get the same higher rate that he gets? After seeing several things but nowhere near everything I have to go through and that was prior to the high blood pressure issues that are not resolved and the heart palpitation issues.

Well guess what? Another story in the Independent about how disabled people were not getting high enough rates ..


Well I simply don’t believe it.

I’ve had my suspicions about certain courts in this land but now I know the truth and it’s plain to see.

I’ve also had my fear that leaving the European Union might be used by the British government to abuse people even more than they have. It might seem odd then that I voted to leave because the EU didn’t give a shit about the disabled people in the UK. Well that was one of three reasons and I contacted a few in Europe about the issue a few years back. Nothing happened .. even when you draw them a picture they are only interested in serving themselves, getting billions in cash and dictating the rules to countries that later destroy communities and create divisions over time.

Well .. yeah .. the government have decided to not even wait until we leave the EU. They planned to go to court some months ago in what was claimed to take away the human rights of disabled people.

I thought this preposterous .. I truly did and a waste of the taxpayers money.

Except .. they won?!

As it turns out Esther McVey had been mentioned in the Canary report below.

It also turns out that what they have done is to allow the tribunals to ignore the European laws on human rights. Someone took them to court over bedroom tax and I’m not familiar with the case, if I’m honest. Kinda hard to keep track of anything right now.

But .. despite the fact that they have gotten the tribunals to ignore these .. they can’t get higher court, or just the high court, to ignore them?!

Sorry but how the fuck does that work?!

What is happening here effectively is them putting into practice what has been going on for a very, very long time. Deliberately create situations where it takes so long to do anything that you out people off. While at the same time make things too expensive to pursue.

Even one couple, the Carmichael’s, said that they were stressed and tired and didn’t want to pursue the case any longer, despite being told they had the right to appeal.

And there in is their plan on action.

There had been this weird attitude within the public services that had gone on for decades and gradually gotten worse and worse. That everyone and everything to do with government and public services takes an ever increasing amount of time.

They clearly have no understanding on the concept of time!

Funny .. you would think that ‘time’ was one of those basic fundamental things that everyone understands even as a child. If you have a toy boat on the river and a wind picks up blowing it away .. unless your quick .. your going to lose it.

That’s time.

Time also costs money. Money is another basic fundamental thing they also no longer understand.

Now they don’t understand how laws or human rights work either.

Hmm I wonder if they understand the concept of a revolution?!

On a serious note .. when I was told of this court win last night by my daughter I said how typical it was that this occurred just before I appear at a tribunal?! I simply could not believe the timing?!

I also discovered last night that the cancer was worse than they thought .. which not only made things suddenly focus for me while my heart palpitations went through the roof but .. they have never fucking told us what they fucking thought!! Though it does explain .. some thing pretty serious that has been occurring from time to time. We get the full results, or at least that is when they were supposed to turn up, in two weeks.

As they stated that it would reach stage two within a year .. I am guessing that time has been shortened somewhat and as they stated that in January (2017) and it is now March?!

Jesus Christ .. you simply cannot make this stuff up .. you really cannot.

Missed cancer in one, death of an unborn baby for her best friend is another, missed disability and refusing to diagnose, or delaying as long as they can, a severe disability in a child and two attempts to make them both homeless one around a couple months ago and one ongoing.

With all this .. what is even the point of having laws if there are no human rights?!

I mean if you cannot do anything just for the people I know, my daughter with her cancer, separate disability and four children with one of two having a clear, severe and dangerous disability then who the hell is going to get anything in the way of financial or emotional support or even the correct health treatment?!

Think about this for a moment .. if you do not come close to even a single ailment I have mentioned, say the cancer for example, then what chance do you, your mother, child or anyone else have when things go wrong?

If my heart does not give out completely over the coming weeks I will surely be shocked.


I find this business with the acquiring and misuse of users data at Facebook a bit odd.

I mean if something has taken place then people need to be prosecuted but ..

  • I didn’t read anything about Donald Trump on Facebook
  • Will anyone have the guts to arrest or subpoena anyone as high up as Mark Zuckerberg?

I never liked him or Facebook. But I don’t know about all this .. wondering if something is being done for the wrong reasons that will later put paid to anyone being prosecuted for the misuse of data ever again? Well anyone that has gotten too big, that is?

I knew Donald Trump would win the US election but it wasn’t through Facebook that I realised this. It was through YouTube!

So yeah .. I find it odd that Facebook is the one being mentioned. But I guess it’s possible that everyone commenting on YouTube received misinformation on Facebook that I missed.

I had an .. annoying phone conversation with someone I know back to accusing someone they have never met about being a liar. That same someone I am waiting to hear from still as it turns out what was, I thought, a routine meeting about her cancer was in fact the Good damn operation for their cancer.

So I’ve been feeling it somewhat since around 10.30am. Since I spotted the gown in a video call I realised something wasn’t right. I did mention in my last post that I wondered if it was kept from me so that I wouldn’t worry?

It’s an operation that can do wrong and even if successful .. the cancer can come back aggressively!

That’s if the public services don’t out her and her four children out on the street within a year?!

Oh .. just had a text .. it’s not the operation .. it’s to see how deep the cancer goes into the skin.

Fuck I’ve been dying for hours over this. Even having heart palpitations the last three hours or so and watching three John Wayne films in quick succession to try and take my mind off of it. Until the damn picture goes again, like it has right now!

I at least want to know what happened between John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.

If this thing with Facebook is just someone looking for a scapegoat over this perceived intervention over the US election it could be sure consequences later on.

In any failure to prove anything the fallout would be so great that in future no politician, American, British or European, would ever want to go to against anyone too large ever again.

Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook will continue to individually take over the world and there would be no one left with the guts out even the power to oppose them.

So if this is being done over more sour grapes over Donald Trump being elected then it could bring about the very thing they fear. Someone taking control of everything in the western world later on.

Well at least of that takes place then country by country there will cease to be a need for government. I am not exactly sure what they are doing right now? Other than lying to their own people and breaking promises. Going after the poor and the weak too. At least they are here in the UK. To the point that I’m ashamed to be British and wonder if there is a country that gives a shit about its poor and it’s disabled people?!

Many of those big names in computing have shown that despite their desperate desire to appear left wing and socialists .. like everyone else .. when it comes to money and power they are most definitely as right wing as you can get. I’ve seen no evidence in fifteen years that any of them give a rat’s arse about the poor and disabled people either in the US or here in the UK.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out over the coming months.

Those holding tart tasting grapes had better be wary. Wary of me because I will rip you a whole, hole, set on new ones of this is just trying to get at something you hate. All because you cannot accept what democracy stands for.

Well I say .. ‘democracy’ but I’ve seen little evidence of democracy helping people in any way shape or form in recent times. It’s like this system was set up to benefit everyone but they just find ways around it. Make it appear it’s a democracy but in reality it is anything but.

Though in recent times it’s not just me anymore as for a number of years just about everyone has stated the following to me ..

What’s the point in voting?! Nothing ever changes!”

This means that everyone thinks that everything had more or less remained the same for a very, very long time. Not just when the Tories got in power but for a lot longer.

I remember when Tony Blair first got in power and things appeared to change. But then before long it just went back to the same old shit.

I wonder if they think it’s been the same since the dreaded Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister? Probably.

Oddly enough .. the firm they are accusing is a British firm called Cambridge Analytics .. or something? Lol.

Just more of this annoying ‘fake news’ crap. Never seems to go away does it now?

Facebook Exit Hints at Dissent on Handling of Russian Trolls