It has been a tough as well as a mostly confusing time.

I have seen and heard more misery than ever before. I have been trying to help or be a help at least to a couple of people and I have been hearing of suicidal thoughts with people that I know.

I am secretly and internally in a constant panic mode that during my legal proceedings I will either do something wrong, not remember something or be unable to find something that will lose me my case.

The JSA are seemingly contradicting their early on understanding of my health conditions and have put two jobs in my JobSearch file that they have requested I apply for. Neither of these I can do as they are full-time employment and recalling I have pains, memory problems and over heating problems and do not own a car, one job is in Stanstead Airport for 12 hour shifts.

When I told an ex social worker I know he literally roared in uncontrollable laughter for a couple of minutes. I was amazed he found it that hilarious.

I was contacted by an old friend I have not seen in years and he got told about me knowing what condition I have. When I told him it was Fibromyalgia he looked shocked, made a call on his mobile and the next thing I know I am talking to his girlfriend as she has it. We were comparing pains and she referred to Fibrofog as ‘Foggy Brain’. I told her I was having difficulty getting this message across to my Mind Counsellor he just keeps saying ”Oh I do that’ every time I explain a frustrating and angry situation I was in recently. She understood as she has had this herself for years. Then she said something that stopped me in my tracks and I interrupted her to say “Wait a minute? Did you say you have taken Pregabalin!” She had and had stopped and claimed that every time she took it she gained weight.

I explained how I have tried to get this drug for several years and as a complete understanding I now have with three or four people in that ‘normies’ with no disability do not listen and do not understand as well as not caring. Even telling someone else how I was explaining to this fellow Fibromyalgia sufferer I got the often said throw away line by an idiot that simply wont accept that Doctors lie “I told you! Change your Doctor!” A bit pointless telling ME that when I am explaining what I said to someone else with the exact same condition. Bearing in mind these people know exactly everything I have done I replied in a sarcastic tone “I HAVE. FIVE TIMES!”

If you do not want to be treated like an idiot then do not make statements without thinking them through, remembering everything the person you are going to throw your lines at has done and … bet still … when you insisting on something to the point of arguing? Yeaah est NOT to do that when the exact same thing you have predicted wrong 100% of the time on three previous occasions.

If you got it wrong three fucking times then your not best placed to insist how the next thing is going to go, are you?

I could make this sound far worse than I have in stating that they are wrong in many other subjects 95% of the time, give or take a few percent.

The fact is they have failed to realise that my success rate as just ass high as their failure rate and yet time after time I will be told in no uncertain terms how it is and how it is going to go.

The one and single time that they ended up looking correct was not even my own fault but that of someone else I know making me look like I was wrong.

Speaking of which … November is almost over. In fact six weeks have now passed and things are … tiring. There has been some really bad treatment going on and I did think about 5 weeks or so back that this treatment would finally end? It seems not. More broken promises and lies. Well by December that will be the case at any rate.

So then something of a juggling act?

Well a suicidal young person, a fearful friend, a solicitor and documents to find and keep track of and there is a lot of documents, the JSA and damnable Job Centre, looking for work 35 hours a week (it is in the contract don’tcha know?!) and eleventy million pounds electric bill, a bike that needs repairing and another that needs replacing, a Doctor that is … let us just say awkward, nowhere to go and nothing to do and being bored and depressed out of my mind, hence the looking for voluntary work!

Did I forget about anything? Oh yeah a humongous row with a narcissistic person that thinks the world revolves around them and everyone else’s lives and feelings are unimportant.

At least at Christmas I wont have to hear about a long list of molehills as they are turned into mountains and get into arguments about how to pick out fucking electronic equipment as it is fucking sacrilegious to take an average score from 200 people and should listen to those in What Hifi Magazine who are paid to say shit. Even when I am fucking holding the proof in my fecking hand!!

All said and done … pretty quiet really. Lol.

In fact I have only listed the main things going on at the moment and of course each of those could be broken down into subdivisions.

Right at this very moment my life is the complete opposite to what I thought it would be and there is this ever constant nagging at the back of my mind … that I may have just helped one of my most hated enemy types to become somewhat … wealthy?

So while all of the former is driving me insane the latter is eating away at me internally.

So yeah I have not really felt like typing anything out or posting very much. I am back in contact with two people I have not seen for well over a year. Possibly well over two. In contact with another who is not going through a good time right now and the things they are talking about they should not be at their age.

People have a tendency to look to me when things are tough. Yeah they might go and ant off and say things about me but as soon as things get complicated, intellectual or just plain difficult I am the one they talk to. As if I possessed a magic wand and can make it all go away. Lol, if only!

Also I have finally gotten my first two JSA payments, though the first one at £10 was not only hardly worth mentioning but went in my account without me even noticing for ten days. Also I am sure the second payment I only noticed today? Well I am sure that was not due in for another week or so? I am sure it was December 10th it was to e paid?

Anyway … no mention at all of the back-pay going back to mid July. Go figure. I guarantee that the first time the subject is brought up it will be by my solicitor?!

Oh and how could I forget?

I received a letter from Enfield Council who have only paid my full rent for about 18 to 24 months over 9.5 years and in it was a bill for over-payment of rent?!

Well my solicitor was interested in seeing hat bill and the letter, which I cannot for the life of me find an explanation about the over-payment on. She was also interested in the JSA’s recent pressure and asked me to inform them as soon as I get a letter mentioning any sanctions.

Oh and I see a load of videos about rouble with Sweden from no go areas for Police because of Muslims and gangs of them at main railways stations attacking and mugging women.

Also occurring in Sweden is that completely fucking barrmy leftist attitudes like that of the now infamous Social justice Warriors that actually insisted that their snow-ploughs actually not bother with the main routes and clear the areas were women normally frequent. Stockholm, I think it was, came to an abrupt halt … and I DO MEAN HALT!

Of course a search on YouTube will reward you with many a people ripping crap out of these two things!

Added to this Nigel Farage has been ripping Tony Blair a new one, get in there my son, and explaining that some countries, or country, that had one referendum over Europe had another one. I guess they did not like the first one and decided to keep on going until they got the result they wanted or was able to rig the result they way they wanted it?

Today and finally someone linked that awful PizzaGate story to people in the UK!! Europe was not mentioned but the UK certainly was and by an American. SOMEONE has been doing their homework?!

A Jehovah’s Witness who regularly knocks at my door did so recently. After breaking the news to me that I am know in the local kingdom hall as ‘The Mission Man’ he talked about the things happening in the word and shook his head, looked at me and said … “This … is … biblical … thie things happening right now!” Yeah I could see why they would think that. In fact I could fully understand that anyone that is religious … the Christian religions not the barbaric, murderous and paedophile lot, might think this. I remember thinking it was a good job he was only looking, most likely, at the mainstream media and not what I had looked at!

Well after all … Satan worshippers in levels of power in government and becoming President of the United States of America? Umm was that not the story behind that famous old horror movie about the son of Satan called The Omen?! LMAO!



In the four years I have been posting blogs I have come across and heard the most disturbing stories and I am not the only one.

Even with the immediate disgust and disbelief felt by most they have failed to realise that there is a much large piece of the puzzle that extends beyond that many could imagine.

Here in the UK there was and is a story going around and only half of it has been covered by the news media. That was the Jimmy Savile and BBC paedophile ring. That … actually … happened and I am still rocked by the today but slowly I realised more and more things about all of that which many others did not realise. How it was not uncovered and not just by the UK media for one. I have touched upon it briefly but many things and names that I myself have heard I have not divulged because I simply do not know if they are the truth. Plus the names are pretty big and would, without question, draw attention.

Over the past few weeks I have been hearing more and more about a similar situation unfolding in America and if I am completely and utterly honest? At some point a few weeks after our own shocking revelations and that second highest name in the UK being flung about I fully expected that something would come out in America.

As of couple of weeks ago it did break in America and indeed was its second wave of paedophile rings accusation with the first one being Hollywood.

Almost immediately the UK then hd its second paedophile ring come out and this was a shock when I first head this as it was in the beloved world of football. At first I had thought this was someone young and in training going public and did not realise they were historical. Until, that is, I heard someone in the media utter a name while I was not focusing, that caused me to turn and pay attention. The name was Paul Stewart and I was immediately surprised as I only knew one footballer by that name and I had actually met him, along with Paul Gascoigne, many yeas ago in Hoddesdon and managed to get their autographs.

Oddly enough someone I know that often gets things completely wrong nine times out of ten does not believe this actually happened and believes these footballers are coming out with this because of either money or they failed at being a footballer … umm which is again money. I was surpirsied at this and said “But you did not doubt the Jimmy Savile stuff and the accusations regarding other ig names?” I was somewhat surprised. They said “But why after all this time?” where at the point I thought it senseless to really continue as this could be said for any historical case including Jimmy Savile which they had no doubts about.

I have told them about what it is I have been reading and hearing about in America and said that there is most definitely SOMETHING going on but what this is I do not know. But from reactions and even a statement made by an American called David Seaman, no not the ex Arsenal goalkeeper, somewhere around 90% of Americans believe there is a scandal. Cannot remember if the figure was for believing that there was indeed a paedophile ring involved but that is the figure I saw.

This is being called PizzaGate. I had seen the term for awhile and wondered what in the world it was.

It also has something to do with Wikileaks.

It would appear that in Wikileaks there was a series of emails about pizzas that was most bizarre and very clear to everyone who has seen them, including many of the more reputable YouTube news channels that something is going on.

As I stated to my friends … this is all centred around a single pizza store in Washington DC and that despite being a single store the owner is somehow in the top 50 or 60 of the most powerful men in Washington?! Yeah … Theresa May quakes in her boots regarding any thought of the man that owns our local chip shop!

Some of these emails regarding pizzas were read out by an Info Wars news channel and they admitted they could not comment on any paedophilia aspect as they had no truth but that the emails were clearly NOT talking about pizzas.

I also pointed out that there is a name in this that links it all in America right back to here in the UK and to that name that is never mentioned in the mainstream media. They are, however, mentioned on YouTube and this was not where I first heard it. It went round people’s mobile phones like the virus from hell. THEN I looked it up to see if there was anything in it and found a video to a channel called The Coleman Experience or something like that.

Then there was the video on YouTube I linked in below where I heard something that someone had been pointed out by others in that if this has been going on in the USA then how come the secret services like the NSA and CIA not discovered this and exposed it?

Well the answer is obvious in that as I found out through first hand experience, look it up, the secret services are not what they appear or make themselves out to be. Since I did I was thankful I never ended up working for GCHQ! But ten I realised something else.

They knew!

Umm it was not that long ago that the revelations broke that even President Putin still brings up today that the Americans were listening in on everyone! Therefore they knew about the chatter.


Yeah we managed to break the Nazis codes back in World War 2 so I am sure these vague requests using pizza references could be broken.

So then what has that caused me to ask myself, you may be wondering?

Well I was under the single impression that the fact that these all do shady things and the fact that government refuse to change things in the west drastically while continue to mug the most vulnerable in their societies that they were under the delusion that the way we do things is the only way that works and why they have done the things they have done?

Unfortunately this proves otherwise.

That was the only thing I had left that had any footing in common sense that did not result in the fact that evil satanic worshipping people were running western societies.

If there is anything in the PizzaGate fiasco then it is all dead and buried. It will also only be a matter of time before someone links the name to the Clintons back to a family in the UK.

Yeeah that leads me to a line I often hear from people when talking about all the crap that is either proved to be going on or only alleged to be going on.. “You can’t do anything about it!”

Yeah, you think you can’t, or can’t be bothered s it does not affect you or your kids, so you don’t and therefore nothing gets done,, no one gets done and they continue on s before.

Until it happens to you or someone close to you and then your screaming at the top of your lungs “Why didn’t anyone do ANYTHING about this?!”

Because your attitudes fulfilled the prophecy.

If this were not all bad enough there are some wild claims, many claims and not just one single one, that there is some odd artwork being used at the pizza parlour, known as Comet Pizza, and at someone’s house.

Now this … this … you simply cannot get any worse than this!

If this turns out to be something and the, what I think are, inevitable links are made its going to change things and maybe, just maybe, overnight.

Way to go elites for doing the Muslims job for them! I am sure that they and likely North Korea are going to have a field day with all this? Especially if they go getting their hands on anything themselves.

In fact I think I can so with the the utmost certainty that everyone that dislikes the west or America in particular are already beavering away trying to get their hands on something. It is a full gone conclusion and … probably only a matter of time. It might just be the reason why Russia had hacked America recently? Maybe they had received information regarding this and was looking for something concrete?

The behaviours, patterns and actions of others matches up extremely well to something being found out and then searched for. Something damaging enough to risk damaging relations in a big way, I am thinking of Russia here.

Just like I noticed with Brexit, where it was everyone I knew face to face on a few on the Internet, and with Donald Trump, where almost every American slated Hillary Clinton, and now once again with PizzaGate I feel something is bubbling under the surface.

To me there is simply far, far too much for this to be nothing and in every other time that has been just like this there has always turned out to be something.

I know little about David Seaman and he could be someone that touts wild conspiracy type claims that require tin-foil hats but does not sound like that in this video and there are many, many other videos on this subject.


A little while after I posted this … umm post I had a little thought. Yeah it does take place form time to time.

That little news story a while back I already mentioned in this post … the Americans being found to e snooping on everyone and as President Putin puts it, ‘even on those they claim to be friends’.

Now I had talked about this previously and the one and only thing I put the snooping down to was getting a heads up on companies perhaps about to lose value so that they could sneak in before anyone else and buy them up?

What if the snooping has something more self serving as that? Or what if there is something as well as the hostile take over of businesses that is even more self-serving than that?

Now I would imagine that if I were wrapped up in some disgusting paedophile, Satan worshipping and murderous cult while being such a high level name known around the world I would get a little panicky of being found out. If it were me! What would I do if I was one of these depraved individuals? Well I would cause all the power I had at my command and keep an ear out … literally!

Now I would keep an ear out in those countries where I might have links to people also involved in my little depraved cult. Links to the UK had already been made if not being talked about by those Americans talking about PizzaGate.

Now in aa recent interview with Nigel Farage he attacked my least favourite person and ex UK Prime Minister Tony Blair because Blair called for a second UK Referendum over Europe. In his scathing attack I found out two things. First that there are others that despise Tony Blair as much as I do, even more so would be hilariously funny. Secondly that there had been other referendums over Europe where people voted to leave and they had a second one, I think he mentioned Belgium as one?

Nigel Farage said exactly the right thing in that the attitude is that you give the people a choice and when they do not say what they want you to they keep giving you the choice until you agree with them?

He even told them “What part of the word ‘NO’ do you not understand?!” I had never heard of this before and totally amazed that with all the coverage in the mainstream UK media of the UK Referendum that this never came up in reports?!

It also caused me to think of how surprised I was at the time that Barack Obama showed so much interest in the UK staying in Europe. Buy these American celebrities must be feeling pretty rejected by now? Or are they all Canadian celebrities? LOL.

As time as gone on in recent year I have thought less and less about those running the European Union to the point that I started to see them as an evil dictatorship. I just was not aware of the details of this and not quite sure of they were extreme left or right.

Maybe in time some news reports in countries like Germany, France, Spain or Italy or some other smaller country will break some story shedding more light on the realities?

So … yeah, snooping on Europe by the Americans? If there is some corrupt snooping involved to protect those in high power from being exposed and with links between the USA and UK in this already out their in the wilds maybe there are people in power in Europe also involved?

Food for thought.


I was told several interesting and quite concerning things lately.

One thing was regarding a Dutchman called Peter Duut who died in a horrible way after being told he was being refused help by the DWP and leaving a surviving wife heartbroken.

Little did his surviving wife realise that the troubles that had dogged them in the months prior to Mr Duut’s death would get not only a lot worse but would go on for several years.

The DWP refused to help Mrs Duut who herself is disabled because her husband was Dutch, even though he lived and worked in the UK for many, many years.

Due to a type of bereavement fund that was belonging to that of Mr Duut, i.e. not something that Mrs Duut ever signed for and paid automatically, the DWP not only decided that Mrs Duut was not eligible for ESA they also billed her for over payment. To the tune of £20,000 I think it was? May have been more? It is a ridiculous amount.

There has been a legal case but the legal aid, just as I predicted ten or so years ago when they cut it down, is precarious at best. She has to pay something for it despite not being able to even buy food. I listened in shock as I heard the story unfold and right now Mrs Duut has been warned that this could go to the court of appeal and take up to two years. This has caused panic for Mrs Duut who is terrified of the prospect of living for another two years the way that she has the lately.

I listened as she explained that she has been told that a case like this has never happened before and therefore there is no precedent. I have been HERE before and anyone that has dug around and researched my archives would be well aware of this.

The British government are basically saying that this British born woman is the responsibility of the Netherlands,, despite the fact she was born here and her and her husband have worked here. The Netherlands seem to be saying the exact same thing in that Mrs Duut is the British governments responsibility?!

Now what I said was “Hang on? I thought the whole idea of the EU in the bloody first place was to make things simpler?! So MUCH for the EU!”

I also found out about a … list. Calum’s List is what they told me it was called and I Googled it to find out what it is, is consisted of and what it was about the list that led to the dire consequences that befell Calum. You see I was informed that he was sectioned and locked up. Whether this is true or not and whether he is still locked away or not I do not know.

But there IS a web-page with Calum’s List on it.

This … web-page states some extremely sobering things that simply want you to go out and hit the bottle anyway!

It lists people that have died as a result of what the DWP are doing and have done and as I ventured my way down the list a photograph of a particular person leapt out and slapped me in the face. I KNEW this photo and the man in it. His name was David Clapson and some time ago now I received an email from his mother via where there was a petition going around. I would have put the link to the petition in a blog post on this very site at the time.

Now here is where things get a little … frightening…

The list consists of 60 people in detail and with photos that have died that the author of the website, presumably called Calum, had heard from.

However what it states is that these are the ones that they HEARD from via the victim’s family or friends and that the UK figure of benefit related deaths is closer to 4,000 and could be as high as 80,000 people?! Jesus H Christ!

I do not know how long aa period these numbers are over but when they are THAT big it does not matter. In fact even a SINGLE death it does not matter. Well it does not to the DWP but it does to me!

When I watched Schindler’s List for the first time ever it blew me away. The very sad story was heart wrenching and the famous line used at the end I never forgot.

‘Whoever saves one life saves the world entire’ – Oscar Schindler

In fact were it not for the story of Oscar Schindler my blogs may never have been started, though my tendencies to save both people and animals went back much further than my watching Schindler’s List for the first time.

It also showed me that sacrifice and risk to save someone’s life can get a message across to others that may have forgotten the importance and value of a human life.

I was told to be very careful about mentioning Calum’s List, hey I just realised that lists seem to be a theme in this post, because of what happened to the author off the page. I told them that they already tried to say I was crazy and that backfired. I wanted to see how FAR the NHS would go to protect themselves and I found out.

Once I found out I offered the General Practitioner I was arguing with to listen to the tape I had when I returned a week later. He asked me what tape I was talking about. I told him I had a tape of the specialist at Chase Farm Hospital admitting that he falsified my ultrasound test from the two things it showed, an Inguinal Hernia and a black lump in area of previous Inguinal hernia repair, to nothing and being “completely clear”.

His answer? “What would I want to listen to that for?!”

A few weeks later I was kicked off the practice with the help of the General Medical Council for violent conduct. Yeah well the claim to being crazy was never going to fly at any rate. Oddly enough the day before I received the letter to state that I was violent the GP claiming this behaved somewhat … oddly … bizarre even as I had sat in his surgery the day before and he did not seem too phased or worried that I was there.

If I was truly violent he should have been worried and would have been worried and I for one in his situation would have wondered to my threats capabilities.

I know Wing Chun!

Unfortunately for the NHS they have resumed the trickery and the lies and falsifying test results, or at least performing tests in ways so that things will not show up. What is unfortunate about it where the NHS are concerned is that they still underestimate me … SERIOUSLY UNDERESTIMATE ME!

What did they think I suddenly stopped paying attention? Oh dear.

I will give you a little tip … when you have successfully trapped an animal or you carp fish and catch all the carp they then become wary. When they do this you then have no choice but to change your tactics and wait longer than you did before.

If you think you can go and perform the same feat a second time in quick succession and in the same amount of time … well you, sir, are an idiot!

I am NOT an idiot. Well … not a COMPLETE idiot at any rate. Lol.

Yeah well I had a little run in with MI5 and GCHQ, the latter were interested in employing me at one stage along with the MOD, and gave them the run around. As stated the NHS already tried to state I was insane. The DWP came after me likely over my involvement with the late Michael Meacher MP, who I am now hearing his death may be suspicious, and the United Nations investigation into the inhumane treatment of disabled people.

What can they do that they have not already done? Shoot me?! Well provided that they can at the very least do that one thing humanely death is a better option than my life as it is right now anyway.

It is funny is it not? That moving world war 2 film was seen by a great many people around the world and more to my point, those in the UK. What I find funny is when I wonder how many people watched that and agreed that human life is valuable but forgotten it when it comes to the plights of the vulnerable in their very own country.

Did you see the list? Go back and look at it once again. Look at the number of dead that it states within its pages and look at the links it provides. There people WERE alive and now they are DEAD. IS this not similar to looking at a list of war dead? Death is death. Being dead is being dead. Being treated inhumanely until you are murdered or being treated SO inhumanely that it is you that takes your own life.

By the time they reached those infamous rooms it may well be that after their treatment many may have welcomed death?

Do you think there is much of a difference?

What kind of world and country have we come to when we ignore these things on the mainstream media because it does not fit their agenda?



I currently am seriously lacking in both energy and motivation.

Oh and it seems I still cannot type worth a damn.

I have noticed that since I have been stuck indoors weekends I have also been forgetting my pills too and think that there must be a link here?

I have had a series of shocks this week both good, well one, and bad, in this case many, and yet have failed to put together a single post for my blogs over the weekend.

After initially acquiring a solicitor for the very first time ever, since 1994, I would have thought I would have been more positive and have more energy. I have needed milk and this was obvious from yesterday, forgetting to get it on Friday, and not been able to get out to the local shop in two days.

What surprises me is that normally when I discover something shocking I am normally typing out a post almost immediately or the first chance that I get. In the last few days I have had two that re in the forefront of my mind and have to write a post about either of them.

These are …

  • The treatment of Peter Duut and

  • A little known fact that close to 10,000 died in a few years after their ESA being affected in 2011

Pete Duut was a Dutch man married to an English lady who worked in the UK for years as a Carpenter, I think it was, who was then refused help by the DWP after some 12 years of working.

You can read more about this man and his wife here and I heard this directly from Laurel Duut who I met via DPAC’s Facebook page.

It was sickening to read about how the DWP first tried to wriggle out of supporting them and then deducted money that came in from the Netherlands from the Dutch National Survivor Benefits Act.

If this does not sound bad enough Mr Duut also became ill throughout all this which was from an undiagnosed cancer that he died from, seven months after being refused help from the DWP!

This was just a few days ago and then yesterday I was watching a video someone, Victoria, made of themselves in Richmond Park who had just attended some talk about treatment of disabled people, with a Tory MP, who explained she was puttinng her affiliation, of what capacity and who I cannot recall, with a Disabled Charity and job at risk by stating the whole thing was a farce and that the Tory MP left half way through because he wanted to get to some protest about a runway at Heathrow. Yeah … THAT runway!

I remarked about how this serious event on how the disability were treated would NOT get on the mainstream news, that Tory MP’s actions seem to suggest he KNEW this, and that the runway would and that was why he cut and run.

It also highlights in a very major and shocking way one of the long list of things wrong with the mainstream media. I remarked on DPAC about how the TV News lovers to talk gossip, celeb shows, celeb news and reality TVV shows when there are serious abuses of human rights that have not just led to deaths, not dozens or even hundreds but thousands of deaths.

In fact that figure of NEARLY 10,000 deaths is from a report by the DWP THEMSELVES in 2014 and I can guarantee the number of deaths has risen in frequency since that report. The government’s Damien Green says it has not but disability groups say that it has.

Well if you killed 10,000 people that were on ESA alone and not even dive into PIPs or pensioners then you must be hitting way above your target My Green? Either that or you and your predecessors have been doing things VERY incompetently?

Funny that I mention a Dutch benefit is it not?

Funny that a country much smaller than the UK manages to pay one of its citizens not even residing in the Netherlands any longer?

Funny how other European countries manage to have welfare states and I not recall hearing frrom anyone else that theirs is being eroded and that people are dying? Or, come to think of it, that their disabled are being punished?

Anyone would think that we in the UK are NOT doing as well as you like to make out to the ret of the world? A UK government being misleading? Well, I never?!

I also informed them how someone I know thought that the UK’s problems would disappear if a large part of the welfare state did. Well they actually put this in a far more shocking statement that involved two sets of the most vulnerable in society dying. Yup, dying.

In an almost knee-jerk response to this someone posted up some figures that I for one never stopped to consider before. The fractioning up of the welfare system in relation to the size of the group it serves.

In fact I have a copy and past of what was posted on DPAC’s Facebook page … posted by Samantha ..

State Old Age Pension – 36%

Other pensioner benefits – 6%

OK, that accounts for 42% of welfare spending.

Child tax credit – 10%

Child benefit – 6%

Working tax credit – 4%

Housing benefit – 11%

Income support – 4%

Council tax benefit – 3%

Disability Living Allowance – 8%

All of these benefits are payable to people who are in work. So that’s another 46% accounted for.

So what of the remaining 12% of the welfare budget?

Well, 2% goes on carers allowance (ie people who work hard caring for relatives and thus saving the NHS a significant amount of money) and 4% goes on employment support allowance (payable to people that even ATOS declare unfit for work)

Other welfare payments – 3%

Job seekers allowance – 3%

So the “work-shy” get no more than 6% of the welfare bill (incidentally, most of this 6% would love to have a job but are unable to get one).

Nearly half of the welfare state payout is to do with pensioners.

Hmm and those that everyone likes to list as lazy only make up 3% of this number, though I have only ust noticed there is no Universal Credit listed which leads me to believe these figures were pre-introduction of said benefit?

Whether these are right or wrong it matters not and only shows that not all, or even anywhere near half of, the welfare state goes towards unemployed people most of which would want a job.

Would this then not beg the question how in the world they think they are going to pay off that humongous debt they ran up with … this?

Like I said previously and will say it again … learn to math y’all!

You could take every pensioner and benefit claimant out the back and shoot them, my God in my situation I would rather take this as the MORE humane option, and you will wont pay off the debt in ten years!

They did what we normally get scorned for doing and taken to court for doing … borrowed far more money than they could ever pay back if the money ran short.

Hang on? But … we were given these loans by banks that should not have given them to us because we would be unable to pay them back and get taken to court for it?

But THEY do it and what do they do? They start at the bottom of the pile and start taking money from us and when they find it hard we find ourselves in court over it …

Does that not sound like they want everyone else to pay for their mistakes? Tell me … as the future unfolds and as mankind is supposed to progress and evolve … are they going to KEEP doing this?

OK then tell me this … do away with the welfare state and shoot everyone on benefits and when that does not work for those of you that love throwing stones while living in glass houses … who do you think they should turn to next to wring money out of?

One of the last shocks was something being posted about that I myself have talked about for many years … no not the cost of repairing Buckingham Palace, though that DID get mentioned too. No it was the charity fundraiser Children In Need and someone questioned the money and the celebs involved!

I simply could not believe this so I chimed in with y age old, on my posts anyway of the following …

  • How is it that every year the donations breaks its own previous records even in a recession

  • Why do Celebs with enough money to run a third world country for a year give up a day of theirs for free to guilt trip everyone else into giving money and everyone is supposed to worship them for it

  • Add up all the money made over the last 15 to 20 years and it is … a lot! There should be a series of bloody fortified castles scattered around the UK that kids can live in and feel protected

If your a bit confused by that second one I suggest you look at all the shocked American celebrities who all appeared on TV in favour of Hillary Clinton as US president and having meltdowns because half the nation did not agree with them which therefore must mean no one loves them?!

Yeah I mentioned that which got a few people commenting.

I am totally amazed that others re seeing this, though I have waited over a decade to see this mentioned in a public place. Friends did not see it at first but some years back they started to realise the hypocrisy of it all.

So it has been a series of shocks.

First a good one that … really does not feel like a good one. Maybe I am just so used to failing that I simply cannot believe it until it happens?

Also there is the uncertainty regarding the 3 to 6 month period until said legal representation produces a result and that is if there is any result at all. In that tie I have to continually jump through hoops and I am not sure if there is any recourse to my health causing an issue.

My health problem already did, though I was surprised it managed to go 6 weeks before a screw up, when I arrived an hour late for a meeting I was so sure I was on time for! I even sat in the local park smoking for an hour and went for something to eat. I then had to sit for like an hour so I did not force anyone else to wait, which was only fair.

Remember to support those that are protesting against Heathrow’s third runway, or is it fourth? That is because being annoyed by noise and having to move is so much more important than starving to death, stress, anxiety attacks and suicide.

Peace, out!



I am buggered today.

I thought of several titles for posts on here and jotted them down … digitally and really could not muster the effort to write them and my mind was just a blank.

There was also something else kind of worth mentioning as it just highlights something. Get to that momentarily.

OK then so there was the usual waves of postings on DPAC’s Facebook page when I suddenly noticed one and one to do with a petition regarding the United Nations report finding the British government guilty of abusing the rights of disabled people as well as robbing them blind. So I forced myself to try and write a little something and post up the petition’s page, see below.

The thing kind of worth mentioning is that the lady who is acting for me called me today and when I heard her voice I thought they had found a problem and was going to tell me they could not act for me. It wasn’t that.

Almost as if I ws till there in her office two days previously I could tell she had those soon to be infamous letters in her hands and asked me if I was SURE that I had not contacted Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunal Service POST tribunal date. I stated that everyone told me to appeal after the tribunal and that I did not want to go through that again, I also went on to say that then I discovered I could appeal and that I told those I know that I would speak to CAB, Mind and herself before making a decision on appealing. So no, I had not contacted them other than the form that came with the letterr they wanted me to filll in, sign and send back before making another tribunal.

Yup. She simply could not beliee what she was holding in her hands … two days after she originally saw them! Lol.

So there is this little petition that has started up to not make Britain look like the most callous and cold nation on the face of this Earth. Just like America celebrities here seem to be queuing up to leave the UK for all sorts of reasons. Elton John apparently stated it was miserable here and I would say, yes.. But what would you expect from finances being so bad for so very long? Street parties and champagne?

Well if you do not like it be proactive, say something and DO something! Or wait as we go down as one of the most cold hearted nations in modern times.

Bit of a change around since 1945, is it not?


Well I had three plans. Well more accurately as it turned out I had three plans.

  • Plan A

  • Plan B

  • Plan C

Plan B actually had it’s touchpaper lit today. To my surprise and to be honest I did not know what to expect. I did state to the person I met today that I did not expect anything really.

But what happened is I explained about the letters from Her Majesty’s Court & Tribunal Service and that I had several that stated ESA Appeal and several stating PIP Appeal when there was not one and one of each I received several weeks AFTER the tribunal was heard.

You ever had that time when you explain something to somebody and they gie you a funny look and you just know they do not believe you? I had that.

She then said something like ‘No, you already said it was heard on the 30th September. You cannot have letters stating there is another one” and I corrected her with “Umm TWO, would you LIKE to see the letters? At which point her face changed, she sat more upright and said “yes” with an interested look on her face.

She looked through the letters one by one, there are 8 or 9 in all, who’s counting? I waited until she got to the last two and then a puzzled look came upon her face. “Wait, what?” was all I needed to hear and I laughed and said “Told yah!”. She then said “What in the hell are they doing?”

She then sat there stunned when I stated that AT the tribunal, which I was tanked out on, I told the clerk to the court this, told the judge this and they simply dismissed and ignored it. I then said that I was accused of lying on three things and failed and lost because I got on a bus. To go to hospital. At at time of year when it was cold. And it was a Saturday. When I have repeated myself over and over and over again that I have a problem with HOT WEATHER and RUSH HOURS!

Take today. I had to get a very, very easy bus I always get a seat on and then had to take the tube train for about 20 minutes. It was not as empty on the tube as I thought it would be and I could not get a seat. As I stated to a surprised lady no one offered me one either. Did not bother me but … IF I am forced to do that as Ii am forced to go to work somewhere in will make my life miserable it will not end well one day and it will be all my fault.

But that is what they want, to say that I am both crazy and violent.

This has been attempted several times.

I told the lady I met that they used me now being violent, in case I punched someone in the mouth for being rude and pushing and insulting on a bus or train, as me being violent sop wont do home visits. When it clearly does not work like that and they just twisted things to fit their agenda. I told her that you just get fed up with talking to them in the end. They simply do not want to listen and have an agenda and that is it.

She agreed it was very hard and very unfair presently.

I think she may also have spotted the three letters that had ‘Home Visits’ plastered on them where they FAILED to turn up every single time and LIED about each one! I also explained that in the intitial letter to HMCTS the DWP told them I had failed to turn up to five, that is FIVE, assessments when the fact is there was only ONE! I pointed to the three Home Visits, pointed out that THEY failed to turn up and was using those to make it look like I had failed to turn up to FIVE RECENTLY.

She pointed out that the tribunal was not illegal as it was only over me not turning up to an assessment and not over my condition, which was still a bit weird but OK, if thems the rules then thems the rules…

Except I told the surprised lady that I have never attended ANY assessment and that this had not happened before. Had I known they were just going to stop the benefit I would have made more of an effort and gotten someone to take me.

So yeah, Plan B seems to have gotten some traction and I was not sure that it ever would.

Plan A relies on one of two other organisations but I was told not to speak to one about my case any longer and she also asked if I had the letter of apology they sent me. I did and this was regarding the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

She wondered of the Citizen’s Advice Bureau were the reason for the HMCTS mistakes and I told her she might have a point. She photocopied a fair few letters and document I had as well as the CAB apology letter. They will be contacting them.

My God! I might actually have someone to say positive things about and actively promote on here? If this pet project of theirs woks out they may want to expand on it and I may well be able to help them with this by using my blogs to help promote them?

Now THAT would be uber cool!

And then there is ultra secret Plan C. Hmm, yes Plan C.

I have not talked a great deal with anyone about Plan B … that is until today when it gained some traction.

Plan C absolutely no one knew about until very recently and I told just two family members and one friend I only ever seem to be in contact with by phone lately.

After having one friend do a runner, one fade away and another RUN away I am only left with three people I see regularly. Well … Plan C became a possibility around three weeks ago, maybe four …. I lose count. Despite being aware of this Plan C for all that time NONE of the three people I see regularly know anything about it.

This is for several reasons. Several very GOOD reasons.

So other than the fact I have a Plan C no details will be divulged … this time around. Plan A was kind of a toss up between the Citizen’s Advice Bureau I no longer have any faith in any more for anything, and Mind. I sent Mind an email over it as I cannot go through my counsellor.

But Plan B trumps Plan S, what with Plan B being solicitors … I think. Yeah, I think they are and never thought to clarify that.

All three plans were predicted by me to all take place, gain traction or reveal themselves before the end of November.

Oddly enough I have dropped rather major clues about this to those I see regularly by repeatedly stating I just have to see things through until the end of November.

Funnily enough I thought one of the three people would pick up on it each time I said it but … nothing was picked up on. So I carried on saying it.

This last plan is a bigger surprise than the one I had today. For some this will be effing major in more ways than one and everyone who was an idiot before is bound to say “How the fuck?” and I will state back … “Did you NOT notice a sudden change in me in mid October…” same goes on here lol “Did you not hear me keep saying I just need to see things through until the end of November? Did you not ever wonder why?”

It is kind of intended as a major lesson.

As long as something that is stated is finally carried out. Just like so many other things for the last year or two and my two other plans, it is totally and utterly out of my control. It ultimately relies on others to do as they should, do as they say or offer help. I cannot make people do these things … they simply have to see the light and do what they can or what they say they are going to do.

I have had to wait and wait for all of these things to fall into place. I could not force them and I simply had to wait. Getting this lady on board today was a path that led around the block a few times … but I got there in the end.

Now I just have to play the waiting game to see what occurs.

After leaving the building I found myself scanning along some old Mews and realised I missed all that. I love all the little Mews around London and saw a Tudor style church I did not know existed previously. Even pointed it out to the lady I met.

I stood there smoking a roll up and stared down one particular Mews and I so wanted to stay there in London and walk around these places like I used to do! But I couldn’t do it as tempted as I was.

I got back to Enfield and realised I was way, way early for my Job Centre doobrey whatsit. I then got outside the building and was feeling dead and tired when one friend rang. He is the one that thinks I am entitled to compensation, but I’ll believe it when I am told it or see it. When I told him what happened he was over the moon! Kept repeating “Well done!” before I cut our conversation short and went in to only be told off. It seems in my head I had told myself all day that the time was 2.40pm when it was actually 1.40pm and I was an hour late! I would not mind were it not for the fact I sat in the Town Park smoking for an hour!

After nebing told I would have to wait and me apologising I waited for an hour before I finally got called over. Fair play, it was my fault and I sat there waiting and wondering how in the hell I had made the mistake? I then remembered that they wrote TWO appointments in my book and I wondered whether I had looked at the bottom time instead of the one above it? Nope because I looked as I sat down and the time listed at the bottom was NOT 2.40pm! Lol.

I apologised again, told her I had been to London and mentioned where, which I did not want to do due to the reasons why I was there but she did not know who it was anyway.

Then she realised that I had been on Jobsearch awhile, been on Universal Credit due to a major cock-up and then realised I was an expert on animals and orchids among other things and she just wanted to chat and chat. In the end she was very nice and very cool. Just like the first lady I met that day.

Both calm and collected professionals with voices that gave away upbringings better than your average suburban area. Found out where the second lady was from and thought about asking the first but did not. Forgot. Maybe next time? If there IS a next time?

Sooo … then? It is mid November and aa few weeks of backwards and forwards to and fro and things should be almost there?

EDIT: here is a link …


​OK ..

I don’t really know what this is.

This was sent to my phone during Adobe group discussion I seem to be a part of and i don’t know how that actually happened.

After hearing and reading of disturbing news in the UK regarding politicians, celebrities and others higher up I now see these accusations and claims being mirrored in America. Regarding children.

But there had been a French report, yes you are going to have to translate the page so I’m warning you ahead of time, of course to 8,000 children being taken away … oh … didn’t notice what time period this was over.

This might be over several years or just one but it’s heading for 8,000 children.

There is something about it being kept quiet too.

I’m asking myself where these children went and whether or not there is some sort of tracking on all of them?

I mean they’re children, right?

Nothing should be kept quiet and there should be a way of tracking children in care.

This is something that I personally have witnessed and witnessed the system boot only failing but stepping in before they went ahead and made major, major mistakes that places children in harm’s way. 

As it turns out that harm i tried to help avoid may be far worse than even I feared?!

That covers from not only stuff on the Internet and YouTube, pointing out some very worrying links, but also zips around everyone’s mobile phones from time to time.

Yeah? Think you can keep track of everything said and by who, do yah? Well good luck with that! 

Let me know how that works out for yah! Lol.

As for what artists to be a very large number of children being taken … I would like to know where they all went out be told by someone I fully trust that they were all safe.


I am still watching the odd video, American based, on Donald Trump’s presidential win and a very interesting reaction to some news reports.

To my surprise I spotted an video that had a title stating a moment when MSNBC News stated that they realised that the news media played a part in Donald Trump winning.

They speak about how the New York Times were partly responsible along with many others for not concentrating on the people of America. They then point out the titles to the reports in the New York Times that still ignores what the people wanted and instead concentrates on the gloomy side of the outcome.

The guy on MSNBC,, I can only see his first name of Joe, speaks about his greatest respect for the New York Times but points out a great many failings in modern journalism.

It was quite interesting to watch because there were four people in the studio and they all looked stunned and that is putting it mildly.

One other person in the studio also mirrored what Joe was saying and also held up the issue of The New York Times to point out its heading and sub-heading.

Now for me … what Joe said was … ballsy and I have a lot of respect for him to point out what he did.

Though it did sound like that The New York Times were telling people that Hillary Clinton has a 98 to 99 percent chance of winning, insinuating that a large number did not bother to vote as Hillary Clinton had it in the bag.

Joe also pointed out that one news reporter was ‘slammed’ for stating that Hillary Clinton only had a 70% chance of winning.

He also gave a message to the New York Times and stated that anyone voting for Donald Trump was a racist and a bigot and went on to say that if they continue to believe that 50 million Americans were racist and bigots then he pitied them.

In other words change your tune before you commit commercial suicide.

This is why the tabloids in America and the UK are failing, it is not because of the Internet for any other reason than the real facts that are unbiased can be FOUND on the Internet. Yes you have to have a feel or a bit of know-how to sort out the wheat from the chaff and there are times when that can be hard. But the more you look around the more you can build up a picture.

In other words you are doing the job that journalists are paid to do but either do not bother and put their own political desires over or fulfilling that of someone else’s.

The video below is that which I am talking about but I would wager that both on and off screen there are a lot of stern talks going on like that. Because some that DO consider themselves as professionals have ended up looking bad.

He openly admits that Michael Moore he does not see eye to eye with but Michael Moore stated that Donald Trump would win because Americans are hurting and he praised Michael Moore for getting it right.

That takes a lot of balls to do what Joe did at MSNBC and I for one am both surprised and impressed at his little speech.

I do wonder what more can come out of all this in the media.

I heard a couple of reporters from two national UK tabloids react with a ‘no’ when asked if they thought Donald Trump would employ Nigel Farage, as he had just been there, as ambassador to the UK. Now this was not your average negative ‘no’ but an almost dismissive sarcastic one where a man they dislike could not possibly be accepted.

Hmm now where have we experienced this news media negativity towards a single man in very recent times? Oh yeah, all the news media and in the UK too towards Donald Trump. Now they see how that worked out for them. Or at least they should, if they take off their Ray-Ban sunglasses that is?

Hey guess what UK journalist numb-nuts? If Donald Trump gave him that position you would have no fucking choice, despite the fact that you think you and the British government do. Or are you simply going to ignore the Brexit voters yet again?

Jesus Christ the arrogance of UK national tabloid journalists is simply staggering, as is the level of blindness and deafness they are afflicted by. Take a look at the American news media as they are all back-peddling like crazy and eating humble pie. Jerk-offs.

At least the American media have actually realised what they have done. It was a mirror image of what was done to Nigel Farage by the news media and he still got votes, just did not do as well as Donald Trump.

Also you MIGHT want to take note of this … I told one Conservative voter and three Labour voters that the word on the wire was that Donald Trump was being offered the job of Ambassador to Europe and do you know what these people did? They burst out laughing! They thought that was hilarious due to feelings that both Nigel Farage and European leaders and diplomats have for each other.

I think you will find that everyone that voted for Brexit will also burst out laughing if this did indeed turn out to be true and he did become Ambassador to Europe.

The funny thins is that I knew nothing about Donald Trump, was not sure about him being president, but preferred him over Hillary Clinton, thought he was a a bit silly saying some of the things he did but find him interesting and likeable. I also admired Nigel Farage for having the balls to say many of the things he did and the criticism he took for it. So I find it not only quite surprising that Nigel Farage and Donald Trump are friends but also kind of neat as well as kind of interesting.

That last point? Yup, interesting because I am wondering if there is a game plan and wondering if I have already realised what that game plan is.

If I am right the UK and Europe are in for a big shock in either four years time or seven to eight years time.

Just saying and I said it here! Lol.

The world is a stage and you do not get much bigger than being one of the US Presidents right hand men. That tends to … change people’s perspectives over time. A perspective that I thought had changed prior to the last general election in the UK. This was one of the few times I got it wrong,, despite many being shocked at how many votes Nigel Farage and UKIP received.

I think Mr Farage has found a different route to the one he wanted which may turn out to be a lot quicker than his previous one? A much smarter one?

Just saying.


I stand corrected as it seems that people are both realising that the British News Media is crap and lying and manipulating the British people but is bein reported on, on YouTube just like the American media was …

The BBC .. my favourite organisation followed by several other nationwide electrical store chains … sick and tired of celebrities that do not have to lie among it all and nor do they have to travel in buses and trains on inner London that get targeted by suicide bombers! ..


People are strange, sorry Jim.

Even those you know can say the funniest things and show that they have never quite listened to you at all for many years.

Sometimes you can just say something and it triggers them off and then you hear al the stuff that makes you realise some cold hard truths.

As I have stated a few times I have been having it hard lately and harder than any time in the last 15 years. It is why I have had breakdowns and why I am on a certain pill called Proprananlol. It works unless the anxiety happens to be very bad then it seems to stop working. In fact on the odd occasions I have had anxiety lately I have realised I forgot to take my pills. One day when it was particular stronger than any other time I realised I had not taken my pills for two days.

Now usually I would be reminded I have not taken my pills as I would get sever heartburn at some point. But I have lost a shed load of weight and when that happens the heartburn becomes less of a problem.

Unless I eat baked beans.

This has always been that way.

So it gets mentioned a hell of a lot whenever I am speaking to people I know about my different … afflictions.

So imagine a scenario whereby you mentioned that the difference in money is that even though I am surviving on crab paste on toast I am still running out of money. Then imagine that they then turn around and state, forr the umpteenth time so I REMEMBER what others say, “Oh told you before, don’t go to Sainsburys, go to Lidl’s and spend £30 on beans that will last you a month”. This is where I tell people that I am different whee I could then state “AND I TOLD you before that I cannot eat beans!” and then imagine that despite being reminded of this several times and explaining that I DO love beans one replies “Well, that’s down to you then!”

Yes I explained yet again that I get severe heartburn when I eat beans and I guarantee that of the same conversation took place in a years time they will tell me to go down and spend £30 on baked beans at Lidl’s as they have said it for the last 4 years or more.

Did you miss the main points in all that?

  • I am not eating because I have no appetite

  • I said I lived on Crab Paste (70 pence and lasts 3 days) and bread

I hope I did not have to put down how much bread costs as it is a staple food source and has been for thousands of years? Good.

I also mentioned that I was going to see someone this week that will help me with my major problem that I have with the DWP, in that I feel like they are going to try and kill me and will get worse at some point.

When I mentioned this I was asked, why?! So I told them that these were disability specialists and legal and I was asked “Well what IF they say your not disabled?” and that was really “Well I don’t think your disabled!” This was someone I fell out with for a couple years as they had adopted that attitude previously. When we started talking again they were sorry about it. Except we seem to be right back to where we was previously?

I was then asked “WHO is paying for this?” and the penny dropped.

That was really ‘Is that coming out of my taxes?’ when the truth is they do not make enough money to pay any.

I was shockingly told recently that the government should not pay disabled and old people so that they could die and take the stress off the country?!

I know, right?

Yeah they did not do the math for a start … once you get over the shock of what was said.

They never stated anything like this previously and I realised something about them and a lot of other people in the UK. Things have been bad for so very long that more and more people are becoming amoral. Despite the fact that I keep telling them they should choose their targets carefully and not throw stones at everyone. For starters you cannot win that way. Nor can being so angry that you talk about exterminating or removing people.

What I want to say in situations like this is that if you was a politician and you come out with stuff like that you would have to be an idiot. You would not last as a politician for very long but sometimes when I hear different people talk it sounds like that they genuinely want that?!

Though I complained about the extreme left Social Justice Warriors wanting unattainable things some people on the right, many of which jumped from centre-left to far right, harp on about wanting things that are not attainable.

It is like a form of entitlement based on delusional things? They think that by exterminating or letting disabled people die and not having a welfare state is going to make things right where their income is overnight? My friends it wont do this in five years time nor ten years time.

Note that one of the biggest problems during the recession is people not spending money, while rent, rates and buildings costs spent the previous years going through the roof and into outer space! Something should I have been done long ago, long ago I told everyone something should have been done, nothing was done and now were in the mess I predicted 4.5 years before it struck.

But now I a paying for it?! Right. Never voted for any of the twats ,until Nigel Farage came along that is.

I would rather vote for someone that speaks his mind than have all the stuff said to me that I want to hear only for it never to happen.

President Barack Obama promised three things and since in power everyone thinks he was the greatest thing since sliced bread was invented.

  • Guantanamo Bay closed … didn’t happen

  • Troops brought back from middle-east … didn’t happen

  • Gun Laws changed … didn’t happen

  • Healthcare, I refuse to call it ObamaCare … kinda sort of happened … after a long pause

OK so I remembered one he sort of brought in and added it. Credit where credit is due.

Oh … could not remember thellast one so I Google’d ‘Obama broken promises’ and I found a page that lists quite a few. Now you have to remember if you go and look at this that this could be a page very biased in the favour of the Republicans, yeah they get up to some similar shit, so might want to take that into account. There are six pages and it could be as many as 120 broken promises?

But then President George W. Bush might have broken 200 and you might not read about it on the web-page below.

I always try to get a ‘feeel’ for bias. Normally I can pick it up after reading for a bit or even just listening for a few minutes. IF … I am interested enough to read or listen to it all, that is.

Anyway … three major broken promises.

I didn’t care about any of the three broken promises, I did about health care and I am not American nor have ever been there.

But this is after eight years!

Your only allowed to be President for 8 years!

Every single President they vote for from now on has an excuse not to do a damn thing they promised to. “Well Obama didn’t fulfil his promises” will echo in the ears of every journalist for the next twenty years or more.

Everyone though things will be way better when Obama was president. Did not happen. Everyone thinks, or a quarter to a half do, that President Trump will bring hell on Earth?! Mark my words it will not happen. I know many kinda want it to go this way, to prove a point on one side of the argument and get rid of a lot of problems and people on the other side of the argument.


Out there bustin’ heads over it though!

The attitude is that if someone says a stupid thing enough or does a stupid thing enough things will go in their favour and eventually improve for them?!


You could get part way their and that is by … wait for it … picking the targets one at a time, vital that, and STICKING to them and stop moaning about fucking everything and everyone.

There is an saying that has lasted through the ages … divide and conquer.

Probably not a good idea to battle or ‘have it in’ for groups of people your friends with or have a family member that belongs to any group. Yeah not a good idea that one.

I was hearing tales of people on Facebook blocking friends they have had for years because they voted for Donald Trump! I have to wonder if this also happened with Brexit?

Stupid … stupid … stupid.

Some of these people are worth millions of pounds/dollars! Really … I mean … REALLY?!


I do worry and I see the signs that the things that annoy me with people I meet is now the attitude or becoming the attitude of the UK populace?

I just did a little chuckle … just then.

I suddenly wondered what people might try and guess about me if reading my posts and thinking about it, my political leanings that is.

I imagined someone thinking “Oh, bad person he is right wing … no wait a minute he is left wing?! No, no he is definitely left wing … no, right!”

Yeah … if you have … well … you would be spot on. I am neither, lol. If pushed and I have said this before I would be centre to left a bit … but will swing over to right-wing on certain subjects.

I said to someone today talking about Social justice Warriors … “The trouble is … extreme left wing … bonkers … extreme right wing … also bonkers” where the reply was “Extreme left is worse!” and I replied “Really? Because the way I see it they will kill you at either end of the spectrum. One for what colour you are and the other for what you say!” Lol!

What annoys me even more than the Social Justice Warriors are the complete boneheads that support and follow them…but I put this down to men that get a kick out of being opressed by women and turned on by those take charge type women.

Tip … the Social Justice Warrior women are not your only option, they do not have to me bat-shit crazy to be take charge kind of women. Lol. You just follow them because they stick out like a sore thumb, especially on YouTube!

But hey, whatever your into is you business and makes no nevermind to me. Just do not be surprised if you stick your head out in a very public way on social media and you get it chewed off.

Now for the surprising shit about me compared to the Social Justice Warrior types …

  • I never stand around telling sexual jokes

  • I do not stand around with people talking about sex all the time

  • I have been single for 12 years plus

  • I do not approach every woman IU find attractive to ask them out

  • I have never expected any of my ex’s to do certain … chores, like cook for instance

  • I will say hello or be courteous and thank anyone for good manners no matter WHO it is

I wonder how many Social justice Warriors have just read several posts about themselves, got a picture in their head about me and now confused and thinking “Oh I got him wrong!”

Do not feel alone … a lot of people do and even those a lot closer to home! Lol.

I just get annoyed at seeing people argue or spend money, time and hours campaigning for things they will never achieve instead of concentrating the things that you CAN achieve.

There are a lot of things wrong in the western world, governments and societies and it is not some imaginary beast of a being you think up that represents some evil system.

There are people really suffering in the world and dying too.

If you have an individual that genuinely does have a problem with you and what you are make sure that you are right and that when you do reach that point just think “Fuck ’em. They are not worth it” because despite everything I say I do not like prejudices … unless they are truly deserving of it. One two faced lying lot spring to mind.

As I said to someone today it is all about progress and progress takes time and cannot be forced and if you DO try and force it then things may well get worse for you. Fulfilling your own prophecy you thought you were working so hard to prevent.

As for the terms for all the different trans-gender types? Really? Someone was on TV in America arguing about this being made law?! REALLY?! There looked like a long list of pronouns and … my God … you really expect people to know which one to use by simply LOOKING at someone?! Did you actually plan out a guide leaflet for every American citizen to carry around do every time they meet someone they can pull it out and check? Have you ANY idea of how many people across America will get seriously offended as the emerging leaflet will basically tell them that the person wielding it does not know what gender they are?!!

Well .. some will be wise enough NOT to pull out a gender guide in front of people but many probably will.

Do these people EER think things through? Do they not think of possible scenarios for the things they want implemented? Every time I hear one speak or make demands I immediately think, ‘nope … NOT thought that one through!’

But then as I always discover more and more of late people not only fail to think things through or do their research they also either have short memories or have changed their minds yet again over something.

My word … it is almost like we live in a world whereby people cannot stop to think for five minutes?

Could you imagine what a world we be like to live in if it was like that?

Oh, wait?!