Noooo, that is how you spell ‘doughnut’.

Sorry, assuming here I will get American visitors that forgot how to spell ‘dough’, lol. Will they must have done?

Any hoo, I was sent a report to my tablet from my AppyGamer that had a little to do with the announcement of a game called ‘No Man’s Sky’ being delayed.

There are some bizarre people in the world. Very … bizarre.

Sometimes i even wonder to the percentages of a given population belonging to the bizarre group? After all, naivety seems to be of an extremely high percentage? Perhaps globally? Who knows but blogging about a given subject teachers you more about the subject as well as people interested in said subject. Plus some general things.

There are some very bad people in the world that do and say some very bad things.

Plus there are those that do and say very bad things that are actually just intellectually challenged morons.

You are the bizarreness of this video game report states that Hello Games have stated that they have received ‘death threats’ …. going to let that sink in for a few moments … yes, ‘death threats’ over the announcement that the game had been delayed?!

I’m not being funny or anything and there is a lot of corruption and shit going on with video games companies and publishers. Lots and lots of new tricks to get large sums of money followed by another even bigger sum, in a series of small amounts, to keep you playing.

Then there’s the whole, ‘this is what the game looks like, we will hype it up but will look like crap when you’ve bought it’ crap.

But, common? Death threats? REALLY?!

I didn’t think to look to see if the game was linked to UBI Soft? I grew up with these companies but they have morphed into something quite unpleasant at times. UBI get more complaints than anyone else and have staff and rules that are first idiots and secondly draconian.

There has been a hell of a lot of Earth’s resources wasted on a great many people. ‘What resources?’ I hear you say…

Why oxygen of course!

Do not feed the trolls! Seriously though something has been long overdue about doing something regarding trolls and bad people on the Internet. At least the Police and the Secret Services of this world have been building up a catalogue about who is basically good and who is bad.

I am not sure I would want to see the percentages of those lists of who is good and who is bad?



I had been wracking my brain for some time and how to do something new and different for some of my blogs for many a month now.

Now I had thought I was going to spend some time in a different part of the UK as well as in different countries but I am currently around three months overdue that taking place.

It also does not look like it is going to take place any time soon, if at all.

Although there is always the chance to see, film and photograph something new with British Wildlife it does not happen that often, especially when you do not get anywhere near far enough, like me. As much as I would love to!

So I have four destinations locally and a fifth and sixth if I go by bus … or am fit enough to cycle to the fifth?

Now I was into birds as a child, both British and exotic, but all my life I have been into aquatic life, hence my aquarium as well as my terrarium. Frogs, toads, salamanders, newts, caecilians (amphibian version of a snake) and fish. I love reptiles too but not any on my usual routes that I have seen quite unfortunately.

I had often seen the GoPro cameras in my local PC World but they were a bit pricey for what they essentially are. Not much more and I could buy an SLR, even a waterproof one! A smaller waterproof camera I could slip into a small space, said the vicar … SNIP, nneext to my Nikon P900 that hardly weighed anything would be ideal.

One night while looking up photographic accessories I found something like a GoPro by a company called CamPark and like the more expensive GoPros, or around the £180 mark upwards, I could control this one via my mobile phone using WIFI, like I can with my Nikon P900 albeit only an auto for the Nikon.

Except this was less than a third of the price … of course until I wanted to order it and it was out of stock! Still I found one for £60. So I ordered that along with a pole, or like a monopod, to fix it to.

It arrived today … well they all did in two separate boxes, despite Amazon splitting them up because they stated some things were not in stock? Logistics? I think not.

I was not sure whether to order an accessories back, with like two dozenn items, or not as the pictures seem to show lots of accessories and a case coming with it. I doubted that for the price.

But it did!

As well as the case there is a bike clamp, several hinge attachments both straight and right angles, a spare back door, two batteries (very cool), several straps and some velcro straps too. There were several other fixings besides.

Hopefully within a few days I will do the videos I have been thinking about since I ordered the camera and these are totally submerged videos of British aquatic life.

There are of course the possibilities with more exotic aquatic life too!

So I did a little unboxing video of the camera, the SmaPole monopod like accessory along with other bits that arrived with it all…

Oh and I am trying to save the life of yet another bird, fourth now, a second Wood Pigeon. Also saved a couple of Mute Swans since I lived here …


Days that are low and have searches for reasons

One wonders what it takes and what to do

When the simplest things seem to require the most effort

Minutes pass by with frantic searching

Does one do this or does one do that?

What time constraints and what weather permits

Then when all it seems is the effort required …

..there is the remembering

Do I have this or do I have that?

First fifty yards and I may recall this and I may recall that

So much effort

So many ailments

To fill ones days with the simplest things

One often wonders ..

Why so much effort?


This story linked below is one I heard about a few days ago.

British film director Ken Loach wins a Palme d’Or award for a film about a widower and his difficulties with the British welfare system?!

Ken Loach actually attacked the system with the words “dangerous protect of austerity”.

I think they need to change the word ‘welfare’ for something else? Like ‘ torture’? You know the same way they have eradicated the words ‘disabled’ and ‘disability’ from any benefits.

Now you have not just a film about the DWP but an award winning film about the DWP to go along with the United Nations investigation.

It cannot be long now before the whole DWP’s real truths are out in the open and dozens of court cases are started up?

I’m guessing that not long after that two other big and very British institutions will also get the same treatment. Institutions, I might add, that were once great institutions but two major political parties have reduced to one steaming pile of a series of corrupted mess.

A film and an investigation by the biggest institution in the world?

Ha! If that doesn’t work then the country and the world is heading for the Dystopia I recently alluded to.

Also that politicians are showing themselves to be the lying, leaping puppets that jump on command that they are. Time to find out soon who are the puppeteers and make them pay by law.

Then perhaps we can move on into a brighter, better and fairer world?

Cannes 2016: Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake wins Palme d’Or –


In one of the tabloids it had basically accused the Supreme Court of creating a law for the rich and famous as regards privacy.

Now I first want to mention that i was told of a report that states a load of paedophile accusations against celebrities in the USA is going to break before very long.

I also want to remind people, and those judges that might visit here, of the fiasco of the paedophile accusations that have gone on in the UK.

On both sides of the Atlantic these are heinous acts that occurred decades ago, literally, and of course there are three Statutes of Limitations I’ve also always complained about.

In other words what do you think the chances are of ever bringing any cases against the rich and famous in the future?

Bearing in mind that these are accusations against people that range from near pensionable age to near death’s door of actions performed decades previous.

Maybe they might find out one the rich and famous have been in the ground for ten years?!

Jesus I don’t know if these overpaid twats are stupid, don’t care or actually protecting themselves because they have all been up to things too?!

It had to be one of those three because there is nothing sane and sensible about their actions.

How the hell does money or fame render their evil actions as OK?!

I’d love to come back in a hundred years to see how history remembers these people, the law and the judges. I bet it won’t be in a good light?

Newspaper headlines: Air crash horror and ‘free speech’ fury –


I have had a reply, a little snooty if you ask me, after sending them letters, reports and x-rays that none of this stuff is enough.

So there Doctors, which are either not/nurses/de-registered GP’s, cannot find out from the data I supplied whether it will be both painful and dangerous to have me travelling around? Or that I am capable or not?

Not very good at health issues are they so how can they assess you by meeting you?

Also note that they failed to comment on the United Nations investigations and nor did they answer as to why they are assessing me for a benefit I have NEVER RECEIVED?!

They think they are so bloody clever this people and yet time after time they prove that the opposite in fact the truth!

I will add here that I bumped into that couple that see me fall and have a seizure. Apparently I was out/down for ten minutes. I told you they were up there a great deal. They just walk a circuit and I had already seen them several times when they see me pass out and do the Shakin’ Stevens.

As usual I have gotten annoyed with the so-called … (looking at letter) …Centre for Health and Disability Assessments. Because of the time it has taken and the number of correspondences just to get my ailments across and an answer to why I am being assessed for a benefit I have not only never received but also is not even supposed to exist any longer and being phased out at some point any way?

If anything I should be being requested for an assessment of either Universal Credit, if disabled people get that, or Personal Independent Payments, which I do get.

I feel for those that pay a lot of taxes. I was talking to a guy today who I would estimate is now worth a couple of million and drives an Overfinch Range Rover Sport, the latest one. He was telling me how fed up he is with the amount, 40%, on taxes and I was explaining how it was spent and he said he was even more fed up now. Well I would be after hearing what I had to say and provided I was unaware of it beforehand.

EDIT: Hmm when I heard the name Capita to begin with as performing a sentence I thought it was odd because I heard of another name I thought started with the letter ‘M’. I had and it is called Maximus?!

So that is now FOUR organisations being paid to kick people off benefits!

Four groups of staff being paid up to £900 per day, the assessors that is, what do the company executives get?!

This is their idea of saving your taxes? Pay scores of people £900 to stop paying out a few hundred extra quid each month? Yeah, that is the worst example of economising I think I have now ever come across? Feel for the taxpayer, really I do.




Dear Mr Haswell

If you wish to be assessed at your home for your work capability assessment, the onus is on you to provide a letter from your GP explaining the reasons for the request.

Please be aware that if your GP charges you for providing the letter, we are not in a position to refund you for the cost of this.

with regards



Dear Idiots

I BELIEVE your request stated SOMETHING from my Doctor stating why I cannot attend/travel to your assessment.

I BELIEVE I provided the evidence to my REASONS in my last email.

I BELIEVE it is not very difficult to fax through a request to a number I provided OR make a phone-call.

I BELIEVE I have made this clear to everyone on the blog I provided.

I BELIEVE that you are now showing your true colours in that you and the DWP are looking for any excuse to kick people off benefits, if they do not attend they no longer need benefits and if they DO attend then they are fit enough for work.

I BELIEVE I was awarded my PIPs TWICE now and THEREFORE have ALREADY proved I am eligible for this plenty of times ALREADY and now provided you with FURTHER evidence. Which can be easily followed up by you sending me a letter to contact my GP if you want hard copies or make a phone-call with this verified.

I BELIEVE I have asked you already, and the last time you did this several years ago, why your are assessing me for a benefit I do NOT get and I BELIEVE I made comments about the fact ALREAY that you are NOT explaining yourselves.

I BELIEVE I have already told you that I have an appointment next Tuesday 31st May 2016 so that anything that can be got will be got then. But then are you likely to ask for something else? THEN you will want to contact the GP directly?

I BELIEVE that if you have Doctors you have no need to have a letter from my GP to see that travelling for me will be both painful, embarrassing and possibly fatal and I simply cannot do it!!

I BELIEVE therefore that if you cannot ascertain from the information I provided that I dO require a HOME VISIT then you and your organisation are NOT fit for purpose. Hilarious that your claim is to see whether members of the public are not FIT or not when it is you that are not fit, nor is Atos and from what I understand neither is Capita.

Freedom of Information Request … DO you get paid up to £900 a day to assess people like Atos and Capita are paying?

PLEASE do not contact me and speak in a patronizing way and please note the letters after my name, I am not 12 years old and you have no right to speak to people like that because you are too lazy … oh I am sorry set up so that any excuse you can find to take disability support away from disabled people.

FUNNY you failed to remark about the fact your being investigated by the United Nations?


Martin Haswell BSc


See below … ‘if you do not feel …’ means ‘ooh please give us an excuse to cancel your money?!’

This is a little set of correspondences I am having with the Department of Work and Pensions via their third hired gun, yup THIRD, to kick disabled people of DLA and PIPs.

Note that I was only awarded it fourteen months or so ago so it has neither been 3 years nor a single year for being asked to be assessed.

Also note how this time they wont Doctors letters to explain why you need to be assessed by their non-medical professional staff, on non-specialist staff, at home?!

That is two correspondences with Atos, one with Capita and now several with the Care and … , care my arse, those people and all to get a message across that they have to do a Home Visit, like is on the file they have on me that I have requested a DOZEN times before!

HAve any of these people heard of ‘Logistics’?! No, because they are not interested in doing their jobs properly … they have a one sided agenda!

Its getting fucking ridiculous!

Note I have yet to mention NHS England, the PHSO and even the United Nations to them, well other than the fact that the United Nations are conducting an investigation?

Oh and please note that I have sent them a dozen letters and x-rays from Doctors, various and latest, and hospitals along with my x-rays. 😉



Dear Mr Haswell

Thank you for your further email and your details.

I can confirm that a work capability assessment has been booked for you for 9 June at 1.00pm at the Highgate Assessment Centre.

This is in respect of a claim for Employment and Support Allowance. If you do not feel it is necessary for you to undergo the assessment, I would ask you to let the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)  know this, as they can withdraw the referral if it is no longer appropriate. The DWP can be contacted on: 0345 608 8545.

with regards

Customer Relations

Centre for Health and Disability Assessments

Room 4E04, Quarry House. Quarry Hill. Leeds. LS2 7UA

tel: 0800 2888 777



Dear Sirs

Here, why don’t you fax a request over?

Town Surgery Enfield FAX: *************

As it turns out my normal blacking out and passing out has just developed into a grand mal seizure and I scared the shit out of a couple who was walking towards me.

So despite the fact that the black-outs are on file I now have to speak to them about this as the Postural Hypotension looks to be completely wrong, surprise, surprise for the umpteenth time in the NHS’ history with just me alone. But then we both know why that is do we not?

You can fax over a request otherwise I am in the Doctors surgery next Tuesday. On Tuesday while at the Doctor’s I have to talk about diverticulitis and the possibility of having it. The appointment was made yesterday morning and the grand mal seizure occurred in the afternoon, go figure.

So your statement over me not needing to be seen you did see as an excuse to kick someone else off PIPs?! Nice people.

Was you aware that your under the investigation of the United Nations for the bad treatment of disabled people? Way to go to bring the British society crumbling down!

Jesus, when are the halfwits that work for public services going to realise the damage they have been causing as well as the lives you have ruined?

Did those in the top tiers warn you about my blog? No, I bet they didn’t?


Martin Haswell BSc

Sent from Mail for Windows 10

Dear Sirs



I do not get Employment and Support Allowance so I am not sure why you want to assess me.

Your answer sounds like your saying I do not need help any more and that you, or rather the DWP, will cancel my Personal Independent Payments?

You have not made it very clear what is going on, once again, and you have asked me about this in the past.

I am struggling to cope with things presently, see below, and my GP has been somewhat worried, more so than I, about my health and stated I have a lot of things wrong with me and going wrong with me all the time, see below!

I can, however, provide a list of what now sits on my medical records …

I strongly urge you pass this on because changes in circumstances work both ways, not just when you or the DWP want to attack disabled people and mental heath sufferers and take support away from them.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that history will not remember these times and the culprits well!

I can also tell you with certainty that it is I that will be the main reason things are remembered in a factual way, not just he impressions given out by public services.

I have been telling the DWP for over ten years about all this and have now proved with absolute certainty that not only have I been telling the truth all this time but I am owed £45,000 in cancelled payments and not the £4,500 lump sum of one year I was paid back in January 2015!

Records are records and even my correspondences go on public record.

  • Fibromyalgia Syndrome excess of 100 symptoms (Guy’s Hospital) List of painful, embarrassing and irritating things
  • Right Knee defective (Guy’s Hospital)
  • Collapsed Discs in my back (X-Ray available)
  • High Blood Pressure, Hypertension Stage 2 and beyond even with 10mg Ramipril reads above 150 always, been above 180 and Systolic also always above normal
  • Postural Hypotension that with above to black out and fall
  • Oesophagitis Causes embarrassing sudden vomiting
  • Hiatus Hernia
  • Inguinal Hernia (left)
  • Inguinal Hernia repair (right) stinging and aching
  • Night cramps
  • Diverticulitis
  • GP Left family practice and told me he would talk to his brother, Dr Alex, and his father, Dr Thievendra, about me and that I should come in regularly as there is a lot wrong with me

Medication ..

  • Gabapentin (FMS) @500mg daily
  • Tramadol (Back) @ 200mg daily
  • Methocarbomol (Back) @1250mg daily
  • Metoclopramide  not sure what weights
  • Ramipril (HBP) @ 10mg daily
  • Amitriptyline (FMS) @ 30mg daily
  • Quinine Sulphate (Night Cramps)

Is this list enough for you? I can assure you it is far too much for me and I am convinced my life will not reach the age that my father died which is 56 meaning I have about 8 years.

I look forward to confirmation that my records have been updated and any extra support due is put in place.

As for my medical records you can get them at

Town Surgery

37 Cecil Road





I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Martin Haswell BSc

Dear Sirs

OH, and since WHEN did I have to send a letter over to prove that I am not able to attend?!

I just realised!

You have my file … or did you burn it when I asked for it?

I can send you something … one second…there.

Let’s see now, x-rays of back and neck, mention of knee, feet, back (wrong area as usual), Inguinal hernia they tried to lie about for you, Fibromyalgia which means many pain and memory problems, hypercholesterolaemia, high blood pressure, ankles and the piles problem which is looking like diverticulitis.

You should have aske me! I have documents and recordings going back 7 years or more for the latter and 20 years plus for the former … meaning I am owed as I have mentioned several times, in the region of £45,000 in wrongly ceased benefits.

These documents and a mountain more along with dozens, but no where near all, secretly recorded audio can be found on my blog with a day to day and week to week account of my ills and actions seen by over 300,000 people and rising.

The people that asked you to do this, and lie and cheat about it, know of the blog. After all someone phoned a previous GP from high up in the NHS and told them I was recorded them … albeit 4 years or so too bloody late!

Also you claimed to have medical reports on me that ‘weren’t up to scratch’ over three separate applications for DLA and PIPs after you wrongly cancelled it for 8 years. Strange then, is it not, that when I requested these medical records your legal department called me up to apologise and tell me they had all disappeared and there was not a single shred of paper concerning my health to be found?!

Sad then that when you did I had already published letter from you to state that you DID have medical records on me and it was these that were not up to scratch?

Oh and if your bosses think they have worked out something to get me on some technicality … think again, go ahead and let me know how that works out for yah!



Martin Haswell BSc


I have spent the last several hours forgetting what took place this afternoon, then remembering and then being shocked ask over again.

I am simply stunned I had a grand mal seizure.

I shouldn’t be, or at least not as shocked as I am. I knew it was heading for something. They seemed to be getting stronger every now and then and I collapsed completely a couple of times recently.

When I say that I mean collapsing completely to the floor, not against a shelf or magazine rack and holding on for dear life as is normally the case and has been for a number of years now.

It keeps flashing through my mind how weirded out I was at finding myself lying on the floor. On my left side I think. I only remember feeling like I was being violently shaken but in an involuntary movement kind of way and sitting upright and staggering into my knees.

As far as I can find the postural hypertension I was diagnosed with does not come up as a cause for seizures. Many things do and unfortunately many are fatal.

Many of the ones that aren’t fatal can easily be ruled out, bit leaving the prognosis looking too clever.

Well I did state several times that I don’t think I would make it to the age my father did at 56.

To think, I thought enough people would realise the truths hidden in this blog, tell family and friends about it who would do the same and I’d get to have a private Doctor look at me before the NHS killed me?

Fat chance.

Was not that long ago I told a friend it looks like I have diverticulitis and he said that, that , could kill me.

Oddly one of the not so nice possible causes does state fogginess of the brain and more importantly, gut problems.

I had settled in diverticulitis because it was obvious that bacteria was involved each time I had a fourteen hour dose from hell. Unless the guy problems listed for the condition I saw involved bacteria?

Seems funny really waiting eight days to see a Doctor over things that have a 50/50 chance of being the worst kind of news! Lol.

A friend of mine said I am not eating enough. He says that for everything that ever happens. I’m sure fit some bizarre reasons he wants me to get fat?

Except I have spent twenty plus years not eating breakfast and I had a banana and a couple of Jaffa cakes with milk this morning.

So it’s not lack of food not is it low blood sugar.

EDIT: I also forgot to put in the very thing I forgot to mention in the previous post. I had scraped my arm in one place and a scratch on the opposite side of my forearm. So I deduced that as I fell my arm went through the wire of the fence.

I also felt a stinging in the back of my leg and after a few minutes a stinging feeling also on my forearm and later realised I had landed in a load of stinging nettles.

It is only now I am wondering what would happen if someone had a fit and fell into a she load of stinging nettles?! Ouch!


I had forgotten until I see the BBC News below that along with getting several movies and several photographs of some of the British wildlife I saw a very large wasp while I was out.

It was so large it had to be a Hornet but not one over seen before and certainly not anywhere around here. Whereas Hornets are slightly hairy this had a smooth abdomen just like your average wasp. It was almost exactly the same colour as the average wasp. Just over twice the size.

It flew down into some grass right in front of me. I tried to tease it out with a stick to film it but no joy. It must have had a burrow in the soil to not come out when teased?

Are ‘killer’ Asian hornets on their way to the UK? –


There I was in a very secluded spot with my camera on a macro tripod taking pictures and videos of some of the British Wildlife. For my British wild life blog.

I saw a couple coming along the secluded path and was annoyed I had to get up. They were around fifty years or so from me. I stood up and turned around expecting a familiar feeling to come over me.

The postural hypotension had been dogging me for the last hour. It is annoying at the very best of times and this was real edge of the black-out territory.

My new Nikon Coolpix P900 camera was on my right side on a quick release strap. My new camera bag was on my left side and as per usual I had my walking stick in one of my hands.

I felt the feeling wash over me, it really is a good description, and I grabbed a fence post with my right hand. I felt as if I was going to get through it when suddenly I was getting up off the floor!

Worse still I could feel convulsions both in my head and in my body, like sudden extremely strong jerks as if I had been plugged into an electrical socket.

‘What the fuck?! How did I get on the floor?!’ I thought as I was automatically trying to sit up.

I then realised what had happened and then remembered there was a couple coming along the path just prior to this happening. Where were they? Were they still there? It did seem like seconds but the last time I had one of these that strong I was actually out for thirty minutes. Except at the time it felt like I was only gone a few seconds.

I got to my knees an looked in the direction I saw the couple with their pram. They were still there! But just standing still and looking worried. I said “It’s OK” out loud so that the message would be heard and waved them towards me.

As they got close I asked them what they saw. The mother said that I had disappeared out of view like I was falling but were worried in case I was … ‘hiding’. “No, no, no sorry … I just had a fit of some kind.”

She told me she had wondered if I was having a fit because she herself was epileptic.

After wee finished speaking I continued on my way but feeling a real warm and fuzzy feeling, I still feel it right now in fact. A funny feeling in my head. I do not know how to describe it.

I then panicked as I had just bought a new camera only a week or so ago. “Effing typical!” I said out loud as I spotted three largish marks on my camera. Turned out to be dirt and I just brushed it off. A few minutes later a friend rang me and I told him what had just happened. He came and picked me up.

Oddly enough I had made an appointment with my GP, or new GP and the brother of the one I had previously who left for pastures new.

So now that is two immediate problems to deal with and I need to find out how I can stop pstural hypotension from doing that?

The trouble is I have high blood pressure along with the postural hypotension. Hypotension basically means it goes lower than it should. So my blood pressure can go from very high to very low very quickly.

So what do you do?

How can you take a drug to bring your blood pressure up, if there is such a drug, when your taking other blood pressure pills to keep it down?

Unless there is a drug that is better at keeping your blood pressure in a more uniform level but as per usual it is more expensive so you get the crap, like Ramipril?

Hmm … found Postural Tachycardia Syndrome! Christ, I must be collecting the syndromes? Lol. I wonder which branch of my family I have to thank for this one? The human body is a miracle indeed! HOGWASH! LOL!

In that webpage it mentions a few things I experience and it mentioned Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which I am sure is just early stages of Fibromyalgia Syndrome from everything I have researched. So interesting that is mentioned.

Excess Heat: Yup established long before starting the blog that I do not like it hot!

Syncope or Fainting: Yup always get that.

Palpitations (feeling your heart beat): Yup, had that only yesterday and thought I was having a heart attack and stopped in the street.

Gut problems: That is what I booked appointment for as I thought I might have Diverticulitis.

Brainfog: Fibrofog lol

Tiredness: Check

Sweating: Check and long established on here

Poor sleep: Check … Fibromyalgia includes no restorative sleep

Chest Pain: Costochondrytis? Had that!

Shakiness: Yup … hands. Wondered if I had Parkinson’s, it is in family, the latter.

Bladder Problems: Yup, over a decade. Went to Whipps Cross Hospital about it.

Anxiety: Yup, been hospitals and even psychiatrists over that

Dizziness: Check! On trains, both types, feeels like train is falling down a hole and I grab the bars for dear life! God knows why.

Hmm so looks like something else three dozen overpaid Doctors have missed?! Blimey this is going to end up very embarrassing for the NHS.

I had a grand mal seizure once before and a very long time ago. At a friend’s place and he and his mate stated it was due to the cannabis. I never thought it was down to that and that the cannabis just magnified something already there. I was often having black-outs and this occurred over twenty years ago. Yup, OVER twenty years ago. It was reported to my GP, a Dr Tennekoon, at the time along with the other black-outs and falling over. Nothing was done and after a while it went a way for a few years until around 8 years ago.

I had gone to the communal loo in the bedsit and the next thing I know I am lying on the floor of a very narrow toilet room in an old Georgian, I think it was, house and a banging on the door. I have my trousers half way down my legs and I unbolt the door. My friend appears in the gap of the door and asks if I am OK. I ask why he has come out and knocked on the door and ask him how long have I been gone. Now I think I have been missing from the room for mere moments. Turned out I was missing for thirty minutes!

That time as I came around I remember feeling a violent shaking going on and I got back to his room and laid on the floor. The next thing I knew I could not feel anything in my body from the neck down!

I stayed on his floor all night! The next morning I was OK.

Like I said … that was about 23 years ago.

This thing that is … happening to me. I can tell you I do not like it, especially as afterwards it feels like someone has been performing horrible experiments on my head then played football with it!

I hope there is a way to prevent this?!


I mean punishment!

In this report by the BBC, of all people, that states that child trafficking in the European Union had risen.

I am sorry but I agree with America on one thing and that is capital punishment. I might disagree with it in certain instances but this is one instant whereby absolute scum of the Earth should be eliminated.

I would not hesitate to carry this out one on one, or more, saving the government and taxpayer money. Helps against global warming by decreasing the amount of CO2 being produced!

It a win-win!

There is a small list of criminals that I would love to see exterminated as what they do shows they are the most evil and most amoral of animal scum. If the devil had people in the world doing such scum sucking things these people would be on his payroll!

Funny actually as I wonder if I might be conversing with the United Nations in the coming weeks?

Now provided they stand for what they claim they do, for the love of God let me find just one, it would be such a relief. It would also be very cool if they themselves decided I had a unique combination of skill-sets and employed me as an investigator. Going after really bad guys?

Oh how I would wallow in absolute joy doing something like that.

The resources, gadgets available to me and the ideas I would come up with would be mind-blowing, even mine, and a feeling that you get from doing such good deeds.

To me they’re is no better feeling than that of knowing you have done some good.

It boggles my mind how people can get into such degrading and heinous activities.

Unfortunately and to me they are created by a system that refuses to change and leaves too many black holes in society and turns there back on them.

Thru seem to pretend, or mute accurately deluded, that everything will just work out in the end.

I even heard about the state of prisons in the UK and they allowed the BBC News reporters into one.

This prison was an absolute joke, some were going in skint and actually coming out rich or wealthy. Judy about every drug available was freely … well … available! They were even smoking cannabis out in the open in full view of the reporters.

One member of staff wanted to talk about nothing else other than corruption.

See it really is everywhere you look and long as people keep buying their heads in the sand the worse each and every corrupt system gets.

To me this is selfish and add I said to another bigger recently I call this ‘The Osterich Paradox’.

You start to talk to help people by forewarning them and they bury their heads in the sand. In effect your talking to deaf people and nothing gets heard.

Selfish because I think like thus…

I hear of the horrid things going on and I immediately don’t think of myself and think that if this continues it will get worse. It will also spread by employees going from organisation to organisation and company owner and top did learning the tricks from their friends.

I … don’t … want … my … daughter … and … grandchildren … to … live … in … a … world … like … that!

Why I think the majority see the details and go ‘no-no-no-no-nooo, it’s not happening. Doesn’t affect me so I’m just going to ignore it.

Meanwhile over time things get worse and your younger lived ones grow up in a world like this.

Even the United Nations are currently tasked to investigate the way the British government has been testing disabled people.

Now to me do you know what I think now?

I think that every single news network and political journalist should stop speaking to almost all top tier politicians including David Cameron, George Osborne and that ex idiot, I mean PM, Tony Tory. I mean Tony Blair.

Because they have treated the most vulnerable in society like absolute shite and kept hiding it while they were obsessed with money and doing their hands into taxes forced out of us or go to jail!

Everything is upside down and backwards and they are so sure they’re is no Legal rights anymore they are even in your face about it.

I’ve spent year telling each and every one of them that I’ve got recorded evidence and they don’t put do much as an eyelash out of place.

Once upon a time someone with my evidence works have been bought off for a humongous amount of money.

But the one thing I pretty much knew because of their demeanour is that an offer like this would not occur. Unless maybe I hit a few million, maybe?

I still don’t think it would happen, unless it’s tend of millions and the ‘establishment’ thought the rest of the world were raising an eyebrow over the British governments and fat-cats avarice and contempt for other human beings, especially the most vulnerable.

It remains to be seen how the United Nations will act in all this? They are not my last port of call though. That comes in a few weeks and a good time as I might…just might be corresponding with the UN.

In the meantime I constantly look for signs that the good guys are winning.

Or even that the good guys are out there. Not the ones wearing rise tinted glasses, they are useless and mire or less blind along with stupid.

No prior that will tackle things most others would be weary of dealing with. I don’t see enough of them. Everyone seems to be pally with each other. All cronies to one another!

I said to a friend today. From what I’ve learned there is no effing way is want to be a celebrity. Because done of them are, or at least were, into some pretty awful things.

You could end up dead, murdered in front of your boyfriend but at least you could go to the next world knowing he will get a great job from God studying?!

Or be a passenger in a car and end up ploughing into a stone pillar at high speed in a spot accidents never occur?


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