I have shown and encouraged a great many things on this blog. A great number of these things have been picked up by others and appeared in the news media.

One of these more notable things is the Freedom of Information act and the right for the public to see where they’re money is being spent…oh, sorry…wasted!

I used this right as I had intended.

This was to first spend a couple of years showing the incompetence and the lies in each and every public service along with their ombudsman before then showing the ridiculous sums wasted away.

I never got around to publishing them all! But I still have them all.

Time constraints, my Fibrofog and other… things and they just got forgotten about. But the ones that I did publish were all in the same ball park anyway. So the message should have got across.

Ever since many of the scandals of late it became fashionable for government to quote words like ‘transparency’ and ‘more’.

I knew this works be bullshit must to console people at the time and I knew that they would wait for the British public to do what they do best… forget the important stuff that fades into insignificance.

Once this had been achieved they would do something to shite they were talking complete bullshit and lies.

I never thought they would do something to prove this to everyone beyond a shadow of a doubt.

This would ultimately test just how fickle the British public are.

It should also be recalled just how many Members of Parliament stated that they should be more transparent!

Because now they are showing that their idea of the government and public services being mute transparent is to quash the one and only thing that currently makes things… translucent at best …

Why, they want to get rid of the Freedom of Information Act as reported by the BBC in the link below!!

Transparent? Yes, about as transparent as mud!

Is this the end for the Freedom of Information Act? –



I have some issues right at this very moment.

Except I have no idea what they are!

What I can tell you if what happened with one and that there are … recordings!

Yes after a long pause the old faithful of my bag of tricks makes a return.

I woke up to discover my Internet was down. I thought ‘here we go again’ because only a month ago I was overdue on a payment I had no idea about and no bill.

This will be a short version before I publish the full written version along with the recordings. But …

I went to their store in Enfield Town and was told I owed no money, the next payment if due the 3rd August and the Internet was locked due to a security issue.

Back at home I call them and someone tells me out is due to an outstanding bill but there is also a security issue. If I pay the bill I get the Internet back in twenty four hours. I pay the bill.

I then get told that someone had tried to hack my account! I’m told they have to put me through their Fraud Department.

After 15 minutes or so of trying to sort this out and some long, long pauses I get cut off. Other person cleared, bullshit.

I then try again and get through to technical…asked security questions twice … again! Moaned at being aged this as I need to be out through to Fraud, who will no doubt ask me a third time, and this was talking forever. Put me through … got cut off … again.

Phoned technical again … different person, also not good with English, go through the while routine yet again. Hey cut off.

Phone someone else, very cut off. Phone billing instead to get someone who speaks English. Go through it all once again now mir than thirty minutes trying to sort this out … she makes sure she gets then on phone first before putting me through. First few minutes she had trouble then said it’s working now. Then tells me she is getting a message saying they closed 8 minutes earlier!

One thirty minute walk to the store, back home five phone calls over NIR than thirty minutes, cut off several times, answer the same security questions 8 or 10 times and then told that!

I also find out that I was lied to. It now turned out that the payment I made would not have my Internet switched back on?! So I’ve paid them for a service I’m no longer getting and have to call them tomorrow?!

I think not!

I then get stern, explain this problem is not my problem out fault. That they need to ring me and that they note have twenty four hours or they can stick their shit service where the sun don’t shine!

I have, after all, only had this a few months.

Three or four and with both their landline, broadband and the fucking mobile phone I’ve paid out over £200 and yet spent most of the time without credit on mobile.

I’ve had the Internet deliberately locked twice. Not been sent most of the bills.

Was not told the first installation fee was only half of it.

Not told that the monthly fee didn’t include tax.

Told I would get Internet back paying bill then told I would not. I didn’t get this service for the phone. Was only interested in broadband landline! But punished and had broadband cut because of late payments.

I’ve had companies phone me when I’m ex directory and only my daughter had the phone number. Had twenty times as many cold call phone calls as I’ve had calls from my daughter. That means Virgin Media is handing out my ex-directory phone number!

Brilliant service!

Quite obviously the to brass on large companies as it as a privilege for us mere mortals to be signed up with their companies?

Late payment fees of £10 a time when they don’t send you bills out?! Are you fucking kidding me?! I wonder if Which? Magazine knows about this? Ooh I’ll send them an email! Lol!

Now they want me sitting around my house with my thumb up my arse while trying to get through their shite systems that lie before talking to idiots, asked same questions as there robots to get the service back I’m fucking paying them for they promised faithfully only a month ago they would not cut off?!

Yes of course I’m going to do that!

I also turned down an offer to go to the cinema in the morning so I could waste my time getting to their useless store!

I also have several videos and a dozen or so photos to upload to YouTube and blogs! So costing me money, well technically, too!

Obvious them making … ooh, no bills/£10 late fee, conning money out of customers is the only priority in their eyes?!

Customers are way, way away from even being on the bottom rung of the ladder for importance.

Also and once again for the umpteenth time it’s OK behaving like this, treating people like shit and conning people because they only have to say sorry?!

‘Sorry’ and ‘We can learn from out mistakes’ should have a law brought in where whoever states this in the media goes to prison. For a year!

Why? Because they do bad and even irreparable damage because they can always state one of those two lines to the media when caught out and the fucking media ‘buys it’ or completely misses the most important factors in all this.

No question about that.

Yet time after time they are allowed to get away with it with no penalties that could come close to being a threat and therefore punishment. Nice.

Now I think it’s time to contact the NHS and the PHSO again ranting like a demented thing and pointing out their deliberate mistake in stating they needed to me.

Something wrong with their phones? They were given my contact details including my mobile number! Ooh…maybe…they are with… Virgin Media?! Lmao!

We are now in the latter half of July. It really is not a good time to be on my bad side and in my focus!

But, hey? They are big and powerful companies. What could I possibly do to them?!

At least… that is the mistake they are making! A mistake made by no less than 8 other organisations have made that have, and about to, backfire on them in the most catastrophic way.

Did I say ‘8’? Sorry…thinking of the four that did this previously and the four sinking with their ships right now.

The aftermath will have a fallout that will encompass a great many others over a 6 month period or more.

Or…in other words…a period of six to twelve months that will affect more organisations than the last three years combined!

The last three years means 8 organisations. So more than 8, probably a lot more, will feel the heat in the first six months after the end of August.

I’m guessing it’s ‘August’ based on what a legal team stated. Could be a little later. Could be a little earlier.

That reminds me! A long since previous naysayer listened as I explained the immediate after effects of the imminent storm. As I explained that ‘if’ things happen as both I and the solicitors predicted then these things will happen.

The response? “Oh, of course!”

Like always with me it’s never about just the one thing, just the one set of facts or just the one battle.

Multi-faceted. Remember? Lol?

Or as I like to and sometimes refer to them as …



If you want to defeat one attacker you run him to ground. Wang to take on the lot and you have a difficult war on your hands.

It has, or should I say ‘must’, appear like this at times on here?

Well out kind of ‘was’. I did indeed do that. But I was actually hacking away at the foundations of a huge tower block that housed them all. Those way above ground were fending off my periodic salvo onslaughts.

All of them oblivious to the fact I was chipping away at the very legs that the building was supported by.

Those … ‘legs’ have been buckling under for weeks now and are closer to giving way than they are to beginning to buckle.

When this … err metaphorically speaking, building goes it’s going to slowly bring down all those above it after the base had been destroyed.

In a kind of slow motion effect.

That’s been the plan anyway. The first ones above the foundations would be those that have had the most recent focus on here. Like one I’m posting about when the building crumbles and then working it’s easy back to posts or more accurately subjects further back in time.


Well that’s been the plan all along, just like this legal case and the damages figure have been knocking around in the noggin for 6 years with one aspect of out and 20 years for the other.

Twenty years … and according to what had been estimated by those in the know, no longer than five weeks remain.

Clocks ticking.


Well, well, well … what do we have here?

This is the very, very first news report I have seen that alludes to that of our case currently ending.

The very, very first time.

I have wondered for a long time when this would occur. I have asked myself for a fair old while whether or not something would be reported on within my limbo period of waiting or possibly when our case kicked off with myself in … the thickets of it all and present in the area it was kicking off? Likely through some discussion with lawyers and something being signed?

I have to admit that the limbo feeling had really been felt for the last couple of months and the finish line fast approaching, with the odd delay, that I thought it would be the latter.

In terms of quite literally time this report appears at the eleventh hour or so. In terms of the legal cases existence it’s more like a quarter to midnight! In terms of when I first voiced the concerns it’s less than a minute to midnight.

So they are now stating in the BBC report below that the investigations and legal cases like that of our own will run until 2020?

There will be a first and it has not only already ended but that the final decisions of punishments and damages too be handed out is nigh on here.

The current length of the remaining string is five weeks long.

There always was going to be a Tsunami from my endeavours spanning twenty years. Always.

This has since been stated by at least one court judge regarding one department but what had been decided has to be nationwide. There simply would be no option and anyone involved in this with any intelligence knew this could not be avoided. Not once the details of our case became commonly known.

Due to the details, the revelations and the sheer importance of our case on many different levels I simply cannot imagine this not going viral in more ways than one.

Yes I would often ask myself if this could be avoided but despite the hundreds of possible scenarios the answer was always ‘no’.

It was quite surreal to see this report. It even appeared to look odd without the details of our case. In fact much of these reports appear in the new because they simply have no choice.

No choice? Yes siree! Odd though if you familiar with everything I’ve said and you need not to be familiar with all the evidence I have on each one, which I do provide within these posts. No you only need to be familiar with the list of enemies and the list of those I put in the suspicion list I have no doubts to there being some terrible things going on.

One is the BBC.

In fact what will come out within the next couple of months along with the court case details is that someone tried to threaten us, scare us and the famous BBC was at the heart of this scare tactic.

You could have someone in my garden pointing a gun at me and you would get no further in scaring me even with this extreme. In fact you had better have a gun if you wanted to threaten me face to face.

It involved a report by the BBC involving my father. It was ill conceived in the worst possible way by someone who not doubt was a complete moron who had not an effing clue what research is.

One of my traps in afraid, one of the more hidden traps because I was always prepared for anyone that had more than an ounce of intelligence.

The details to this report, falsified by the big firm I might add, were POSTED on here a very, very long time ago!


When my partner in crime sent the link that was anonymously sent to them I literally burst out laughing! Then they started laughing about it and I explained what a stupid, pathetic and incompetent thing it was to do.

Whoever sent it thought that we would naturally point the finger toward a very, very obvious candidate.

I am afraid I’m far too smart to fall for this kind of bullshit cloak and dagger trickery. No … no … NO!

Ruling out the plainly obvious only leaves two possibilities. Both very large organisations, one very large and already mentioned here.

The other possibility is the one that has now been found guilty and will be the one that a long queue of journalists will be climbing over each other to question.

Now I might be bothered in time to put my focus into which of the two sent the anonymous link, but then I might not. I have not since it was sent.

Oddly enough it was my plan to put this little incident with the BBC back into the public gaze for a very long time. That is, after all, why I included it here.

What the morons, that are the powers that be, failed to realise is that first and foremost I speak on here as if I have laid all my cards on the table. I always knew that there was the possibility they could check this and put up a better fight. But I knew that they wouldn’t. Strike one!

In fact this kind of cat and mouse scenario was used in each and every case, though often in different ways.

Not a single on on my very long list failed to do exactly what I both expected and wanted them to do. Not one.

Strikes 2 through 24 and beyond!

Oh dear.

So now you know that a whole wave of child sex abuse cases regarding a long list of councils is going to be heard about and reported on for the next five years. Until 2020. Think about that for a moment or two. Five whole years. Child sex abuse and local councils inability, or on occasion knowing but burying evidence of it happening, to do anything about it. Of course this report could be inaccurate. It may go beyond 2020?

They very simply have no idea how many local councils will be affected. MP’s of government commissioners stated to reporters it would be a lot. I know and have always known it would be a lot. I think the number, or percentage, I have in my head is somewhat bigger than theirs?

I have stated this before. I have proved this even within my education and did so repeatedly.

I see patterns. Someone I see numbers and patterns that can give me answers I am sometimes told, by lecturers, I cannot possibly discover. But I have and have demonstrated this on many occasions to the such of many people on many occasions.

These little insights best occur in two situations with one being totally relaxed about it, I did so in college, and when I’m desperate and backed into a corner. In fact some of my other skills and … talents seen to come out when I’m backed into a corner and desperate!

The patterns in this case was that occurrences and reports sounded so scarily similar and yet when geography was bought into play they were each fat flung cases. Not that much of a stretch then to imagine all those in between likely had the same cases and corruption for the majority?

Of course what made it even better for me is that each trick I devised worked like a charm. I don’t think I had a single one fail? But then I do have a failing memory! Once each one worked that could then be out into practice again for different victims. When I say ‘victims’ or ‘my victims’ I am, of course, talking about very, very big organisations both public and private and government both local and central.

Well I did state there was a long list.

I found that when people, groups or organisations go after corruption within society they seem to concentrate on one area. Or even a particular type of corruption. Or one public service or private company.

I always thought this very bizarre.

They were destined to fail in all but the smartest cases.

Because they walked onto a battlefield whereby their enemies were well versed in the ‘divide and conquer’ tactic.

I was well versed in this too and for the longest time.

I also knew that corruption was everywhere so would pursue it everywhere.

I wanted to do and achieve a very long list of goals. A very long list. I have mentioned some of these while others I have not. All will be revealed before 2015 is out.

But I wanted to aim for and achieve something … extraordinary. I was hoping to achieve something never done before. That when at completion, or even nearing completion, that suddenly the light bulbs within the heads of the readers and odd visitors would start to come on.

I wanted people to eventually reel in shock of what I set out to do and baulk at what I had managed to achieve in the end asking with how I did it.

I wanted to show, above all else, what can be achieved if you set your mind to it and planned accordingly.

While I was doing this I also knew that along this very long journey I would help others. I also knew that the number of people I held works increase dramatically towards the end. I also know that the number of people I would help would increase exponentially after the end!

Best of all is that I was, have and always will help children. Children who themselves have been victims, children who feel or have been abandoned.

As well as exposing the horrific truths out there I have also taught thousands of others how to use very cheap items, some they may already own, to fight back against these organisations.

It’s a fucking crying shame that this also involves the Police!

A stage there are one or two others involved too, nowhere near as bright and smart as they first off line to think and secondly like to portray themselves as and many see them as.

The confidence of the UK moving forward, growing and evolving is dead in the water with what I know to be going on. When you have returned here enough, read enough and witnessed enough evidence you will fell exactly the same in this regard.

Of course you can bury your heads in the sand but if you do that one of two things will occur. Either it will be the same or worse when you raise your heads back up or someone would have done the work for you.

Now that latter remark … that’s not something I ever wanted to tell my daughter I did. Nor act other family members or friends I cared highly for either.

Though I often ask myself that so obvious a question…

How many of the population could?

Ten percent? Twenty five? Ninety five percent? Could you do that? Could you not yourself act if you knew the detrimental affect it could leave your immediate descendants?

If the answer is not immediately obvious you have not researched anywhere near enough of this blog.

I … could not.

Child sexual abuse inquiry ‘could last until 2020’ –


Well there had been done old news once again.

Yet another thing I have stated on here repeatedly and to friends long prior to the very creation of this blog I stated that the housing market has been screwed deliberately for some years.

My theory was based on three things occurring starting with the lack or non existence of creating social housing. Of course this had an affect on the property market but so do a couple of other things.

The first of these was the influx of foreigners without money wanting ask the benefits available, despite no contributions whatsoever, along with social housing. Which they have been getting while others that have contributed have had nothing. Easier to say no to British born people as no possible comebacks from labeling can occur. Of course others with some money would buy the cheapest properties. This had a terrible effect on prices.

The last thing I have always stated was always plainly obvious to me and that is foreigners that are rich buying the most expensive properties out there.

These things would squeeze the housing market at each end forcing prices up. Of curse this meant mortgages and repayments were higher and naturally everyone would march, protest and campaign for higher salaries and wages.

Now it would go without saying that any foreigners turning up with large amounts of cash would likely have gotten this money in very suspect ways and circumstances.

I’ve lost count of the number of foreigners that have purchased things like football clubs and had question marks raised over his they acquired their cash.

However there was a documentary tonight about a sting regarding these expensive properties and the skullduggery that Estate Agents for up to. Not only fully prepared to take this cash but also willing to provide details of solicitors to help cover things up.

Hmm need I remind people of my feelings towards solicitors? I think not.

I cannot help but think of that religious leader who recently started that the kinds of salaries being paid are not morally justifiable. About bloody time!

I should add that as well as I being mentioned in one of the webpages before that Estate Agents are supposed to report suspicious monetary sources but that for solicitors this is extremely serious. The punishment for not reporting suspicious activities regarding money would make your eyes water profusely. I cannot remember them all but prison and a five of a quarter of a million pop into my head.

So I imagine that things are going to get a little bit sticky for several organisations in the very near future?

I cannot help but wonder if the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and possibly The Law Society are going to fidget in their seats as they may have no choice but to act… for once?! Lol!

You can be assured that I will attempt to keep one eye on this house of cards to see what transpires. Or end up publishing yet another post about how public funded organisations, yes even more of them, get paid millions each year for God knows how many years to do fuck all?

I have had contact in recent years with both the Solicitors Regulatory Authority and The Law Society and I also helped out some friends in their solicitors practice for several years. I was well aware of who they are before I contacted them.

Of course and as I suspected, secretly wanted too, they failed to act on what I divulged and also failed to answer some very simple and straightforward questions.

Shock and horror! I never expected that to happen! A big organisation that does nothing and/or very little for their humongous salaries, well I’ve never come across that before!

So many idiots with no idea to what I was doing all of which suffering with delusions of grandeur in more ways than one. Self importance and levels of intelligence and wisdom being just two of the areas of delusions I can mention.

Maybe I should just refer to these people under a code name of ‘Shiars’ from now on?

Oh also one thing I should mention that had just sprung to mind is that in very recent times both my phones have played up.

First I had someone state they had been ringing me with no answer, several times too. Yet my mobile was right next to me, charged up and no messages of missed phone calls?! About a week ago, this occurred.

A couple of days ago someone rang my other phone number several times and kept getting someone else answer! Only this was not a mobile phone but instead my hard-line?!

Really weird is that I have had several people ask for favours and a very strange thing occurring with this long winded legal case?!

Quite bizarre.

I am quite shattered and have been for twenty four hours and today I passed out while helping out a friend. This sudden burst of activity will continue until Friday night at least and possibly over the weekend as I’ve been asked for some … paperwork back in pretty sure I don’t have! Not good idea to have paperwork of someone else’s as it can get lost among the many, many hundreds, if not over a thousand, of my own.

So the revelations really do continue to come thick and fast and one wonders when it will actually end.

I should do a list of the things I have covered on here and tick off those that later appeared in the news media? Could show some interesting things.


It is no secret and I make no secret of it on this blog that I hate public services.

This is because I have known for a very long time that they do bit perform the tasks they are … tasked with, serve the public less and less each year, lie, cheat and best of all they are totally corrupted.

There is one other thing I have maintained throughout and I NEVER EVER doubt my own abilities to work out what is going on. Of others do and have doubted my words on here then they are the only one that loses out, though I shake my head at the naivety or the refusal to accept what’s perfectly clear out of fear. Stupid.

Speaking of stupid the other thing I have stated is that local government is run by and employs idiots. Complete idiots no less. As a result of this they have been wasting an amount of money each year that goes way beyond criminal.

I have stated this very strongly for years that were prior to my starring up my blogs. Like many other things I stated years ago they never believed me. Many have this completely false impression about public services and public servants.

In recent times the powers that be have become comfortable again, likely because of the bullshit the government spew out especially that idiot of idiots, George Osborne. They think that they have the largest portion of the British public thinking that the really bad times are over.

I’m afraid nothing could be further from the truth.

People are not only becoming wiser by the day but this process of realisation is spreading. More and more appears in the tabloids all the time, oh I wonder why that is and where they sourced it from?! Lol! Also TV, oddly normally resistant to reporting a great many things spread across the internet like treacle, has been trotting the odd thing here and there.

Today I heard about something that had me today with laughter while raising a single eyebrow simultaneously. I was laughingly confused is the best way to describe it.

It seems someone has discovered that many councils across England, I simply do not know about Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, have been paid back these ridiculous loans they should never have taken out on the first place. Missold to them by banks who made up to £1 Million on the first day and are paying interest of 7.5% on hundreds of millions or perhaps billions of pounds?!

A Channel 4 documentary showed that many people living in the boroughs of the councils covered were clueless to this going on!

Hmm not much of a surprise really. I bet you my bottom dollar that many of my posts were doubted by a great many people? They are all wrong, of course, but that’s not the point. Like people that I myself know prior don’t want to know these things because they are depressing. Well of course but by ignoring it you allow them to get away with it. Because you cannot voice any disapproval if your unaware of what is going on.

So it would seem that local councils to and down the country may now be about to be revealed all over the TV news? Well the documentary just covered a couple of councils. I bet there are some real shocking things to be discovered and the worst buried away going no one will find out?

See? Idiots! Told you so!

In fact I can honestly say that this little revelation is the very least if their worries! Except most of them have no bloody idea to why just yet. Well I think they don’t. Unless of course they all tell each other things and they now all realise about me, what I’ve done and what I’m about to do?

This … leak about these ridiculous loans, referred to as LOBOS, could have been a deliberate attempt to draw focus away from what is heading their way due to yours truly? If it is … well it will be in vain.

You cannot overshadow what cannot be overshadowed.

So even more of the corruption, wastefulness and incompetence of local councils has now surfaced.

Out most definitely won’t be the last. I have one about to come out and another on here to do with collection of money that will hit the headlines either late this year or early 2016…well I do have a lot of battles to fight, yah know? Lol!

Below are a couple of links to do with the lobo loans and the last link is to the Channel 4 documentary, in case you missed it and wanted to see it via 4 On Demand, or whatever it’s called.

I have also witnessed a BBC report that stated that the Police were resistant to change?

A Shane none of these organisations ate very good with history, especially prehistoric. You see times change, the climate changes and always has and people change. When your stubborn, resistant or simply without the time to change so you know what happens?

To give you a clue, the Dinosaurs did not have enough time to change, the Romans and Ancient Egyptians suffered because of both climate and people’s attitudes changing.

What do they have in common? They are all extinct!

In martial arts it’s all about flow and not rigidity. My own beloved firm of martial art was created and followed by people that understood this all to well. It’s history is littered with colourful stories of its creation and the fear it struck in the tyrannical rulers of the time and in recent history became famous through an individual whose fans knew little of the arts heritage and history. There are, however, a great deal of movies that cover four separate periods of this martial art style and it’s main followers. The key concept that was adopted early on was that despite the devastating effectiveness of the art there was always the option of change. To alter things slightly to make the form even more invincible.

This form of martial art is Wing Chun Kung Fu and it’s greatest names in its history in chronological order are Ing Mui, Wing Chun, Leung Jan (a Doctor), Wong Wah Bo, Ip Man, Wong Shun Leung and Bruce Lee. Every single name here has been represented in at least one film. Most of them more than once. Including a couple of names I cannot recall due to my Fibrofog!

The point is that throughout a history of several hundred years the style was adapted to stay on top, so to speak. Wong Shun Leung, for example, would return to his teacher, Ip Man who also taught Bruce Lee later on, after winning a fight and complain that someone actually landed a punch on him! The two would then devise a change to compensate.

The original style was probably lost due the most part as the Ching rulers had heard of the style and feared it would be used to overthrow them so the Emperor ordered the Shaolin Temple be burned to the ground and only five Monks managed to escape, one a woman called Ing Mui. The five separated and went different paths. Ng Mui met and taught Wing Chun but later on Wing Chun’s husband, who dropped his own style for his wife’s, meet another monk or two and picked up more of the art. The six and a half point pole and I believe Butterfly Knives, or Eight Way Cutting Swords.

Many of these followers hid in the Red Opera Society that traveled by boat and performed theatrical plays from one town to the next.

Change, flow, expand and contract. These were the rules of surviving in China for several hundred years. The Chinese and their history were very wise and from them you had Confucius and a great many proverbs. Oh and Tea, of course. Oh and bone China … and gunpowder.

First you need to see that you need to change and then affair accordingly. Being stuck in your ways if of Bo benefit to anyone. Taking inordinate amounts of time to change is quite simply self destructive. The trouble is today that it’s never limited to being self destructive and can hurt a greater portion of society depending on what it is or what it entails.

I think everyone who is Greek can pay testament to that today!

The trouble is in whether they will learn before it is to late or will they be didn’t stubborn, go down very slowly and take some portion of society with them?

Now I know what the answer to that little riddle is. The question is do you?


Now what I have here is a simple email.

A simple email response from Eon Energy over a complaint.

Now I should not have to point out that not everyone reads their emails every single day, not even me.

That is one point to keep in mind but the other is the fact that they have stated they have not heard back from me.

I have constantly asked them for an email address and never got one…confused? Go and look at the email address their email came from!

NoReplyClosed 040715


Now I cannot believe that these companies are really that stupid, or as most people I speak to think employ idiots. Well as most first line contacts are idiots that must mean then that the UK is made up mostly of idiots?! Lol!

No I do not believe that, not at all.

I believe this is something far more devious…which if I had the time and patience I would sit down and try to work out …

Kind of like that mysterious threatening letter about non payment of Council Tax send out by Wirral Council recently. In the council’s building 4 or 5 people spoke to each other and all had the same bill for the exact same amount with a court date and time all identical but which did not exist!

The bill was for over £200 and let us say it is £200 exactly and there are 10 million people within that council? If half the people paid the bill then that is 5,000,000 x £200. If there are 5 million people residing within the council’s borough then it is 2,500,000 x £200 and so on and so forth.

It is one reason I absolutely detest Direct Debit and I think its a damned cheek to ask people to do that when they do not have the time to keep on top of everything else.

Too much work.

Too little pay because …

House prices got beyond ridiculous because …

People got greedy …

While others ended up with too many bills …

Too many bills that are too big …

…and so on and so forth.


I wonder if this is why people have ears but do not listen?

Yet will state things like ‘You never told me that?!’ oh but I did or I got cut off and you did not listen.

Write it down though and people will read more than they listen! Lol.

So must be why I call the modern world the 60 characters or less (Short Message Service) and (Twit)ter era?!

Comes across as ignorant or just plain old naive.



I have managed to find myself something to fritter away the days.

Well, that is until the big event but I am not impressed at all with the current weather which, as feared, has gone from being total crap to too effing bloody hot! Ahem! Yes while waiting for the Supreme Court ruling, likely to be at least two more weeks due to files I had to send off to solicitor.

This instils mew with mortal dread!

Travelling anywhere in these temperatures is absolutely dreadful for me, even locally and they are stating it will get hotter, then cooler, then … ooh they always get it wrong!

Seeing 35 Celsius for the south east UK was bad enough for me but then seeing the map state 40 degrees Celsius just over the English Channel and I was like “Whaaaaaaaaat?!”

No mention of us reaching these temperatures but … well, like I said … they have gotten it so wrong so many times these last few years regardless of the time of year!

Please God, please God, please God!

Oh yeah…I forgot…my distractions to fritter away the next couple of weeks…good call as cycling might be a little hard to do, lol …

I have a dozen blogs and a dozen subjects. There are a few other subjects close to my heart that … well, currently do not have blogs! Here is one … err well TWO actually, lol …

Project Cars …