Well would you Adam and Eve it?

Due to someone I have referred t as a Wide Mouthed Troll, thought was a leftist .. then realised he was neither left-wing or right-wing and something very sinister who wont stop hounding or reporting me .. I discovered something.

This person just wont leave it alone and always .. always guaranteed to open his big gate, or trap if you prefer, and lets some tidbit .. loose.

Now he joked that an account that had the entire Pole Shift series from this blog pinned in a very long thread had been suspended. Of course he laughed like a Hyena the way that he always does and I am sure he will lay claim to this victory.

Well it turned out he was wrong .. well he should really be used to that as he has tried with me hundreds if not thousands of time since August 2017 and has not gotten anywhere. Outside of three suspensions, one for speaking metaphorically, one he claims for .. the backup to this blog and one for calling him an idiot and a moron. Seems certain truths are not allowed, eh?

Well this time he was wrong but for once you could not blame him because it does indeed come up that this account looks to not exist .. bu I can assure you that it does and nor does or has it ever received a suspension nor does it have any current shadow bans .. because I checked.

Now another account used that did receive suspensions still sits there with its offending tweets. Which are pinned.

HOWEVER .. this one with its Pole Shift series pinned in a very long thread is secretly hidden from view ..

Not found from outside Twitter
Not found from inside Twitter
Has no Shadow Bans
Yet here it is with its Pole Shift Pinned Thread!

Now the odd thing is this .. this so-called troll .. I have suspected for many weeks now is not a toll at all but something far more .. sinister.

He is not left-wing or right-wing, has attacked people from both sides .. only goes after Brexit people and does not like being proved wrong. He has lied about his career four times, lied about his nationality, lied about his skin colour, lied about his faith.

But the one thing that has everyone’s attention is his is absolutely obsessed with me and in fact they called him a super’stalker where I was concerned back in September or October 2018.

I cottoned on it was because I was getting popular and either he saw this as a threat to something he cared about or he wanted to ride on the back of my coat-tails? Well when he suspended me and boasted about it that latter option went out the window.

Privately he would not react to insults to the faith I thought he belonged to either.

He rowed with both right-wing and left-wing people and seemed like he was trying to stoke trouble too? He tried getting friendly with leftist group Resisting Hate but they told him to feck off in no uncertain terms.

Of course I know my sciences and had he been across my blogs would have realised that I have spoken about theories of global events .. though at the time I did not think any of them were about to to take place.

HOWEVER .. I did started blogging posts that I was seeing .. SIGNS!

Its entirely plausible that they might have realised I was one that would cotton on, so to speak, and reveal all.

I have since cottoned on, revealed all and now the posts are being hidden, at least by Twitter and in ways the public are obviously not aware of.

Now let me get something clear as I have done on Facebook now ..

Those that are now talking about poles shifting and global cooling ..

  • Conspiracy Theorists and all attaching their own conspiracies to this
  • Spiritual Groups and Healers
  • Groups of Farmers
  • Scientists

Now let me tell you who is NOT talking about it ..

  • Your Mainstream Fake News Media
  • Your Politicians
  • Being told some pretty crazy shit though, are you not?
  • Why its almost like its a cover-up or something?

Because they have insisted on a system for decades they have done fuck all too that in the event that a global event is widely know .. collapses and so money is more important that preparing people for

  • Years without summers
  • Shortened or non -existent growing seasons
  • Mini Ice Age
  • Full on Ice Age
  • Allowing people to prepare or inventors to invent things and ways to survive any possible freezing temperatures



  1. Governments will not admit they know about periodic cycles of destruction and the coming pole shift – they need to prepare to survive in the new world without all of us useless eaters. So when we write books or blog posts about POLE SHIFT EVIDENCE it brings George Orwell’s quote to mind: “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Many will mock us because they think we are wrong; others because they know we are right.

    • Yes familiar with the George Orwell quote .. many use it on GAB .. may have done myself actually?

      Think now I will just concentrate on the deception and updates to the scientific data when it pops up .. check Diamond of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project, Adapt 2030, MaverickStar Reloaded for pole locations, Grand Solar Minimum News, Mary Greeley and a few others .. keep eye on seismic events, Smithsonian for volcanic activity, The Watchers and a few others besides.

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