Well it is time and timing is everything.

This will be a three to five part series, unsure right now, on the state of events and how its all been collapsing with scientific data emerging that I had warned people about.`

So one of the things I talked about when I predicted how long the solar minimum would last is that when it did rise you might get a kind of ‘bouncing’. Where it would suddenly rise for a while and then fall during 2021. We are now in the latter half of August and that is exactly what has been taking place.

In fact just yesterday a number where shocked that after more than ten days with a spotless Sun the cosmic rays bounced back up to high.

I also talked about the core and the volcanic activity and stated that they need to look out for pulses and waves. Everything seems to me a ‘wave’ in recent times.

A for these pulses and waves a report on the Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland talks about ‘oscillating’ now ..

It should also be noted that as I also predicted for 2021 that even the lesser known of the mainstream media, but well known in America, has caught on to a scientific paper that points to CO2 NOT being behind any atmospheric warming.

Earlier in the year there were 53 volcanoes erupting at the same time.

I had heard it was 57 at one point but could not find anything on this, but I did find on the Smithsonian Institute’s site, do not trust them any more, that they listed 58 but this might have been for the year so far at the time.

Since that point around 70 to 10 new names have cropped up, one of which being one of those I warned about, the submarine volcano near Japan called the Fukutoku-Okanoba Volcano which despite being under the sea reached 16km or 53,000 feet and well into the stratosphere.

Just before typing this I posted a report of a 6.9 magnitude earthquake near Vanuatu and another area I was concerned with.

The averages for volcanoes are 15 erupting at any one time and 50 across the course of a year.

So at well over 60 with around 20 weeks to go we are above average and at 53 simultaneous eruptions this is well above 300% above average. That was several months ago.

This recent video I watched showed that simultaneous eruptions reached 46, so once again 300% above the average and I have no idea how many times this has occurred in 2021.

As for the submarine volcanoes I warned about I have also been putting sub-sea geological activity down to the dead whales for over a year.

Something that still no scientist has mentioned despite the hundreds that have died in many nations across the world.

Once again I was told I was a moron and wrong and also as always one of the reasons given was that ‘no scientist anywhere has said this so its not going to happen.

It seems from the many times previous they stated this and got it wrong anyway, my predictions are now around 85 or higher, it .. still happened anyway.

The images you see, which are oddly hard to find, are staggering. When you consider that this was under a lot of water and therefore a lot of weight and yet it reached 53,000 feet. Rather bizarrely the alarmists that claimed this would not occur said that was nothing.

Yes because air at the top of land based volcanoes is just so much heavier that millions of tonnes of water.

Here is the report for it on Volcano Discovery who are a bit slow to catch up at times.

Here is a report about an island being formed though this may turn out to be temporary or there could be more eruptions and it might grow?

Now here is a big earthquake of 6.8, they get re-adjusted, near 22 volcanoes in the vicinity of Vanuatu that has occurred in August 2021.

Now we have had staggering increases in volcanic activity in Italy, St Vincent, Philippines, Iceland, Africa and Japan already in 2021. Etna and Fagradalsfjall are still erupting and Taal has had eruptions and emitted a lot of Sulphur Dioxide.

So considering the big quake that has just occurred in Vanuatu and the 22 volcanoes and leaving all other areas aside, let us just go to Alaska.

Three volcanoes called Pavlof, Semisopochnoi and Great Sitkin have all had minor eruptions.

I was still getting over that shock when increased seismic activity was reported at the Atka Volcano in Alaska which hos no less then eight satellite volcanoes.

So we have had a large number of volcanoes already in 2021 and its the 18th August as I type this out.

We have increased activity in a number of areas and the fact that the seismic activity has increased and there has been a high number of big quakes around the world and few 8.0 and above, leads me to think the volcanic activity will continue for a fair while even after quakes calm down.

Now then in a previous post I talked about the large eruption of Mount Samalas that with a pumice depth of 100 feet they somehow missed. This occurred around 1257 and caused mayhem globally.

Well in 536AD Krakatoa had a major eruption that also caused mayhem and here is a video not only about that but that the Black Plague occurred around the same time.

So that is 700 years between two pretty major eruptions, likely both the largest in 2,000 years nothing the likes if which has been seen in modern times.

Now then .. here is a video that talks about climate and ice-ages and this man explain that we do not really know what causes them and the science keeps changing.

What is of interest is that Randall Carlson states that the period we have had since the last major ice-age of the Younger Dryas is the longest according to ice core data. By about 2,000 years which is what I heard David Bellamy say on TV as a child. A man who was later silenced and ignored by the BBC.

Now I had thought that maybe over the years this had changed as no one ever mentioned it but there is someone saying it. Only what he added was that the last period of what could be called ‘stable’ was unprecedented.

Remember this is a period where these eruptions still took place which caused major global catastrophes.

What is a pain is that our records of the activity of the Sun are only reliable to a point and only up to 370 years ago.

With 20 weeks to go before we reach 2022 one cannot help but ask oneself just how many eruptions and how big will occur by then?

But climate does not go by years so what happens if events occur even into early 2022?

Noticed in recent times that many heatwaves they predicted did not occur. In fact I have had a group of people that have told me, and this is the second time, for three weeks that the UK and Europe was going to be hit by a heatwave. Yeah except they did not arrive and I sit here wondering where it disappeared to?

In fact many around me have not only complained ‘we have had no summer’ but have also now noticed that most of the time they predict heatwaves they fail to materialise.

I have reminded them that not only have I warned them about this for two years but that I do write these things on the blogs and on social media and only do so when I am extremely confident.

Another thing I was told was that I was wrong, months ago, because the solar activity spiked up with numbers of sunspots.

Now this is what I said ..

‘The solar minimum will continue until late July (2020) at the earliest and possibly to October and even into 2021 where I am concerned the activity may bounce up and down and cause seismic and volcanic activity’

Here is what they said at various points from December 2019 until July 2021 ..

‘Its about to shoot up, NASA said so. You are mad and wrong as no one (yeah get this a lot) has said that.’ As apparently unless you get a committee of idiots around a table voting on whether it will happen or not then it wont happen.

In December I was shown a paper from October 2020 stating that the cycle was about to shoot up like never before and therefore I was wrong. It did not.

It then spiked up several months ago and AFTER my prediction time ran out and I was told I was wrong. It then flat-lined as I predicted.

Then last month it spiked up again so old names that had vanished for months all started to crawl out of the woodwork again to tell me I was wrong and laugh about it.

So lets look at August?

By the 14th there had been a run on 6 days without spots which shocked many people. Then there was a run of two and another run of two and one day. Meaning ten days in all out of 14. Spots in the meantime were between 12 and 20 from what I could see.

Then it spiked right up to 47. As of today the 18th August 2021 there is one group of 13 spots, the other three groups now vanished, and that last group is in the very eastern edge and will be gone in 24 hours. It is also decaying.


So now we could get another spotless day or even a run of spotless days for August?

So think about this and its the smoothed averages that matter.

First half of August we had ten days without spots and a few with between 12 and .. say 25 spots, this means that the average for the first half will be less then 10.

Start of the second half we had a day with 47, today has 12 and now likely to go another spotless day?

If there is even a run of a few days without spots they are going to have to pray for some serious activity in the last week of August for the month to not look like solar minimum conditions.

If it stays low and does so going into September with just 4 months of the year left and 3 years and 8 months after solar minimum started in a cycle that has been around 11 years for over 300 years then both NASA, NOAA and the whole AGW crowd are done.

Because it has already started happening as people realise they were lied to and more of them will to. A northern hemisphere with another early onset of winter like conditions followed by more record colds and record snow and 2022 will be a backlash like no other.

Now the next parts will be focused on Covid, yes finally back to that, and politics and people.

In the meantime here are those quotes I talked about and they will be posted as they come and if you like this sort of thing and like the quotes and get anything from them they will feature in all parts.

So you will have to check out each of the three, or maybe even four, parts on this series.

Here is a webpage that keeps a track of failed and future predictions with timers and links to who stated them. Presuming that they have not silently been removed.

Now imagine that the weather and temperatures as well as the winters have not done what they said they would.

Imagine for a moment that very soon you find out that AGW was all nonsense.

Then just imagine that this I talk about and fear turns out to be the case?

Would you think it was decades of incompetence?

Or perhaps you might think that they knew all along or for a very long time and everything around you making your life miserable was nothing more than a distraction while these people prepared for their own survival?

And faced with this reality, which could occur next year, next month or next week with a VEI6 eruption, how would it feel to know that your life was made a living hell only to discover that what they did was keep an even worse hell from you that you have not had time to prepare for?

I cannot tell you how bad it will get. It might just be like the little ice-age between 1650 and 1700 but it could also be worse. I just do not know currently and will likely be 12 to 24 months before I can give a better estimation and even then it will only be for a decade.

The Little Ice Age was 50 years. A Grand Solar Minimum can last 22 years, plus it has to warm up, to 200 years.

It absolutely infuriates me that along with the data emerging and things being hidden there are a group of people that half self-appointed themselves morally superior and carers of the people and planet and only using this because they want power and socialism.

They have lied to billions of people and not only abused science but also everyone dead associated with everything from science to philosophy and beyond.

Warned them over and over again but they wont have it, despite being accurate 86 times to date, that if it becomes obvious to the population of Earth they had better start running. And far, oh so far.

This will become obvious as to why by the end of this series and before 2022 arrives.

Now then .. I do so like using quotes and good ones and relevant ones to what I am speaking of and from those I admire.

In the past I would just type these out but I got into a habit of making memes and I grabbed some images and added these quotes to them.

Karl Popper, Albert Einstein, Richard Feynman, Mark Twain, Carl Sagan, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Socrates, Aristotle, Freeman Dyson, Oscar Wilde, Niccolo Machiavelli, George Orwell and Noam Chomsky will all feature at some point.


Freeman Dyson ..

Albert Einstein ..

Richard Feynman ..

George Orwell ..

Karl Popper ..

Carl Sagan ..

Mark Twain ..

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ..

Oscar Wilde ..

Socrates ..

Aristotle ..

Mystery individual ..