I WILL Upset a Big Name

I wanted to start a blog on WordPress some time ago now. I chose someone else and have been blogging there with 12 blog for nearly eight months now.

I chose poorly.

It has now become necessary to start up another blog and I have chosen … WORDPRESS! Haha!

The problem is my other blog upsets many but contains all the necessary evidence to back up what would seem on most occasions as wildly insane claims but no matter how insane they sound this does not in anyway render them false.

But a point is coming up whereby that blog may…vanish?!

So I need a back up place to transfer the blog over to WHEN that does indeed take place. But before I do this, which is likely to be three weeks time or seven, I need another place to … migrate to!

I am sure that WordPress and many others will be over the moon and throwing parties at my announcements to come but I now have to find the necessary software to back it all up to my laptop, ON WINDOWS 7, and then POST IT ALL BACK UP while using Ubuntu and WordPress as its destination?!

Now I have a headache! (Laughs)

The main culprit blog resides right now at asaintcalledallnights.blogspot.com

There is also the fact I have an advertising account set up over there so I am going to cut my own nose off when I make this announcement and it is likely to cost me….AGAIN!!

But still, these things need to be done and are the honourable thing to do.