Why do I suddenly have this feeling that this event of Britain exiting Europe is going to be the the thing I most cover over at least the next year?

I have heard members of the public talk about this decision to leave like it was made by a small number of people and not a majority, like the majorities views do not count.

I have also made my view of the movements against Jeremy Corbyn clear but that does not mean to say that I am a fan of Jeremy Corbyn. As far as I was concerned he was a straight talker, rather like Nigel Farage, and I liked him until he took one ill conceived action.

Now for those within the Labour camp with sour grapes let us get something very clear. The reason why most of England and Wales decided to vote to leave is due to things that have been going on a very long time. Forgetting the aloof and incompetent people that run almost all, probably all, local councils, this was something ill conceived when Tony Blair was in power.

This is something that really grates on me whenever the BBC choose to alarmingly continue to hail him as the messiah and ask his opinion like it matters.

I have stated for almost four years on here that it has not been fair in the UK towards British born people for a very long time. I know as I have experienced it over and over again for twenty years and it has gradually got worse and worse in that time.

No one listened and it became very sad and ever more obvious that it will be the case that until what has affected me has affected enough people before anyone takes any notice.

Then there is the political correctness that got rammed down our throats by central government but more importantly, local government. That forced people to bottle things up for a very long time and as I stated before … this just turns into poison in the long run.

Sadly it was a case that every public service wanted to look politically correct, did not want to be labelled as racist in any way but did not have the money. So how could they save money without looking or being labelled racist?

Well there was only one answer to that one.

So what did Jeremy Corbyn do that cost anyone British listening to him? Why he turned up in Calais voicing his plight for the migrants there which is only a mess of their own making because of fairy-tales that have been banded about. Banded about because it spread like wildfire that in Britain everyone was too scared to turn down any immigrants and would class them above their own nationals.

Anyone that thought this was going to end any differently was deluded. Pure and simple.

What I fin funny is that the person that has now been sacked because they were trying to force a coup against Jeremy Corbyn was one of the Labour MP’s from the days of Tony Blair, Hilary Benn.


Then there were these two women who when spoken to, in Northern Ireland I believe it was, stated how shockingly terrible things were and how uncertain and bad the future looked for young people. Oh and how everyone has decided that all older people voted to leave and young people did not?

So everyone in the blue areas of the map in the news media are almost entirely made up of older people are they?! Jesus Christ! Where do they get these ideas from? Was it the same place that decided that Vote Remain would win before a single result came in? The Factory Of Wrong?

Oh and I must be listening and reading about the news in another country and not my own because I was under the impression that for the last 5 years or more the future looked pretty damn uncertain for absolutely everyone?!

Is it a different kind of uncertain that they face now? Or now it is more uncertain than it has been for five years? There is a scale of measurement for uncertainty is there? Can someone please provide a link on Amazon to the Uncertainty Meter? I would like to buy that, does it take two ‘AA’ batteries?!

I think that people that voted to ‘remain’ should be advised to not answer any questions in the media as there is an obvious risk of making yourselves look like fools?!

This does not mean to say that ‘leave’ was the right thing to do and ‘remain’ obviously wrong but more pointing out that the arguments and comments have been pretty lame and pretty … embarrassing.

I liked Jeremy Corbyn up to a point, not saying I would have ever voted for him or anything like that but blaming him for the way we voted is wrong. He must have sensed this as he even told everyone not to blame him. Well … turninng up in Calais did you no favours at all Mr Corbyn as you told every British person that they would continue to be placed last just as they have done for the past 20 years.

It is about time politicians stop pandering to the news media, who are always getthing things wrong, and do what they claimed they had to do after the UK Referendum result, the last general election, the general election before that and God knows how many bi-elections and scandals like the expenses one ….


Time after time after time the message is the same. We are all stupid, fickle, easily swayed and all possess short term memories.

As far as the latter is concerned I actually officially do! But I am calling a great deal of things, calling you out on a great deal of things and have been predicting and recalling a great deal of things.

What does that say about the political elite? Nothing good, lol.

Oh and why is it that in Scotland they think that people changing their minds over their vote only works one way? Oh we have to have another referendum because Scots that voted to be part of the UK would have voted otherwise had we known this result?

Hmm yeah they key is in the choice or words used with ‘known this result’. But you KNEW the UK referendum was coming. Why did you either play towards the possibility that Scotland would be dragged out of the EU or indeed wait until the UK referendum was over?

I am starting to think that Alex Salmond forced the Scottish referendum in early because if it did not go the way he wanted he could call for another one if the UK referendum went south … oh wait that way lies Europe, … north for the winter?!

A great deal of things are occurring to me regarding Scotland I never considered before. But then I am not paid huge amounts of money by the British taxpayer to consider these things. I am somewhat different as in the aftermath of a great big cock up I realise how they have cocked up and how they waste millions upon millions cocking it up continuously.

My God, politics have to change so much but I think this is the next things people have to realise and if the people of Scotland were disgruntled over money … errr HELLO?!

It is also kind of funny that it did occur to me that Scotland might have been receiving money from the EU and that is why they want to stay in but … as a result of the EU getting the many, many millions out of the UK government … I wonder if they considered that any kickbacks they might be getting just might not be there any longer?

Does anyone stand back and take stock any longer or does everyone out there think that the best way forwards is to be reactionary?

I do rather doubt I will see anything improve in my lifetime?

If we do come back into the body of someone else and continue on as souls going from one frail human body to the next, being kin of resurrected, … I am going to kick and scream about being brought back into this world for at least 100 years!

Hmm being spiritual? That is not something I have touched upon much in my blog posts.

Oh-Oh-Oh I nearly forgot?! I am waiting ever so impatiently to see these sour grapes turn foul as there are conflciting things coming out of Europe, Angela Merkel being calm, and Brussells, being spiteful, and I have wondered something …

Along with the deep desire to be spiteful towards the UK and its people I wonder if Brussels will make an example of the UK and its people to scare the bloody bejesus out of other European Union members from ever leaving?

Combine those spiteful towards the UK over this and those wanting to scare the crap out of the remaining members and you might just get something like that which has occurred to me. In which case as and when it happens I will be paying a very close eye to Scotland to see what its reaction is?

If anyone has brought this upon themselves it was the farce that was Tony Blair’s leadership but really lapdog status and Brussels making stupid decisions about what constitutes being a vegetable and not giving a crap about the British public.

Because now if we are treated like crap and we do not see the money they claimed we would save … well there are two names … two now very big names that we as the British people can rip the right royal … stuffing out of.

There is a reason that the ‘remain’ camp could not put up a good argument by the way … because the future was and is uncertain along with the fact it has gone down a very long hill for twenty years.

Think about that when you next reach for your sour grapes.


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