Right while it is fresh in my mind and I am recovering from what feels like a coronoary and striped naked after just getting in the house!

Today was what I call a difficult day and not because of the pains either!

I was woken up at midday after a series of bad sleepless nights and remember us wqith Fibromyalgia re not sleeping when we appear to be sleeping. A mate was at my door and I was glad he woke me up, he had just bought a laptop and dropped it off for me to re-install Windows XP.

I remembered after he left that I had not eaten yesterday at all and I was extremely dehydrated too and my mouth was very dry. I remembered my rent was due to so I took some pain killers and left the house. I went to an ATM near where I buy Tea Tree Oil for cheap amounts and needed milk I had forgotten to buy for three days, the Savers Store, but my rent was not in and I walked past three stores and then the Savers Store not buying any Teat Tree now milk. I then decided to go to KFC to try those spicy bite things advertised abd went like a roboto to there. Lo and behold they had stopped doing them so not wanting to look lie a pratt I ordered the same things I did last time as I did not want to look a pleb and walk away. The plan was to leave KFC and then go into Sainsburys just along the road and on the way home. I will gave you just one guess what I did!

I was a hundred yards from home before I realised that I had forgotten the two things I had left the house for!! I basically bought a large can of Monster Energy Drink with a Snickers Duo then a KFC and nothing else!! I was swearing and cursing at my own condition before I then reliased I had also forgotten a third thing I left the house for!! MY FECKING PRESCROPTION PILLS!!

By this time I was fifty yards from home, now sweating buckets and on getting into my house my heart was racing and I was breathing heavily feeling like my chest would burs before stripping off all my clothes because I felt like I had been placed in an oven on 220 degrees for 30 minutes!!

Funny how none of this the Doctor knows about but Atos are going to fecking ask him anyway?!

God they really are stupid. One day they will realise what I have done and what I have now taught tens of thousands and soon to be hudreds of thousands of people. There are several things to consider in a fight, the battle and the war. What matters is winning the war and this is easily done by allowing over confident people to keep thinking they are winning the battle, or several battles even.

Those that have followed this long enough will realise that I am just too good and too cofident and for good reason. As to those that are now coming on here because they are worried about there salarlies I would suggest that if you get into any disagreements that are heated or angry and you plan to label the patients as either mad or violent, which rather bizarrely either of these if true will mean a medical condition you half-wits, and just as the patient you are going to falsely label gets up to leave, check to see if they show evidence of a little tiny smirk as they turn away?! If they do then I would strongly suggest that you spend the rest of the day and your evening going over in your mind what was said in that meeting!

This is why I find it hilarious as well as odd that what I heard on the news seems to be very different to what is actually happening wuth me right now. It is like watching blindfolded people walking towards the cliff edge that drops away to a lava pit!

What is doubly funny is that the webpage I have now been handing out has evidence of the lava pit and they will still walk over the edge like lambs to the ultimate slaughter! LOL!!



Anyway back on topic, instead of poking ever more fun in the attempt to make them all look ever more incompetent when the time comes that is fast approaching now, this was a Day of the Not SO Difficults!

Unbearable in other words!!! Luckily I only had a slight limp and not too many things playing up too badly in the short distance I did. In fact it was a triangle I did and I thought about calling this post ‘TRIBULATIONS OF MY BERMUDA TRIANGLE’!! Lol!

So here is a question that I ask myself repeatedly and quite often in the last fifty yards or so before reaching my house “How the FECK did I manage to forget so many things?! How?! How?! HOW?!”

I matters not really with some things that you are aware of your condition because, at least for me, it does not explain HOW! It only explainS WHY which is admittedly a lot off my mind. But there is still the rest of the crap to deal with and if anyone reading this suffers from Fibromyalgia I can guarantee you that one of two things are now running throughh their minds “Yeah dude, I feel you!” or something to that effect, lol. Or, OR “FECKING HELL is this what I will get like?! DOCTOR!!! YOU FECKING TOSSER!!!”


But of course there are far more obscure conditions than can be fobbed off to save money than just Fibromyalgia and of course it is those people I am also reaching out to with a hand of help. I and others do know what your going through, but I can also tell you why you have been made to go through this!

It is for inhumane, immoral, amoral amd completely selfush and self preservation reasons that you have. So that they can continue to be overpaid while you languish in agony whether it be via pain or mental anguish and for me there is no difference between the two and mental anguish can be greater than physical pain. Because when pushed enough and stressed enough mental anguish is for all intents and purposes a brain pain!

Now quite what your body and your brain are trying to make you achieve by putting you through this grinder I do not know! It is these questions that befuddle me and I find fascinating, even about myself! Why would the human body and/or mind put itself through undue stress if there is no solution. The flight reaction to danger is to keep yourself from that danger, or flee away from it. But some things within our own bodies cannot be dealt with by us alone.

It is for this reason that medicine and the use of drugs came about in the first place! Except those in control seem to think they are for very different and completely amoral and used for power and control. Used against those who do not have the law or the power, oh OK the BALLS, to stop them!

Funny as I think all it takes is to change the law! Or this is where copyrighting actualls falls on its face as many other countries make ours look stupid as they then copy the drugs, just like electronics , and sell it cheaper. But somehow the law manages to protect the billions of dollars the companies gets for nothing more than greed as buying these copied drugs to help those suffering and to prolong life is ruled illegal!

That is the kind of fucked up and upside down world we live in which is primarily the reason all the countries once considered poor and third world have all but overtaken us and good luck to them too. However if they think for one second that these fecking immoral tricks will not be used in their own country by their own companies I think they may be in for a shock to the system eventually. Only by then the drug will be for something else entirely, maybe something new, and it would have been the drug companies of the west that are now playing catch up and acting as if they are full of morals and compassion for people while seeling the drug cheaper than they will in China or some other up and coming country.

What we have here is a failure to communicate regarding the taming of the beast. The beast needs to be tamed and someone needs to find the gonads to tame it before it is all too late!

Because in any event of any civil war breaking out or for any unrest I for one will be telling those of these groups to not go for the obvious, usual and wrong choices but to go for those that cause it. Those that held the positions that caused it. Take it straight home to their doors, where they live as I would state that in any event that that much hatred and pain has been caused then it is high time someone is made an example of and shown to anyone in the future that they can be got at by the angry public!

Many years ago the Romanians did this was their dictator, Ceaucescu. At least I think I remember his surname correctly but if your unfamiliar with it then go and read about what his people did to both him and his wife! Not for the faint of heart I warn you!

The difference being between him and these in power is they stay hidden from view. In a country run by a dictatorship everyone knows who the enemy is or the perpetrators. But in the western world of Britain, the USA and possibly Europe no one knows who it is. SO you all go ruinning down the the city centre and destroy all the public buildings which will only come out of your pockets in the way of taxes for decades to come while none of those perpetrators have been so much as shaken!

If your neighbours a twat and you get back at him by booting his cat across his garden he will just boot your dog over the fence!

Now my idea of a row or a fight probably comes from my idea of Wing Chun. No fucking about, win and win quick and in such a way that they wont EVER want to start another row!

If I was ever in a situation that warranted this that is the the way I would approach it. By stating this little bit of common sense and a little bit about myself in a situation like that I am also laying the foundations for the umpteenth time to blow to pieces not only things quoted about me by various authorities but also anything that may be simmering away in the cooking pot!!

Oooooh dear! What are you to do?!


Now I can at least say that THIS os how you reveal conspiracy theories!! Lol! Instead of quoting loads of mad things that make you sound like a nutter you play the long game and you get your own evidence!!

I have laid out the ground work and provided tens of gigabytes of evidence and then some and not even posted all of it. Maybe one day someone will approach me about the entire collection?! 

I have only waited five years for this making it absolutely clear to the media that I know what is going on and even when I contacted them two years ago I gave them near to 30GB of data and I clearly stated I was going to continue doing so and the frequency would increase.

I think I have passed the point whereby the news media start to look suspicious themselves on here? I mean they did to me by not getting in contact which meant to me one of two things …

1 They are either neing controlled by the government, likely as many mad sounding conspiracy theorists have suggested, or …

2 Have basically stolen the ideas to use for themselves and make themselves look clever while earning millions selling the stories they claim they got to other news agencies around the world?!

3 Hmm now what was the third one that was in my head?! Lol!



Well here is a strange one and typical of something that many people think that the PHSO and the NHS think they are trying to label me with.

The Police Officer involved in Plebgate is to sue the Tory MP Andrew Mitchell for £200,000?!

Now write how a Police Officer who is wrapped up with allegations of conspiring to lie can then sue an MP, who I do think was lying anyway, for this sun of money I simply do not know!

Now consider that the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman have asked me how much I want, I never gave an answer as I never thought about it, and that closer friends think that this is a trap! A tap so that they could turn around and say I was just a greedy good digger who had omitted to extort money out of the NHS and government?!

I have been lied to and provided false information on countless subjects from NHS Departments, prescription drugs and diagnosis over a twelve year period and in that time tried to recruit me to work for £3.00 of food vouchers each day! Vouchers that one volunteer admitted does not go far in the hospital canteen!!

It simply beggars belief what had gone on and I am sure you agree that with just this minute amount of information it shows itself to be utterly absurd! Of course this is a tiny fraction and by just by adding the fact that they attempted to falsely label my as completely mad and then falsely claimed I was violent which ran in parallel to be asked to work for free up at Chase Farm Hospital?!

Admittedly if someone came up to me and told me this story and with nothing at all to back it up I would be thinking of straight-jackets and padded rooms!

God knows where I would be without the recordings of all this?! One had to think way back to the days when people were committed to asylums for no other reason that to get hold of their money or that of inheritance! Or because they had another partner on the go they wanted to marry, who themselves may well have had money?!

This I think of as going on back in Victorian England.

Whatever their excuses that is in essence what each of the petiole have been involved in. If people are wrongly accused and even wrongly committed this is a crime based on a number of small lies by a number of people. You simply cannot say ‘oh well it was only a small lie, I did not know this was going on’!

This is why we have rules based upon morals and over many years the rules have become deliberately muddy and confusing so that underhanded things can be pulled off for no other reason than self preservation based on a position of an amount of money or position of power that they do not want to relinquish!

Not really the sort of person you would want add your Doctor or running your country now is it?

I have still heard nothing as yet regarding my own issues with the NHS and the PHSO but in cases like this no news really is good news. The longer this goes on the better it looks for me on so many levels. I am not in any rush to start emailing them with demands on conclusions and especially not money.

If they are reading this and do not understand that last paragraph then they should never have accepted their instructions to do … nothing, because they fail to understand the basic fundamentals of human nature and very bad at mathematics.

Or to put it simply visitors here will read those words and wonder about themselves and their Doctors. Even those that refuse to face reality, thing ignorance is bliss, there will cone a time when something happens to someone close to them and they will remember these posts and return … quite unfortunately too late. Perhaps one day they may foresee something with a member of their family be it a child or a parent and then reconsider the possibilities. The fact is that for me these occurrences of an abuse of the health service and breaking of codes of conduct have existed 100% of the time across no less than five GP Surgeries, four of which all in Enfield.

So visitors have to ask themselves this … OK so Enfield Primary Care Trust, or someone that controls them, is corrupt. Can I honestly be comfortable with relying on the possibility that this is a one off and isolated case and dies not apply to me or my family?!

If we sat in a room talking about this I would simply say; Could you take that chance and if wrong live with the consequences?!

I for one could not which is why I always tell my own daughter to be careful with every single so called public service there is! She us cut off and had no one else to look out for her and still young. If I got it wrong, yet again add I did with her evil mother, this would be to much for fit me to carry with me the rest of my life!

My advice would be do not pretend everything is OK because the consequences could be far, FAR worse and take it from someone who knows only too well, you do not want to go through half the things I did you really do not!

There is an extremely good and fully understandable reason why I have been asked countless times by both fully fledged health professionals and health trainees; How are you still alive and how have you stayed sane?!

The answer is very simple and part of that I have already answered. I do not like losing and do not like being outwitted by evil people and corporations and decided it was high time I fight back to do one thing and one thing only. To pay them all back tenfold for what they did to me, my life and those I know.

This is easily achieved but albeit with a long wait by simply exposing the lies told they think nothing of and to detail and show the utter horrors that these little idiosyncrasies eventually bring about to unsuspecting victims before it happens.

Sadly I have no doubt at all that this may be getting through to petiole who have had things done to friends or family members and are now asking themselves if they themselves have been mislead and they have therefore been unwittingly unfair to their friends or lived ones based on these so called white lies?

The backlash will cone about of this much I am sure but what magnitude this will be will depends on how many petiole have suffered or even died because of this little conspiracy?

Of that I simply do not know and will not until such a time that enough people have read this blog and made their own discoveries?

After all this was what I endeavored to do all along, to make anyone in a similar situation or know of those in similar situations to start asking new questions and do research themselves to find out.

I have no doubt that this had been occurring and it will take time to do but on here I an at least show you how to do it. The trick is on the manipulation of speak and text and these are not given any thought by those that perpetrate these immoral crimes. This is what you must use and it’s successful because they simply do not think of it! If your dealing with an organization that looks down their nose at you or speaks down to you then this is the best method my a million miles, make no mistake! Even by stating this here right now I am already setting out another trap for those that think themselves smarter to fall into! Any and all declarations have already had their back up plans mapped out. I do not declare anything without planning and then expecting a back up plan to eventually provide me with even more fruit! In fact even announcing this has it’s own connotations!

Throughout the rest of 2014 much of that will become clear and I imagine a few bright sparks may have already worked out what I am on about? I bet those that these posts are intended to hurt do not get it?!

This post was inspired by a current news event, or report, that had a similar action to that I hope to achieve in the coming year or two but have never, ever declared on here. I simply cannot even lay out clues to done things because it is important that these remain vague.

To anyone that finds my vagueness annoying, unless your one of my enemies of course, I apologize. But I just explained the exact reason add to why I am vague at times. The enemy!

It will not stay this way of course add there will be levels I each when it will be obvious that my goals simply cannot be thwarted any longer. In fact desire the fact that my ultimate goal would be declared it will become obvious to many immediately, and explained to others that do not realize, that it will still be a long way off despite being inevitable.

Well at least I think so at any rate and endeavoring is the name of the game because you get nowhere without it, also it should be realised that I simply show that ‘if at first you do not succeed then try, try again!’

Oddly enough I am going through this with something I want to attempt and have wanted to fur several years. This is for both work and entertainment but on a budget level. I keep changing my mind but just the process in acquiring will greatly benefit my attempts to reach my intended goals. I simply do not possess the finances to do it even on a budget level. Not without weeks and weeks of difficulties and I keep thinking of the end benefits. There are many indeed from this achievement on many levels. It had turned out very recently that this is actually less expensive than I first thought. But some items will still be … difficult! But I am seriously contemplating on attempting this now and this could be started in a matter of days due to done … growth of unspent money.

In fact this may be much better if I just then accumulate over the next fortnight after Wednesday as I worry about buying things piecemeal over time and then discover they are faulty! If you wonder why then you really need to check out my videos on the number of used/refurbished/faulty cameras I purchased from Argos that water several months of media content collecting on my YouTube account!


‘Plebgate’ officer in £200,000 claim


I have posted a great many posts since I started this blog and one thing I have alluded to many a time previous is that there seems to me to be a great many deals between companies to control various things.

For starters there was my issue regarding both Nikon and Argos and that after several correspondences with each one, asking with being ignored by Nikon Japan, I could conclude that in my opinion everyone knew that the cameras being sold were refurbished, or rather not!

I believe there are a great many agreements and it is obvious that this is intended to manipulate, defraud or control using a workaround as it is otherwise illegal.

Now here is a report that states this has gone on between Apple, Intel, Adobe and Google. In fact Google seem to be in the headlines mite and more mostly for the wrong reasons. I also have a sneaking suspicion this wool continue to increase in frequency which I have also predicted previously.

Now this report is by the BBC involving the settling of a court case where they agreed not to poach each others staff! I find this a little of if I am honest.

On one hand there is the fact that they were likely trying to put a stop to the ever rising salaries forced by the poaching of rivals staff which I thought from day one was utterly incompetent. Brought upon by their own desire to out compete each other. This is a prime example of where the current system is wrong is wrong, had been for a long time and a bomb waiting to go off!

What is wrong about this practice is the fact that those setting the rules have no issues with the fact that their salaries are far higher then those they are controlling.

However, in an odd twist this move kind of made sense. I shall explain…

It matters not what thoughts or opinions are because despite opinions sounding great it’s no use if it’s not workable. For a very long time while everything was going up so did the wages which came about mostly by campaigning and strikes. Because everyone was only used to everything going up no one saw this as an issue. Think ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ here to see what I am getting at.

Now to be fair those that conspired were not aware of these facts, as I seemed to be the only one that knew the financial crisis was coming. I can also say that in fairness to the campaigners the issues of pay was driven by something else. Something that had completely ruined my life along with other factors that I am now trying to correct. This has become a great deal easier since I diagnosed myself after the dozen IDIOT NHS staff either lied or were incompetent. Trust me both applies here but to what ratio I could not tell you. I will leave that to the others who no doubt are brevetting away on this and may have done so for the last year now? Unless my conspiracy prediction about them turns out to be true also?! Lol! Or they are just incompetent and vastly overpaid too? The whole issue of this forcing up of wages comes down to one major factor, which is the number one thing everyone needs and wants and the most important item they will ever but if they can ever afford it!

House prices!

Of course everyone owning one loves to make money while sitting on their arses so spouting hypocrites if they point fingers at jobless people! So when the house prices rose they rubbed their hands together, just as my penny counting grandfather did. Only what many failed to realize and rather selfishly so is that eventually this would backfire as their own children and grandchildren would not be able to buy their own home!

The major factor in recent times is that house prices have continued to rise, because of a very few unwise, greedy and lazy people, while salaries slowed down and even stopped completely.

Now I have always known that this would become a major issue! I also knew that a recession was coming five years before it started and many family members and friends who actually disagreed with me at the time would confirm this fact today.

The refusal of public services from Local Government up to Central Government to build social housing to save done fecking cash that was not theirs to do so only compounded the issue.

So what we have ate all these tiers in society and some of them a very far apart from each other. No one wants to come down any notches and while everything was going fine no one stopped to think about anyone else including their own family members.

What I absolutely bloody love about it is that those at the top with far too much want to point fingers at those at the bottom who do not have enough! I I even begin to go into how wrong and how immoral this is on so many levels. Also the absolute stubbornness of those I allude to is absolutely stunning and it’s quite obvious that they possess nothing in the way of wisdom or the midst basic of common sense! Mathematics is also not a strong point either but I bet they would be at the front of the queue for tickets of the planet after they have single handedly managed to destroy it?!

This way they can either return to Earth and destroy it all over again or fly to a new planet, possibly in another stars system and begin destroying that too?!

Talking to someone today along these lines, though cannot remember exactly but bankers were mentioned, I stated what I strongly believe is the problem in this country and likely many others. In fact I have an ex mate who himself was a prime example to this …

We have far too many Kings and Queens!

People who get to the top and then want to sit on their arses expecting everyone before then to work their butts off for them and even fall in their sword for them! Good job I do not work for someone like that, let me tell you!

Now to give you some kind of contrast I shall tell you of what I ask myself often and of late the question pops up far more frequently!

It is safe to say that in excess of 15 things in the pipeline and several other things banging around inside my noggin. Now a great many of them have the potential to pay off in a big way and will do so to! I just cannot tell you when. By the end of this year our by the end of next I would have accrued a substantial amount of money that would stop all the worrying and provide me with the things I have gone without for so very long. This week be at the expensive of some large organizations whether they currently know it or not. Now both if and when this happens I ask myself what I am going to do with myself! As I stated this I ask myself more often of late.

I cannot sit on my arse all day. I could not spend my days up a golf course each and every day, even if I was fit and any good at golf! I would need to be occupied and doing something productive.

Now I have had over a dozen things blazing through my greet mater from time to time and I really should start a list up. Some of these you may well find stashed away in posts on this blog! I know of certain ones I have mentioned and feel fairly sure of a few others. But no doubt some I would not have done and new ones pop up every now and then.

Too many Kings and Queens! When I said that my friend said “Yeah, your right you know!”

When I was a child it was always pressed upon me by my superiors about setting examples. It seemed to be a key thing they wanted to impress upon the younger generation but when I look at society in Great Britain I realize that asking the way something went terribly wrong. Those at the top should be setting examples and to be fair they have. Surprised? Week if I now state that they have set all the worst examples that they ever could? Ahhh see?

I suppose in any hierarchy everyone wants to be the one that is above them. Yet I have airways found that nitre often than not they are twats! I never wanted to be like them at all! This is something I cannot get through to a member of my family!

You need to have done something I have found inspiring and this has rarely occurred! Whether this is good achievements or discoveries that benefit many that is what I look for.

There are previous few people I can honestly say that about in the UK and might sound harsh but even some that I did I discovered were not all that they appeared to be. Quoting things from scripts and sounding like you know what your talking about is easy. Being put on the spot and then taking a long pause before umm’ing an ahh’ing trends to give you away.

I do hope I see these things change before I die and that decisions are made on people based on merit and not what they look like.

It is a nationwide TV reality show that should be called The Great British Talent show. Or maybe that is Acting show? Or liars show? Lol!

Everything feels manufactured and badly so. Either that are we are bombarded by these talent shows and appears to be most people’s priorities? Scientists finding an Earth like planet that is habitable? Yeah, that’s nice. Someone standing in front of a pleb like Simon Cowell and it’s a car of screening and cheering until their faces turn blue and even the News media are obsessed with these things and are see as entertainment.

A show about making people into vastly over paid stars that everyone watches because they wish or want it to be them!

Or maybe because they can turn around years later and say ‘you was there’ when this pop star that lasted five minutes and your grandchildren have never heard of and poke fun at you for reminiscing about?!

Then year later they get found out for evading millions of pounds in taxes while stashing it in the only place left available when is an abandoned oil rig in the north sea save a few Fulmers, Herring Gulls and Greater Black Gulls?!

The world is being poisoned, animals are becoming extinct regularly, many are endangered, the Japanese want to hunt and shoot Whales, Badgers are being shoot dead for no reason and Global Warming is not being dealt with correctly but none if this matters. As long as you do not miss X Craptor along with Corrie and EastBenders!!


That is how I see it.

Damn it, I digress yet again! Now what was I talking about?

Oh yes realistic conspiracies.

Tech giants settle hiring court case


Very odd for a Russian but Putin is bad at Chess!

I granted him far too much intelligence because his latest actions are … stupid and will not end well.

You see President Putin has failed to reside that the Americans like to talk big and do it with passion and gusto. Putin has rather naively called there bluff. Yet he fails to realise that when others they feel like they have to act because of all the bravado. To not note take any action they week see as showing themselves to be weak and do of hot air.

If Putin gambled on this he got it very wrong and I am now genuinely worried. This concern has only escalated when I heard a report that Russian aircraft have entered Ukrainian airspace!

That is like sticking two fingers up at the American government and military and they simply will not like that!

Plus they are claiming that the west is interesting in getting the land and the Americans only have themselves to Blane fur to the talk of missiles in the Czech Republic and have opened themselves up to criticism and primarily being accused of double standards themselves.

This is because years ago the Russians attempted to do the exact save thing and everyone thought we was in the verge of World War 3!

That was, of course, the Cuban Missile Crisis.

So now you have the two largest super powers neither of which why to lose face but neither can now back down.

This is not good, not good at all. I just hope one of them does back down but I simply cannot call it between the two of them. Like expecting equal sized alpha make wolves to back away from each other?! Lol.

Russian jets ‘entered Ukraine space’


I found the report regarding the Royal Bank of Scotland and their bonuses of twice that of their annual salaries both amusing and annoying.

I have stated many times of how I am attempting to work for myself by working in a series of blogs. Well there are a number if factors involved in this …

1 I need the correct tools and mine are defective, non existent or old

2 I need the  correct support, finding time is difficult for so many different reasons.

3 Neither of the above two are free! Nor are they anywhere to be found!

A couple of years back I asked my bank about an overdraft and loans and they refused. I have bout considered asking them again despite all the work I have done as I expect the same answer.

This is why I got angry when a representative of RBS told the medias that he had £10 Billion to lend out but no one was asking?! At lest I think it was ten billion but the real figures matters not. The fact was he was defending RBS because the media was reporting that they were not handing out loans and that was their excuse.

Yet I asked and was refused.

I am in no doubt at all the answer would be the same if I walked in there and asked tomorrow, despite the fact I would not ask for all that I need to set things rocketing!

Now when you consider the fact that I have continually grown my audience and content which also included various media so I have been successful but still they would say no. Compare that fact to what they originally stated, ergo a lie, along with the fact they want to reward failure on a humongous scale and whine when people complain?!

Remember that we are now 5 years into these troubled financial times and yet they still seem to think it is 1999!

Just the other day a guy I know who has a car and a bit of work now does not and he said to me in a conversation …

“I have always been able to find some work to do and always had a car. Now I have neither and simply cannot find anything to do and this has never happened to me before! I simply do not know what to do!”

This was not said to me for years ago. It also war bit stated to me two years ago. He had a car and was doing things 6 months ago and stated the above statement about two weeks ago or so!

I also know owners of retail stores and nothing had changed and if anything it had become quite still. Average Saturday takings over a month had actually reduced a little. He would get a reasonable Saturday, compared to the current financial goings on that is, but now does not even get the of Saturday. Luckily they still do take some money but it’s ridiculous and if it stays that way fit the next twelve months I do worry their situation will get worse still?!

This is like that in most places but my builder buddy seems to have had some work, thigh this was several months ago now. I am sure to see him next week and will ask him. Also a painter & decorator seems to get work now and then too but not like he was 6 years ago.

I may sound like a doom-monger at times but it is just how I see things. It is in my best interests for things to improve to. Like that lady who contacted me over advertising for Groupon it sounds like if the financial crisis ended tomorrow I would be quids in?!

However desire her kindly providing a figure I had long since hunted I did not think to ask if her estimated were based on the current state of things or was the figure banded about prior to the recession hitting?!

So in reality if the crisis was over later in the year I would then be in a very good position at that time. This works then be followed by several other good positions a year to years later.

Now I could go to my bank and explain all this but I get tired of having to explain things to prior face to face who look and talk like they know but do not. If they did there would not be a problem as I would simply state the number of blogs and the numbers of visitors and they would but my arm off to want to help!

Hmm now maybe there I have given myself something else to target and putting my basis gadgets to good use and acquire even more media content for the blogs?! Lol!

RBS plan for 200% bonuses blocked


First up before I move onto the subjects of this blog I need to make an apology.

While out today I suddenly realised that I had not rounded up that last post correctly and in my defense I was doing it at 3.30am after not being able to lseep yet again and then suddenly got tired out of the blue!

So I was speaking about the wonder material Graphene and computer chips along with the fact I need to build a new one! I also stated that the tiny transistoirs and pipeline in silicon chips measure somewhere between 20 and 40 atoms across but I could be remember that measurement incorrectly I admit.

Now what I failed to explain is that they have been hitting problems getting that size down further resulting in more heat. This was not the case previously which is why long ago it was about increasing the MHz, the frequency of the clocked speed of the processor measured in switching each second with 1MHz meaning one million cycles, and now its about cores and power consumption while the clock speed has not moved on much in the last 5 years, which seems to have stagnated between 3GHz and 4GHz with 5GHz only achievable in overclocking, meaning more heat. Oh and yes the GHz means 1,000 million cyles per second meaning a billion if your American. Lol! Oh an yes that is multuplied by how many cores you have. Yadda, yadda, yadda …

I also briefly mention quantum computing and that an single atom can hold three values, based on the direction the atom is spinning which can be left, right or both! Yes trust me on this and the very essense or base of quantum mechanics is based on this discovery that atoms can spin in two direction at once! The best way to describe it in a laymans and therefore understandible way is to imagine two intangible atoms occupying the same space with one spinning one way and the other spinning the other. Trust me when I say they are still trying to fully understand this. Whether this reveals something to do with anti-matter (I very much doubt), dark matter (I doubt even more) or something they are working on in Cern with the God particles (Bosons) or Quarks or some such remains to be seen.

If it was possible to take all current microchips and provide all transistors with the capability of having one extra value each to store it may not sound like much but let me tell you that this would result in a phenomenal leap!

Now if I then remind you the reader that currently measurements in chips is at a few dozen atoms across …

Then I remind you that Graphene is as strong as steel when created but that this is one atom thick which arranges itself into a honeycomb pattern and why it is so tough!

Now take micropchip design, graphene and quantum computing and mix them all up in a cooking pot and the results could be something quite startling and possibly head headlines for a long time!

Imagine a suit you cpould wear that is flexible and yet as strong as steel?!

There is a reason that the largest househol names in technology from every part of the globe queued up to buy the rights to manufacture this stuff themselves. I cannot remember all the names but they were all there and Samsung was one and all other big names like them all signd up to the stuff!

Quite unfortuanetly and for a load of reasons, some selfish by idiots that are military leaders and governments and other pratts, our technology along with many other things has stagnated in recent years. That has now become a rpimary issue is the problems we have now and the world needs a few leaps and a few wow factors to give it a boot up the arse. It also needs several areas of people to hold their hands up and accept that times have changed and that there way of life is now outdated and in need of something new. Nope sorry twats, no getting around it if your reading this as you all own horses but forgotten the very oldest saying that involves your equine friends. You can LEAD a horse …


Well I can actualy but thats because when I was around horses a lot I had a completely different set of training to that of 95% of English riders which is all arse about face and wrong. Well from what I saw at any rate and indeed I was often asked how in the hell I managed to do things with horses that I did. Because someone that understands them used to tell me and show me, that is how!

Well that is the finishing up done and today I had to go on the hunt for food for my animals as my usual source had run dry. Weather crap and upon leaving the house it felt cold and I wondered about taking a light jacket but knew that I would end up too hot and left it. I struggled a bit at times and I was struck down by a pain in an area I had not experienced before directly below my left knee! It struck like lightning several times and I nearly ended up on the floor in a market nearby!

After about 30 minutes it seemed to pass and I was hoping it was a one off and not a new pain that will eventually return lead to an increase in frequency as this would be too bloody much!!As I was worrying about this possibility I realised I was boiling hot and sweating and yet the weather had remained the same. I was cursing my condition and thinkiong I fecking KNEW this would happen and good job I did not put a jacket on!

On arriving home I had a call on my mobile from an unknown number and I really do not like answering these as it is always an idiot asking for money that fai.s to understand the basic principles of mathematics combined with reality?!

It was whoevcer now owneed the Student Loans Company asking to set up a direct debit despite me telling them umpteen times that the problems remain the same, none of which are to do with me but the government, told her how I had been taken to court twice and they had lost and my condition along with the question the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman asked me.

The lady actually was quite helpulf after stating this which was in complete contrast to every other correspondence. She also admitted that she had no information regarding what I stated and said that it could not have been passed on by the SLC?!

Hmm sounds like a bunch of liars sold a big concern to another greedy bunch of liars and lied to them about certain … FACTS?!

Hmm … another possible news story for sometime in the future do you think?!

Of course the Students Loan Company waqs orginally government owned and was sold off AFTER I got my degree. So the owners may realise before long that things were not forthcoming on certain aspects of people’s accounts and that they bought this … concern when a long term recession was right up the road along with the fact that the government stopped filling in the forms for you! Part of an agreement so the new owners can send bai;liffs to your door?!


Oh yes and I told her about the bailiffs and I said that companies llike jers were utter morons, because bailiffs make more out of their victims than the companies they represent there simply is no point to taking anyone to court who has had bailiffs round as they would have taken everything and left nothing for no one else.

I could tell her realisation of this reality was a problem that no one had considered. She will probably think tonight that companies like hers have actually managed to screw everything up by simply breaking a few laws and turning a blind eye so that they get something. Meaning the only people that have actually benefit are not even the public services who have failed to realise but by their own actions have wasted loads of money chasing ghosts because all poseessions have been taken and sold by those they hired to beat the crap out of you to get your stuff!

YEAHHH I could have explained it that simply to the councils and any others that do this …; but then WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT?!

Or to put it another way … I like to spend a long time going around the houses to ecplain things by actually handing over on a silver platter all the clues to them strike at a later date to make them look the utter incompetent idiots that they are!

Why has it all gone wrong by using the current methods?! I can simply answer that with a very old saying. AN old saying that you will immediately state is true and have heard for years. Only when I first heard this saying I said … Oh dear! That will not end well, let me tell you that for nothing. Understand that when you are reminded of this saying it realise it is true for a long time simply remember that I say this … that this is why you have complete morons in important high paid positions and why the fell they have the right to huge sums of money even though they have proven themselves to the world they are idiots.

I will now give you a clue that theyt not only do not need to study for bloody years like I did but make a mockery of almost all higher educations!

If you have not managed to work it out, as I was rambling on with clues to see if you suddenly realise what that old saying is I refer to then it is …

It is NOT WHAT you know, but WHO YOU KNOW!

I never dreamed how all these old sayings would become so very useful to me eventually to show everyone up as the greedy incompetent morons that lack any basic fundamental knowledge nor common sense and you can completely forget wisdom!

LMAO. I rest my case! For now!



Well I do not know of any other news report that I have come across to sum up something so simple add this one!

In a very short report by the BBC it states that in America, sorry not here folks … at least not yet, at some function a teen year old girl approached err Mrs Obama and handed the first lady her father’s CV starting he had not worked for several years! Mrs Obama hugged the little girl!

That about says it all really. But mainly it states that there are still some serious issues regarding work in North America and that we seem to almost shadow them in these respects?

I read things like this and then wonder the will the quotes of our own government admit how much better we are doing and how this will improve?! It had always been a sad fact to me at any rate that we seem, as do others, to rely on America doing well for our own sakes? But then as our own pioneering industries have been systematically destroyed, dissolved or sold off many of these industries have been in great need in recent times.

In fact I an name two obvious ones of gold and science but with the admission that I am totally befuddled but pleased that the wonder material that had been the buzzword of recent times was created here between ourselves and the Irish. Though I am not entirely sure of the nationality of one who could be eastern European or even Russian?

That material is of course Graphene!

Being completely interested in many cutting edge areas of science I am quite excited by this creation. I cannot wait to see the effects of its use in electronics! But I am in for a nail biting wait add they are hoping to have manufacturing plants producing the material by the kilo by the end of 2014? We can only hope!

Looking about my other blogs, which I now need to start beavering  away on and making them more of a priority over the next 6 months, you wool not that my interests are far and wide. The vast majority are sciences from both ends of the spectrum and many between. I often soak of how scientists can become narrow minded to one area and got a brick wall when having an interest in many gives you a better idea and often answers seemingly unsolvable questions. The areas of animals would have the least benefit of Graphene, other than the gadgets that are used for their husbandry of course, but the areas that will see the greatest benefits could be computers, even if not at first.

The central processing units that sit inside the device you are using that is essentially the brain, for want if a better word, had biting hitting brick walls for awhile now. Anyone who followed this and had done for awhile week tell you that microchips are essentially slithers of silicon with tiny switches inside. You might immediately think of a light switch and this is essentially what they are! Each one represents a value from a choice of two, on and off or 1 or 0. There are a few mite details involved but this is what they are and the two number system used is of course binary. Now I could start cartwheeling off about the emergence of a process to represent three values in a single atom, spinning left/right/both ways but this is for another time. Simply realize that a single atom can carry three. Currently the switches and pipelines are a tiny fraction of the width of a human hair and when last I checked a two year old or more CPU at either 90 nanometers or 45 nanometers was about 40 atoms across. The trouble is they keep attempting to shrink them every couple of years and of late they get issues with the process. Now as the tiny sizes get smaller there was once upon a time two benefits; the smaller size meant mire transistors ( switches ) packed in and it ran with less heat. The heat which is produced by your CPU, including your PlayStation or XBox, is the wasted material or result of the inefficient chip! Might sound odd but when the frequency of the chip is cranked up the electrons are pushed through faster, but did to the nature of the design some of these quite literally leak out, this results in heat. So it is safe to say that the hotter a chip is the less efficient it is. In the two main companies there is a swapping around every so many years as to who had the hottest chips, because one cranks up the click frequency to try and compete with the other because gamers seem to think that 80 frames per second playing something like my Elder Scrolls Skyrim game is far better than 60 frames per second despite the fact your eyes cannot detect this?!

Essentially there is only one reason you could reliably give, without sounding like an idiot, as to why you purchase a system that  way over powered for anything you can buy today! I know because I built a system like this and would do so again if I could and that is that if you pay the money today then you know that in three years time you can still play the latest games with all their extra graphics and realism and not have to build another system just yet.

But it’s not quite like that with others. For some strange reason many gamers not only replace these chips very regularly but they also do so with two extremely powerful graphics cards linked together?! This is known as either crossfire or SLI depending on which of the two graphics chips families you plump for. Yes they put there own graphics cards up for sale in the hope of then receiving the money to add to their own to buy cards, costing up to £700, and some far higher, each to them play the same games they were playing with no visual difference whatsoever on the one they just sold just so they can see a test that states it is 25% or more or so many frames per second higher than their last RIG.

Then despite the fact that the current cards all play everything effortlessly, unless your an idiot at the tight added end of the scale and pay way less than £100 for just one card, they are on the Internet complaining that the newest to of the range chip is only 5 or 10 percent faster than the one is replaces?! Quite obviously spoilt by the release that had bigger increases in speed!

They actually get into camps of one company or the other and fling insults at each other and poking fun at each others CPUs our graphics cards?! Doing the work of companies worth billions of dollars who could not give two hoots about their customers! Especially one that has a microchip out that physically had eight cores inside it, effectively eight chips in one, yet only 6 of them work! You can trust me on this that this is quite intended and is extremely rife practice and you own something that is far more capable than you think but had been deliberately hindered. Your smart phone for one! They are the worst because you have no less than there companies fecking about with it bit wanting you to be able to do certain things with the device you just handed them 800 quid for!!

In the case of the 6 core CPU that is actually 8 this happens for one of two reasons. In this instance it is because their rivals chip that did have right cores (is 8 don’t argue and get a life) was not add good as the creators had hoped so the first company switched off two cores, either lasered of struck through before grown on the silicon wafers. Because if there is no competition there is no need to sell you something that week last you much longer!! The fact that they do this when they are one of the richest and most famous companies in the world I find utterly disturbing and I am not alone on that!

The company is Intel (of the Pentium fame) and the chip is their to Core i7 chip. It should also be noted that this chip costs on its own before you but motherboards, memory, hard disks, cases, peripherals and monitors is closer to a thousand quid in English money! For that they deliberately hamper your chip! The other eight core chip was lambasted by fans of Intel for being somewhat less powerful and yet it was fat in some aspects and cost less than 200 quid on release?! So they complained about a chip that was 60% of the speed in some cases yet cost 20% or so of the other chip?! Arguing the toss about this they was, lol.

Now it might not immediately mean much with all this talk about the number of cores and you might think what is the point? But I can explain it quite simply. If you have a fair amount of music CDs and your converting them into mp3’s or some other audio format for your mobile music player a single core chip from a decade back would convert a singer song in a few minutes. Today they can do this in second! But wait?! If they have ‘x’ amount of cores then they can do ‘x’ amount of songs at the same time! Oh yes and that is why we get excited, well because people like me can see ask the benefits! A show single core might have been able to control a couple of AI’s, artificial intelligence, of people/aliens/animals, in a game. Today each core might be able to handle two to for times this and multiply that by the number of cores!

If you are not aware the specifications of the latest PlayStation 4 and XBOne surprised me. They both use the same chip but with slight differences. They use the underdog company, which is AMD and not Intel, but the chip uses less powerful cores but had EIGHT of them! You cannot buy this chip! I also expected them to use two graphics chips. This is because the underdog company produced a CPU with their very good graphics chip built INTO the CPU!! They have been doing this just a couple of years and it’s now gotten to eyebrow raising proportions. The retail chip had only four CPU cores but now turns it that programmers can use the 8 graphics cores in the chip to handle non game related coding?! If out to good use in time this means that there is far less power used, or wasted, and can handle both having and noon gaming with aplomb! In essence a 12 core core chip?!

Price? £150 and they are complaining about that! Lol! Sometimes I scratch my head at the things I read about I really do! Added to this and admittedly there are issues but it’s still early days in this technology but you can add just ONE graphics card and have your dual graphics set up! These new chips are quite correctly referred to as, not CPUs (Central Processing Unit) or GPUs (Graphics Processing Unit), APUs (Advanced Processing Unit).

For me these chips are teetering on the very edge of bedding extremely interesting, even now I very much would like to build one of these cheap systems. Of course despite computers being my thing, or one of them, the subject of my Degree but I am relying on them more and more for my chosen … CAREER! LOL! The laptop I purchased two years ago plus was not the one I wanted at the time. I have been frustrated fur a long time by both it’s lack of grunt and the typical Windows slowdown effect that had driven me nuts for years. It’s painful right now and I am very averse to using it, which is a shame. To change some of this I stinky have to move away from using the normal hard disks, which work like audio tape but look like a whole set of record players stacked in top each other. For a free years now instead of the moving arms of the magnets shifting in and out of of all these disks you now have the option of something I stated to students at my University had to come at some point! Now you have Solid State Drives or SSD instead of the old HDD but these were expensive to start with. But there are no moving parts so less likely to breakdown but are several times faster and then some than hard disks! I wait seventeen minutes for Windows 7 to load where it would take merely seconds on an SSD. This also applies to everything that would normally be slow whether to load or compute things or load more things while using it!

The thing to do is have both dives while you out all your programs on the SSD due to loading and running things while files like documents, movies, music and the like would go on the HDD. Because these files do not need to load fast, add you watching and/or listening it’s already losing it faster then it’s playing! So you don’t notice it. Unless your watching several movies at the same time of course!

I digress. So much so I have forgotten why I started this post! Lol!

This is of course my constant battle and chase of the tools I need to help me improve things. To help take away the aversions to work on things and therefore increase my production. In fact every aspect and every tool I use needs to be replaced by better ones and have done for something now.

I am currently determined to do something I know is either extremely hard or nigh on impossible. Build a PC and I am not talking about a thousand pound CPU  and two 800 pound graphics cards and a triple monitor screen set up! Oh no. A £140 APU motherboard, memory and SSD drive. So instead of £3000 we are talking … umm let me fink?! Hmm around £500 plus the cost of a monitor.

Someone closer to me told me something that is very true and this is something that leads me right back around to the very reason I stated typing this post out …

You have to spend money to make money!

However the people that are running my country, into the ground is all the evidence I ever see, do not seen to refuse this when they think they can snap their fingers and everyone sits simultaneously ‘how high?’

While requesting help for living with my condition and telling the truth and consistently so, only forgetting certain aspects of it out from time to time, I have had it refused repeatedly. Desire the fact thus hero would have helped me in a job!

Running in parallel to these requests have also been the requests to help me fund a way of helping myself and creating my own business as such which had also been refused.

Yet these very organizations seem to know, no it’s definitely know, whenever I spend a largish sum and the demands due payments for things that I not only should not have to pay but actually get no physical or visual benefit of!

If I decide to build this budget computer it will take me write awhile to do. Each item I buy week have to sit there untested until I complete the while system. Many individual items will take a month before I have the cash together just to buy each one and I would have to completely forego buying anything else! So it could be that it would take twelve weeks or more before I can build it! Twelve weeks of getting by with difficulties.

In other words it is a somewhat daunting task. It is also a daunting task I have been eyeing up the whole time I lived here which is 7 years! Lol! Last time I incorrectly decided on a laptop, a laptop less powerful than I was after and bought it from somewhere I should not have done after being misinformed about it. What I thought was ex demo was in fact refurbished! Not only this but built by probably the biggest name in computers it then broke down after some months and the casing came apart! The breakdown turned out to be the first hard drive failure I had experienced in ten years plus! The company was Hewlett Packard whose previous laptop I had lasted much better despite being plastic to the current ones aluminum housing?! Plus it took for years before the text started to come off the keys. About four of my keys on my current laptop had completely gone after just 6 months!!

Oh and it gets hot and is quite unmanageable is a portable device! Which kind of defeated the object of buying a laptop and I don’t own any engine hoists! Lol!

I decided yesterday that I going to finally build this computer and I have already changed my mind, lol, while thinking if the other things I need like a working bike that’s bit going to be the death of me in more ways than one!!

Life? What a pain in the fecking arse they make it while choosing to be Christian?!


Girl gives father’s CV to Mrs Obama


Are now there you go … some crap about Europe, yet again!

Am I disappointed? No! Lol!

After all had he wanted to talk what do you think I would be thinking? He he! Borllacks, that’s what.

I could not have been convinced by idle … twaddle!

In instead it is regarding a subject I for one am bored to years of hearing about!

In fact I do not know what to think as those that complain about Europe I am not sure if they are laying the troubles, err reasons, regarding how inhuman they are too the public being the fault of Europe?! But then I think that Europe does not give a crap about the English people? In fact that is a card in my pack I have YET to play!

In fact the only two things that get blamed for the inhuman baton that Britain had become and the way they treat their own is all about money and it is all about benefit claimants and Europe! That’s it and that’s all!

It’s nothing else is it? Nothing else could possibly be to blame? Not the narrow minded utter greed of those that possess no common sense whatsoever and the only life they ever encounter outside members of parliament are the fairies at the bottom of their gardens!




Well this is a shock!

This cannot be right?! I just got home from a mates house speaking about our issues and this blog.

He is one that has found it for himself what is going on in a way we both wish he had not. I do not really want others finding out the hard way and was the foremost reasons I started the blog. I new this would be unavoidable in most cases and for that I would be both sorry as well as carry some guilt.

Despite what misty people may believe, as it matters not, about me the reality you may find turns out somewhat differently. Doing something long before now may well have prevented a great deal of tragedies but it was not for the want of trying, and try I did.

Just like I stated to someone just a few days ago as yet another tragedy code to home gets unfolded for me piecemeal and by others there might seem to be no path through. Your chosen avenue may well become blocked. It may have all seemed to be for naught?! But remember these following words …

There is always a path through!

In fact what will happen is that several people within my own personal life will soon see that I have trail blazed a bloody wide path through showing how to achieve things? They will also realize and remember that I have been doing this for getting closer to two years, in August 2014 to be precise. So if I can set out the clear path for others to waltz through how many others have I already shown the way?! How many more will I show the way over the next 12 months?!

How many of those people will tell others the way through either pre or post their own endeavors?!

So despite the fact that I think the email in the screen shot is something else entirely you can guess how confusing it was? I had an email from the biscuit woman coating how wonderful that she and her party is so I guess it’s a standard email sent out? I get one saying they are from Ed Milliband too and I think I have George Osborne ones too. Quite how they got my email addresses I do not know. Oh will Michael Meacher had it but there is no way he would have allowed it in the hands of any Tories?!

Unless of course they realised I have attached them all so are tag teaming me?! Lmao!

What am I harping on about I hear you thinking right now?! Well that email in the screen shot starting it is from David Cameron asking me “Are you free on Monday?!” A little while after speaking to Nick DeBois briefly and mentioning Michael Meacher MP (backbench) and you do start to wonder. Also let’s not forget I have used all their names as keywords so people interested can read a quite different view on those begging for their support so they can at least make an informed decision? Even it it turns out to be the wrong one! Lol.

So I am going to guess now, as I have not opened it, that it is some TV debate David Cameron is in he thinks I should watch?! No chance! Maybe there is some vote? Nah I don’t think so as I am not listed in the voting register. Maybe he is going to be in some live televized show of compassion for some cause or purpose that they hour will make him think he died indeed have CHRISTIAN VALUES?!

Good luck with that last one! Let me know how that turns it for you!

I can never predict if I am going to be free or even fit on any day! I can only plan ahead to the best of my abilities and how for the best.

Now I should really go and open it and see what it is they want me to see or hear? Or indeed find out if David Cameron is indeed intending to knock on my door this coming Monday?!

Now how many things can I due at him to get him to say the word bigoted? Lol!


I refer to this bring a disease because it spreads like an airborne and virulent virus!

The fact that this is regarding the NHS yet again and the term ‘disease’ seemed quite apt. Especially add they have no capability of controlling certain diseases! Lol!

Here is a Labour MP who complained about her husband treatment by hospital staff in Wales! Yup you could say it has died like a virus.

What was of not to me is how this turning your back on people from public services right up into government, all the way to the PM himself, was always going to affect people higher up until someone code or linked to the government would be affected. This was likely always what it was going to take to make the blind open their eyes. I would say that an MP is pretty close!

I do not know why this attitude exists, really I don’t. I could their a few theories around, like maybe after years of striking to get higher wages now they are being run on a skeleton crew and are all cheesed off? That is one! Or maybe the ones gotten rid of were the honest ones and they did not fit in the governments plan because they need amoral people willing to lie and cheat?! That is another! This would then leave the majority of staff being those that should never be allowed in medicine!

Odd is it not that you have all these organizations out there paid vast sums in salaries to watch over things like this? What the blue blazes have they been doing?! What are they doing?

Oh yeah I forgot! I put them all to the test and still am, they do nothing for as long as they think they can get away with it. Well that is until someone far more intelligent and cunning comes along and decides to pull them to rank while gathering up a huge amount of evidence that certainly a large majority of them are refusing to treat or incapable or testing patients. Pulling them to rank is somewhat of an understatement really.

Quite unfortunately for them this all came together for me when they have had issues and been under the microscope, so to speak, where the media is concerned!

But was it?

You see I gave them media a fair bit of evidence to go on what must be the years ago!

I was under no illusion that what with the amount I provided that this would take a long time to … ‘sink in’. I knew it would take many months to Wade through everything and the same or longer to chase up stories for themselves. Indeed I stated quite clearly to them that they would not have to travel far from their offices to find some disturbing things going on! After all I had experienced the difficulties, refusals of help/referrals/pills and lies for years and 100% of the time. So I was not going out on a limb when I stated this.

Whether this is all done kind of plot to provide the health service, as someone I know quite madly accused the Tories of doing, can only be true if the previous Labour Party in power had already planned this out! Someone certainly planned this out a long time ago! Make no mistake on that because I cannot believe that this many people are quite that stupid and naive! Saints preserve us!

But then it would explain how I have done so much and to state that suffer with delusions of grandeur where intelligence was concerned would be a grandeur understatement!

I have been asked of late if I have heard anything and the answer is no and I think this is taken as a bad sign by this that ask, I do not. The longer it takes means that they have decided that I am quite correct, like I need to know that, and there is no getting out of it. So there must be some investigation going on even if it’s because they are having trouble finding a plausible excuse for all this knowing dam well now that I have an impressive sized audience growing at an even more impressive rate?!

So if dunces and suffering delusions then it could well be that the penny has dropped? Then, of course, the bad penny needs to be passed around so that everyone is aware of what will occur?!

I date say there are a few Doctors and specialists from my medical history being informed and wondering if I will name them?

You bet your area I will name them! I did state this awhile ago now and I keep forgetting to do it! Lol! They have all bend written down bar a few I need to go through my paperwork for.

Normally when large organizations are up to no good and the so called watchdogs are only watching for those they are supposed to be watching they normally have a set of excuses and lines to give out to fob people off. I have recordings of many of these lines. Just the other day I was explaining how a Sargent Kate Roberts of Merseyside Police called me as she was handling a complaint, as was the IPCC. I explained that she stared she would call me back in two weeks time as that is how long it takes to investigate. I told this person that 5 weeks went by so I wrote to her asking why I had not heard from her!

I then explained the best but that she rang me and started going through things like it was the first time we had spoken and was starting it from scratch?! It got worse when she literally quoted word for word what she stated over 5 weeks earlier and I realised it was a script and that they were not only lying but had now done this twice!

If you can go back and find the nine page report from them you will not that they claimed to have acted correctly despite the fact they could not locate either of the two policeman that were involved in one complaint! Nor could they find any trace of the two blond police, plain clothes, who visited my daughter’s property very late one night to ask questions!! Mind you I believe that these were agents for the security services so therefore the Police would have no clue about them anyway. Just to be completely fair! Lol!

If you wondering what I am on about then you need to go back in my posts for all the details regarding that! Far too long for me to type it all out again and I write online so I only need to do it once! True to do it in sequence so my dazed memory banks don’t go over it again.

Now it just remains to be seen what will unfold? Of course there are certain things in progress at the same time which will actually criss cross! I was asked about this recently and had to explain. I started one thing off so that when one other thing was in progress the first would do their thing, meaning lie, cheat, forget, lose and ask the other things they do to not hero people. This would get a blank yet again for the umpteenth time and yet just as it does the other thing then gets finished up so that there is still the for week period to … appeal! Of course there is a factor, or person, that links these two together and if my timing is right their while setup collapsed in on itself purely because they did it poorly and do not keep all those within … the circle in the loop, so to speak.

So an immediate and complete contradiction, oh OK LIE, is exposed they cannot get out of! Once this happens and it’s announced then the blame game starts as no one will want to get the Axe over it! Or indeed there could be another set of things to publish entirely?! Always have a back up plan and try not to forget, if your condition causes you memory issues of course?!


Most of Clwyd’s NHS claims rejected