It is difficult o describe fully the situation I find myself in presently.

My second cold, after more than three months of Aussie flu, and stuck in between places .. even if one is death, also in a lot of pain .. due to the place I find myself trapped in.

My back is in absolute agony and I have been leaning with the small of my back pressed into some banisters while I press back hard trying to free something up. Desperately trying to free something up in the hope that it eases the pain.

I am in a 6ft x 9ft room and with nowhere for a seat and barely enough space to place my feet on the floor. It was not supposed to be this long. I should have really left here a couple of weeks ago. So I have to sit on a bed with no back rest. In my desperation I have been thinking of getting the bed out and placing a sofa in here as I would do anything to ease this pain. Trip to the chemist coming up if this does not improve in an hour or so!

I received a package from my solicitor, just some files attached they received from HMCTS?!

That was a bummer! I did not really expect it to be anything but after I opened it and after the disappointment that there was no court date supplied I then realised that this could have been a letter than answered my current prayers! It could have stated that the court had already decided to re-instate my PIP benefit, pending a court hearing. In my view any court hearing would only really serve the purpose to decide upon any damages. Any medical notes received would be sufficient enough and I find it strange that they would insist that disability people attend a court hearing. If they barely take notice of Doctor’s letters, they did not previously, what possible input could the patient/claimant provide?

Yeah that has long since been one of the odd things about all of this. You provide letters and evidence that is then totally ignored but they insist on your presence?! Talk about adding insult to injury? Do they get some kick out of you being present while they then kick you in the nuts once more?

Bearing in mind that I had now had three meetings with HMCTS and not one of them has been successful but .. if I was trying it on the first time I would have to be completely stupid to then go back for two more bouts kicks to the gonads.

I currently feel like I am undergoing a period of torture that has changed from one lot of torture to a completely different set of torture.

This time the tool of effect being that of physical pain after a period of mental pain.

I really cannot seem to win, find a way of winning or even see an avenue towards a method of winning right now.

Oddly those that are tasked to help and those that have a go at others for taking too long themselves .. seem to take too long.

Go figure!

I do tend to be suffering mentally but more of the hair pulling variety and the odd thought of walking in front of a bus rather than physically harming myself, at least not lately.

So we have Ofsted in focus right now and HMCTS possibly positioning themselves in the area of focus?

Well bully for me!



Would you believe it?

After many months, July 2017 it started, and finally someone else gets involved .. well other than that Independent Review Officer who kept raising the complaint level time after time.

Now I had previous stated that I was concerned that the Independent Review, or Reviewing, Office was only placed there to make it appear they were all doing something to only serve as even more delay tactics?

I am also asking myself the exact same thing now we were surprised to find out that someone from Ofsted was going to sit in and would my daughter be OK with it?

Now I suppose it is possible that the IRO had something to do with Ofsted being there? Maybe it was just routine and they do this for so many cases? Maybe it had something to do with this blog? Who knows?

But at the end of the day and as was stated when asked .. this has been going on since July 2017 and it is now a hair’s breadth away from being March 2018.

Remarks were made by Ofsted about why things have not been done and why other things have taken so long?! The threat to danger towards the children was made very clear provided in a detailed account of how the Autistic child would not sit down on a train journey recently, kept moving seats, would not sit still, had a few meltdowns and tried to get from one train carriage to the next. Who do you keep your eyes on, this one child or the other three?

Some mention was made about providing a safety chair and I got great pleasure in explaining to my social worker friend that the social worker department were reprimanded for refusing to fill in a section of a DLA form for the child. Let us not forget that the mother should be getting PIP too and one other child is said to be Autistic, though this one thankfully does not look to be anywhere near as bad just yet. Except it is supposed to get worse as they get older.

We should also not forget that a paediatrician was supposed to see the child in January 2018 and despite it being March tomorrow still has not seen the child at the school. You do not need to see the child at a fucking school to see what is clearly in front of you.

I should not be surprised by anything within the public services any longer. I mean you have this big issues slowly leaking out about sexual harassment in politics and within the Labour Party of all parties?! Only heard by me this morning I shook my head in disbelief at some of the things I was hearing had happened. That is some of the descriptions read out of the victim’s accounts.

How in the world is all this sexual harassment going on everywhere?! They have been leading us to believe that for years everyone in almost every industry are left-wing people?! Is that all a charade to hide behind and divert attention way from them while they get up to despicable crimes?

I have long stated that I suspect everyone because so many I have caught getting up to no good and in the beginning, five years ago or more, I am sure many thought I was mad. Many people I know thought I was mad and mistaken so I started recording everything.

Fast forward to today and I am sure everyone can agree that it appears at present that there is not an industry that has not been exposed in the news for getting up to no good? I can assure you they are not reporting on everything and nor are the reporting on their worst stories, cases and examples. In fact it reinforces my questioning of how amoral the UK has become as a nation because every industry seems to have bad people running through the centre of it like the proverbial diseases?! I would then refer back to the years of having politically correct stuff thrown in our faces, either telling us how we should be or celebrities and TV and movie stars telling us this is how they are, once again seemingly a force of control ..

So how in the hell have we got to this stage? How in the hell is it that seemingly every five minutes something or someone gets exposed as doing some very questionable to evil things?

Hearing someone describing how someone within the Labour Party tried to force themselves onto someone else sexually I shake my head and ask myself all this over and over again.

I also have to wonder what has gone on in other parties and if this is going in within Labour then God only knows what is going in with the Conservative Party?!

The Guardian is reporting that a dossier on the sexual harassment has been sent to Jeremy Corbyn and it will be interesting to what what comes out of all that. Huh, I used to call this blog ‘The Dossier of UK Corruption’ but changed it as I thought it sounded boring.

So Ofsted have now entered the fray?

Well .. let us see if things get done or it just drags on week after week after week?

Everything is always dragging on for months and months and I simply cannot believe at times the predicament I currently find myself in as well as that of my daughter and grandchildren.

At the exact same time some really evil individuals are allowed to run around getting up to the same old evil lies and tricks because in twenty years they never got found out, exposed or punished.

What the fuck did you think was going to happen when you provide someone with something to hide behind?! Of course they were always going to get up to more things that would get increasingly worse.

I call this the Jimmy Savile Effect and it has been used by a great many people and organisations to hide some ever more evil and heinous crimes.

Maybe they will create a few more names they say will be tasked to do things when all others fail just to keep us happy and allow ourselves to become preoccupied and take our eyes off the ball? Or maybe it is our deep down excuse to continue being amoral?!

Or maybe it will turn out in the next couple of months that Ofsted are just as bad as everyone else?


Failing to disclose evidence on a daily or weekly basis is a claim made by criminal lawyers.

What this means is that there is something to hide for starters. Secondly there are court cases that should never have give to court, costing the taxpayer so much money is ridiculous. Lastly some miscarriages of justice have likely gone on?

My word can the public services get any worse than they current are right now?

Some legacy the Tories and New Labour are leaving behind?!

Lied about weapons of mass destruction.

Corrupted the NHS to lie to and about patients to save money and help the DWP and Local Councils save money too.

DWP lied to and ripped off, basically mugged, disabled people and the unemployed after claiming to reform the welfare state.

Local Councils putting Council Tax up constantly, making is sort out there rubbish so they can sell it, not housing homeless because stopped building social housing. Closing down libraries. Unreasonable parking and car fines.

Police lying to public, not doing their jobs, not checking out even asking for evidence. Not collecting evidence even in murder case. Now not disclosing evidence. Taking cases to court that should never be, miscarriages of justice and costing the taxpayer millions?!

In a recent case I was involved in they failed to find illegal goods in Walton Prison. Claimed in the news media they had stopped smuggling of goods into prison which was a lie. Failed to find a phone in a prison cell despite hearing the inmate use the fucking thing. Told us he works get ten years then be deported .. he got 21 months.

With all that what mistakes or lack of action do you think all the Ombudsman get up to four your tax dollars?!

Also what was the Criminal Prosecutions Service role in all this? Were they part and parcel to the failures?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Evidence not being disclosed on a daily basis, lawyers say in survey –


Well what do you know?

It would appear than finally an organisation is doing something?

The disability rights group I happen to be familiar with, Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC), are starting to play with a harder ball.

Over Universal Credit and the effect they have had in disabled people they have decided to have a march. Well they already had, apparently, but due to bad weather it was called off. I was not aware it was taking place. It now appears to be taking place on the 1st March. The march in March.

Hmm .. I’m assuming this will take place in London? I’ll have to check .. as I might actually attend?

Well .. health permitting as I currently am crammed into a tiny room, shouldn’t be here and back is hurting like hell and has been for a while now. As is every inch of my legs .. aching like buggery and I have been doubling up on vitamin pills. Also I seem to have yet another bloody cold!

Doggedly holding onto to their failed benefit reform which seem to be accepted as a failure by almost everyone which the Tories are either oblivious to or .. don’t care that they fucked up in a rather calamitous fashion.

The thing is they are so cut off from reality and the real world, well like most politicians to be honest with you, that they probably have no bloody clue that their reforms as seen as a failure by everyone except those that are amoral.

Our best hope is that there is a big turn out at this march but in all honesty I have only just found out about it and not a great deal of time to prepare. Only a few days and I would have preferred more in all honesty.

What I find hilarious is that they claimed in the beginning this was reform. But cuts but reform. In fact cuts does not quite .. cut it. This is more than just cuts .. it is daylight robbery with more than an air of inhumane. More than an air! Even people terminally ill people are being flogged like rabid animals.

Oh and there is my memory problem.

The report can be found here at The Canary’s website followed by DPAC’s own website ..


Well this happens from time to time .. I have had a spate of predictions proved right, no pun intended, in quick succession.

Often I wish I was wrong. Especially with the last post!

Normally my predictions are about the public services but once in a while they are regarding something else. This is .. often something to do with the public services or indeed a direct result of the actions of the public services. In this instance decades of the actions of the public services and successive government with a very narrow vision.

Oh they will like to point the fingers for the politically correct brigade, who I loathe, but the truth is they thin the same way much of the time and are sometimes actually caught out thinking the same way.

But the thing with politicians in the UK these days .. as long as it someone else being caught, coming out with it or doing it leaving their own jobs safe then that is all OK. All made possible by those idiots that are the hard left and the PC crowd.

I know a socialist and a lot closer to home than I would like, believe me, and we have argued for years and I have told them and told them and told the what will eventually happen and they simply would not accept it.

Just a few days ago, while we were still talking, though this is always a one way street, we were talking about this very subject. I told them that it is my belief and that of a great many others that the powers that be and the government have been trying to create deep divisions in this country to cause a civil war. Hmm ‘civil’ war? For a war to be called a ‘civil’ war it suggestions that it is a nation divided when the truth is one side of this future war .. are not British, do not consider themselves British .. most of the hate the British people and some come out with this fact while others hide it. So ‘civil’ war does not seem the right term.

I told the that I believe that large scale attacks would take place on the Muslim communities and that this could have been avoided but only by the Muslims themselves along with government. But of course whenever I stated this on here no doubt the PC idiots were disgusted about how UN-PC it was. Yeah well that is why your all idiots ..

.. you suppress human emotions and fears and all they do is fester over time, condense, bubble up, turn to venom, poison and hatred and then boil over.

But the PC crowd have always believed in two tactics .. bullying and shaming. Yeah .. hows that been working out for yah?!

I explained that it was my prediction that they were manufacturing this war so as not to get their own hands dirty and that people, mainly Muslims, would end up dying en masse if they were not careful. I was immediately called extreme right-wing and I burst out laughing and replied “Why is it with you socialists that any one that does not agree with you is automatically labelled as extreme right?! Lots of people I read and listen to on the Internet are centre with their politics but constantly labelled as extreme right wing?!” As always my questions are normally met with stunned silence or a changing of the subject.

As always ends up being the case with my predictions, sadly, a report comes out that basically proves what I have said or quoting someone that proves what I said..

Four far-right terror plots were foiled in the UK during 2017 according to the retiring head of Counter Terrorism Mark Rowley.

He also said that the threat from far-right terrorism was growing. Growing. GROWING! Sheesh!

Anyone know what ‘growing’ means?!

That means that they are increasing, I wasn’t going to say it, in number which means more and more people are leaning that way.

But then I predicted this and in recent times was hearing this from ore and more people but why has it taken so long?

Well another thing I noticed is that over a couple of decades or more and because of the way that British people got screwed over more and more while bullied into saying nothing they turned against on each other. Only teams left playing well together or those with the world of sports I am afraid. Everyone knows this and everyone admits it .. have done for five years but they still continue on behaving the same way. You point out that our biggest Achilles heel is not only refusing to work together but stabbing each other in the back while these days foreigners settling here lie through their teeth to get her, get £200,000 to set up their lives here, become Doctors without the proper qualifications, start up businesses while claiming all the benefits on the quiet and get away with it because the socialists absolutely insist that they are all wonderful honest people. Yes .. sorry, they are not. Some groups have a very large percentage of dishonesty among their numbers while others might be tiny. But it is the big numbers that are the ones that have been allowed to proliferate at everyone else’s expense and they now know this.

The reality is that more and more people realise the truth and that results in their politics changing completely or just leaning harder in a certain direction, not to the left. In fact even among the socialists and the SWP in particular I can tell you that many members think they got it wrong and admit it to each other but I bet it is not in their newspapers though?!

It is annoying that I know this is being manipulated to take place and all by the government, or more accurately their puppeteers. But at the exact same time I cannot see a way to avoid it now and have not been able to think of a way around it for a few years now. Yeah SWP, communists, socialists and PC crowd alike? Do not even bother beyond this point, you will be wasting your time, seen and heard as insulting and may even speed up the process?!

Finally and even then only ‘maybe’ a job for those whose politics are centre? Yeah, Tony Blair, trust me when I say your out! Sorry .. did not take me long before realising what you were and the revelations that you lied were something of a shock too.

You see being centre is about being fair while it is still grounded in reality while not venturing into the completely bonkers and inhumane where those on the extreme left and right find themselves. Inhumane and bonkers on both the left and right.

You know the difficulty with being fair? You get attacked by both the left and right and you only want to be fair! LMAO!

Yeah politics is a bitch., I hate the idea of having to be left or right because you have to believe in a collective way of thought. Some ideas might be right in given situations and these might come from either side.

But no one ever gets it wrong on TV though .. like the Amber Warning of Heavy Snow for this area between 3am and 8am this morning .. it .. oh wait? Not so much as a snow flake. Well in my daughter’s area no signs or notices because there was not going to be any snow so they got that .. oh no, wait? It is fucking buried! I wonder if anyone is keep track of the area they fitted snow plows to the gritters and places they did not and whether it snowed or not? I mean for fuck sake .. the snow clouds are just off shore over the North Sea and you still got it wrong?! Jesus H. Christ, that was totally worth the £57 Million for a new computer hey, Met Office who are oddly still giving out yesterdays maps this morning and Merseyrail no mention of snow. But then like I said to my daughter .. maybe they did not get into work this morning to change the ebsites because of the snow?!

I said to a Labour supporter once that things have been so unfair towards the British, born and Caucasians, for such a long time and there is so much hate that you need someone who is a but left wing towards the Brits for a period and right wing towards certain foreign groups. He said he was blown away by that and I was totally right. I said that if they do not come up with an idea like that and quickly it will be too late.

It looks like it might be too late but then this is probably what they wanted all along anyway?

You cannot badger or force people into a way of thinking .. sure you can brain-wash but this would generally be considered cruel and not always work anyway. Ask China! Ask Russian and ask North Korea.

I mean let me ask you a question? ..

Do you genuinely want to stop these things or do you want to stop and argue about who is right?

The latter part of that argument, I might add, I do not give a shit what anyone thinks as it does not affect the outcome at all!

A few links ..

The Independent ..

The Guardian ..

The BBC (spit!)

Reuters ..


Well I am afraid to say that I called it a long time ago and it has long since been happening.

What seems like an absolute eon ago now I started this blog and when I did one of the many subject matters was the NHS and their attitude. A laid back and strict attitude towards nationwide rules and individual rules treated by brain dead staff as if everyone has the same rules.

Just like the local councils and the DWP a terrible attitude was adopted by this once great organisation designed for people to fail so that they could save money.

I myself have revealed and provided evidence and recordings that they have lied about drugs, lied about health conditions and falsified test results as well as altered letters before reaching GP’s. The sad part about it and something that the NHS are unaware of is that I have recordings that span across the last three years that I have been unable to sift through and publish! I never published anything because the NHS discovered I was recording, tried to say I was breaking the law, invited them to stop me legally and so they went .. quiet. Not actually doing anything self incriminating and I knew this would continue for awhile. So I stopped publishing things but I always carried on recording. They told more lies and refused to refer me off for some serious issues.

Now what I stated way, way back was that this terrible attitude was going to cost lives and that if I knew this then they damn well did. One man realising this and talking about the inevitability of each thing would surely be realised in an organisation with hundreds or even thousands of people.

In these organisations your talking about hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of people many of which are professionals. This suggests intelligence to varying percentages with the NHS being a way higher percentage than others.

Hippocratic oaths anyone?!

I would also have said one other thing but should have also predicted it too .. maybe I did? This is the fact that this will eventually kill children! It affects everyone so will affect children.

The sad truth is when these tricks and plans are introduced they are always ignored by everyone until it either affects them, someone they know or read of it being the cause of the death of children.

Yesterday I was tagged in a story and discovered this was the truth now for a young girl called Ellie May Clark, aged 5 who I hate to say sadly died as a result of these evil plans and people more concerned with money and their God given right to large salaries.

I simply still could not believe it as I typed that and .. well let us just say that the person that tagged me in that is well aware that their local council have knowingly and repeatedly, talking years here, placed not one but FIVE children in danger. Two of those Autistic.

Now as if this story was not bad enough already .. well .. I am afraid it gets far worse ..

  • She died because she was refused to be seen

  • She was refused to be seen because she was five minutes late

  • For what was an emergency appointment

  • By a partner of the GP Surgery

  • A partner who was also a lead in child safeguarding

  • The reason the appointment was made was not even asked for?!

  • This was January 2015 and the poor little girl died later that day

This rout of the lives of British people by their own who are normally or probably some combination of lazy, delusions of grandeur, self obsessed, over indulgent and likely overweight people with an over the top feeling of self importance has to stop.

Fuck me you did a degree .. and are GENERAL PRACTITIONERS! I did a degree .. you do not read about me harping on about the salary and career I should have! Fucking half-wit!

Will the others learn anything from this? Will they fuck! Despite the airs and graces and feelings of self importance and how they are of higher intelligence and important than everyone else that ever enters their surgeries .. they revert back to mere mortals because it is either a gamble therefore the odds are low it will happen to them. Or they are just so fucking good, despite being just general at what they do, it wont happen to them.

What the all are, are fucking idiots .. rules to force you to be strict, penalties is you refer people off, diagnose people or provide expensive drugs, times that re unreasonable which all mean that YOU make the mistakes and not them. I mean .. turning down a child because they are five minutes late?! REALLY?! What .. a .. moron!

Now look at the date this occurred?

January of 2015! How many people have died prior to this and the absolutely terrifying thing is how many more stories like this are we going to, and not as the case my well be with the news media, hear about?

Sad .. reminds me of my daughter asking why no one in Britain does or says anything. But then maybe they do and maybe they have but they are just not reporting it on the TV News? I do know of many things not being reported and many questions not being asked ..

.. and they talk about how bad state controlled news media is in China and North Korea?! I guess the western world has learned how to hide it better?

This was over Asthma. How many other serious illnesses have cause death or serious deterioration because of these attitudes?

But then it seems to me that to the British people, or a large percentage of them, what is important is careers and being paid their salaries?!

Name of the offending GP? Dr, questionable, Joanne Rowe.


I have this friend in the north.

He is a bit of a conspiracy theorist, not the tin hat kind, and spots some interesting things from time to time. He has been telling me about something very .. odd. In fact it makes no sense for a whole range of reasons.

Now he has his own theories as to what is going on and what the government are planning and I have my own. I am not going to into into either of these theories. I am simply going to show some links to back up what I am going to reveal and point out some glaring errors. Errors absolutely everywhere.

So here goes ..

  • There is a great deal of building and planning going on in the north
  • 13,364 to be built every year
  • Carry on building until 2035
  • 227,200 homes will be built by then
  • These numbers are just the Manchester area
  • The same is planned for Liverpool
  • The same is planned for Leeds
  • I know there are plans for Birkenhead
  • More houses are being built then there is needed
Yeah .. bit of a problem cropped up there straight away and I am going to ignore the fact that the expect the homeless to buy them.
More houses than needed? Yeah .. unless they plan on in influx of people from somewhere else, like London or overseas there is an inevitable effect when this occurs ..
  • All house prices within a very big radius .. plummet .. a lot!
You do not even need to have more house than is needed to effect the housing market prices, even if it just locally it is still a very big area and will effect a hell of a lot of people. Millions I would imagine? Yeah .. no one is going to stand for that!
Except there is one other thing ..
  • In none of the news articles did a single journalist ask what effect there will be on the housing market?!
  • In none of the news articles did they ask where all these people were coming from to buy these places?!
Umm .. say what now?!
Has anyone heard the words ‘investigative’ and ‘research’?!
Journalism is either at an all time low, well I know it is corrupt, or they definitely do not want anyone asking the right questions or the correct figures in certain areas getting out?
Now I also saw a news article where people or locals were protesting over building homes on the green belt? First off ..
Really? No .. I mean, really?! Jesus Christ people!!
There is an expanding British population that is expanding fast and along with that there is the constant influx of people from overseas. Yeah .. it was inevitable this was going to happen! What did you expect and what else do you propose?!
Also .. yeah while your protesting about all this your house prices are dropping with all the other new buildings they are planning right across the north west .. from Leeds, Manchester, Oldham and Bury across to Liverpool and Birkenhead. I am not sure if Stockport, Wigan, Sheffield and the like are involved? If the conspiracy theorist is right and it is to ferry people from London up there then I imagine the others are involved? Maybe even Preston and Blackpool?! It is a possibility. The other is an influx from overseas but ..
  • BREXIT?!
If this is a long term plan they maybe they are expecting something? Maybe they think something will happen?
Maybe some experts on population dynamics have predicted an uprising at some point in the future if the population reaches a certain point or number?!
The fact of the matter is you cannot build more homes than is needed without serious effects for miles around and a set of repercussions because of this.
As stated you do not even need half that amount of properties.
I am sure I remember reading that there are a quarter of a million homeless throughout the whole of the UK? Yeah .. soo .. 227,000 plus homes in Manchester alone?
I will say it again ..
Say what now?!
You want a conspiracy and an example of some very odd going on in the news media .. being generally bad or just incompetent or .. deliberately hiding things? Here you go.
I think it is nicknamed the great northern powerhouse or something? Not really sure and if I am recalling that correctly this could be an official name or .. something cooked up by a conspiracy theorist somewhere?
Read them and weep .. that is if your a home owner in the north west or homeless of struggling tp pay rent in the south east!

Trafford Waters ..

Plans for the Green Belt?!

Thousands new homes for Manchester ..

Similar plans as Manchester for Liverpool ..

The GMCA and the 227,200 homes in Manchester alone ..

Additional ..

Late Additions:

Liverpool’s Fifteen Year Plan ..

More on Manchester ..

Oldham ..


Well I have been noticing something of late and this is a follow up form things I have stated in my last post.

I am pretty sure now someone is not only watching everything I type but has been doing it for a fair old while now?

You see something I have noticed in that within minutes of posting something I always seem to have three viewers. Nothing much to note about that.

However on days where I put up several posts, I type most out in a word processor and Open Office to be precise, I get the same three viewers for each within the same time. Meaning that is is the same three people.

My last post suggested that my WhatsApp and phone-calls are being monitored due to the amount of damage that me and others can cause and I forgot about these three .. viewers. Probably different organisations? Well after I posted that last post and before 6am and after a few minutes guess what happened? Yup .. three viewers?!

At a time of the day when I expect no one to read anything I post because most would not even be awake yet, or racing to get to their jobs .. I still get those same three viewers.

Which means that these three viewers must get email notifications informing them that I have posted something?

Also it is very unlikely that three people would come onto my blog and then read four posts I put up that same day. I would be surprised if they read as many as two!

My posts normally change from post to post regarding the subject matter or the organisations or people that I target for an assault. This makes it less likely that people would read all four posts.

Normally people only ever read that which is something to do with what has happened to them personally. Police complaints would not normally then have someone interested in NHS or DWP complaints and vice-versa. Making it look more suspicious.

It also tends to stay on these three viewers for ten minutes or so before the number of viewers that start rising and at different rates.

Who could be watching?

  • People in government

  • People in politics, probably with agendas

  • Secret Services

  • Police

  • NHS boss

  • DWP boss

  • Local Council boss or bosses particularly Social Worker Department

  • Something to do with Local Government

  • A particularly evil and mad individual who thinks I am not onto her, not Theresa May ..

  • But could be Theresa May?! LMAO!

  • Late Addition: OFSTED (after they turned up at a meeting and ripped through Wirral Council’s Social Worker Department Boss)

Who I have long hoped was watching?

  • Solicitor with a heart (if at all possible)

  • Literary Agent

  • Media Agent

  • Jeremy Corbyn (so that he might learn something or do something)

  • Someone in politics with a heart

After all there are two of us with shocking and newsworthy stories. Not one of us but two of us and either one of us being discovered would end our personal nightmares in more ways than one.

That is the trouble with living nightmares .. they can consist of just one thing or a whole bevvy, long list, of things each one worthy in itself of being labelled a ‘living nightmare’.

For each of the two of us the latter applies. So much so I am often asked by the other why this keeps happening to us. Why are things in the country being done or taken away just as we need them, is another? Story of my life. Story of her life.

But to put things into perspective .. she has refused an operation on cervical cancer that is months away from going one more stage that would require chemotherapy and radiotherapy. She is planning to refuse a second plea from the NHS to have this operation.

“My life is a living hell and my **** is an evil selfish person, why would I want that done?!” is what has been said to me several times.

I am on the phone for hours at a time because it is on her mind. Luckily I can currently do this when I am at home without it costing me or using up my allowance, meaning I can talk to her when I am out of the house too.

What I find particularly disturbing is despite my many attempts and despite almost seemingly about to happen I cannot get anyone interested or this out there in the media. Even she has noticed that the news media seems to be mostly corrupt now.

Indeed .. this week she is hoping to finally get her DLA for one of her two Autistic children, who has already started wrecking, umm literally, the new house. There is a hold in her bedroom wall and she has wasted a load of milk, cereals and juice and probably many other things. I have a photo on my phone of nasty bite marks in the arm of her younger sister, who is only two. Both of which were told are Autistic so yeah, two children .. possibly? Well they say stuff but we are only absolutely positive about one, the other one we are not so sure and hopeful and despite what they tell us. Well they do not do their jobs properly or investigate for more than five minutes.

Terminal cancer, two cases of Autism and one of another disability in Fibromyalgia with the threat of all being homeless in six months? Yeah apparently they have more serious cases? Yeah like fuck do you! Must have missed those newspaper headlines?! Or maybe there are and they are all being buried too?! But we get to hear on the BBC about some Bollywood actress dying?! People being murdered left right and centre with fake news being used to cover them all up. Yeah, that is all perfectly OK.

Hmm I just recalled someone telling me that someone was at some awards .. singing and called Theresa May a murderer?

Now if I was a decent woman I would be going mad right about now because even my daughter said to me ..

“Dad? DO you know what really pisses me off? We have only our second woman Prime Minister and they are both listed as the worst and most evil Prime Ministers in our history!” Funny that everyone I meet states that and the TV news media does not. No it takes some singer to have to say something live in stage to do that! I think it was someone called Stormzy? The Brit Awards? Oh OK let me look?

Oh yeah it was over Grenfell Tower and asked something I am always accusing the government of waiting for .. ‘Did you think we forgot?’

Though I found the Labour MP for Kensington’s, Emma Dent Coad, statement a trifle worrying ..

We’ve done it,” wrote Labour MP for Kensington Emma Dent Coad, thanking Stormzy and Grenfell activists for their work and pledging to ensure the debate reaches parliament.

Yup .. that is it. The only problem is helping a bunch of homeless people who were fortunate to survive a terrible fire who received a lot of media coverage. That is it. Job done and no other problems to worry about! Unbelievably stupid. Sure your middle name is not ‘Dense’?

Yes. It was at the Brit Awards.

Funny how everyone gets involved with these stories when they have received a lot of news media coverage? Often only lots of news media coverage stories? You never hear of anyone famous or some celebrity go ..

Oh here is this little known but very serious plight going on over her and I am going to champion this?!”

I champion the little known plights as well as the big ones .. equally.

Just a shame I do not have the amount of followers they have?! I would get a lot more done! But then very recently I thought that this was finally going to change?! But now? I .. do .. not .. know.

Those three people could though ..

The Power of the Three.


Jesus things have gone bad in the last 24 hours.

Someone preyed upon someone within my .. tiny circle and now appears to have acted like a vulture and taking the piss. Things that were stated would happen were said to possibly happen within as little as a week. I called BS on that and passed it off as sales speak. I thought it was more likely I would be told something positive in two to three weeks. It has now been 4 weeks and this week is the fifth.

In a conversation I was told that everyone is full of it.

I am rather worried that something else has happened? Someone thinks that if nothing has happened by the end of March (2018), which is five weeks away, then it should be given up as an option. Well it was more an answer to a dozen prayers to be honest.

It is also beginning to appear that .. they may have lied. They stated that some big names were pressurising them to get a hold of this particular person. Almost like he was being rushed by one or more organisations? Well after going a few days into our fifth week the last thing that was said, when an question was put to them, is ‘these things take time’?! Yeah .. that is NOT what you said well over four weeks ago!

It might be this frustration along with several intense pains I was having that allowed me to be draw into an argument that has now cost me dearly, as it turns out. Not having an ounce of understanding for anyone else my health condition, disability, current situation and having someone with cancer to be concerned about who may be homeless with four children within six months should all be forgotten about due to a health condition that is not that serious and that is provided they actually have it. Yup .. all other considerations are secondary. Because they get light headed once in a blue moon and even then that is if they are going through that particular period of experiences these light headed symptoms. Just one of my 270 symptoms is this and if I go through a period without experiencing them it has only been for a few days, rarely weeks, in the last twenty years. They have only been experiencing theirs for a few years. But it is a massive thing.

A friend of theirs was actually in hospital while dying themselves from cancer and when asked why she was kept in longer than planned the terminally ill friend said “they discovered tachycardia” to which this other person replied “Oh I had that” before going into detail .. to someone dying from cancer?! The terminally ill patient then said “Oh? Is that another one to add to your list, [NAME]?” This was explained to me by the person who got that reply and I sat there in disbelief when they simply did not understand what she meant by it, as their was a strong tone of sarcasm involved!

That is how bad it is and we have had this all our lives.

They had a go at one of their sons once because had had to cur a visit short after an hour or so because his dog was ill and they said “what about me? I’m ill!”

Fast forward a few years to today and she has a dog herself and keeps banging on to everyone, me included, because a daughter has not ordered shoes, several people laughed on the phone, for her dog because of something called Alabama Foot Rot! If this dog was to become ill they would forsake everyone else to race him off to a vet.

They never .. EVER see that they have spent thirty years whining, bitching and complaining about the very things they do themselves. When she try and point out that they do things wrong they have a hundred excuses. The favourite being ‘family problems’ and to the point hat everyone accepts it until I recently asked one of them “Exactly WHAT family problems are there?” to which I had a response of a very long “Errrrm?!” to which I then said “Exactly! It is manufactured and they harp on with this line so much you end up being convinced that there are!”

I explained to two people in the phone, one a social worker for adults for a couple decades, and they both went from “They are very unfair” and “They need to see a professional person” and “I cannot believe they have spoken to you like that!” to “They are completely fucking mad!”

I came back seeking help .. I have not had anything but hindrances both financially and emotionally along with mentally. I was better off staying where I was except I had no choice but to come back. There were things that needed to be done here in London but .. these have taken an absolute age to achieve and I am going nuts with it all.

So the circling vulture who may turn out to be someone that likes to peruse court hearings for people with unbelievable stories of suffering, has only added to all of this .. well, suffereing. All to make a buck!

Do not get me wrong .. it was great at first and signatures were even provided and I knew that the speed of it would not be that which they stated and that was the first thing that both annoyed me and sent alarm bells ringing. But it did make us think there was a way out. That in a couple of months all our problems would be over for the rest of our lives, save the cancer.

But then it looked like you could go and get the best cancer treatments anywhere in the world, though some of the best may be in America some are here in the UK.

I also thought it would boost my bogs no end and at the exact same time cause literary agents to scramble for my own signature?! This way I could also be there to help and that things would be very different to before?

There has also been some .. very EVIL things going on .. many evil things. From an evil manipulative .. relative to EVIL public services. A council .. the DWP and .. the NHS are all the evil organisations involved in the story and hence why there is a circling vulture.

I might have attracted media agents and literary agents to me and sent them on but .. I have not been publishing anything because of this one and a contract that was signed.

In fact I have been keeping quiet about the details for .. five weeks or more!

Now personally I believe something else form the possible reasons why this circling vulture has gone quiet .. government involvement. As I stated to the other one involved in this .. I believe that it will be extremely damaging to the government and that it may be the case that the British public would decide that all local councils be dissolved and that the NHS, DWP and the Police get a fucking good kick up the backsides. When it comes to cost we are talking tens, hundreds or even billions of pounds here. Not to mention a hell of a lot of jobs and changes to the way government and politics as a whole works. Also you only have those five Tory supporters running all of the news media.

Now here is the funny thing ..

If this turns out to be the case ..

  • We have not told anyone about this

  • Nothing has been stated on social media anywhere

  • We have talked about it on the phone

  • We have talked about it on WhatsApp only

This means that they would have been listening in on our phone conversations and/or WhatsApp messages.

They would not know what damned agent to listen in on!

Either that of this media agent is a cut-throat agent, full of shit and/or does not know what he is doing?

What also ires me is that there are a number of ways I could help or could have been continuing to help this situation were it not for lying Job Centres, the DWP and Google!

Yeah I could still be getting my own PIP, oh a social worker refused to fill in a DLA form section recently in all this, and Google Adsense should not have banned my blog adverts for two mistakes that were down to their shitty software ..

  • A typo and misplaced comma had them take of adverts

  • Trying to then out them back on I ended up with two dozen ads because ..

  • There Chrome Browser was not showing the ads as there so I could trying to put them back on

  • Only looking on my desktop computer recently showed that I had in fact two dozen ads on their and therefore I am still banned?!

  • I have sent them several feedbacks about the latter issue and have not heard a damned thing

How can it be that so many things are going wrong?

Even the other person involved in this says it is the worst luck or the worst kind of bad luck and lots of it all at once. Not a single thing is working out for either of us! Her words!

SO much so that she is refusing an operation that if she does not have she will be dead in five years, before she is thirty years old, leaving five children behind.

Yeah, nice country this. Funny how everyone else coming here seems to get everything and have great lives and get given everything?

A family with at least three and looking to have four disabled people out of six, a seventh being unknown at this point, gets treated like shit. Oh and £25 rent payments awarded out of £100 we was only informed about AFTER moving from a house where at least £120 per week was being paid in full?!

Oh and did I mention this was AFTER an incident of serious domestic violence where the husband was supposed to be locked up until 2027 but actually gets out next month?!

Another one of those Muslim men coming here and getting away with murder, metaphorically speaking ..

There! I finally mentioned something and put in a link to page that has been in the public doman for several weeks. THAT is part of my and her story! That is the one I have been talking about for so very long and got nothing in the way of help and support with.

It fails to mention the lack of help, the lack of finances, the docking of money, threatening to throw children out of a window or the damned cancer!

Obviously no investigative journalists at the Liverpool Echo as no investigating was involved and there are errors in the story, would you believe?

No one from them spoke to any of us .. probably why there was errors?!

And where the fuck is Jeremy Corbyn when they are doing something wrong?!

Oh and I lost my damned Freedom Pass a couple of uses after getting it back?! All because of that argument with that way over the top self-obsessed person with no understanding for others situation regardless of how serious or painful.

Oh and I was so fed up, disappointed and down last night that I fell asleep around 8pm and woke at at 3am and been awake ever since, eventually typing this out!


I am .. annoyed with myself.

I have been drawn into an argument that became loud and heated by someone that thinks everything bad in their life, and their past, trumps everyone else. Even those with cancer, to which they have now done this twice to two separate people. One dead and one not.

For thirty years we have heard that they have health conditions and could die any day. In recent years I have lost a number of people to death and so have they but it still makes no difference.

Despite being told by a friend that he thinks I have been amazing to go four weeks without them starting an argument or me being drawn into one, I am still annoyed with myself.

Fortunately there is someone missing from this equation today .. as of this morning away for two days but .. if they hear what has happened .. I am going to get it in the neck, despite notbeing the perpetrator.

But then the perpetrator loves to twist the truth .. they are someone that not only like to play the victim card but likes to sit there cutting out all the victim cards ready for them to use upon getting the slightest excuse. Well .. excuses are not really needed nor have been used for many years.

You see if you try to talk about any subject and within ten minutes the subject gets changed. If you try to state there is no relevance to the subject matter they claim that there is and need to talk, because it is ‘important’ when it is not, for the next two hours. There never will be nor never is anything of relevance. It switches to politics and leftist attitudes are brought in and then about their .. health condition. Then it moves onto how their kids do not give a crap about them .. despite the fact we all suffer from anxiety and that they are the most stressful person in the world to be around. My friends fear being around them for more than a few minutes. Hence why I was told I have been amazing to last this long.

At the end when they are losing or lost the argument facts then get tossed out the window and divide and conquer techniques that should stay in the school playground, come into it. “You DON’T KNOW what the others say about you!” is one common line. Yeah .. that is fucking relevant! The other is and I had today “you have done nothing but talk about your health conditions since you got here!” I knew that one would come so I said “Oh, do I?! So how many chest episodes and blackouts have I had since I got here?!” They then walked out the room and upstairs.

After hearing about how none of us give a shit about them because they cannot go on about their epilepsy, which is mild and I have never witnessed an episode and no grand mal, for a few hours I said “My daughter has fucking cancer that will kill her and I have to listen about this?!”

A friend of mine recently stated, upon hearing of a few things she said and a few other things I have heard her say, that they need to speak to a professional. I said “I have been telling you that for fucking years!”

To be fair .. I knew that the situation could get like this when I came here .. but not this bad and not every single fucking day. After a whiff of this heading in that direction I had no choice but to cut the conversation short and retreat to a room 6ft by 9ft. Does not leave a lot of space with some essentials in there, let me tell you. Hence I was praised for going this long by one .. while two siblings out of four will blame me when they find out this has occurred.

The hilarious thing is that the very first thing that I stated in that hour or two conversation is that I need to go and see a Doctor. This person never got to hear why it is that I need to see one .. that is how much it is me that does all the talking. But I listened to stories and whinging that I have heard a dozen times since I got here. Hence why I have had to walk out of the room several times while they was in mid sentence. There were plenty of other times I simply left the room before it even had a chance to head in its unavoidable direction. That was purely being tactical. As my siblings all say that spending too much time, normally anywhere between five and ten minutes, will result in it ending this way and that is without fail.

But I have had to stay here and for longer than I had planned too. Oddly enough this amount of time is down to one of the two that will complain to me. In fact of they do I will point out that had they not taken so long to advertise my car, around three weeks, I would have sold it and already be gone and therefore this argument would not have occurred at all.

It simply is not normal anyway and like someone said to me in a strange tone as to get across how much worse things are than even they realised “Oooh nooo, Martin. They really need to speak to a professional!” by which he meant a psychiatrist. I said that I had been saying this for years .. but as I also stated .. they would be convenient with the truth, make themselves look like the victim and do that to get attention, ammunition to use against us in the hope that they would change us. SO we all sit around as a family while they harp on about the past for four hours solid. Not a single one of us can handle this but then as I have found out through others .. they would not put up with it for a single moment and none understand how we have done it for all these years.

It is an absolutely crazy situation that I have liked to blame on the NHS for the last fifteen years or so but .. like I said I do not know, at the end of the day, if the blame is warranted or can be attributed because .. I tend to feel like they LOVE being like this and doing this. Even one sibling mentioned the “victim card” which is a phrase I am familiar with but never thought I would hear anyone in my family use to describe this person?!

Oh and why do I need to go to see a Doctor? Because I have these really bad leg pains as a result of a vitamin deficiency that for the lest few years have been controlled by vitamin pills. Well for the last three days they appear to be refusing to work and I have leg pains that have become worse over those three days.

I had already started to rub my legs in the evenings the last couple days .. this morning I was rubbing my legs like crazy .. rubbing them while making a cup of tea, prior to said incident, and have been while typing this out.

After this I need to Google this to see what is going on, as it is Saturday and I am worried this will now get worse. Though I have just remembered though I already took one vitamin pill this was singly and I need to take my usual pills that has another and different vitamin pill in. In other words I would have taken two, vitamin overdoses not withstanding, to see if that stops the pain?

But I came back here nevertheless.

This would go some way to explaining how bad things got where I was?

I had previously told people I would rather die than ever have to live here again and I never foresee it ever happening .. up until about five weeks ago, that is.

So it is down to the sale of my car .. which was forced out of my hands by the one that started to argument. Left to someone else that took three weeks to advertise it, already had the pics before coming back here, who will blame me for this. Remembering I am the only one in my family with a registered disability?! Homeless temporarily for the sixth time.

Then there is the PIP fiasco and the DWP and Job Centre lying and taking money away, from my disability to that of starting my own business. Would never have been forced to come back here at all of it were not for that.

Solicitor trying to get my PIP back? Taken well over a year and I would not have come back here at all had this been sorted out much earlier!

What else? Oh of course the public services refusing point blank to do anything at all for a single mother of four children, two testes as Autistic, who herself has cancer?!

This is not forgetting the absolute balls-ups the Police have created while all this was going on .. plus previous balls-ups.

As I walk into my room I see a message from my daughter, ooh have I not mentioned her? It is a photo of a bill that HMRC sent her as they have done thousands upon thousand, if not tens of thousands upon tens of thousands, of others.

The letter states that despite receiving the exact same money for many many years, as it has done with all the other single mothers that received this fuck-up of a letter, that one year was an overpayment and they want the money back?! That is over £5,000 and do you recall about me stating that the ‘bean-counters’ cannot count?

Four children, being paid £25 of their £100 per week rent. Capped for various reasons, no council tax benefit and no fucking help moving house and now has to pay £5,300?!

If anyone cannot work out that there is much more going out than coming in without the need for a calculator then they are a fucking idiot!

My daughter said to me “How can the Tories be doing stuff like trying to use a court to take away the human rights of disabled people and the British public still sit on their arses?” I told her I do not know but that I have the same problem with my blog. Everyone is either very naïve, highly amoral or that this country is largely made up of a mixture of those two. “But they would not get away with it in France?” is often a response I get to explaining that to anyone.

So I am manded if I do and damned if I don’t in my current situation ..

If I say anything at all and get to finish it is all too much for someone, stress wise despite the anxiety thing being an issue for the four they complain about.

If I try to say anything I am often cut-off to a tirade of whining about very old stuff reminisced about because no one else’s problems are as big or as serious as theirs.

If I say nothing, or indeed if we say nothing, we are all bastards because we do not tell them anything! Despite me telling her for fucking years that she does not give us the chance 99% of the time so we gave up trying a long time ago. Not one of us but FIVE of us and the penny still does not drop! Or they do not care because it is just something else to complain about?

Now with the homelessness, the cancer, the chest episodes, the other threat of homelessness that involves four children and the one with cancer, the pain being experienced by me, the blackouts, the pain of my daughter and many other things besides you would think that .. well they might put aside whinging about us or me for a few months?!

Not a fucking cat’s chance in hell.

Yeah .. they need to speak to someone professional!

But then again.

Funny speaking about naivety as how many people thought Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Starbucks and Apple, among others, were wonderful companies? How many thought they had left leaning ideas and politics only for it to come out that there is no truth in this?

Maybe it requires another year?