Well this I did not expect!

It seems that the DWP and their new PIPS Department along with Atos want to break from habit and actually outdo themselves?!

Now this is not going to be long winded for once, because I simply cannot be arsed with it and I do need to get out and get some shopping.

However I will now state that I cannot help but think that Atos actually want to be forced out of doing these things?! It was featured on the news that they announced they would be breaking the contract and getting out months ago. They are still around so one can only assume that the government and the DWP have forced them to carry on being the fall guy! Or paid a much big back hander out of the British taxes?! ‘Assume’? Listen to me, no I KNOW they are being forced/paid too and its obvious.

I can also add finally before I add some scanned shots that when I stated what they had recently said in correspondence someone I know that has nothing to do with either the DWP or Atos recently stated, “No you cant be talking to Atos, they do not do the assessments anymore the government got rid of them!” to which I pointed out that they most certainly are still there and though it is no excuse it is the government and the DWP that have been shafting the British public.

Now first up is the letter and then a couple of scans of a little document that was left here… hmm a few nights back.

I will NOT say anything except other than to go back to a very recent post with an email from Atos, them denying they made an appointment for August, only the one in October and that they are not deliberately making appointments far away and early in the morning so that patients do not reach them.

Well they kind of got caught out in the assessments by many people, so was bound to try something new.

Make a note of the times and the locations of the previous two appointments whose letters are both on here along with the three letters of apologies from them for not turning up to Home Visits they claim I never asked for and they do not do.

Those original letters informing me of the appointment times and locations are also on here, as are all other correspondence provided I have not forgotten any. Hmm ooh I have just thought of at least one and it is an audio recording!

So much data, so little time!! LMAO!

Atos NOV 14

Paramed 231014-2

Paramed 231014-1