Today was a very odd day. Very odd indeed.

First off I had to go to my GP surgery today and give even more blood and this time they took three vials. I started to feel as if I was single handedly supplying th NHS with blood.

I asked what was going to be tested the nurse replied that one was a full blood count, one was for something I also suspected but cannot recall. One was something to do with my kidneys.

Those people at Google really are idiots, to my disappointment they have gotten hold of Quick Office and then set about ruining it. I would not mind but I paid 10 pounds for something I like and now have something I bloody well hate and does not wrk properly, keeps freezing on me, does not save correctly either nd is bloody confusing too use!!

I think I will avoid their Glass product until someone that knows how to create a good user interface makes one?! Especilly as it is Google as there is now no support either as they suffer fro the God complex and their is no email support!

I found another way to email them and asked for a refund because this is NOT the product I paid ten pounds for and is shit! They never replied strangely enough. I am not alone with this opinion either and a top selling Android magazine dong a piece on must have apps stated that Quick Office was a gret app until Google got ahold of it and ruined it!

It is times like this when they created something utter crap, or turn something good into utter crap, that I believe their huge growth in a short space of time obviously had darker reasons behind it?

I also have to return to Maplin tomorrow with a highly expensive double USB connector as I have a keyboard combined case here which I thought was not workinng. Only when I got home tonight another adaptor I ordered via Amazon turned up I paid something like two pounds for and I just tried it just in case and it bloody well works!! I am typing on it right now and am happy I now have a keyboard. This is because when your working obn rather large documents like some of my posts end up being, you start to notice that SWYPE gets mny things wrong. It is still substituting words I typed for words whose first letter I never went anywhere near?!

Wandered off a little there. So I was in TK Maxx when I suddenly noticed the pain wqs beginning to ease off. I was on the umm moving stairs cominbg down from the top floor when I noticed something with my eyesight. Suddenly everything was looking clear and vivid and was very strange and the only way I can currently describe it. There was something else to. I noticed that I was feeling relaxed and very calm. It was eerie but also nice and there was a point when I thought I could just fall asleep where I stood and collapse and a few times I thought I might actually do that?!

Now I should explain here that this was something very new. Yes I have had these odd periods at home during the day lately where I fall asleep which is very unusual for me and was confusing until I read about Fibromyalgia. Yes I have had nausea to the point of blacking out. But this was neither of these two things adnd was dfferent entirely.

I continued on and was giving this a great deal of thought when  realised what was going on which lead tome understanding my past behavioural problems. The fight or flght mode had somehow switched off or was turned way down at least? That is why I felt so calm and I realised that this fight or flight mode they speak of does not just affect your muscles by way of your fascia. It affects our mind too.

I realised that for a very long time I was hyper and it all started to make sense. My inabilityto remain in the house, my agitated behaviour, my itching to get out and about and do something and my impatience as well as my anger and frustration. I still maintain I have every bloody right to be furious with Doctors, Specialists and especially the dark figures that force this bureacratic crap onto patients! Or in their minds lesser mortals though they are about to find out there is no such thing?!

In effect my ind had been racing along with everything else and it needed to know everything and is likely why I did all the things I did. Even the thing abouyt not sleeping properly there is a post from a few weeks back where I punched out in the night and punched the bloody wall! I know who I was dreaming about and who I punched, do not worry about that and will be posted about another time.

So it was beginning to appear that maybe I had gotten some deep sleep for the first time in a long time. But even if this was the case it was not the sole reason I felt like I did. I  had taken my Amitriptyline the night before but desperate to not have another painful day I took my normal setraline, Tramadol and Paracetemol and added some Gabaentin into the mix. That was what did it!

Oddly it is not the first time I have taken a concoction of my own and I have even overdosed a few times too. But then when Doctors refuse to diagnose you and therefore give you he medication you need and even then only give you the cheap crap that barely works you force these things to happen! There is no excuse and no getting around that fact and all actions and decisions will have their consequences and sometimes these can be serious. There may also be repurcossions too with nasty surprises.

Take my health fior example. If I die as a result of the crap that Doctors have dished out my friends and famly will go nuts. There were 500 people at my father’s funeral and they will all be heartbroken and/or extremely pissed with the goverment and the NHS ver this. Especially as many of them thought I was making up m pains for years becase the NHS kept fobbing me off with lies and excuses and not evebn a diagnosis.

At the end of the day I managed to find out what was wrong with me!!

Then there are all these blood tests I am havig, which is at least 4, and not forgetting the ultrasound scan. It relly does not surprise me that there re danger signs regarding my kidneys in all honesty. The Cholesterol levels being high was a surprise as was my glucose levels.

So now getting back on track yet again. On the way home I get off the bus and go into Sainsburys. On the way out I get annoyed with a twat with his head in the clouds and being inconsiderate. As I walk across the car park I think how strange it was because that was the first time I had felt uptight all day! Then I realised I was lmping quite badly due to pains in my left foot and my shoulders were now really tight and extremely painful.

That fight or flight mode was switched back on!
So bloody obvious and easy once yu know, lol. Still it is another piece of data for these archives of posts and all goes towards answering the most difficult of questions.

That is the primate in me I cannot control.

Cannot control and have had years of this driving me crazy as there have been a great many things I have been unable to control as well as being unable to deal with. I have great difficulty in trying to understand how thoughts and feelings can run away with themslves and that I cannot put the anchors on any of them. This is why I thought I was bipolar a few years back! But the fight or flight affectrs the jmind too and that puzzle solving ability I have went it overdrive.

Now this is he very funny part of all this because the cnstant and persistant refusal of NHS staff to accept there was something wrong and deal witgh it lead the condition to drive its victim up the wall abnd through so many horrors that it will now end up harming the NHS in a way that will never be forgotten.

Now THAT is funny!



God an awful title but I am tired.

In fact that is what this post is about really. Becoming tired suddenly and bouts of pain.

I left the house today to do a couple of things. One if these was to drop a couple of things off at the new GP surgery he actually wanted to see and a few things he will not expect.

On the way there I was relieved that the pain was a little easier than it had been the previous few days but soon I regretted thinking this.

In the town things came on suddenly. I was aching strongly throughout my lower body from my feet through my calf muscles thighs up through my buttocks and along my back. Only my shoulder, his and knees were not playing up.

I was also feeling weak and tired and brute long nauseous too. I bought a female to female connector from Maplin for a rip off price of £8 when I normally avoid them. It was for a keyboard fur the tablet I got from Amazon for £3.00 but should not have bothered as it does not bloody work.

I waste so much money trying to save it out would be cheaper to just but the new expensive one to begin with?!

To emphasize this I am currently looking for a camera sling backpack, again, because the one I bought previously I cannot get my Tegra Note 7 inch tablet into, grrrr. As a result I have but been going out with my camera and have missed several dozen photo opportunities. Drat!

I have now purchased two backpacks and regret buying each one. All because they were cheap. The Lowepro sling was 26 instead of 50 but I bought the smallest one, 102, when I was likely better off with the 202 which us a but bigger.

Oddly enough the one I originally wanted was a Kata model that would have been perfect, plus you can change the strap from left shoulder to right which would be a big help in my shoulders, especially my right shoulder.

It is very true that no one could possibly even begin to guess what this condition is like and it is literally a living hell, make no mistake.

Hopefully my latest application for help will be awarded and I have done one application but have to do a few more over the next couple of days.

A freedom pass is next which is perfect because the council are currently taking me to court, but ignoring my emails thus far, lol!

Back to the town and things were getting surprisingly hard and it got so that I just wanted to collapse and die as I attended to get around. I accomplished nothing and had forgotten what I wanted to do. I managed to get a large can of Monster drink which I had not had in months and a double Mars bar as I wanted to take another 1000mg Paracetamol and 100mg of Tramadol despite taking the same amount an hour our so earlier but I did not care.

This is how I have ended up taking most of my overdoses to try and stop whatever it was from bring unbearable and because I have been prescribed the wrong drugs for over 12 years. The Doctors all new this and yet failed to spot the deliberate mistake.

I was going to avoid going to my friends store and just go home but the store was very close and the thought of sitting down, though there is hardly anywhere to sit, was too much to resist.

Once in the store I sat upon a section if tree trunk I had not noticed before and eventually the pills had an effect.

I told my friends how bad it had got yet did not feel as bad as lady few days when I left the house!

Tomorrow I have to attend the surgery for another blood test in as many weeks. This blood test is, however, the first in a series to rule out everything before I an sent to Guys Hospital. Though I think with what I left him today and my medical records turning up soon I think he will quickly realise the tests are pointless?

I left him the results of the Nerve Conduction Studies and Electromyography which itself proves that I was in the advanced and likely lady if the tests left available. After all he did state he would be very interested to see the results. A I had a spare copy the Neurologist never received I dropped him one off.

But when you are having days like the one I did today you cannot help but start becoming a little edgy and temperamental when your start thinking that they are going to force you to spend months jumping through the same old hoops yet again before they will even consider referring me.

It will not go the same way again I assure you off that. I will be quite blunt this time around.

It is damn scary to think you sure on the verge of slowing to a full stop and there is no fecker about to help and support you.

Very scary.

Oh well, I will do it all again tomorrow!



Right then…

I was going to do this one on the 1st January 2014 like the last one but thought of what the hell, just do it now and state it as the 1st January. About right what with holidays and all and only becomes important by about April anyway, lol.

As done of you may have guessed I am reapplying for Disability Living Alliance now that I have acquired another mountain of evidence and discovered my condition.

This time I am going to apply much more pressure than I did previously and this will spread out to affect all those that were previously involved. Very hopefully those involved in the fiascoes that were the tribunal?! If not I will just have to get more creative, lol.

Now some of you know and I have mentioned it several times that I was waiting for Personal Independent Payments to be introduced so that the DWP and this that run it and commit crimes against humanity leave themselves without a grey area.

I stated before that the idiots really jet themselves wide open with hi grey area add you cannot lure and chest with no grey area. In other words you cannot claim that someone WITH a disability can be classed as NOT having one. Simple!

But I went on the DWP’s website and look and behold I have to claim for the NEW PIPs or Personal Independent Payments. Make note if the intentional removal of the word disability completely which is phase two of their plan.

Now a great deal has happened and I do not want to spend the best part of a year playing games with these people. So I have made my discoveries and evidence among with big and YouTube account abundantly clear to them.

As will I have the consequences if they insist on plating the same game they did peevish but one. I say but one because I claimed last year when I thought I was suffering with the Charcot Mature Tooth Disease. I found out it was not that and the DWP had ignored my claim anyway so I just left it. This was largely because my search fur a correct diagnosis continued on and I had no idea how long it was going to take. I also had no idea just how close I was to it with Charcot Marie Tooth but it turned out the NHS did!

So I thought that all those that have had injustices against them by way of public office but mainly the DWP and Atos would get a good laugh and sense of hope by now reading the email I entry to the Disability and Carers Department of the DWP.



Dear Sirs

NR 746864 D

Do you remember me? I would be disappointed if you didn’t as it would mean I have not done my job very well

I can assure you that your bosses all the way up to Iain Duncan Smith know if me even if they do not my name.

I have been… busy since I put in a claim last year that was ignored by you. It did not matter as it just goes against you in the end.

You might know that the government and Iain Duncan Smith in particular has been hammered by the Labour Party and in the media over their very bad and incompetently implemented idea of a overhaul of the welfare system.

Well I was behind that and I still have the email from the member of parliaments that will remain nameless requesting if they could send my data to the media and use it in the House of Commons.

When I play I play to win.

I am afraid that is not even the worst of it either and I have found it highly amusing and surprising that those that receive my emails and read them first have no idea that when the proverbial hits the fan from Iain Duncan Smith ask the way down to you the blame will be passed on.

Think that social worker that was fired over the death of Baby Peter who I knew took the blame for a certain MP that meddled.

I am afraid I knew a lot more than I let on and still had to prove several things to knit everything nearly together.

One of these was the NHS lying and falsifying things so that the DWP, Local Councils and varies others could save money. Oh dear.

In the time since you wrongly turned me down, had a GP in your pocket on a tribunal hearing and lied skiing with Atos regarding my health and assessments I have managed a few things…

1 Recorded many health professionals and specialists deliberately going it if their way and lying to NOT DIAGNOSE ME!!

2 Recorded a specialist while I pulled him to account when he lured about the results of an ultrasound test!! He then dictated a new letter with the truth in it. However twats l like that in expensive suits or in job titles that cause delusions of grandeur you need to be sure if one thing… YOU ARE THE MOST INTELLIGENT PERSON ON THE ROOM… OR CORRESPONDENCE. He then sent of the falsified letter.

3 I had an argument about the letter with my GP at the time who had precisely lied and handed me the Tracy version of my medical records that was falsified very badly. He then stated to suggest I needed psychiatric help…

4 Funny how they are now which to diagnose that now you cannot get DLA for it?!

5 What he did not know about was that I had recorded him the whole time I was registered with him as he lied repeatedly. However in the demanding of me seeing psychiatric help I then declared that I had the recording of a specialist at the hospital lying and admitting it. Oh dear I had not even let on to the specialist that lured that I did that, after all I would not get as much as I had had I gone round blabbing about what I had did even in arguments. It gets worse…

6 For the first time ever I was given a drug that actually worked and about the same time I stumbled upon what it was that everyone had been trying very hard to keep from me?! How bizarre is that? It gets better…

7 I had not wanted the drug prescribed called Amitriptyline and instead wanted one called Pregabalin because I was previously on Gabapentin which was working until it made me extremely ill. I guessed at the time that Pregabalin was expensive due to the refusal.

8 He lured to my face starting that he was going to sort me out as I had been offered a pain management course as the one I was on and had attended for times was actually a sham and bit a pain  management course at all. It was a recruitment drive to get people in pain to work for free for the NHS.

Unfortunately for them and the NHS I had been recording each and every one and has posted them online and made them VERY PUBLIC.


10 I gathered that everyone now knew that I had been recording them and I had also raised an official complaint with NHS England and the GMC. In fact the GMC, who I also knew to be corrupt and would do nothing, who also one about my presence and huge following on the Internet told the GP to get rid of me based on violent conduct because I told them in a letter that if he spoke to me the way he did ever again I would want to break his jaw. Because he was rude, arrogant and was lying through his teeth while he was at it and i told him so. They broke a confidentiality agreement doing this and I managed to prove that they did it by getting them to admit it in a letter, oh deary me!

11 I had also managed to keep secret what they were bloody well scared about… that they KNEW that with my self diagnostic of Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, which coincidentally I put in a DLA claim for last year that was ignored, that I was one step away from finding out EXACTLY what was wrong with me. I then was prescribed two drugs in a row both of which worked?! Funny that.

12 Oddly as I was completely dumbfounded that this Amitriptyline worked I was researching the condition that I was now becoming more convinced I had when I read in Black’s Medical Dictionary that there was only two drugs currently known, at publication, that worked on the condition I thought I now had! I will give you one single guess what one of those drugs listed were?! Now think now… how many drugs are there in existence?! The drug that worked was the drug I had been prescribed of Amitriptyline!

13 When I stated that Charcot Marie Tooth Disease was a possibility this was rather surprisingly entertained. I was sent to a Neurologist who I know for a fact recognised me somehow desire never having met before?! Strange that. I can prove that too! I was sent to The Royal Free Hospital for Nerve Conduction Studies and an Electromyography test. These look for Neurological problems but not all! How do I know? Because I asked him and you can guess what I was doing at the time?!

14 The guy doing the rest told me that my neurologist was the best in the country, YEAH RIGHT, and that he would find out what neurological problem I had. He gave me two copies of the result and one for the neurologist. Except the neurologist who somehow miraculously recognised me discharged me by letter stating I did not have a neurological problem?!

But I actually already had one and was not tested for all neurological problems with those two tests!! Oh dear!

I am now on my fourth GP in my catchment area. I had never done this before. I have evidence each one was used to chest and our to me. The first being young and native and easily fooled, the second became disgusted at my treatment by the NHS and you and closed her practice effective immediately and ran off with my irrigate X-Rays. X-Rays, I might add, that were looked at at Chase Farm Hospital and I was first told the same thing the Chiropractor that did them had said, that I have two problems with my back and that the last MRI performed by the NHS was performed on the wing section of my back. They were shocked that I knew what the previous MRI was on but an Orthopaedic Surgeon who also wrongly assumed he was the most intelligent man in the room was tricked into telling me… by me of course. I simply had to ask him one thing…”Can we confirm that the MRI was performed on the correct part of my back? Did you MRI the lumber region?” and with a EU smile he says yes with a cocky look on his face…I then said “Well Houston, we have a problem as the address that should have been scanned was the top half of my back!” and on hearing this and that I had tricked him his face dropped to the floor like it had been pumped full of lead!

Oddly when I mentioned what I now knew I had and shed for a referral to a specialist I was told ‘good luck, they are rare and hard to find’ so imagine my surprise that one of the most famous hospitals in the lands has a HUGE department catering for it?! I had a great deal of emails thinking it very odd I was told that they were rare and hard to find and had several email me from around the country trekking me that it was right here in London?!

Note do you think those that out all these dastardly and evil, child and inhumane plans in place will willingly accept responsibility? Or do you think the blame game will continue down the hierarchy where no one knows where it will stop? Like a wheel of fortune?!

What I have provided here is only a tiny fraction of a section I have been working on for the last year. In fact all that I have done and acquired in the last year is s tiny fraction of a much bigger and biker plan.

All the time the I have corresponded with public offices, public services, the Police, NHS, DWP, all Ombudsman and everyone else I have been publishing it all online for everyone to see. All of it which means letters, emails, recorded meeting and appointments and everything else.

I have only been doing this fur just over a year and yet I have gone from just a few dozen visitors after the first month to 100,000 visitors thereabouts today. Indeed it now rises by over 2,000 per week and this itself rises ever higher. Ergo in a months time it may well be 2,500 per week. A month later 3,000 pier week. A month later 5,000 per week and so on and so forth?

I could be wing of course! But the only thing I would be wrong on is that it could go viral and rise at a faster rate than the numbers in my spreadsheet suggest?! There could be one single diktat thing that the British public are interested in as regards proof that they are being lied to and kicked in their private parts?! Like what I will now request if you below as I have made it abundantly clear of my intentions. That I want people to go to jail for both treason in some cases and crimes against the British public in others.

A few weeks ago I contracted all Ombudsman and governing bodies under the Freedom of Information Act and requested much information. Primarily regarding how much it costs to run each one.

Now I will separately state that this was my plan to all this all along because there was one thing that I knew from the beginning before I rated all this…



The General Medical Council have reacted target amusingly to this request and sending me emails of excuses which I am not interested in.

I will compile a spreadsheet of this showing the totals, all wages as well as cost of buildings, energy bills, stationary, expenses and the like. Then I start contacting OTHER public offices for a separate spreadsheet.

Oh I am afraid this also includes your INDEPENDENT Case Examiners too. Who are nothing of the kind and was easy to door immediately.

Unfortunately all this took a long time. But then it had to as I had to traverse all the avenues and public office are notified for being slow, lazy while wringing about party and conditions even though they stand around all weeks taking about where they are all going for a drink that coming Friday. Oops I knew people that worked in departments like yours, and Local Government too. Yes from day one I knew that I was looking at over a year and likely minimum of 18 months and a maximum of three years.

In the end it was only ever going to go one way we that was the way I designed it to.

For instance I designed it all so that I would be taken to court many times in quick succession during the first half of 2014 and I already have the first two.  Surprisingly one was from a private firm called So Direct who own Littlewoods, Very and Isme Catalogues.

I received a smart phone from them I suspected and then proved was used, faulty and sources from America! I was rather surprised when two years go by and they take me to court after various threats I deliberately ignored. I had count court papers arrive in my doorstep so I contracted the court…

.. now all I did is supply the court with some links to my YouTube account videos, of which there are roughly a thousand, and to certain blog posts on my corruption blog, of which there are likely over 1,500. I also informed the court that the blog and YouTube account provides proof of corruption throughout the land in all public offices and services as well as some private companies too. I then pointed out there was only one left I had yet to prove but this would not take long as I was about to desk with several of them all in a row and was the final piece to my jigsaw…

… The Courts and their associative Judges!!

I pointed out that add they can see this was now all in hand.

I received a letter from the court starting they had contracted Ship Directs debt collectors, who had used the old and boring trick of altering dates on letters to acquire entry orders or liability orders, who then stated they had contracted the debt collectors and Shop Direct asking them to explain themselves within 28 days or it will be dropped.

The Debt Collectors thought they were extremely clever, yawn so boring because everyone thinks the bloody same when they are not, and they wrote to me starting that I had not contacted the court, a lie, and that the deadline had passed, also a lie, and that the city could pass  judgement against me if I did not pay them, also a lie.

I sent the letter to the court and rooted crap out if then and the debt collectors and starred I had published all this on my blog and an feed up that everyone turns a blind eye to councils, DWP, large private firms to break very serious laws and commit grand scale FRAUD ask if which are crimes that carry long prison sentences so that they can acquire minutes from their victims they have no fecking legal right to our do anything for OR have provided that which the customer purchased!! I had five cameras in a row all of which were refurbished and faulty and priced it involving Nikon in the process too!

I received a letter from CapQuest, which reminds me I keep forgetting to contact them, a clue there to my condition and a major factor in my durability that cannot be gotten around, saying they are sorry about my complaints and are launching an internal investigation?!

Year right?! An internal investigation, that fold me with zero confidence! Unless of course they used to be called JBW Group who assaulted me physically and made my disability a great deal worse and was a direct result of your organisation eight cancelling my Disability Living Allowance for years ago. SERIES FRAUD AND ABH which was done on the instructions of a local government?! Uh-oh!!

So now I have revealed about 2% of what I have and that everything is linked together from the NHS to Local Government to you and then everything else.

To prove to the British people and the world of the series crimes against humanity that go on that jobsworths are too Braun dead to realise nor that they will go to jail when the truth gets out.

And the truth will out, I can assure that of that.

Right now I have made it perfectly clear where we all stand and that you are five foot deep in the mire I will now request that which this very long email was designed to do…

… can you send me a Personal Independent Payments form please as I need to make yet another claim for disability living, despite the fact that the word ‘disability’ is intentionally and wrongly being erased from the DWP and the welfare system.

I mentioned a lot of public offices and a few private companies. If you doubt this it does not bother me, in fact it just week GI to show how over confident but actually incompetent that public offices are. But you may have noted just how many things to do with the government and public office have appeared in the media of late? Well the majority of that is down to me, the four DVDs I sent to the media two years ago as well as the blog and the YouTube account.

Best of all is that everything that I do or apply for now has an absolutely huge following. That ever increasing number will now refuse and then they will tell those that they know if what they have witnessed. If you average that each person knows at least 6 people then currently 600,000 know about me. The team figure might be closer to ten people if you factor in work colleagues, fellow students, school friends and the like.

In the meantime can you post me the forms for PIP please?


Martin Haswell

Subject: RE: DLA claim
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2012 10:17:21 +0100

I can confirm that your  e-mail has been received.


Excerpts from

Figuring Out Fibromyalgia: Current Science & The Most Effective Treatments
by Ginevra Liptan M.D.

A great book and I will quote her brilliant insight into this condition which is both relevant to me as well as the fact the NHS pretends it does not exist.

“My doctor recommended exercise and anti-depressants, both of which helped me. But the exhaustion and pain continued, so I kept searching for something—anything—to feel better.”

”I am convinced that the fascia, the connective tissue surrounding each muscle, generates fibromyalgia pain” exactly what I have starred to Doctors several times only greeted with a roll of the eyes and shaking the head.

“I began to put together why certain treatments had helped me so much, while others did nothing at all.” exactly what I have manager to do too except I do not work within the field if medicine not have I ever done!

“Over the past decade, the amount of research in fibromyalgia has increased exponentially, along with its acceptance as a legitimate medical condition.” But this book was published in 2011. So by this date Fibromyalgia was almost all figured out. So what happened to the NHS on the subject? Why state all things cannot be linked when I then discover Charcot Mature Tooth Disease, Fibromyalgia and this books quotes another?!

“doctors that insist fibromyalgia is not real, even though there are thousands of studies documenting that it is.”

“Fibromyalgia is often treated like a second-class diagnosis.”

“No other word in medicine can evoke such a negative reaction among physicians.”

“Informally, I have heard doctors say much worse, which is why I half-seriously refer to fibromyalgia as the F-word of medicine.”

Need I say anymore? Oh but I will…

“People with fibromyalgia tell me how tired they are of being their own doctor.”

“musculoskeletal pain” it is listed at and yet half a dozen people in that department stated they did not know what I was afflicted by!

“After reading this section you will have a better understanding of fibromyalgia than many doctors.” Ergo they should start to listen and spend more time with me. A true Doctor and indeed any scientist like myself would and should want to know the answers to the puzzles. Not sit on their arses pandering to bureaucrats so they continue to get paid their over inflated salaries!

“have the flu all the time, with profound muscle pain, achiness, and fatigue. Repetitive motion tends to make the muscle pain worse. Sleep is unrefreshing, and people describe waking up in the morning feeling as if they had run a marathon overnight.” this should all start sounding very familiar with things starred in my posts since it’s creation.

“most common symptoms in a survey of more than 2,500 people with fibromyalgia were unrefreshing sleep, morning stiffness, fatigue, muscle pain, and problems with concentration and memory” add should this one!

“most troubling symptoms is “fibrofog,”” was preceded with ‘one of the…’  as well become clear shortly.

“most common are irritable bowel and bladder symptoms, low blood pressure, dizziness on standing, and poor balance. Other symptoms can include frequent headaches, numbness or tingling in hands or feet, and sensitivity to loud noises. More information about the causes of these symptoms of fibromyalgia,” I have mentioned the ears and even starred to my brother that I gave away Atomic Floyd headphones costing £130 new because ‘they hurt my ears.’

“alternating bouts of constipation and diarrhea” I believe I have explained this several times and even the pain being so great I passed out!

“the fact that people don’t “look sick,” has contributed to the controversies surrounding this illness” and I thank you!! I have letters from several do called Doctors making sarcastic remarks about me looking like a fit gentleman! So much so that I decided awhile ago that I refuse to remove my shirt. Just because I have a fit looking physique died not mean there is NOTHING WRONG. See earlier quote by this Doctor.

“People with fibromyalgia are usually sore in other muscles and tendons, not just the 18 designated tender points. Researchers chose those particular areas because they were found to be the most consistently tender in people with fibromyalgia, and not tender in healthy individuals” I believe I stated on here that I have a dozen symptoms that I refer to. That there are more but spend too much time concentrating on the one that are the biggest pain in the arse. That there are more symptoms but never counted and many I never even considered being linked all down to one thing. Like skin conditions and even the heartburn and vomiting!

“often begin after a trauma such as a car accident”

“does have abnormal test findings” even current Doctor states no tests for it, lol, as did every single health professional since I started mentioning the condition. See the following two quotes…

“Abnormalities can be seen with specialized blood tests that look for certain markers of immune system activity”

“only seen on certain specialized tests that are primarily used for research purposes”

Also of interest was THIS quote…

“Scans of blood flow in the brain reveal abnormalities in pain and stress processing areas of the brain”

“confusion surrounding fibromyalgia is illustrated by the multiple names given to this condition over the past 200 years” interesting is the fact that the condition has been known about for 200 bloody years! Lol. But did not exist because some people claiming to be educated let their fecking pride cause people unnecessary pain and misery, lol.

““chronic rheumatism” or “muscular rheumatism,” known by different names over the last 100 years…

“In 1904, during a now famous lecture at a London hospital, Sir William Gowers proposed that chronic rheumatism was caused by inflammation of the fibrous tissue surrounding muscles. He suggested that the condition be called “fibrositis,””

“stress response gets stuck in the “fight-or-flight” mode in fibromyalgia.”

“It felt like my spine hurt, my skin hurt, everything hurt. I was sleeping poorly, tossing and turning, and I awoke every morning feeling more tired than before I went to bed.”

“One day my hips started aching” and enter stage right, the HIPS!!

“I kept telling myself that this was not fatal and it was not cancer, but it felt like a death sentence to be 26 years old and feel like you were 100” I THANK YOU!! LOL!

“I had a really hard time accepting that it was chronic and incurable”

“Deep sleep is inhibited because the brain is trying to stay alert to fend off danger”

“dizziness upon standing”

“fainting upon standing seen in fibromyalgia”

“Messages sent up the spinal cord from the nerves that sense temperature and pressure can also be misinterpreted.” and the feeling hit and sweating!! Just today I was walking around town in agony from feet, knees, legs and ranked up on Tramadol and was in a t-shirt as I was boiling! …

“may explain the intolerance to temperature extremes or weather-related pressure changes” should I rest my case? Hell, NO!! It will become clear in the next few days why I am putting this here and why now?! Because if I have had my difficulties then I dare say that others have too. This way I can help many different people and many different organisations while setting a really big TRAP?!?! LMAO!

“pain of fibromyalgia can be so debilitating and severe” I am loving this! 😀

“Muscles also function normally in fibromyalgia, which initially lead many doctors to conclude that the condition is not real, and must be due to psychological issues” the needing psychiatrist stance, lol. It gets way, WAY better!

“There is indeed something abnormal in the muscles in fibromyalgia—we just have not been looking in the right part of the muscle”

“Imagine hundreds of long rubber bands” I use the term rubber bands several times in this blog!

“Anyone who has experienced the foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis knows how painful an inflammation of the fascia can be” this is just Plantar fasciitis alone. Please recall that it is not text book Plantar fasciitis and that I have emphasised this for ten years plus! It gets WORSE the more you use your feet and NOT GET EASIER. Also it is bilateral for me like most things are!

Ooh I am in ecstasy right now and thinking of the impact that this single solitary post is going to have in the coming months. No doubt I will help Ginevra Liptan MD sell a few cores of her book titled Figuring Out Fibromyalgia: Current Science and The Most Effective Treatments. I downloaded it via Amazon and read it via Kindle.

Hmm remember I stated I was against books being digital and in favour if the real McCoy? Well that stance has changed a but due to portability, now your beginning to get why I also bought a tablet PC I was also not in favour of, I am beginning to see benefits. Though I would really rather be happier buying, or GETTING, both and think it a bit of a rip off at times. I have the app called Comics, be Comixology or something like that, and the DC Comics and Marvel Comics are veer dear to download. Also digital only is not very collectable not good fit proper fans and collectors!

I bet I signed like I had finished? Sorry I wandered a little..,

“Two recent studies using specialized staining techniques of fibromyalgia muscle biopsies have revealed excessive and disorganized collagen and increased release of immune cells and chemicals. These abnormalities suggest excessive tissue damage in the fascia in fibromyalgia”

“This may explain why anti-inflammatory medications like steroids and NSAIDS have never shown any benefit in studies for in fibromyalgia” I believe I not only already made this clear about drugs that do not work and possibly screwed up my kidneys but even have several secretly recorded audio takes on here starting this to a good few Doctors who then did feck all?!

“As early as the 1840s, a French physician noted that diet could affect the development of painful muscle aches” and now yet another cause which I have covered previously and also requires a great deal more money than they are paying me to live on, lol…

“inappropriately getting into bloodstream through a leaky gut” never heard of the term ‘leaky gut’ before.

“Using gentle exercise as medicine stimulates growth hormone release and encourages deep sleep” I previously stated about my exercising and fit looks! I did this despite the fact that this could give a bad impression but thought it better to be honest and open. I just one I would find evidence for what I said. I felt much better when I was on Disability Living Allowance because I had far less stress and a much better diet among other things!

All things end up in my favour just as I one they would.

“My fatigue improved with Xyrem, a medication that induces deep sleep” Xyrem is the drug I referred to in very recent post that was awaiting approval by the FDA in America. It actually hero’s you go into a proper deep sleep which Fibromyalgia sufferers hardly ever do, I now know I do not.

“People with fibromyalgia often tell me that their symptoms get worse after eating certain foods” also seen stated that you end up allergic to caffeine! For those paying attention here, died that ring a few bells too?! Lol!

“abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and nausea” still all relevant to me as I stated and this lot is on my medical records too!!

“Don’t use the bedroom for non-sleep activities such as work or eating” oops umm I do and this is because of lack of help, money and support along with energy prices, lol.

“About half of people with fibromyalgia have an additional sleep disorder such as sleep apnea or restless legs syndrome” the restless legs but, nothing about the arms yet and curiously my daughter has sleep apnea which scares the hell out of her. Cannot remember what the symptoms are so cannot say if I have experienced it. Damn it now I remember, odd breathing or you still breathing I think. Yes I do get experiences like that but not as bad as my daughters and others I read about. Thank god, have enough as it bloody well is, lol.

“Usually people with sleep apnea are not aware of the multiple awakenings/arousals they experience each night”

“Lying down and trying to relax activates the symptoms, and kicking or moving the legs give temporary relief. As a result, most people with RLS have difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep” damn it! Taking forever and I am waiting to get back onto Plantar fasciitis! Lol.

“None of the commonly prescribed sleep medications like zolpidem (Ambien), eszopiclone (Lunesta), or clonazepam (Klonopin) improve sleep quality” Now I do believe I previously stated that many drugs have never worked, or had much effect, on me?! But diazepam did have a calming influence but refused it repeatedly.

Do not comment and quite what is obvious on these drugs as I did not get this far without knowing and finding out many things, Lol. Plus I might get quite pissed and rude, lol.

“drug called sodium oxybate (Xyrem®) that increases both the time spent in deep sleep and secretion of growth hormone” that new drug again I need to research.

“In narcolepsy, it takes about three months of regular use to reach maximal benefit. Since the fibromyalgia studies only looked at eight weeks of use, there is potential that with longer use it could be even more effective.” NARCOLEPSY!! That was the other condition that can cause muscular problems. So there are now the three listed in the same post that can cause multiple muscular pains that the NHS and three dozen Doctors said was NOT POSSIBLE! Charcot Marie Tooth Disease, Fibromyalgia Syndrome and Narcolepsy. God knows if there are others. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder could be another?

Currently my RSI pain is now becoming a huge headache, lol.

“It would be very interesting know whether using sodium oxybate to improve sleep quality could reduce the cognitive difficulties known as “fibrofog,”” this would be so very bloody cool!!

“I always spread out the groceries into many smaller loads, rather than carrying a heavy grocery bag into the house” dies this now explain a few things and sound familiar? Lmao!

“Even more impressive was the fibromyalgia patient that walked in to my office after three months of sodium oxybate treatment who told me her pain was gone. This was absolutely one of the best moments of my medical career” found this a very interesting statement!

“Soon after starting a regular walking program, I developed heel pain and plantar fasciitis” A-HA!! Right now then, I starred that many of my symptoms were affecting me long before the Plantar fasciitis surfaced!! All easily checked throughout the blog posts as well as likely backed up by documentation. Will here is the author, herself a Doctor and a very good one due to her inquisitive nature and intelligence, steering that she actively suffered from Plantar fasciitis and at the exact same time LINKING THE CONDITION to FIBROMYALGIA!!

So ergo when I stated repeatedly that I did not have PF and that it was NOT A TEXT BOOK CASE they should have made the link. One which flick through my medical records and it would be obvious that I have Fibromyalgia, THE END!

Normally when all tests fail to diagnose then it is considered to be Fibromyalgia, except this is not exactly true and way it of date by around 15 years. So why do they say it?!

Also my 120 symptoms, give our take a dozen or so, should have also fine the same thing, this is despite the fact that probably the majority never got mentioned because I was using all my time and pain concentrating on the dozen things they never successfully diagnosed.

Added to these facts are the now likelyhood that many of those I thought a successful diagnosis are actually wrong.

Indeed there are two other things I do have that are not linked to Fibromyalgia and this are my Inguinal Hernias?! Oh except the surgery on the first had left me with pain which COULD be linked to Fibromyalgia and the other Inguinal Hernia?

Well they lied about that one and not only did I prove this but also pulled the offending Doctor to account who then stuttered and stumbled while I was recording him!!



I used to like it that way. The stormy weather that is.

This morning the stormy conditions have returned for the umpteenth time. I have already enough rain water to give my orchids a drink and change the water on my amphibians for the next year! Oh and my one metre aquarium.

Lately though it has become a real pain and no more so then at the present time. I was indoors all day yesterday which is difficult for me to do. Today I want to leave the house but it is treacherous and blowing like mad out there. I know if I put on the lighter of my storm coats I will perspire a great deal. Not because of the jacket you understand but because if this dreaded Fibromyalgia. Still at least I know what causes it now instead of being told that everyone sweats by Morton’s deluding themselves into thinking they have a brain!

As well as the boredom and not being able to sit still there are things I have to do outside of the home. My shopping is always collected in fits and starts as is my household chores not by intention and there is nothing that can be done about it. I now know all this is to do with a part of my brain, the hypothalamus, that deals with ‘fight or flight’ which is permanently switched on. Thus morning when I woke up and felt shattered with my thigh muscles aching in pain, my limbs all stiff and that pain when I raise my arms up to far except now I KNOW why it is happening.

I also know now how it can be dealt with, but it is not curable. As I had starred to my crap and now previous GP I wanted Pregabalin except as I can now confirm it is expensive. Too bad for them. There is also another drug that in the USA was going through trials in America and I need to research more on this one. It induces proper sleep.

You might wonder what I mean by ‘proper sleep’? Well it might interest you to know that although you slept you might not go into a deep sleep. The mad part about this is you will not know! Well you might because I can tell I did not achieve it last night. This is because everything is painful and I feel tired. It turns out that the during the day sleeps I have strangely had in recent years are a result of this lack of deep sleep.

This deep sleep is where your body repairs itself which importantly for Fibromyalgia is the muscles and the brain. No deep sleep means you wake up feeling just as knackered as you were the night before. As I also told many Doctors all my symptoms involved the tendons and fascia from what I could feel. Unfortunately none of them seen to know that it is now believed that Fibromyalgia sufferers are now believed to have a problem in the fascia of each muscle, which is why it can hurt everywhere. This is of course linked to the lack of sleep as they are not doing their jobs.

It gets better to! As I mentioned recently I have been working my way through what appears to be a very large book on Fibromyalgia written by a GP who herself suffered from Fibromyalgia. Now despite what I have discovered recently this book and it’s author had been nothing short of a revelation! Indeed I have had it on my tablet for over a week now and have not even covered a third of it and yet I have dozens of highlighted sections. I am guessing it would take six posts to just provide the highlights relevant to me and all I have ever stated regarding my health.

Think of it as I had stated previously that this Fibromyalgia does not fit like a glove… it fits like a lovingly hand made and tailored glove. Which makes it all the more damaging to all the NHS staff I have seen in the last 15 years. As I saw likely a dozen or more in the last year alone this will become extremely embarrassing one it gets out.

It gets better still… I am one third of the way through the book and already both carpal and tarpal tunnel have been mentioned and along with several other things the author also experienced Plantar fasciitis because of the Fibromyalgia!! As PF only very rarely goes beyond a year or two you would think that after ten years they would realise something was wrong?! No, just fobbed off every time like it was completely normal to go ten years with PF and no help or support!!

It gets better as I thought it very odd when the author of said book starred in an earlier chapter that anyone who has had Plantar fasciitis can tell you of how excruciatingly painful the condition is?!

Here is a Doctor stating this and yet I have been talking the NHS, Local Councils and DWP this for 13 years and instead been lied to, lied about, tests falsified, records falsified and left for dead in a limbo resembling hell…. ahem! Lol. Oh yes and attached, actual bodily harm that aggravated my conditions and then defrauded by a bailiff operating on behalf of Waltham Forest Council!

Now considering the above alone, and there is much, MUCH more, factor in that there are a whole body list of other pains and conditions to hamper everything I do. The knees, the hips, the entire back, my shoulder, neck, groin and many others besides too long and bidding to go into. Plus I already published the list, Lol.

There are several things I would kill for, metaphorically speaking of course. Most of them to do with or directly linked to my condition.

That is one third of the book. I have been telling the DWP this repeatedly for the last 5 years. Instead they just shirt around it make it into nothing and lie about why their so called Doctors failed to turn up, Lol.

I long since stated and from the very outset that this was a living and breathing blog. It was used to publish some very damming and shocking evidence and documents as well as studio recordings I had previously acquired. But as I this it was also my intention to chase purple and organisations down. To the point that their avoidance towards hero and support would in the end look quite ridiculous and therefore obvious. As far as I am concerned I have done this several times over with each of a long list of organisations.

However, despite what I state in the last paragraph I was also working up to a crescendo of sorts. I intend that this would happen so quickly in many cases and with the visitors I am now getting that this will be easily seen. People are adverse to concentrating too long or reading to long, even though this is designed to help them see the truth. It will appear that some do not want to really know. Makes me think of that scene with Loki in the movie The Avengers, the part where outside that hotel he asks people to kneel and tells them they WANT to be ruled. The statement sounded ridiculous to begin with but then it made me think of the things that go on and that which the wider general public appear to do nothing about or shake their heads with their fingers in their ears loudly shouting ‘LALALALALAAAAA’.

Maybe this is just some amoral reaction to a part of the R-Complex of the brain (R stands for Reptilian) that is only interested in self preservation? Who knows I can only surmise the truth at times. It is all good when I can show the proof on here by way of secretly recorded audio or letters full of lies typed out by an air headed moron. The rest if the time I simply surmise.

Sometimes, however, I can do a little more than surmising. Yes I can then perform actions with the CONFIDENCE of what I already know along with already have. I can then make contact yet again after a long pause to this I have contracted previously! One in particular, of you have been paying attention, I contacted last year but never heard from only this time I know what I have instead of thinking that last year I was almost certain of but had gotten wrong. Unless you were pursuing attention it was the idiot, or is that LYING, Doctors that made me think it must be something very rare. Also they said that Restless Legs was not linked to anything. Neither was Plantar fasciitis and added to this nothing I had was linked together, Julian Livingstone of Barnet Hospital among others.

If you also recall the UK Government and the DWP have wangled things for a long time that each ailment is treated separately as if each one was a separate individual! They have for some time refused to acknowledge, downright obvious why, that a single individual can suffer from more than one thing!!

So it is Ovid note that one of the things that consecutive governments and/or Serco have forced upon Doctors and specialists is to simply tell patients that all these ailments cannot possibly be linked! Obvious now with hindsight.

However in all this the one thing they did not factor into the equation way back when, when it all started, was that someone could come skiing smart enough to catch them and catch them in the act as I am about to do, Lol.

I fully intended that in the end there will be no avoiding it, no denying it and no way around it that the truth will out. This is the year that approaches us now of 2014.

Of it is not over during 2014 I can assure you the writing will most certainly be on the wall.

Hmm and now I have got to that bright point of the year that approached would you believe the sun is now dining into my bedroom? Time for me to go out and acquire various… ITEMS



Do you know at times I just wonder how we as a species will survive with the incompetent statement that done in power come out with?!

I am not sure of what Edward Snowdon stated in full when he said he had accomplished his mission. But it forced one person to state something extremely stupid.

In fact I would go as far as saying that those in power in America really do look down upon their own people like animals or cattle.

If they have those same dirty greasy blood stained hands in pies over here then it explains how things are being run, governed and managed. With contempt for those they forget they need to feed off. Now it sounds like a bad vampire movie but a close comparison from what I can now see.

So this idiot senator, our whoever he was, stated the words that to face the courage if his convictions that Edward Snowden should have stayed in America?!

I mean really?! REALLY?!  You have give on record saying this despite the following Edward Snowdon has?! Fecking moron if ever I heard one speak, lol. Those in power are really showing what they think if the people they are paid to serve, fuck all is what. If I had been standing in a London Street sand heard a British politician day diverging like that I would have given him a swift hard kick in the gonads enough to block his nasal passages.

How do people with such low IQs and amoral attitudes get into power? My God I feel sorry for the American people but then they do seem to keep citing in the same people.

Maybe the wider public is just so easily fooled and just buy anything offered to them. Only thing is that being that naive you end up voting in the sage old shit.

I admired a former President,, that is until he stated drivelling rubbish very recently to say something about someone now deceased.

Yeah I get it wrong too at times. Are their no real human beings left in the western world worthy of holding office?

I do doubt it must if the time.

Lawmakers dispute Snowden’s declaration of victory – http://pulse.me/s/JScSc


Now here is my scanned letter for my upcoming ultrasound test, I wonder if they will falsify the test results to these too?!

As always this is edited with plenty of notes and reminders as well as some theories and predictions too?!

Basically I state that I have got a copy of falsified medical records, lied about ultrasound tests and a lack of doing the necessarry tests which my fourth GP within the same catchment area has NOT failed to do. Also that the immediate retirement of my previous but one GP after seeing my notes, seeing my provate X-Ray and asking me why I have been taking Lansoprazole for so long as these things would be bad for me also makes sense.

When she said “bad for me” she only refers to one part of my biological make up and kidneys of course as the kidneys filter out all thew toxins, or drugs, of whatever you consume. Prescription drugs are toxic to your kidneys just as Ibuprofen is and remember that a conversation I had with a stand in GP, a Doctor Palani and thoroughly nice gentleman, was regarding the fact that he thinks these drugs should not be avaiable to buy.

Of course the fact that the governemnt/Serco/PCTs/NHS (delete where appropriate) have been fecking up the health service for decades now means that you can be legally sold these toxins!!

While Cannabis which IS harmless unless you have an underlying problem that the NHS has not noticed. Hmm I might havbe hit upon the REAL reason that Cannabis might be illegal?!

After all they have been trying very hard NOT to treat people in pain or mental stress by going into denial and lying that it might not be listed by saying incompetent things like my last GP of “many people go their whole lives without knowing what causes their pain”. So in other words they lie and then allow the Local Councils and Department of Work and Pensions to save a hell of a lot of money.

Times that by the number of people thay can kick of for whatever lame reason and you have had a lot of people forced into making sacrifices to continue paying for mistakes that they played no part in and get no fecking thanks for it whatsoever and left begging on the streets. I know this because I have witnessed it happend many dozens of times and must have gone on millions of times.

I for one would like to know exactly how much money they have kept back for themselves sincve they started doing this for or five years ago?! The money saving would have got greater as time went on.

Also the Councils have literally been reduced to organisations that do very little and every now and then rewmoving something else they do not do so only collecting council tax to pay themselves!

They do not even pay out Housing Benefit and there is no Council Taz benefit anymore and are turning the thumbscrews on the public for this also.

Hmm that reminds me…I have a court case coming up for that?! Lol.

With my luck they will find out my kidneys will fail and that I probably have th Big ‘C’?! Lol, well at least if I do have either of these it will put the last nail into their coffin.




Below is an email I sent to Wirral Social Services.
I have not had any contact from my daughter and I tried to contact her just prior to Christmas and not had a reply.
I had to leave this over Christmas as not speaking to me or wishing me a Merry Chrsitmas over this time would tell me she really is angry with me. Only two things could possibly do that and that in her court battle her mother was eith hospitalized, sectioned you might say, or imprisoned. I pretty much knew that she would have difficulties dealing with that and I would get the blame.
But I had to do what was right becuase no one else, including Wirral Council, would!
Another things is that even despite the bove two things not happening my daughter’s two brothers may have been taken off my evil ex and put into care. I would not be forgiven for this either. But I would see it as them being better off in all honesty!
But even so, and maybe she doies not remember, I did not want them in care and did tell her not to worry I would not allow that to happen. I know her brothers and they know me. I have also long since stated this onlione in my blogs that I would be quite happy to take them all on. I would need some help and support obviously and I would need time to adjust. Well I do have a disability and I have loived on my own for so very long now, no matter how much I hate it.
So just in case my daughter’s anger is causing her to forget that I would not allow them to eith go into care or not be there for very long I have now emailed the Social Services Department of Wirral Council to find out.
Now this is one of two things I was planning to do, umm I am usre there is others, on the 1st January 2013 so that I could easily remember the date. Yes OK so it was a few days early but I will still stick with the 1st January date.
Right then…
Would you please tell me the outcome of the court battle please regarding my grandchildren and my daughter?
I fully expected that the outcome of any court battle may have serious repurcussions for Sylvia Gilbert, Sophie’s mother, by way of hospital care and possibly prison. I also expected that if this did occur I may not be…forgiven.
Now despite the chance that you are able to use this fact against me and Sophie I would like to point out that this has not really worked out for you previously. This will not in the future and if front line staff got into serious bother through tyhe court tyhis was over ignorance and your immediate bosses of the upper hierarchy are to blame.
I would also now warn you that I have had a webpage, a blog to be precise. You are merely one and a little one at that of a whole list of organisations both public and private I have gone up against. These number into many dozens too and some would surprise you. A backbench MP, bizarrely not far from The WIrral, and his Baroness wife found my little webpage back in January 2013 and emailed me requesting if they can use my data in the House of Commons and to give to various News Media. I said he could knock himself out.
I also once told your staff, previous or predeccessors, that NOT hearing from me is not a good thing and is quite the opposite in fact. I am also aware that you discovered that I had been recording meetings too and trust me when I say your not the only ones, not by a long shot. I have the Police too and many others besides and have outright proof of corruption even to the extent of falsifying medical tests and records.
You might note that many public offices have been of focus to the media in recent times? Well I sent off four DVDs of evidence to them two years ago and they have been gleaning information and data off my site even since. Naughty, naughty!
You might be interested to know that I have 100,000 visitors thereabouts and when last I looked this was rising by 2,000 per week. That weekly rise itself rises ever higher too. You can imagine how these figures will now become humumngous during and throughout 2014? Also some of my data, videos and recordings are available freely onle to all, just o make sure that visitors, just as a certain barrister involving my daughter realised nearly twenty years ago, that I stick strictly to the facts and tell the truth.
That is how I always win, no matter how long it takes me.
Now if it is not too much trouble I would like to know if my daughter is together with her children?
I would also like to know if she has been compensated for the lies and conspiracies that your office forced upon her over the last twenty years?
If you had a Judge favour you this will not be good, I assure you of that. This will go against both you and the Judge if it so turns out that there is any corruption going on.
You really do not want to go into battle with me, not when I am on the verge of being able to hire my own team of solicitors.
So if you don’t mind…




Who in the world rights this sort of stuff and then expects to be taken seriously? By anyone?

When moronic statements like that are made all that is done is damage to the cause.

In fast some statements I have seen have been so utterly stupid that I wondered if it was out online by Tory people to mix things up?!

After they public at large had been given a new name they how that the media will all pick up…MOB and ONLINE MOB at that.

So yet it seems the government are already preparing for backlashes from the wider public by preparing names for them. Demeaning names because either government guys are trying to make us all look like criminals our some idiots just went online and shot themselves and the rest of us in the foot?!

Who knows?

Why We Should All Fear The Righteous Online Mob – http://pulse.me/s/Igj2z