This is is important enough for me to suddenly out of the blue just throw a post together.

I had seen these unusual reports of a brain-eating Amoeba said to be moving further north that was in a paper on Live Science.

Of course every bloody opportunity they have they blame it on climate change when CO2 does not warm water and even in the US they have had some pretty cold temperatures they last few years.

Also being an expert on these things I also know that things like plants, algae, lichen and amoeba likely bloom via other reasons. Like nutrients for example.

Now at first I initially thought the Amoebas were in the oceans so thought it was geological activity. But then I realised it was freshwter and this had me a little flummoxed.

Well that was until I looked at the map of where the Amoebas have been reported and realised it was right around the edge of the North America Craton Plate and there has been a lot of activity in the US in recent years.

Now then here is where the hard-left are not only dangerous but will cost lives.

Despite their countless attempts to get rid of  me from social media I have put this out there so that anyone that lives around the edge of this plate, which will be a very large number of people, can be aware of this.

Might be an idea to stay away form natural water and use bottled water only.

Check with your local water authority about this too as there may or may not be effective filtration for things like this.

More earthquakes specially closer to the Craton Plate edges may see this get worse, possibly even exponentially so so be cautious.

I honestly shake my head at times at how they miss things and I have not only done this for decades I am beginning to think they are either all idiots or just paid to lie?

And to think the media and authorities had everyone focused on warming and people are dying from the record cold and snow around the world and now Covid19 when this Amoeba seems to be becoming a threat?

The pitfalls of abusing science for political gains. Or perhaps this distraction were intentional?

Here is the article in Live Science ..

Here is the article in Live Science that contains a map of the Craton Plate ..

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Rain lashes against windows as the days merge into one.

The shortest of journey incite fear as nose burns, a hand flares in pain and a heart skips and tightens as a constant reminder that the last sight could be of a shiny, damp surface with my cheek pressed against it.

Long has been the fight and much has been lost.

Hoards of the naïve and despicable battle to convince others of visions of the world far removed from any reality.

Strings of horrors run through the hear of several decades and familiar streets are roamed once more while the thoughts of those old years and the nightmare of future events one had no idea laid in wait.

Along this path of worst case scenario sing would flicker now and then. Glimpses often caught with occasional theories that were swatted away as insane and impossible.

More frequently these signs become while the possibilities of each were considered more seriously with each occurrence.

Like watching a spider creating its web each one grew in its complexity while in each I had realised there must be a link or bigger picture while naysayers nayed.

That which was not seen until far too late was the connection between all of this which would paint a picture far too ludicrous and far too horrific for any sane man to consider.

But all things must always be considered until completely ruled out by deduction and never because one thinks it merely impossible or mathematically unlikely.

Data that passed these eyes and decoded in my mind is a whole set that many a soul was told could not happen even in our grand-children’s lifetimes.

But in times of catastrophe we know the actions we would see of those that are amoral, rich and powerful. In the even of a global catastrophe was know the actions of the world’s amoral, rich and powerful.

Not all have these three traits but the sad reality is that most do.

They cry about those with conspiracy theories in a time where events, actions and behaviours run around the world just as a pandemic virus would. Among both man and beast the actions and behaviours seen, we have never witnessed before.

While many are natural others so bizarre that they must be by design and the reality of this is so disturbing that one has to wonder about the human race and is Damien had indeed worked his way to the top. Not the Presidency as in the film but in a position where he could control and maim without most knowing his name.

Were I an evil genius it is what I would do.

Not enough food and too many people is the message we have had in countless documentaries for decades now.

Whispers of agendas abound to depopulate the Earth. Seemingly thought up by the insane any reasonable mind would think that a plan to do this would be impossible.

Unless of course you get the people to do this to each other.

But how would you get evidence of all of this and how could you possibly link it together?

Well as they have often been told for the last few years ‘you never counted on me’. Though with each passing day I wonder if I will achieve any of my goals before my own farm is purchased, metaphorically speaking?

For days I have tried to tell myself I have to contact the health service which I hate so much as they have lied and cheated for years and knowingly and therefore intentionally risked my life.

They have also done this with children. Wilfully.

Children that also happen to be victims of an absolute monster in a long line of absolute monsters that they knowingly allowed in one after the other knowing that eventually the bow would break.

Case numero uno ..

Lukman Yasin-Khalil ..

1 Enters UK after murdering someone

2 Marries unsuspecting girl

3 Cute girl off fro father

4 Conspires with evil mother

5 Starts tirade of Domestic Violence

6 Gambles and steals money

7 In rage cuts down a Christmas Tree and cuts up Frozen dress to his own daughter

8 Goes to prison, Police state 9 years

9 Phones everyday from prison

10 So bad is this it ends up in the news and they say they have foiled plots using drones to get contraband in prison

11 The calls still come regardless

12 The Police never manage to catch those phones .. weird as they trace others all around the country

13 Shocking everyone he is out in 14 months

14 Police persecute his victim

15 Social Workers help him and also persecute the victim

16 Hearing after hearing that the social workers are going to get into trouble via CAFCASS but its all lies and bullshit

17 The Domestic Abuser rapes a girl, age unknown

18 He goes back to prison

19 His previous victim and no doubt his latest one ask why they have not deported him like the Police, Wirral Council and Home Office promised

20 To escape persecution and fear his first victim flees the area moving over 100 miles away

21 14 months later he is out of prison again

22 His brother who entered with him is given £40,000 or more because of Covid

23 His brother, who previously threatened to kill the victim, buys a Range Rover and drives around Bangor, North Wales in it with no insurance and showing it off to his friends on Facebook

24 Then he is involved in a stabbing incident

Adnan Yasin-Khalil

25 Domestic abuser is let out of prison again after another 14 months

26 Home Office ask victim to get others to get evidence on him so they can deport him and a pregnant woman helps

27 Several young women risked their lives doing what the Home Office were too lazy and incompetent to do themselves

28 Turns out they already knew that they could not deport him .. A FACT. No paperwork or passport and they cannot deport

29 Odd that they did not consider this when they let people in

30 Now the Domestic Abuser is also driving around in a £40,000 Range Rover of his own and I was certain he did not have a Drivers Licence

31 We discover he already had a previous victim here in the UK, making four we know about, and has a child by a girl that must have been under-age when she had his child

32 The family, friends and victim do not want any contact with him at all and are absolutely stunned to discover he has two more victims and still walking around free

33 I hammer the Twitter threads of the Home Office, Priti Patel and Boris Johnson with the links and screenshots to what I have above

34 I also expose that they pay these people £75 each they they are in prison, so free bed, board, phones and a tidy sum each time they get out of prison

35 Victim gets a call .. new council has a 4 bedroom house for her in a riverside setting and will fully furnish it for her

36 Eager to move in before Covid restrictions she is told they can’t as they do not want any more on social media

37 One doing that decides to wait until they are in before resuming with his plan on that front

Why would you do all this? Why?

How have we arrived at a point today where the barbaric animals, murderers and rapists are treated like kings while the victims treated like the abusers?

Stated previously that there has been some bizarre behaviour in not just wild animals but also domestic animals all around the world. Seems a bit bizarre, no?

You import millions of people while not improving services, infrastructure or housing and two things cannot occupy the same space and the infrastructure was already inadequate for years and social and affordable housing in very short supply.

This gross ad nationwide incompetence was nothing of the kind and a grand plan to overpopulate to the point the people snapped and the inevitable took place.

All helped by a bunch of low IQ morons who are the only ones you can get to be leftist activists all placed in key positions over a few decades that would help all this along and far too effing stupid to know what they were doing.

Over a decade my battle against all this has raged on and gradually intensified while I have lost everything while my health deteriorated and I too was persecuted. Because THEY KNEW what I could do.

Surprised at this? Well maybe a little but you may have seen things like this before?

How about a recording with Police Detectives about a grooming gangs who were also extremist terrorists in Liverpool linked to two cells in Manchester and Birmingham? Recall any cells in these cities caught back in around 2012 to 2014 ish?

How about the Home Office file on the main one that somehow after being posted in 2012 did not go viral along with the recording above?

Did you know that every single British Tabloid was contacted at the time and not a single one got back to me interested to see any of my evidence? Much of which I still have not put online.

How about an audio recording of the NHS trying to set me up to lie about me and did it anyway with the help of the General Medical Council who closed ranks to help the NHS?

General Medical Council ..

This meeting was recorded after I had asked them for years about my pains, it was 13 years in total before I actually diagnosed myself. Yeah that really reads THIRTEEN. And I was the villain because I was angry ad them lying which also helped the DWP and Local Council to screw me over for 15 years and still are.

NHS Podiatrist missing my diagnosis

NHS Neurologist missing my diagnosis

The Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman also lied

Oh and what the NHS did do was arrange for me to go to Pain Management called The Tranquil Support Group. When I got there the building was full of other people obviously all fobbed off like me.

It was not a support group for pain management at all and all they did was run through all the alternatives and then at the very end ask all the people there to work for the NHS for free as a volunteer.

‘We are not going to diagnose you or provide you with the correct diagnosis, treatment or pills but can you work for us for free?’

I attended three meetings and recorded them all .. just for the hell of it and I never got asked back for a fourth .. cannot think why? LMAO!

Them missing my Hypomagnesaemia which had been going on a while and was spotted two GPs later by Dr Andrew Thievendra who them asked me to buy my own pills from Holland & Barrett while at the same time it never went on my records.

Maybe I should mention that I had this condition for over 20 years but was affecting my feet and really started pressurising the NHS from around 2001.

This is 2013 and I am still being lied to and fobbed off and they made several diagnosis all of which were wrong and I myself diagnosed it as Fibromyalgia.

Chase Farm Hospital lied to my GP or my GP lied

Kicked off one surgery because I got angry over being called a liar while I had private x-rays evidence of my collapsed discs the GO refused to look at and said sarcastically “Why would I want to look at those?!” which shocked other professionals that said he should be struck off.

And though there are many others and a hell of a lot of evidence I have not posted here is a breakdown of the hall of shame.

Pain is pretty horrible and I am not sure where it is but along with a few others is a recording of a row with a GP that lasts for an hour as he got a call from the NHS, I ask him in the recording, informing him I had been recording our consultations.

Neither the NHS were smart enough to realises I had been doing this for 7 years across several GP Surgeries and several hospitals. Nor was Dr Kumar smart enough to discover my real recording device as he thought he was safe when he made me turn off two devices.

He discovered that night he had screwed up, I received a letter saying that despite asking me not to record our consultation I did anyway and put it on my blog that night. General Practitioners all think they are fucking Einstein.

Always been honest but it seems those that think the slaves money is really theirs have no issues with lying about you.

Pain not nice and potentially fatal ..

I realised it was a three stage setup I nicknamed The Evil Trinity where the NHS is corrupted which then allowed the Department of Work and Pensions and the Local Council to screw you over and get away with it.

The Department of Work & Pensions lying about a disabled person and lying about visiting their home after refusing for months to come. They then claimed they turned up three times and no one was home. These were all lies.

If you do not know all public services in the UK are run by Serco which is a massive conflict of interest as the Data Protection Act exists to stop organisations getting access to all your information.

For some reason they decided this was not important.

Michael Meacher MP actually got in contact with me about all this actually hearing about me through someone who was familiar with my blog .. he then died. Poor bastard. What are the chanced?! No one else followed up.

Age UK being filled with leftist activists who passed my details on to Antifa who started tweeting unique details on me to scare me

Couple on Local Councils

Part of the story about how I was right and the courts were wrong and a daughter gets abused by her step-father that ends up in a Love It magazine while the Domestic Violence from the Domestic Abuser ended up in Take A Break Monthly

Social Workers placing a child with a paedophile father

Recording of two Social Workers from Wirral Council visit mother they failed to help, missed loads of evidence of domestic abuser, or HID IT, ordering victim OFF TWITTER

Twitter is NOT the Internet ..

And a hoard of leftists I waded through do not know any of this and this is only a small fragment of what is on the blog and not everything I have is on it. Had hoped for help. Do have pain, heart issues with no pills and a memory issue and failing equipment, you know?

All these hundreds of leftists I had block me along with some of the biggest names in politics as well as science, you want to see my climate change series, all claimed I lied when I said that top people call me a genius.

When they found out I had recorded Doctors the leftists all cried I broke the law .. I said “Yeah, right. That is why the audio has been there for YEARS!”

Stated online that everyone is scared me me and I do mean everyone.

It would be far better of I just died and I am sure this is what they are waiting for and due to my heart issues getting worse .. I thought I might do this one last time.

Just to see if I get any help. Something go viral. My blogs double their viewers and I get come income for once instead of constantly losing everything.

Timing is everything and many people may be trapped in alone over Christmas while no one of authority will be looking at what I post for several days, allowing me a chance to pump this out.

Timing is everything.

So annoying losing everything while you watch YouTubers get paid for talking utter boll’ .. ahem, nonsense.

Reactivated my Patreon account recently, lord knows how long that had been inactive. Just never checked it for years.

My 2,000 strong 50 cent army not appeared as yet.


There will be war .. or wars. It is inevitable and closer than it has even been to the greatest war of all time.

World War 3.

It only takes a single side, a single bully .. a single giant nation run by snowflakes to start a world war.

No world war 3 and the big giant bully will set off many civil wars and it emerges victorious and with a bunch of evil western fascists being the ones that helped them.

Whether this was because they7 were actually fascists, stupid, naïve or paid to talk and act like fascists remains to be seen.


Nooo .. not them. But they are key.

There has been a humongous amount of corruption and deception and not just to people of the UK or the US but the world.

I warned of this and followed the proverbial breadcrumbs for years but no one listened but eventually I started to realise there were others.

Others that, like me, knew something was wrong. Everywhere.

Now as great as that sounds, and it was a relief, there was a large amount of theories as to what was going on. From plausible to insane.

I is also a shame that many doggedly and stubbornly stuck to the more vague and even insane in like a tribal way.

Unfortunately as smart as they thought they were their enemies knew they would do this and exploit it to their benefit. Obsession, tribalism along with anger, fear and complacency were the five things they used to distract people while supply the waters with mud.

Here is a list of things that I have covered and in a single video below where Tim Pool hosts the two from China Uncensored and America Uncovered. I have watched these two channels for awhile not and I love those two.

  • Planning ground invasion of Taiwan, can only happen in March or October due to weather making it impossible the rest of the time
  • Many countries complaining CCP are invading their countries
  • Joe Baden and the Democrats are compromised and have been for years
  • Harvesting Organs from dissenters
  • Lying about Coronavirus
  • Attacking Australia over trade
  • Using racism to split countries like Australia, Europe, UK, US & Canada
  • Hated by their own people
  • Leftists stupid that the things they love, like Apple, help violation of human rights
  • Outsourcing manufacturing (harped about this for 20 years), Skateboards used
  • Law in China that any companies there have to have a CCP member in the company who then steals all their intellectual property over time
  • Censoring our movies
  • CCP control universities promoting Woke
  • CCP want China Uncensored & America Uncovered to destroy themselves
  • Pennsylvania University Professor says white people should die to even up the numbers
  • Thousand Talons Project behind Big Tech
  • Building Strategically placed Islands on trade routes which is how World Wars start
  • Though I have since been hearing the islands are collapsing
  • China Uncensored could not bare to look at Hunter Biden sex tapes
  • We GAVE China the money to build themselves up
  • The Great Reset

I have talked about all the above for years and years and everyone was guilty of all the things listed, fear, naïve, anger and leads to complacency and scared to face a possible scary truth leads to denial and complacency.

All done before in Germany between 1914 to 1918 all the way to 1945.

Ken Wheeler on YouTube, Theoria Apophosis, said in a video the modern day hard-left following the exact same play-book as the Nazis did. For the workers, defund the Police, silence certain speech and the rest comes later.

Its now good eventually realising where this is heading only if that time comes when it is already too late.

There was a time in Germany when people realised way too late, I assure you.

Now I recently mentioned that I had someone approach me on Twitter who was one of the first member of the hack group Anonymous who is mad at what the group has become.

They told me it was annoying and frustrating and he then came back to me a few days or a week or two later and told me he had read several of my blog posts

“How are you not as big as or bigger than Tim Pool?!” was what they more or less told me and said something about helping.

Told them I had waited 8 years for someone to help while I have been suppressed, attacked, doxed and had everything taken way from me, left without treatment for my pain and fatal conditions.

“They do not want me to be as big as Tim Pool, not even close”

If a quarter of Tim Pool’s numbers were getting to my blog I would be sooooo happy and would take away a lot of the stress that is causing my health to continually skirt along a knife’s edge.

Time for some quotes ..

“Today’s politics appear as an appeasement by way of fooling the people that if they do not like a particular path there is a day to wait for when they can change it. Except nothing ever changes. And the charade goes on”

“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely solelyh on force”

– George Orwell

“The people will believe what the media tells them they believe”

– George Orwell

“The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak it”

– George Orwell

“There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact”

– Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“There are heroisms all around waiting to be done”

– Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

“What gets us into trouble is what we don’t know. It is what we know for sure that just ain’t so”

-Mark Twain

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything”

– Mark Twain

“If you thought the science was certain, well that is just an error on your part”

– Richard Feynman

“There is no authority who decides what is a good idea!

– Richard Feynman

“Another thing I must point out is that you cannot prove a vague theory wrong”

– Richard Feynman

“We compare the results of the computation to nature, with experiment to experience, compare it directly with observation to see if it works. It is disagrees with experiment then it is wrong”

– Richard Feynman

“It is not possible to write clearly enough to avoid being misrepresented by people who are sufficiently determined to do so”

– Karl Popper

“It must be possible for an empirical or scientific system to be refuted by experience”

– Karl Popper

“Moreover, by making their interpretations and prophecies sufficiently vague they were able to explain away anything that might have been a refutation of the theory had the theory and the prophecies been more precise”

– Karl Popper

“If something is repeated over and over as obvious, the chances are that they are obviously false”

– Noam Chomsky

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything”

– Albert Einstein

“The true definition of madness is repeating the same action over and over , hoping for a different result”

– Albert Einstein

“You are unlikely to cure the stupidity of the person with whom you are talking, but you never know who is listening that will hear your truth”

– Howell Waltz, the International Centre for Justice, Poland

“The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success”

– Bruce Feirstein
So then .. now you know the sorts of things and people I admire. So despite the tangents and touches upon the fantastical all options are open until such a time they have been ruled out.

Not because the hard-left who are triggered by facts and science who suddenly want to scream ‘conspiracy theorist’ at me in an attempt to control the conversation that only results in me laughing at them. Which infuriates them.

Also ridiculous is the repeated claim for several years that I got all my information from tin-pot crank Bloggers and YouTubers when I was saying this back in the 1990’s. I was saying it at university in 1998 when a group of us were testers at Middlesex University for the Wireless Access Protocol used in the first WAP phones. Before most people even had the Internet and before YouTube even existed.

Apparently I also lied about being a Herpetologist, Batrachologist, Ichthyologist among others as well as coming up with a system for my BSc Applied Computing thesis I was awarded a distinction for and offered a PhD over at the same university.

Off them a recording with Police where they ask me about this and how I caught some very bad people all of which are on this blog and they come up with all kinds of excuses not to look at it and claim it is not you.

I have quite the collection of links as well as the screenshots all all those conversations.

This, along with the Alex Jones is the best YouTube podcasts of all time ..

Tim Pool has guests behind both China Uncensored and America Uncovered, Chris Chappell and Shelly Zhang along with Luke (also excellent) ..

The other best podcast of all time is when Tim Pool hosts Alex Jones and Michael Malice a second time because the first one was removed by YouTube .. cos censorship, CCP and snowflakes ..

Now I am telling you now that there is a single part of the jigsaw missing to complete the picture that annoyingly Tim Pool has actually covered months ago, he failed to realise what he was reporting on was already years late .. he also has not realised that this has continued on to be super-record breaking late.

There is no escaping this, its a fact.

The graphs are all their for anyone to see. What is happening can be seen with the naked eye with some optical equipment and worked out if you listen to the right people that this will continue now until 2039 and likely 2070 and could be longer.

Now consider this ..

  • We have been told for 15 years there are way too many people in the world
  • We are constantly told we will have no choice but to stop eating meat
  • Over the next decade to fifteen years the bread baskets of the world will change
  • Atacama is the driest place on Earth but was not always like this
  • If bread baskets change they do not know where, Gobi, Sahara, Atacama, Mongolia, Arizona Deserts?
  • This is down to low solar activity going on since 2008, yes 12 years plus, and a Grand Solar Minimum .. creating panic because there are TOO MANY PEOPLE

The Sahara was recently covered in snow.

The CCP has been equivalent to a red fog slowly drifting in to other countries by getting leader to sell theirs souls and fake promises of gifts and promises.

The question remains .. will there be ..

  • Civil War in China
  • World War 3 with China
  • Civil Wars in many countries of the Western World

One of those three is inevitable.

My equipment is failing faster than my body is and I am not receiving medications which would be convenient if I suddenly died. I am sure they are hoping for each day .. you can help but only in a small way

If I could just get some equipment to keep this going and increase my productivity this would be great.

China Uncensored has like a Fifty Cent Army.

I have had hundreds of thousands of views on blogs and same on YouTube I stopped because I was being censored. Been asked a great deal about doing vlogs and I do have a BitChute account but many things have been neglected doe to lack of equipment and that I do have failing in all kinds of ways.

On social media I have had my ramblings read likely a million or more times.

If I had a 50 pence army that was 3,000 large this would change everything.

Will still continue on regardless and I have for 8 years and its cost me tens of thousands and experts say hundreds of thousands to do this.

I am amazed they have not closed my Patreon account .. but in all honesty .. it was .. kinda closed for likely a few years and I had to reactivate it.

Chances are if anyone does use it and the hard-left or the CCP find out about it, it will likely be closed down and I will be forced to go to Subscribe Star, provided the have not turned either?

Now then lets see that right before Christmas 2020 and after taking a photos of a Pepsi Advert on a Bus Stop in London that states “All I want for Christmas is 2021” lets see if I can produce the link to the whole thing.

In trouble over Cyberpunk 2077 leaving gamers across the world saying that 2020 has been shit fucking worst in games as well as movies, politics and everything else ..

Cyberpunk 2077 had ended up a buggy mess that never seems to affect games with Identity Politics in like gay Vikings in Assassins Creed Valhalla, or the abysmal The Last of Us Part II.

I do not comment on YouTube videos much, have decided to in recent times and I get a lot of likes from the creators for my comments.

Predicted it was going this way but as always thanks to fanboys of companies and complacent people its now a mess and getting worse.

I need to build a PC desperately and said on SuperNova Gaming, I think it was ..

“Soo now I have to pay more money for a mid-tier graphics cars then it used to cost for a top of the range card, if I can fucking find one, to play normal games that are broken, shit MMO games that can be dumped at any point, Identity Politics single play games that always seem to work and loot boxes and Pay to Win?!

To the few people I do speak to that realise what is going on, many have argued with their partners about now and currently are and people that thought me mad for years I say this ..

I have been though hell .. with no help and zero support and this going down with the worst three fucking selfish idiots in the world .. stupid too. When this shit hits and people come to me and want help and advice who will only continue to argue and disagree anyway me response will be ‘NO! JUST NO! You argued and ignored and called me mad and were not supportive, you did not help in any way and now the shit has hot the fan after making my life a misery for a decade you want to come to me .. FOR HELP?! NO, just NO! You can .. FUCK OFF!

Everyone thinks they have a right to an opinion and this automatically has means they are right .. well they can take their superior opinions and work out how to deal with it. I am done saving the world. You should have listened when you NEEDED TO and NOT when it was TOO LATE TO DO SO”

CD Projekt Red who also own GOG have decided not to list a game that offends the Chinese Communist Party because of Winnie the Pooh that offends Xi Xing Ping?

Think I am joking?

Here is Angry Joe Vargas and his Angry Joe Show explaining it ..

Now then .. you have been told over and over that Donald Trump is finished but what I have been telling people for 15 years is fake news. I realised first is in the UK and years back the US also.

My friend is arguing with his partner as he think now that it is while she still suffers from Dunning-Kruger .. now what this to realise that the hard-left and the news media has been lying and this was the state of things between December 15 to 19th 2020 ..

And the last one how Dominion lied about their machines and the software used ..

I have warned people moaning about ..

  • Politics
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Games
  • Public Services
  • Government
  • Science

I have tried for years to explain to these people claiming they want to know the answers but the one thing I have learned?

  • People do not really want to know the answers
  • They want the ANSWERS to be that which they perceive them to be or they reject them

Fifteen years I have had this and its slowly been building up and building up and building up.


Blogging for well over 8 after trying to gets books published with peculiar and conflicting results.

So yeah as I had the answer ans results before the Tim Pools and Alex Jones of this world is it that surprising that someone has come to me and asked me how I am not followed my millions and millions of viewers?

Hopefully this will be the one to go viral before everyone realises YET AGAIN ‘It’s too fucking late, how did this happen?!’

Maybe, just maybe because you put all your eggs and faith in one basket and failed to listen to anyone else and let people mull over the possibilities?

“When the impossible has been eliminated, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

WHAT IF there were possibilities with all the mutation which could rise that we end up with a Zombie Apocalypse?

What IF .. scientists have spent years trying to mimic this so they could control the masses by coming up with an excuse to force injections on everyone over say, a pandemic?

Food for thought.

South Korea, the Sahara, North America, Russia, India, Europe have all been buried in record snow and cold as has Japan including Tokyo that have called a State of Emergency and sent out the army ..

And if you had not heard about Japan and its record snowfall and still a few weeks until January I can tell you that they are not only reporting that it was up to 211cm but that they are forecasting up to another 80cm over the nect couple of days.

And after getting more snow in New York than the whole of 2019 and in early Decmber over a few hours, the roof to an Athletic Dome has collapsed.

And I made 33 predictions which all came true in 2020 and I insisted but was attacked that geological activity, or submarine volcanos, would either hold sea temperatures or warm them and this was hey to the build up of snow in cooling periods and ice-ages.

No one has EVER explained that.

Along with others I have been.

Brain eating Bacteria has been moving north in the US ..

Notice it says ‘maybe because of climate change’?

Well how is the air colder but the sea not? I thought scientists were smart and linked things together and came up with the answers? The replication crisis states that if all scientific papers were retested more than half would be wrong. With a lot more data than climate change.

But now they realise the Deep Sea is warming up?

  1. Fear
  2. Anger
  3. Complacency
  4. Division
  5. Destruction of all escapism
  6. Politicians bare-faced lying

With all that going on how could anyone be expected to work out what is really happening?

They must know or at least realise the data shows them its a very real possibility or which case a very real threat.

Does it now appear to you that after many years of seemingly throwing money away with their self absorption coming across in movies, games, TV and others it almost feels like they do not have a future so why not waste money indulging their own fantasies?

“You can fool some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time”

  • Someone said that

“It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction”

  • Albert Einstein

“Everyone thought it was impossible until a fool who did not know, came along and did it”

  • Albert Einstein

“In the history of science it has often happened that the majority was wrong who refused to listen to the minority who later turned out to be right”

  • Freeman Dyson

More food for thought, no?


I is truly bizarre what s going on currently and there is a veritable sea of lies over the election, Covid and AGW.

If you thought the behaviours of us humans sounds insane I can assure you that if you spend a while researching this it is also going on in the animal kingdom.

Literally just see story of Buddhists in Thailand in shock as elephants have killed three monks.

Hundreds if not thousands of whales died on beaches around the world.

Birds dropped dead out the sky across North and South America, Russia, UK, Europe and just see one for China where it is occurring every day and each time hundreds of birds. Another in Thailand too with parrots found dead on a telecom transceiver tower.

Deep sea fish coming to surface more and more and Moonfish being caught by anglers or washed up on a beach thousands of miles from home.

Dolphins have died.

Animal attacks on humans have increased across the world even from domestic animals.

Off the coast of Russia an unimaginable number of sea creatures have died and do not forget 70% of Earth is ocean and has a floor we have barely explored.

There are a bunch of people who claim to be humanitarian and worried about the planet who are lying their asses off, claiming AGW is real, claiming Covid is a huge threat and claiming there was no fraud in the US Presidential Elections.

I did post about Covid, I got that wrong. I had to stop as no way am I giving out false information

I have not got AGW wrong.

It is obvious to the majority and a growing number of people that there indeed WAS fraud at the elections and there is evidence of it.

For the longest time I have waited for everyone to put these things together.

Why is the group of people that are lying and bullying others and shutting down free-speech the main pushers of man-made climate change, scaring people over Covid deaths and calling for lock-downs and stating there is no election fraud evidence when there is?’

Once people realise this and realise these people are fringe far-left Marxists then they realise they have been lied to and the news media have also lied to them too.

They also are now either stating that The Great Reset is a conspiracy theory or actually asking what is so wrong with it?

  • People encouraged to spend money and but things by leftist organisations like Google that know that all there stuff will be taken back off them
  • WEF: “You will own nothing and you will be happy!
  • That is everything and I do mean everything from a spoon to a house
  • Think about that .. everything .. farmers, business owners and your property becomes property of a state run by fascists who lied and cheated you for several decades
  • Ad they have to get every single person ON EARTH .. to do this
  • And they claim they came up with the plan in around 6 months

I tell others that each and every day IU simply cannot believe how shit my life has been and how much more shit they want to make it.

And I have these very same people asking me what the problem is after spending months lying, bullying, cheating, falsely accusing, spreading lies, character assassinations and doxing.

The fascists want to know what is wrong with being treated like a fooking shit for years and now being turned into a slave and things getting far worse?

They are starting to make Hitler look tame!

I know Jewish people that fled London for Israel two years ago because they could see what was coming and getting scared because the hard-left are literally Nazis and disguise this by calling everyone else that.

It is sheer madness and I ask myself if there is a connection between the odd human behaviour and the parallel we see with animals right around the world?

Cannot be mere coincidence and there are far too many coincidence as a lot of science data is also off the chain.

I mean you literally have hundreds of affidavits and the vast majority which is growing believing there is fraud and seen the evidence and the exact same people that have tried to scare you with climate change and Covid are very literally stat6ing there is no evidence.

And then there is me, not helped, supporting Donald Trump, hoping he is to the people, everything they want him to be and think that he is. But you cannot support anyone else .. as anyone else has these evil Marxists among them. These socialists.

But the whole time I am concerned that it is not all a charade designed to distract us from the real events heading our way?

I get attacked and told that I am going to cry like a baby when Joe Biden is announced as President and are ADAMANT he will be.

My answer is that as disappointing as that may be my blog would, or at least SHOULD, increase in popularity a thousand fold.

Because the right wing fractioned off into its tribes and like the left, put all their eggs in particular baskets.

Now I have no idea how many baskets there are but I can tell you what two are .. 1) God and 2) Q Anon.

I am not religious myself but the odd thing is Christians seem to love me and I was called two things by two different groups 1) ‘The Messenger’ and 2) ‘Warrior of God’. Tried to tell them they was barking up the wrong tree but you get the ‘he works in mysterious ways’ line.

So what the leftists do not get is that if Biden becomes President, and I certainly now do not want any fascist Marxist socialists getting power over so much as a hamster, many people that thought they had this in the bag because of said baskets they chose are going to look elsewhere.

Imagine it ..

‘Oh we screwed up on that one. Now they are in power, what are we going to do? Well these was this one guy that warned about this and got everything right for years that the big tech and government have been silencing for years and we took no notice or helped when we should have done? Maybe pay more attention? As we fecked it now .. we fecked it .. we backed the wrong horse and Biden .. oops .. now Kamala Harris is President!’

The idea of someone doing the right thing while others walk into traffic with their eyes closed is that despite the wrong outcome making me more popular and helping me get out of my living hell and being able to treat my condition and all the pain and suffering that comes with it ..

.. I DO NOT want President Biden and The Great Reset where rather then sitting her in this 360 degree of hell I would rather die in a civil war against fascists with a gun in my hands.

But that is just me.

Meanwhile I spent 8 years watching others get more attention, get help, get support, get funding, get a million pounds and/or house. While I suffered.

I was never approached by the left and offered money to shut everything down or join their side and so you know why?

Because and as my friends will tell you that I am NO SELLOUT TO EVIL.

There are some signs of changing times but I have been here so many times before and had so many rugs pulled from under me.

Yesterday I was hearing that Twitter had a hard left purge going on where NOW the hard-left were crying that there were separate rules and they was bing picked on.

Fascists. People with zero morals that rejoice in the suffering of others suddenly develop morals when the tables are turned and they all go limping around the floor before you performing their ‘bird with wounded wing’ routine.

Help them,leave off and the minute you turn your back they would bury a knife into it and I speak from experience.

It is what it is and you can claim its this or its that, its evil or its the magnetic field or Earth changes but none of that matters because at the end of the day it is a problem that you need to deal with.

A sadistic serial killer I am sure has excuses, issues and a troubled history as to why they are the way they are .. but you do not leave them to walk around murdering innocent people because ‘their past issues and feel-feels’. And this attitude coming from the people that rejoice in the deaths or their opponents, have wish death on those they do not like and then cry ‘fascism’ as soon as someone accuses them of something.

When these people look up all they see is the poop emerging from a Viper’s arsehole.

So they have hash-tagged this thing #StopTheLeftPurge .. or something like that and a video is linked below of Count Dankula going over this and laughing. Because suddenly the left calling for more and more censorship and crying it is happening to them now.

Do you see this? Rules for thee but not for me.

This is fascism. It is how fascism starts. It is how it started in Germany and Nazis were called Nazis before they did the things that people use the term for today to state others are like.

Adolf Hitler took over the party in 1921 I think it was and they were already called Nazis a couple of years prior to this. Then all this shit started, the propaganda, accusing others of what you was doing, silencing dissenters and de-funding the Police.

Yet no matter how many times you tell them and show them they just ignore it and continue anyway which means they are either imbeciles or they know full well what they are and do not care.

You have a very cold and bad start to both Autumn and winter and may well get a lot worse and soon people will also be asking where all the dead bodies are.

Now if they come here and see this and then say to themselves ..

Say? Why IS IT that its always the Socialists and Marxists that were behind this nonsense?’

If Biden becomes President and I hope he does not .. then everyone’s immediate concern is doing to be the socialists within the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, the CCP, China and The Great Reset as this will suddenly be a very real and scary possibility.

And all because tribal people wanted to rave about their particular horse in the race and not research and read and take it all into account and do a little deduction.

Trusty me when I tell you that I left clues and comments all over the place the last few years ..

  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Tim Pool
  • Styxhexenhammer
  • Likely Steve Turley but cannot recall
  • Fox News and others I cannot recall but they are out there
  • OAN and NTD later on

I cannot say Steven Crowder as I only started listening to him regularly recently and wish I had sooner.

Spent years everyone telling me to just hold out, the suppression will end, it will go the way we want, Trump will be President, he will kick the social media giants into touch.

So if Biden becomes President it might get worse and despite the fact they have not been able to get rid of me because they cannot prove me as fake news or lying .. eight years of the life of a disabled guy who lost £50,000 and owed half a million will suddenly go up in smoke.

And after losing 90% of my belongings, my home, car, business and lied to for years and got no treatment over my health it will get worse and they might knock on my door and take my last couple of belongings and I am scared about that, let me tell you that for free.

And this is supposed to make me happier? With the help of a baton on truncheon or maybe even electrocution therapy?

As I stated I would rather die ion a civil war with a gun in my hand.

Its been 25 years or more of a constant hell and pain and enduring horrors most would not believe and each and every day I ask myself how I have managed to endure watching the world slowly go to hell while everyone in it made mistakes but thought they they was right and everyone else was wrong.

Yup clearly this has had a positive effect on the situation.

Yeah despite the fact that I have noted that here in the UK that all the political parties are the same and that I have been telling people and blogging this for frikkin’ years and only NOW are people beginning to say it .. I have little hope that things are different in the USA.

Obama gets in and after awhile nothing really changed much, did it?

Trump got in and I felt elated and I was sure back then that all the social media giants would be dealt with.

Now post Presidential Elections 2020 it worse than ever and I wonder if Trump will remain and to the things we all thought he would in his first term.

After all we only back him because the alternative is far worse.

Same thing happened here in the UK and today Conservative voters are ripping into Boris Johnson and a growing number are calling him a sell-out, globalist or controlled by either George Soros or Jeremy Corbyn.

Once again and with a third Conservative Prime Minister in a row we STILL await them to do that which they promised. Brexit and immigration.

Just like the Hollywood studios making woke films that do not make money and naïve movie reviewers thinking for 5 years that each time a movie flopped they would learn their lessons and make decent movies again without political messages.

Been telling them for three years this is not going to change and is intentionally to achieve something, though what I was not sure. I called it all #ProjectDistraction.

Fast forward to today and not only are the woke movies and TV shows still going but they have plans for the next several years. And then there are all the movie theatres struggling or closing.

Now come on if ten years or so ago yo9u made a movie of the world going mad and story like what we are seeing today then I am sure that yourselves, as well as I would, would have said it as shit, a stupid story and not believable.

A friend of mine says to me today “Your theories and predictions we all thought was mad but today not only did you get everything spot on buts its even crazier than what you said!”

This is someone who is now arguing with his own girlfriend over this who thinks all the news is honest and not fake news and this is made up and he going mad about it.

Yup .. and therein lies he causes of the world’s issues today .. people that do NOT back up their snap decision on what is going on or have the responsibility to even research their own beliefs.

Too much of an inconvenience as they have far more important things going on in their lives like their job, saving money, buying shit.

Wonder what they will think when all their shit gets taken away?

Feel like the most incompetent morons going? Especially after being told for years that this was all coming down the line?

Relative: “After years of putting it off I just bought a nice house in an nice area”

State: “Yeah about that house? Ours now, sorry!”

Guarantee that relative knows nothing of The Great Reset and wont believe it if I tell him. Or three others despite the fact I have professional friends now, are talking about it and just cannot see how they are going to pull this off. I always say “exactly” but then again maybe there is no Great Reset and maybe its just more distraction from the fact that a Grand Solar Minimum is going on and its going to get colder for years and they will all look like lairs and fraudsters?

I can only give you the facts or the possibilities ..

When the impossible has been eliminated, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Stop making the mistake of going for the confirmation bias where you only consider the answers that you want to be true.

This is rife everywhere and its a disease and dangerous to the extreme.


  • Donald Trump has oceans of people at rallies
  • He gets 2 to 3 million more votes than Barack Obama
  • Joe Biden had no one turn up at rallies
  • He gets 10 to 12 million more votes than Barack Obama

Things reported but not sure of area

  • Counted votes when they were supposed to stop
  • Reports of dead people voting
  • Reports of people voting twice
  • Reports of more votes than residents, unheard of
  • Minnesota had 90% turnout, never heard of this happening anywhere
  • String of ballots with same birth-dates
  • Ballots looking printed
  • Ballot numbers running consecutively
  • Video of someone offering to stuff ballots for Biden into boxes
  • Videos before election of buying ballots
  • Reports of homeless voting for Biden
  • Reports of OAPs leaned on to vote for Biden
  • Poll Watchers thrown out or asked to stand 20 feet away
  • In every polling station appear to be hard-left activists
  • Republicans being picked on or ones mostly asked to leave
  • Reports children voting

Those above will belong to one of the lists below.


Georgia ..

  • USB sticks were pulled from machines in sinister fashion
  • Asked Poll Watchers to leave
  • Blamed it on leaking mains pipe
  • Reason turned out to be a lie
  • Carried on counting after people left
  • Pulled five or six cases of ballots from under a table
  • Late vote spikes for Joe Biden shoot up around same time
  • Reports of 450,000 votes only for Joe Biden which is impossible without fraud
  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win


  • Software Glitch gives 6,000 votes to Joe Biden
  • Ballot arriving after counting stops
  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win


  • Late vote spikes for Joe Biden
  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win


  • Late vote spikes for Joe Biden
  • Registered Democrat Poll Watchers witnessed irregularities
    • Was told to shut up, shouted at and told they would accuse her of racism
  • Indian woman mistaken for Democrat and staff admit they want to throw Republican poll watchers out then turn hostile to her and shout at her and say she is on the wrong side
    • This alone warrants an investigation and how did BIASED fringe leftists end up as staff?
    • Was told to shut up
  • Another voter witnessed several staff unsure about a ballot want to award it to Biden, which is illegal, and to get her point across suggested they award it to Trump and was then shouted at and told to shut up
  • Statistician states voting numbers are impossible
  • Blocks to machines being investigated
  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win


  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win


  • Wisconsin had roughly a 90% turnout which is unlikely
  • Dominion Software used and Eric Coomer stated that he fixed it so Trump cannot win

Reports of ..

  • Dominion head telling people he had made sure Trump cannot win
  • Does not turn up at Pennsylvania hearing
  • No word from anyone in Dominion
  • Offices deserted
  • Same building linked to George Soros
  • Staff delete LinkedIn accounts

What If ..

  • Put Biden in ..
    • Antifa will continue to smash up stuff .. only ..
    • Conservatives will be out in force too
    • No one will trust the election
    • No one will accept ‘we will make it sure it wont happen again’
    • Putting in the cheaters and sayings its OK is not gonna fly
    • Complete break down will happen between February and June 2021
  • Put Trump in ..
    • Antifa riot only, which they will do anyway

Fascist Leftists

  • Tell you the facts of everything above, its always in favour of Biden
  • Lie
  • Stated there was no evidence
  • Character Assassination of Witnesses
  • Refuse to admit affidavits are evidence
  • Lie
  • As more evidence emerged some switched to ‘it is not enough to alter election result’
  • Misquote people like the Department of Justice and say there is no evidence
    • Actually said no evidence of widespread fraud
    • Widespread Fraud is bullshit and unprofessional
      • What does it mean
      • You only need up to 6 swing states to alter result

People to listen to on this ..

  • Conservative Twins
  • Steven Crowder
  • Tim Pool
  • One America News
  • Newsmax
  • NTD
  • Podcast of the Lotus Eaters

Odd situation arose as I was half way though typing this out of a woman claiming to have Police raid her house and point guns at her children in Florida having the hard-left screaming ‘fascism’.

Yeah lets leave aside the hard-left are the fascists everywhere ..

Turns out she has a webpage about Covid that asks for money, does not know whether she is a business and not-for-profit and has no news updates for 8 weeks despite tweeting a lot and was previously fired.

She also has a Marxist symbol, like that of Extinction Rebellion but placed on its side.

There is a video she posted of Police but only them entering the house and it seems very fishy to me and these could be Antifa terrorists or scammers cheating scared people out of money?

Her name is Rebekah Jones and the website is Florida Covid Action which also sounds very ‘activist’ and odd that she asks for money to tell viewers the numbers?

Does she have a page with a link to the Centre for Disease Control website?

Here is a news article about it someone sent me.

Tim Pool on broken heart of a liberal who saw for herself the hypocrisy and made a video about it ..

Here is Count Dankular on that purge on Twitter regarding the hard-left

Whale Sharks ..

Elephants Killing Monks ..

Deep Sea Fish turning up far away from home ..

Birds all over the world dropping dead out of the skies ..

Another in a long line of Whales and Dolphins dying ..

Try this again as I get more people now but no one go mad.

Just the stress levels and trying t replace my equipment so I can battle better for something I often question is worth it or will I make any difference at all?

Many followers seem to think so but not enough have helped offset the suppression of me, and failing to pick up that I am indeed a threat, and helped get my blogs out to a wider audience.

And just when you think 2020 could not get any more bizarre than it already is yet another report of some official stating that aliens exist. This time fro Israel.

Like a scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey an Monolith gets reported being spotted in Utah in the USA and as weird as this sounds it only got .. weirder ..

Monolith then appears in Romania

And then it appears in the UK on the Isle of Wight ..

If this is true? Would not be surprised and I am a scientist and was smart as a kid and I always insisted that most of the stars we see in the night sky had planets. As a child.

This was against the ‘consensus’ of scientists at the time.

In fact I have a long history of going ‘against the grain’ and there are close to 4,000 posts on this blog and I have another now neglected blog on astrophysics and the cosmos.

Or its all a distraction.

Raises an eyebrow but until anything tangible comes up it was just be odd news reporting to me an likely with one of several agendas.

I, for one, will not be distracted and keep my focus, as hard as this is at times.


Well this is a weird set of circumstances.

After I sent of what I decided was the final email to Age UK after they wasted my time for two years risking my life, turned out had lied to me, got things wrong and then I discovered they passed my information on to an organisation called Antifa who then used it to try to scare and threaten me online .. something else pops up.

I have had this for years from the likes of Citizen’s Advice Bureau to the Mary Ward Legal Centre and others


Now let me tell you this .. this is what these organisations never bother to find out when all they wanted to do is keep on about how everything is the fault of the Conservatives so much so they were promoting socialism and Labour, while Jeremy Corbyn was leader of the Labour Party.

Not only am I a professional but I have professional friends and one of those was a social worker for 25 years for Camden Council and he does not have anything good to say about them. He is a Type 1 Diabetic, has now been lied to, has been messed about and provided with a medical assiatant dog that is not only utterly shit at what it is supposed to do but has had two previous patients he was told it was a disaster with.

It runs away. I know this because half the time he talks on the phone he is always calling the dog back and blowing a whistle.

Another dog trainer stopped to talk to him while I was on the phone and she was shocked this dog was supposed to be trained and had a history of disasters with previous patients.

He told her “I am on the phone to a friend, he is really intelligent and he said ‘but your a diabetic, what happens if your sugar is low and the dog runs away and you go running after it? It could CAUSE your death””

I heard this lady tell my friends something to tell the trainers and my friend replied “Oh I have told them that, but they wont have it. They know it all despite not training the digs correctly” to which he was once again shocked.

I also know they are leftist socialists.

This is what I know about leftist socialists.

Oh they tell you how they are all about these different things and all these causes but they are most certainly not. You can catch them out every single time 100% and it matters not how many you go through and I have been through thousands. Maybe tens of thousands.

I have been blocked by thousands just on Twitter.

Every single time its the same.

What they are interested in is money and power and they use this bullshit claim they are into all these things as a way to get money and power.

For well over ten years I have hated every charity and I said to many people ‘how is it people donate tens of million each year and yet after more than a decade of doing this the causes seem to be just as bad as they have always been?’

  • Children
  • Cancer
  • Heart Condition
  • People dying of thirst somewhere

The other thing I know for sure and have a two decade long history of it is I have NEVER .. EVER .. walked in any charity or help centre and had them ..

  1. Genuinely give a shit
  2. Know what they are talking about
  3. Get something right
  4. Actually do something

The odd thing is that some years ago I have a friend who was a socialist and he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I had always helped him with any problems and because he, like everyone else I know, called me a genius I was the first person who turned to.

A man with over 20 years more experience than I had of the world and used to be a projectionist.

So he had seen me not getting any help and suddenly there he was not getting any help and his genius friend with a bad disability was going around his house every day to help him because no one else was.

His name is Kenneth Walter Bunn and is buried in Enfield.

So have we got this?

Me with Fibromyalgia Syndrome which is itself listed in the top 20 of painful conditions who had been refused help by charities, help agencies and public authorities for years despite them either thinking they have a right to your money or begging you for it in no end of TV commercials. Me having to go and help someone dying of cancer who himself was getting nothing from anyone else anywhere.

My condition is in the top end of this painful condition and over the years I have experienced 273 symptoms for it, relived most of them were one-offs or rare. Though today my heart, blood pressure and magnesium levels are affected.

But I get nothing at all. And I do mean nothing.

For years and years everyone around me thought I must be lying about my condition i9ncluding my type 1 diabetic friend and he would absolutely testify to all I have stated in my blogs. Oh plus I have recordings. Even of this.

Now people are asking how I survived all this time and told me they are so sorry that I was treated the way I was for years and simply do not understand who it is these people are helping.

They seem to be able to acquire a lot of money from somewhere, enough to pay for TV adverts and, as I noticed, sponsor moves with Age UK featuring in a pretty good movie on Film 4 I believe was one with Diane Keaton in it but filmed on Hampstead Heath?

Had wondered for years why I was rejected. Has happened to my daughter to and is a child rape victim and cervical cancer survivor the NHS missed and now I discover they have missed heart murmurs in my two granddaughters. These are also linked to Fibromyalgia which I also know my daughter has.

And with my two granddaughters both special needs ask me what they have all had?

Nothing. Nothing but lies, condescension from people that would have had me slap them after not giving a shit about the welfare of children and incompetence while they talk to members of the public like they are inferior and morons while they have posters on the wall showing the fascists wont allow anger or violence towards them while they knowingly leave you in pain for years.

As my ex social worker friend put t a couple of months ago ..

“You were right. You were right all along, you was spot on about everything and it is even WORSE than you said it was. A decade you have been fighting over this while no one helped and everyone thought you was mad. You deserve a million pounds for the service you have given to mankind”

Goes a little over the top at times.

Well people tend to do this as I had Jehovah’s Witnesses in Enfield nickname me ‘The Messenger’ and a Christian man I met at Fishers Green call me ‘a warrior of God’.

I do not know why people come up with these things.

Despite my bravado, which drives hard-left fascists up the wall, I never feel like I have gotten anywhere nor getting anywhere.

Had someone who was an early member or one of the founder members of hacker group Anonymous, who also owe me £1,000 for an article I wrote, tell me that they had read several of my blog posts and said

“You are better than Tim Pool and should have more followers than him, how have you not got millions of followers?!”

I answered ..

“I do not know but I am suppressed and I think that others have put loads of faith into stupid things and I only hope for their sakes it works out for them”

They said they was going to help.

Seems to be no matter which side it is you get treated like shit. Or just overlooked or ignored or they are happy for you to work for years and years and years for free. While complaining about where their taxes go.

It never ceases to amaze me just how frikking stupid people are that seem to thin they are intelligent.

So after refusing, which I am sure is illegal, to provide me with details of any independent complaints, which they SAID they had, and after 3 months and 8 to 12 emails I have had it with Age UK. I did warn them the last two emails what would happen if they do not comply and provide with with contact details.

Unfortunately these socialist filled organisations always wrongly believe they are superior in all ways and they are untouchable.

Yeah you might want to ask the government that who handed over a 4 bedroom house to my daughter and then fully furnished it and said they wanted to keep things off social media after I hammered Boris Johnson, Priti Patel and the Home Office for weeks with a link to this blog which contains evidence. ON MANY MANY THINGS.

So below are just a few of literally hundreds of screen-shots of me battling Antifa who were lying their ass off and they have one that works for Age UK who doxed detail;s of me online with one of them very unique to me. Yeah one of them is Projects Manager to Age UK which really was not that hard to find.

Like I said .. they are not superior to anyone in any way but someone in power collected a load of morons together, put them in key industries like ombudsman, public services, the health service, DWP, local councils and charities and fashioned them into pawns.

Sorry but I have met Dogs smarter then these people.

If you are reading this .. NO .. you are NOT superior and if you are Age UK .. YES I am all the things I said that I am that you called me a liar over.

Oh yeah and they called me a liar and complained they did not have my address.

After Antifa spent a year diving down Facebook and LinkedIn and others trying to find it and I was even threatened by one that I am stupid and would be easy to find.

That was just two days ago and they call themselves ZombiePiano.

I said .. “well go on then”

Then the excuses came and IU ran them ragged around the houses and they are full of it. These people are nasty, hateful shits. Nasty, venomous little shits whose only desire is to rule over others and command everything they do. And they do not posses six grey cells that work as a team.

Then as I am getting ready to do this I go and find a charity in America linked to three Hollywood actresses who are Amy Schumer (no surprise), Brie Larson (absolutely no surprise and laughable the shitty little person) and Reese Witherspoon (OK that was a surprise).

This charity is called Time’s Up and is accused of raising $3.6 Million dollars and like 90% of it or more went of themselves and hardly helped anyone.

This was a gift from the Gods and this is EXACTLY what I had been telling friends and family for over ten years and asking where all this money was going?

I get really angry and it pissed me off that everyone is acting like the Devil’s fucking minions and its like living in a hell but where its feel like the last couple of years for many its been a couple of decades for me.

Fuck name I have been blogging about this for over 8 years.

When I am not angry the scientist in my tries to explain these shitty, low IG idiot fascists and wonder if is the magnetic field or one of the other major changes going on with Earth we have not seen before they are keeping quiet.

They call this a Grand Solar Minimum and anyone with a solar cycle graph and a telescope can see that the solar cycles went out of whack in a way that has not occurred since 1648 to around 1700.

Its going to get colder and winters longer for a number of years. I cannot tell you how cold or for how long but its a minimum of 20 and could be 60 and even up to 200. No one really knows but one woman scientist is good at this. But even she was silenced. Had a paper removed despite being published 261 times.

Its why there is talk of a Great Reset. No its not because of Covid as these sorts of plans require the minimum of a decade and likely several to come up with.

So those in power have screwed it up for years, lied to us, screwed it up some more, set everyone against each other, ignored the will of their people and now want to bring something in after lying about the end of the world and want to remain in power?

Well as well as doing away with money, all your freedoms, your privacy and salaries and make the world into one giant socialist system.

How the fork they think they are going to get everyone to accept this or allow the to remain in their positions of power is beyond me.

More and more people I speak to, foreign people owning shops, are talking to me about all this and losing their temper over it.

So here now I a video of my favourite YouTube couple Clownfish TV talking about the Hollywood MeToo type charity and some screenshots of those that have been trying to dox me I am sure they would kill me if they could get their hands on me?

Screenshots ..

One tweet where they threaten to find out someone’s address and say it is easy. But then never do it when challenged.

Sorry to disappoint but Age UK do not have my address.

These people will even call people liars upon hearing a statement they do not like when it was a statement made by someone else because they refuse, have been conditioned, not to listen to anything.

The same group of Antifa claiming something is a lie because a YouTuber called Tim Pool said it, except he did not.

Then after refusing to watch it and making assumptions its everybody’s else’s fault.

Tim Pool is centre-left but they insist, like everyone else who ever disagrees with them on a single thing, that he is far-right.

My trouble is I do not trust anyone .. and certainly not in the public services and do not know who to turn to to help myself. Now that I have helped my daughter out.

I am ..

  • Disabled
    • Where all all the disability charities?
  • Heart condition
    • Where are all the heart condition charities?
  • Memory Loss
    • As above
  • Over 50
    • Look at how Age UK have treated me
  • Homeless
    • Where are all the homeless charities
  • Victim of Number of Crimes
    • Look how the authorities treated me
  • Saved Lives of Animals like Swans, Deer, Cats
    • Where were the RSPCA who I get told refuse to come out?
  • My Problem or Issue?
    • Single white male?
    • Tell the truth too much?
    • Being centre-left not far enough left?

Told people I am in a livng hell and I literally just had a heart eposide because an idiot told me I was wrong about, get this ..

  • Sensor size in cameras do not affect aperture and only focal length
  • Trying to explain he is wrong, people say he is an idiot, and full frame cameras are expensive because of this he suddenly7 screams at me, slams his door so hard I thought the hinges would come off
  • Causes me to have a heart episode I get no treatment or tests for

Not used this in awhile and had to re-activate it. If you consider please do not overdo it .