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Obviously left there intentionally so they can punish me and the blog and I have tweeted at Google Adsense and got nothing while Blogger’s account is protected so you cannot do shit.

Could sue them for hundreds of thousands, f@cking fascist slave drivers.

So then they have announced further lockdowns and still pushing vaccines when everyone I know has long since been fed up with lockdowns, lost faith in vaccines with regrets of having them, refusing second dose, refusing any dose and now no longer pressurising loved ones and family to have them.

It has all stopped from what I am hearing.

Two people I know have been hospitalised, one with Bell’s Palsy and his sister with a heart attack while my health care worker daughter and her firm have yet to meet anyone tested positive. They do, however, know 5 that have had blood-clots and one of these died.

I know of two women in the 20’s who were in hospital bed’s next to each other who both had strokes. One woman that fell into a come and died.

Bearing in mind that its been emerging that the Coronavirus was combined with a fungus in a lab where videos of bats being in the lab along with 15,000 samples stated in interviews with staff.

This means that not only have the hard-left been lying to everyone so have the government and the fake news.

But it gets better. You see three fungi have been associated with the virus and killing people that started in India but reports of cases in Uruguay and Chile.

The fungus was combined with the coronavirus to make it ‘sticky’ while one Doctor in India believed the Black, White and Yellow Fungi were ‘sticking’ to masks?

The coronavirus that has never been associated with a fungus now has them oozing from every orifice?

It gets better still ..

Yeah they created vaccines that I said would not work and friends and family are realising are not working and dangerous .. but ..

We only just found out new information about this Covid19?

The WHO said they investigated and now turns out they did not even ask the CCP for the missing data that disappeared from their website and claimed it was a hack.

Also claimed that the CCP ordered a re-engineering of the virus to make it look natural so how did they come up with vaccines without all the necessary data?

More to the point why has no one mentioned this and why are they pushing these failed and dangerous vaccines harder than ever?

Now along with Bell’s Palsy, heart attacks, blood-clots, heart inflammation, ischaemic strokes we also have brain damage and someone on Twitter claimed his wife and mother of his children had lost her eyesight, 94 days at the time, was down to AstraZeneca and had got no help from the British Government or public services like the NHS.


Getting people actually say to me that now they are being told that “well the vaccines do not actually stop you getting it” in which case they say to me “well what is the point in forking having it?!”

I say “Well know some have a vaccine in them they have zero control over too” and there eyes go wide.

When I posted details online I will go into here I noticed two things while the hard-left defended vaccines and compared them to Aspirin, yes I kid you not they actually did that, came across like experts and spelt Aspirin as ‘Aspirine’ at the same time.

Reported ,many times that as well as using a fungus in creation of Covid19 to make it ‘sticky’ that their were experts in India that stated that they believed that fungal spores were sticking to facemasks.

Here is a report in India of a split between experts and whenever this happens the hard-left telling everyone they are about the science always go with one that supports their view as if it is fact.

This is pseudoscience.

World leader turning up at the G7 Summit did not seem to concerned about the Indian variant of Covid19 reportedly ravaging the UK?

So after being told one set of stories for over a year and while they were working on magic vaccines which, even if you DID create one, would take 4 to 7 years and another 4 to 6 of testing .. this came out showing Bats were indeed in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, they had 15,000 samples, no safety training and other tidbits ..

So the question is this ..

Provided that data is needed in any science and we was told for a year these things were not possible and ‘conspiracy theory’ only to now discover it had a fungus combined with Coronavirus to make it ‘sticky’ .. how did they come up with these vaccines?

Now they either knew from day one and kept it silent .. or they did not and not only were the vaccines rushed but a complete gamble?

It is one or the other and as we know that the vaccines are doing more harm than good and no major effects on the virus it would rather suggest the latter.

It also does not help that as the masses are not switching to distrust with the media and the governments along with these health services that they are pushing the vaccines on people harder then ever.

The word ‘depopulation’ is being uttered more and more among people.

The hard-left Marxists I assure you are about to do the exact same thing with AGW or global warming. They will pick whatever they feel helps them.

Oddly still arguing with me after I predicted the solar minimum better than all their cherished authorities.

Worried about talk of a Grand Solar Minimum and Little Ice Age like in 1650 when we had one called the Maunder Minimum they have come up with a ‘new’ idea to talk it down.

A ‘terminator event’ is where a band of magnetism takes place on the Sun. Now they are saying one has just taken place, this is not the first time they came up with a theory of a big solar maximum and it failed, and will lead to a high solar maximum.

Back in 2006 and already covered by me they missed the longest solar minimum of 80 years, predicted a record high solar maximum that was a record low and by 2014 everyone was talking about how similar it was to a Maunder Minimum.

After that the missed yet another solar minimum even longer than the last one.

Then all the madness started to erupt and animals behaved bizarrely around the world. Then they started to die off and this has continued.

Now at the end of a solar minimum that has lasted longer than any since the Maunder Minimum something no one has heard of pops up and yet again they are predicting record high solar maximums.

Which can very literally be shown to be wrong in just a few months.

And then there will be some other bullshit.

Meanwhile no one talks about global warming outside the political hard-left in western nations and everyone is talking about the number of erupting volcanoes.

Which, I might add, is rubbished by the hard-left purely because they are losing their political vice-like grip with AGW. The ship has sailed.

Its like there is a consortium or group that’s been given the task of angering, scaring and confusing as many people as possible so that they cannot see the wood for the trees?

Here is a video that includes people linked to the IPCC where they go over claims my the Marxist Climate Alarmists and their deity Greta Thunberg and explain that they have been twisting things and that there is no date whereby we cannot turn things around.

So they lied about that and I find it odd that it has taken this long to state that these ‘deadlines’ are hogwash.

But then in all honesty its been my job to put people into a corner and force them to make statements against their masters.

One of my most used and favourite lines is that among scientists ‘no one wants to be left holding the baby’.

So after 6 months of drops we have a June that has had some cold spells and some more forecast meaning that we might get another month without a rise and maybe even another drop?

Will be the end of the road for the alarmists and their AGW as with winters starting earlier and ending later no one will expect much of a rise for July or August.

Stated that 2021 was going to be a key year for so many things and consider that if it drops again in June .. that it will likely continue faster and speed up with any more high level volcanic eruptions .. that by the time this year is over .. we could be at -0.2C to -0.6C?

As for these Marxists and their Puppet Masters .. I have called them fascists for the longest time now and have worked hard to get more and more people to not only see them for what they are but report them for what they are.

Still it is not like they would do anything utterly stupid like start branding people as the Nazis did leading up to World War 2, eh?

As state no matter what has come out from the Biden administration or China these Marxists have yet to condemn a single thing the CC has done.

Now consider these actions to force people to do something against their will, oppressing children to have these vaccines that are untested while I have talked about long-term effects are yet to be determined.

How about a video of three Doctors they tried to silence here talking about a Science Paper in Japan where they discovered the spike proteins from the Pfizer Vaccine has caused spike proteins to build up in the ovaries of women and in bone marrow.

This shocked them and is potentially a long term- effect for Leukaemia and Ovarian cancer as well as possibly making women infertile.


Right now only because Google and Blogger have been screwing up my blog for several years and with me having enough reason to sue them I noticed that the above video has vanished and I have no idea why this has happened. It was a science study.

Anyway I went looking to see what else I could find and I was down in the comments section of a video regarding vaccines and Pfizer in particular when I stumbled across two people NOT Japanese, both talking to each other about people they knew that both become afflicted with Leukaemia a short time after their second Pfizer dose. One sadly died and one being treated.

This time I thought a screenshot with the added address to the YouTube video would be better as once again things are disappearing.

This includes the report about Human-Animal hybrids or Chimeras ..

Also I have always maintained that I do not trust anyone though the hard-left have done very will to keep insisting and getting it wrong that I get my evidence from ‘conspiracy theorist’ blogs and ‘right-wing’ sources and believe everything I am told?

No. AS I keep telling them and have for years but they just wont have it .. I WORK OUT what is bull and what is not.

Case in point ..

Fox News staff called Ivory Heckler gets muzzled by them, turns out she was speaking to Project Veritas.

The Daily Mail, hated by the hard-left and called a right-wing nut-job rag, reports on this and for some reason and very early on in the report had already referred to Project Veritas as ‘right-wing’ and ‘right-wing activists’ twice.

Now why would you do that? It is odd how just about everyone including those that are supposed to be right-wing say it like you are a mass murderer?

Yeah well online and on Twitter especially the hard-left got as far as they did because what they did was make out to others that there were from a broad spectrum of political leanings.

Yeah not only was I well aware they were not but I have lost count of the number that claimed they were centre-left, centrists, centre-right or moderate right and every single time after a long period I would get them to explode and admit they was lying.

One even ranted at me when I said something wrong about socialism and Karl Marx and actually said “You are a moron, you know nothing about socialism or Marxism, I own Das Kapital by Karl Marx and other books”. Only people hard-left would even read these books, let alone own them.

My answer to this was “Yeah I do not care, it was just another ploy you always fall for and now I know that you are a Marxist and so does everyone else”.

That was a British Biologist who not only ran away, got torn up on his own subject but also acquired personal information on me from a friend of his who worked for Age-UK.

Never did get from them what they promised and in the end Age-UK ignored me without doing the investigation they promised nor asking me what evidence I have.

Yeah this is child’s play to me and I used similar tricks on all the British Media back in 2012 and by that I mean every single one of them. Give them a little evidence but not the major things, explain what I had and wait.


In the actual interview Ivory Heckler tells James O’Keefe of Project Veritas and has recordings that she was fired for standing up against censorship, steered away from some science reports and towards others in a condescending tone by a fucking moron who is neither a Doctor or a Scientist and cannot do that is she wanted to.

She also explained how the narrative was always push-push-push Covid19 vaccines while at the same time ignored every story of every adverse side-effect said vaccines caused. Even heard, might have out link in last post, that the CDC were deleting reports from VAERS. The Vaccine Adverse Side Effect Reporting System.

This all literally reads like something from a disaster movie where it turns out every at the top is evil and like that character that only thinks about himself in the movie ‘2012’ only way more selfish, sinister and evil.

They even spoke to a crew of staff from Fox News which they play in the video along with recordings of conversations and they all admit it.

This is one of only two UK tabloids I have used to post stories but I have ripped both a new arsehole when their facts are wrong, slanted or omit key information or data.

Like Black, White and Yellow Fungus ALWAYS omitted when they are talking about the Indian variant of Covid19 ravaging the UK not even the G7 leaders seemed bothered about.

People really need to face facts. If mankind is willing to pick and choose from known liars what is true and what is not then its not only stupid but, if there are intelligent life-forms out there, does not deserve its place in the cosmos and no intelligence would want anything to do with this.

Been ignored, laughed at and scorned for years regarding my claims of ‘fake news’ I started years before Donald Trump stated it. Some joke he got it from me.

Well in the UK it is Andrew Neil who is the most admired and he left the BBC, started his own channel with others called GB News. Here is an opening monologue where he says he is going to ignore the bullshit in Westminster, be focused on us while going after the hard-left woke and cancel culture.

His ratings have been reported to have been far superior to both the BBC and Sky News and as a result there has been a meltdown from the hard-left on Twitter.

Because the song they sing was that we were in the minority and things would go there way and we will just have to get used to it. And this shows that yet again they are lying their asses off.

I spoke to two people I know who were totally unaware of this news channel and both want to look it up.

Here is a section on GB News where they call it Woke Watch and as promised they have gone after the Police that they now call social workers in uniforms and this ‘bend the knee’ culture and as I know Harry Redknapp has been on the show he does not agree with it.

The Game is Afoot!

This now all confirms the very last of my claims and predictions from years ago. My friends and family have seen many things I stated they thought I was losing the plot over turn out to be true.

This was the most bizarre to them but was the only thing that fitted to me .. think about it this way .. for a worldwide pandemic and a worldwide vaccine .. how could you POSSIBLY hope to cover shit up in one country, putting your own people in danger, when its in a long list of countries?

Was they just hoping to wait until people in other countries were all dead and then say ‘oh sorry we got it wrong, we only did it to save you, how was we to know?’ whereby I will be right there to say ‘well you were warned, ignored the laws, protocols and human rights .. so YOU DID KNOW .. now GO TO PRISON’.

To me its staggering what is going on right now. The reports I see are staggering as to the side-effects and I know there are far more out there we are not hearing about.

Whether one say we get a load of reports from some other nation and realise, because mathematically this will reveal cover ups, remains to be seen.

Will be be a European country? India? South Africa? One of the nations in South America?

Its like I am in some kind of crazy dream and at any moment I am going to wake up to realise it has all been a nightmare.

I am not seeing all these sets of scientific data, the news media is not acting like a Nazi fascist propaganda team while pushing vaccines they know are untested, harmful and potentially deadly on their own people. Also the socialists are not behaving just like fascists, pretending to be for the gays, Muslims, people of colour just so they can get in power and destroy everyone’s rights to a say or even voting once in?

Did you know it snowed in Cordoba Argentina recently for only the 7th time in 100 years?

Currently in mid-June its dropped to 15C in London and a cold blast is due to hit North America in a few days.

EDIT: Scientific Prediction Number 69 since January 2019 and this one was that they would be looking a lot closer at the Earth’s Core and start discovering things ..

I also took some time out and thought I would make a few memes along these lines and have around 60 or 70 to post out every now and then throughout 2021 .. the year I believe will have everyone turn on these amoral Cultural Marxists and their fascist attitudes towards all others not like them ..



In my experience, being a stickler for the facts and follow the rules of science and centre-left and consider myself a centrist and having a memory condition that makes it impossible for me to lie ..

I have witnessed a cascade of evil actions and evil statements from a group of people that think they are morally superior and think everyone else is beneath them.

Make no mistake this group is behind and push hard as well as attack anyone that disagrees .. socialism, global warming being man-made and down to CO2 only, identity politics, the worst stories on covid and supported face-masks (now may have been collecting Black, White and Yellow Fungus spores that have killed people) and vaccines, which we now know are not only killing people but seem to have little effect on covid transmission.

To me these people should be locked up in prison for the rest of their lives and the keys collected up and tossed into the Mariana Trench.

Their only homes are Twitter and Facebook as well a YouTube where they have many, many accounts each and pretend they are much bigger in numbers than they really are and mass bully, or so it appears, others.

They have been caught lying hourly and also guilty of that which they accuse others of and its clear their rules do not apply to themselves. These are these woke left idiots I just lump in as Marxists but are likely a collection of groups.

One thing they consistently insist on is that they are using logic while their opponents do not and one even uses the word ‘logic’ in their name.

In my opinion they are the worst group of humanity you could ever come across and there only interested, while being low IQ scoring morons, is control over other people and bossing them about. While they moan about governments bossing people about.

Well recently after getting dragged back into something by others. People I muted suddenly not muted any longer basically because of a Marxist (whatever leftist) Chemist called Gerald Kutney who tries so hard to be relevant. He also gets pleasure out of shepherding the sheep but vanishes when you confront him. It seems after remaining off a thread for weeks I was being argued over and Gerald Kutney put up his usual science which was a string of ROFL emojis. Cos that’s how scienzey is done, dontcha know? Now only is he a liar and commands a bunch of SRI loaded minions to lie and cheat for him but he is also a coward and a backstabber.

I had been interested to see what would happen if my absence appeared to be permanent and of course Gerald came back from under his rock and was taking jibes. I was being defended by some very nice followers and then someone seeing this actually tagged me in.

Wondering WTF after seeing someone I had muted I went in and I carpet bombed the lying fascist manipulators and of course Gerald Kutney teleported out and I cannot even recall if he managed a single tweet?

Anyway not wanting to dive everyone crazy I was already regretting going on as the SRI loaded minion hoards that had not blocked me descended. got some inspiration to do something I have wanted to do for a long time.

One lying moron called Mark Lunn, I call Ma Klunk, apparently for the umpteenth time tried to claim my previously involvements with British Secret Services were bullshit.

Once again I reminded him and his comrades that each time they say this I keep offering proof and they simply refuse to ask for it. Sometimes I still provide it anyway and they will refuse to look. Or one did and then lied about it and said that he heard it all and I was lying. I said ..

“So you listened to a five hour discussion in 30 minutes and declared I am lying?”

They are not very good with numbers even including TIME.

Then Lunn said something perfect that allowed me to get him into a trap where he claimed how they worked and they contacted me and used me as an asset. Yeah except I contacted them with something that I myself knew about and they did not and I myself collected audio evidence from 250 miles away over two atrocities with one half going to MI5 and GCHQ and having a five hour visit from Police Detectives, from 250 miles away, for the other. Jurisdiction.

So I asked without correcting therefore laying the trap “How do you know that?”

Whereby he then started tweeting how he knows how the secret services work because he is the son of one?

“Yeah champ? No. Just, no! You are not allowed to talk with family over dinner about the goings on with the operations of the secret services and in the UK have to sign the Official Secrets Act”

In his scramble to talk up his bullshit, or double down, he stated that he relative was a pilot.

They have secret agents pilots now?

Not very secret if you come roaring in, in a Lockheed Martin F22, F35 or Apache Longbow, is it now?

Wanted to expose their lies and run through how logic works and go through a list of the logical fallacies they commit every hour despite claiming constantly that they present logical arguments.

Its kind of liking poking a Lion with a stick, do it enough times and thee true nature is revealed and is swipes for your face.

So here we go ..

Logical Fallacies & How They Work ..

False Cause Fallacy – Falsely assuming that one thing is the cause of another. Despite the fact nothing has been proven and despite the fact that the climate is hundred of complex systems we are very far away from understanding and need quantum computing and the correct models to even get close. They insist everything is down to CO2. Completely false.

Gambler’s Fallacy – This fallacy occurs when the gambler falsely assumes that the history of outcomes will affect future outcomes. The absolutely best example on this occasion is their use of the world ‘trends’ when it comes to global temperatures. The fact that the Maunder Minimum, a Grand Solar Minimum which cause very long and cold winters, means nothing to them.

When shown that the data suggests we are entering one and even on the BBC in 2014 they said the data appears back then like the Maunder Minimum, they dismiss it. For 7 years it has only got a great deal worse and they still dismiss it. People dying in the record snow and cold across the world and they do not care. Nope focus on CO2 and they have to be in power to do something they have no solution to for a problem that does not exist. Except in very vague theories that observational evidence does not match up with. Oh they do not like observational evidence and even claimed it is not used in science. Utterly false. Check Richard Feynman’s quotes on that one.

Faulty Motives Fallacy – Irrelevant appeal to the motives of the arguer. They will literally run through a list of things to accuse you of to cast the seed of doubt. I even accused them all of having a document open where they just copy and paste some shite or other.

Genetic or Bad Seed Fallacy – Appeal to the origins of an argument to discredit its claims. Word phrase ‘fell for denier nonsense’ is usually used. Or origins of a person similar to Guilt By Association. The hard-left look for something bad to say its all bad and rule it out. While in their case they do the opposite .. they wait for one thing they got correct out of 100 and then say its all good. Its utter incompetence and sinister beyond belief and if the Devil was around he would be PROUD! One of many why religious people think they are the Devil’s minions and after a time you can see why and really cannot blame them.

Here is a recent example where the woke left crows will go after you for something you said a long time ago, a decade in this instance. If its their opponents then you are guilty for life and will destroy your life.

If its their side they get a pass even if it was something two days ago and no matter how many times and I have seen this literally myself online with racist tweets, they get a pass.

Group Think Fallacy – Impressing others or supporting each other has them thinking they are all correct. Illogical and dangerous. When its them numbers are important and back them up and when you put the same thing to them they then dismiss numbers as not being relevant.

Guilt by Association Fallacy – If I do not agree with the hard-left but agree with someone who is, say, far-right they conclude and insist I am far-right also. Kinda also the False Dichotomy Fallacy is thrown in.

Hedging Fallacy – Is more or less someone gradually moving the goal-posts when it comes to their original statements and probably the fallacy they are mostly guilty of on the far-left.

False Dichotomy Fallacy – Insist something is this or that sometimes called the Black or White Fallacy. Usually their opponents political leanings.

Hypostatization Fallacy – Taking something from an abstract term and treating it as if it is a concrete one. A fairly common abuse of logic by the hard-left while they continually accuse others of being illogical without an explanation or use of any names of these fallacies.

Ideology Driven Argumentation Fallacy – Presupposing an aspect of their own argument they are unable to defend. Oh my this is one of the more common ones you see. What usually happens in this instance, as well as some others, is they then ignore you and start attacking someone else. I have had period where I have literally fired questions at them for hours to highlight their avoidance to others.

Common Cause Fallacy – Occurs when they apply everything to their one cause or in this case how global warming causes record snow, record cold, global temperature drops and volcanoes to erupt. These morons literally think, or it could be faking it, that they are the moral superiors because they claim to be saving the planet, people and animals. Except they don’t bat an eyelid when you show a report of people dying. Especially when its down to cold or snow.

Ignoring Inconvenient Data Fallacy – Kind of speaks for itself. Best trick is that they dumped one global temp graph because the ‘+’ changed to ‘-‘ for another. In this instance a common one is ignoring weather reports that are not to their liking and it becomes ‘just weather’ and claim that ‘you do not understand the difference between weather and climate’. With the latter I then spent sever4al months asking them to define the difference, because I know what is is being an expert on it, to which they did not answer. They did not know.

When they then see a report of record heat it then changes from ‘just weather’ to ‘proof AGW is real’. I made a meme graphs that zigged zagged across a baseline. Above I put ‘Proof of AGW’ while below the baseline I put ‘Just Weather’.

We compare the results of computation to nature, experiment or experience, compare it directly with observation, to see if it works. If it disagrees with experiment it is wrong”

  • Richard Feynman

No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right, but a single one can prove me wrong”

  • Albert Einstein

Unless you are a climate alarmist where all the quotes by the greatest, most scientific, philosophical and wisest minds are all dismissed.

Insufficient Statistics Fallacy – Drawing conclusions from data sets nowhere near large enough to extrapolate anything from. They will cherry-pock the absolute worst example ever if the numbers go in their favour.

Likely top example is Polar Bear numbers where a scientist and lecturer cal;led Susan Crockford stated a couple of years back there were more Polar Bears than they was telling us and was removed from duty. She was interviewed by Don Smith over this and yet a recent report states that there are between 3,500 and 5,500 Polar Bears.

Quite literally in politics, social media and in science now and the fake news are guilty of this is that some facts are wrong to reveal to others while many lies are perfectly fine.

This is YOU we are talking about. Why would they not want YOU .. to know the truth? Because they want to CONTROL you. Cannot recall if it was Noam Chomsky or Karl Popper or even Mark Twain that said that ‘If you control the media, you control the minds of the people’?

Appeal to Authority Fallacy – When someone says that NASA, a Doctor or the news said something so that their argument must be true. Not only are people like NASA, NOAA and the USGS used but they even do this with The Guardian, Media Matters (proven to lie and hard-left leaning) and Snopes and even Wikipedia, disowned by a co-founder who has apologised for the misinformation contained within it. I call it WikiPencil.

Slippery Slope Fallacy – Insisting that the worst that can happen will happen and perfectly describes how for more than thirty years we have heard at several different junctures that we are all gong to die in a burning world in 8 years time.

The Bandwagon or Appeal to the People Fallacy – Stating that because most people believed in their theory then it has to be true. The sad fact is that this was actually a lie as well as a logical fallacy and something extremely common with the hard-left on everything.

No True Scotsman Fallacy – Argument being that if you do something out of the ordinary in a group then you cannot be part of that group. Example someone says ‘No True Scotsman puts sugar on porridge’ when a Scotsman tells him that he does this he is then told ‘you are no true Scotsman’ usually used in political debates. Constantly told I am right-wing. I let them do this for a few years and then broke it to them I was centre-left. After being called a liar they came up with the idea that they could call me a ‘secret socialist’ and therefore lose all my followers. I let them go on about that for months before I told them that they already knew. They do not care.

Should have seen the raging over that one. And therein comes in the False Dichotomy Fallacy whereby if its not this then its that or as always turned out when they try to turn me to their side or group whereby I reply ‘I do not agree with socialism, Marxism, Communism and I do not agree with lying or misleading people and could never be part of any group that manipulates others for control’.

Observational Selection Fallacy – Drawing the things you want from something and ignoring everything else. Perfect example is when a hard-left posted a link at me, this happened all the time, to prove global warming was real and proved by scientists in China. Only I was familiar with the paper and I quoted 8 sections from it.

It stated no evidence of warming, signs its now going to cool and this is worrying. They then homed on ion them stating one line that ‘we should not just forget about warming’ and used this alone to show the hard-left should be given power. Which would always follow, as this happened repeatedly, when I quoted the part where the scientists state that people have the false idea that we have control over CO2 and climate, when we don’t.

Ad Hominem or Against The Person Fallacy – Forgot about this one where they make personal attacks and this one is the most used on the hard-left and used when they have lost or know they are about to lose an argument. Hence WHY it is their most commonly used fallacy.

Anthropomorphism Fallacy – not Anthropogenic in AGW which they love this is where you project human qualities onto something. An example is that my side of people from centre-left to right-wing always respect each other and ask how each other are. Me being me after 18 months after being labelled with some pretty horrible things I asked how it is that the hard-left have never greeted each other or asked each other how they are.

After a long period of quite the next few weeks had them asking each other how they were, even pretending to care about me and offering help, yeah right, that had my side laughing. Yeah they call me ‘the King’ for a reason.

Appeal To Emotions Fallacy – Is another common thing that something must be true and therefore change, normally disregarding the majority, because of their feelings be that anger, sadness, love or whatever.

Appeal to Ignorance – Claiming something is true or false when this is not the case and the proof is out there. They just did not bother to look or knowingly lie. Although I have seen evidence of them genuinely making mistakes this is only in things they cannot twist. ‘Saturn’s Moon Titan is way bigger than Earth’ was thrown at me while I was explaining that the Sun affects the atmosphere of even Titan further out than Jupiter.

Traditional Wisdom or Consensus Gentium Fallacy – Has anyone ever put to you that something is true because there is a consensus? Yeah if so then they are hard-left. I referred to this before I knew its name as the Round Table Fallacy. I would say that a group of morons around a round table is not how you get to the facts and science is a process to reach one or more conclusions that are wrong half the time and not even that can be called ‘settled’. How can a process be called ‘settled’? It cannot and therefore is a lie. Or one argues that because something has been done a certain way for a long time it must therefore by the correct or best way. Everyone once thought the world was flat.

Tu Quoque Fallacy – When someone is advised not to do something who realises that the adviser has actually performed said act themselves. ‘Look whose talking’. Those being advised then become suspicious of the adviser.

Unfalsifiability Fallacy – Is when you make claims someone cannot disprove. The hard-left do this all the time and use it in conjunction with the Ad Hominem Fallacy or personal attacks when they are losing or lost and you can have 3 to 24 of them do this. I used to call it the Marxist Faeces Throwing Method and even created a meme for it of a cartoon monkey slinging his faeces.

Richard Feynman and Karl Popper along with others make quotes along these lines.

Another thing I must tell you is that you cannot prove a vague theory wrong”

– Richard Feynman

Vested Interest Fallacy – Oh this is also a very common one used to shut down, they really are fascists these people, anything they do not like. The most common ones are ‘they are paid by oil companies’ despite also contradicting themselves by telling us many times ‘oil companies admit it is real’. The others are ‘they are far-right’, ‘they believe in God’, ‘they are paid by Trump’, ‘ they are paid by Putin’. Or something similar or some variation on these things but you get the idea.

Wishful Thinking Fallacy – A beauty this one as the other thing I did after 18 months of posting record snow, cold and global drops in temperature was point out that they did not want the world to cool and in fact wanted it to burn. Because this will get them their precious socialism when the truth is 80% of the people they lured in do not understand everything it entails. You own nothing under socialism. Nothing is yours but that is one they do not tell people. To this day they have never once shown a sign of relief that the Earth is not burning. After 6 months of global temps dropping and record winters they have done nothing but complain, attack and make every excuse under the Sun .. LOLz!

Avoiding The Issue Fallacy – Think this one is self-explanatory and its when someone does not want to hear the facts and changes the subject. Avoiding the Question is kinda the same thing.

Begging The Question Fallacy – Concluding something from an open question be there an response or not. In my case I get questions asked that are irrelevant and designed to trick me to bring the Bad Seed Fallacy into play and I refuse to answer. Sometimes I say its irrelevant and sometimes I simply do not say anything. Several times a day they will then decide what the answer is and state that this is obvious because I did not answer the question.

Remember at this point these are people that mention the word ‘logic’ or ‘logical’ in every other tweet and even one on Twitter has there Twitter @ as @RuledByLogic who I caught claiming that if Earth had no CO2 it would get down to -273C. Absolute zero is -273.15C and impossible to reach. So getting down to -273C naturally with radiation coming from everywhere is very hard. The lower the harder.

This is someone claiming to teach children science right here in London. Pluto is 90 astronomical units, if memory serves, from the Sun where Earth is just 1AU. At its coldest Pluto’s this atmosphere gets down to -223C

Biased Generalizing Fallacy – Generalizing from a biased sample or using an unrepresentative sample and overestimating your arguments strength based on that sample. Yeesh I could go on for pages over this one but its basically like cherry-picking things that say what they want to hear to rule out facts or theories they do not like. They not only love graphs that amplify their claims in some way but have even edited graphs and drawn lines that look as if they are in orbit, this was CO2 mainly.

Cherry-Picking or Suppressed Evidence Fallacy – Intentionally failing to use evidence suspected of being relevant. Prime example is that they used to use the UAH Global Temperature graphs then when it registered into the negative territory on temperatures chose another and started inventing excuses for why the UAH is wrong.

Tokenism Fallacy – Think we have all seen this in our entertainment. Apart from Warner Bros cancelling the masterpiece of Zack Snyder’s Justice League which did Ray Fisher an injustice and made me wonder about the nationalities of Ezra Miller, Gal Gadot (Israeli)

Confirmation Bias Fallacy – Is when people search for only the things that support their biased views and the hard-left do this on everything. Absolutely everything from politics to woke to science.

Explanation is an Excuse Fallacy – Is a common thing when you answer a question and they find some way of twisting your answer into an excuse and rule it out. Which, after awhile, makes people NOT want to answer their questions, get fed up with their Red Herring Fallacies and refuse to answer in which case yet another logical fallacy comes into play by them.

Curve Fitting Fallacy – oh now this is a funny one due to the skewed graphs out there and member of the alarmist groups actually distorting rises in graphs to make them look scary but instead make them look ridiculous.

They have issues telling red from blue from yellow too. My annotated solar cycle graph with my forecast of smoother sunspot numbers represented by a red line was for a WHOLE YEAR repeatedly claimed to be incorrect because of a blue line or a yellow line on the graphs. My prediction from late 2019 turned out to be accurate and as far as I am aware, I was closer then anyone else. Except maybe Professor Valentina Zharkova.

Double Standards Fallacy – Would require a 50 page post ALL ON ITS OWN!

Equivocation Fallacy – Switching meanings or definitions to words and phrase and oh my word did I get a shock when I realised they was doing this. In fact it even goes beyond that. Dr Ball vs Michael Mann .. Mann lost a court case. They continually claimed that Mann won despite the fact the case was thrown out and Mann was forced to pay the legal costs. They even lied and said they BOTH paid. When the transcripts were presented to them they changed this to ‘it was a draw’.

These people were shown to all be disturbed, twisted and obsessive to the extreme and along with lying and getting angry and talking about their opponents ‘kissing a shotgun while an epileptic holds the trigger’ were later found out to be all taking Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors and other drugs. Which was classic as they spent two years accusing their opponent as having serious mental health issues and stating they had no right to an opinion because of this.

I refer you back to the double standards fallacy.

Faulty Motives Fallacy – Commonly used by the hard-left to put doubt in the minds of others, your followers and friends when they imply you have some personal gain in something. Very evil and sinister and more double standards when they themselves have a goal of socialism or something further left and want an authoritarian system with it. A la ‘1984’.

Loaded Question Fallacy – Those that are shepherds of the herd are more papable of this abuse of logic but sadly for them they have been destroyed also. Its when they frame a question, like fake news frames statements, headlines or lines, to make the answer they want look obvious.

A common one is throwing a formula at you that if you do not answer means that you know nothing about science.

Loaded Language Fallacy – is kinda similar to the last and the news media outlets are mostly guilty of this one.

Misplaced Burden of Proof Fallacy – They are always doing this and ties in with the Vague Theory analogy in that they make a claim and then demand that you prove them wrong. If you cannot they declare that they have stated facts.

Listing and many more from the California State, LOLz, University in Sacramento ..

Will add at this point that since becoming President and all the people he has stabbed in the back over promises the woke refuse to this day to condemn anything that Joe Biden has done.

They have also refused to condemn Alexandria Ocasio Cortez attempting a grift for money over her grandmother’s destroyed home and then refused to take money from Republican’s out of principle, not giving the grandmother she was crying about any thought .. leaving her grandmother in a destroyed house.

These people only care about themselves and the power they have over others.

They get plenty of evidence of their doomed failures among the woke with the whole ‘GetWoke Go Broke; thing but these people do not want to listen to you unless you agree with them.

They will carry on and destroy everything until they get what they want.

And if they get what they want? They will spark off civil wars in every country where socialism and wokeness gets a grip and I for one will be on the side that stands against them. That is not a place they want to be. Twitter is a place where you have no choice but to be .. TAME.

The very idea that they can get the whole world or even a whole nation to agree to their insane madness is in fact a form of delusion.


When someone seems hell-bent on convincing you watch out for buzzwords like ‘peer-reviewed’ as this is intentionally misleading and the hard-left do this all the time.

From a court case 2009 and they are STILL doing it. This is abuse of science and language.