I a writing this more as a reminder .. to myself due to my damnable short term memory issues in which I can often forget things that have recently occurred.

Even when this involves intense pain.

Well I just had some pretty intense pain and .. in an area I have not experienced before. Oh it is an area where I have experienced, and still do, several pains. Though they have been quiet of late.

My feet.

I have experienced three pains in each of my feet, some of which are bilateral, meaning they occur in exactly the same place in both feet, applies to all limbs, and some are not.

But as I said this one was in a new area, was brief, thank God, and I am sitting here nervous that it might reoccur, whether this be in a few minutes or at any bloody point in the future!

This was on my right foot and on the outside edge of the sole of my foot, about an inch or so back from the base of my little toe.

This was a throbbing that just started out as uncomfortable but gradually increased in its intensity which itself increased in speed. As I was only just moving my foot about due to this discomfort it suddenly intensified extremely quickly to the point I was actually yelling out!

For me to actually yell out, or whimper at all due to pain, takes a fair amount of intensity. I have lived with various pains for many years now. In many different places. One of the most intense pains among others is what they call ‘night cramps’ where a calf muscle just decides to lock up in the middle of the night. In my case this is so bad that you cannot even talk .. which is a very weird feeling when you first realise you cannot talk and even on the following occasions. This has occurred with my late grandparents being present as well as one brother and my mother. On each occasion they thought I was being attacked. Lol. Me waking up yelling my head off, you see.

You find out because your asked what is wrong and you open your mouth but … nothing comes out and your struck by confusion amidst the intense pain and wondering why nothing came out of your mouth.

There was one other pain in one other area that had the opposite effect to that of the night cramps whereby I am awake .. but passed out from the pain. I am .. not going into that one but I have previously and it is not nice.

Another one is chest wall pain which I am happy to say only occurred once but I do dread that this will one day return. You cannot breath in without pain and the more air you try to take in the more intense the pain gets. It literally feels like your only able to draw in about 25% of that you need.

Oh and what I call the toe-locking pain. I am unable to speak with that one too. This one has a ‘tell’ to the viewer because I will likely, or used to, collapse and roll around on the floor. Also unable to speak. However this has occurred far less in recent years and had previously figured a way to stop it .. provided I am not wearing any shoes. I have a deformed toe, not noticeable until I bend it backwards which it does too easily. When this pain starts the toe starts to bend backwards on its own in conjunction with a kind of spasm. If I have no shoes on and I grab this toe and refuse to let it bend back the pain will hold out at the level it is. If I let go it will just go through its motions and cause intense pain. Hold onto it long enough and eventually it calms down and everything returns to normal.

This new one was … up there. I darted around on my sofa for the few seconds it occurred and was bloody relieved when it did not last very long and died down again.

I am currently without a shoe on my right foot!

Speaking of feet? I am still on the lookout for another pair of Ortholite trainers .. crap! I have been fully intending to do a Google search to find a pair but I have been forgetting to do this for well over a week now!

Excuse me while I go and .. Google search something.

ADDITIONAL: Yeah it has happened a couple more times .. luckily without my shoes on, lol.

For those that do not know I suffer with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. For those with Fibromyalgia Syndrome I have spent a long, long time with this condition and though it was only diagnosed something like three years ago I was asking about it for 13 years prior to diagnosing it myself and when I then looked into it and realised I had actually suffered from it for 20 years.

For 13 years they said it was Plantar fasciitis, well most of the thirteen years, and I spent tn of those years telling them it was not. It was not.

Have you been told you have Plantar fasciitis? Do your feet hurt the more you use them like mine do? Well … look it up, Plantar fasciitis does not work like that!

Along with in excess of 6 pains that are spread across both feet I also suffer with pain in other areas along with short term memory loss. I have trouble dealing with heat above 20 degrees Celsius too. I also have high blood pressure which they ‘think’ is down to this condition.

Though I have only had half-arsed tests … like a 48 hour heart monitor which was put on due to chest pains and heart palpitations. Unfortunately this was attached AFTER I re-started my blood pressure pills as requested and the symptoms went from every other day to every other week. Bizarrely it was also the NHS that told me to stop taking the blood pressure pills!

This is because they are instructed to NOT check things thoroughly to save money.

I have a separate knee issue, the NHS spotted twice, have a recording of, and still not on my medical records proper, though I DO have NHS documentation stating knee problems.

Ben checked for anything in particular?

Do a Google search to see how any tests there are for something like you were tested for and compare how many there are to how many you have had.

Oh and as for the search for another pair of Ortholite Shoes? I gave up looking locally and went through a myriad of online places before ordering a pair of Salomons from Amazon that are coming from where? Millets! Just like the last two I ordered! Lol.

I also now know, despite asking Millets and Ortholite in the past, that the soles that wor best for me as the ones with th ‘injected EVA Heel Cups’.

Oh and I hav caught the NHS testing me eithr thee wrong way or on the wrong area and have don this several times with each. If  call them out on it I get called in for a meeting and they have attempted, and failed every time except with the GMC’s help, to accuse me of being violent. Me? Violent? LMAO!



You see, I emailed authorities in the EU some time ago with loads of details on inhumane things within the UK government.

At that time Labour was in power and Tony Blair was Prime Minister still. Yes I’ve been at this that long.

I have them details and I stated very, very clearly that it was plain to see that there would be a gradual but very slow squeeze. A squeeze in disabled people as well and the unemployed.

I don’t recall if I ever got a reply but nothing was done.

Then when Nigel Farage came along and explained all we do is pay money to them at ridiculous amounts it confirmed what I had thought.

The EU didn’t give a crap about the British people and even those suffering from disabilities.

The squeeze not only appeared to be on the true native section of the populace but seemed to appear that way to others too.

One time, after I wrongly lost my DLA for no less than seven years I was at a friend’s place when she pointed something out to me. A man of ethnic origins pulled up outside his big house in a large 7 seater people carrier. Like a Ford Galaxy or similar, can’t remember car model names right now.

As he walked to his house door my friend asked me “Does he look disabled to you?” to which I said, no.

She then told me that there was no one in his family with an obvious disability but that the house, car and a number of other things they owned was due to disability help. I was shocked.

She then went on that she knew a number of families in her neighbourhood that were all receiving the same.

She also mentioned that when people see me they always see a walking stick and often see me limp. But I’d had mine taken away.

I thought of this when I saw someone state that only the real disabled should get help. I took this to mean ‘obviously disabled’ meaning only those missing limbs.

If they look like they are not disabled then they can get away with saying they are not disabled.

I’ll give you an example to something I will post about in detail in the coming weeks ..

I was asked if I could walk for twenty minutes without being forced to stop. Well yeah I can. Not always and very rarely without a limp but yeah.

Based on that question I can tell you with absolute certainty that they then decide you are fit to work 38 hours a week.

Err, HOW?!

In what fucking reality does being able to walk without being forced to stop therefore mean you can physically work 38 hours a week.

The Job Centre was shocked I never got asked for interviews. I was not at all shocked. I also knew why.

The exact reason I was not asked for an interview utterly and completely contradicts the UK government’s and DWP’s philosophy in all this.

That alone means that the UK government and the DWP are wrong and have been wrong for at least 7 years.

Sorry, you get have two opposing versions of the exact same thing both be right in any reality.

It’s also so fucking obvious that they must know, which means they don’t care and are doing it deliberately. While being paid salaries by the taxpayer they have this self-entitlement attitude towards. This means corruption.

Soooo .. now the United Nations have finally performed an investigation into the UK government attitudes towards the persecution and discrimination of disabled people and found the government guilty.

The government’s answer was “We don’t believe you”. Really?!

‘We don’t believe you’? That’s their best defence?! What fucking scary is it’s not working.

So where are the investigation and constant reporting in the UK’s news media?

Nowhere to be found, that’s where. Or do brief is easily missed. Despite things nowhere near as important getting days or even weeks of air time.

It’s disheartening when I think about these things and his the UK has become.

It’s also predicted to get far worse as things in general have been predicted to go down hill until at least 2020 which is over two years away.

Oh dear.

So you think that there is a chance that just one of these help organisations that receive money, charities that receive money or other disabled group that receive money actually do anything between now and 2020?

Well it has not occurred in the previous 7 years so .. don’t count your chickens.

I have gone right of the range here and then some. The pitfalls of writing when tired .. and being boiled alive to boot!

But here is a report regarding Brexit that states there was talk of is leaving the EU resulting in is paying the EU £100 Billion to leave?!

Bearing in mind that there has been a United Nations report about the UK’s disabled people being treated extremely inhumanely. Where are the EU on that?

Now what you have to take into account, unless your a fucking moron or amoral, is that of the UK government and the EU have not given a fuck about disabled people for 7 years plus .. what chance does everyone else have?!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: EU’s Barnier refuses to imagine UK Brexit talks walkout – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-39998920


Well I’ve been saying it for an absolute age.

I’ve stated it on here for the last five years, almost.

I have also been stating it to friends and family for around three years before I started this blog and it could well have been four years?

However .. what I discovered along with the fact that the government, Labour then, was tricking disabled people out of money but that they were getting help from the DWP. This also benefited local councils which they were obviously in on.

I named this liaising of corruption ‘the evil trinity’.

Without a diagnosis the NHS were saving money in the process by not prescribing correct medicine, there were no expensive scans and, of course, no operations.

A very clever and very sneaky move by the government of the time. Because as well as saving the NHS millions it also meant no support from the DWP as well as every local council.

Imagine how much money we saved from this clever little ploy.

I spoke frankly with medical experts who themselves realised the government and NHS was up to something.

Several admitted to me the tricks they knew about and that much of the changes went on without being informed beforehand.

The hilarious part of it all is many I knew, offline, didn’t believe me. All but one believes me now and the last one? This person doggedly defends the NHS and the Doctors and quotes, basically, their Hippocratic oath without realising their exists a Hippocratic oath. Tiring.

They do this despite the number of bad news reports that have released one after the other for the last five years or more.

I call people like this ‘Ostriches’. Because they like to bury their heads in the sand and pretend it doesn’t go on.

Modern humans are funny creatures. We don’t like facing up to the fact that the safety nets we have taken for granted are simply not there. Or that they would be left to suffer or even die to save money.

This is Great Britain, that has .. had a great history and won two world wars. We created many great institutions that are now as corrupt as hell and the laughing stock of the world.

Well I along with many other people, including world wide, know this. All except the idiots that cooked up the plan. They think that the British people are so stupid and naive that we would never work it out.

This is one of the biggest problems for the Labour Party as many people have realised that this was actually started by them when they was in power.

The Conservative Party took this idea and decided to run with it and commit ever greater inhumane crimes against both the disabled as well as the unemployed.

Many are still naive though I hate to admit and it sticks in my crew that people think these inhumane attitudes only started when the Conservatives got in. No! They only notched it up a few levels.

The point of this post is to show you a BBC report about a woman that had to go to court for her disability.

In this report the BBC, or their reporter, states that they got access to reports that state that the number of disabled going to court for their payments will rise higher this year!

It was already high and you only have to be a member of DPAC’s (Disabled People Against Cuts) to know this number had been rising for a number of years. I’ve been a member there for a number of years. Many there know me. Many know about my blogs. The giveaway is on the name of the group after all. It’s also not the only group in this particular area. There are at least three.

So you can imagine that for a number of years many disabled people have been affected?

Now do a Google search for ‘Disabled groups UK’ and see how many there are. Trying replacing ‘groups’ with ‘charities’ and see how many you can find?

These organisations do not run on hot air out love, it’s just not possible.

So if the number of disabled people getting the proverbial knife in their backs where have all these groups been?

If they have been doing stuff why has it not been aired in the mainstream media?

Don’t say they didn’t know. Because even before starting this blog I sent them details, predictions, documents and recorded evidence.

You can imagine that after sending them proof regarding the NHS, DWP, Local Councils, two Police Forces, MI5 and GCHQ (was called a genius by those last three) other public services, all their ombudsman and six major retail outlets ..

You can imagine .. part of me expected to come home and find a dozen reporters and paparazzi camped out in my front garden.

But .. I was also around 80% convinced the mainstream news media was not only corrupt but being controlled.

So yeah .. when they got caught red handed several times manipulating their viewers, both here and in the USA, you can imagine my smile.

I did have contact with one single person who was using my blog and it’s data. Attacking Iain Duncan-Smith in the House of Commons at one point. The one and only person I worked with in the hope of changing attitudes and he sadly died.

Of course I wondered whether we had another Dr Kelly, I think his name was, like death on our hands? I have been told by at least one person that they believe his death to be linked to me.

As for me? No idea. I can only state things I know to be true with either a plan in place to acquire evidence or already possess it.

It’s funny it’s almost like it’s not British, or true Brits, running the UK any more?

It’s like it’s someone who hates the British people?

I have to wonder to rise with either the greatest influence in the UK and their history.

I couldn’t imagine any government prior to around 1980 treating the British populace this way.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: ‘Why I went to court for my disability payments’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39745403


And women! Lol.

Well I’ve said it too many, many people both online and off.

But now someone else is actually starting it. Except I’ve long since beaten then to it.

A think tank has now come out and stated that neither manifesto of the two main parties are honest.

This based on the fact that ones promising stuff they promised previously and didn’t deliver, the Conservatives of course. The other providing to much stuff we can’t pay for.

I’ve long championed my own opinions towards the real truth. I’ve stated that the Conservatives won’t do a damn thing to change anything, but murder people at worst or long term suffering and breakdowns at best.

I’ve also told people overjoyed that an ejection was called because they think they will get the Tories out and Labour in that … this won’t work either. Because of two, well now, reasons.

First off and he is already at it, Jeremy Corbyn will be a blind idiot when it comes to both immigration and terrorism.

Secondly he is promising stuff that he simply won’t find the money for. At least not in the short term.

I had someone tell me all the things that will improve once Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister and my answer was “But the money isn’t there for any of it. That’s one reason why he will lose”

I would have gone on to say that people won’t trust him over Brexit talks either.

Added to this I’ve now been hearing reports that many Scottish people who were previously Labour voters are going to vote Conservative, shock/horror, just to keep the Scottish National Party out, they dislike them and their one trick pony spiel. I personally was shocked to hear that. They just see a vote for Jeremy Corbyn as a wasted vote.

It’s simply .. unbelievable.

It gets kind boring you know. Getting things right so much. Boring and annoying because I can see the mistakes before they happen and I state as to why too.

But what really gets me right in the nether regions is that I see these things and yet ask these people on all these salaries in politics and the media and they just … don’t.

I guarantee you that Jeremy Corbyn’s idea about dealing with terrorism won’t be worth a wet .. bath. Lol. In fact I would wager with confidence that it will probably sound quite preposterous and be laughed at too?

I can see only two ways of dealing with terrorism …

You scale right down, as there is little need, the armed forces and out that into the three secret services. At the same time you STOP the USA from using all these valuable resources for their own personal gains and agendas.

Or you deport all Muslims.

Changing foreign policies won’t do a damn thing. It won’t change a thing.

They think they are of some higher calling, that they are more advanced and privileged that anyone else and won’t stop until they get everything their way. That’s it and that’s all.

Of course you could get the money to increase MI5 and GCHQ’s reach by taxing the rich. Your not nor never was going to do it any other way.

The amount of money needed to fund or improve the things you have as well as deal with the national debt needs huge amounts of money. Amounts your not going to get by murdering tens of thousands of disabled people and jobless.

Talk about pissing up wind!

Something else they should have realised a long time ago too.

Oh but they say they will lose businesses overseas?! To where exactly? Is there a country out there that isn’t in the same boat as us? Maybe China? For now.

Yet another effing thing they haven’t seen!

You know I’d love to know the universities they all attended as well as the names of their respective tutors? I’d have a few sarcastic and accusing letters to post off that will keep me busy for weeks.

Fucking dumb-arses.

People I speak to from workers, unemployed, business owners and disabled people all day the same thing. Things will get worse.

In fact my landlord stated something to me recently, been in my house three days doing repairs and things. He stated that local councils as well as the Citizens Advice Bureau have completely fucked up the private renting for people on welfare.

You might well wonder why?

Well not that ago I not only posted about it I also more or less told my local council as well as the Citizens Advice Bureau the exact same thing.

I was going to be made homeless 6 months ago and I asked the council and jumped through lots of pointless and seriously lacking, logistics, hoops to speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau. Their advice? Refuse to leave your home, council said this to despite it being then making me homeless, and remain until a court throws you out?! Are they fucking nuts?!

I ask once again, are they fucking nuts?!?!

Now I’ll tell you what my landlord told me the other day …

“Property owners know damn well that the council’s and Citizens Advice are telling tenants to do this. So we have to go through the time consuming and expensive process or getting someone evicted? Everyone I know that rents properties knows this. Our answer? Do NOT rent out properties to anyone on benefits!”

I then told him they told me that but he was surprised when I told him my response …

“Are you actually serious?!” I then get a look from then like I’m an idiot and I don’t understand things and add my sister has just found out, they are idiots and I rip seven kinds of bells out of them … repeatedly. I went on …

“Sooo, let me get this right? I’ve been a good tenant for nearly ten years .. but .. your advice is to throw that away, force a court battle that will stress me out. Piss off my landlord so I’ll NEVER get a reference and then when I’m thrown out, probably with a big legal bill too, I then have to hope I’ve done everything you and the council have told me to do so that I’ll go into the council and never be offered a place because your twats and don’t give them to people like me?! Fucking genius!!”

As I said my landlord was actually shocked that of not only realised of pointed this out to our council and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Guess what else he was surprised at?

That I’d put those incidents on here.

So … at per usual and for the umpteenth time, we are talking possibly hundreds here, I’ve informed authorities of the serious faults in their thought processes, ideas and attitudes. I showed them that not only does it not work but that is fucking idiotic too.

But … what has happened since I painted a picture that everyone from Raphael to Rembrandt would have been proud? I literally have them a paint by numbers picture.

Go away, email the Citizens Advice, Local and Central Government and ask them.

And there is the SINGLE greatest flaw in running Britain.

Not only are they bloody incompetent, proved early on in this post, but they suffer from delusions of grandeur and … DON’T FUCKING LISTEN!!

So very, very literally DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Tories and Labour not being honest with voters: IFS – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40057115


Oh Jesus.

What an absolutely evil thing to take place!

I simply cannot believe how the new Nazis have struck this time. A concert full of kids?!

They have really five out this time.

I always knew things would get worse but even I couldn’t have predicted this. Targeting kids. My bloody God.

When I first heard this I had decided in my head pretty quickly that I could predict a number of things ..

The word coward would be used by the Prime Minister, despite the fact the perpetrator is dead.

The line ‘we will not be broken’ would be used by someone on government, despite the fact they were not there and have not lost a child in the attack.

The threat level will be raised to ‘critical’ desire the fact that the attack had already taken place and an attack has never occurred when the threat level was at critical. It just seems like the government treat the public like complete idiot’s? “Oh just raise the threat level to critical and everyone will calm down”?

They will announce the use of Police at future events, umm why didn’t they with this one?! Did they think there would not be anymore attacks because I did?! Anyone picturing then standing by the stable door with a horse feeding on lush grass in a field a mile off on the distance?!

Oh wait … they can increase the number of Police tenfold for £5.75 … or something. I know this because Diane Abbott said so in a very public way. So it must be true.

Loads of representatives of the Muslim community you have never seen before will use words like ‘solidarity’. In fact add this word to all the above.

And lastly because they raised the threat level to zero some journalist somewhere with a brain, there must be one, will be so annoyed at the threat level being raised after an event that they will specifically ask “So your expecting another attack are you?” and the answer will be “I’m not the one to answer that”.

It runs like a cross over episode of the Keystone Cops and Charlie Chaplin.

Once again no one will delve deep enough into the real problem of the fact that we are breeding extremist terrorists right here in Britain.

I see from the link title they already beat me to … umm what was it? Oh the threat level being raised to ‘critical’.

Remember those alarms they were going to use if a nuclear war was imminent? Well when they trust the level to critical I think of men standing by the nuclear war alarm and one saying “Let’s wait until the bombs hit to make sure they are nuclear warheads before we set off the alarm”

I cannot even begin to imagine what so many families are now going through? I do feel so very sorry for them.

There are no words that could help them at all on dealing with this.

I came very close to losing my only child and that was bad enough. I managed to … let’s say fend off two or three disasters. But that was me! Not many others could have pulled off what I did. Had I failed and the worst case scenario resulted then … I don’t know what I would have done, how I would have coped and even if It could have survived it?

That movie called ‘Three Girls’? I saw that advertised somewhere and that was going on when our stuff was taking place. In fact that was after and I fully expected a film made about our story.

Blimey, even Jeremy Kyle told us, twice and no less, that our story was too … rough for his program?! Well I was relieved but it was my daughter that wanted to go on it. I did think that even Jeremy Kyle would literally baulk upon hearing or story.

They were very simply too scared.

Hmm it just occurred to me that a very important message had not gotten across about how little they value lives, including children, in this culture. Very often not even their own children.

They simply only believe in one religion and lying to none believers, among many far worse things, is not only perfectly OK but encouraged.

As I stated before, we are lower than animals and they are the new master race. Despite being incompetent.


I typed this out a couple of days ago but did not post it.

I had forgotten to post the damn thing but then I remembered something. Then I heard something …

  • The Cell was in Manchester
  • America leaked information regarding terrorist investigation

I had provided details of cells in both Manchester and Birmingham several years ago. A cell was raided 6 months later and I assumed it was my cell. Or one of the two.

But it didn’t dawn on me at first that it was the same city I was involved in. I wondered ‘What of it wasn’t that cell they raided several years ago but was instead this one?

They raided one in Birmingham around the same time they did the Manchester one back in 2011 or 2012. As I gave MI5 as well as GCHQ information on cells in both cities I assumed they were mine.

Well you would wouldn’t you? I have over data and recorded phone calls over 6 months and within another 6 months cells in the exact cities I provided we raided and arrests were made.

There was also some … fringe information regarding Liverpool and if I remember correctly there was something in the news about that too?

I have no idea, well as of right now, what the answers are to those questions so I’ll move on.

Some information was leaked regarding the terrorist attack in Manchester. But of all the places you could think of it was the New York Times.

Oddly I thought I heard somewhere that an American politician was quizzed about this and his answer was something along the lines of “Oh, it was only leaked because it was not of a higher importance”.

So then can we take it that when it comes to the UK that the USA sure is happy to use it resources like MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, which the public pays for. But when it comes to the people you don’t give a shit as you are more important?

That’s what it sounded like to me.

There was an ex MI5 guy that was calling for the UK to stop handing over information to the USA and I think he is right.

When you consider the hoo-ha and the utter uproar the yanks cause when someone leaks information or even the mere suggestion of it? They want to lock to their own, extradite people from foreign countries and even accuse their own president and investigate him.

But asked about leading our data and they shrug their shoulders and say we are not?!

What .. a .. tosser!

If your reading this look up the word ‘tosser’ to be able to teach yourself something about yourselves.

The trouble is a few governments are so far too their own arseholes, or fit that matter someone else’s, that they cannot detect the smell after they speak.

When I first heard we were spying for the American government, who works happily spy on their own, I knew it would all go wrong at some point. I am pretty sure it’s always been one way traffic too?!

I would wager that the only time we ever got the name of a suspect was when they wanted is to apprehend them?

It goes from bad to worse and to even worse and I’ll wager that will keep in going over the next several years?

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Manchester attack: UK terror threat level raised to critical – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40023488


Good God, I hate betting right.

Well .. that might not sheets be the case. But it will stay that way until I see and hear things that will lead to positive changes. This will inevitable lead to positive attitudes.

As much as I would like to see that day come my guess is it won’t.

Because the government and bloody idiots running Britain fail completely to see the inevitable outcome of their stupidity, holier than thou attitudes and extreme lack of foresight.

With each person in the UK killed for one failure or another you don’t just affect them but the people closest to them.

No I don’t mean idiots in the news that state that everyone is stead fast and we won’t change after nearly two dozen children were killed.


This didn’t happen directly to you and if I lost a loved one I would not have this ‘love conquers all’ naive attitude.

In fact I’ve been a victim of these extremists almost twice now and someone I know came within a hair’s breadth of being affected directly.

Both our attitude are harsh and his are far more harsh than mine. Trust me on that and he is not the one I’ve with harsh attitudes towards all this either.

Anyone directly affected that believes peace will reign one day is either naive or a fool.

I am no fool.

But back into the subject matter …

A body has just announced that according to them the number of jobless is going to rise from 2018 onwards.

Great. I reckon by 2020 there will be no shops open at all on Enfield Town!

The more people that are unemployed and the more that people working are finding out impossible to get by, I heard nurses are going to food banks now, the more there are that find they have no disposable income.

That means the people slowing their spending or indeed stopping spending altogether, rises.

This means more shops closing so more people unemployed and therefore more … well you get the idea. It’s a downward spiral that can’t be stopped by attacking small factions of society that don’t have much already.

In fact .. I may have seen a sign that this tough time might be getting through to the higher echolons of society.

The Swiss watch industry, so we are talking Rolex/Omega/Tag Heuer/Jaeger LeCoultre/Aldemars Piguet and others, are in trouble. I read a report that stated that Baselworld, watch industry expo type thing held in Switzerland every year, was recently a ghost town. This had been been seen before and neither had the fact that exports have declined for three years running.

Three years running? Does that sound bad to you? Well what if I told you that this had not happened since the 1930’s?

Not bad enough for you?

OK, now try to guess whether or not these imports are likely to rise next year? You reckon not?

Now try to imagine how far back you will have to go before that has happened before? Four years in a row?

Now ask yourself if it’s likely to improve in 2019? 2020?

Yeah the forecast is not good.

It’s not a good forecast for most but one had to wonder what it is that forces them to resist taxing the rich people and companies higher than they current are?!

So these rich people, who after all will be extremely influential in their associated countries and they’re governments, are partly responsible purely because of their influence.

But like everyone else who is responsible they don’t want to pay. Despite the fact it will have zero affect on their lives, other than bragging rights over Caviar and during waltzes to Johann Strauss.

No they would rather people with little money and disabilities pay despite not being aware, somehow, that they are pissing up wind.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: UK unemployment rate to rise in 2018, says EY Item Club – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39913811


My word!

I watched a video the other day of one of my favourite YouTubers, Thunderfoot, and something … seemed to be amiss.

He was upset about a kind of group meeting that included a bunch of people I simply do not know and one other I did. Sargon of Akkad.

I did not really see what was going on but someone had done something … well terrible and there was kind of a discussion about the perpetrator of said crime. Within this … discussion, which I did not listen to the end, some were making fun of the perpetrator and the subject of feminism and there was a claim that this perpetrator was a feminist.

In all honesty there has been this … thing I have noticed going on and that is that there is an urge to single out the more extreme feminists and then ripping into them.

Oddly I watched a couple of videos earlier which had nothing to do with either Sargon or Thunderf00t and this thing I noticed took place within these. Basically there were two sets of protests and one was a group, the reason why I watched, I had been seeing in many titles and hearing people refer to and that is Antifa. I wanted to know who they were and what they stood for an in case you do not know they are Anti-Fascists. Or … the extreme left … another extreme left and under yet another name.

At the end of one video, I saved and included below, the narrator who was against the Antifa movement also fell into this trap I keep seeing people fall into. At the end there was a load of mugshots of Antifa that were arrested. As he went through the pictures he made fun of their appearance.

This is opening yourself up to a legitimate attack of your character and therefore you lose any credibility in your complaints. Well with anyone with more than an ounce of intelligence.

Oddly in the video the guy filming, not in the Antifa group, actually did the same thing, got called out for it and do you know what he did? He admitted he went overboard and apologised.

Now … admittedly I did not watch or listen to the whole discussion regarding Sargon and this group but I do not recall Sargon actually making fun to the point of being insulting. My short term memory is somewhat … well crap at times but I do recall hearing others and thinking “Ooh I don’t think you should have said that”. It is like that ‘too soon?’ line you hear in comedy programs like Family Guy or American Dad. Well … more Family Guy as I recall.

I must admit it was something that I was worried might happen but from what I had heard from Sargon and Thunderf00t … I did not think either of these would fall for this and … well I never thought in a million years that they would fall out.

But fall out they have and there has been a response video from Sargon and judging from the video I am now watching from Sargon there had been either another response video from him and then another from Thunderf00t and Sargon is literally ripping into Thunderf00t as I am typing this. I also noticed that Thunderf00t stated in his, or at least one of his, responses that he has been losing thousands, I think he said, subscribers. Oddly he stated that he did not care. It would be unusual for me to not care had I lost that amount of followers and even if I did not … yeah I am pretty sure it would be most unwise to air this on your channel.

I am going to predict that … this will only make things worse. Just a shot in the dark here.

I am shocked to hear Sargon calling him out as a liar on his angry response video and I must admit when I saw Thunderf00t”s video distancing himself and labelling all involved in that group chat I was concerned that something lie this might occur. I did think and hope that they had been in contact with each other enough to sort out any differences? But it seems not.

I do have to admit to one thing though..

I do find it odd when these kinds of events take place between popular YouTubers and what crossed my mind has crossed my mind in the past..

Is this something that is planned and therefore fake? I mean … it has become obvious to all that a falling out, spat, doxing of each other and all out war between two or more YouTubers seems to generate a lot of views.

Lol, funny if that were true because I have been at odds with Google’s and YouTube’s policies and practices and I have long since seen a recipe for disaster laid out before me. Several in fact. This is just one and there is another one … possibly looming?

Let us refer to it here and now as the Elephant in the Room … hmm I had planned a blog post as soon as I even heard a whisper about this prediction occurring and I now know what my title for this post will be.

I have to admit to often thinking about doing videos like Thunderf00t and Sargon … originally and long before I even knew these two existed I was going to do podcasts.

Things come across a it better when I am … well, speaking. When I am typing things can be taken out of context. It is an unavoidable drawback of typing. Especially when your hemmed in, cramped, have a great deal going on, have a long list of battles going on and have to keep track of all of my opponents. This would be overwhelming for anyone even without short term memory issues and a long list of areas of pain, among other things.

Not only does my memory issues make it trickier but … well … if you have been on here long enough, gone back in my archives enough and even seen the odd list of opponents I publish … well I am sure anyone would be staggered at the amount.

I had five local councils, two Police Forces, several other big name public services as well as some more … let us say secretive … bodies and all the ombudsman to each. Hmm at a guess I would say I dealt with two dozen or more ombudsman. So with the public services and six retail chains you could say that I had two dozen opponents which was doubled because all their respective ombudsman were lazy, corrupt and lying shits to boot.

Throw in my daughter being held against her will and some … very extreme people along with other … people interested in these very extreme people and … well I think you get the rather big and complicated picture.

These are not all handled together … thank God as I think I would go mad.

When I think of the things that led us into the debacle that is taking place between Sargon and Thundef00t I cannot help but think that which always occurs to me when I watch these videos and it seems to occur with all. Only to differing … velocities?

I am wondering whether or not that when a central group is at war with an extreme group long enough that the central group starts to gravitate into the opposing direction. What I mean to say is that things or remarks that they come out with start to sound more and more extreme in the opposing direction to the extremists they are at war with?

That being said I also can never help but wonder if this is a pattern that has gone on throughout human history?

Are we a species that can never come to terms with each others feelings? Are we a species that simply cannot compromise on both sides? Well there does exist one group at least that fits into this category.

I wonder too what the reaction might be if it was pointed out to this difficult group that they have this inability and that this makes them less … human? How would they deal with that? Would they go away, think about it and decide that this does and that they would want to aspire to something more? One could only hope as the entire planet would be much more peaceful.

There would indeed still be problems but it would be at least much more at peace than it previously was and in at least six areas of the planet. Would not be bad going, eh? Deal with one group, make them see the light and six regions of the world suddenly becomes much more peaceful overnight. I just realised I missed another region of the planet so that makes six. Each of these areas consists of more than one country, by the way. So we are not talking six countries here, it is way more than that and one region alone has twenty seven countries in it that is gradually getting worse.

Yeah it is a pretty big problem that groups like Antifa do not want to admit to and I would wager that they would argue the toss that tere is not a problem? Sorry but … yeah there is.

This leads me onto something else that has probably been a factor, though I have always hoped to a lesser degree, with my blogs and probably soon my YouTube channel.

Let me get you to think of it in a … possibly unique way?

These protests … are made up of people from opposing chains of thought that normally surround those that either support Trump and those that hate Trump.

Human beings have this flaw that whenever they think a certain way and get a large enough group of people to join with them and think the same way they seem to fall into this trap where they each think thy must be correct. I mean you have all these people around you that think the same way, right? So it must be the case?

OK so lets say for arguments sake, as I cannot recall correctly and does not matter anyway, there are 150 million people in the USA? Now I know they did not all vote but lets say for arguments sake that if we scaled the results of the US Presidential Elections up … 52% voted for Trump and 48% voted for Clinton. It might have been the other way around but will not matter when I say the following as you will see …

Exactly what is it about the numbers that makes you think you are right?

OK let us look at it another way …

Your standing there shouting the odds and your beliefs and 52% of the populace is standing beside you is all saying the same things. Exactly what is it regarding these numbers that makes you think that you are right?

What if you have 75%? Does that make you right?

Well … it sometimes does … to a degree. If 75% are not happy about something then something is wrong.

Now lets put it something else into the mix here …

What if 75% of you wanted something that was later clearly wrong and yet you were far too far down the road to do anything about it or even stop it?

You see that last one? Not a great many people think about things this way and have not done so for a long time? Are you an average Joe and feeling a bit sick to your stomach as you might have gotten it wrong? Well unless you were part of the team tasked with governing … you should not feel like that.

I have no issues with admitting I was wrong, not that it happens much but it does from time to time on a thankfully rare basis. Not being smug there … I just hated it when I got things wrong and decided each time that I would try harder and research more to make sure I did not get things wrong. This approach started way before I started blogging.

I also feel bigger as well as better for admitting when I am wrong because my sole goal and interests are the facts. Not some mad sounding made up conspiracy but real events that may actually turn out to be rather big conspiracies.

When these conspiracies do end up big … well I m sorry about that but I cannot make them small to be believable to a reader because anything big they automatically dismiss. Lol.

They are what they are and that’s it and that’s all.

The general rule is that if it is big, and by that I mean everywhere, then there is only on possibility left available at the end of it all. Find the common thread that ties them all together.

Now in my case, for instance, it is relatively easy to find the common thread among a long list of public services that could possibly include large retail chains. In this instance that would be something very central to all of it ..

That would therefore be central government.

Nnnnyeeeeah after that it gets a bit complicated as on each occasion I have spoken to anyone decent and honest a common statement normally gets stated … “It is like there is a government within government”

Yeah I have had to admit to each of them that based in their behaviours aalong with the long list of promises we get, say in a manifesto, that almost all get broken then yeah … it is like there is a government within government. Do you not see what I am getting at?

Well lets say they promise all these things that they later do not deliver? Ask yourself why this might be? Could it be that once the political party won and they got in power that someone then turned to them and said …

Well you remember promising the people A, B & C? Yeaaah your not doing one of that!”

Now to me they have done this so many times that large numbers of people now do not vote because they do not fall for it.

So who votes? All the naïve ones that fall for it and that is what many countries now have to rely on for who gets in power. So … let us say for arguments sake that we have established this is what is going on? Why do they keep doing it? Because they keep getting way with it and there are enough naïve and easily convinced people left to keep lining up to vote. If there is a government within government it wont bloody matter who gets in because the same unelected people are still going to run things.

Some conspiracy theorists I know, rather amusingly, think we are run by America. Yeah … GCHQ and MI5 bing found out to be snooping not only did not help but has now cemented this in place for many conspiracy theorists.

Would I state as much? No, because I simply do not know and I simply do not have any proof to this at all.

So my advice?

Yeah I would not go making any wild claims unless you can back it up and by that I mean with evidence, not words or arguing for hours that you are right.

If you have been coming here only a year or two you might just be thinking this is exactly what I have been doing? Well … no. Not at bloody all. Lol.

Hmm … let me just say that I would not claim anything without either something to back it up or I am in a plan to do just that and prove my predictions are pretty damned good too.

Go back to my first couple of years and do you know what you will find? A hell of a lot to back up what I said in those two years. At some point in the third year things got a little … umm messy and to add insult to injury I was … cast adrift by someone very close to me that was going to help me cement everything I had ever said on my blogs and every single thing I had ever posted.

Now I had wondered whether or not some of my enemies had … gotten to them and lo and behold within a couple of months of thinking that the very people I thought had gotten to her came after me with a passion … and then some. It completely ruined the whole year of 2016 for me to the point I was … in some very dark places and so much so that I sought out some help. In the form of counselling and oooh boy. If that lady was in a position that she could talk publicly about me.

I am sure the lady I mentioned comes on here from time to time for the very last time I saw her after 15 sessions she stated that she had never heard anything like what I had been describing to her and she had not even heard it all. She also said she had never met anyone quite like me and she took my blog address. Addresses? I cannot remember clear enough how much I gave her. Lol.

I think … hmm she may have said, that she dearly wanted to see what was going to happen next and throughout the rest of 2017.

She umm … knows of that I allude to as regards to my … waiting around and I am damned sure that is she walked into my house tomorrow her reaction to being told we were still waiting would be the same as the Job Centre … umm are they work coaches?

Bloody hell, that has not been sorted out yet?! What is taking so long?!”

That was said to m two weeks ago this coming Thursday the 25th May and … well we … have still not been told anything and I am sure her face will be a picture if she asks me again this Thursday.

Hmm maybe I should take my phone out and ask her permission to take a picture of her stunned reaction for my blog? LMAO!

Although something could have occurred at any time and that was we got closer the chances of something happening was greatly increasing, rather bizarrely there will only be a week remaining come Thursday.

We were told wee would be kept updated and yet we have not and … well the sands of time are now rapidly running out.

Oddly these people speak to others as if they are of a higher calling and kind of speak down to all others, I know I have worked in this field. Let us just say that someone that used to doubt me has now experienced two things I had long predicted. Yeah they were not hat pleased and this person works as an investigator within a company for what essentially is criminal activities and therefore .. criminals. Lol. This also means dealing with the Police. Yeah best not to tell them your related to me, lol. In fact just do not mention me to ANY public service or the 6 biggest electrical retailers within the UK.

I have to buy a ton of stuff everyone will get to see before very long … yeeeeaaaah I am using someone … new. Lol. The location will start with an ‘N’ but the two top choices are in fact in different … countries. Crap!

Yeah so … kinda sad that my two favourite Youtubers are at war with each other and … I am now remembering this is not the first time this has happened.

It will not be long now before I will be literally chomping at the bit and I will have to try and hold back my urges to rip into yet another twat loaded with self-entitlement. Oh and the delusions of grandeur too.

I will simply have to be sarcastic in a way that they will be left wondering whether or not I have actually been sarcastic or just holding them back on calling them out on being dishonest and not fulfilling the promises they made.

Now THAT is truly not an acceptable standard from a professional body and especially ones so full of self-entitlement.

Do you know what you do when an authorities professional standards are utter shite? Why you approach the Professional Standards Authority, of course.

Oh crap, why did I say that? Now I am thinking about the effing long report I have to put together in a couple of months time, all the names I have to put on it and all the mistakes they made and tell them I have evidence and then just … well, wait.

Sound familiar?

Yeah it should because RIGHT THERE in that sentence hides my simplest trick of all and the most effective as well as the most revealing, when I pull it off that is. It is RIGHT there! Do you not see it?

Oh well, do not feel alone because neither do they.





Umm … hmm … did I just read that report below? No, I don’t think so.

No wait? But I’m sure I’m awake?! But … it doesn’t make any sense.

I simply couldn’t process the title of the article and I clicked on it to see what it was. But a few sentences in and I’m … still confused.

Umm … how do I put this? I could put it the way the BBC did and … I’m sure people will think I’m either wrong, talking it my arse or stark raving mad. But … it is what it states.

So I’m just going to put it as simply as I can and maybe, just maybe you will do better than me?

OK ..

Someone … or a group of people on a play … you know? Play, as in theatre. They put on a play to get people at a local council, I think it was, to become aware of disabilities. Or raise disability issues. Raise disability issues? In .. a .. play?!


A play.

What .. what .. happened to normal oral communication using .. you know .. English?!

If this like a court jester type thing from the medieval ages where you entertain them to get approval or some gift or .. stay of execution?

I .. very literally just scratched my head thinking about it but I just see it as just so preposterous, not avoiding the word ‘demeaning’ either.

Oh-oh-oh maybe that’s where I’ve gone wrong the last fourteen years?

Instead of trying to reason with them, educate them, price to them before realising they don’t care and plan to fuck you over. I then started rowing with them. I then started keeping all letters before starting to record every single one of them. I then started and spent five years blogging about it all to help others. But where has it got me?

I’ve got nowhere with the evil trinity or any of the others and despite spending five years of my own time and expense helping others .. ‘others’ have themselves been slow at helping … well, others. Lol.

I used intelligence, reasoning, deductive processes, cunning, time, blood, sweat and not forgetting tears along with heaps of anxiety.

I got it all wrong, what I was supposed to do from day one is put on a show? Put together a lengthy play at a local or, better still, major theatre. Or perhaps burst into song in central public places?!

I should have done something that was highly entertaining or eye catching?

Funny I was told to write by a psychiatrist years ago and when I informed her I had not only, in fact, completed a book but had the manuscript in my bag at the time.

It was a book I wrote on this very subject regarding what I was going through in all the stuff that took place prior to my blogs. The .. fantastical sounding stuff. Much of which somehow didn’t get on the front pages of the news nor the TV News. Despite a large number that knew what I had done telling me I’ll get a medal and a knighthood. They then mostly backed away. Fear of standing near me when someone decides to punch my ticket. Call my number up. Ring the death bell … you get my point.

What did she say about my book? I was a damn good writer but I was not famous enough. I laughed at this.

I then said “if you want me to write the biography to some very, very boring TV celebrity … well you can just kill me now!”

I figured that if I managed to help enough people my reward, if any, would be gaining a big enough viewing number to get my book published. Well … books. I wrote a second just prior to starting the blogs and I have a third on amphibians I wrote years ago but never got enough photos for.

There’s not a great deal I like on TV today save for most documentaries on science and science fiction stuff. I used to love NCIS and the various CSI’s.

Daytime TV has advertising breaks where literally every other advert is about dying. The TV stuff is bad enough that you actually want to be dead anyway. Everything else is crammed with soap operas, reality shows and talent shows. Or greedy powerful people going on A TV show with no qualities or redeeming features regarding their personalities who have got rich off the back of others while looking for more poor fools with good ideas to get even richer off of.

I digress.

Now what was I talking about? Huh, have to check the title I currently cannot see.

Oh yeah, doing cartwheels, fire breathing and singing to prove a point to morons with no intelligence nor morality.

Oh and where was this? Errrr Glasgow! I thought I had bean hearing and reading that in Scotland they are m,ore humane? They also claim they have no problems with immigration and yet … just like here in England it would appear that they attack or leave to suffer those groups they cannot be labelled racist for.

Which just so happens to include disabled people … just like England.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Hustings uses drama to raise disability issues – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-39730015


Well it’s all OK as according to the BBC along with a rate case of the BBC showing their true colours, there is no immigration crisis?!

In fact here is a quote from the report linked below …

“the immigration crisis (if that’s what itreally is)” oh and I see their typists leave a lot to be desired, as that was copied and pasted. Or it is another sign my PC is playing up?

I think someone needs to buy them a dictionary or explain what a crisis is.

Now to me a crisis is when something is occurring, regardless of speed or frequency, that affects a large enough fraction of society.

You have had Brexit, which make no mistake is about to things … money being handed over to Europe we do not have and immigration.

Don’t make any mistakes over this point either … along with many other things, including the financial crisis in general, these have affected large portions of British Society. Bizarrely large numbers affected don’t realise where their problems are sourced from. Others know but are to scared to admit it.

But everyone that voted to leave Europe thinks there is a crisis as does a large portion that cited to remain in Europe.

But no the BBC, either belonging to the large faction that is the naive, as well as part of them belonging to the liar and corrupt groups, state…no suggest there isn’t a crisis.

No of course not you bunch of blithering idiots.

You would think that with this lame attempt at confusing people with phrases like “fake news” failing they would have woken up.

Do any of these people actually read anything on social media sites like Twitter and comments on YouTube?!

I do. I have for long enough now and in enough places to tell you that this … extreme left agenda of control and manipulation is widely known about. I barely go anywhere without people speaking about it. In fact I rarely see anyone in real life that doesn’t bring it up.

That’s a fucking crisis you morons! If you keep doing what your doing your only to be solely responsible for some of the worst civil unrest this country had ever seen.

You did note Theresa May’s comment about how the next five years were going to be the toughest?!

Bearing in mind the last five years were supposed to be the toughest? Hmm I think the five years previous to that we supposed to be the toughest?

Imagine what British people will feel like when more and more get told by friends that the next five years are going to be the toughest?

Shall I hazard a guess that … hmm, what year is it now? Oh. Five years time is 2022. What’s the being that the following five years, that’s 2022 to 2027, is also going to be the toughest? Perhaps the following five years from that point will also be the toughest?!

We are animals and we have limits as animals, even many General Practitioners, Judges and Solicitors that speak and act like they are of some higher calling or species, also have the same limits.

We all respond the same way to pressure, panic and heartbreak. No one’s different.

Though I would not mind betting that behaving like they are not bound by human weaknesses is probably why some crazy conspiracy theorists believe they are aliens. Or lizard people?

I don’t react in this way.

I don’t think anything. I just know they are dicks with very serious delusions of grandeur with expectations stemming from self-entitlement to match.

I could probably go into greater depth on those facts. Wait a minute? That’s what I’ve been doing for the last five bloody years?! Lmao!

I didn’t read the whole report by the BBC linked below, I just saw the line above … insinuating there isn’t a crisis and … there was a quick, short and forwards motion. From my patella! Lol.

No, no one’s really pissed off because they are not provided with a home, job and now having that safety net of the welfare rug being pulled from under them. They are dancing in the street having parties.

When people suffer they look for targets to blame and this actually becomes a crisis when you have fucking loads affected looking for lots of fucking targets. You blithering idiots.

Of course up until they are forced to take notice, still working on those triggers, everyone suffering is left to rot and die.

Let to rot and die. Sound overly dramatic?

Well sorry. It’s factual just like everything else I’ve ever worked on and exposed. In fact I’ve spoken to a fair few now that have been left to rot and die who were or are registered disabled. I’m also privy to a must that exists that actually lists the names and numbers of those that have died.

I’ve mentioned this list several times, it’s called Calum’s List.

Many know about it in the UK, many of those disabled.

The United Nations know about it and they told the Conservative Party that disabled people are being treated like crap.

Except … the Conservatives defence to this is to ignore the United Nations, the Internet with Twitter, YouTube and the dozens of websites and Facebook pages and say, “We don’t believe you!”.

To the Conservative Party members I will day the following…

History will believe us.


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: How Sports Direct and migrant labour changed Shirebrook – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2017-39973990


What you are about to read I typed out a few days ago. I then decided to hold off for a few days so that my … predictions would be more accurate.

During this time something has come up. Well … to be accurate TWO things have come up both of which were quite unexpected. Very unexpected. Then there is kind of third thing indirectly linked to these two which was … expected yes … but not when I thought it would and around 6 weeks sooner than predicted. Though it was exactly as I predicted. Indeed it was what I wanted and this may sound strange when the time comes to reveal the details of all this.

These are going to make the next week or two very interesting. Very interesting indeed.

There is also something going to take place during this following week and as usual I know what this will be result in as well. Misdirection. Though it may sound bizarre to be told that the person … delivering said misdirection is not behind the misdirection.

These things are … baffling. Not in their nature but in their timing as quite honestly the timing coincides with imminent events that make it look … somewhat … bizarre. Some readers might even think miraculous? Well when it all comes out that is. Provided the inevitable event proceeds as planned, stated and expected then it will all look like it was planned meticulously down to the last detail.

Except … despite my abilities to get thins to coincide this was … not planned. Not really. In fact it goes completely against my scientific nature to state that it might seem like some divine intervention was involved?

I think I just got lucky. Very lucky.

These two things do have something to do with the Revelations’ series. Very much so.

Now onto what I typed out a few days back..

The title sound ominous?

I am into what will be the last month for many things.

The things that I do, the things I have done along with the way that I do them and the things that I use.

Over this next month there will e an ever-expanding list of things that I will do for the last time in the way that I have been doing them.

This will not seem immediately obvious to the viewers. At last not at the beginning nor in the middle period but it will be apparent at the end. Most likely.

Despite some people insistence on when this will happen we just do not know. I am in the process of trying to find out … when it will happen along with just how big an affect it will have.

As I may have stated previously there is a given date of June the 2nd but this is a contact deadline for anyone needing to contact them with a particular interest in the proceedings. One person I know is insistent that this is the date given that means nothing will happen until we are either on that date or at some point past it.

Yeah … I have people who have been wrong about various and many things but the next theory they come up with is put forward with the same … insistence that the previous one was. All because one particular theory they have had has not been disproved. Though it does not cross their minds that it has not been proven either. So I end up just ignoring it because I simply do not know nor can provide any evidence that they are wrong.

The funny thing is that who is right does not matter. What mattered was my plans coming together n a short space of time and at the right time and this has changed. I initially thought I would have to extend the time period of another plan I am working on but it changed all on its own. Partly down to the Easter weekend, partly down to an accident I had and partly down to those involved in the plan also making a postponement. You can also throw in a car accident I was involved with and some interference by the DWP.

Hmmm … the DWP?

Yes … very, very recently I received a letter from Personal Independent Payments saying they wanted me to have one of their scam medical assessments. You know? One of those infamous assessments that are always between around 6 and 40 miles away? The ones that I was instantly decided I was wrong for not attending by a mickey mouse court with a brain-dead judge that stated much in the defence of the DWP but was completely unable to prove any of it, it was NOT placed upon the court’s decision documents, but ruled against me any way?

Yeah … one of those medical assessments.

Did I change my attitude and what I do?


The assessment was arranged for Chelmsford which is 40 miles away from where I live in Enfield.

I did NOT attend and I sent three emails before the assessment date stating clearly I would not be attending. Despite what that idiot woman judge ruled in that mickey mouse court.

Would you like a confusing surprise?

I did not go to Chelmsford … oooh wait I said that! OK next line then? I have been ASSESSED!

Did not mean anything to you? Well it does to anyone that has been following my battles against and proving corruption for a very long time on here.

They have been trying to assess  me for many years and without success but what they did not realise, though I did hint at it when we raged at each other, is that I VERY MUCH wanted to get to an assessment. This is something that the incompetent judge very much missed. It is the one thing that would end up causing their undoing.

I have … people that doubt … no ‘doubt’ is the wrong word. One of the ‘insistent’ absolutely refuses to accept that I have a … reputation. But I said something to him and his wife that made his wife smile and then start quizzing me as to what I thought it was all about. Confused? Well take note …

I am standing in a queue behind four or five other people in a room where there are around ten or twelve people already seated. It is 8.55am and the appointment letter stated 9am and I know I will e kept waiting. I was kept waiting along with everyone else and I was called in around 9.15 to 9.20am. Except …

While I am standing in a queue and 5 minutes early the woman at the desk who was dealing with whoever was at the front of the queue leant her head to one side, so she could look down the queue at everyone’s faces and said …

“Is Martin Haswell here?”

THAT was the bit that had my friend’s wife suddenly express a wide smile before looking at me and laughing and saying “Why do you think they called out your name like that? Probably because you have caused them so much trouble over the years?!” and we both laughed. Nodding I said “Probably!”

What they did not know and what visitors to my blogs likely wont realise, except for really … inquisitive puzzle solvers, is that the entire assessment was academic. But I went anyway. And no unlike the cancellations the DWP made last year and the court appearance I was not … affected in any way by this assessment.

But I went anyway. Did I say that twice? Because I meant to and I will say it again … I went anyway.

I did not need to go … but I went.

I simply had been trying to get them to pay my PIP, disability money, up until my business start-up process finished. A little misdirection intended there. Lol. I am extremely good at misdirection.

But, I hear you ask, your disability money is not affected by anything and it is not means tested and surely that especially as I a going to try to start a business and be self-employed this PIP money could make a huge difference a year down the road? Well, yes.

But nothing I could do would stop them from doing exactly what they fully intend to do. Cancel it … for thee second time in … hmm, let me fink … 8 years.

I know kung fu. Oddly I ended up telling the assessor that! Lol.

So why did I go?

Two reasons …

To fulfil a promise I made a long time ago. That is reason numero uno.

To set a trap.

Of course the bonus was that I could listen, watch and experience the means and the process by which they assess people. I … did drop some boulder sized hints.

For instance I may have mentioned that I knew about some areas of medicine more than my last six general practitioners … knowing there is a 90% chance he was not nor never was a GP. I may have also mentioned the eight areas of science I am knowledgeable in? I may have also mentioned that I had a degree. Oh and I may have mentioned I was a personal assistant among many other things, to a solicitor … I pointed in a north-west direction and I said “About 1.5 miles that a-way”.

Now you would be forgiven for thinking that I was trying to make them look stupid. You would be … almost right …

I said that so that when the time comes I could prove without a shadow of a doubt that they are indeed and as a matter of fact, stupid.

When that time comes and if you work and pay taxes … you will see that these organisations are having tens of millions if not hundreds of millions thrown at them and with SPECIFIC instructions.

Yeeeeeaaaaaah … I did say it was a trap?! Lol.

I also found out a few things while there … that they had been camped out in this building for 18 months and this will prove vital at a later date. I have also since been told by someone who has been in there that this is a lie. Now that has been stated I will set about proving, using records, how long they have been there.

I was also told at the end “You will get a letter in eight weeks” and I thought, oooh cool! That goes beyond that damnable deadline by about four weeks. I will then get a letter telling me that I a no longer eligible for disability money and that payments will stop in another six weeks.

I kind of cannot lose this one!

That is how I have set the whole damn thing up and if they were standing around scratching their heads as to how they managed to finally get me into an assessment room … lol … they may well do so! But how, I hear some asking, have you set the whole thing up so that I cannot lose?

Well …

It is my fullest intention that when I start this business o’ mine that I will get off all benefits bar one and never go back on them ever again. I absolutely hate the DWP and the government and the way it treats the public that vote for them. Because I can see through their thin veil of lies I know we are treated like shit, scum and are lied to and manipulated. It is not the way to do things and I am offended that people who are clearly incompetent idiots think themselves above me and the general public. I fully intend to change that, despite them throwing all of the furniture at me just prior to the kitchen sink!

Yeah … but … if my plans do not go as intended, unlikely, or take longer than I thought, fairly possible, then I might have to go back on at least one benefit and maybe even two? IF I am not receiving my disability any longer.

Do you see that? See what I am getting at? Because they cancel one that by law and going by morals, they should not cancel I might have to go back and claim for two or maybe even three others? It is a fine example of showing this up as yet another in a long list of flaws with their methodologies and another fine example of a false economy. Which, do not forget, they are paying tens or even hundreds of millions a year to achieve. See? Incompetent. LMAO.

Oh crap … are you worried that I just let the cat out of the bag about the trap? Yeah … no, that is not the trap! Lol.

Do you think I was stupid? Hmm it must rub off then as I was with lots of stupids earlier?! Lol.

I must admit hat if I stop to think about it for a moment … it does all seem a bit odd, I have to admit to that. It is weirdly all lining up and coming together at just the right time. Or so it would appear right at this present time and there are only around 4 to 5 weeks left.

Things are lining up to happen in the first two weeks in June. Unless, of course, I get notified that something has changed?

I also and rather strangely, have not heard from my business dude. I was going to email him until the dreaded bloody Atos sent me that letter and then called me twice. Oooh I forgot about that … yes they also phoned me twice. Yeah I said twice! Lucky they did because I had it in my head that the appointment was two days later than it actually was, so might have missed it?! Phew!

Oooh yeaaaah … remember the mickey mouse court? The one and only thing that went against me was that I never attended any previous assessment appointments. Yeah … that little … detail. Well actually they kind of ignored the fact that they failed to attend three or four. Yes I said ‘they’.

Apparently as it turns out, people working within government-run public services are of a higher calling than everyone else. As someone with an incurable disability you are not allowed to fail to turn up for appointments made that you do not want that are 6 to 40 miles away. When you do not own a car, remember. But … if you work for one of these public services and are fully fit as well as having the privilege of owning a car or having a car paid for by the taxpayer … it is fully OK to not turn up without warning as well as being able to lie and cheat.

At my court hearing I genuinely, despite my suspicions, thought that when I brought up the fact that the DWP and Atos along with all other hired thugs lie that she would say something like ..

“Oooh I know, it is terrible … I could tell you some stories … if I were not a court judge of course!”

But she had no concern for the fact that I could and did prove that I was lied to and simply went on a witch hunt to make me look bad. Had I not been having a breakdown at that time, I am still in the dark as to why that happened, I would have said something. Like pointing out that she was on a witch-hunt and that she was clearly biased as it is OK for the government to break not only laws but be immoral with it, but it is not OK for the general public to do this. I would have told her quite sternly that this was the worst case of double-standards I had EVER had his misfortune of witnessing first hand.

Yeah I deflected the attempts to make me appear a liar but in all honesty that was easy because it is when you do not lie or exaggerate. I had absolutely zero fight in me that day, felt terrible, had been self harming for the first and only time in my life and I wanted to leave that … mickey mouse court, go curl up in a corner somewhere and die.

But I did not die. What is that old saying that is almost always getting quoted? ‘What does not kill you only makes you stronger’?

Yeah what does not kill you only makes you angrier, even more hungry for revenge and even more determined than you ever was before.

I remember that hallway in the Mind Centre in Edmonton where a lady counsellor I had just seen for fifteen sessions had just admitted that she had neither heard anything like me nor met anyone like me.

I got the feeling she was genuinely going to feel like she was missing out on what will happen next and that she knew it?

Yeah … buy you have my blog address, do you not? Hmm … you should have moved by now and set up your own business? I forget … I kind of … miss time passing me by. I cannot recall how long ago our last session was? I remember you said about a months time?

Damn it.

I feel like a coach driver from the 17th century with the most number of horses attached to one coach that has ever been seen before. I feel like I am holding so many reigns to so many horses and trying to … keep control of them all. With a condition that causes the short-term memory loss.

I forgot to take my letter to the assessment centre … but then … that was something that I did want to slip my mind. “Sorry, I forgot it!” is what I said when asked for it. I had ID I was asked to bring in, why would they want the letter? I know bloody why and that is why I simply cast it out of my mind.

Because there is not a letter. There are, as a matter of fact, letters! Why have one you can use when you can have two at half the price?

There has been an air of confidence that has been slowly growing and has gotten out of proportion in the last few months. No, not me! Them. I have been ducking and diving to get myself into a position around the time that this confidence would have grown so large that it would appear like that of a vastly over-inflated balloon. It is nearing that now, will take about eight weeks. Lol. What they have no clue about is that I have been allowing that confidence to grow while I have been sharpening my pin! Yeah … if your the court staff looking in … did you read the part where I was surprised I was having a damned breakdown? Did you think it was over you biased decision?

Yeeeeah about that. No, it was not. You see I had been to two court appearances in that exact same room and I knew damn well how it was going to go. I just did not expect either the attitude, just how obvious the bias would be and the appalling and extremely bad witch-hunt.

I … am … afraid that you just don’t do your research and I have been relying on this most heavily and for many years now. You really should have gone right back to the beginning and concentrated on what I said, who I said it about and what I claimed is the case and lastly about what I said regarding what I would do about it.


Are you familiar with the word ‘ruse’?


Some things just inevitably take a long time and sometimes a very long time.

It is not only about planning, scheming and carrying out said plans … but is is normally almost always about the numbers as well. In fact ‘numbers’ can be attached to several things within the same plan.


See you in eight weeks! Well … when I say ‘you’ I mean central government and the DWP … or … this is you if of course you work for central government or the DWP. Unless of course your someone who works for them but not instructed to look into what I am doing to report back to them but actually agree with me? You wont be the only one.

I think I will shut up now?!