Well it’s all OK as according to the BBC along with a rate case of the BBC showing their true colours, there is no immigration crisis?!

In fact here is a quote from the report linked below …

“the immigration crisis (if that’s what itreally is)” oh and I see their typists leave a lot to be desired, as that was copied and pasted. Or it is another sign my PC is playing up?

I think someone needs to buy them a dictionary or explain what a crisis is.

Now to me a crisis is when something is occurring, regardless of speed or frequency, that affects a large enough fraction of society.

You have had Brexit, which make no mistake is about to things … money being handed over to Europe we do not have and immigration.

Don’t make any mistakes over this point either … along with many other things, including the financial crisis in general, these have affected large portions of British Society. Bizarrely large numbers affected don’t realise where their problems are sourced from. Others know but are to scared to admit it.

But everyone that voted to leave Europe thinks there is a crisis as does a large portion that cited to remain in Europe.

But no the BBC, either belonging to the large faction that is the naive, as well as part of them belonging to the liar and corrupt groups, state…no suggest there isn’t a crisis.

No of course not you bunch of blithering idiots.

You would think that with this lame attempt at confusing people with phrases like “fake news” failing they would have woken up.

Do any of these people actually read anything on social media sites like Twitter and comments on YouTube?!

I do. I have for long enough now and in enough places to tell you that this … extreme left agenda of control and manipulation is widely known about. I barely go anywhere without people speaking about it. In fact I rarely see anyone in real life that doesn’t bring it up.

That’s a fucking crisis you morons! If you keep doing what your doing your only to be solely responsible for some of the worst civil unrest this country had ever seen.

You did note Theresa May’s comment about how the next five years were going to be the toughest?!

Bearing in mind the last five years were supposed to be the toughest? Hmm I think the five years previous to that we supposed to be the toughest?

Imagine what British people will feel like when more and more get told by friends that the next five years are going to be the toughest?

Shall I hazard a guess that … hmm, what year is it now? Oh. Five years time is 2022. What’s the being that the following five years, that’s 2022 to 2027, is also going to be the toughest? Perhaps the following five years from that point will also be the toughest?!

We are animals and we have limits as animals, even many General Practitioners, Judges and Solicitors that speak and act like they are of some higher calling or species, also have the same limits.

We all respond the same way to pressure, panic and heartbreak. No one’s different.

Though I would not mind betting that behaving like they are not bound by human weaknesses is probably why some crazy conspiracy theorists believe they are aliens. Or lizard people?

I don’t react in this way.

I don’t think anything. I just know they are dicks with very serious delusions of grandeur with expectations stemming from self-entitlement to match.

I could probably go into greater depth on those facts. Wait a minute? That’s what I’ve been doing for the last five bloody years?! Lmao!

I didn’t read the whole report by the BBC linked below, I just saw the line above … insinuating there isn’t a crisis and … there was a quick, short and forwards motion. From my patella! Lol.

No, no one’s really pissed off because they are not provided with a home, job and now having that safety net of the welfare rug being pulled from under them. They are dancing in the street having parties.

When people suffer they look for targets to blame and this actually becomes a crisis when you have fucking loads affected looking for lots of fucking targets. You blithering idiots.

Of course up until they are forced to take notice, still working on those triggers, everyone suffering is left to rot and die.

Let to rot and die. Sound overly dramatic?

Well sorry. It’s factual just like everything else I’ve ever worked on and exposed. In fact I’ve spoken to a fair few now that have been left to rot and die who were or are registered disabled. I’m also privy to a must that exists that actually lists the names and numbers of those that have died.

I’ve mentioned this list several times, it’s called Calum’s List.

Many know about it in the UK, many of those disabled.

The United Nations know about it and they told the Conservative Party that disabled people are being treated like crap.

Except … the Conservatives defence to this is to ignore the United Nations, the Internet with Twitter, YouTube and the dozens of websites and Facebook pages and say, “We don’t believe you!”.

To the Conservative Party members I will day the following…

History will believe us.


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: How Sports Direct and migrant labour changed Shirebrook –

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