I a writing this more as a reminder .. to myself due to my damnable short term memory issues in which I can often forget things that have recently occurred.

Even when this involves intense pain.

Well I just had some pretty intense pain and .. in an area I have not experienced before. Oh it is an area where I have experienced, and still do, several pains. Though they have been quiet of late.

My feet.

I have experienced three pains in each of my feet, some of which are bilateral, meaning they occur in exactly the same place in both feet, applies to all limbs, and some are not.

But as I said this one was in a new area, was brief, thank God, and I am sitting here nervous that it might reoccur, whether this be in a few minutes or at any bloody point in the future!

This was on my right foot and on the outside edge of the sole of my foot, about an inch or so back from the base of my little toe.

This was a throbbing that just started out as uncomfortable but gradually increased in its intensity which itself increased in speed. As I was only just moving my foot about due to this discomfort it suddenly intensified extremely quickly to the point I was actually yelling out!

For me to actually yell out, or whimper at all due to pain, takes a fair amount of intensity. I have lived with various pains for many years now. In many different places. One of the most intense pains among others is what they call ‘night cramps’ where a calf muscle just decides to lock up in the middle of the night. In my case this is so bad that you cannot even talk .. which is a very weird feeling when you first realise you cannot talk and even on the following occasions. This has occurred with my late grandparents being present as well as one brother and my mother. On each occasion they thought I was being attacked. Lol. Me waking up yelling my head off, you see.

You find out because your asked what is wrong and you open your mouth but … nothing comes out and your struck by confusion amidst the intense pain and wondering why nothing came out of your mouth.

There was one other pain in one other area that had the opposite effect to that of the night cramps whereby I am awake .. but passed out from the pain. I am .. not going into that one but I have previously and it is not nice.

Another one is chest wall pain which I am happy to say only occurred once but I do dread that this will one day return. You cannot breath in without pain and the more air you try to take in the more intense the pain gets. It literally feels like your only able to draw in about 25% of that you need.

Oh and what I call the toe-locking pain. I am unable to speak with that one too. This one has a ‘tell’ to the viewer because I will likely, or used to, collapse and roll around on the floor. Also unable to speak. However this has occurred far less in recent years and had previously figured a way to stop it .. provided I am not wearing any shoes. I have a deformed toe, not noticeable until I bend it backwards which it does too easily. When this pain starts the toe starts to bend backwards on its own in conjunction with a kind of spasm. If I have no shoes on and I grab this toe and refuse to let it bend back the pain will hold out at the level it is. If I let go it will just go through its motions and cause intense pain. Hold onto it long enough and eventually it calms down and everything returns to normal.

This new one was … up there. I darted around on my sofa for the few seconds it occurred and was bloody relieved when it did not last very long and died down again.

I am currently without a shoe on my right foot!

Speaking of feet? I am still on the lookout for another pair of Ortholite trainers .. crap! I have been fully intending to do a Google search to find a pair but I have been forgetting to do this for well over a week now!

Excuse me while I go and .. Google search something.

ADDITIONAL: Yeah it has happened a couple more times .. luckily without my shoes on, lol.

For those that do not know I suffer with Fibromyalgia Syndrome. For those with Fibromyalgia Syndrome I have spent a long, long time with this condition and though it was only diagnosed something like three years ago I was asking about it for 13 years prior to diagnosing it myself and when I then looked into it and realised I had actually suffered from it for 20 years.

For 13 years they said it was Plantar fasciitis, well most of the thirteen years, and I spent tn of those years telling them it was not. It was not.

Have you been told you have Plantar fasciitis? Do your feet hurt the more you use them like mine do? Well … look it up, Plantar fasciitis does not work like that!

Along with in excess of 6 pains that are spread across both feet I also suffer with pain in other areas along with short term memory loss. I have trouble dealing with heat above 20 degrees Celsius too. I also have high blood pressure which they ‘think’ is down to this condition.

Though I have only had half-arsed tests … like a 48 hour heart monitor which was put on due to chest pains and heart palpitations. Unfortunately this was attached AFTER I re-started my blood pressure pills as requested and the symptoms went from every other day to every other week. Bizarrely it was also the NHS that told me to stop taking the blood pressure pills!

This is because they are instructed to NOT check things thoroughly to save money.

I have a separate knee issue, the NHS spotted twice, have a recording of, and still not on my medical records proper, though I DO have NHS documentation stating knee problems.

Ben checked for anything in particular?

Do a Google search to see how any tests there are for something like you were tested for and compare how many there are to how many you have had.

Oh and as for the search for another pair of Ortholite Shoes? I gave up looking locally and went through a myriad of online places before ordering a pair of Salomons from Amazon that are coming from where? Millets! Just like the last two I ordered! Lol.

I also now know, despite asking Millets and Ortholite in the past, that the soles that wor best for me as the ones with th ‘injected EVA Heel Cups’.

Oh and I hav caught the NHS testing me eithr thee wrong way or on the wrong area and have don this several times with each. If  call them out on it I get called in for a meeting and they have attempted, and failed every time except with the GMC’s help, to accuse me of being violent. Me? Violent? LMAO!


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