My word!

I watched a video the other day of one of my favourite YouTubers, Thunderfoot, and something … seemed to be amiss.

He was upset about a kind of group meeting that included a bunch of people I simply do not know and one other I did. Sargon of Akkad.

I did not really see what was going on but someone had done something … well terrible and there was kind of a discussion about the perpetrator of said crime. Within this … discussion, which I did not listen to the end, some were making fun of the perpetrator and the subject of feminism and there was a claim that this perpetrator was a feminist.

In all honesty there has been this … thing I have noticed going on and that is that there is an urge to single out the more extreme feminists and then ripping into them.

Oddly I watched a couple of videos earlier which had nothing to do with either Sargon or Thunderf00t and this thing I noticed took place within these. Basically there were two sets of protests and one was a group, the reason why I watched, I had been seeing in many titles and hearing people refer to and that is Antifa. I wanted to know who they were and what they stood for an in case you do not know they are Anti-Fascists. Or … the extreme left … another extreme left and under yet another name.

At the end of one video, I saved and included below, the narrator who was against the Antifa movement also fell into this trap I keep seeing people fall into. At the end there was a load of mugshots of Antifa that were arrested. As he went through the pictures he made fun of their appearance.

This is opening yourself up to a legitimate attack of your character and therefore you lose any credibility in your complaints. Well with anyone with more than an ounce of intelligence.

Oddly in the video the guy filming, not in the Antifa group, actually did the same thing, got called out for it and do you know what he did? He admitted he went overboard and apologised.

Now … admittedly I did not watch or listen to the whole discussion regarding Sargon and this group but I do not recall Sargon actually making fun to the point of being insulting. My short term memory is somewhat … well crap at times but I do recall hearing others and thinking “Ooh I don’t think you should have said that”. It is like that ‘too soon?’ line you hear in comedy programs like Family Guy or American Dad. Well … more Family Guy as I recall.

I must admit it was something that I was worried might happen but from what I had heard from Sargon and Thunderf00t … I did not think either of these would fall for this and … well I never thought in a million years that they would fall out.

But fall out they have and there has been a response video from Sargon and judging from the video I am now watching from Sargon there had been either another response video from him and then another from Thunderf00t and Sargon is literally ripping into Thunderf00t as I am typing this. I also noticed that Thunderf00t stated in his, or at least one of his, responses that he has been losing thousands, I think he said, subscribers. Oddly he stated that he did not care. It would be unusual for me to not care had I lost that amount of followers and even if I did not … yeah I am pretty sure it would be most unwise to air this on your channel.

I am going to predict that … this will only make things worse. Just a shot in the dark here.

I am shocked to hear Sargon calling him out as a liar on his angry response video and I must admit when I saw Thunderf00t”s video distancing himself and labelling all involved in that group chat I was concerned that something lie this might occur. I did think and hope that they had been in contact with each other enough to sort out any differences? But it seems not.

I do have to admit to one thing though..

I do find it odd when these kinds of events take place between popular YouTubers and what crossed my mind has crossed my mind in the past..

Is this something that is planned and therefore fake? I mean … it has become obvious to all that a falling out, spat, doxing of each other and all out war between two or more YouTubers seems to generate a lot of views.

Lol, funny if that were true because I have been at odds with Google’s and YouTube’s policies and practices and I have long since seen a recipe for disaster laid out before me. Several in fact. This is just one and there is another one … possibly looming?

Let us refer to it here and now as the Elephant in the Room … hmm I had planned a blog post as soon as I even heard a whisper about this prediction occurring and I now know what my title for this post will be.

I have to admit to often thinking about doing videos like Thunderf00t and Sargon … originally and long before I even knew these two existed I was going to do podcasts.

Things come across a it better when I am … well, speaking. When I am typing things can be taken out of context. It is an unavoidable drawback of typing. Especially when your hemmed in, cramped, have a great deal going on, have a long list of battles going on and have to keep track of all of my opponents. This would be overwhelming for anyone even without short term memory issues and a long list of areas of pain, among other things.

Not only does my memory issues make it trickier but … well … if you have been on here long enough, gone back in my archives enough and even seen the odd list of opponents I publish … well I am sure anyone would be staggered at the amount.

I had five local councils, two Police Forces, several other big name public services as well as some more … let us say secretive … bodies and all the ombudsman to each. Hmm at a guess I would say I dealt with two dozen or more ombudsman. So with the public services and six retail chains you could say that I had two dozen opponents which was doubled because all their respective ombudsman were lazy, corrupt and lying shits to boot.

Throw in my daughter being held against her will and some … very extreme people along with other … people interested in these very extreme people and … well I think you get the rather big and complicated picture.

These are not all handled together … thank God as I think I would go mad.

When I think of the things that led us into the debacle that is taking place between Sargon and Thundef00t I cannot help but think that which always occurs to me when I watch these videos and it seems to occur with all. Only to differing … velocities?

I am wondering whether or not that when a central group is at war with an extreme group long enough that the central group starts to gravitate into the opposing direction. What I mean to say is that things or remarks that they come out with start to sound more and more extreme in the opposing direction to the extremists they are at war with?

That being said I also can never help but wonder if this is a pattern that has gone on throughout human history?

Are we a species that can never come to terms with each others feelings? Are we a species that simply cannot compromise on both sides? Well there does exist one group at least that fits into this category.

I wonder too what the reaction might be if it was pointed out to this difficult group that they have this inability and that this makes them less … human? How would they deal with that? Would they go away, think about it and decide that this does and that they would want to aspire to something more? One could only hope as the entire planet would be much more peaceful.

There would indeed still be problems but it would be at least much more at peace than it previously was and in at least six areas of the planet. Would not be bad going, eh? Deal with one group, make them see the light and six regions of the world suddenly becomes much more peaceful overnight. I just realised I missed another region of the planet so that makes six. Each of these areas consists of more than one country, by the way. So we are not talking six countries here, it is way more than that and one region alone has twenty seven countries in it that is gradually getting worse.

Yeah it is a pretty big problem that groups like Antifa do not want to admit to and I would wager that they would argue the toss that tere is not a problem? Sorry but … yeah there is.

This leads me onto something else that has probably been a factor, though I have always hoped to a lesser degree, with my blogs and probably soon my YouTube channel.

Let me get you to think of it in a … possibly unique way?

These protests … are made up of people from opposing chains of thought that normally surround those that either support Trump and those that hate Trump.

Human beings have this flaw that whenever they think a certain way and get a large enough group of people to join with them and think the same way they seem to fall into this trap where they each think thy must be correct. I mean you have all these people around you that think the same way, right? So it must be the case?

OK so lets say for arguments sake, as I cannot recall correctly and does not matter anyway, there are 150 million people in the USA? Now I know they did not all vote but lets say for arguments sake that if we scaled the results of the US Presidential Elections up … 52% voted for Trump and 48% voted for Clinton. It might have been the other way around but will not matter when I say the following as you will see …

Exactly what is it about the numbers that makes you think you are right?

OK let us look at it another way …

Your standing there shouting the odds and your beliefs and 52% of the populace is standing beside you is all saying the same things. Exactly what is it regarding these numbers that makes you think that you are right?

What if you have 75%? Does that make you right?

Well … it sometimes does … to a degree. If 75% are not happy about something then something is wrong.

Now lets put it something else into the mix here …

What if 75% of you wanted something that was later clearly wrong and yet you were far too far down the road to do anything about it or even stop it?

You see that last one? Not a great many people think about things this way and have not done so for a long time? Are you an average Joe and feeling a bit sick to your stomach as you might have gotten it wrong? Well unless you were part of the team tasked with governing … you should not feel like that.

I have no issues with admitting I was wrong, not that it happens much but it does from time to time on a thankfully rare basis. Not being smug there … I just hated it when I got things wrong and decided each time that I would try harder and research more to make sure I did not get things wrong. This approach started way before I started blogging.

I also feel bigger as well as better for admitting when I am wrong because my sole goal and interests are the facts. Not some mad sounding made up conspiracy but real events that may actually turn out to be rather big conspiracies.

When these conspiracies do end up big … well I m sorry about that but I cannot make them small to be believable to a reader because anything big they automatically dismiss. Lol.

They are what they are and that’s it and that’s all.

The general rule is that if it is big, and by that I mean everywhere, then there is only on possibility left available at the end of it all. Find the common thread that ties them all together.

Now in my case, for instance, it is relatively easy to find the common thread among a long list of public services that could possibly include large retail chains. In this instance that would be something very central to all of it ..

That would therefore be central government.

Nnnnyeeeeah after that it gets a bit complicated as on each occasion I have spoken to anyone decent and honest a common statement normally gets stated … “It is like there is a government within government”

Yeah I have had to admit to each of them that based in their behaviours aalong with the long list of promises we get, say in a manifesto, that almost all get broken then yeah … it is like there is a government within government. Do you not see what I am getting at?

Well lets say they promise all these things that they later do not deliver? Ask yourself why this might be? Could it be that once the political party won and they got in power that someone then turned to them and said …

Well you remember promising the people A, B & C? Yeaaah your not doing one of that!”

Now to me they have done this so many times that large numbers of people now do not vote because they do not fall for it.

So who votes? All the naïve ones that fall for it and that is what many countries now have to rely on for who gets in power. So … let us say for arguments sake that we have established this is what is going on? Why do they keep doing it? Because they keep getting way with it and there are enough naïve and easily convinced people left to keep lining up to vote. If there is a government within government it wont bloody matter who gets in because the same unelected people are still going to run things.

Some conspiracy theorists I know, rather amusingly, think we are run by America. Yeah … GCHQ and MI5 bing found out to be snooping not only did not help but has now cemented this in place for many conspiracy theorists.

Would I state as much? No, because I simply do not know and I simply do not have any proof to this at all.

So my advice?

Yeah I would not go making any wild claims unless you can back it up and by that I mean with evidence, not words or arguing for hours that you are right.

If you have been coming here only a year or two you might just be thinking this is exactly what I have been doing? Well … no. Not at bloody all. Lol.

Hmm … let me just say that I would not claim anything without either something to back it up or I am in a plan to do just that and prove my predictions are pretty damned good too.

Go back to my first couple of years and do you know what you will find? A hell of a lot to back up what I said in those two years. At some point in the third year things got a little … umm messy and to add insult to injury I was … cast adrift by someone very close to me that was going to help me cement everything I had ever said on my blogs and every single thing I had ever posted.

Now I had wondered whether or not some of my enemies had … gotten to them and lo and behold within a couple of months of thinking that the very people I thought had gotten to her came after me with a passion … and then some. It completely ruined the whole year of 2016 for me to the point I was … in some very dark places and so much so that I sought out some help. In the form of counselling and oooh boy. If that lady was in a position that she could talk publicly about me.

I am sure the lady I mentioned comes on here from time to time for the very last time I saw her after 15 sessions she stated that she had never heard anything like what I had been describing to her and she had not even heard it all. She also said she had never met anyone quite like me and she took my blog address. Addresses? I cannot remember clear enough how much I gave her. Lol.

I think … hmm she may have said, that she dearly wanted to see what was going to happen next and throughout the rest of 2017.

She umm … knows of that I allude to as regards to my … waiting around and I am damned sure that is she walked into my house tomorrow her reaction to being told we were still waiting would be the same as the Job Centre … umm are they work coaches?

Bloody hell, that has not been sorted out yet?! What is taking so long?!”

That was said to m two weeks ago this coming Thursday the 25th May and … well we … have still not been told anything and I am sure her face will be a picture if she asks me again this Thursday.

Hmm maybe I should take my phone out and ask her permission to take a picture of her stunned reaction for my blog? LMAO!

Although something could have occurred at any time and that was we got closer the chances of something happening was greatly increasing, rather bizarrely there will only be a week remaining come Thursday.

We were told wee would be kept updated and yet we have not and … well the sands of time are now rapidly running out.

Oddly these people speak to others as if they are of a higher calling and kind of speak down to all others, I know I have worked in this field. Let us just say that someone that used to doubt me has now experienced two things I had long predicted. Yeah they were not hat pleased and this person works as an investigator within a company for what essentially is criminal activities and therefore .. criminals. Lol. This also means dealing with the Police. Yeah best not to tell them your related to me, lol. In fact just do not mention me to ANY public service or the 6 biggest electrical retailers within the UK.

I have to buy a ton of stuff everyone will get to see before very long … yeeeeaaaah I am using someone … new. Lol. The location will start with an ‘N’ but the two top choices are in fact in different … countries. Crap!

Yeah so … kinda sad that my two favourite Youtubers are at war with each other and … I am now remembering this is not the first time this has happened.

It will not be long now before I will be literally chomping at the bit and I will have to try and hold back my urges to rip into yet another twat loaded with self-entitlement. Oh and the delusions of grandeur too.

I will simply have to be sarcastic in a way that they will be left wondering whether or not I have actually been sarcastic or just holding them back on calling them out on being dishonest and not fulfilling the promises they made.

Now THAT is truly not an acceptable standard from a professional body and especially ones so full of self-entitlement.

Do you know what you do when an authorities professional standards are utter shite? Why you approach the Professional Standards Authority, of course.

Oh crap, why did I say that? Now I am thinking about the effing long report I have to put together in a couple of months time, all the names I have to put on it and all the mistakes they made and tell them I have evidence and then just … well, wait.

Sound familiar?

Yeah it should because RIGHT THERE in that sentence hides my simplest trick of all and the most effective as well as the most revealing, when I pull it off that is. It is RIGHT there! Do you not see it?

Oh well, do not feel alone because neither do they.



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