And women! Lol.

Well I’ve said it too many, many people both online and off.

But now someone else is actually starting it. Except I’ve long since beaten then to it.

A think tank has now come out and stated that neither manifesto of the two main parties are honest.

This based on the fact that ones promising stuff they promised previously and didn’t deliver, the Conservatives of course. The other providing to much stuff we can’t pay for.

I’ve long championed my own opinions towards the real truth. I’ve stated that the Conservatives won’t do a damn thing to change anything, but murder people at worst or long term suffering and breakdowns at best.

I’ve also told people overjoyed that an ejection was called because they think they will get the Tories out and Labour in that … this won’t work either. Because of two, well now, reasons.

First off and he is already at it, Jeremy Corbyn will be a blind idiot when it comes to both immigration and terrorism.

Secondly he is promising stuff that he simply won’t find the money for. At least not in the short term.

I had someone tell me all the things that will improve once Jeremy Corbyn is Prime Minister and my answer was “But the money isn’t there for any of it. That’s one reason why he will lose”

I would have gone on to say that people won’t trust him over Brexit talks either.

Added to this I’ve now been hearing reports that many Scottish people who were previously Labour voters are going to vote Conservative, shock/horror, just to keep the Scottish National Party out, they dislike them and their one trick pony spiel. I personally was shocked to hear that. They just see a vote for Jeremy Corbyn as a wasted vote.

It’s simply .. unbelievable.

It gets kind boring you know. Getting things right so much. Boring and annoying because I can see the mistakes before they happen and I state as to why too.

But what really gets me right in the nether regions is that I see these things and yet ask these people on all these salaries in politics and the media and they just … don’t.

I guarantee you that Jeremy Corbyn’s idea about dealing with terrorism won’t be worth a wet .. bath. Lol. In fact I would wager with confidence that it will probably sound quite preposterous and be laughed at too?

I can see only two ways of dealing with terrorism …

You scale right down, as there is little need, the armed forces and out that into the three secret services. At the same time you STOP the USA from using all these valuable resources for their own personal gains and agendas.

Or you deport all Muslims.

Changing foreign policies won’t do a damn thing. It won’t change a thing.

They think they are of some higher calling, that they are more advanced and privileged that anyone else and won’t stop until they get everything their way. That’s it and that’s all.

Of course you could get the money to increase MI5 and GCHQ’s reach by taxing the rich. Your not nor never was going to do it any other way.

The amount of money needed to fund or improve the things you have as well as deal with the national debt needs huge amounts of money. Amounts your not going to get by murdering tens of thousands of disabled people and jobless.

Talk about pissing up wind!

Something else they should have realised a long time ago too.

Oh but they say they will lose businesses overseas?! To where exactly? Is there a country out there that isn’t in the same boat as us? Maybe China? For now.

Yet another effing thing they haven’t seen!

You know I’d love to know the universities they all attended as well as the names of their respective tutors? I’d have a few sarcastic and accusing letters to post off that will keep me busy for weeks.

Fucking dumb-arses.

People I speak to from workers, unemployed, business owners and disabled people all day the same thing. Things will get worse.

In fact my landlord stated something to me recently, been in my house three days doing repairs and things. He stated that local councils as well as the Citizens Advice Bureau have completely fucked up the private renting for people on welfare.

You might well wonder why?

Well not that ago I not only posted about it I also more or less told my local council as well as the Citizens Advice Bureau the exact same thing.

I was going to be made homeless 6 months ago and I asked the council and jumped through lots of pointless and seriously lacking, logistics, hoops to speak to the Citizens Advice Bureau. Their advice? Refuse to leave your home, council said this to despite it being then making me homeless, and remain until a court throws you out?! Are they fucking nuts?!

I ask once again, are they fucking nuts?!?!

Now I’ll tell you what my landlord told me the other day …

“Property owners know damn well that the council’s and Citizens Advice are telling tenants to do this. So we have to go through the time consuming and expensive process or getting someone evicted? Everyone I know that rents properties knows this. Our answer? Do NOT rent out properties to anyone on benefits!”

I then told him they told me that but he was surprised when I told him my response …

“Are you actually serious?!” I then get a look from then like I’m an idiot and I don’t understand things and add my sister has just found out, they are idiots and I rip seven kinds of bells out of them … repeatedly. I went on …

“Sooo, let me get this right? I’ve been a good tenant for nearly ten years .. but .. your advice is to throw that away, force a court battle that will stress me out. Piss off my landlord so I’ll NEVER get a reference and then when I’m thrown out, probably with a big legal bill too, I then have to hope I’ve done everything you and the council have told me to do so that I’ll go into the council and never be offered a place because your twats and don’t give them to people like me?! Fucking genius!!”

As I said my landlord was actually shocked that of not only realised of pointed this out to our council and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Guess what else he was surprised at?

That I’d put those incidents on here.

So … at per usual and for the umpteenth time, we are talking possibly hundreds here, I’ve informed authorities of the serious faults in their thought processes, ideas and attitudes. I showed them that not only does it not work but that is fucking idiotic too.

But … what has happened since I painted a picture that everyone from Raphael to Rembrandt would have been proud? I literally have them a paint by numbers picture.

Go away, email the Citizens Advice, Local and Central Government and ask them.

And there is the SINGLE greatest flaw in running Britain.

Not only are they bloody incompetent, proved early on in this post, but they suffer from delusions of grandeur and … DON’T FUCKING LISTEN!!

So very, very literally DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Tories and Labour not being honest with voters: IFS –


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