Many years ago I predicted that in a decades time the world will be an insane place and those that knew me were aware that I did not lie, knew I knew a whole long list of subjects so just thought me insane.

Now and 7 to 10 years on they come to me, tell me how sorry they were and not just how right I was but how it has turned out to be far worse than my insane predictions.

What annoys me today is how I just did not catch on early enough as to what was going on.

Oh that is not to say that I would have convinced those around me but I may have been able to build up an audience whereby when they started to restrict and suppress me it would not have made much difference.

One professional friend to someone who turned out to be a YouTuber in a Diabetic Type 1 Clinic ..

“Oh I have got this friend who was going to make money three years ago and then it stopped and he has this mad idea that he is being suppressed and prevented form making any money”

What does he cover?”

Global Warming, politics, corruption, socialism and many other things”

Oh. Well I can assure you they are suppressing him and they have done this to me and I have lost £2,000 per month and many of my friends they have done the same thing to also”


I am guessing at this point he said something about how he was going to have to call me and apologise as he had been saying I was wrong for years. He did call me and apologize.

In the last few days while the science thread, or was supposed be be, I was on had leftists tweeting out nonsense about how Joe Biden becoming President has everyone happy and united and there are no problems and already better than Donald trump that had me post 20 screenshots of leftists rowing one said the following ..

Yeah your only doing this to make money and sell your blog”

While a comrade said ..

The increase in your blog is double of nothing and therefore worthless”

This was more or less from the exact same time and had nothing to do with either science nor politics.

So basically if you have no money you have no say .. this from leftists? Also if you have a say then you should not make money? Like CNN or MSNBC, Washington Post, Daily Mail or the BBC or anyone else?

These people spend every single day telling others how much they know about science and get it all wrong.

But now that they are lying and the only ones I have seen lying about how Biden’s presidency is going I am leaning towards another conclusion.

That these are shills for the ‘establishment’ or what most refer to as the ‘Deep State’.

Now the very idea seems preposterous because one of these people was 10 miles north or me and others scattered across Canada and the US, though I have way more from all these areas in agreement with me.

But then there are Americans living in other countries and with the right money you could buy almost anyone and get them to lie. Not me. But many people.

When I caught them and exposed them I said to my own side “Who does that? Why would you do that? Why would the leftists, who openly admit they hate Joe Biden too and Antifa rioted, goes on social media telling everyone that everything is fine when it is not?”

Oddly enough people say this lot are terrified of me and I have certainly been reported several thousand times on the same thread. Blocked now close to 100 times and muted by many dozens.

Sadly I was trying to get through to them that the left was manipulated and used and that in time once Joe Biden was in they would start disappearing and like everything else they would not have it.

In fact when you look at how many predictions I gave them over two years and they just continued to call me an idiot and a liar with every one I made out of 35 you start to wonder.

I myself get very impressed with others that get things right especially difficult things in science while these people who are a dumb as a bag of rocks, do not so much as twitch an eyelash.

I was trying to warn both sides and these people did not want me to. They still don’t despite the fact that various Antifa and Socialist groups as well as individuals like one called Graham and a progressive on YouTube who just got demonetized I heard about on Tim Pool.

They just used you to get in power and they know something that you do not which I also know and that is why there has been such a focus on me.

It really is not hard to narrow it down ..

Global Disturbance like never before.

Requires a global issue.

Which there are very few of.

That scientific data is now showing us is the case in at least one and maybe several things.

You simply cannot ignore scientific data and fantastical theories to look for little insignificant things to attribute to a global wide set of problems. That is madness.

And no it is not AGW it is something quite the opposite that has various other dangers attached all of which have been increasing and with reports and scientific studies.

I am centre-left and one of my best friends considered himself a socialist because he thought that is what you had to be, to be fair and he died slowly of cancer and I was the only one really looking after him.

He told me that he felt so sorry for me and that I was born way before my time and I will have so much trouble finding people on my level and he was right.

Tim Pool and Luke on how the billionaires have rigged everything including the news media to cheat you of money. There was a huge blizzard going on, many stores were unexpectedly closed and Ian actually stated something that impressed me and something I have waited for on a Tim Pool show ..

AGW is not real, it is all normal and he read something about it and now convinced. He mentions this was on the Utah Government website. Shocker.

Tim Pool says that the lying from the media about the silver squeeze was the most brazen of lies he had ever seen and had previously mentioned that NBC, CNBC, Washington Post, MSNBC, Daily Mail and Jimmy Kimmel were some that were in on it.

He uses a pretty good term for this “the veil has been shattered”

He also says Dogecoin was fake and its odd as my alarm bells went off when I saw both Dogecoin and Silver and told people to be careful in a tweet,

They are blaming Russia yet again.

They state that Wall Street forced Robinhood and others to shut down.

Tom Nash on Wall Street and them still manipulating the market

Steven Crowder is going to sue Facebook

Tucker Carlson on how troops are moving in Syria and how, after all these years, Joe Biden states that Iran is a week away from building a nuclear bomb.

He states “Well you know how this is going to end”

Troops and wall to remain in Washington DC which, when you think about it, sounds like even that would occur if you was either at war or expecting war right there at home or an end of the world scenario. Of the latter there are plenty to choose from and this blog has spoken about many in the last two years,

Carlson reports that if you ask them what they are doing there and why they are increasing you do not get an answer.

I have stated this all year ,, in fact likely longer. Others were stating something different in the first half of 2020 in that they cannot wait for it to end because, regardless of skin colour, its the worst year they have ever known.

Then as we got close to Christmas 2020 many were starting to say they had a really bad feeling about 2021. Even Pepsi had a poster on a Bus Stop saying “All I Want For Christmas is 2021” and I took a photo of it.

You see I was convinced it was going to get worse. When the Presidential Election fiasco unfolded I was convinced by Christmas it was going to get a lot worse a lot faster.

It is only the 2nd February as I type this and it is not only already worse but even Styxhexenhammer has stated that he has been proven right on this by the end of the first month.

People say to me that I said this would happen and I replied with “Yes but I thought it would take three to six months! Not four weeks!”

Have you ever seen a disaster movie? An comet or asteroid strike? Armageddon or Deep Impact or maybe something on the magnetic field failing like The Core? Or continental shift like ‘2012’ or an ice-age like The Day After Tomorrow? Maybe in gaming you played the Fallout series?

Did you ever talk to people after about whether that’s how things would play out in the event that the world was about to be turned upside down? Did you talk or even imagine other scenarios?

What is occurring now is occurring to varying degrees across most of the world as far as I can tell and does it seem similar to a scenario like the end of something or maybe the start of a world war?

People have told me, while I needed some serious help, that it wont last long, it will be OK before long while others promised help and then did not deliver. Had friends ask me why I was getting no help. One friend realising I was right all along repeatedly reminds me I need new computers and asks me regularly whether I have got any closer to this.

He also asks why no one has helped.

Everyone asks me why no one else has helped.

What the leftists do not know, who currently are lying and saying no one is falling out over Joe Biden anywhere and forced me to post screenshots of 8 arguments among the left, is this ..

I am convinced of what is coming, do not want to be right about this and keep hoping that I am wrong but I am very .. VERY concerned about this.

I like certain movies and was once looking forward to the next part and I literally do not think I will see many of them now.

I tell people I wonder if its even worth building a PC. But then I think in a few years money will likely be worthless anyway.

But of things like power went down and food was short I could not stay here and could not drag everything with me. Heavy and expensive electronic devices I might never get to power up again?

Then there is my health whereby having no magnesium will cause very severe problems and things are bad enough even with the magnesium levels at normal.

In the early stages of my global warming series and how this is false and its going to cool and fairly quickly, which is what I think all the madness has been about, I talked about the possibilities.

The possibilities of how people would react from the bottom of society to the top.

I find it funny that billionaires are doing a cash grab and that everyone else seems to as well and wonder if they realise that in a major collapse money becomes worthless?

Now to me and with what I know is going on in science the actions seem like part of a plan for the useless kings and queens to remain on their thrones after a collapse should there be one.

It does not really matter whether there is or if there is not and it does not matter what you, the reader, believes.

What matters is what the people in power think and how you think they would react even if they thought there was a remote possibility of the world being turned upside down.

For arguments sake if there as an asteroid going to strike, do you think they would tell you? Or do you think they would keep you working, react and talk in bizarre ways and do strange things up until the moment everyone saw that growing light in the sky and could not hide it any more?

With the increase in fireballs his could be the case but I think its because it is going to get very cold in a few years and we have already seen the signs now. Especially the Japanese and others across Asia.

It is also odd that I spent all of 2020 explaining that after this winter tie would have run out and of solar cycle 25 had not got started, and its four years late, that the cat would be out of the bag.

Well after a couple of spurts around September and then late November the sun then flat-line before a spurt for about a week and has now flat-lined again.

Yesterday I posted a screenshot that showed that the sun had just gone 6 consecutive days without spots and another site had oddly stopped counting two days earlier.

I did not predict this last year but I spoke of this as a possibility. In late 2019 I was told by global warming aficionados I was wrong because NASA and NOAA stated differently and I said I did not care.

They said that solar cycle 25 was about in October and it did not. They did not bat an eyelid when pointed out that it was already a couple of years late.

I said that the solar minimum would last until late Spring like June until October. They laughed and called me an idiot and a liar. These are people that claim to know science, do not forget.

Once again it went beyond June and then after a brief spurt prior to NASA holding a panel where they mentioned the Grand Solar Minimum twice but CO2 or AGW was not mentioned once, it flat-lined again for three weeks.

The reports from this panel was used to show to everyone that I was wrong and I said that if it flat-lined again they would look stupid. They showed graphs that showed that it was rising fast and tried to spin it that it was a fast rise and that my predicted number of 48 spots maximum would be proved wrong in weeks.

They are clueless and have no idea how to read a graph and it would take at least two years before my numbers could be proven wrong, possibly longer. They also used the wrong number and pointed to the wrong coloured lines on a solar cycle graph to show I was wrong. I was not.

It then flat-lined again for about 10 or 12 days.

Still I was told I was wrong.

So this battle with whatever these people are, NASA or government shills or hard-left Marxists thinking they can capitalise on AGW, has gone on since January 2019.

The argument about whether the solar cycle was about to start or not has gone on since November 2019.

So here we are in February 2021 when a solar cycle that lasts 11 years and is already four years late and we are currently at six consecutive days without spots. There are no bright regions anywhere on the sun that could be sunspots. So provided one does not pop up in just the right place they are saying that it could go another four or five days without an Earth facing sunspot.

So this could take us to another ten days. The idea of this going beyond 14 days is just insane in my view at this point in time. But then I thought that about the last ten day stretch.

So that is 16 months of the AGW people telling me I was wrong about the sun because NASA and NOAA said so and yet here we are.

We are in a solar minimum that has lasted three years. This has not occurred since the Little Ice Age period.

Also these people that argue also seem to think that a rise in sunspots means no Grand Solar Minimum, which is what they call it when two or more solar maximums are very low. Between 1648 and 1700 30 was about the highest it got as far as we know.

Oddly and shown with proof in an earlier post a NASA graph has the next solar maximum at 25 while NOAA has the following cycle at 10. The last was a record low at around 88.

If those figures are correct that is a Grand Solar Minimum.

But as soon as they see any sunspots these people cry ‘no grand solar minimum, you was wrong’ which is complete baloney.

These figures are widely known and easily checked and the point in rehashing them is this ..

Remember when I said how would those in power behave if they thought there was a possibility the proverbial was going to hit the fan?

In fact I spent several months telling people that if this solar cycle does not get seriously going by January 2021 a lot of already nervous scientists were going to get a lot more nervous.

The Little Ice Age was known as the Maunder Minimum and I can assure you that they spoke on the BBC about this being just like a Maunder Minimum back in 2014.

And its been 6 years of things looking a lot worse than they already looked.

I really do not see how NASA’s latest prediction of 110 sunspots in 2025 is going to be reached and unless things really get going in the next couple of months many scientists are going to realise its just not going to be possible.

Generally the longer it takes to get going the lower the next solar maximum will be and as the previous solar minimum was also a record breaker at 20 months followed by a solar max at 88 and this one is three years. Well you can imagine that this rule looks like it will hold true?

As half of 11 years is 5.5 years and its currently February 2021 even if you run from mid solar minimum this barely takes us to 2025.

Except the cycles have been getting longer which the American Astronomical Society predicted back in 2011. Have a video for this too. ‘The Solar Prediction’. In fact from the peak of cycle 23 to the peak of cycle 24 the time was around 13.7 years, give or take.

Half of that is 6.75+. But if it is still getting longer and when you consider that the solar minimum is now 16 months longer then the last is this figure now closer to 7.2 years?

Following that rule then solar maximum of solar cycle 25 will not be reached until 2026 or 2027?

Yeah so would it surprise you to be told that it was supposed to arrive this year?

NASA predicted solar maximum of cycle 24 to arrive in 2010-11 and adding 11 years onto that puts it at 2021-22. Unless the sun does something we have never seen before, solar maximum will not arrive even by 2024.

And each time we get a stretch of consecutive days without sunspots this gets pushed further forwards in time and that is something NASA has long since gotten used to doing with cycle 24.

So yes if you want something that has gotten the powerful spooked this is it and this can be checked and with the right solar viewing telescope you can see for yourself.

So rather like my approaching comet analogy this cannot be hidden forever.

This is why you have been hearing about CO2, to make you think it wont get cold and icy. Plus they can make money from taxes. Used to save their own asses and remain in charge, no doubt?

Its why you are hearing complete nonsense about La Nina dropping the global temps down. And a warmer world produces more moisture and that is why you have all this snow.

They are just treating everyone like fools, causing as much distraction as they possibly can and everywhere they can so they can kick the can a but further down the road as long as they can.

I would suggest that building a wall in Washington DC tends to show they think they are almost out of time, no?

Geological time-scales. They can be a real beyatch.

Now while writing this prediction number 35, that I am aware of, of mine has emerged as I stated they would look further and further into the Little Ice Age or the Maunder Minimum.

The University of Bristol in the UK transcribed a book you are not allowed to touch because its, well 300 years old and fragile.

They hand transcribed the book and it talks about crazy weather and unseasonal freezes, tempests, floods, droughts and crop failures.

It sounds like a a lot of the flip-flopping I predicted back in January 2019 I said would continue until 2022 to 2023 and while we are now seeing this across the world in every continent the Sun has been behaving the exact same was from 2008 to 2030 that it did back then.

It is very spooky despite the fact I fully expected all of this.

There is a theory of mine also slowly emerging in that everything is in upheaval and this even affects us. Behaviour and other areas and my health has turned to shit and everyone I know has been behaving out of character since November and all occurred at the same time.

People that called me at least four times a week have not called me four times in 10 weeks.

Now desperate the AGW Hard-Left pushers are now blaming record cold and snow global on a circulation or oscillation of water in the Pacific Ocean known as the El Nino Southern Oscillation, or ENSO, and namely the La Nina end of it.

A circulation of water caused record cold and global temperatures to drop. So that’s cold water rising and so seas surface temperatures dropping causing the cold.

This they argued over several weeks while when it switched to the snow reports I was posting they were getting very angry about while arguing about the climate they would then get condescending again and state that the reason there was so much snow was because of warm sea water temperatures and evaporation.

So lets just go over their arguments ..

  • Record Cold and two month drop in Global Temps was over colder water and La Nina

  • Record Cold and snow at the same time was caused by warmer water three years into a solar minimum we have not seen in 300 years

  • La Nina was not in effect a year ago when there was another two month drop

  • AGW Climate Change is real because water evaporates

  • They call me an idiot and science illiterate because I do not understand these basics

Now think about that.

The people that push this are always hard-left and I am not going to say anything for about a month but the climate groups I have been looking at all around the globe while I look for people to talk to ..

  • Around 80% of them stopped posting between October 2019 or earlier and November 2020

  • Those that still post is mostly on hard-left politics with words like ‘solidarity’

  • Greta Thunberg posted something about farmer’s protests in India then angered many Indians that attacked her and celebrity Rhianna that led to Greta, or rather the people behind her Twitter account, to delete her tweet

So the hard-left have lured people in, thought they were so superior to all others that lying to them and manipulating them is perfectly fine.

Donald Trump was bad and Joe Biden and Hairy Harris, the latter who kept innocent people locked up to use them to fight fires for free, were angels.

And since they had their way and Biden become President .. people have seen ..

  • Allegations and videos about elections fraud

  • Feminists angered over trans people competing in women’s sports

  • Students double-crossed

  • People with mortgages double-crossed

  • Broken promises on no fracking

  • Cancels pipeline and jobs lost .. an oil pipeline pleasing hard-left

  • Reports of troops moving to oil fields in Middle-East (but cancelled pipeline?)

  • Record number of executive orders

  • Rushes to re-sign the Paris Agreement though

  • Stock Market, WallStreetBets and Hedge Funds with MSM lying to protect billionaires

  • Leftists falling out and at war, many being called far-right now, all over Twitter that the group that targets me lied and said was not happening anywhere

  • So my group now sounding like what they call Deep State or Establishment shills

  • AOC caught lying about her life being in danger and being in the capitol building the the MSM lying once again to protect her

  • Claims Iran will have a nuclear weapon within a couple of weeks like they plan to invade Iran

  • Bank of America breaking the law handing over customer data

  • Rights being taken away

  • After MSM caught lying in ever increasing amounts Time Magazine runs an article admitting that the Democrats changed the election rules to cheat the election and called it a good thing that has YouTube channels and everyone everywhere getting angry and calling for an investigation they are obviously not going to get

What about that last one?

Yeah this literally came out just recently before I finished this.

So Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20th 2021 and it is February the 6th 2021 so its been 17 days and just a few days ago I asked others “What is it going to happen between now and the end of February?!”

Its literally like living in several episodes of The Twilight Zone all at once or several disaster movies all at once.

I am very genuinely worried about several things that, for me, are inevitable and is seriously affecting my decisions to do things.

There are things I need to but to do things to help me work and make money and I very, very genuinely am asking myself if it is worth it at all at this point.

I am genuinely concerned and I have these far-left fascists online that lie about science, lie about politics, lie about the facts and even lie about their lies while in between being condescending and even acting friendly at times to convince me of things that are not true.

Meanwhile was have had an earthquake swarm in Granada Spain and a second one in the Canary Islands in last few months at a volcano that could cause a mega-tsunami to hit Florida and up the coast of the US.

We have also had forecasts that in the US and Europe its going to drop massively in temperatures and the Express tabloid in the UK has issued a red weather warning for snow that even covers London for the 7th February 2021.

So we could see a third global drop in temps which would be the first time this has ever happened on record and reports that show that statements about hottest years ever is complete and utter lies.

To give you an example of this I am on first name and friendly terms with a Turkish man who owns a local store.

Yesterday he shows me pictures of a road burying in like close to 10 metres of snow and a JCB digger with its arm at full stretch to reach the top.

He tells me that they have never seen anything like it and that people are now saying that AGW is not real.

He is also saying that people are saying that American big tech companies are trying to control and manipulate people across the world.

Telling people on Twitter these random hard-left liars who have been caught out hundreds of times then go into a frenzy .. call me stupid for believing some random Turkish guy.

They then do a check and say there is no snow in Turkey and that I am lying.

Just as I usually do I poke them and poke then to tweet more and say more and also allow them all the time required to check.

Then I post a Turkish website with s story about the snow from around the 20th January while pointing out how it is funny that they find things that they think back them up really easily but can never find any of the reports I mention.

There argument was changed to “That was three weeks ago, meh”

Bearing in mind I had posted several times recently a report that the whole of Europe including Turkey was going to go into a deep freeze for the next 3 weeks until the end of February.

Which looks very much like there could be a three month drop in global temperatures.

Which would also mean if it occurs and runs until the end of February that the month of March is also going to have a very cold start to it, and maybe very snowy start to it too?

Which could have us facing the possibility of a fourth month of dropping global temperatures?

When after summer snow in New Zealand and rare snow in Australia in their last winter, they are now heading into their autumn with unusual weather reports.

So a shed load of record cold and snow cold be soon followed by another load of record cold and snow in South America (already below average for a year), Australia (record snow), South Africa (below average last winter)?

Now can you imagine how this will appear to the masses after all the claims about hottest years ever?

And currently every other advert on TV in the UK seems to mention climate change or Covid and they seem to have managed to fill the entertainment industry and news media with absolute low IQ idiots across the board to spout this crap?

All pushed by the hard-left and Democrats for decades?

Now remember those walls the Democrats do not like but suddenly want to build one around Washington DC with a resident army to protect themselves?


Jack Prosobiec on Tim Pool’s show talking about the Time Magazine story of praising the cheating

Funny take on Game Stop and Hedge Funds if it was narrated by Morgan Freeman that had me in tears of laughter and at around 2 minutes 43 seconds a picture of a ‘neck-beard’ flashes up that is one of the people I stated I battled with, Swiss Antifa dude called Aanthanur I have posted shots of that got himself permanently suspended.

Ben Shapiro on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez lying

Tim Pool on the mainstream news and fact-checkers like Snopes lying to protect AOC

Tim Pool, Lydia, Luke and Jack Murphy on AOC and how she lied about her life being threatened and how she does it for sympathy, likes and follows but like I said to AOC and her supporters

You do not get special privileges because you think you are superior .. lying and manipulating people is wrong. I then quoted Noam Chomsky that stated that everyone should do their absolute best at being the best person they can be.

Sorry but I have never liked AOC she seems very dishonest, evil and narcissistic.

How she is a politician and has followers is not only beyond me but makes me feel like that with that many morons out there mankind has truly had its day and heading for the end or that there is a scientific explanation going on to so many people acting like morons and/or out of character.

I will add that many people I have know for a long time and know well are most definitely acting out of character both online and off it.


They never made a point that the man they accused of lying and showing me a fake picture of snow was from Turkey .. apparently

And despite doing a search and allowing them 20 minutes they claimed THIS never happened ..

And absolutely no one on the left are falling out and now accusing each other of being ‘right-wing nut-jobs’ their favourite term for anyone disagreeing with them on anything

In other words anyone socialist or further left seem to be very good at finding things that help their agendas, twisting what they find to help their agendas while being very bad at even finding weather reports from anywhere in the world or articles that hurt their agendas



You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.

I have gathered together a set of videos I think are some of the best, if not the best, out there on the Game Stop fiasco, lying news media and censorship.

As of this moment and not even half of a month that we have a President Joe Biden the sheer collapse that is going on all over the place is something that you could never have foreseen in a million years.

Have had people approach me saying that I predicted these things would happen and I answer that first of all yes, I did. But I never imagined they would occur this quickly and there are many things I simply did not foresee.

One of those is the excellent news of Reddit, Wall Street Bets and the collapse of the Hedge Funds over Game Stop which is still panning out and the focus, as I thought, is shifting to Blackberry and Nokia.

Tim Pool has shares in Nokia and when he first heard what was going on and then that they tried to limit share purchases he flipped out and get angry. He has done this a couple of times over this.

At first I did not pay much attention and it raised an eyebrow but them within 24 hours I realised how bad this was going to be and that it would run a few days.

Then came the fallout and the statements of sheer incompetence from the mainstream media and rich billionaires who started falling over themselves and each other to call ordinary people are incompetent.

One think that I picked up on was that a woman from Nasdaq actually stated that they listen to chatter on social media and no one seemed to pick up on this.

‘Oh only the billionaires are allowed to know all the rules and cheat’.

It has also started to look to me that there may have been a long term plan, and I have stated this before even here in the UK for many years, that there seems to be a grab for bricks and mortar and land. It suddenly occurred to me that the Covid19 problem and the lockdowns seem to be being used to force people out of business so that they can sweep all this up?

These people think they should be the ones in power and control over a global collapse? People that sit on their ass, do nothing, produce nothing and literally gamble with the odds stacked in their favour? Because they cheat? Because they are intellectuals?

Yes sorry chumps but these people behind the financial systems and big tech have done nothing but prove over and over again in may different ways that they are as thick as dog shite.

And its been hilarious to watch the market and these people crumble and akin to watching a train wreck in slow-motion.

Thus far this thing has been blamed on Trump, alt-right and foreign interference from Russia which has had people not only angry but laughing at the same time.

They also closed down the ability for ordinary people to buy shares on the so called free market and they used the new power the woke left gave them with ‘hate speech’ and millions of ‘I told you so’s have gone out in Tweets, GABS and posts on social media.

Billionaire cries that people he views as inferior and unworthy beats them at their own game and actually plays the victim card as that’s what everyone thinks they can do now thanks to the woke left

Level headed Louis Rossmann explaining, and seemingly surprised, that the mainstream media is fake and smearing the WallStreetBets people that bought Game Stop shares

Louis Rossmann getting angry over the mainstream media’s lies now that billionaire’s have lost money to the people they claimed to be about

Louis Rossmann on an embarrassingly bad ‘fake news’ article by the Washington Post and how no one trusts the mainstream media any more and how bad this is for any society.

The Hill ripping apart the billionaires wanting to de-platform people on Reddit because they got beaten at their own game

CNN blaming Hedge Funds collapse on Trumpism and talked about on Tim Pool’s podcast and laughed at by all

See Tom Nash for the first time and he is calling the mainstream media all liars as he explains what has gone on with his utter shock

Jimmy Dore talking to Dylan Ratigan over the Hedge Funds collapse because of people on Reddit and the Wall Street Bets

Government complaining about average people in the stock market ..

Sean Hannity speaking to Jordan Belfort, the real Wolf From Wall Street, on Game Stop, Robinhood and the Hedge Funds collapse

War breaks out on Fox News ..

Level headed Louis Rossmann spots market manipulation going on in real time over Blackberry

Dave Portnoy tells Tucker Carlson that people should go to prison over Robinhood, Game Stop and the Hedge Funds

Like the real Wolf From Wall Street says .. I have never seen anything like this and it was quite bizarre to see rich people and the news claiming to be for the average people accuse Republicans of going after rich leftists.

Unfortunately the socialist groups pushed things like Identity Politics, Woke Agendas and have lied and abused science. See me last post and many others on details of this.

The trouble is when you lie consistently to lure people in and especially when it is about science that the people pushing it do not understand you can be proven wrong at any moment.

And along with stupid unrealistic things that are pushed or things that just do not exist you are not going to get many on your side.

And as I show later on with a Jimmy Dore people even when a hand has been handed out to them they say ‘no’ and insist everyone else is far-right when they are not.

This attitude stems from a greed for power over others and came about because they literally thought that Big Tech and the Democrats were on their side. Or they thought they had a hold over Big Tech and the Democrats?

Within days of gloating, after crying in 2016, neither of which got them anything, they started getting purged from social media.

Now in all honesty this was something else I warned them about which they ignored and said I was lying about. But then some of them got banned and others got warnings and then they start chattering to each other.

Then as you see in a video by Jimmy Dore and others a large number of leftist groups got nuked .. from at least four Antifa groups to two socialist groups and these are just the ones that I know about.

When people came to me and said that I stated this would happen, I replied “Well yeah but I had no idea it would be this fast! Thought it would be three months down the line, maybe even six? What surprised me was how quick they were to resign the Paris Agreement”

So let’s review ..

The Democrats and Joe Biden thus far from January 20th to February 4th ..

  • Rapidly signed Paris Agreement

  • Record number of executive orders

  • Upset feminists over sport

  • Kamala Harris lied over fracking

  • Upset students

  • No mortgage relief

  • Jobs over a pipeline

  • Medicare and insulin prices to increase

  • Stock Market. Wall Street Bets, Game Stop and Hedge Funds

  • One reply to Stock Market is to point out they have a woman

  • One has meltdown over slight criticism from New York Times

  • Nothing we can do about Covid”

  • Socialists calling for censorship all getting suspended from Big Tech

Democrats remind everyone it is all OK as they have women .. only when asked one of them as zero answers

Literary Agent telling Tucker Carlson on Fox News that she was fired merely for having a Parler and GAB account

The Hill reporting on the meltdown by a Democrat over criticism from the New York Times

Stunning and fascinating interview where a socialist Trotskyist repeatedly lies in an interview with Jimmy Dore and calls someone from the Boogaloo Boys ‘far-right’ which angers him so much Dore swears and tells him to stop. Repeatedly.

Jimmy Dore talking to Glenn Greenwald about the fact that despite the fact that the Trotskyist was refusing to listen in the last interview and all for censorship that literally within a day or two his own socialist site was banned. Along with the Socialist Worker Party and I am related to an ex-member who now realizes it was all wrong.

And here is Jimmy Dore with guest Tim Pool about censorship and Pool confronting an uncomfortable Jack Dorsey and Vijaye Gadde on Joe Rogan’s podcast like a year or so ago

I said in a previous piece that the Democrats ignored everything else and rapidly signed the Paris Agreement and talked about green energy.

How about Nancy Pelosi have shares in Tesla? Which I hear a rumour was taken over or plans of a take-over from chip manufacturer I have always admired, AMD?

Jimmy Dore on Nancy Pelosi’s shares

So it seems politicians like to buy shares and withhold this information and then bring in policies that will benefit them?

Hermann Goring at the Nuremberg Trials after WW2 when asked how they got everyone to do what they want he said it was easy you just use fear. It works in any society. Monarchy, Socialism, Communism and Capitalism.

Do you not think it bizarre that we have had a string of viruses and now Covid, all going to burn because of global warming and threats of losing jobs, businesses, civil war and fill on war?

I would check my last post for details on how they have fooled the masses and on the largest scale ever known.

They got everyone to push socialist ideals because they KNEW .. it would divide people and they also knew they could never bring it in.

90 percent of people I know are left of centre and all say that these talks about socialism and The Great Reset will never work.

My response is that I know that but either these idiots do not or its being pushed to achieve something else entirely? A division everywhere they can possibly cause it.

If so, why?