Well I just performed a search to see if there was any link to Osteopenia and Fibromyalgia.

This is just a short post with a link and I should add here first that I have had a skin condition for a very, very long time and going back to 1985 or a little later.

I had previously thought this was either psoriasis or eczema and had been given shampoo for this via prescription from the late 80’s. Even the mother of my 22 year old daughter knew I had this prior to my daughter being born and was getting Selsun along with Nizoral shampoo for it.

For the last 13 or so years I have had foot pain and hip and back pains going back longer then this by a number of years.

In recent years I succeeded in just a couple of years in where decades of NHS investigations and tests had not and self-diagnosed Fibromyalgia Syndrome. I then had to manipulate and cheat after being lied to several times and get my self-diagnosis of FMS confirmed at Guy’s Hospital.

At the same time my right knee problem was spotted for the second time in three years just by looking at it, diagnosed and then later retracted from the hospital letter by someone within the NHS.

I have the recordings of the appointments and at least one is on this blog.

Now when I looked into Fibromyalgia Syndrome, and ‘syndrome’ means it is not fully understood, I discovered it can cause skin conditions and have met other FMS sufferers who have the same skin conditions. The same ‘skin conditions’ in as far as the only thing that has ever worked on it is PURE Tea Tree Oil.

But imagine my surprise when I find a website that states that people with Psoriasis can develop Psioratic Arthritis and go on to develop Fibromyalgia Syndrome?!

Remember, I already ascertained, proved and can prove that the NHS knew I had Fibromyalgia long before I self-diagnosed it.

It is all on this blog in paperwork, letters, emails and secret recordings I have been posting for over three and a half years and paperwork going back over ten years.

Yup! SOmeone is claiming that Psoriatic Arthritis can cause Fibromyalgia Syndrome! That is what it states here …



I apologise for being a bit … distracted of late.

I typed out a few posts on my word processor with the intention of posting them up in a few days time but have not done this thus far. They are several days late but will go up in the next week.

As of right now I have been pre-occupied. With … other … things. One of these is vaping.

Though this is not going to be about vaping I will state that something on that is coming soon, as I have acquired several more things and tried several more flavours. I am also planning on a couple more things and several more flavours over the next week and the week after.

So I am not sure whether to do something now and then do another or leave it until I have acquired my planned bits and pieces.

There will also be included a funny story about my loss of taste as far as vaping is concerned that was quite bad. I will also throw sarcastic comments towards those that like to think they are experts and simply have to see themselves sound intelligent by coming up with solutions which turn out to be statements of fact. Oops!

No today I just want to explain briefly that I have indeed been tied up with the NHS once again and that I have had an odd comment I have expected more communication from. The latter has not occurred just yet but I am half expecting … something.

No, I went for an x-ray of my neck and back and of course me being suspicious expected foul play and foul play was exactly what I got.

When I attended a GP appointment I said that I ‘know’ what the answer will bve for the x-ray but let me have it anyway.

Now I will just say that an x-ray of my neck was performed while standing up and then I was walked over to a bed and another x-ray machine, laid on my back in a foetal position, so my back is even more stretched out than normal, and had another x-ray performed. Well … there was a series of x-rays and the radiologist actually said “Well, I have a shopping list for you today” which I found odd especially as my back was not x-rayed while standing.

I pointed this out and he said that they only do “weight bearing back x-rays if it is requested”. Thereby passing the buck, so to speak. A lot of that happens so they can get away with their crap.

However the reply I got from my GP was nothing short of a surprise.

Other than arthritis, yeah, yeah, I also was told that in the neck x-ray they picked up on Osteopenia and that I would need to attend a scan called a DEXA, Double Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry.

Osteopenia is a bone thinning and what they call the intermediate stage between normal bone density and … errr BRITTLE BONE!

Now if you have read enough of my posts you will note that way, way back and several times I have mentioned how not only me but many family members have never broken bones?

I have been hit by a car quite badly, up bonnet then windscreen and along the roof and off the side onto the tarmac, and fallen off roofs as a child and never broken anything. Well another branch of my family is quite the opposite and all suffer with brittle bone! I always remember one limb or other being in plaster and we did not see them that regularly!

I also explained that when I saw the film called Unbreakable with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson it made me think about my own bones and that of my second cousins. It seemed to be a mirror image of that of the films storyline but except took place within the same family.

So when my GP asked me if I had heard of brittle bone disease I replied “Your joking, right?!”

I then went on to explain that which I have told him previously as well as several other previous Doctors of both GP surgeries and hospitals. Really, really good at taking vital and important notes these people. Though are really good at doing the wrong scans, performing scans the wrong way and scanning the wrong areas. All of which I have since proved several times each.

So I am a little … confused … well not actually. Though I do have a theory I will not get into right hear and right now. Just want to state that I do indeed have a theory on this.

Now I have a DEXA scan coming up and I have already been wondering exactly what they will scan?

I mean to say that if they are worried enough to send me for this scan and it is linked to my back then it stands to reason that they would scan my whole back?

In fact going on first hand experience with family members with brittle bone you would think thata they would scan every single inch of me? After all they only did my back.

Now here is where it gets a little … weirder. Where exactly was this Osteopenia location? The base of my neck!!

I will repeat, the base of my neck. Anyone care to hazard a guess, except for those of a particular ailment who will be all over this already, what the significance is of this location?

The base of the neck is where the kick in the central nervous system is that causes Fibromyalgia Syndrome that stops us sleeping correctly, non-restorative, and gives us pains anywhere in our bodies, causes memory lapses (Fibrofog) and all manner of other conditions and symptoms including that of the skin.

There are a possible and I should say ‘KNOWN’ symptoms of which I have around 120 and a couple not mentioned absolutely anywhere I believe is down to Fibromyalgia.

Now do you see my confusion?

I have a possible condition that never has inflicted my family branch in any way not even close but does badly affect another.

The location is in the base of the neck where the source of my Fibromyalgia Syndrome.

Both my back pains and my Fibromyalgia pains I have complained about for well over 15 years and got so bad that I approached a private chiropractor and that must have been over 5 years ago now?

Hmm? I have droaned on longer than I thought! Lol.

So here is the letter …

DEXA 280216

Oddly enough I never imagined in a million years I would be doing this or have gotten this far.

I thought that in March of this year, 2016, I would be off moving somewhere some distance away and be approaching private Doctors to repair the damage that the NHS have done?

However that appears to have not taken place and nor looks to be happening so a few months ago I thought I would take another stab at getting the NHS to look at some things and see where that goes.

Despite the fact that I have stopped smoking and vastly reduced my nicotine intake and taking 10mg of Ramipril my blood pressure is still testing high. Seems to be between 140 and 170 Systolic and that is ALWAYS after resting a while. But it does not seem to be enough to worry anyone and I am told it is because of the Fibromyalgia it occurs and why I have not been referred.

It is funny because I thought that a high blood pressure kills you eventually regardless of what causes it and I know it is what killed my father in hid mid fifties and I suspect my Uncle who died about the same age as my father.

Factor that along with being stuck in because the weather is cold, miserable and bored out of my mind with nothing to do, cannot cycle and need a new Nikon P900 bridge camera, at the very least, to continue my photography and filing for all my blogs and YouTube account and you can imagine things are … frustrating, somewhat?

Oooh I do not believe it, the sun is shining! Not for long, I bet?


When I started vaping I wondered about a great many things.

One of these was why nicotine gum was so expensive, plus only get for a short time on NHS prescriptions.

I never touched a roll up since I started vaping and did try a couple of times and hated the taste, normally because my single battery ran out.

I also asked myself how the tobacco companies and government had not attacked the vaping community due to loss of profits and taxes.

Note I have started and well known for being against taxes for one thing be used to finance or run something completely different.

For example taxes on tobacco were brought about because tobacco was bad for you, your health and those around you. Except this high tax on tobacco lasted decades. Billions were paid in taxes each year that the government would get used to having lying around. But wait? This was to stop us smoking? What if it worked? No money. But instead they did get money, lots of it and for a very long time indeed.

A recipe for disaster.

But what was to happen if suddenly and quickly that money evaporated?

For the longest time I waited fruit for a single example of this happening and without realising it was about to stumble across this in the process of taking place when I started vaping.

I had barely been vaping two weeks when someone mentioned that laws were coming in. At first I thought ‘well, alright. There are idiots that will blow off their own hands by not taking into account Ohm’s law. But you could do that with electronics bought from Maplin.’

Today I heard of more things they are going to bring in and I said out loud “Your joking? Noo?! How can they do that?”

What got me was that they wanted to ban the sale of atomiser tanks you put your e-liquid juice in?! I simply could not believe what I was hearing.

Tonight I looked up what was going to come into effect and to my dismay something I have not even been into a month is going to be screwed up by government, as send to be the case with anything I have done for the last twenty five years, I kid you not.

If you limit the size of tanks the only thing they will succeed in doing is getting literally gallons of e-liquid all over the fucking place because you will have to refill every five minutes. Then they will be moaning about the cleaning costs.

It occurred to me also that they will have to tax something else, I hoped would be ludicrous and obvious, because of the numbers of people jumping from smoking to vaping.

Then I heard about the ‘sugar tax’ and thought “Oh! HERE we go!!”


Well that was bloody obvious, well except for one idiot I know who doesn’t pay taxes but somehow likes to defend all the idiotic and obviously corrupt things the government do.

Even after agreeing that taxes paid on one thing, supposedly to stop something unhealthy, for something else entirely.

I cannot believe that the government are going to be quite that obvious and despite the fact I would like to vote for leaving Europe in the referendum I cannot help but wonder if the British government will take even more liberties than they already have from the British born people?!

I will now be paying close attention to the laws bought out in May of this year and I will email them demanding an explanation after accusing them of mire corruption.

Governing is what they are paid to do and if they failed to see what I have done for twenty years … well that’s their fault and no one else’s.

While searching online I found a petition to sign that goes to the government basically telling then where to get off.

You don’t have to be a vaper to let the government know what they are up to and to say ‘no!’ Enough is enough and you cannot treat the British public like they are all idiots, fuck things up year after year and expect us to pay for it and therefore bail you out time after time. Until you’ve retired and gone off to a make believe job paying you millions and then write autobiographies paying you millions.

Well there are enough idiots out there to buy their drivel and make them millions.

I commiserate with anyone intelligent and fed up with the state of things.


The petition link …

Take Part


Well that was a … relief!

The pains seem to be a lot less intense this morning. Though to be fair I can’t recall what they were like yesterday morning. Lol.

Yesterday I didn’t take my pills, which I annoyingly often forget to do if I don’t leave the house. I forget many things daily … often several times a day and I’m so tuned to take my pills just before leaving the house.

Today I did manage to leave the house. Yesterday the poison occurred while only wearing these mad slippers I have. Once my shoes were on things seemed easier. The pain was there and there was an area of intense pain on the south east corner of my right foot, as you look down at them.

I had more of a limp than I usually do and admittedly I didn’t do a great deal walking while out. Got on a 217 bus to get to a shop 50 yards from the stop I got off at. Went into the Juice Shop, had a chat with the guys for fifteen minutes after buying something and then left. Got the 217 back home, got off at Sainsburys to get some sugar, oh I mean real sugar not that there is a woman … anyway, went home.

By this stage the intense pain had eased off somewhat.

What is odd is that each time I come home my calf muscles end up feeling tight and painful, like I’ve run a marathon. Despite doing bugger all and I keep telling myself that once I’m cycling again, which is great for Fibromyalgia, this will stop?

My calf muscles have been doing that for months now and I’ve used up a large tub of cooling gel for fatigued muscles I’ve had lying around.

I felt for many years that my pains, Fibromyalgia is very likely to get progressively worse, will leave me confined to a wheelchair by the time in in my early sixties.

After a few years I started to think this might occur in my mid fifties and before too long thought it could happen by the age of fifty.

I have wondered if this could happen earlier and yesterday was one of a few days were I wondered if it might just occur at any time?

It’s not a nice thought.

Thinking your body and mobility is ticking away like a time bomb with a clock that suddenly jumps around all over the place.

I could not live being wheelchair bound. Mostly because like everything else in my life, help and support for certain things seem to evaporate as I approach the times I need them. I’ve spoken enough times here and other places about how disabled people with serious mobility problems are treated. Only recently I’ve spoken about them having their cars taken away.

I don’t care much for the excuses.

You simply don’t treat disabled and vulnerable people the way they have been treated in the UK. There are no possible excuses.

You cannot claim not call yourselves civilised not claim your running not creating a civilised society when you behave as such.

Once again, there are no excuses. Even if any of them were naïve to believe your claims before voting you into power. What has occurred within the UK and globally is not their fault.

I’ve never voted for any of the main three parties, sorry I’m not as native as most and never have been, so I can state things and kick your arses while questioning how, why and the amount you get paid. I can, will and have lambasted idiot groups also taking taxpayers money that claim that MPs deserve a bloody rise in their salaries!

I’ve some things I intend to talk about regarding the NHS in the coming weeks.

After a series of visits I’ve no referral regarding my still high blood pressure, two weeks after quitting smoking I registered 168/111 on my blood pressure monitor. This while taking 10mg of Ramipril.

No, not that. The subject of my back and neck pains I’ve told Doctors about for far longer than I have my feet. The latter started 14 plus years ago to give you an idea.

I’ve been promised something I never got, attended a physiotherapist for physiotherapy that wasn’t. I’ve had a back x-ray which was bizarre and rigged to shore nothing that couldn’t have reached the physiotherapists by the time I attended.

I had a row, brief believe me, with a receptionist with a holier than thou attitude and sat stunned and speechless while being lectured and patronised.

I asked the Doctor what the results to the x-ray were stating I know what they will be. Well it turned out I didn’t!

I spoke previously several times about brittle bones affecting many members of one branch of my family. I also always mention that despite falling from tall buildings, cycling accidents, other accidents and being knocked down while cycling quite badly by a car and have never broken a single bone.

I also don’t recall anyone in my family branch ever having a broken bone either. Unlike another branch were each member have had several breaks and limbs in plaster.

So imagine my surprise when the only part of the x-ray that was performed correctly showed osteopenia, possible early osteoporosis or brittle bones, in my neck?!

So now and in early March, 2016, I have to have a DEXA scan, Double Energy X-Ray Absorbtiometry or something.

Me?! Stunningly bizarre!

Trust me when I state I had at least two conversations about the X-Ray being performed wrong, even with a stuttering and mumbling radiologist who stated they only perform weight bearing x-rays when requested.

How convenient!

Once these scans are all done I’ll post more details about what took place in each case and what was said by who and where.

And you thought I had not been working on anything lately?! Lol!

I’m always working in things but often these take time, which seems to take longer the further into my grand plan I get.

I know full well why this is.

As I said I’ll get to that very soon.

I’m also planning on starting up several things this week, along with getting back to sending of a second wave of letters to certain agencies. The latter is a month later then I planned.

There are also some other explanations to certain plans that are looking overdue. Well these are coming too this week and this one is a Whipple three months late, at a wild guess.

I expected the explanations for this to become obvious to all visitors of this blog via other channels. But as far as I know these other channels have failed to materialise. Though I don’t exactly keep my ear to the ground!

Oddly I expected to be moving home about now and moving 100 to 150 miles north to be closer to someone so I could see more of them, then me whenever they wanted and and to help more.

I when acted as well as refrained from acting and even had a shortlist of items I was going to acquire based on all this.

I was absolutely convinced of what happened and what was going to occur and when and I’ve certainly got some of it very wrong.

Up until now this looked to be wrong in the timing only. It won’t be long before it will look as if I’ve got most of it wrong.

So instead of escaping I’m confined … indeed trapped in a world of fools that’s often beyond unbearable.

The weather had been relentless and extremely unhelpful and limiting to me that has driven me to distraction. As I told someone a few days ago who was also vending about the frustrating weather, I used extremities while looking skywards. As if someone would answer out something would change?! LMAO!

What I wouldn’t do for a couple weeks good weather for cycling?

I do also still need tools too and I’m working towards acquiring them in the next couple of months. All fourteen months later than planned!

Better late than never? I hope.


I am somewhat … well a little worried.

Today for most of the day I’ve been unable to walk. Not difficulty walking or using my stick to get home but unable to walk. At all.

In fact had I left the house and gotten any distance when this thing occurred I would probably not have gotten home, unless near a bus stop wherever I ended up. I still doubt I would have reached home once I departed said bus.

It’s been a nightmare just getting up and down my stairs!

What concerns me right now is that I will still be in this state in the morning, or worse still all day tomorrow or a number of days?!

Sharp pains are affecting both my feet but the left is the worse. I’ve also not had pains like these before, despite the fact I experience six pains across both feet. These now raise that total to eight.

Putting any weight down on my left foot results is sharp pains that seem to shoot across my whole foot, from the sole upwards.

This is weird as other pains are in very specific places like heels (plantar fasciitis), ball of my foot (metatarsalgia) and arches I’ve never seen nor been given a name for, also shooting pains but from the top down. I get painful clicking too but that’s in my ankles and mostly occurs descending stairs (Achilles tendinitis).

I have been wondering, for the past couple of hours or so, who in the world I should call and when?

How long are you unable to walk before you call someone? When you run out of food? Lol!

Wonder if I can sleep with my fingers crossed?!



All my life I have pondered a vast amount of things.

For the most part I have wondered why we do the things we do. Why we strive so hard for answers and solutions often to the detriment of others. The latter I have found the most bewildering of all and i was never quite sure why.

Two of my favourite characters were astronomers. Both are dead. Like them i wait and yearn to discover the secrets of the universe as they are slowly discovered. Just as they did I wonder if I will get the answers before my time is up.

But then I’ve always wondered why I and others do this. Why?

Our time is finite. But we strive to know or even do things before we die.

Dr Carl Sagan once stated that there cannot exist powers of divination, clairvoyance and the like because there is no physical connection. Yes, when he stated this famous line he was speaking primarily of astrology. But since his death we have discovered that there are connections across vast voids we cannot yet explain as shown in quantum mechanics experiments.

I have always wondered if there was indeed some underlying layer we were yet to discover.

Technically one had been theorised by Albert Einstein long before Dr Carl Sagan stated that mentioned above with his idea of spacetime being warped by gravity, gravitational waves only just now being detected for the first time ever.

So there are indeed connections across vast distances that we still are trying to explain.

In my thoughts as to why we, or I, strive to discover answers before my time is up.

The same applies to progressions both evolutionary, technically and scientifically. With a finite period of time for my existence why would I care what progressions we made? I wouldn’t benefit from most of it.

Moving on from motor cars, for example, to vehicles that fly or quantum mechanics discoveries allowing us to build devices to teleport us instead won’t happen until after I’m dead.

Maybe we strive for our children and grandchildren? Subconsciously?

Maybe there is something else? Subconsciously?

I recently watched a series of programmes called ‘The Ghost Within My Child’.

Now I was once mystified by different areas of the occult, not satanic before anyone assumes the worst, merely clairvoyance, mediums, tarot, numerology and other similar things. I’ve also had some very odd things happen to me that I have never been able to explain I went into great detail in during an early period of this blog. There is a search function!
In these programmes it dived into great detail about something I have had conversations about and had heard about in my distant past. It was the first time I had watched anything that went into detail about this.
In each episode there were families that had, had children that early in their lives had strange and intense nightmares. Or just spoke about odd things in great detail and in each case upon investigation turned out to be a past life.

It was simply engrossing.

One young girl described dying in a bombing that took place in Oklahoma in the USA, they were all in America.

Another young boy was even stranger. Not only did he describe being a pilot but deceived his aircraft as well as an aircraft carrier he served on. He even knew his name, which was also his name in his new life, James. With the help of technology like the Internet his parents even managed to located the older sister he had in his previous life! His present day father had dismissed constantly any notion or mention of reincarnation. This, despite being shocked at his son’s stories. At one point he had thought he had disproven the stories because he could find no evidence about the aircraft the boy said he had flown, a Corsair.
Eventually the boys mother contacted her son’s older sister from his previous life and the sister agreed to send details and photographs of her brother.

When these photos arrived the boy’s parents got the shock of their lives when the man he claimed to be was standing in one photo with a Corsair right behind him!

I found the whole idea intriguing.

Maybe their is a reason we strive so hard to progress?

Maybe we know deep down that we will return and even on occasion hope that the lives, country or world we find ourselves in when reincarnated is better than the one we left behind? I know I would!

This possibility also makes it appear odd the way we treat each other. For instance, someone you might be horrid to could walk around the corner, get fatally struck by a bus and come back as your child or grandchild at some point?

I have often thought that if this indeed happen then there is an answer to the question most would ask, why don’t we recall everything and feel everything from our post lives? Well we can’t. Because we would not be able to cope or come to terms with almost all of the feelings we carried over.

Could you imagine coming back with the strong feelings you had for your previous husband, wife, partner, children, parents or grandchildren? The people you could not live without with new people in their lives? The age difference problem? We simply would not be able to process these emotions.

Maybe this is why they bubble up while we are children? Because it’s easier to process and learn to forget all of that emotional baggage?

Of course if this were all true, and the stories and children were extremely convincing, it opens up a whole new list of cans of worms that get ever bigger. Kindred spirits for one. Seeing faces that look familiar you have not met before which has happened to me countless times.

Typing all this reminds me of something an old friend said to me several times before I watched him pass away from kidney cancer.

“You were born out of time, about one to two hundred years too early!”
He also said he felt sorry for me because I would never find anyone perfect for me because someone like me simply does not exist. He has certainly been proving himself right on that score.

If I was to be reincarnated I certainly would not want to take my experiences, feelings and pain along with me into my next life.

While at the same time it feels somewhat sad when I think I might not be into astronomy, amphibians, fish, reptiles, orchids or computers in my next life. I hate that thought.

I might be someone I don’t like … AGAIN?! LMAO!

If one was a bad person for one reason or another do they take that with them too? Or is it in the genes and you can end up being someone you really don’t want to be?

Perish the thought!

Maybe, with any luck, the answers to these things may be discovered within my lifetime?

That would be cool!

Maybe people might treat each other better if it was proved that this does indeed occur?

With any luck other things might occur to make people realise the folly of treating others badly and that it can and often will be self defeating?

Here’s hoping.

Makes the mind boggle, does it not?

Maybe I might come back as an Arab and radicalised Muslim that suddenly thinks I’m a member of a master race, or more correctly ‘master religion’ and start thinking that everyone else has to die because I’ve followed into a long line of brain washing?!

Now there is a horrible and scary thought!


I just wanted to say a happy birthday to someone for today.

I have done this via other means but not via phone, because I do not have their phone number.

I was asked for my phone number, as they lost it, some weeks ago and I presume that thgis was because a new phone was procured. Which is often the case when this occurs and has happened like this for about 5 years or so now.

So I sent the message via social media and thought I would mark it on here, as I know they have looked in on here from time to time.

So happy birthday!



Mr Corbyn should stop worrying and campaigning about the populace of other nations who would mostly be unappreciative of any help, then he or appreciative for five minutes, and concentrate on charity beginning at home.

I read the other day that a couple of thousand disabled people will lose their cars and mobility money.

Now this BBC report below puts the number at 10,000 disabled people to lose their help!

Does this mean that in a weeks tine it will be around the 15,000 mark?!

No amount of disabled people losing their help is acceptable.

Maybe Jeremy Corbyn is quiet about this because he plans on using the money to throw at immigrants, both illegal and otherwise, because he deems them more deserving than British people. Even disabled ones?

Even someone I know who was a big fan of his surprised me by stating he had shot himself in the foot by going to that camp in Calais and stating what he did.

If she thinks that then he has not only doomed himself and his party along with taking no notice of the majority of British people but put George Osborne into Number 10.

I think I’ll start looking for a new country to live in right now?! Lmao!

I find out so repulsive when they talk about their care of a group of people when it only every involves a group of people, let alone ignoring the disabled people to strut around in France about the way prior are treated there.

Hey, Mr Corbyn. Calais is not British soil and the people are not British nor are they French.

Trying being fair to your own British people before you go looking for brownie points among foreign people!


You had me yo until you did that with all your talk about fairness, which then went right out the window.

Motability cuts: ‘My car is my lifeline’ –


Well this is a strange BBC report?

Suddenly and after it is becoming obvious that’s it’s not just the British people throughout Europe that is getting both feed up and worried/scared about the immigrants moving through out Eyrie we are given some new numbers.

New numbers by the BBC that I have to wonder to their source and conveniently claiming that their are far more refugees in Arab countries in the middle-east from Syria than there are in the while of Europe combined?

I find this extremely difficult to believe and totalled up with the numbers in Europe as a whole and the fact that they keep on coming, and going back and that Russia is not included you have to wonder where in the hell they are all coming from?!

I have also read that it’s claimed some Scandinavian countries have been letting immigrants, or leading immigrants across into Russia.

I don’t know any details of that last statement and it would only be what the media stated at any rate.

What is something to note in the below report is that it turns out that the Jordanian public is getting pissed off and irate over the Syrian refugees?!

Say what?!

What a moment? Why are one nation of Arabs getting fed up with the Arabs from another nation? Do they know something everyone else does not?

Possibly there was some bad blood between the Syrians and Jordanians previous to the exodus? Who knows? The Jordanians probably but that’s not reported on in full. Surprise, surprise.

What can be taken from this report is you can hardly blame anyone in Europe to not want to help out these people when their own DUI not want to know. It’s as simple as that.

Ask me personally, or worse still argue with my points on this subject, and I’m afraid to say I will point you to the horrific points I provide not just the dark details of but provide no end of truth too.

There may well be more during 2016 too.

That’s provided someone I know was not paid off, of course. That was always a possibility in my mind’s eye.

Everything is always a possibility in my mind’s eye.

Almost everything is down to whittling out the chaff to get right down to the wheat.

I have always only been interested, and still am in nothing but the truth.

I don’t care about politics. I don’t care about being politically correct. I am only interested in the truth no matter how ugly it is. Only then can you deal with the evils, once you know both what and where they are.

But there are powers that, fit the life of me I don’t know why, want to bury the truth. Likely for personal gain and career advancement than fit the well being and safety of others.

I’ve been and seen the absolute worst that this entails and then some and I still have not been able to speak about it. Not until I have figured out, one way or another, that I was betrayed.

Despite the length of time involved already I cannot be entirely sure until we get past a couple of dates. Those dates reside right within this month of February.

In the meantime and to me the bad guys on both sides are still winning and I cannot for the life of me explain to you why this is. If indeed they have won I am not sure I can explain to you his they did.

I can, however, provide you with a shortlist and I can assure you it will be ‘one of the above’ if and when I do this.

While I await this I can at least feel a bit more relieved I will not suffer the same fate as my father who died in his mid fifties.

This is because I got back into the bag habit of smoking like a trooper which raises my already high blood pressure and cholesterol which I take, now, 10mg of Ramipril for.

As I explained in a previous post, just earlier today, I have taken up vaping and am shocked that this got me off tobacco entirely!

As my father died of a burst aneurysm I don’t think I need to explain that the two things I’m taking pills for were what caused his death, along with the BBC of course as I’ve long since explained on here a few years back.

I’ve nothing to hide, nothing to lose and never hurt nor harmed anyone or anything.

That makes me a very, very difficult and even dangerous person to do battle with. My advice would be, don’t.

So far no one has declared to me face to face that they intend to do battle with me and despite my attempts to force the issue I’ve been unable to get a single public body, dozens of, or private body to take me to court.

Even to receive a single threat via a solicitor to close down my blog. Not that it would make a blind bit of difference.

I did mention I had nothing to lose?

Not… exactly… strictly true but I’m very, very close note to having absolutely nothing to lose.

Oddly this is exactly the position I was expected to be forced into feeling during 2016 at some point.

I had hoped I would not be bit fully expected it just the same.

What happens from then on in is going to be not just interesting but I imagine extremely productive too?

Not long to have to find out what with this being February of 2016 and all and me more than capable of going to some pretty extreme lengths to be productive.

What the Middle East is doing about the refugee crisis –


Hmm…do not want to go on for an absolute age on this one but…

I bought these, so-called, hiking shoes by Hi-Tec.

If you look at the soles you will note that on the ball of the foot the knobbly black bits are nearly flat completely over a large section.

Turn your attention to the heels and you will not that on one side the black rubber has worn through completely down to the grey mid-sole which itself has worn away a fair bit.

What is both shocking and annoying is that this pair of shoes was purchased from Millets either at the end of October, 2016, or the beginning of November, 2016. These are therefore 3 months old and I am afraid it gets worse still.

I had a previous pair of these of an older design that lasted not two or three months but two years and added to this while I owned the previous pair I was not in possession of a Freedom Pass, giving me free travel of buses and trains, but have been for almost a year now!

Meaning that this pair did not last three months even though I used buses a bloody lot more than I did with my last pair of Hi-Tecs!

More annoying still is that I only bought these because Millets failed to have five other pairs of shoes of both the Salamon and Merrel brands.

On pointing this out to a local mate he told me that whenever he is in their with his girlfriend and she has suggested he buy shoes in there that he always tells her he will not even bother asking as they never have his size in stock.

I was shocked to here this as he was when I then told him that I asked to order the other five pairs on offer and that they never had any of the five in my size, 11, anywhere in the UK?!

How does a store like this survive when they are obviously renowned for never having things in stock for year after year?

One has to wonder if they were handed any … well, handouts by the current or previous government of the taxpayers money?!

I mean it is not like this has not happened before is it?

If this did turn out to be the case then that begs the question ‘How have the news media and all thoe tabloids missed it?’ and ‘how often have these handouts taken place?’

I am emailing both Millets and Hi-Tec to complain and see what they say?

Will, as ever, keep you posted.