Lindy James and Sunny Jay

OK ths is taking longer than I planned and my primary focus of late has been the climate change hoax, the corruption, the traitorous acts and that these are all #ProjectDistraction because of #GlobalCooling.

I understand the science involved .. enough and there has been a number of data sets out that I simply cannot believe and nor can I ignore.

However I became wrapped up in battles over censorship on social media and most notable Twitter except as it went on what I thought was all about Muslims, which was only telling the truth on my case, now looks to be about Project Distraction. In my battles to keep the lines of communications open, I was looking to be succeeding in then started losing, I failed to notice.

Now I should have realised this when they said that my blog was 100% about Muslims when it is not and throughout these posts, some hard to find because Google deleted the tags/labels, I cover ..

  • Corruption
  • Police Corruption and Cover Ups
    • Predicted Accurately [ONE]
  • Councils Corruption and Cover Ups
    • Predicted Accurately [TWO]
  • Government Corruption
    • Predicted Accurately [THREE]
  • NHS Lies, Corruption Deaths and Cover Ups
    • Predicted Accurately [FOUR]
  • Ombudsman Lies and Time Wasting
    • Predicted Accurately [FIVE]
  • Grooming Gangs
    • Predicted Accurately [SIX]
  • Melanie Shaw
    • Do not believe the parents
  • Jimmy Savile
  • Rolf Harris
  • BBC Paedophile Ring
  • Government Paedophile Rings
  • Astrophysics
    • Asteroid strikes
  • Seismology
    • Chances of Magnitude 7 and over
    • Tsunamis
  • Volcanology
    • Chances of a super-volcano eruption
  • Pole Reversal
    • Its effects
  • Continental Shift
  • Ice Ages
  • Svalbard Seed Vault
  • Climate Change not being CO2
  • Welfare State and DWP lies
  • The EU Referendum and Brexit
    • Predicted Accurately [SEVEN]
  • Donald Trump winning
    • Predicted Accurately [EIGHT]
  • Financial Crisis
    • Predicted Accurately 4 years prior [NINE]
  • Austerity
    • Predicted Accurately [TEN]
  • Jeremy Corbyn LOSING General Election
    • Predicted Accurately [ELEVEN]
  • DWP to get rid of DISABILTY
    • Predicted Accurately [TWELVE] despite getting into issues with DPAC Members some later apologised
  • Touch on Animal Sciences
  • Health
  • Suicide
  • Homelessness
  • Economy
  • Identity Politics (Project Distraction)
  • Muslims was only in as far as what they did to my daughter and .. these grooming gangs being covered up ..
  • That is 3,833 posts, not including this one, trying to help and inform ..
    • Not calling for war
    • Not asking for anyone to be killed
    • And no .. not 100% against Islam
  • So yeah .. not even close to half of it being about Islam .. CHIEF!!
  • But you stopped all that to not offend a bunch of rapists
    • (They say 85% Child Rapes committed by Muslim men, according to Quilliam Report done by Muslims)
    • Oh bizarrely they trash the report by Muslims on Muslims with matches up from my own experiences and that which my daughter has eexplained to me who was a repeat victim .. oooh yeeeah .. the post that they mass reported? I said it was the truth ..
    • https://asaintcalledallnights.blogspot.com/2018/08/country-of-damned.html
  • But yeah .. let thousands of people be tortured, suffer in pain or mental health and die jut so you do not get offended along your path to conquering nations, right?
  • The Master Race, right?
  • So would you think it not peculiar if I stated that they know that I have published a 20 plus part biag arsed long article on in ice-age arrivig I the next 5 years and they are STILL mass reporting me?
  • Would it raise an eyebrow if I told you that I have not attacked Islam, tagged or ranted on the usual places and yet they are still hammering me about it and then suddenly stopped and switched to hammering me about my scientific posts and my interpretation of the data?
  • Would it surprise you to state that they ripped apart an unreadable graph stating it proved I was wrong and that I could not read it .. except that not only did it NOT state this but its source is a webpage talking about the global cooling and Sun in a prolonged solar minimum in its Solar Cycle that has still not woken up and behind ll the weather changes?
  • If you let people ramble on long enough .. eventually one of those patterns I am so good at seeing, see above, starts to emerge
  • See the twelve things I got right? Yeah this group hated that from the beginning and I missed this at first. They looked at my blog alright and even under accounts that I did not know about at the time
  • As shown below .. they stupidly give the game away 6 months ago ..

Now at this point it may well be sounding very sinister indeed and you would be right.

There are a few tweets in the screen-shots below that kind of show this and give an insight into me spotting patterns and you could take away all there active accounts and yet they will STILL have two Anti-Populist ones they can fall back on.

So after I had gone .. a fake account had appeared pretending to be me.

Now .. it was widely known that .. one had previously been made before as had several dox attempts that went wrong. Did warn them it would go wrong but .. you know .. they are way better, superior and have all the answers. They are always right, even when they are wrong. You knt they wait for one thing they do get right, takes them roughly 100 attempts and they think it turns all previous inaccuracies into accuracies? Yeah .. leftist socialists.

Been related to one all my life .. virtue signaller but my entire family will tell you they are effing selfish. Tells people they have a terrible life and have grandchildren they worry about .. except out of 4 grand children and 5 great grandchildren she has not actually asked about them for over two years.

As a result of this .. one child does not speak to them .. another one has had enough, yet another teeters on the edge. Two adults grandchildren do not talk to her either and two others have had enough and a social worker friend calls her Hitler. Her own cousin stopped talking to her five years ago. Her own mother falls out with her. She is a controlling bully without compassion but fakes that she has it and has knowingly aggravated heart issues in someone along with their diverticulitis. Nice .. so seemingly trying to kill one of her own .. so that she may get attention.

Oh and its either a family problem, using the father of her children as blame .. totally forgetting she has one other child by another man, her mother is not part of that family and nor is her cousin. No it is the fault of the rest of the world and she says “I am NOT going to be like Hitler!” ot knowing that my social worker friend calls her Hitler.

Oh yeah it is a woman that cannot do anything wrong, remember?

Yeah that is why I am so good at arguing with them and they hate me as I know all the tricks and I know all the arguments.

Someone really should be paying me!

Yes so it became obvious that someone see all of these things, predictions, evidence, secret recordings, paperwork, scientific knowledge, BSc Applied Computing, other knowledge bases, offer of a PhD and interest in me from GCHQ and the MoD.

Now consider I was attracting a lot of attention in no time at all .. despite being slowed down I attracted 2,500 followers in 4 months and that does not include the 1,500 plus knocked off by Twitter.

Not been found to be wrong .. if I make the odd mistake I hold my hands up and admit I was wrong .. and am dead set on being factual. So what is the issue, eh?

But if you look at all of that and then you consider that something .. or indeed things are going on and you look at my record .. would it therefore be reasonable to assume that I would be seen as a real threat? To everything?

Maybe .. just MAYBE, and there have been some signs, that I can make both the left and the right realise they have both been used as pawns and they may .. I dunno .. unite?

Because a large number of accounts running around attacking both the left and the right looks to me as if someone not only WANTS this division but is actively trying to make it far, far worse.

Oldest tactic in the book .. Divide and Conquer which also acts as a massive distraction as does all this effing talk about Russia and World War 3.

If there was ANY collusion with Russia it was more likely that they were colluding about what they was going to do if the ice-age hits and how they would get rid of the worst of society .. which appears to be 85% of Muslim men before you start.

Lead the murdering ones to their doom by allowing them to move into their countries .. so that with any sudden deep freeze they would all die?

I saw a video once of mass praying in Russia and I do not know if this was real, to this day, or not and is not something I would ever expect President Putin to allow.

Oh and when it comes to fake accounts .. the leftists normally only do parodies and they either state that they are parodies or it is pretty obvious.

I had one done previously, if you recall. Oddly they one did not remain either though I am not sure why it disappeared.

Pain-pain-pain . And out of the ordinary bloody pain!

While I was typing this out a company based in London wanted to add me via LinkedIn .. will this be another one that is very left leaning and will back away from me or will I finally get an offer?

You see when I went back to my account n Twitter I had, had since around 2009 I did not expect to go anything like it did. I thought I was just generate followers and more interest in my blogs? I did not expect to see the real amoral shit and lies and the blatant bullying and trickery I was seeing going on. When I realised they were doxing and threatening children while claiming to be humanitarians I got carried away.

Somehow the most honest, polite and tolerant man around short of the Dalai Lama I ended up looking and feeling lie the criminal evil doer?!

  • Get heLp for my daughter
  • Offer of money for my recorded data amounting to 150GB
  • Along with traffic to my blog to generate an income
  • Working with others
  • Job Offer along any lines of that I have blogged about which is a very long list

But no on a daily basis I get told, with 270 Symptoms, to stop doing all that and that I am a sponger, not on benefits and they know this, and that I am lazy and should get a job. Yes by that lot above.

Never explained what job I am supposed to do that they deem as beneficial to mankind .. but whatever.

So I go back to Twitter after being goaded for a week while listening to boasting and lies and eventually I get mad and I go back to take a look ..

Oh and would you look at that? After Twitter suspends me the one that should have been suspended, already had been many, many times was going around pretending to be me and he was even spotted and reported. So much so that my old followers that reported him thought that when he was taken down it was they that achieved this? You know the followers that had not even noticed I had gone who were there on the thread ripping into him for lying and pretending to be someone else?

Well no .. the account disappeared BECAUSE ..

  • He got rid of it because he did not want to be mistaken for a MONSTER like me

Oh, sorry .. sorry, sorry everyone .. my bad! No that was the bullshit he told me .. now back to reality once again ..

  • He got rid of the illegal account impersonating me because he had been on contact with me under yet two other accounts pretending to be a friend and I had inadvertently told the I knew of it
  • They then SHAT themselves and got rid of it quick ..
  • He also did not tell the Leftists Troll Group Resisting Hate the leader of which thought it was me and was laughing when the account disappeared
  • Got great pleasure in telling oldwolf he got played

Now then .. are the there yet?!

What makes it worse is this ..

  • They was following me and direct messaging me on other social media accounts and it turned out that ..
  • They had yet another account that made it obvious and was ..
  • Pretending to be a Domestic Violence Survivor that was ..
  • Attacking other survivors of domestic abuse?
  • Lindy James @27sunnyjay and ..
  • Sunny Jay @lookinthemirro
    • Check bio and other than one line they are word for ward the same even doen to emoticons

This is the point when it gets funny .. I dropped a hint about knowing about other accounts and they would ALWAYS try this deflection tactic and said something like ..

‘Ooh here we go, here comes more Big Bollocks Bullshit .. let me get my popcorn”

Soo I dropped a bigger hint .. suddenly the silence falls and the tumbleweeds start rolling across my field of view.

I had also already been looking at one account when BOOM! I was suddenly blocked.

Messaged them roaring with laughter .. no comeback .. lame as they are .. and evetnually they tried to state ot was not them .. until I pointed out I was blocked by them seconds after I dropped the hint and I got this ..

  • Just coincidence .. they went to talk to you when you had blocked them and they realised they were blocked and blocked you back

Bullshit. Someone that had not spoken to me in weeks .. suddenly go to direct message me within sixty seconds of me blocking them?

That is when I found out that he thinks probability is actually counting.

Yeeaaaah except not only was that argument dead in the water and as lame as a dead duck but how do you explain that they blocked not one but TWO accounts in sixty seconds?

Or that they immediate ranting that I was a liar and they despise liars was simply not a normal response?

It it were me I would ask them why they did this ..why the other person thought they was a secret troll and had been reporting them?

This is a fact because not only would I react that way .. they forgot an important detail in all this .. they impersonated me and when they did .. they wet around insulting my old followers as me and told everyone else that this other account on social media was a troll.

Yup I was blocked by many for months .. one was so unsure and worried about the leftists that they blocked me while we was direct messaging.

He unblocked me 20 minutes later .. apologised .. had been told by Shaz Hobbs now it was the REAL ME. Over the next month or so another couple of dozen unblocked me and apologised.

In fact it was Shaz Hoobs showing me a tweet that had me going off battling all these evil doers after seeing them threaten children in a sadistic way.

Though a fair amount also recognised that it was the real me too.

But my response to all those that thought I was a leftist troll and their apologies? Well ..

  • Do not worry about it, I know what happened when I got back here and I cannot say I blame you .. I probably would have reacted the same way

Oh dear .. they started losing followers when I got back .. and then started losing followers on the other account that was following me.

You see he kept quoting my tweets even though he was blocked on three, count them, three other accounts. I then locked them down and he was STILL quoting them .. well after awhile he slipped up and I suspected he was following me. He had a history of following me .. super-stalker remember?


One friend came to me when I posted something about it and said that I had told her and others ages ago that I suspected something about them and suspected something sinister and once again I was RIGHT!

Thought I would emphasize I was right like I am some sort of grandmaster as they absolutely hate that as whoever they are I have run rings around them for 6 months.

Just recently I got noticed by someone and they put me on a list .. not not one of those lists but .. well lets say that my followers rocketed. That has probably wound the up because they goaded me about the 2,500 followers I lost and how I had not got them back yet.

Shows how good he is because I currently am heading for 5,200 followers.

They are going to lose a lot more followers by the time this series is finished and they are NOT going to be happy now.

Would you believe, and there may well be a screen-shot of this, that they actually recently stated to me .. after thousands of failures to beat or stop me ..

  • Now you see what it is like to go up against me .. big bollocks”

That was literally several days back.

I wonder if they have considered that I could post this series again on my social media in a months time and after that it would have been read by thousands?

I wonder if he has considered how many would read it if I posted it all again by the end of this year of 2019? Hundreds of thousands?

Now I think I caught the attention of roughly 270 people a couple days back but since I caught their attention I am getting fringes following me.

It was listed as #MAGA and #Brexit and he said ..

  • Oh they are just MAGA folk and I don’t care about them”
  • Funny as I picked up quite a few he was arguing with over the past few months and I showed them he loves reporting MAGA .. leading to him melting down, them blocking him and following me

Six months and he is in a far worse position now than he was when he first ran into me .. now what was that about who going up with who now?

You carried on reporting my friends AntiPoppy and I warned you that I would come after you and expose you.

Oh wait? Was your logic not to state that unless I can do this immediately I should pack up and go home? The process of deduction is not immediate .. not even for Sherlock Holmes you tool.

Got your note-pad and pen?

Note them getting paid to do this, not them having a moan at remainers and note the two accounts both with ‘Sunny Jay’ used and I have overlapped the BIO of ‘Lindy James’ @27sunnyjay onto ‘Sunny Jay’ @lookinthemirro and the similar names and lines ..

The Screen-Shots ..



SaintAllnightsFollower on GAB

This is where it went fro the super-stalker which was in the realms of creepy before that to bat-shit crazy and obsessed.

So .. once they got the full suspension .. bearing in mind it was their first .. they decided that after getting five or six suspensions from me, which you would need to receive two life-time suspensions, he would gloat.

You see this moron thinks that the number ‘one’ is equal or greater to ‘300’ and I do not quite know how.

This was why I thought initially he was al leftist as they have this truly fucked up reality where if you get 49 things wrong and the something right .. this turns the previous 49 ‘wrongs’ into rights.

They also believe that with their enemies if they get 49 things ‘right’ and then finally a ‘wrong’ this turns all previous 49 ‘rights’ into ‘wrongs’ and ergo .. they win by default.

I honestly kid you not not.

If your a leftist reading this and asking what is wrong with this and cannot see it then I would suggest seeking out a psychiatrist .. at a coffee shop .. wait until he has a mouth full of coffee and put the same thing to him.

Suggest you wear a brown shirt as when the coffee is all over it .. you will have your answer.

I did decided I was done with Twitter ..

As Tim Pool says and in all honesty he has no idea but it is a truly awful, awful … did I mention AWFUL platform run by awful people who are liars and is riddled with scum of the Earth that actually think they are something they are not. They all have feelings if superiority, which is weird because they act and sound like Nazis but oddly accuse everyone else of this.

But this guy .. spent months projecting many things like leftists tend to do .. and one of the things this guy is .. is a humongous egomaniac .. the very thing he told others about me. Never washed though with anyone and that drove hum nuts too.

By now he was boasting of his website while telling me that my blogs were shit .. weird as they are actually designed by Google and the ‘THEY in that statement is also something else that the genius also did not pick up on or found. Despite his claims that he knows everything about me and what I am up to ..

Yup he does not even know about all my social media accounts either, the giant sized prick!

So I retreat to GAB .. as I have 800 followers but have always found it harder to read .. a bit slow .. a bit glitchy and .. whenever people I know created accounts they disappeared again .. and why would that be?

  • Extreme right-wing racists

Now all of these people that came and then went all later described GAB to me as too toxic.

Well it is in places. But not all of it and if they thought about it it would make sense that many of the first on their would have been the most toxic right-wing on Twitter .. forced to go there because of the toxic left-wing on Twitter.

Yeah so .. journalists and Twitter and everyone else failed to spot something ..

  • Those starting accounts on GAB and then never using them were doing this because of the extreme right-wing toxicity towards everyone, which is STUIPID of the extreme right-wing
  • Who happen to be the very ones forced to go to GAB because the extreme-left absolutely INSIST they are extreme right-wing .. who then backed away from the REAL extreme right wing on GAB

Yes, Adam Boulton, all this business about right-wing is a load of old bollocks and did you just find out or have you always known and chose or was told to ignore it?

But anyway .. so this Nathan or now AntiPopulist, or AntiPoppy as I called him, was so obsessed with me and .. do not ask me why as he was an idiot and pretended once again to be someone else, starts an account on GAB and calls himself ..

  • @SaintAllnightsFollower

Can you believe that?

They always referred to my followers as ‘minions’ which was a bit of a stab I think because he tried to steal so many and they blocked him. Well over a thousand and I would not be surprised he has has been blocked tens of thousands of times across all their accounts?

This is obvious even from the last part in this series and will become more so in the next part and even as I am typing this out I have realised there are probably about 8 others tweets I have not sorted into the relevant folders .. and there are .. ooh hang on .. seventeen folders.

Because of my memory it is hard and I have like a brain melt when I try and recall names and orders when in it comes to date thongs were said. Or posting the in the right order.

This is become the main issue of today, you see. My mainstay line when I started blogging was that I had evidence and a lot of it. I linked some on to these posts and then waited for the day when an honest news outlet got in contact.

Now I knew that the UK’s were corrupt .. proved that long before I even started blogging nearly 7 years ago. So I thought it would come from overseas. Now there was a period on time when it looked as if a tabloid I France had been contacted and I thought I was home free ..

.. yeah fast forward to today, look at the Gilets Jaunes in France and the rest if Europe and the word, search it on YouTube and WikiPencil, and we now we that came to nothing too, right?

Eventually I just stopped linking in evidence because it just was not going viral .. Police lying, proving they knew about grooming gangs and did nothing 8 years or so ago .. Police lying on a number of recordings, one over four hours long. Police Reports lying. Radical Muslims and recordings of them too. NOTHING.

Someone stands outside a court though streaming from his phone complaining about what they have done and everyone pays attention?

I just scratch my head .. is the problem the government? Or is it just people and their general perception of things?

I I am right about everything is this lack of focus the reason why the powers that be get away with it?

There are a lot of things that simply do not make sense to me in all honesty.

So anyway I got booted and this prick creates this account to boast .. and .. well he belongs to the powers that be .. or I should say ‘they’ do and are pawns of theirs. They also know exactly where to push too .. because ..

They told me no one gave a shit about me on Twitter, no one had even noticed I was gone. That they all realised I was a liar and a moron among other things.

Now I figured out that this was not quite true. A few was angry and said so publicly that I had been suspended and that I was all only about the debate.

This is because scores of people working in large groups always get angry, start insulting and then start reporting you once you react.

Never used personal attacks of any kind or swearing. This means nothing against the gender, sexual preference, looks, size, facial features or anything like that in any way, shape or form as this is just not me.

Nor did or would I ever do this over skin colour.

As I said I also did not swear and never said the word ‘C*NT’ publicly.

But I have received several suspensions so when Jock Dorsey and that lying .. no .. no .. beyatch Vijaya Gadde are on Joe Rogan with Tim Pool saying ‘But we don’t discriminate’ then yeah .. you fecking do!!

While at the same time ..

People do tell you after having shit done to you for 15 years and your health so bloody bad its indescribable and your memory causes you to forget bloody things anyway ..

  • Oooh your going in the right direction
  • Oooh you have made such a difference
  • Oooh just keep going it will all change soon
    • Yeah like it has in the last 7 and the last 15 years you mean?
    • Oh no wait .. its only gotten worse
  • This persons gonna change it all ..
  • That person is going to change it all ..

And your hammering away at this to try and get enough followers in the hop that you can dig yourself out of a hole and have hundreds of people from Hope Not Hate, Tell MAMA and Resisting Hate you had NEVER heard of before coming at you in ever bigger gangs to kick you off the platform?

For telling the fucking truth?!

“Just keep going” gets a but annoying to hear to be honest. In fact when I was fully suspended from Twitter .. I was relieved that I was not going to hear .. or rather ‘read’ that line again.

If you cannot help .. fine .. but for the love of God .. do not hinder .. things are hard enough as it is!

Now I was fully suspended my super-stalker now thought themselves invincible and he was coming at me on a site .. where no one will agree with him and will NEVER get me suspended .. EVER .. so why?

‘Must be a correlation between the rapid decline in the average amount of Sunspots at the peak of consecutive solar cycles, along with the increase in cosmic particles that are both altering the wind patterns of the Earth and creating more seeding and therefore more rain and snow?’

Sorry .. I have spent weeks back I several areas of science I have individually covered over the years on my blogs.

In fact this recently became their focus .. anything to do with Islam was not mentioned at all for weeks .. until yesterday when he suddenly realised it had not been mentioned. He might well have realised that I had not posted about it elsewhere either.

Bit of a problem as the one that normally does battle with me, allowing this low life Amoeba to sit their reporting his heart away, has not been seen in months. That would be Jammony Cricket James O’Brien,

In fact he has a bit of a problem and that is .. that everyone is staying away from me and he has lost his aides in getting people reported.

Aww this might have something to do with me jumping onto the threads of a few leftists organisations and dropping screen-shots of him tweeting while taking the piss out of leftists?

That is about to get a lot worse .. because if member of Hope Not Hate, Resisting Hate and Tell MAMA, among others, come onto here and realise there are Wolves of a different nature among them .. who might be .. using them?

Yeah I imagine this could cause a few issues, no?

There were a couple of other things to discover from this period too. I was now convinced they were not a leftist troll. I was also sure they were not of the Islam faith either, despite stating Gay Muslim on their profile at some stage. They just never reacted to any insults to either Allah or Mohammad either which was why when it was only them and me .. I put that to the test, but forgot to take the screen-shots. Did not want then to realise I was onto them so I had to leave it awhile before I could try that again. Only he never brought up Islam again for months and neither did I ..

  • Because I stumbled across scientific data that made me realise it was a fool’s errand
  • Though I still posted about stories of their evil ways .. I did not got as savage as I previously did

They called Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell prats and that threw out another theory I was working on .. that they were either social workers from The Wirral in the North West of England of someone in central government acting to defend them.

My daughter had already been threatened by someone with the same name that they used .. via an 8 Ball Pool app on her phone. She had also been warned months ago by two social workers and we have recordings of that she should stay of Twitter.

That did not state stay off ‘social media’ and she had been on Facebook for years .. they said ‘stay off Twitter’ and had only been on it a month.

A couple months later, probably less my daughter’s account disappeared but not before Naz Shah got her suspended for the first or second time.

After going quiet for a couple of nights he has been on me like a randy Porcus and he is trying to slow me down publishing these later parts in the series. This should really have been published last night and so is 24 hours late.

In fact he has been giving me some real corkers that should have people totally shocked, totally convinced of what I have stated for many months or .. totally laughing their heads off at what he comes out with or my playing him like the proverbial fiddle.

So after awhile as I suspected this one was a bit different and was not linked to larger leftist socialist organisations and .. well at least appeared to be acting alone, no way I believed that, I probed some more. Told people I was close to there was something much more sinister about this one and I wanted to prove it.

Unfortunately the same old thing happened with me .. everyone told me to block him and ignore him and I said it wont work and that he would just have other accounts .. or indeed friends.

Many followers started to disappear .. and one told me that he had boasted about reporting her on another account. He admitted that he did and said ‘it was fun’.

  • Twitter is not about your numbers of followers according to this one ..
  • Its just about lying, being amoral, claiming you have the moral high ground and yet not a single thin got back that up and .. suspending people
  • From someone who has attacked the left-wing, right-wing, FBPE (is it on their accounts? No?!) Pro Brexit brigade.
  • As him what he stands for .. you wont get a straight answer and it will be a lie anyway

So .. he then comes out with ‘What happened to your follower Mr Burns?’ who has now been suspended a second time.

Yeah Mr Burns was one of those that thought ignoring him would make him go away .. nopety-nopety-nope!

Got your notepad and pen?

Screen-shots ..


Anti-Populist & Laird Midelton

Hope you still have that notepad I suggested in Part 1? Ha!

Yup .. he never could spell very well despite picking up everyone else for it every single time that they did it and made it into a win.

Because when you see people debating on TV or online that is what you see them doing .. picking each other up on grammar or typos because it is just so important in a debate?

No .. it is only important to those that are well aware that they have zero debate .. a bit like James O’Brien I tagged #JammonyCricket on his fake arsed accounts, of which he also broke Twitter rules by having four .. of which two went silent very quickly when I stated to point that out.

If anyone wants to see a post on my battles with him .. well I guess some requests might provoke me to show the screen-shots, eh?

So then in the last part you saw him as Nathan In Germany, Nathan for Europe or Nathan Thomas and then extremely briefly as MyBritishHelper where I made those 60 followers he accumulated a complete waste of time.

Quite bizarrely when I first bumped into him he only had 173 followers and then several weeks later when I ran into him again he STILL had 173 followers. Now if I recall I think I had less than 100 the first run-in but had over 500 by our second?

Now once he become obsessed with me, while telling everyone I should not battle with him as he was far too good for me, before then losing two accounts to me .. he then started to steal my followers. After one long two day battle his followers went from 173 to around 550 and around 300 of those were from my followers. He had a meltdown when I pointed out this fact publicly.

Also bizarrely he then lost them all within a couple of weeks and literally went back down to the exact number he was in previously, 173.

It gets even weirder when he did this again and the next time it also dropped once again only it went down to 153 and I recall thinking how really strange this was.

Of course there was the obvious reason and that was he was an utter dick and talked to people like shite, was full of enough bullcrap to fill Wembley Stadium twice over and .. was getting blocked.

But as it started to emerge, albeit gradually, there was yet another reason.

As I later proved .. when I suspended him five times it turned out that I had run into someone who was a serial reporter of others and many quickly picked up on this fact .. which was why he could not hold into followers for more than a few days after that.

But by the time he had list his second lot of followers he was now masquerading as Anti-Populist and at fist he outright lied about who he was.

My followers were now fully aware that despite Twitter’s biased leaning I could look after myself and was very quick at spotting things, despite my various handicaps.

Also many people just decided that he was one of the usual leftist trolls that belonged to Resising Hate, Tell MAMA or Hope Not Hate and at first I thought that too. He had very often jumped in, yes I know .. God damned coward, when one of several hundred members of those three organisations came after me. He also quickly followed three or four people that I had famously done battle with and suspended the accounts of ..

Joker, Monkey and Moon among others.

But then one night I saw him try to talk to Monkey and Joker on a thread and they ripped him to pieces. He tried to be sarcastic back but in their usual fashion they ripped him to pieces yet again.

This was both unexpected and somewhat odd.

The little alarm bells were starting to go off a little louder now.

He got his arse handed to him many more times and even had others do the same while we argued and something that hi simply could not come to terms with .. later lying when I reminded him of this and called me a liar in a thread with several people. Odd I thought an asked him publicly if he was sure. Well of course he was so I published a screen-shot of one tearing into him.

Oh he forgot abut that one, or so he claimed, but then insisted to the people on the thread that there was only one other person. Oops!

So I published a screen-shot that consisted of not one more but TWO more people tearing into him and the things changed.

He went quiet, disappeared and blocked me.

This blocking was soon unblocked and that whole process repeated itself well over 100 times over a few months. Probably over 200 in total?

Each time getting his arse handed to him and him either having a meltdown or vanishing and blocking me until he had finished licking his wounds and was back for more.

Oh and then he started this whole bullshite that I was harrassing him and that I would not leave him alone?!

Yea except for a number of things ..

  • He could not produce a single person to back that up .. well ..
    • Publicly but we will get to that near the end as he realised he could not defeat me alone
  • He was already listed as a leftist reporting troll
  • He already long had the label of being my super-stalker even in his first account as Nathan
  • Yeah and he followed me .. a lot .. Block, Unblock, Follow go to back to step one ..
  • How many times did I follow him

So then .. just lie after lie after lied and it occurred to me .. why would he blatantly lie like that and risk losing so many followers?

Because followers were not what he was there for .. so what was he there for?

Oh and he joked about that by actually stating to people laughing that Twitter was not about followers, despite the fact that the number is presented to people front and centre on their profile page. But typing stuff that people would read is NOT what Twitter is about apparently?

Well .. not to him and he had made that very clear,

While all of this was going on .. some people I knew were losing their accounts.

Now there was this night when I had just come off the phone to my daughter who had just had an operation for a hernia that was not done very well and this mere weeks after an operation for cervical cancer ..

I had just seen this video I placed on my YouTube at her request .. because she was scared and been through hell, check the post ‘Country of the Damned’ for part of hat story.

I got back to Twitter to find AntiPoppy telling someone that I was telling parents not to report child abuse in children to the authorities which was an outright lie.

Now I am disabled .. can barely get to the local park, have people moan that they do not see me and he is in Germany according to his profile while I am in London and speaking metaphorically I said ..

“I am going to kick your arse and then physically [note use of this word] go down to the Police and file a complaint against you!”

Now the person that moaned that I had reported him and got him suspended and lied and said it was for hate speech .. then reported me for that tweet.

Next thing I know I get a seven day suspension .. I then appeal this to Twitter and I was enraged as they denied it.

I retreated to an account on GAB while he ran around laughing about it, tried chatting to many of my followers and told them that he did not report me. Even tweeted on his timeline, in case I got notified and told someone that it was not him and he does not agree with reporting for hate speech.

Yeah .. except he did.

What followed though was so funny not was not true. I very literally drove him to meltdowns while being suspended from Twitter by using both GAB and Direct Messaging on Twitter to convey messages he flipped out about once he cottoned on as to what I was doing.

Well if he had not been humiliated before .. he was totally being humiliated now and the very idea that I could .. beat the .. proverbial crap out of someone on Twitter without eve being on Twitter went around .. but once again .. something I was to find out later .. oooh there are those screen-shots regarding that!

In fact when I went back another time .. ooh I will leave that for another post as I do ot want to get ahead of myself here.

He stated that when I got back I would threaten him and I would get reported ane get banned for life if I carried on the way I was going ..

  • Absolutely not .. NEVER for the former
  • Yes that was true for the latter and for the effing blog it turned out?!
  • More on the second point at the end of the series

Again he said a lot of nasty things that not only I but many others, those that had not blocked him, had reported. He still has that same account, which now one of quite a few but I will get to that at the end too.

At this point one of two things was going on ..

  • Either he was PROTECTED
    • Many could not believe he was not getting suspended on this third account
    • Despite the awful things and lies he was stating he was asked to back up but never did
    • Despite the fact it was pointed out that he was on his third account and breaking the rules
    • In a Joe Rogan talk with Tim Pool, Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde they said that the suspended people who had gotten around the lifetime ban rule
    • They lied .. as that only happens to people from Centre-Left to Right-Wing too

As this was all going on and at some point I remebered the first time I came across an nice and intelligent chap called @JamessReality. He was very polite despite the fact this absolute tooth-pick was going at him.

Now I had been shocked at what some people do and mainly leftists and socialists and I leapt into the thread and defended old James. We followed each other after this.

But as this Anti-Populist was talking I recall this other idiot and his conversations and thought how sometimes Anti-Populist seemed awfully similar to him. His name was ..

  • Laird Midelton
    • @Brave_Shart

Now I believe I ended up blocking Laird Midelton and I remember wondering is this was him on another account because he could not take being proven wrong either?

To be honest I just ended up forgetting about it but not after those two names popped up a few times following each other.

Anti-Populist has this habit or being such an egomaniac that he liked his own tweets .. even mine on occasion which seemed a bit pointless with such few followers and the rate he was working through accounts. But .. whatever. But I figured it would be just like him to follow himself and even have conversations with himself. Umm .. yeah more on that later too.

Damn it! Hands are bloody hurting again and have to take a break ..

So back .. and what had become obvious at the time were the following things ..

  • Attacked then Reported Pro-Brexit
    • But were crafty about it
  • Attacked and Reported MAGA, KAG. MCGA or MBGA
    • But were crafty about it
  • Bio was pure lies
  • Were obsessed with and and the blog
  • Super Egomaniac
  • Super Jealous of me and therefore easy to push their buttons and get them suspended
    • Until that is something seem to change and they got protection
    • They also stopped swearing and posted a lot less
  • Extremely abusive
  • Pretended to be a victim
  • Attacks victims
  • Complains about victims getting help or money
  • But offers help
  • Spreads lies about you so bad that so yo do not even need to explain to others it is not true
    • He did this after he suspended someone .. and they not only called him on it they reported him for impersonating the person they had suspended
    • But actually breaking the law to Twitter and harassing and bullying others while spreading malicious lies about heinous acts is not as bad as calling someone ‘stupid’ or ‘moron’ even though the latter two are difficult to disprove and in my case .. TRUE
    • Yes that last one might seem as if I said that to get a few chuckles ..
    • But I only call people ‘stupid’ or ‘moron’ if it happens to be true
  • Now Me ..
  • Which unless your stupid or a moron you simply have to pick up on ..
  • I very rarely swear and there are some swear words I would NEVER USE
  • Do not attack anyone over personal appearance, gender or looks or weight
  • Do not lie .. though .. I might tell very small ones if I have this idiot right on the edge and think it will tip him over
  • Even if they are the biggest liars and not deserving of he truth .. I still wont lie
  • I hate liars ..
  • Which is why I hate politicians
  • And why I hate leftists and communists .. well since I found out all they do is lie and bully ..
  • Oh and I hate bullies
  • Bullies is how I got suspended .. for attacking known bullies who themselves have been through dozens of lifetime suspension .
    • Yeah Twitter, Jack and Vijaya .. your just soo cool, unbiased and utterly brilliant at your jobs
  • Except for my very first suspension for debating with a Muslim about Islam and stating that since the dawn of Islam, Muslims had reportedly killed 669 Million Non-Muslims and that if you added in other Muslims it might be a billion?
    • Yeah .. that was literally my first suspension and I was like WTF?!?!?!
    • Yeah the Muslims would literally have to report that .. and a fair few of them ..
    • So would be a lot easier IF ..
    • They did not go on social media, no?
    • They are the superior master race, right? How about they do what other white people on social media did when they did not like things?
    • Instead of crying to the social media, government and Police ..
      • Start up your own social media?
        • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr gets fucked .. sooo ..
          • GAB
          • MINDS
          • BITCHUTE
          • VIMEO
  • Only accounts that I know were suspended because they were discovered to be people that were previously fully suspended?
    • Centre-Left to Right-Wing
  • Leftists that go around with the same name and even the same handles and avatars across dozens of accounts? Oh that runs into the dozens
  • Known 5,000 Centre-Left to Right-Wing ..
  • Known a few hundred Leftist Socialists
  • Out of the Centre-Left to Right-Wing only been sure about one lying .. though there is an argument they were .. trouble and .. seriously mistaken and lost a lot of friends who thought the same
  • Out of the Leftist Socialists? Yeah there might have been .. one?

Hmm I stopped there to make a mug of tea and with those alternative social media companies still fresh in my mind I had a thought ..

  • Remember that I have constantly forgotten to do a post or two regarding social media
  • Keep recalling this and then forgetting again Oh I should cover that a little here too ..
  • And that I need to cover two vary large groups of people both of which hate me
  • HOWEVER ..
    • Tough shit ..
    • As I despise you ..
    • It did not start out that way ..
    • You do evil shit ..
    • Now I despise you
    • And you created me ..
    • And you STILL ARE
    • So .. you know .. WELL DONE

Yup .. this is just part two and there are now six parts in total and I am afraid it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better .. umm .. in fact .. nope . Its not going to get better. It is only going to get worse.

You see I have a way of .. showing people where they went wrong. How how that have it all backwards.

A good chance that at some point after reading this and be that a few weeks or a few months they are likely to see or hear something, recall something they read here and the pieces of the jigsaws fell into place.

I made a mistake of starting to give socialists, leftists and communists a reality check. This is because of the incessant bullying and the cocky attitude and moral superiority they seems to think they had that gave them they right to lie and cheat.

I got a little carried away and ended up getting myself banned but not before I did the same to dozens of these lying bullies.

Now I prefer to let others come to the realisation that they have been barking up the wrong tree and coming to the correct conclusions on their own. This is how you do that.

On Twitter it is more designed so that people get into each others faces a lot faster and therefore much more direct.

This creates confrontation and in a time when its more divided than ever .. so in their infinite wisdom .. Jack Dorsey and Vijaya Gadde went and started suspending people on one side of the fence.

On a site designed for people to get up close and personal .. well all other than those morons with the God complexes that only use their accounts to preach and lecture but not .. engage. Oh their fans will make excuses but no .. get off Twitter. It was never designed that way quite obviously. A webpage or blog was better for that sort of thing.

One if a few reasons why I went on Twitter .. thought I might generate more interest .. that people from here could find me .. speak to me directly to try and assess who I was? Possibly?

Was doing OK and would probably have close to 10,000 followers by now ere it not for the tyrants that run Twitter that have the audacity to lie and say they are ‘total mums’ and .. the packs of mass reporting trolls that first wind you up to get you mad and them mass report you for reacting .. which is hard to fight ..

  • When there is a large team or ..
  • When there is a lying crafty, sneaky group that pretend they have an agenda when the real reasons are something else ..
  • OOPS! Diddums .. what?
    • Did you think I did not know?
    • Did you think that I did not work it out?
    • What you THINK I believe is what I want you to think mate ..
    • Except have you not been trying to state that to me privately?
  • What you missed mate were a few things .. now here are some lessons ..
  • Discovery is a journey .. not a teleportation process and is not immediate
  • Probability is a form of mathematics and all mathematics is a form of counting
  • Your suggestions showed that when it even was a basic as counting you were incompetent .. and we will .. get to that before the end of this six part series

Now some more screen-shots ..

You got that notepad?!? Yeah it is going to get .. worse and I tried to keep the screen-shots down but it is hard. Though I am not even close to using 50% of them .. more likely 20% of them .. just regarding THEM!

Anti Poppy .. Notice the very first two words in his profile? Yeah well .. WRITE THEM DOWN!

Also .. here .. there is no .. career .. no law degree, law graduate, social worker, med-school drop-out or web developer? Maybe he was on welfare between careers, eh?

I get cocky because it pushes his buttons but as you will see he is the egomaniac, likes to show off and Mairead McCann told me he had boasted dozens of time for reporting her


Nathan Thomas to My British Helper

Well if you hate trolls and people that suspend you on social media and you like a damn good story with plenty of intrigue, bizarre and shocking claims, twists and turns with just about every other element thrown in .. BUCKLE UP!

This will be one very long and kick arse ride!

If this person is following you trust me on this .. it does not matter what your beliefs are .. and we will get to this and why, he will be reporting you with the intention of suspending you.

If you have lost accounts there is a good chance it is him .. as I believe he is behind thousands if not tens of thousands of suspensions. By the end you will have no doubts about this yourself.

Now this is just going to have to be split as this whole process has taken 6 months .. I will not be including it all and only about 25% of what I have and I missed a large number of opportunities but ..

There are still over 190 files I have chosen from what must be in excess of 400 and they will need to be split over several parts .. five is my guess right now.

By the end you will be sure of it coming down to one of two things ..

  • Social Media giants have either been used like morons and therefore not fit for purpose
  • Social Media know and turn a blind eye or actively involved in this

My focus will be, in this instance, on Twitter.

Also thre are some .. rules you need to keep in mind because somwhere in the region of 99% of what you see stated by these .. people .. will be lies .. so ..

  • Some will be immediately obvious like how could they possibly know
  • Some will become obvious after some thought
  • Some will become immediately obvious in a later screen-shot in the post or ..
  • Sometimes a screen-shot in a later post
  • Yeeaah maybe at this point you might want to grab yourself a notepad to keep track of facts .. then go back and cross-reference things that come up later on

Now as things go on it might start to look like there are different people involved and if you stay focused you may pick up that I have asked myself this for some time too .. but ..

  • This IS the same person or ..
  • This IS the same GROUP

Now this has taken me 6 months to work through and cost me a few suspensions to get to the truth .. yup liars go free while someone seeking the truth gets suspended. Well .. they got suspended too but I cottoned on early on something was very wrong here and I reported this but not only did nothing ever happen but it also became impossible to suspend them.

While at the same time people I know were being suspended for using the words ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’ despite the fact the terms were factual due to clearly idiotic or moronic statements.

Now to start with this post will feature the one names at the top of the following list but other parts will feature one or more of their alter-egos or .. COMRADES. For some bizarre reason I was always coming up with the number 3 .. based on things said along with different words and phrases used.

  • Nathan in Germany, Nathan Thomas, Nathan For Europe
    • @NathanInGermany
  • My British Helper
    • @MyBritishHelper
    • Yup condescending morons
  • Anti-Populist (PART TWO)
    • @TheAntiPopulis1
  • LairdMidelton (PART TWO)
    • @Brave_Shart
  • SaintAllnights Follower (GAB) (PART THREE)
    • @SaintAllnightsFollower
  • Emporor Arturius (Cannot spell but you he will pick you up every time) (PART THREE)
    • @EArturius
  • Lindy James (PART FOUR)
    • @27sunnjay
  • Sunny Jay (PART FOUR)
    • @lookinthemirro
  • Other accounts and suspicious ones in (PART FIVE)
    • VeryBritishRevolt
    • @populist_anti
    • @Antipopulist1 
    • @F15_TRex
    • @KarmenNaquib
    • @ProudUKMuslim

Despite my followers blocking him in the hundreds and begging me not to engage with him .. or them I did state to them very early on that this would do no good .. that this kind of person has a sick and twisted obsession and will just come at me on other accounts.

The thought he was just a straight forward leftist troll but I did not believe that either and I had to put up with his shite for a very long time.

It was also very clear he was very jealous of my knowledge, achievements and my popularity as will become clear as this goes on.

So it was very easy to push his buttons, so to speak, and being extremely cocky and big headed and especially so after catching him out, would send him into meltdowns and hopefully a few things would be revealed. Either in whole or just provide me with something to think about .. or look into elsewhere.

Now out of 100’s of attempts he never lost an argument and the only wins he had was because Twitter is way to damn left leaning .. or I was far too trusting.

Except he claimed a lot of wins and was very cocky but had nothing at all .. and you may well see things he big himself up about only to discover that by the end of all this he was full of shit .. not just the obvious times he was full of shit.

Also .. lol .. your going to think early on and even half way through that you have a number of things nailed down .. like ..

  • Brexit
  • Trump
  • Social Workers
  • The NHS
  • Legal Stuff
  • Right-Wing
  • Left-Wing
  • Centrists
  • Islam
  • Gender Issues
  • Work
  • Locations
  • IT Skills
  • Money
  • Beliefs

I was convinced for a long time he was a left-wing socialist but .. then things were being discovered that showed this was not the case.

They will say some petty awful things too and even uses the word ‘autism’ as a weapon, drunk and mental health too, which is a common thing for Muslims that attack you to use becaue they see us all as drunk and stupid. I know and even my daughter has heard them say things like this and she was a repeat victim too. So she .. KNOWS.

She also got fully suspended off Twitter too not long after she herself tore into him for accusing me of being the one to sexually abuse my daughter while she was under age.

The later when he realises I could not have possibly done this because I was not around you will see this switch to some awful insults about me being a failure as a father.

Hoo if your already shocked believe me that is only the tip of the ice-berg with this one.

So when I came across him he was arguing with Conservative Brexiteers ..so was Pro-EU as is evident by his avatar on his profile. This also later changed.

His original reason for doing all this ‘because it is fun’ but no one is this dedicated without one of two reasons ..

  • Defender of a faith
  • Money

There were other possibilities but I ruled them out in a process of deduction that is alien to them because unless you immediately know you should give up while they take the piss out of you.

Yeah except reality does not work like that and I knew all along this would take some chipping away along with a lot of time.

By September 2018 his pursuit of me and his losses to me become widely known and he was being labelled as a super-stalker.

Now what happened then was he could not handle losing .. and so he lost it and had a meltdown and used the ‘c’ swear word which I would ever do. Suspended.

He came back fuelled with rage .. told everyone I had suspended him for hate speech and so started his rather bizarre campaign to call me a ‘closet leftist’. This made me think that not only was he not British but now not even a westerner at all. Because he seems to think that as most of my followers were Conservatives, because we agreed on a number of subjects, that everyone would turn against me because I was .. left-wing? Bizarre and especially so because everyone thought he was a left-wing pro-EU troll.

Now what I am about to explain only lasted two days and I have just realised I have NOT sorted the screen-shots for this so will have to do that before I post this ..

He kep on getting angrier insisting to others that I reported him for hate speech .. not realising what my followers already knew, many who were now watching unknown to me .. I do not fecking care!

So I stayed cool as a cucumber and watched him get more and more insistant and more and more wound up .. then just as he was going to explode I said “Nope .. I suspended you for using the ‘c’word!” and he replied ..

“What c*nt?!?!” and so .. SUSPENDED!!

He ended up with a full suspension and everyone cheered over that .. many of which had already blocked him.

Then a new person popped up defending him .. boom! Knew who it was .. he lied about it and then dropped a clanger by using an odd phrase and the threw something out there someone knew could not possibly know.

Once again he went into a rage .. insisted that I suspended him for hate speech and was a closet leftist .. watched him wind himself up before once again saying calmly “Nooooo I told you you were suspended for the ‘C’ word!”

He replies and insists that “You CANNOT be suspended for using the word ‘C*NT!” .. oops .. SUSPENDED!

By now our battles had not only attracted a large audience but those that had previously blocked him were still watching and screen-shots of his meltdowns and his arse on a pate were going back and forth between people via Direct Messaging. A fact I was not made aware of until much later, much to my surprise. But a few were watching that I did know about and one chap called ‘BigR’ who even months later, and the screen-shot I need to find ..

Oh God that was damn funny .. [second account gone within 48 hours] one King, one fast boil kettle .. one idiot and one ban!”

So yeah some time later .. he comes back .. and he still insists that you cannot be suspended for it and so to prove his point, yeah real genius here, he then repeats the word he has been suspended for three or four times already over a dozen times in the same tweet ..

OOPS! A second account goes bye-bye!

Like someone grabbing the proverbial popcorn BigR went off to make a ‘cuppa’ to sit back, relax and watch the fireworks. When he got back he asked me where Nathan had gone and I said “Suspended mate!” He burst out laughing spitting out his tea and said ..

What ALREADY?! I only went off to make a tea!!”

The Screen-shots ..

Write down notes .. things he claimed .. location Germany and Law Graduate, hates Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins for a start .. write it all down as it will twist and turn a fair old bit ..


OK just after a post part 20 of the Pole Shift Series and honestly think I am almost done I go and stumble, this is getting very weird now, a video on YouTube about the one thing I am well aware I know nothing about .. always maintaining not many know about and that what is known is very .. very .. very .. little.

The nuclear processes that take place within the Sun itself?!

I have stated for years that it bloody annoys me when people state that the Sun is ‘this’ age and will go on for ‘that’ amount of time because we do not even know what goes on under the surface ot at its core. Christ we do not know a great deal about what goes on with that we can see .. its actual surface.

However and as it turns out .. there are some things that are now being looked at and understood and .. what I saw and heard is simply astounding and for a whole number of reasons.

Now lets get something very clear in your mind .. when it comes to peak Sunspots averaging less then 100 this has only happened in two cycles since the end of the Little Ice Age or Maunder Minimum or around 1720 ..

  • 65 Around Sunspots in 1800 which was after the Dalton Minimum ended
  • 80 Around Sunspots 1850

Outside of this the next lowest were ..

  • 100 Sunspots in 1810
  • 110 Sunspots in 1820
  • 110 Sunspots in 1860
  • 100 Sunspots in 1890

So in over 300 years .. this has only ever happened twice in periods that were fairly cold and so much so they have their own names.

Twice! In 300 years.

It also has not taken place for around 170 years either, it is important to point this out too.

So then ..

In this video I watched they talked about Heliophysicists monitoring some goings on on the Sun’s surface to do with oscillations. They learnt there was a pattern to this and after awhile .. as they realised the effects or meaning of these oscillations .. they went and changed.

Now do referring you back to the above .. only twice in 300 years has a Solar Cycle averaged less than 100 Sunspots at its peak, right? And that the very last time this occurred was 170 years ago, right? And with Climate Change scientists stating that we are getting hotter and hotter, right?

So would it surprise you to hear that they predicted in June 2011, so discovered prior to this date, that the next Solar Cycle was going to average less than 90 Sunspots and that the planet would get cooler?! OOPS!

Afraid it gets a lot worse because they went and did it once again because along with predicting something well out of the ordinary and at odds with climate scientists they also predicted that the next cycle would be somewhat longer than the average 11 years and this it was!

This is 2011 and June at that and this may well have been discovered as far back as 2010 which is almost a decade .. a .. DECADE ago. Did you know about this or have all you been hearing about is climate change and global warming?

As someone that understands both the science and the maths involved here this is nothing short of staggering!!

Judging from the graphs that last cycle was the longest lasting cycle ever recorded and may well be why many believe that the Sun may have gone to sleep and stay that way for many years?

You have to bear in mind that the last cycle was longer than the previous longest cycle by about a year or more. About 14 years? Give or take? The cycle before that had already been dropping down from an average number is Sunspots between 200 and 250 to only 120.That is well over ten years of slowly cooling down.

As I stated previously I have noticed the summers being cooler the last three years I can think of?

As also previously stated the last peak dropped away to its trough, or Solar Minimum, pretty quick and the next peak was supposed to occur in 2022, according to Professor Valentina Zharkova, and yet we have remained in the Solar Minimum. Solar Minimum to Solar Maximum, get it?

The term Grand Solar Minimum is the name given when the Sun remains in its Solar Minimum phase for longer than normal .. though what exactly the time span is for this I am currently unsure.

But it has already been, in effect, asleep for all of 2019 and most, if not all of 2018 and previously I have not seen this occur for more than 6 months from the graphs. Often shorter.

So if you have become familiar with the terms the Maunder Minimum and Dalton Minimum from the graphs and think to yourself “Oh well it might be like the Dalton Minimum and go colder but no ice-age” then I have to point out one last thing ..

The Sun did not go to sleep in the Dalton Minimum .. it was a series of consecutive cycles with low peaks.

‘We Are the Dinosaurs’

Interestingly in the video above the guy more or less talks about how people are blind or refuse to look at this stuff.

More or less mirroring what I have been saying and why I used the term ‘Sandheads’ when it comes to people he puts an interesting slant on this ..

  • The dinosaurs died out because they did not know what was coming and did not have the intelligence to do anything to try and survive it
  • We .. are refusing to even listen to explanations as to what is heading our way
  • This was June 2011 and people still do not want to talk about it
  • Ergo people will .. DIE!

So this video ended up being staggering for me on three levels .. the fact that they somehow managed to predict something that they should never have been able to predict and I bet they were laughed at by climate scientists? That has only occurred twice in 300 years and not for 170 years at that.

Secondly they predicted an extended longevity to a solar cycle hat has never occurred since 1648 and that one lasted for decades.

Thirdly that they state about people’s refusal to listen or look at this as akin to being as naïve as the dinosaurs and that if they do not an astronomical number of people will die as a result.

Of course that very last one is not only being helped by the governments, politicians and fake news but very likely planned to cull an overpopulated planet for the benefit of mankind.

You might think not but I think so and I can even give you the reason which would be their answer whenever the time comes that they are caught out ..

But there was never going to be enough food .. so we decided that being frozen to death in a short space of time would be more humane that starving to death or dying of disease over a much longer period of time”

Well .. it is kinda true .. no?

What better way to do this than to allow all of the worst of humanity .. like the worst murderers of a faith and the worst criminal and animals of Africa, Mexico, Middle-East, Pakistan and other places. Get rid on tens of millions of them, if not hundreds of millions of them in one fell swoop?

They might even be able to claim at a later stage to those that are not killed off that they did not know it was coming?

And so there you have the reason for what I have been calling Project Distraction and the reasons why people like me are targeted and cut off from others on social media.

I was linking many groups together fairly quickly and at the rate I was going on I would have had 20,000 or more by now on Twitter alone.

Wider awareness would have had people talking about this guy who linked a load of data, websites, videos together and who added in his own predictions and the whole distraction process which would have driven more people to find me wherever I was online.

Yes except as your going to discover with a whole series of posts starting tonight .. they tried very, very .. VERY HARD to stop this .. knocking me down from to active accounts to just one.

So annoyed did I get from this after the initial few days of feeling down and angry that I then went off and created three accounts, started posting more regularly to both my main blogs and reactivated an old account to post as much and reach as many as I could.

As will also be revealed in the posts starting the same day this one is posted .. as the first of a new series of five posts is posted .. they hunted high and low for my accounts .. found them .. tried very hard to get rid of one .. got cocky and spent three months boasting they knew what I was doing when they failed to know about the other three.

Yeah there was a reason why I was offered a PhD, though was not aware my memory issues were a real issue back then, and GCHQ and the MoD were interested in talking to me but I rather think lately that I would not be alive today had I been hired by them?

Oh and these things are made fun of by those that came after me as will be revealed in series of five posts .. called ‘Wide Mouthed Trolls’ which will be five parts I think?

Yeah I turned down the PhD offer which was based on my thesis I received a distinction for and I never attended the interviews for either GCHQ or the MoD.

Great Grandfather was a Test Pilot for the RAF and Avro though but sadly died in the testing of the Avro Manchester which they added two engines to and became the Lancaster.

Cannot recall but if he found out about it he probably called that bullshite as well?

A shame then that he he mentioned in books, my daughter is I two magazines and I am mentioned in a magazine myself from 2007 .. ish.

I do like conspiracy theories .. only in that they are entertaining and I enjoy picking them apart and ruling them out.

But then I have done this for years as many that know me are well aware with science documentaries, articles and climate scientists.

Yes .. this is not a conspiracy theory. These are facts.


So then .. finally I find a video of an inventor and in it he quotes Professor Valentina Zharkova as stating that the peak of Solar Cycle 25 should have appeared in 2022.

I previously stated that it was likely to be 2024 or 2025 if it arrives at all but I suspected that, and may have stated this too in an earlier post, that due to the lengthening of the last cycle was originally predicted to arrive prior to 2024, think I stated 2023 but did wonder if it was 2022?

So it was supposed to be 2022 and as a cycle lasts between 9, rare and unusually short, and 12.8 years with 11 being the average .. your looking at a minimum of 4.5 to a maximum of 6.5 years to get to the next peak. Provided the Sunspot averages rise very soon your looking at 2024 to 2026 so this would be two to four years late.

Oh and he uses the Leonard Nimoy ‘Lost Documentary’ I stumbled across on YouTube a week or so ago and posted in a previous blog. This is part 20 and it was in posts between parts 2 and 6.

In the documentary they thought the next ice-age was only 7 years away. Well no but then there were a few things .. no .. a lot of things we did not know that we do now. Still hard to predict with any degree of accuracy.

My word I am getting a lot of pain and frustration typing out this series on blog posts, fro mmy hands, fingers and even my thumbs!

They were looking for warning of the next ice-age back in the seventies and early eighties in Canada. What it wont mention is the magnetic poles shifting or the Sun’s activity or Sunspots .. also never mentioned by these hack and idiot pro climate change group. Odd that, no? All those names you love to watch in documentaries and no one mentions these things? Carbon, carbon, carbon and man, man, man is all you have ever heard form these so called professionals.

If this was not bad enough .. the real reasons have been known for over five years and yet still they push the same bullcrap on you?

This needs to stop. This is no way to progress and they need to STOP with this shit ..STOP with the attitude that lying and misleading the public is what is best for them. Because we need to evolve so that we do not panic in the face of global adversity .. otherwise what is the point?

Maybe t is because of those that I know? That prefer to bury their heads in the sand? Maybe the powers that be lie because they know people like this exist and think they will be the ones to panic and en masse mankind falls apart?


In the documentary someone states that 89,000 years ago the Earth went from a temperature far greater .. did you read and hear that? ‘FAR GREATER’ than it is today to sudden Ice-Age oh and there we go “a sudden volcanic event” as I previously stated.

Around 18,000 years ago Manhattan Island was buried under a mile of ice which means the movie The Day After Tomorrow did not really do it justice then, did it? But then just like The Core and ‘2012’ movies were intended as training videos?

Ah now sea temperatures which should tell us a few things

Eight ice-ages in the last 700,000 years and yet Yellowstone did not go off in its potential maximum way for 700,000 years, give or take 50,000 years.

Ergo as I stated Yellowstone Caldera erupting will guarantee an ice-age but is not required as there has been 7 other ice-ages in that time. It is reported that 80 Yellowstone eruptions have taken place so its dependent on how much material.

It also raised an eyebrow with me that we go back to this time to see the last pole reversal and why, for me, all these sudden and linked data-sets are a concern.

Look at this from another angle ..

  • We had an ice-age start 18,000 years ago
  • Current one is a few thousand years late
  • We had an ice-age 89,000 years ago
  • But what is going on right now has not occurred for 750,000 years
  • Little Ice Age did not have all of these things for it to occur

Imagine that? New York or London buried under a mile of ice? That is a lot of water and it has to come from the sea which means ..

  • Large swatches of land will be reclaimed and ..
  • Previous ancient land bridges will re-emerge
    • Russia to Alaska?
      • Tensions?
    • England to France, Netherlands and Sweden?
      • Umm Brexit bullcrap?
    • Europe to Africa?
      • EU talk of Superstate?

I have maintained all along that we have been in an age of what I tag #ProjectDistraction and anyone that knows me will tell you I have smelled a rat for decades. Since the 1990’s the alarm bells started to go off. Nails hammered in the last decade bit by bit. The whole reason, plan and their intention has gone emerged over the past 16 months or so. As I have explained in each of the parts of this now twenty part series.

In the video I provide below it is also reportedly claimed that 2014 was claimed by President Barack Obama to be the hottest on record but was either based in flawed information or a complete fabrication.

Yeah .. what I ALSO find spine chillingly disturbing is that in all those disaster training videos they make the government, of America, to look totally humane. Donald Glover as President in the film ‘2012’ and that dude in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

Yes it is not quite playing out like that is it in fact it could not be more different if you tried and if you consider there is scientific evidence and this has gone on a long time ..

  • Lying
  • Gilets Jaunes
  • Tampering with Global Warming data (The Telegraph)
  • Messing with escapism
  • Mass Migration
  • UN Migration Pact
  • Acts against democracy
  • Talks of Royal Family leaving the UK
  • Talks of superstate between EU and Africa
  • Urge to hand over billions if not trillions to poor countries in warmer climates
  • Lied it was your fault and made you pay taxes on fuels you never had any choice but to use
  • Attacking me on every level .. freezing my blog earnings
  • Taking away my support
  • Brian Cox blocking me on Twitter
  • Politicians flip-flopping on many subjects
  • Clear manipulation being ignored

Yes the answer to man being faced with a fate worse than death to make that fate worse than death start five years or so before it starts.

Why? To protect us? To protect them? These people that would deem themslves worthy of leading mankind to survive an ice-age?

If this is all true do you think they would be worthy? They could not think of a far easier way of helping people after making them work for nothing for years without them even being aware of it?

Wow I thought it would be so cool if I could help people eough to even be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize but it would appear is all you have to do is lie? Eh, Al Gore, say it isn’t so?!

I myself have stated for years that you need to wake up to what is going on and you have to stop those in power from lying to you because it will mean the end or at the bare minimum serious setback of mankind.

In the past decade all that I have seen only reinforces my belief that mankind is finished purely ion the way that they have handled this coming event.

They also have made a series of errors to .. unless there are other parts to their plans I am not aware of?

A single seed vault in Svalbard? Are you serious? Facepalm worthy now I am aware of all the links and if they were aware of all the links then I am afraid they are incompetent.

Anyway ..

Greatest activity of volcanic eruptions

Three earthquakes at the New Madrid fault in USA at the Dalton Minimum around 1812, one at 7.5 and an 8.0 within months of each other.

Mount Tambora in Indonesia erupted and was 100 times bigger than Mount St Helens and this occurred around 1850 at the start of the Little Ice Age or Maunder Minimum.

The issue is that despite getting it into your mind that you only need wait for a particularly big eruption .. this only affects the speed of the descent of the temperature and a smaller one over a long period of time will eventually have the same effect and the last time I checked there were several continuously erupting .. hang on ..

OK that is weird .. now the Smithsonian Institute are reporting that the number of continuous eruptions, both the constant and the on and off eruptions, now number .. FORTY THREE?!


So 43 current eruptions and yet at the start of the Little Ice Age there were only 24 going into the decline?! Need to check if their were eruptions while the Sun remained inactive.

But this might literally come down to just how deep we end up being buried in ice or snow?

Think all year round winter .. which could vary from one foot to four feet .. or build up to be one mile deep?

Yeah I just cannot imagine that one mile deep idea .. one mile deep? Imagine most of Europe, the whole of Russia, USA and Canada being buried in one mile deep ice? That is a hell of a lot of water being removed from the sea, no?

Hmm .. that is weird as while I was working on this I hear of a new phenomenon called a Moonbow?! Like a rainbow but caused by moonlight?

S the uploaded video, January 2017, states that an ice-age will arrive in 15 years .. so filmed in 2016 that put the ice-age’s predicted arrival a couple years back at 2031 .. which confirms I thought that Adapt 2030 had it at that year or a little later. I also suspected that others had predicted it at 2030 to 2035 too?

I had also predicted that some had brought this forward and .. looking at what I had been seeing and hearing .. yeah I put this way, way closer than anyone else.

Simple maths really as, ast they state it speeds up on a big or many eruptions which come about via an increase in seismic activity which stands to reason is dependent on the speed of magma movement that we can only judge by the speed of the moving north pole.

And the Magnetic North Pole has moved at an increased speed that is exponential of late and in the last year was 32 miles .. and yet the seismic activity has notably increased as has volcanic activity.

So if the recent increases play out the Magnetic North Pole may have moved 64 miles over the next 12 months and over 120 miles in 2021, right? So at double the speed next year and quadruple the speed the following year what effect will this have on the seismic activity and volcanoes?

Now imagine that in 2022 the pole is moving at eight times the speed it did last year? Imagine the seismic and volcanic activity is eight times worse than it was last year?

34 Volcanoes last year and 43 currently erupting .. could that mean we have double that this year or next year? The eruptions literally went from 2 or 3 to 34 in a year across four or five years. In fact from 2017 to 2018 it very literally went from 8 to 34.

Now that is an exponential rise which matches up perfectly with the exponential rise in the speed of the movement of the magnetic north pole.

This is very likely the single most reason that some believe its a lot closer then they first thought, have advised governments about this and why they are acting with such treachery towards their own people?

Of course there are no so many conspiracy theorists and so many different conspiracies that no one knows what to believe.

So the doom mongers warning everyone about the various types of doom thinking they are doing some service to the world .. are actually helping in fulfilling the prophecies they have laid claim to.

Oddly I have complained about this for bloody years and on this very blog and never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would actually witness that particularly theory to be proved correct.

Good God how I wished I was away from London and in a peaceful countryside setting .. laid on on some grass while smelling the aroma of flowers and with my cameras alongside me.

Especially if I was with the right people or person. Do not know anyone that is like me like that .. not outside of Twitter anyway. Which is somewhat frustrating.

It would also be very cool to be in an environment where I could do more work .. or better still be in the places in the world where I might study more in the way of these sorts of sciences.

The very last time I was in a situation like that, short of end of days style orange skies which now look like they may in fact turn out to be end if days orange skies, was up a mountain top in Calabria in Southern Italy.

My hands are really becoming an issue and I am going to have to try and remember to take more magnesium than I am doing!

Along with dozens of other issues I have to do all that I do while battling short-term memory loss and here is something that I have constantly forgotten about .. despite talking about this exact subject several times. This includes another issue I have to deal with.

I am sensitive to temperature and especially so if it is warmer and humid and in a bad way and people always so “Oh but everyone has trouble with that” while I say .. “Are you assuming I am talking about when it is above 30 degrees, which is for a much shorter time period? Because I have issues above 20 Degrees Celsius”

For around a decade or more every single year from about April and right up until September or even October some years I have to wear shorts and a sports vest. Probably for a lot longer than a decade? Hard to recall.

Yeah except the summer of 2018 I had days bang in the middle of the summer when there was no way I should have been in anything but shorts normally .. I was stunned when I felt cold and had to put trousers on and for the first time in a very .. VERY .. long time.

There was also a very weird drought that had all the grass turn yellow in the local park and bark fall of the branches of trees and even the leaves start dropping off making it look like October or November .. in July to August.

Hmm now that I think about it I did do a little video about the drought ..

Was going to put a video about that here but s I have people targeting me I am now going to do that right now ..

So let us get on to a little Project Distraction .. and more clues that you are being kept in the dark, have been, along with me, for a while now and that everything that is going on is to distract you and likely to keep the stock market and banks from collapsing?

So what I find out was that along with the record breaking cold we have had this winter of 2019 that it only broke that set by the year before of 2018. Then it turned out that this had broken records of the year before that of 2017 and then it turned out back each year this went .. and now I go and discover this old article from December 2016..


Now here is the kicker .. two things ..

  • I posted a video by the BBC uploaded to YouTube in January 2014 where they stated that the Winters will get colder
  • They have .. so why have the Fake News not been talking about it?

Here is the second kicker ..

  • Yeah Earth does not start warming up in overall temperature until .
    • Sunspot peak of .. I would imagine over 150?
    • Only that peak cannot be reached for another 5 years maximum
    • The Sun has yet to start show any Sunspot rises
    • That peak was supposed to be hit in 2022 but will be missed
  • The winters will overall get colder and longer .. until after that peak has been hit
    • Some think that the temperature effect takes 2 to 10 years after a peak?
    • Peak that cannot be reached now until 2024, was supposed to be 2022
    • If the Sunspots do not start rising for another year were talking 2025 at the earliest to hit that peak
    • That peak may never be reached or the predictions are that the Sunspots will only be around 60 .. less than half that required to warm things back up
    • The last was 80 Sunspots while the highest is around 300
    • Meaning that winters will get colder and longer overall until
    • 2026

If anyone needs to move to the equator to survive all of the celebrities and movie stars will be OK, wont they? I mean appearance after appearance on TV and in tabloids appealing to people with way less money than they have to donate it to starving people and children?

Yeeaaah those countries will let them in OK.

Politicians too for doing the same thing, right?

Now then .. three days ago and just before I started writing this there was some activity with the Sun. This made me realise something .. that talk of Sunspots might make people think that the lull is over? Umm well no. During the 50 years of the Maunder Minimum you still got Sunspots .. just, on average, not a great deal and very rarely into double figures and not very high when they was into double figures.

Suddenly reading there were ten Sunspots even at once is not indication and the average need to consistently rise over a few years. It appears to me that if it gets above somewhere between 10 and 20 and still rises than were in that climb to the peak. But this peak really needs to go way beyond 100 and maybe even 200?

No one is predicting that this peak will not come, only that it might not just as I am stating and no one can say with any certainty .. at least not yet. But ..

  • Peak of Cycle 22 was mid to late 1990
  • Peak of Cycle 23 was mid to late 2000
    • Year shorter than average 11 years
  • Peak of Cycle 24 was late 2013
    • Two years longer than average and likely longest on record?
  • Peak of Cycle 25 ..
    • Cannot arrive earlier than 5 to 5.5 years or ..
    • Could take 7 years or more going by previous cycle?
    • Places peak at somewhere between late 2024 to 2026
    • Global Temperatures wont stop cooling until ..
    • Two years after that peak and ..
    • PROVIDED it hits 150 Sunspots

The sun has been inactive for most of 2018 and 2019 so far, this latest activity might just be the start of a prolonged period of renewed activity


Do you see the issues here?

It is not the case of seeing Sunspots .. its a case of seeing enough, having enough time for the increased heating to take effect and having enough Sunspots for that heating to take effect.

We have already had an very peculiar lengthy solar cycle which previously the maximum I could find is at 12.8 years. Cycle 24 lasted closer to 13.5 years or slightly more?

We have no current confirmation that the Sunspot activity is on the rise and needs to get well above ten to state that is has and needs to get way, way above 100 to even stabilise the current cooling trend.

Cannot tell you because quite simply no one actually knows as yet. Last peak was at around 80 spots on average and its been getting cooler .. to the point that I noticed it a couple years back.

I went from Liverpool to London a few times about 18 months ago and I can tell you this .. I had to change from trousers to shorts and vest and vice-versa on those journey which was quite .. well .. weird!

Summer of 2018 I had days in July and August where I had to put on a normal tee-shirt and trousers and even a light jacket and I have not had to do this around that time of the year for two decades.

Weather patterns already changing, animals already doing crazy things and this will continue to increase until two years after those Sunspots peak at whatever they need to peak at, between 120 and 300 I would wager.

Here is a Cyclone forming somewhere they did not think possible and Americans in the comments section talking about how they are expecting the weather to get even worse. Especially Tornadoes ..

You simply cannot ignore these numbers I am sorry and if you do then I am afraid your an idiot .. and if you think your among a group that thinks like you then you have to ask yourself why they think this, are they religious for example? Also what are they basing their opinion on if they do not believe in a deity that would simply not allow this?

Disagreeing with someone using nothing but mathematical probability that your tiny mind has made up based in walking around your garden for two or three decades on a 4 billion year old planet is stupid.

As is believing that a deity wont allow this because your superior or something. Which of your loved ones do you ot mind sentencing to their deaths because you did not take heed of warnings or even bother to look at the graphs to understand it.

What is taking place right at this moment is a complete set of what would otherwise appear to be unrelated events that have not occurred since 1648 and that was followed by a short ice-age that lasted 50 years. That is no summers for 50 years. That means that in the northern hemisphere no farming of vegetables or meat for in excess of 50 years.

That 50 years is just what they are guessing but I can tell you now some are beginning to think it will be worse than this and are talking about hundreds of years. That is a full ice-age where the ice is a mile deep over places like New York and London.

Now what the pattern is they picked up on to shift from what they call a Grand Solar Minimum, yes these things have names, to a Super Grand Solar Minimum I have nut quite picked up on but may well have already mentioned it without realising?

For argument sake .. it might the the lengthening of the solar cycles? The longest as I stated and since 1650 has been 12.8 years. That is AFTER the Little Ice Age period. Also we have had only two consecutive drops in Sunspot peaks over consecutive years and we have just had three. This actually would have been five as there was a dip from 300 before it rose again 4 cycles back.

So you see there are a couple of things I picked up on .. as I was looking at the data and if we have a peak that is lower than say 80 then we would have had four consecutive drops .. double the most we have on record. Suggesting its going to be colder than another cold period called the Dalton Minimum.

People may well also be predicting that this next peak will not be reached .. which is what happened for 50 years between around 1648 ish and about 1700. No Sunspots peak means Little Ice Age called the Maunder Minimum. Low Sunspots Peaks means effing cold and called the Dalton Minimum.

We already had a low Sunspots peak at he last peak in 2013 and if you had not noticed .. its gradually getting colder.

If you did not catch my drift, so to speak, it has to continue getting colder overall for the foreseeable future.

Too many volcanoes erupting or one or two very big ones erupting will speed up the cooling and in a period where the warming by the Sun cannot come into effect, if it actually does AT ALL, until around 2027. That warming will still take years anyway. The colder it has become by this time the longer it will take.

So we have to hope to God that despite the fact that dozens of volcanoes are currently erupting .. that not only do we hope the umbers and sizes or erupting volcanoes do not increase .. that the ones that re stop bloody doing it!

Recently someone in Iceland curiously informed me that the ice in his country is still melting .. mean there are videos of record snowfall in Russia, Canada, America which alone are huge ..

Then there is Saudi Arabia and Pakistan .. oh and Japan .. but people still think that their total field of view tells them all they need to know? Weird.

So what is a little further north and covered in snow they stated was melting for years? Oh yeah, that’s right .. Greenland!

Oh well it turns out that it is no longer melting but building .. and remember .. Mammoths were frozen with flowers in their stomachs and if I recall correctly they dined on tropical vegetation. That was something else we got wrong. We assumed that Mammoths lived in frozen wastelands for a long time.

Here is David Dubyne, hope I recalled the spelling as I do have memory issues, on his channel of Adapt 2030 and if you recall I figured he called his channel that as the estimated start of the ice-age? Well here he is talking about the global cooling and that Greenland’s ice is now building

Now remember .. the poles are still moving and have already split in two .. they may split again and that has to pull the magma around .. which now looks to be the cause of the increase is seismic and volcanic activity.

This pole shift looks to be affected by the Sun’s Solar Cycles which are themselves, in case you did not know, the Sun flipping its own magnetic field. The Sunspots may themselves be linked to the strength of the Sun’s poles? So fewer might mean weaker?

Therefore the ice might continue to grow until a few years after the Sun hits over 150 to 250 Sunspots?

The Sun cannot hit a peak for at least 5 plus years and that is proved it starts rising and they think now that it may only reach a peak of 40 to 60 which is still bad news.

Remember this will only affect the SPEED of the cooling .. which is also affected by the output of gases and particulates by volcanoes .. of which rather a lot are erupting and that number may increase over the next year or two?

Yes .. sorry but the odds that we are not going into a large cooling period where growing seasons and food production will not be affected are tiny and shrinking. This is because for anywhere between 4 and 10 years they already have been.

As David Dubyne would inform you, and this WAS his career, coffee bean farmers in Myanmar, not exposed to CO2 climate change crap, have been losing 10% to 12% of their bean production each year for what must be anywhere between 5 to 10 years. It was a couple of years after being told this that David Dubyne realised they were right. He has had his channel going a few years too so its been on ongoing process no one has mentioned in over 5 years thus far and maybe as much as 10.

Until Sunspots reach over 150 to 250 and the 2 to 10 years after this that the warmth has an effect this will continue. That is a minimum of 7 years and a maximum of 15 years of a continual crop loss of 10% to 12% each year.

That means that they may be unable to produce any coffee beans at all in 2 to 5 years time? At their location .. which is bound to also affect other locations based on both longitude, latitude as well as elevation I would wager?

Darn it I just noticed I forgot to link in a darn video?!

Oops .. found it and that took some searching through my YouTube history .. it was the video that contained the ‘Lost Documentary’ video but with other information I mentioned earlier in this post ..

I often think it would be funny that in the post era that its widely known an ice-age is coming .. that the sights in cities and large towns might be like that in films where people loot and steal shit. Shit they cannot keep.

I mean after all .. for argument sake .. here in the UK .. you wont be able to stay on this island and survive. You will have to leave.

You also cannot drive a car .. or any vehicle to the continent of Europe and therefore you will be hard pushed to take anything with you and very obviously the best things to take with you is food and clothing.

Unless of course they alter the channel tunnel so that cars could drive down it.

But even then .. petrol would stop being supplied at any rate and people will panic buy fuel .. as in light of a speed up of any big freeze, say a super-volcano goes off somewhere, temperatures would drop bloody rapidly!

Things like expensive goods like TV’s and the like you simply could not take to where you needed to go. It is as simple as that.

Attempting to capitalise on the situation will literally cost you your life .. because while your rooting around in some store trying to fill your shopping list your liable to freeze solid. Or do so half way to the English channel with all your loot.

Unfortunately some people are stupid. No doubt they will try and simply not comprehend the dangers.

Like in the film ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ no it wont happen like it does in the film but it could happen as fast as it does in the film? If and only if a very large volcanic eruption goes off somewhere.

So to finally recap ..

  • Winters will get colder and longer
  • This will continue for at least 7 years
  • This will happen gradually
  • This will be gradually speeding up due to ongoing volcanic eruptions
  • This will speed up rapidly if a very large volcanic eruptions happens at any point
  • They say they MIGHT have a warning two weeks before Yellowstone Caldera erupts
  • Not all calderas are monitored as well as the one at Yellowstone
  • Yellowstone has been more active than it has been in years and maybe even recorded history
  • As are many others right now
  • An eruption is literally impossible to predict
  • The data over the past couple of years suggests that one is going to occur at some point in the next couple of years

Now what I actually do .. is I keep an eye on, when I am not being hounded by a group of morons on social media ..


Well that ended up a bloody long one, eh?


People and groups never ever cease to amaze me ..

Let me state this .. that the more I loo into things that go further and further to the extremes of both left and the right the more stupid people seem to get.

At one end which is the left they are all over the place, totally insane, hypocritical to gargantuan degrees, claiming to support one vulnerable groups and then attacking those of the same group of they do not want to hear or do not want to be true .. even thought it is true. Better to silence this than deal with it.

Yeah sorry .. MORONS!!

And if you had not noticed in the western world right now look at the fucking shite that three decades of this has caused. The more and more that you have silenced the worse and worse it has become.


Then you have the far-right and sure I understand their frustrations but by God .. do not go and call the left stupid and then go and sound as equally as dumb yourselves!

If ANYONE has a right to go around wanting to kill or maim anyone it would be me and this very blog is living, breathing proof of this.

I have lost everything and then some ..

I regret waking up every morning and have done that for 18 months and I have had everything taken away from me, had everyone I care about hurt and live in pain with memory problems and am homeless and no access to anything. Even for the pain and heart issues. Lost my car and lost my business which they halted after agreeing to it and before it even got started.

I have had revenue frozen, they hunt me down on social media and try and kick me off at every opportunity and have succeeded at times.

I have organisations come after me.

I have had many occasions where I have wanted to take my own life and annoyed because despite some self harming, which is what happens when all avenues are shut down and you have deficiencies the NHS misses or lies about for 15 years, I do not have the guts to carry this out.

So yeah when I say that the leftists are nasty bastards as are some of the faith I know what I am talking about. They have attacked me and my repeat victim daughter and had us both suspended despite knowing all that we went through. Both felt suicidal .. and for what? To not offend anyone because we complain that we got treated like crap, abused, left to rot while suffering both physically and mentally?

So some group does not get their feelings hurt? FUCKING REALLY?!

I have had people die .. because of all this and I have had people run away .. while others called my theories crazy though they have almost all panned out now.

So what do I see from the far-right?

Oh .. just that they either seem to be so angry they want to attack everyone that every single conspiracy theorist has EVER pointed the finger at .. or they are idiots being opportunists and think that now the shit has hit the proverbial fan they can attack everyone and win.


  • Very few conspiracy theorists are accurate
    • So be careful what you read and listen to
  • Yeah no war in the history of mankind has been won by taking on multiple enemies at once
    • In fact doing this will only guarantee you LOSE the war
    • Soo a bit stupid, no?
    • Even more so when you consider you have no way of knowing if the conspiracies you put stock into are true

Now maybe it is just me and I did point fingers along the way but not to all those ultimately responsible as it turns out, eh the EU along with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell?

I have seen absolute morons state things like leave those of Islam alone because the Jews want you to fight them?

I mean .. really?! Oh God .. the stupidity.


Yes because not defending yourselves against this Religion Of Peace is going to make a world of difference, right? They will just stop in their plans of conquering, right? Stop raping and murdering people, right?

Been honest throughout, exposing it all where I can .. I get told, bagged and pleaded with to carry on what I am doing ..

Yet what I wanted was to find help .. get noticed, get offered a way out, get books published and maybe even offered a job being paid to do what I do. But no.

But it seems to me that the more like a liar or a moron you are the more likely you are to get paid somehow .. I even got my super-stalker pursuer to admit that he gets paid to suspend people from Twitter and I found them masquerading under another account who had pretended to be a friend .. and was also pretending to be a woman and a domestic survivor ..
Will do a more detailed posting but this person is either ..

  • Paid by EU or some government or ..
  • Extremist, Radical Muslim


  • Was @NathanInGermany ..
  • Was @MyBritishHelper .. very . briefly, eh Poppy?
  • Is @TheAntiPopulis1 and ..
    • Few variations of that exist too
  • Is also @27sunnyjay
  • Seems to also be
  • Right-Wing and Left-Wing and Pro-EU and Pro-Brexit and .. 
  • Gay but not Gay and Muslim but not Muslim and white but not white and ..
  • Web Developer and Med-School Drop-Out and Lawyer and .. Social Worker ..
  • ANNND live in Germany and lives in Spain annnd .. lives in England and ..
  • British but NOT British
  • Annd linked to porn sites .. probably why he reckons he gets millions of visitors when he lies by telling people how good he is ..
  • Annd .. the one time he tells the truth .. is the dark screen-shot below
  • I suspected for a time .. notice my use of yellow text with my annotations Ive used for months ..
  • Yeah he gets PAID to start arguments end get people suspended OFF Twitter
  • He follows Conservative MP’s too

Trust me when I saw this but there is much, much .. MUCH more in the way of pictures proving any things .. even now how that fake account of me was taken down.

They have forgotten what they aid to me under what account, what lies and whether this is publicly or even privately.

Should have trusted me instincts .. more to follow and much more evidence
Been waiting for ages for him to drop himself in it .. gets PAID to suspend people
Yeah .. I can still see your tweets FOOL!
Clueless is Awesome and he gets PAID .. to do this?!?


Yeah .. getting back from scientific end of civilization as we know it scenarios and back onto leftists, have one coming on sinister people too ..

So there was this petition to Revoke Article 50 and despite them needing way more than 17 million votes and only getting 5 million or so .. Guy Verhofstadt was all over it like the proverbial rash.

As it turns out he should have done his research as should many of the leftists and those FBPE who are have done some very awful things, told some very awful lies .. brain-washing or threatening children .. oh but they are doing all this for their love of people .. right?

No when you have a bunch of adults who claim they are for the people but the both USE children and THREATEN children then not only are you OUT .. but you should be sterilized and not allowed to procreate and have children if your own ..

.. and I say that as someone with a parent who is a leftist who would not have been allowed to have children!

So this petition? Well first I heard that both Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck had signed it multiple times .. and now it turns out a great many people signed if from over seas and I vet this graph is not even close as many fake votes would be smart enough to make out they are in Britain at least, right?

These people are shockingly awful people .. they truly are and there is nothing in the way of debate and yet they all do a very good impression of either Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler that has led me to wonder if the changing magnetic poles, magnetosphere and even this Schumann Resonance is doing what some claim and affecting behaviour globally?

Some think it is affecting people’s health to, especially with the latter. Mine has certainly gone down hill the last few years and I have long blogged about this and only found out about the changes going on a few weeks ago. 

My hands have been hurting so much for about a week or so now but only when I try and type! Taken magnesium, calcium and vitamin B pills hoping it will get better. I have deficiencies you see.


All of the French people now are labelled as terrorists because they are not happy being slaves, worked into the ground and used so that politicians can look good to foreign nations because before long they might have to go and live their to survive?

While those they used to do this are left behind in a giant cull brought about by civil war, sudden global cooling or mini ice-age or both?

Evil runs the world and added to this ..

Did you know it was all over #France and quite a few other EU countries too? No? Oh well listen up then ..


Well would you Adam and Eve it?

Due to someone I have referred t as a Wide Mouthed Troll, thought was a leftist .. then realised he was neither left-wing or right-wing and something very sinister who wont stop hounding or reporting me .. I discovered something.

This person just wont leave it alone and always .. always guaranteed to open his big gate, or trap if you prefer, and lets some tidbit .. loose.

Now he joked that an account that had the entire Pole Shift series from this blog pinned in a very long thread had been suspended. Of course he laughed like a Hyena the way that he always does and I am sure he will lay claim to this victory.

Well it turned out he was wrong .. well he should really be used to that as he has tried with me hundreds if not thousands of time since August 2017 and has not gotten anywhere. Outside of three suspensions, one for speaking metaphorically, one he claims for .. the backup to this blog and one for calling him an idiot and a moron. Seems certain truths are not allowed, eh?

Well this time he was wrong but for once you could not blame him because it does indeed come up that this account looks to not exist .. bu I can assure you that it does and nor does or has it ever received a suspension nor does it have any current shadow bans .. because I checked.

Now another account used that did receive suspensions still sits there with its offending tweets. Which are pinned.

HOWEVER .. this one with its Pole Shift series pinned in a very long thread is secretly hidden from view ..

Not found from outside Twitter
Not found from inside Twitter
Has no Shadow Bans
Yet here it is with its Pole Shift Pinned Thread!

Now the odd thing is this .. this so-called troll .. I have suspected for many weeks now is not a toll at all but something far more .. sinister.

He is not left-wing or right-wing, has attacked people from both sides .. only goes after Brexit people and does not like being proved wrong. He has lied about his career four times, lied about his nationality, lied about his skin colour, lied about his faith.

But the one thing that has everyone’s attention is his is absolutely obsessed with me and in fact they called him a super’stalker where I was concerned back in September or October 2018.

I cottoned on it was because I was getting popular and either he saw this as a threat to something he cared about or he wanted to ride on the back of my coat-tails? Well when he suspended me and boasted about it that latter option went out the window.

Privately he would not react to insults to the faith I thought he belonged to either.

He rowed with both right-wing and left-wing people and seemed like he was trying to stoke trouble too? He tried getting friendly with leftist group Resisting Hate but they told him to feck off in no uncertain terms.

Of course I know my sciences and had he been across my blogs would have realised that I have spoken about theories of global events .. though at the time I did not think any of them were about to to take place.

HOWEVER .. I did started blogging posts that I was seeing .. SIGNS!

Its entirely plausible that they might have realised I was one that would cotton on, so to speak, and reveal all.

I have since cottoned on, revealed all and now the posts are being hidden, at least by Twitter and in ways the public are obviously not aware of.

Now let me get something clear as I have done on Facebook now ..

Those that are now talking about poles shifting and global cooling ..

  • Conspiracy Theorists and all attaching their own conspiracies to this
  • Spiritual Groups and Healers
  • Groups of Farmers
  • Scientists

Now let me tell you who is NOT talking about it ..

  • Your Mainstream Fake News Media
  • Your Politicians
  • Being told some pretty crazy shit though, are you not?
  • Why its almost like its a cover-up or something?

Because they have insisted on a system for decades they have done fuck all too that in the event that a global event is widely know .. collapses and so money is more important that preparing people for

  • Years without summers
  • Shortened or non -existent growing seasons
  • Mini Ice Age
  • Full on Ice Age
  • Allowing people to prepare or inventors to invent things and ways to survive any possible freezing temperatures


Unless I am riding them I do not like cycles.

This is mainly because humans tend to put fixed times on them in a universe where there are very few rules.

Very often and for the longest time I have heard that the Sun works on cycles that last for 11 years and along with everything else they state about the Sun, and other things for that matter. You cannot apply constants to many things.

Well as it turns out and now that I am looking into it the cycles that the Sun goes through are not strictly 11 years .. fancy that?

So now I have discovered the actual RANGE of the cycles going from the shortest to longest durations I can think once again about this and make more confident statements instead of pie in the sky estimates.

So going aover a new chart I found that runs from 1604 to 1810 the range seems to run from 9 years to 12.8 years and even is you add in the 200 missing years I very much doubt it would change a great deal fro this range?

Doubt it would be as short as 8.5 years or more than 13.

There was one other thing I need to figure out too .. because I know what people are going to say and think .. as soon as there hear news of an increase in Sunspot activity, if there ever is one, they will state that everything is back to normal. Again no prior knowledge in any of this.

Except everyone seems to know that a kettle boils in minutes because of the amount of power and a tropical aquarium that is setup takes a long time to reach the thermostatically controlled temperature and that if the wattage is too low .. the water temperature will rise to a point but never actually reach that temperature.

The point is that it takes time.

The fact is that the climate has become warmer during periods because of a successive number of Sunspots over a given amount.

Alternatively below a given amount of a number of cycles it cools.

With each cycle the thermostat is switched on but set at different levels .. and then switched off for a given period of time.

Not at the start of cycle 23 around 1997 this switching off was not even off completely and lasted only about 6 months going by the charts available.

Now the peak of Cycle 23 ended up lower than they expected it to be t a average lower than 150 whereas the peak of Cycle 22 was closer to 200 and Cycle 21 higher than that. Three peaks over an average period of 33 years .. continuously dropping. Because Cycle 24 ended up at well under 100 Sunspots average.

The last time you have three consecutive drops in the peak average Sunspots was at the start of a very cool period called the Dalton Minimum. This was a little after the industrial revolution started and around 100 years after another even colder period that lasted over 100 years they called the Little Ice Age, or Maunder Minimum.

Now also judging from charts and what people are saying is this ..that the trough or low point at the start of Cycle 24 .. lingered .. like 6 months or more. In the Maunder Minimum that was the Little Ice Age it never came out of that for trough for at least three decades .. or rather the peaks had less than 50 Sunspots on average.

I finally had someone talk about the time span using the thermostatic theory I mentioned too which was what I was waiting to hear. That is the estimate people have for the effects upon the temperature in relation to when the Sun is over acting or not at all. Think heater in a fish tank as I mentioned earlier. When I also said thet hearing that there are Sunspots does NOT equate to danger averted. It is time and quantity dependent. Not ‘might be’ dependent or ‘possibly’ dependent .. as in this instance ‘dependent’ means what it says and I am not a pro climate change socialist.

Now the very .. very .. very shortest time span I have heard from those studying this is two years .. while a someone they know sates they think its three years and others say a decade or more.

David Dubyne talks about this with someone here ..

Now lets take a mid range of that 2 to 10 years and say 5. There are likely theories that say more but you want to pray that is not the case due to how the maths works out.

Now as of right now and as far as they are talking in conversations the Sun has had bugger all Sunspots for most of 2018 .. so far this year we have also had very few and that upward trend has not started. I will repeat that .. this upward trend as NOT .. started.

So that means that the temps will continue to fall .. based on it taking 5 years, remember? How fast it falls depends on activity in Sunspots rising. Not warming up .. how fast it will COOL DOWN!

Cycle 24 was very small. That is it. That is what everyone is saying looking into this and it was already bad news. Now were in an inactive period that is lasting longer than anything for a long time and it matters not if the Sunspot activity increases BECAUSE ..

  • We are already in a very long inactive period, 6 months is longest on recent times
  • It needs to raise sooner rather than later ..
  • It needs to get back up to over 200 Sunspots and
  • Has not been above 200 since 1950
  • Around 200 between 1980 and 1990
  • Yeah it will take 5 years for that heating effect to take place
  • It is now half expected that Cycle 25 Peak will be between 40 and 60 Sunspots
  • This PEAK (not RISE) should be reached in 2025
    • It should have been reached in 2022
    • Last trough to peak took 6 years
    • One before took 4 years
  • If Sunspots remain non existent for next 9 months ..
    • Wont be until around 2026 and will be pushed back a year for every year we have no Sunspots
  • So we have to wait until, in theory, 2030 before the planet stops cooling down and starts warming up again ..
  • Only provided that the Sunspot activity hits well over 120 average Sunspots at its next peak and might need to be above 200?
  • Around 1960 Sunspots averaged around 300 for comparison
  • Last time much of this happened prior to Maunder Minimum of the ..
  • Little Ice Age along with ..
    • Increased seismic and volcanic activity thought this time ..
    • The numbers are higher for last few years than they was at the onset of the Maunder Minimum
    • Meaning that there is a lot more particulates in the atmosphere and that ..
    • This is increasing several volcanoes are erupting according to ..
    • The Watchers
    • The Smithsonian Institute
  • Now here is what did not happen at the onset of the Maunder Minimum
    • Pole Reversal!
  • What I have not figured out did not occur ..
    • Magnetosphere Weakening
  • Other things might or are impossible to know
    • 24 Volcanic eruptions around 1650 could be higher
    • 2018 had 36 Volcanic Eruptions
    • Volcanic Outpouring has to be a factor in cooling air temperature
    • Volcanic eruptions under water may be significant in snow production too?
    • Higher then sea temperature the more evaporation .. right?

Ohh boiling and heating up of seawater via submerged volcanoes we know so very little about and cannot monitor. Well you would need proof of this? And that it occurred in the time frames set out that this has been going on now for a few decades. Oh but that would then have to be .. say .. the last decade at least? Since the unusually low peak of Cycle 23. Which was followed by an even lower peak?

Does it matter if its from a fake news site and that they spotted a giant sized piece of rock floating in the ocean?


I am afraid that the NBC webpage is going to point out something that should be obviously mathematically. Given how much water covers this planet .. is it not reasonable to assume that most of the volcanoes erupting are underwater? So if those 36 erupting volcanoes reported for 2018 are all on land .. does this therefore mean that another 72 or more were erupting underwater?

A Few Points ..

  • This is hard to know even today
  • Impossible to know how many back at the start of the Maunder Minimum
  • Using the same maths .. could it have been 48 around the year 1650?
  • Sun decreasing cools the are temperature
  • Volcanoes erupting increases the water temperature
  • Much warmer water and .. much colder air ..
  • Hmm I wonder what that could mean, eh?

Now to me .. its all so bloody damned obvious the mechanics and the processes involved and it has only become obvious because of a number of datasets of number in various sciences that normally remain within given sets of parameters which are now straying beyond them for unusual amounts of time.

I have stated it and I have stated t and I have stated it .. but the next 12 months are so very key .. and not just because this trough in Cycle 25 may persist longer than the last three .. but that this could very well continue the volcanic activity.

This could be half of that of 2018, which result in 18 eruptions and way, way, way above the norm.

Or this could be half as much again to double that of 2018 .. so 54.

The remained at less than 5 for several years until 2017 when it leapt to 8. Then it leapt to 36 for 2018 and a continued rise at that rate would mean over 150 eruptions. Now that .. I just cannot see happening. This would also be globally catastrophic and would leave to many Extinction Level Events.

That which has already been put into the atmosphere is already having affects .. in the form or crazy orange skies, seen in Britain and America in 2017 and 2018 respectively. Added to this is this strange phenomena they call Sun Dogs.

Looking towards the Sun people are seeing a ring .. with what appears to be the appearance of two smaller suns on either side.

Think a mirage in a desert or gravitational lensing in astrophysics to get an idea of what this might look like though they are in a video I will proved below. Just ignored the cosmic-human links to what is going on and just look at the weather disasters and phenomena alone.

As mentioned earlier with the Sun Dog phenomena .. here is a video by Sign Of The Times .. or SOTT . Seen their videos before and have been interesting. Do not know much about them and I certainly don’t buy some human-cosmic connection .. human magnetosphere connection .. then yes. I have theorised about this myself. Cosmic? No.

So ignore that, which is only at the end anyway. This is twenty minutes of weird events from snowfall, record cold temperatures, animal behaviour going nuts, Metre of snow in Italian Dolomites. Oh crap .. missed this one .. Atacama Desert effing flooding?! That is now Death Valley and the Atacama the two driest places on Earth?!

Monster storm floods in California .. cows die from heat in Argentina, Dam breaks in Brazil, Lake Tahoe frozen. Heavy snow and blackout in Czech Republic. Winds in Pyrenees in France. Landslide in kills 11 Bolivia. 9 feet of snow in California. Unexplained sounds in Austin, Texas. Heavy rain and melting snow in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Weird sounds also heard in the Netherlands. Odd increase in fireballs in Mediterranean Sea and USA. Flash floods Saudi Arabia. Rising flood waters in Queensland, Australia. Powerful storm kills 5 in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil. Heavy snow in Kashmir in India.

Pakistan gets record snowfall and heaviest in 48 years. Volcano in Indonesia erupts at Siau Island. Tornado in India. Record negative 24,4C in Hokkaido, Japan. Rare snow in Seattle. Deadly mudslide in Peru. Fireball in Venezuela in weird increase in these, magnetosphere? Sinkhole in Indonesia. Flash floods Peru. Wildfires in Chile. New Zealand worst forest fires in sixty years. Snow in Hawaii for first time ever. Record snowfall in Moscow, Russia. Blanket of snow across Greece. Thousands cows die in Queensland, Australia from massive floods. Dozens fishing boats stranded in Northern China .. in ice. Fireball Florida and another in Texas which makes three countries or more just in this one video. Unusually long winter in Pakistan (America too). The Three Suns or Sun Dogs phenomena in Russia. Mud slide San Francisco. Thousands Cuttlefish wash up on beach in Chile. Australian river swells until it is 37 miles wide. Black Snow in Siberia.

Ooh breather .. before umm ..

Dustnado in Guatemala. Landslides in India. Large sinkholes appearing in Turkey. Or 18 trillion gallons of rain in California. Odd one with Measles outbreak in Madagascar killing nearly 1,000 children. NASA image satellite images on two winters comparing vat difference in snowfall. Locust swarms of Red Sea sparks UN warning. The beach recedes by 100 metres in Yucatan, Mexico. Snowstorm halts town in Russia. Mount Etna in Italy erupts yet again. Eruption at Reunion Island in Indian Ocean. Two inches of snow in Las Vegas. Massive hailstorm in India. Dead Whale washed up in North Carolina (was one in Amazon too). Record snow in Quebec, Canada. Winter storm in Kansas City. A 100ft sinkhole appears in Montenegro. Thundersnow in Dublin Ohio and not Ireland.

Then you have had a Dustnado and now a Snownado in New Mexico, USA. Three feet, yes 36 inches, of snow in Flagstaff, Arizona. Pakistan flash flood leave 36 dead. A 5.5 magnitude earthquake triggers huge landslides in Hakkaido, Japan. A 7.7 magnitude earthquake hits Peru and El Salvador border. Heavy snow leads to roofs needing to be cleared in Colorado. Very bizarre Pink Fog in Devon in the UK. Three sinkholes in Anatolia. Malta Marathon cancelled due to cold weather in 2019. Humpback Whale found in the mouth of Amazon river. Snow and gale force winds across Greece. Bomb cyclone in US. Saskatchewan in the US coldest February in 80 years. Record breaking winds batter coast of Croatia. Record rainfall in Crete. Ice Tsunami in Great Lakes. Over 20 inches of rain in 48 hours in Northern California. Powerful winds in Maine bend a radio tower in half. Snowfall record for Squaw Valley California as it gets over 500 inches .. yup that is what it states. That is over 40 feet of snow in a month .. or close to 15 metres. Flooding in Ammam, Jordan.

Do not believe all of that? You know if I could list a dozen things that I know about not listed about, right?

Many volcanoes of significance missing. Russia, South America, Japan, Kilauea and Antarctica. Hoodwinker Sunfish off course washed up on a beach in California. Those orange skies. Rift opening up in Africa.

Then there are other things like technology failing of which my own I have seen nothing quite like it, transformers exploding and planes either crashing or entire fleets being grounded by President Trump.

Oh yeah watch a video if you did not believe al of the former listed .. the LATTER I have already covered ..

I stated many times it is hard to imagine things going on for much more than 12 to 24 months without the proverbial cat getting well and truly out of the bag.

Then I see videos like this and it is hard to imagine it going for much more than 6 months if the data is anything to go by?

A series or bigger than average volcano eruptions or one very big one can literally shorten all of this and bring dates rapidly forwards. Like flowers frozen in the belly of Mammoths type speed.

It is not question of ‘IF’ .. for me .. it is a question of ‘HOW LONG?’

At first I thought this was hundreds of years. Seeing the first data I thought this was maybe over a decade .. then looking at the rate of movements I realised it was going to be way sooner than even these people were stating. They changed their estimates to around 2028 to 2030 while I started to think more like 2024 at the latest and with a significant or indeed many volcanic eruptions .. way sooner.

If the magnetic pole numbers continue on for the next year as they have for the past four or five then .. hoo boy! The following year of 2021 will be bad and I cannot see how you can go beyond 2021 with a very big volcanic eruption along with a large San Andreas fault earthquake, possibly mega-earthquake?

You will here people advise you to go to higher ground .. or even underground? Yeah .. do not do that ..

Half the picture means you still have half the puzzle pieces.

Yeah as they are worried about mega-quakes .. and they do not even have to be quite mega-quakes for this little thing to become a serious problem and this is not a way I would want to go ..

Liquefaction ..

Is the process whereby the ground shakes so much that the earth, soil and sand becomes like water and anything on the surface would effectively become like a lead weight. You would sink like a stone.

So yeah .. make sure you on VERY solid ground.

Now .. the maximum number of previous consecutive drops in peak solar Sunspot activity numbers in the records available to all publicly?

Now that number would be 3 .. so three consecutive drops and this has happened only twice in 400 years .. 400 years and only happened twice .. think about that ..

  • 1800’s known as the Dalton Minimum and ..
    • 260 to 80 odd Sunspots resulted in cold period
  • 1850 only the peaks were way higher starting at around 220 and dropping to around 180
    • So this does not count
  • Now present day ..
      • Are we THERE yet?!
      • Going from 220 average to 80
      • Few years for the temps to be affected do not forget ..
    • If the next peak is LOWER than 80 Sunspots that would be FIVE CONSECUTIVE DROPS!

Now you have read all that .. what about the things that will make it an absolute certainty?

  • 10 YEARS ..
    • The Sunspot activity does increase and it peaks at lower than 60
    • Slow Speed Descent into Ice-Age that might see it officially arrive in 2030
  • 5 YARS ..
    • 2021 comes round and there is no rise in the Sunspot numbers and it will already be bloody cold by then ..
    • Medium Speed Descent into Ice-Age if there is such a thing? Arrival around 2025
  • 2 Years or less
    • Series or large volcanoes go off ..
    • Could be months to a year or two
    • Super-volcano erupts ..
    • Could be days or even hours
  • Even stating all of the above ..
  • If Sunspot Activity does reach levels of over 200 between 2022 to 2026 ..
  • It will take anywhere between 2 and 10 years for that to take effect ..
  • Thermostat in a fish tank, remember?!

Now here is my own graph from my own spreadsheet though I will state the following ..

Many of the graphs are factual but they are dreadful in both their design and they way they plot things .. leaves a lot to be desired. There the ranges are more or less accurate there does, at times, appear to be slight discrepancies from one chart or graph to the next.

What also made this frustratingly difficult is that once I learnt how to read a chart or graph I then realised it was not complete. I did not find a single chart that was easy to read, gave enough details and ran from way prior to the Maunder Minimum around 1640 to present day.

One example of issues is that I could not discover just how many consecutive drops in Sunspot peaks prior to the Little Ice-Age. Could not tell you if it was just two or ten.

Other charts only seem to run up to around the year 2000, which seemed somewhat odd to me to even include in your lists. Though I may have done this too? So have a laugh if I did.

So based on all of these annoying little pains I jotted some numbers into a spreadsheet and made a bar graph.

Just did this today despite the fact I have typed this out, answered the phone three times and my fingers and hands are in a lot of pain. It gave me a simply bar graph though that represents the points I have made.

It does, however, requires more work and will probably be added to and altered over the coming months as the data emerges.

  • Number 33 is the estimate for the peak of Solar Cycle 25 not due to arrive until 2023 to 2025
    • It is seriously looking to be late, should be by 2024
    • Once it starts to rise takes 5.5 years approx ..
    • Close to mid 2019 .. puts that peak at 2025, one year late
  • Number 32 is the one we had in late 2013
  • Solar Cycle 24
    • Now into 5th year .. the Sunspots should be rising by now
    • 11 Year Cycle .. 5.5 years dropping .. 5.5 years rising
    • Another year with no rise means over 6.5 years drop , two years flat-lining
      • Both unprecedented
      • 13 plus year long cycle also unprecedented
      • Just three more things among others that are unprecedented
  • Remember .. 33 Cycles .. above .. averaging 11 years each
  • That is 360 years of records

Been thinking of these acts by the Sun of it moving all that junk? I mean its fusion, right? Turning one elements into another, right? God only knows how that works in that massive furnace? Possibly when quantities reach a point there is an exchange that goes on between the layers?

Also please be advised that there have been people talking about this for between 5 and 10 years and that everything that a great many things that they predicted has come to light and shows no signs of changing.

Some have been predicting these things for 5 years while others have done this for closer to 10 years which is wildly impressive considering their lack of resources and budgets.

Unfortunately this also brings absolute shame onto those with big budgets and major resources and especially those that have peddled the official climate change crap with carbon and man being to blame.