I’ve been expecting and predicting my second wave of whistle-blowing.

Here is the first example to be reported on in that second wave.

Oddly the man who blew his whistle was then subjected to an attempt to tarnish his name and character.

Now where exactly .. have I heard this before? Oh wait? It’s me. First I was a liar for telling them I knew they had falsified evidence, except the first person I challenged admitted it. Then I was crazy and needed to see a psychiatrist starting they were “worried about me”. That was until I offered to pay them the entire recording of the specialist admitting he had falsified the ultrasound test on the aching and stinging in the area of my mesh Inguinal Hernia repair.

Yes this is the exact same operation that was exposed as having the same results as me in dozens if not hundreds of others on the BBC.

So what happened after I offered to play them the recording?

They kicked me off their register, I was fucking going anyway as the Doctors were all liars, under the accusation of violent conduct. With help from the General Medical Council which was rich because it was I that contacted the GMC! I contacted the GMC because I had a very genuine and serious concern of the corruption that was rife in the NHS.

But it turned out they were part of it, though I can’t say I was that surprised.

The corruption and lies was everywhere I looked and in every public service I had dealt with.

It was my intention to expose the corruption and the lies in every single public service I could find but had to wait until I had a genuine reason to approach said public service.

This was inevitably going to take a very, very long time.

Hence why I can safely say that I have dozens and possibly more dozens of instances of corruption.

It was never my intention to throw the first one beech in their faces to get then to do what they must.

No on each occasion I had to lose out.

Except this particular time when I was livid that they called me a liar and when I explained why that won’t work, I was PA to a local solicitor with access to their client account, they then decided I was mad instead. Then when that didn’t work, as I knew a psychiatrist two doors down and told them, then they got help from the GMC to state I was violent.

No I have no criminal records for violence whatsoever and have in fact saved many lives.

And yes that’s the solicitor I’ve referred to previously!


Yes I did explain all this to the news media groups, all of them, who did nothing.

Oh yeah but I see exact replicas of my endeavours pop up in the news media and have done for around six years now.

I should call the UK the society of douche-bags?


Biggest problem of accusing me of violence? As I had already been recording every single meeting with every single public service I would have to be fucking retarded to then act violent while recording myself, would I not?

Funny how the GMC failed to pick up on this?

Take a guess as to why they didn’t pick up on this glaringly obvious error? No it’s not that lame excuse I get told by particular friends.

“Oh it’s because they employ idiots that make mistakes!”

Where I withdraw would reply ..

“You think it is because they employ .. idiots? This has occurred 100% of the time across 5 GP Surgeries, 5 Hospitals, 2 Police Forces, 5 or 6 Local Councils, NHS England, the PHSO, GMC, LGO, IPCC, GMC, FSA, PALS, DWP, Atos, Maxima, ASA, Bailiffs, the ombudsman for Bailiffs, Ofgen, OFCOM and many others ..

What is it? The national duty to employ blithering idiots that also need to be patronising arseholes and liars? Fuck .. off!


That list might seem long but it might shock you to realise it’s missing a fair few. Probably mainly ombudsman and governing bodies but ..

It’s also missing all the fake and biased news media groups too. Probably more than a dozen tabloids and four or more TV News networks.

Hmm whistleblowers. I wonder where they get their inspiration?


If you completely miss the point of the exercises, I’m not going to point them out to you.


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Kettering General Hospital whistleblower resigns as governor – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-northamptonshire-40355572



Didn’t know this one ..

ME, or Myalgic Encephephalomyelitis, is actually Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

I’m not, however, surprised to read this ..

“Carers of Children with ME accused of fabrication'”

Yeah .. I have long since established that it is my belief that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is mysteriously linked to Fibromyalgia Syndrome which may well also be linked to CRPS, or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome.

Because Fibromyalgia has the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with a few extra while Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome seems to have all of Fibromyalgia Syndrome’s symptoms but with a few extra.

I’ve also spotted and discovered that sleep also seems to be an issue with all three?

The link about CFS or ME below mentions sleep while Fibromyalgia is at least in part down to non restorative sleep and someone I know that suffers with CRPS has spoken about issues with sleep.

But if you look at the BBC, spit, below they talk about how they get accused of lying. About the condition.

Here is a tip …

They are the ones lying!

There has been a drive that’s been going on for over a decade to stop diagnosing certain conditions where they can get away with it. Also where the patient is not in danger of dying.

Then what started to around 8 years ago was to work there way through, the NHS this is, the more obscure or less known conditions and decide they are not disabilities any longer.

Around 8 years ago or so they leapt on those suffering with mental health issues.

That was low .. real low .. attacking those that cannot defend themselves in many cases.

Disgusting and amoral.

Then about two years back and after telling a Fibromyalgia charity no less than twice that they accepted this issue was a debilitating and progressive illness they then went after them.

Oddly the charity had remained quiet.

I have no doubts that starting over ten years ago they systematically attacked patients in groups, one condition at a time.

This theory was stated to a psychiatrist who agreed and stated that she did not know. She then said she realised one day because patients kept telling her stories. She then checked the clinics books and said that financial support had stopped for everyone on the clinics books.

“No one warned us” became immortal words in my battle to expose this crap.

I have absolutely believed back then they were going after conditions in turn and there would be more.

This behaviour, under Tony Blair I might add, strongly suggests, when I think about it, that Tony Blair knew many months before the public did that a financial crisis was coming.

I very much doubt that they have stopped on this march to remove health conditions that leave you disabled from being under the term of disability.

They also worked towards this by removing the actual word of ‘disability’ from the welfare state altogether.

Weeell of the current Tory party can shit on each other to climb the political ladder to get to the top it should be no surprise they would treat is far, far worse.

What a great team of amoral idiots to represent us, the British people, to the rest of the world?!

But then maybe many countries have the same issues and don’t realise it yet so when they meet up they all have a chuckle at our expense?


If you have come here for the first time and think this is the only post on the subject of the corruption within the NHS or one of just a few? Oooh noooo.

There are many, many dozens of posts by me and a shed load of evidence.

Even if you find all of it I will warn you now .. it is by no means all of it.


I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Carers of children with ME ‘accused of fabrication’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-40407174


Well it seems that the EU is now going to take three countries to court over refusing immigrants.

These are ..

  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Czech Republic

But along with these three countries there are two others that are not happy ..

  • Romania
  • Slovakia

So it would seem that fit the next couple of years something very interesting will occur.

Now I believe what will happen is that the EU will repeatedly act like a tyrant towards other member countries and with the United Kingdom in two years of exit talks that will make six countries altogether.

Now I don’t know about four of these five countries but I have seen several videos on YouTube by Polish people about how unhappy they are. It includes clips from several protest marches regarding the immigrants.

What I found amusing was that they were basically saying ‘Jesus is our King, if you don’t like it bugger off’. Though I seem to recall the language being more colourful.

I’m afraid this was bound to happen and it will get worse. That countries that are still very religious and Christian were bound to get offended with the attitudes of Muslims. I have find that a large majority are not very respectful towards other religions. Quite the opposite in fact and that’s just the ones brave enough to state there disrespect.

In fact I’m willing to bet that those that keep their attitudes and disrespect hidden would be double or even up to quadruple those that do.

That’s .. not a good ratio.

What happens is on time this becomes evident to the native people.

They also probably see videos on the Internet of what is really going on in other countries.

I said ‘the Internet’ because you can’t rely on the major news networks for real world news.

Quite how they think ignoring the to major problems actually helps I have no idea. In fact it’s quite the opposite .. it speeds up the descent into chaos.

Went to know what really has me doing a shaking of my head and then a hard facepalm?

When I see pictures after each and every event of some fucking idiot holding up a banner strong something like ‘Terror will always lose, Love will always win’.

If I had relatives die and I saw someone holding up something like that I would likely punch then in the face, or at least tell them what morons they are.

Also they obviously do not even watch the mainstream news media let alone check news reports on the Internet. I mean actually looking at the ones you don’t want to watch or listen to.

Love is not winning, it’s losing and the rate at which it’s losing is speeding up.

Something in these people’s heads tells them that if they keep being nice and holding up stupid signs about love they will get through to the people?

It’s a fact that they won’t.

I could explain why but cutting it short everyone in the west would have to stop doing all the things they find offensive.

Some of these things I would probably agree with but there are many that I won’t and can tell you will never stop.

And these will never be accepted by the immigrants and they are even worse than the group known as the Feminazis at finding things offensive.

Like music for one.

Funny that the Feminazis apologise for the actions of Muslims because women being strong, independent and, God forbid they ever divorce. Death sentence by stoning. That is not getting fucking high you morons, it’s being got with rocks until your dead.

Five countries. Five bloody countries are liable to be taken to court in a way that’s going to garner a lot of attention from the world’s media, including the UK.

Or they will give in and end up with their countries falling apart with too many immigrants.

Now me? I’d tell the EU to fuck off and ram a train where the sun doesn’t shine.

Again .. if I was one forced to take these people and my country or its people then I’d take the EU to court.

You simply cannot dictate to a countries entire population of native people.

These very same native people who have probably watched the native people of other countries both lose their rights and get silenced through guilt.

Yeah so it was natural that some countries would reject this as their possible future.

What the fuck did the EU think was going to happen?

What also amazes me with the EU is how they didn’t stop to think that the people of each country would be different?

So if your European you all have to think and feel the same but when it comes to different races and cultures .. it’s OK for them to have very different attitudes and we have to accept our and live with it?

Yeah .. first it might be a good idea to learn how to live with ourselves and each other. By that I mean all Caucasian countries. Lol.

It’s oppression of its own people to the point it allows what are in essence enemies, to walk all over us and eventually take over us. That’s not me saying they will take over us, it’s them and they say it repeatedly.

There is simply no avoiding that on the course that we are on. Absolutely no avoiding it. At all.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: EU targets Poland, Hungary and Czechs for not taking refugees – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-40259268


Well, well, well. What do we have here then?

After a possible kick off with members of the public over the actions of public services in the wake of a certain tower block fire, something odd occurs?

The Hillsborough Disaster comes back into the limelight for the first time in decades. Well outer than a brief mention.

Only this time and after several decades they actually intend to charge people within the public services?!

Well this must be the first time I can recall of something like this happening?

It’s taken several decades though.

I was pleased to see that among the five names is a bloody solicitor?!

I wonder if that is a sign of things to come?

It’s also very interesting that these people being found guilty has occurred, as I’ve mentioned, after a boiling point situation over the Grenfell Tower block fire, handling and the fact that the number of blocks that have been living on a knife edge just keeps on growing and popping up all over the UK.

Is this merely an action of appeasement and they will go back to their old ways and regain their spades?

Or is this the beginning of something else entirely?

I say that last comment because .. well the trouble is with corrupting the public services is there are a lot of them. That means a lot of people involved.

Up until today everyone has give under the impression that despite their own suspicion or even knowledge of corruption and lies, public services are just never found guilty.

In my own opinion and from being embroiled in this corruption crap among dozens, literally, of public services it works because only ever people at the bottom get charged. Which itself is rare. Because they can point the finger at those above them who can in turn so the same until it gets to someone in government.

Imagine that fiber pointing going all the way to to people within government?

The more people high up the finger pointing reaches the more chance there is at the finger pointing to the ones ultimately responsible.

Though this may have worked beforehand it might not work that way from now on. Because everyone within the public services will look at this and wonder if they could get thrown into the fire over something they are not responsible for.

If your a someone working for the public services and you read this and think you’ll launch a pre-emptive strike, think it through first. I say this because it’s been obvious to me for a very long time that the news media have avoided many stories like the plague.

I have them many, many stories along with evidence well over five years ago.

Over time I see stories that mirrored my own appear in the news. This was even noticed by someone that died of kidney cancer while I took care of him. He passed away four or five years ago, maybe longer?

I’ve been sent links about several bouts of rioting but only one of these got mentioned in the news. Even that one was brief.

If a gun was put to the head of the media controllers and asked why they would likely state that so many are pissed off that if they discovered they were the majority then riots would break out everywhere.

After all these bloody years of warning individual public services in arguments with them they still fucking do it. They still ignore the Internet and everyone knows things are being covered up and this pisses them off even more.

Hence why the BBC reporter was verbally attacked by the surviving Grenfell Tower residents.

Then having the major news network names go on about fake news just pisses them off even more.

No they want everyone to ignore the Internet, just simply not going to happen, and believe the stories or listen to celebrity gossip in the mainstream news.

Yeah that’s right. Just feed them gossip about celebrities or other reality show crap and they won’t care about real news stories not being reported on.

This is because they are working on the assumption that everybody is like them. That they only give a shit about numero Uno.

Take the Tories .. you have a party there where each and every one of them would step on your face while you may injured to get to the top. Each and every one of them would do the same thing and take lame desperate measures to stay at the top.

I do see this within the Labour Party too.

But heaven forbid any of them gets fingered for a massive injustice against the people in case they turn into the proverbial Canary.

But as well as someone that clings onto power currently your alternatives are someone you did not vote for our someone that thinks he knows better than the majority of British people. The latter also probably believes that his plans will work so he doesn’t care about what the British public want.

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: David Duckenfield faces Hillsborough charges with five others – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-40419819


After watching closely the events that unfurled of a particular panel at VidCon involving Anita Sarkeesian and Sargon of Akkad and later Boogie2988 and the two brothers, the Green’s I believe, that ran the panel I felt like I had to say something. Because I realised something.

Now after the ‘garbage human’ fiasco and the statements by all that followed I then noticed that a second panel took place that had another YouTuber I watch from time to time and that is Boogie2298. I was amazed at this due to his … challenging personality problems but thought ‘kudos’ to him for doing it.

I did not watch it.

But then I watched a video by Boogie regarding what happened and I expected him to talk about the Anita V Sargon thing. Well using ‘versus’ is not really descriptive of what took place really as many already know. Instead he started talking about the difficulties of being there and what he feared the most. What he said was … well and truly staggering to my mind. I simply watched open mouthed and if what took place with Sargon was not bad enough .. this kind of put the in hat on it.

I did see bits of videos of what Boogie said on the panel and I noticed he get several applauses and .. I have to admit .. as soon as I noticed the first applause I immediately thought ‘Yeeah I do not think Anita Sarkeesian is going to like that?!’

As it turns out he made a little speech at the end, to which he got another applause for, and .. was verbally attacked and sworn at by Anita Sarkeesian immediately after.

Now first off .. she thrives of a small band of followers and in the big scheme of things it is a small band .. but it provides her with what she .. desires. Money and power. But she disables her videos because she wants to live in a bubble of her own reality. Where she thinks she is ultra popular and in a panel in a very public place … your going to get the people you disable your comments for. Even sitting on your panel.

Of course Boogie, and those that know him, know he is the sort of character that would not harm a fly and I like him for that. It works .. most of the time. But there are times when it does not work .. because the other side basically refuse to meet you half way. For whatever reason they simply refuse in which case you either lay down while they walk all over you or even, on occasion, kill you or you then chose to fight fire with fire. Yeah .. sometimes that scenario simply is not avoidable.

But .. what got me most was that which Boogie openly admitted to and that was that his anxiety issues were playing up, I know how that fells pal, and what it was he feared ..

Anita Sarkessian attacking him.

Remember this is a man that would not want to harm or even UPSET a fly!

But he was already worried about saying something that Anita Sarkeesian would not like and her attacking him.

But that is EXACTLY what she did.

This goes to show that it is obvious to many already what Anita Arakeesian is all about.

So ask yourself this ..

Why is she the most prominent figure on women’s issues when she is so obviously amoral, doing it for money and power and doing more harm than good for women’s causes?

Because she must be surrounded by people also obsessed with both money and power.

What I find hilarious in this case is that so many, like these Green brothers, were quick to come out and either defend her, take a hike bozzos we are n the world of reality here, and even state that Sargon was in the wrong. I say quick because first off it was prior to it coming out that Anita attacked Boogie. Probably because she waited this time for the panel to be over before she did it? I guess that first attacking a member of the audience … sorry a paid member of the audience in a panel intended for the public .. umm very publicly the first day was bad enough .. but a second day and this time a panel member with a widely known anxiety disorder?! Ooh no, that is a big no-no and even Anita Sarkeesian is not stupid enough to do that.

Boogie did his best to explain what happened and not make it a thing. He even went as far as not attacking Anita Sarkeesian back and even admitted that she later apologizes. Yeah .. I admire you for who you are and what you stand for but apologies do not cut it, mate. If so there would be very few people in prison.

I also noted he made a second video where people were attacking him?! What bloody moron would attack him over that video?!

Because like he stated in his video he did not fight fire with fire? Well on this occasion he was absolutely right? Because taking this stance only served to make her look worse for a start and in situations like this .. it is not the way.

However just to make those that attacked Boogie for not verbally attacking her back .. so this woman you hate because of the harmful things she is trying to push, what take away your Batman game? Grow up! She think an overly large male member of society standing up and shouting and swearing at who is seen to be the leading feminist on YouTube, God help them lol, wont make things worse? Are you really that fucking dumb?!

What you have to concentrate on are the blind followers and in that I do not mean attacking them either!

No .. you simply have to show them that if they do not question and therefore realise what their beloved leader is all about then they amount to nothing more than rats being manipulated by the Pied Piper.

In this day and age and with the wealth of information available on the Internet it is amazing to me that there is still a portion of society that is that dumb or naïve.

What because she says one or two things that you feel strongly about?! One or two things .. because it has happened to you and you have hang-ups about it and feel some enveloping warmth when you hear the right words?

Yeah well that is the game she has cottoned on to I a afraid.

If your here and your an Anita Sarkeesian fan I will probably waste my time stating what I am about to because I am a single white male and .. well for two decades now we have gotten shit and no sympathy from anyone .. because for some unknown biological reason, its ALWAYS to do with biology, everyone else in the world is more important and more rights than we have.

Well .. I have been a victim of a very, very large number of things in my life and in each and every case they have been wrong. Either from being lazy, do not care or that they can act careless and because I am a single white male no one will give a crap anyway.

Each of the things I have been through have been known to cause suicides in others and boy did I want to do that so many times in my life. But I survived but it did not do this once or twice but dozens of times.

In other words I could be some blind follower of someone or something spouting some narrative that I want to hear. I could feel the enveloping warmth from someone with an ulterior motive of money or power or indeed both!

Instead what I did was spent several years secretly recording and holding onto all letters and documents and even doing the odd video and then start up a blog and spent another five years, well almost, helping others. For free!

Oh and since when does oppression give you the right to become the oppressors?

See that being said by so many sometimes in words but often in actions. The bloody hilarious part about it is that in the turning of these tables they do not even bloody well realise that they are trying to oppress the WRONG people.

It was the rich and aristocracy that was behind these old and inhuman acts, not the descendent of the working classes. The working classes were oppressed to throughout history.

Jesus .. did the scrub the word ‘research’ from the dictionaries?

It is also funny how sometimes when feminism is being explained it sounds a lot like communism?!


Oh and what other afflictions do I have other than being a single white male? Fibromyalgia which causes several pains in my feet, short term memory loss, skin conditions and dozens of other things along with pain from a botched operation that only got the light of day in the news in the last 24 hours or so, a daaged right knee that was then lied about, as was the operation pain, a second inguinal hernia that was then lied about.

Then there is each of the different areas of crap which I have spent five years posting about WITH evidence!

Yeah .. so only one or two things, lol.


I saw this report and I simply could not believe it .. I thought I was dreaming!

I read through it quickly and I still couldn’t believe it.

One of my many exposes of the NHS involves me going to have an ultrasound scan of my groin.

This was because ever since I had an operation on an inguinal hernia repair I get aching and sometimes stinging in the area that they repaired. This was bloody odd as the hernia itself had little in the way of symptoms and none that involved aches or pain.

I complained about this several times and after a few years I was sent to have an ultrasound performed on the offending area.

Now when I had the ultrasound done the guy did something. But he could not figure out what it was. Eventually he asked me to stand up and now I had a view of the monitor screen whereas it was facing away from me beforehand. The fact that the monitor was facing away from me simply did not raise any suspicions. It should have done.

I looked at the screen and saw an elongated black shape with irregular spiking. He did not know what it was but whatever it was, it hurt when he places pressure upon it.

Now when I had the hernia repaired Martin Klein stated that the other side of my groin was weak and that I would develop a second hernia. He said I should come back a year later to have the other side operated on and a second mesh put in as a preventative measure.

That return for the second operation never happened.

After giving up on what that long black shape was he stated that while he was there he might as well look at the other side.

I did that was probably a good idea as I’d forgotten that Martin Klein did that I should have the other side done but was never asked back.

I wasn’t even looking at the monitor any more because I had no raised bump on that side or any popping feelings I had with the first hernia.

I was expecting nothing so was not paying attention.

All of a sudden he said “Oh .. hernia!” and I stated a confused “what?!” looked at the monitor and there staring back at me was a second inguinal hernia.

So .. fast forward a week and a specialist called Darren Francis, if I remember correctly, said ..

“Well I’ve looked at your ultrasound scan and In pleased to tell you that’s it’s completely clear!”

I .. fucking .. hate .. Doctors .. and .. Specialists!

How in the fucking world do those morons believe that telling someone with pain that your test was clear is a good thing?! They actually day it like your about to burst into an Irish Jig to celebrate?!

I replied ..

“Excuse me? My ultrasound? The ultrasound I was present at?! The one where I looked at the monitor?! You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried!!”

His face dropped with a look of surprise and he went from a laid back position to sitting bolt uptight. He stated shuffling papers on his desk and asked me what I meant.

I explained about the black lump in the area of the hernia repair and the new hernia on the other side.

Of course he didn’t deny it .. then got good dictaphone and proceeded to dictate a new letter to my GP stating they found a hernia!

Want to be shocked even further?

That new dictated letter never arrived at my GP causing them to call me mad ..

That was until I offered to bring in the recording of the entire disagreement between me and the specialist before the GP, John Gubbay, said “what do I want to listen to that for?!”

It was the second time he said that line to me except for the word ‘listen’ being replaced with ‘look’ and the previous one was an x-ray.

It also proved to be that which I had long suspected and I had the wanker .. twice, not once. He was not the only wanker .. sorry NHS GP I had either.

Because what those two fucking moronic lines told me, along with others, was that he knew damn well that the NHS, it’s Doctors, Specialists and Nurses lied to the public. A lot.

That was it .. over with.

I explained this story along with many other things I find myself wrapped up in to the news media. Before you ask .. all of them.

But I had a little trap as always for the media just as I have many others including ombudsman.

I told them I had evidence, documents and recordings and waited for them to request to see them. And I waited. And I waited. And I waited.


So I eventually published it on this blog.

This aching and stinging I get is completely separate from the Fibromyalgia Syndrome which itself is separate from the physical problem with my right knee.

Think that’s three symptoms?

Naaahhhh .. the Fibromyalgia causes dozens and dozens of symptoms though only around ten of these are pains. Others are embarrassing things.

Oh and I’ve never had my back looked at properly and was x-rayed in completely the wrong posture deliberately so that the back condition already discovered by a chiropractor failed to show on the X-ray.

So years after this occurring, the operation was about 8 years ago, maybe 7, I see this story where loads of people have complained about discomfort and pain from the mesh used for a hernia operation?!

Do you know what I’ll say next?

Well I’ve said it when certain stories have come out about the Police, secret services, DWP and lately Local Councils and many other things ..

“I told yah!!”

I’ll probably be saying that for about five years?

I even have the recording with the GP rowing over the falsified ultrasound scan.

Someone after the NHS discovered this blog and alerted the following GP an inguinal hernia magically appeared on my medical records and I had the document a year before I realised it was on it.

A shame then that I’ve still been running rings around the NHS without them knowing! Oops, did you think I had stopped?! Don’t be fucking complete idiots! Lol.

Oh .. did I mention I punished those recordings I mentioned years ago on here when it happened?!


When it happened!

Go and look, look at the date, look at when I was first claiming this shit. Look at who in the news media I alerted and ask yourself the following ..

Why was I ignored?

Why am I still being ignored?

How have so many similar stories to mine flooded the media fit the last several years and months or ever years after I posted about them?!

A guy with a shed load of health issues with no financial back up or resources and unable to get very far. How did I do all that I have that have made the major news groups look like they were snoozing for the past five years in comparison. Or stealing my stories. Or getting members of the public to phone to our send in stories fit them?

It seems fit a long time you don’t actually have to investigate your own stories any longer.

Just steal them from other people via their blogs or webpages.

Have you got it now? When I said “everything is fucked and corrupt” I really did mean Everything is fucked and corrupt!”

You date not take any of their salaries away though! No they won’t do that. Get ever higher pay for doing ever lower work.

And they want to preach to people about doing hard work to the jobless who would kill for one?!

Yeah .. had not really bargained on me existing.

Many that so know I exist are still gambling on decisions and have done for the past 3 years that they have for very, very wrong.

Yeah .. had you noted the number of times I ranted on about how many times my stories have appeared in the news months or even years later?

Told yah!! Lol.

Well this has happened many, many times before in realtion to this blog  .. but ..

Well, that just happened?!



I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: NHS hernia mesh felt like ‘scratching from inside’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-40386126


Oh bloody hell, what do you know?

It turns out that the company that has supplied all the cladding is American?!

I met someone a while ago who themselves got deep into the lying and corruption that went on in public services.

Whereas I got into this via ‘the evil trinity’ end, consisting of the DWP, NHS & Local Councils, she got into it from the Police Force end.

I suppose you could say that we started at either end and met in the middle? Lol.

Before we fell out and she accused me of being a government shill, a bit silly with everything I’ve done, she showed me a few things.

One of the things that she claimed was that as secret privatising went on in the public services it was American companies our governments sold out to.

She was married to a Police Officer, by the way.

She explained how American companies were tying up deals for very lucrative financial sides of deals. I remember her talking about vending machines as well as cafeterias.

Though it made sense initially I had to admit that I doubted this. I never thought we would rather sell out to the Americans rather than make the necessary decisions.

But then she told me about one of the biggest players and that it had gone on so long without being reported on that they even boasted about it on their ‘About Us’ web page.

A kind of similar, well at least part of it is, company to Group 4 these were called Serco.

The name seemed familiar and I have seen their vehicles that look just like the Group 4 security vans except with their logo on.

Well she gave me the link and sure enough they not only boasted but the number of public services they had their hands on was simply staggering.

They basically run the United Kingdom.

Not only did they mention the Police but also how they basically ran the NHS (ALL TRUSTS), the DWP, the local councils, armed forces (yup even them) and many others.

I simply couldn’t believe it. There I was reading a web page of an American company that seemed to be running most of the country?!

That was just one company!

If Serco gets named even once in the involvement of the cladding suppliers I will simply die!

I never looked into the possibility and existence of other American companies running things. I guess there could be more or several companies all owned by Serco? Or Serco is subdivision of an even larger company?

I do remember this little corruption spy telling me that when they got found out they claimed to be a British company but this turned out later to be a lie.

Now why on Earth would you lie about your country of origin? If your up to no good, that’s why and the only reason why.

Not doing bad are they?

They are running almost all computers and spy on you doing it, just ask anyone who has a computer running Linux.

They own a large portion of the phone industry with Apple iPhones and then there are iPods and iPads to boot.

One of the very first things I asked was how the fuck was this company even selling this cladding?! It had already been behind another fire in a tower block and not only was they allowed to continue selling it but fucking bought the crap with our money. Decided by some overpaid twat!

I’m now interested to know if they sold and of this crap to anyone in America?

I mean it’s an American company so it’s reasonable to ask how many tall buildings in America are covered with this cladding?

Whether the answer is yes or no there is the follow up question of .. ‘Why?!’

Also .. it’s dangerous to the point of killing people so why is it that only tower blocks have been mentioned thus far?

I have asked this before but I’m doing this deliberately because though it seemed like I was talking about the local councils .. no .. I was talking about the news media.

I mean it’s an obvious question. Especially if your someone living in a large block of flats looking at the cladding on TV and saying to yourself ‘hmm that stuff looks familiar?’

Even in something that’s not a tower block but is a large building I would be bloody well asking that!

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Grenfell Tower: Cladding firm ends global sales for tower blocks – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-40409981


I have been watching and listening to people talking about the latest and surprising incident that occurred between Sargon of Akkad and Anita Sarkeesian.

My bloody God it is so riddled with double-standards and hypocrisy it simply is not true!

If you do not know Anita Sarkeesian stands for woman and feminism but to my mind is doing nothing but damage to their .. cause.

From what I see many people hold her to high esteem because sh says things they want to hear and as a result she gets a fairly large sum of money donated to her on a regular basis. It is the latter that is key to why Anita Sarkeesian exists and is in the public eye.

Anita Sarkeesian sat on a panel of four or five women at VidCon and the panel was named ‘Women Online’ and I had no idea that this event was going to take place. After seeing what I did I wish to God I had been there.

A number of people associated with Sargon of Akkad had attended the venue along with him and some of them I knew because I watch their YouTube channels from time to time, like Mundane Matt for example of Dave Cullen of Computing Forever, and some hat I do not.

I watched the video and .. well it was funny .. I had some info as to what went down bu there was a point when Anita Sarkeesin looked straight at a group that some were insisting were sitting dead centre but … well it looked like they were all sitting to the right. A few rows deep of people that did not agree with her and have all claimed she is doing more harm than good and does this for money.

You see her fix her gaze and she is very clearly noticing something, someone or as I believed .. a whole group that are famously negative about her.

She then singled out Sargon and criticised him for his videos about her, revealing hat she watches them all which I am sure will be talked about for a long tie to come? She then went on to call him a ‘Garbage Human’ and .. something else that slips my mind.

What was also bloody funny was to claim that Sargon of Akkad ‘repeats the same shit over and over’ or something to that effect. This .. was .. laughable. Sargon speaks about a great deal of things and I am so busy with things going on, or not as the case may be, and looking at so many videos on so many subjects that I cannot watch every video that he does.

But Anita Sarkeesian accuses him of saying the same things over and over and not only is this not true, as he covers different subjects, the last one I see about Jeremy Corby’s dreadful Glastonbury speech, but that Anita Sarkeesian DOES in fact go over the same shit over and over again. She has also been proved to be lying along with not fulfilling the things that she has promised her followers.

But the main point is that the women, or at least some of them, that sat upon a panel to talk about how harassment is wrong harasses not just Sargon but others in the audience. Well more heckles individuals after asking them to ask questions in the hope of making it impossible to hear what they have to say.

I lost count of the number of times they asked people to be removed from the question line, technically harassing them by proxy as security, I am guessing, then usher them off to one side.

I simply roared with laughter once my brain engaged to the farcical nature of this panel and my jaw had given up lying well and truly open.

I simply could not believe it .. the message was that of the crazy extreme left attitude that you have free speech as long as it fits with their own narratives. In other words you can say what you want as long as you agree with them.

As I have explained before the extreme right are just as bad and for other reasons and the very reason I am drawn to people like Sargon of Akkad and Mundane Matt is that they are very centre in their politics or ever so slightly left of centre.

Yeah, yeah I have long stated how I hate these damned political terms and always say to people why do you have to be on one side, the other or in the middle? There have bee many things in history that require things from either side. But that is another story.

So I saw one of Sargon’s ‘This Week In Stupid’ videos and something I do not normally watch but I did this one. I have not yet looked up to see what Sargon has stated about the incident. Though I have heard a few things.

Though when I watched the video what I got was a guest .. presenter who showed something very interesting.

He talked about reports coming in from Germany where people had been arrested for hate speech, which I found very odd.

Yes, I mean people can go too far and that is wrong but in all honesty most of the ones that I have actually witnessed go too far are the extreme left and there exists plenty of videos on it on YouTube and I have seen a lot of violence from that side. Especially so as they do not like it when they are losing an argument or cannot argue and so they seem to think that turning violent .. helps them .. win?! I do not know it is all very bizarre.

But in the report what it stated was that there were something like 36 people arrested and only 3 of them were left wing. Meaning that 33 and a substantial amount were right wing?

The numbers simply do not add up and it seems to be that in German society being violent and belonging to one extreme end of the political spectrum is OK while being the same at the other end is not?!

I will give you a little hint here .. both extremes are just as bad as each other and despite that there is another type of extreme that is far, far worse than either of these. Except most of the people of this other extreme only get arrested after several innocent people die. Or dozens die.

I have also seen another video which is troubling as one man I know nothing about did a video about a Muslim man who somehow managed to be in several places, along with a studio audience, just as they were filming and managed to get himself interviewed?!

The YouTuber, linked below, seems to think the man was deliberately planted by the BBC and I must say that based on what I saw it does seem likely. Either that or this man somehow manages to put himself in just the right places at just the right time?

Or in other words the BBC are being played by someone. Maybe even the British TV News networks in general? But by whom?

The other thing that I am keeping an eye out for when it come to news notifications is this business with he cladding on tower blocks.

Not only has this number risen to like 60 and across 27 councils it now turns out that this is 60 blocks out of 60 tested?!

It made me think of that YouTube video I saw claiming to be Reuters, but might not be, claiming that all 600, I think it was, have been tested as failing fire hazard tests. If this was faked then it is looking like they did a pretty good job at predicting how many tower blocks would fail?! The idea of faking it and giving the prediction of 100% of 600 tower blocks was a stupid one. Like I said, if it was faked.

But if it wasn’t faked then how come the big news channels, like the BBC and Sky, are only counting up slowly and only reporting 10% of the tower blocks thus far?

Let us be honest here and look at it another way. There are dozens and dozens of councils and all of them would have gone out and within a matter of days, or a few weeks at most, they would have tested all their tower blocks. So how is it coming out piece-meal?

The only viable answer to that question would be to not announce all 600 failed because they feared dozens of incidents like that one where the residents tried to storm Kensington & Chelsea Council?

In other words another example of control by manipulation and because they think that all members of the public behave like animals?

As I said to several people recently .. this is looking really bad for all councils and even those that do not consist of any tower blocks … a 100% failure rate in those that do mean that all councils get up to no good, or fail in their .. responsibilities at best.

Then the question that inevitable follows is do they fail 100% in everything they do?

Then the inevitable third question arises .. why are so many people paying so, so much in council tax for a failed public service?

It is bewildering what is going on and I have been sent details that have appeared online about trouble brewing in Stratford in London, Birkenhead (I know someone there), Manchester and even Newcastle and these are purely the ones discovered.

It is almost like they are living in fear of another spate of riots and that anger spreading and seeding even more riots right around the country?

Yeah? Well why is it you fear that?

Let us be franker here? Hi, I am Frank! Oh right, yeah well both they and I know why they are doing this. Becaause they are to blame and because of the amount of time people have had their lives turned to shit. Not only have more and more people had their lives turn to shit .. they have seen absolutely nothing positive come from this.

I always knew nothing would come from their plans and I knew that the extended time that people would endure this would be equivalent to that of a pressure cooker going off. Add in the fact that they never see the country benefiting from their lives being turned to crap and is only adds to the pressure. Allow this to go on long enough and that bottled up emotion turns to poison.

I know this because I am a rare individual that has been through this over and over again and survived it and I have since seen others do this too.

Sadly they did not appreciate these difficulties when I went through them and are now beginning to understand. But until they have been through the dozens that I have .. they are not going to fully understand.

What it is like to have the rug pulled from underneath you over and over and over again.

Except .. what I have tried to is put myself in a position whereby I have two rugs, one on top off the other and they pull one out and I do not notice it.

I have not gotten around to it yet but they have once again pulled the rug from under me but I have not budged in inch.

In the past this could have had me falling for the umpteenth time into the darkest places you could imagine. Trust me you do not want the experiences I have had. Remember I am not talking about once or twice but dozens of times.

I had thought a couple of years back I would get help with that which would propel me into a position of being self-sustaining but it did not happen. Oddly because of a girl.

Well that is now about to change and be in the position I thought I would be in two years ago but this .. potential has been halved and rather unfairly and once again .. because of a girl.

Want to hear something bizarre? These girls have met! LMAO!

Yeah only woman have been victims? Only women are victims?! I think .. not!

I am going to change this view in 2017 and show you the real horrors that go on and the bias and neglect that has gone on in the UK for a very, very long time.


Sargon’s Guest talking about biased German society ..


That video about that BBC Muslim plant ..


A Woman Speaking About the Anita Attacking Sargon Incident ..


Those Links About Biased German Arrests ..




As it turns out that little something that has turned out to be fashionably late .. seems to be at an end, finally?!

Well I have not been told directly but .. I got a call from someone else involved in this who tells me that another person involved in this made a call to a solicitor. They were confused them the solicitor said, or their secretary, “Oh Mr Haswell, yes you contacted us and we are happy to tell you with have [IT] back!”

On informing the member of my family that called me he said “Oh, they thought you was Martin”

So it would appear that it is almost at its end now.

I cannot explain right now what a giant can of worms this is! For the third time in about a week I spoke to this member of the family who I had not really conversed with previously on this subject. He had gotten my number from another member of the family and called me about a week ago and this was the third time he had called me.

There seems to be a difference of opinion on how this is going to play out and two of my siblings and my cousins, some of them, seem to have a very different idea to me. Their expectations are .. far lower than either of mine. Maths. I have four .. figures you see.

It is a can of worms because we may need to take a united stance on what has occurred?

Now technically .. we should not have to because there should have been an investigation and even my cousin told me on the phone he thought it would take longer than this.

Well .. it took somewhat longer, by about 9 days, than the outside figure we were given by the solicitor, which was 3 to 4 weeks. It was like 5 weeks and 2 days.

Due to this not being that much longer than the five week period for these things it is extremely doubtful there has been any investigation. From a public service. Surprise, surprise!

If you know of what I have done in the past .. something neither a thief nor the solicitor is aware of, you must know what I am going to do when this is over for the first part?

After all I have proof of a complete breakdown of the crime and even pointed out how you can go about proving what I said. Also .. well there are eight of us against just one and the eight of us are in complete agreement and any predictions any one has made have completely mirrored what others knew to be facts.

For example .. I reported that there was some .. embezzling before the event in two separate ways and we knew about one and I have now had my other theory confirmed.

Make no mistake this is fraud from an unexpected source, even by me, and carries with it a prison sentence. Maybe as much as ten years? It is fraud, more or less, on a grand scale as will become clear in time.

Oddly the … conclusion of the figure behind all this which my cousin believed is not far off my lowest of figures. But the divided amounts do not tally up with his .. evaluation.

Due to another fucking public service which has been pressurising me into something, this would come in very handy indeed.

Though to be honest if it comes in at the lowest .. number that has been predicted it will be a problem to my plans. A major problem and many plans will literally go down the toilet.

Now here is the crucial bit .. we have always been told that the outcome will be more than we can imagine, which will become clear shortly. Probably about a week’s time?

Yeah as it turns out as well as saying this to one brother, one sister and myself this was also stated to my cousin. So they must have all been told the same thing for the last 20 years?

So this was, and to confuse further, this will be the last weekend.

Things are in need of expansion and desperately need to go from place to place to place along with things needing to be .. acquired.

With my figures this is not a problem. With theirs this will be a problem and somewhere in between will be a bit .. tricky.

So I have some .. trepidation.

However .. when I explained why I thought we were told what we did, another theory, and then compared that to the figures I have my cousin did say one thing .. “Well that makes sense!”

I was told this on Friday so it was .. feasible that a letter could have arrived on Saturday but I ruled that possibility out.

But on Monday or Tuesday I am expecting a letter with some figures along with a question that needs to be answered.

Oddly it seems to coincide with the end of something that has been running for the last 12 weeks and the last time there was a prediction like this, big things happening, I also thought it was going to coincide with the exact same thing. Again another 12 week .. thing. I think it is 12 weeks? Lol.

I am not sure whether to post this Sunday night or Monday morning, because I want the title to have a double meaning .. because there kind of is a double meaning. Provided things are finally .. finalised this week?

So finally .. finally .. this thing is finally happening and in the aftermath of that will be a shed load of meticulously planned things and a long awaited return to that part of the blogging.

Plus ten tons of other things happening in quick succession if my theories and predictions turn out to be correct .. yet again. Or one of the rare times I have got it wrong, even though the clues clearly suggest I am correct.

So there is some stuff .. and then a weekly period before everything finally kicks off.



One thing I prefer to do from time to time is .. talk about science subjects, technology and other things I believe can improve life for us.

If we are deemed as being worthy enough to have it, of course.

Deemed by the powerful, government and even the military. Look up the history of blue laser technology regarding the latter.

I think it was blue lasers? It was a particular colour of laser that was narrower than other colours so data can be stored on narrower lines. So more data could be packed into a given area.

That was to do with optical discs and movie formats for the average consumer.

Here are two more ..

First up my man Stephen Hawkin has called for the Earth to put man on the moon again, build up a lunar base and re-ignite a kind of space race.

I find it absolutely hilarious while equally ironic that thirty years ago or more there was a cooling off from space exploration. That drive towards this started in the seventies and I remember one woman being interviewed that talked about the millions spent on space exploration when you could be feeding the starving.

Even back in the eighties I remember that at times allowing public opinion to influence science is simply wrong.

Move forward thirty years, in reality a small amount of time, and we are running out of space for people on planet Earth.

Not only are there too many people, even stated by David Attenborough, but the rising global temperatures also suggest that the habitable area may be reducing and will be reducing over time.

Take a guess where there is plenty of space, so much space that it was called ‘space’.

Only the trouble is to work on this now, allowing large enough numbers to live and work in space, will take a very long time.

So take a guess at just how much more we are going to be pressed for space, money and resources by the time we’ve achieved that?

But we haven’t yet started!

So the smartest man on Earth has come out and suggested that we do start and soon.

Another one is a recent report by scientists that stated that there was a massive amount of volcanic activity that was both widespread and lasted a long time just prior to the appearance of the dinosaurs. They state that there would have been an extinction level event that allowed the dinosaurs to dominate?

Hmm .. a .. very interesting statement.

What could possibly have existed back then they prevented the dinosaurs from appearing?

Hmm it can’t be birds because they came from the dinosaurs, or so it would seem?

Amphibians were, or first evolved, technically prior to the dinosaurs soo? Giant dinosaur size equalling frogs and salamanders? A giant sticky tongue coming from 100 metres away to gobble you up? Lol.

I don’t need to be an expert on amphibians, except I am and not sure if I ever mentioned, to tell you they hundreds or thousands of volcanoes going off globally would very rapidly wipe out giant amphibians. Might have been some areas where something survived but this would rather depend on the exact extent of this massive volcanic outburst.

Or if their time-lines are wrong on evolution .. previous versions of mammals or even humans?

Are your noodles being thoroughly cooked?

Well time lines being right or wrong won’t stop many of the tinfoil hat brigade from coming up with prehistoric population of beings possessing technology.

Just because they sound like they would be wearing these very shiny hats does not mean they are wrong.

Even a group of complete idiots could get lucky.

Yeah, don’t think that a room full of Monkeys or Apes are going to eventually write any kind of book, including Tolstoy’s War & Peace. Not without a few million years of evolving in the right direction.