​Well I simply don’t believe it … I’m hearing it but I simply don’t believe it. 

The American government have actually gone and done it despite it being over the top, at the worst possible time to make it look suspicious, the reasons that they have against those they accuse and with no evidence declared. 

I was not expecting the American government to take any actions at all over their spurious claims that the Russians hacked the American government. But they have and then some!

They have requested that a large number of Russian diplomats leave American soil! 


It gets better as despite what I stated about how ridiculous it was to state that the Russians plotted to get President Trump elected they have actually cone out and stated this?!

So they have declared that the American public are naive and stupid.

They have also declared that due to the existence of the Internet no future election in any country is safe. 

They have declared they no longer trust and believe in their own ejection system … yeah that alone was not a bright thing to do. 

The outgoing government have stamped their feet and return their toys it if the pram over either the American people’s choice of President or the fact that they kept joking Donald Trump would not get elected, ended up with a case of eggs on their faces and trying to find an excuse to their incompetence. 

Or of course they are trying very, very hard to make a certain subject appear as if it is not true? 

If there was something they wanted to hide or wanted to appear to as many people they could that there is doubts, what better way to do it than to make it look like it’s actually another reason by expelling a bunch of people related to the accused? 

To expel a bunch of Russians to cover something up it would have to be both pretty serious as well as having pretty devastating effects on those committing the nefarious deeds. Nefarious deeds that would have to be pretty bad. I mean really bad. 

Say like that of Pizza Gate?

So what else is odd about this? 

Well the Russians might not protest too much as Putin and Trump appear to like one another and it all goes away in me days or couple of weeks?

Might be a reason why the outgoing government did it, not too much fuss from it?

What else is odd?

Well the timing is odd what with President Obama into having a couple of weeks left. I mean, why? Why do it now? 

What are the alternatives? Or rather what if the claims turned out to be true? 

Well that would mean that there was a conspiracy or deal done between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.

Yeah I don’t think Vladimir Putin woke up one morning during 2016 and thought ‘You know what? I think I’ll get Trump elected President this year?’ What weeks he get it of it? Nothing. Unless he knew that he would? 

Vladimir Putin just doing this without knowing for sure he would get some benefit out of it is quite simply preposterous. Especially as he is playing the peacemaker over the middle-east right now. 

The man’s an idiot but not that much of an idiot. 

So where is the evidence? 

If the US government have enough evidence to take the very harsh actions that they have then they surely also know what Putin took such a humongous risk for? What was it? Presently they seem to be insinuating that he did it purely because he could? Errrr NO! Pull the other one out had bells on! 

Imagine the body fiasco in America of it turned out that there was some deal between Trump and Putin? Oh the Social Justice Warriors write be over the moon about that! They won’t stop to think about the upheaval it would cause the entire country. No, just as long as they get their own way. 

Also reminds me that the BBC seem to have done their extreme left tricks by interviewing protesters in New York that were clearly Social Justice Nutters.

One was asked about Trump and the lady said that he was hated and especially by New Yorkers?! Oh? Did the BBC back that up with numbers before they decided to air that? Short answer is no. 

After all of the BBC stated that 40, 50 or 60 percent of New Yorkers voted for Trump that is not quite everyone is it? Even if it was lower than 40 or even 30 precent it’s still not everyone. For me it would have to be below twenty percent for me to say “OK you exaggerated a little bit I see your point”. Anything else is just an outright lie to make him look bad. A man that win the presidency. 

I still hear about the popular vote when it was declared after one recount that Hillary Clinton lost 60,000 votes.

So what is really going on? 

Are they trying anything to keep Donald Trump from being sworn in? Yeah … that’s not going to end well. 

Are they just doing this knowing it won’t cause a fuss but spread doubts over the consensus of opinion over the WikiLeaks leaked emails? Yeeah the smarter people are going to raise what I have done and this will steel their resolve … soo that’s not going to end well either. 

Was there actually done conspiring and deal between Trump and Putin that the Americans somehow missed despite then snooping on most of the world including their own? Yeeah … guess what I’m going to state next? Perhaps that this is not going to end well either? That with all their snooping on so many people at once that they missed this one very major thing that could cost the American people dearly? 

However … what I tend to think and probably stated previously is that if you are involved in the worst types of crimes and it involves elites from the the USA, UK and Europe while possibly others then I would be so paranoid that these disgusting things got it I would snoop on everyone! To make sure no one ratted me out. 

God only knows what is going to happen next? I think it might just blow over and Putin rants for a bit and then calms down. Possibly after a phone call from Donald Trump, maybe? 

How the suspicious ones will react is something of an unknown but my guess is they will be more resolute? At least a few of them will be. 

I know one thing. I still don’t believe it. I still can’t believe the US government took that action. 

I can’t believe they took that extreme action at a time when it’s mere days away from an ‘all change’ in government. Well … unless the US President doesnt actually govern the country at all and it is others that do? 

That statement about the US President not running the country would not come as a surprise if it ever turned out to be true. 

I have thought for many years and so have many other very intelligent people I have spoken to, that the UK Prime Minister does not run the UK and has not for at least twenty years. 

If your in the UK just think about it for a moment? How many people have you heard state that Tony Blair’s New Labour turned out to be no different than a Tory government? Well if he wasn’t running the country and things more or less stayed the same then it did not look so ridiculous any more does it?

What he did manage to do is get away with outright lying to the British public, wmd for instance, and borrow as well as give out humongous amounts of money to make himself look good the Brits and the rest of the world we could never pay back when the gravy train dried up! 

If there was one thing I wish I could do before I die it would be to borrow a Tardis. Then go forward in time ten to fifteen years and buy some history books on politics of both the US and the UK to see what they say.

I .. might pop to another country and pick up books by their authors about the history of British and American politics as they might be more likely to punish to truth before we or the Americans do? 

Well 2017 is going to be one hell of a year for the happening in the areas in interested in as well as in the things I blog about on this blog. 

I think I’m going to be extremely busy?

Hmm was just thinking while typing out my tags … I wonder if Barack Obama felt sorry for Hillary Clinton and promised her anything she wanted as a Christmas gift? I thought of this due to what many Americans thought they would get if Hillary Clinton was ejected president … maybe that is what she asked for? WORLD WAR 3?!




I actually watched another David Seaman video on YouTube and for a bit he was talking about claims made about him by commenters about being wrong or being a shill and wondered if he was talking about me?

I had to try and remember if I had said anything that might have suggested he was a shill, or a government misinformation type of employee as, after all, these do exist and even David Seaman himself has touched upon this.

After watching more of the video I decided he was not talking about me. Phew.

I only ever state that people should be careful of who they believe, of the misinformation out there and that though there are crazy conspiracy theorists does not mean that everything that sounds a little far fetched to absolutely crazy sounding is false.

I have wondered long and hard for the longest time on how to get that point across … I think I finally found it …

The crazy in conspiracies comes from crazy sounding theories that are manufactured out of paranoia which means it is the person that manufactures this as crazy. NOT THE THEORY! Just the person that thinks up these crazy things.

In another way I could put it reading about something crazy sounding and wondering if it is true does not make you crazy or a crazy conspiracy theorist.

So there.

I have likely published a video or two by The Next News Network and even though I have done this I see the titles in videos suggested to me by these people and go “Really?!” They do often sound like overly paranoid people and I ask myself how they can be so popular when many things I see stated are not likely to come to pass or the time went by and they did not.

Also I forgot in my PizzaGate pieces the mention of another fact in the emails along with the sacrifice to Moloch is also the spirit cooking mention in an email to Tony Podesta. I was reminded by watching a video of, I believe, Reality Calls though this was published b someone else … again, I think. Link below.

These things could themselves, of course, be codes for something else entirely though if the are they were completely moronic choices and prove that these people should not be involved in governing any country.

What struck me with David Seaman’s video is him referring himself as actually being left and not far right or alt-right, as the fashion in mainstream media is to list everything they do not like the sound of as being alt-right.

I also found it interesting that he separated the alt-right group from the far right groups like the Tea Party, which I honesty know very little about.

Does this mean that the mainstream media are trying to show that everything on the right side of politics as mad, insane, racist and misogynist by working on one section at a time? The far right long since been labelled this and now they move into the the next section? Worrying.

Almost bizarrely I seem to recall him stating, and am running the video as I type this, that he questions why you have to believe in ‘A, B, C’ to belong to the left or the right? This is exactly what I have been stating for over four years on my blogs and what I have been telling friends and family for the last 15 years plus.

Coffee Party! I called it, I want a dollar for every time someone says it!!

Sorry, I was just thinking there for a moment, the far right in America is known as the Tea Party and given its own labels as being mad and over the top so why not the far left? As I was thinking that I realised the name ‘Coffee Party’ would be appropriate? Lol!

But why is that? Why has the far left not got its own label to lump everyone in? Well arguably you could say you do but it is more an individual thing when you state ‘Social Justice Warrior’ and even the term used plurally is still referring to them all individually.

Maybe the are so bonkers they can not collectively form any sort of group? Or maybe that there are so many opportunists on this trying to perch their arses at the top of the tree to become the official spokesperson with the true aim of making money that its simply a mess?

Well I can name Laci Green, Anita Sarkeesian and now Zarna Joshi. God only knows how many others there are out their … along with those pursuing positions of Generals of each of those three.

Ohh what? You did not think anyone could see through the charades? God, give me strength these people are truly self-obsessed and deluded. Pull the other one it has bells on!

Along with me you have a whole host of intelligent YouTubers that not only see everyone for what they are but all them out on it. Sargon of Akkad, Thunderfoot, Noel Plum, CharmingMan, Woz Lee, Agent of Doubt … oh How could I forget Bearing, The WoolyBumbleBee and many others whose names I cannot recall and others I have yet to discover.

Also the other good thing about sticking to the truth and facts is that when accusers or those insinuated against react it is easier to see any guilt hidden away in their reactions.

I shall explain ..

All of those above have my respect because they doggedly stick to the facts and are only interested in the facts. NOW if suddenly they were all removed are all had videos of a particular subject matter removed this would send out a large message. Or at least it would to me. That someone powerful, somewhere is trying to hide something because they are all onto something.

The problem is they have to cover the subjects, or at least they all have to cover a subject or enough of them for it to be very noticeable.

The problem arises when anyone becomes scared of dealing or talking about particular subjects and I suppose PizzaGate is a prime example. I have known of only two, one in the above list, Sargon of Akkad, and one not, MundaneMatt and sorry I did not remember you a few seconds ago, lol. Sargon did an excellent video on the subject whereas MundaneMatt slipped a little, laughed at anyone speaking about it and insulted many concerned people, be they crazy or not.

However and for me it is these, kind of, fringe subjects that makes people stand out when they all do that which the above do. For me crazy does not equate to false and the ultimate aim in each subject is to get to the truth. Not merely wanting something to be the truth to make someone look correct or smart to acquire fringe benefits. Something of a widespread disease if I am honest.

If I get it wrong then I get it wrong. That’s it and that’s all, but others do not take this approach and get offended or angry about it. I actually see this in people who have very long track records of getting things wrong 80 to 90 percent of the time! I kid you not.

Why people simply do not accept it as a learning process and move on I do not know? Taking this approach and you will soon realise that the frequency of which you get it wrong decreases. I know this because a very long time ago this was the stance I took … along with many other stances and I am not speaking of Wing Chun Kung Fu here either. Though I know and have taken that stance many times over the years, lol.

Of course there is the aspect that if bloggers, YouTubers and commenters keep insisting on the crazy shit or coming up with their own far fetched ideas and insisting these are in fact … umm facts then you are not helping to expose anyone but in deed quite the opposite in helping them find a way to over up their nefarious and evil acts.

You might seriously want to think long and hard about that last paragraph.

Then once you collectively only deal with the facts known and ask the right questions any removal will be seen as an attempt to hide something and therefore an admission of guilt and any ‘shills’ ou there, a term many love to use repeatedly, they will become most obvious. Negating the need or Anonymous … or the REAL Anonymous to do any hacking to expose anything.

That is the sad state of things today and in recent times is that we have had to rely on an organisation called Anonymous to get to the truth on some things Wikileaks too, if it has not been taken over by some government organisation or other?

Except if you look around you will find dozens, I am not even joking and I know to be true in the USA, of organisations that are meant to deal with laws, criminals and nefarious and evil acts. Except despite all that we have had Anonymous and Wikileaks pop up and I have no doubt that five years from now there will be one to several more.

Oh and I do not mean copycat organisations pretending to be Anonymous or Wikileaks which are easy to detect by the use of the name with some slant on it. This is especially true of Anonymous who have even done videos mentioning of other posters on the Internet pretending to be them. But then when your a hidden organisation like Anonymous you can hardly come out publicly and shout from the rooftops “We ARE the REAL Anonymous!” as they would all be locked up within hours. I don’t know what is going on here, maybe they are just after hits and views, these people are it is surprisingly hard to make any money out of Google and advertising, or are actually trying to make Anonymous come out and shout “I AM SPARTACUS!” so they can arrest them?

You see? You have to be soo careful and the nefarious ones know that you will come out and ‘chat utter shite’ pn the Interpratt and therefore help them remain hidden. Don’t give me the ‘shills’ argument either as I have already explained these dicks would be easy for more people to spot if you stick to what is know for sure and ask the right questions.

So are we there yet?

Stick to the known facts and ask the RIGHT questions!

Allnights, out!

David Seaman on why ‘A, B, C’ has to mean right or left in politics …

And who I believe to be Reality Calls talking about Moloch and Spirit Cooking, meaning eating human flesh, in the Wikileaks emails …


For some time now I have been involved in a great many legal cases and court battles.

Now these battles have, for the most part, been m own. However there is one that was very close to home I do not know the truth about and did not go quite how I … well NOTHING like I expected to be honest. I feel stabbed in the back over that one and it has become a major, MAJOR disappointment in my life and has even affected my relationships with friends and family. For a broad spectrum of reasons.

This is what court cases do and it is a shame that solicitors or lawyers, whichever you prefer, are really, really awful at encouraging people or even understanding people driven through hell and back over the … bad effects of government and public service decisions. Yes OK my last one was something over the top on many points in its effect and the feeling of those pointy sharp objects in my back and over a long period of time to which I am not aware of any end to it all.

Other legal battles are a little farther from home while others I find or am informed about somewhere on the Internet.

Today … this post, or piece, involves both the former and the latter statements because someone I know involved in a legal battle has sent me details and posted on her Facebook page about one that sounds similar, at first, to her own. However when she told me I immediately picked up on this story’s most important point and I had assumed that she had too. I messaged her and stated that this was a perfect example and proof that our government wants it all ways. Undeniable proof.

Because the other case is in fact a complete mirror image of her own!

Turned out she had not realised this. But then I did tell her a few times that this was something I was good at and could sometimes see things even far more complicated than this example.

Remember this is a mirror image.

Case Closer to Home – Laurel Duut

My friend is involved in her own case where she has been refused any benefits at all by the DWP and this has gone on for two years. She lives on a small pot of mashed potato with some tuna into the mix. Occasionally she gets to eat something else and take it from me and she does not realise this but I have seen her pictures where she gets thinner and thinner.

She was in no way over-weight to begin with and never has been as far as I know!

  • Born in East London

  • Married a Dutch guy, who died of cancer several years back

  • Has CPRS the most painful health condition that I am currently aware of and at the top on the McGill Pain Index

  • Legal Case is ONLY being done PRO-BONO (for the greater good of the people sort of thing) and no other avenue was available

Remember these points when you get to the next points further down.

This lady has also failed to find any proper or real help, other than paid idiots constantly telling her that everything will be OK despite having no idea and no knowledge of law, a lot like my own experiences over 14 plus years.

A few straggler males, claiming to be professionals or declarations of undying love, make believe concern that are simply trying to profit from her predicament in some way. This could be sympathy, financially or just more pleasurable ends, so to speak.

She also lives in an area where she is the … odd one out and not a local and it stands out, has no nearby friends and a family that are … a little odd and not to mention not very supportive for a whole variety of reasons.

Listening to her, which I often do for long periods, can be hard but it also strikes me very often the similarities I hear with my own endeavours and horrors. The situations are different and the pains are in different leagues but the suffering is the same despite the causes. The ears prick when ou hear the similarities to your own situations and relationships and it is … weirdly comforting, though that is not the right word but the best way I can think to describe it.

Since I covered Laurel’s story previously there has been one major development. Refused benefits because she is in receipt of a Dutch bereavement benefit, a top up benefit you cannot survive on? Well the Dutch government have now contacted her with some bullshit about her having supposed to have a policy or something and now talking about stopping the benefit and sending her a bill for the overpaid benefit?!

Oh I should point out that this is to go along with the bill that the DWP issued her for overpaid benefits to the tune of approximately £42,000.

It is a case without precedent. Which means, like that one I was involved with CLOSER to home, that new laws will have to be written. Which they do in case anything similar comes to court in the future.

Quite how it takes the courts and judges sooo blood long for something that morally is so fucking obvious is completely and utterly beyond me.

Case Further From Home – Monique Hawkins

I received a link to a story in the Guardian newspaper explaining how a Dutch lady called Monique Hawkins who has lived in the UK for 24 years, married to a Brit guy and has three children has been told by the UK government she has to leave the UK!

Remember that mirror image?

Brit born woman married to Dutch guy told no help and support.

Dutch born woman married to a Brit guy told no help and support … and to leave. Which the Brit woman above might be more or less told to do. She wont but the fact it is an ongoing legal case I can get the point across that she could be told this which is the same as this case.

That is in my book having it all ways.

  • Born in Holland

  • Married a Brit … STILL

  • God help her if she ever divorced or was WIDOWED!!

An interesting quote from the Guardian’s news piece I picked up on that the Home Office told Monique Hawkins …

she was told her case could not be discussed on the phone or by email – Guardian Newspaper (link below)

Sorry … PROBABLY my bad?!

The failed to realise when the were up to no good and lying to public that emails are proof and phone-calls can be recorded easily today. LMAO! How do I know? After recording everyone for five years someone high up in the NHS sent a message down to my GP that I had been recording him and his GP father lying. LMAO, I kid you not. People really should check out my archives as there is tens gigabytes of data and proof, lol.

Incredibly this woman is STILL married to the British guy and I had assumed that, from the headlines, she has either been through a divorce or widowed.

Even crazier is the fact that if she had come from any other country than a European one this would NEVER have occurred?!


It is like the title states … having your cake and eating it too!

Is it not funny how now leaving the EU is showing up many flaws in it and some pretty humongous ones too?


Case Closer to Home … LAUREL DUUT

Case Further From Home … MONIQUE HAWKINS

Oh and remember …  I do have my 60 to 80, can’t remember, page long Home Office document here on  my blog of a radicalised Muslim that is in of itself, laughable.


My word.

Just when you think you have read everything stupid … along comes another stupid!

I had a quiet Christmas … on my own on Christmas Day and thankfully invited round to one brother’s house for at least one Christmas dinner Boxing Day.

I had planned to use this free time to maybe type out a few of the long list of titles I have in my backlog but have not as yet. Well I did one Christmas Eve I think it was or the day before. My trouble is I have been beavering away towards something but now stupid public services who want to force self-defeating actions upon you while claiming to try to achieve that which they are preventing you from achieving … umm yeah its complicated. AND your paying for it!

Anyway I logged into to YouTube this morning as I do most mornings to see what my clan or ring of people have been talking about. I saw the words ‘White Genocide’ in a title by ‘Sargon of Akkad’ while having something to do with a Tweet from a University Professor and thought I would have a listen?

Oh dear. Ohhh here we go.

It turns out that a Professor (really?! HOW?!) at Drexel University in Philadelphia in the US called George Ciccariello-Maher Tweeted the line ‘All I Want for Christmas in White Genocide’. Had I have seen the Tweet personally, and just as Sargon Of Akkad correctly pointed out, I would have assumed it was a joke and a jab at Social Justice Warriors. Well it seems not.

As I listened there were a couple of things I thought were funny or just odd about it all and the first thing is this .. guy is kind of … well … white!

I was so tempted to make one of my rare comments and state that he must have some kind of aversion or allergic to some substance that goes into the manufacturing of mirrors?!

Also he states ‘I’m not “alt-left” just an actual communist’?! Umm I am going to tae a shot in the dar here that he did not take history as part of his education? ‘I am not alt-left just a communist’? Really?! Oh dear. But then Tweets ‘Making Communism Brutal again’?! YUP, definitely no clue on history! Lol.

Oh yes and one other thing and this was from just that noted by Sargon, this professor Tweeted ‘White is not a race’ in one of his tweets and then later ‘Abolish the White Race’ in another. Ohhh dear.

It gets better and remember this guy is teaching people and while some could be intelligent and sensible and see him for what he is, and therefore be disappointed and want their money back, others will be … easily influenced.

Now I was pleased to see that Sargon’ had actually created a petition, on a site where I do get involved a lot on petitions and they even email me telling me that, on and I have included the link below along with Sargon’s YouTube link to the video log about this. But the funny thing was he called for refraining of anything in the way of hatred towards the moronic Professor? He also stated that the petition was not calling for the Professor to be fired but that the meeting with the Professor that Drexel University had called for over the harmful and stupid Tweets be transparent. ‘Oh’ I thought ‘those are going to be picked up on in the comments’. They were but I did realise when I noted what Sargon had put that … well if it is not obvious you should not sick to their level. Yeah I have to do this all the time while blogging … but occasionally I do allow myself to go over the top in moments of anger. Just to see if I can make a point whether this is immediately or later on.

Sometimes when getting through to people when you want to get through to everyone you have to play the short games and the long ones. It is just how it is. After all universities do not get through to everyone. Those not quick enough to take things on board fall by the wayside and drop out of university. Like Bill Gates did as a good example.

Sure enough in the comments there were statements pointing out what the reactions would have been if someone had called for ‘Black Genocide’ or ‘Jew Genocide’. In other words ‘Lets not get the guy who called for ‘White Genocide’ fired when calling for ‘Black’ or ‘Jew Genocide’ would have probably put you in prison. I was of the opinion that he should be fired not on the basis of what he said but that he has a responsibility because he is in a position of influencing young people. These very people studying under him probably follow him on social media and therefore he should be fired on that basis alone. Of course he could be coming out with this crap in his lectures/labs/classrooms too?

Each time I see a university either bending over for these morons or even encouraging it I shake my head in disbelief. I would NOT send any child of mine to a university that falls into either of these two categories and they should DEFINITELY not be receiving any public funds.

What I find hilarious is that which they use as an argument against the white race has been found in every other race. What I NEVER see as a counter argument is that we have learned from our mistakes, a little too much when it comes down to a Master Race which is actually a Master Ideology. Nor do I see the argument that other races behave like animals and that because whites have held their hands up to their history that, just like animals, others see this as a weakness and go in for the kill, a la Master Ideology. Yeah so much for your claims of being above everyone else, lol, did not think that through did you?

But Sargon does have the right attitude I have tried so very hard to promote on my blogs … that because someone has done or said something bad does not give you the right to act equally bad … umm except for maybe one instance, lol. A majority of the time you can take the higher road and if you stick to it you can win the argument. This way they either realise their mistakes and conform or they slither away back under the rocks from whence they came.

Then you have the opportunists that do not have any genuine thought for anyone else but see the chance to ride upon the coat-tails of a movement that is gaining speed and which may appear to have a future, even in the short term, of picking up even greater speed. Like that Zarna Joshi who is either missing a few screws and not merely ‘loose’ or standing on her soap box because she is heading in a direction whereby she can gain financially.

In this respect they are more or less vampires. Feeding off the weak who are easily influenced, overly suspicious or even over the top paranoid any or all of which may be down to some mental condition or other? In the case it was the latter as it so easily could be as many mental health conditions are ignored or yet to be discovered but which makes it all distasteful nonetheless.

I have included Sargon’s link below … in the event that you do not like him, it is on his YouTube Vlog page, though I can only see this being true of Social Justice Warriors or some attitudes of Master Race or Master Ideology sources … all of which are wrong by the way.You HAVE a right to an opinion … that does not make your opinion right.

You have the right to be wrong and nothing more.

In the meantime will someone buy that Professor a mirror?!

Petition Link ..


I was watching one of Lionel Nations videos that was titled ‘How Societies and People Are Conditioned to Accept Government and Populist Lies’ and was interested in what he was going to say.

At the start he read out an email he had received regarding chemtrails and I wondered where this was going. I have never mentioned chemtrails but I have heard about them and put this particular theory with one regarding the water supply containing fluoride and why.

To my relief he did not go into some deep discussion about chemtrails but it did make me think and I jotted down the title to remind myself to write something about it … or more accurately, why these things come about and the harm that many do.

Now I have stated this previously as regards to the harm that many over the top conspiracy theorists do to those of us seeking the real truth. Added to this I cannot stress enough that even if you were right and your particular over the top sounding theory is correct you go about it all the wrong way.

Yes! You may well get viewers and hits for your page or channel but what you think you are doing is not what you are actually doing. What you are actually attracting is others that have already seen your theory posted or wrote about by someone else and who believe it. The other group you attract are gullible people and with those two groups alone the total number will be huge and make an impressive number should you manage to attract them all.

May … be that is all many or all of them are interested in? The numbers? Sure … the world is full of people that if receiving something financially or seeing numbers big enough to lead to something financially rewarding they will continue to talk about shit. They will even make up shit and this is in no way confined to conspiracy theorists and I can, straight of the bat, think of a certain feminist named Anita Sarkeesian that comes across like this as well as Laci Green. These two are just two that I have come across in recent times but if I sat down and thought about it long enough, allowing my faulty memory caused my a heath condition to .. kick in, I may think of many other examples.

But as I listened to Mr Nation read out that email I thought about the reasons why these ideas come about in the first place and why so many people believe in them?

I believed that aliens had visited Earth and still do. Except I do not believe 99.99% of the stories out there and have been out there a very long time.

When I was a boy and right up until today where I have been proved correct I believed that almost every single star you could see in the night sky and therefore almost every single star in the galaxy and universe had planets. Now we had nine planets for a awhile and then we had eight. Except if we take the term in the literal sense we have over a dozen and keep finding more or evidence for more. Well the one thing I was well aware of since a child is that the number of stars in the Milky Galaxy alone is mind bogglingly large. Universally it is beyond that which is difficult for mere mortals to comprehend. SO how about the number of planets? Do we multiply a dozen by the number of stars or an average of 6, based on the fact there are twelve objects at least circling our sun? DO not forget that our own star is pretty small potatoes as far as stars go.

You may wel be wondering what I was getting at and that is that to me it was way, way, way beyond mathematically impossible for us to be the only intelligent life even in our galaxy alone.

Oh and I have reached the end of Lionel Nation’s video log and would you believe eh himself has now used aliens as an example of what he was getting at?

So many people … so many theories … so little time … and evidence.

Now IF I worked for government and wanted to cover things up and IF it was not already in existence … I would hire dozens and dozens of people and pay them to run websites and YouTube channels speaking about things form the almost believable right up top the bat-shit crazy stories and every single thing in-between.

By doing this what you do is hit so many people with so many things that they do not know whether they are coming or going and eventually will actually doubt even those things that are actually true. This is because despite how they act and what they say a large percentage of people are nowhere near as intelligent as they like to make out. Sure they argue the toss with others and some even use big words that make them feel better and no one wants to be wrong and everyone wants to be right and when there is even a sniff of being wrong the name calling and screaming starts to come into effect as an actual … umm argument.

If you have any doubts about this I can give not one but two examples of this right here and right now and one os those is Social Justice Warriors and another are fanboys, as they are commonly known, to the chip making company Intel. There are two people I an think of, of the latter I call ‘The Rogue and The Wanga’. There is a Doctor in there too I think and maybe a couple of others.

The former I do not need to explain but in the case of the latter they have long since stated stuff that they cannot possibly know, predicted stuff they cannot possibly predict about stuff they have no hand in the design or creation of. The worst part about these self proclaimed Doctor’s of CPU design and implementation is that when things start to to leak or emerge that shows that they were not only wrong but well and truly wrong they start to rubbish it. It has been quite pathetic to watch and read and I have lost count of the amount of times I wanted to comment and call them out for what they are … but I always resist.

Why? Why do they do this and then insist and trying to show themselves to be correct when that power is in no way in their hands? Why?! And they think themselves intelligent? Lol.

For the past few years every other page on these CPU’s and GPU’s would have the same quartet, I remember four names, turn up and team up to run down the CPU the web-page was about. Yes they actually go onto a web-page about something they are not interested in and had long predicted would fail just to tell the people interested in it that they are right. Every other page I visited. Well … that was until recently when it turned out that this particular CPU, that had the code name of ‘Zen’ and now officially named ‘Ryzen’ was looking to be as good as they had claimed and actually looks like it might turn out a little better? AS well as running this chip down and predicting its fall they have taled up Intel’s iCore chips and stating that by the time the ‘Zen’ CPU 9s released we would have had a couple more generations of iCores and that each one would be more powerful then the one it replaces and so ‘Zen’ would be out of date and a fail upon its release. Except this never actually happened and even though I was a little disappointed by the fact that Intel’s CPU codenamed ‘Kaby Lake’ was actually LESS powerful than the one it replaces, Skylake, I roared with laughter at this stupid quartet of fanboys as everything they predicted was turning out to be wrong. I could not wait to see real enthusiasts talking about them! I read the comments of three or four pages before I realised that I had not seen anything by this quartet and wondered if they had all gone on holiday together … TO THE MOON!

I did eventually find the infamous quartet on the comments section of a particular page and they were STILL talking down ‘Zen’ and its benchmarks and STILL talking up ‘Kaby Lake’. Boys? Ever heard of the term ‘Flogging a Dead Horse’?! Jesus!

Computing is just one of a dozen or so things I am passionate about and so each time something comes out I genuinely wanted it to be good.

The fact is that when people want to believe something they will continue to warp reality to fit the narrative they have been uttering for what seems like a millennia. Or in other words, they simply cannot admit when they were wrong.

Except I have been wrong.

The company that made ‘Zen’ had recently had a number of iterations of a CPU named ‘Bulldozer’ and I thought, prior to ‘Bulldozer’ being released, that this would be a really good CPU. It was not even though I knew this I still ended up purchasing one based on the standard design. It was not as bad as these fanboys would have you believe and more importantly you CAN play games on it, despite every single computing magazine and gaming magazine stating that you can not. They lied. No the CPU was not anywhere near as good as I thought it would be but not anywhere near as bad as many so-called reputable tech journalists and fanboys would have you believe either.

Yup every single publication out there stated that you cannot play modern games on a CPUs that they made for five years that myself and many other people purchased and used to play games on. Oh, but wait? Did they not all say that you cannot do this? Yup, they did.

Not into computing? Into music and audiophile stuff? Read magazines based on this lie What Hifi? Well sorry they lie too. In fact I have watched as over a dozen computing magazines alone have disappeared over the years and I could not figure out why until recently and have seen it in the comments. Over the years more and more people have realised that they lie. They only possible reason they would lie is that they would get ‘backhanders’ to lie. Did not work out so well for yah did it??

But they still think this works!

Now we are seeing the mainstream news media bitch and moan and point fingers at each other and now wanting to point fingers at so-called fake news sites that actually got something right which they all got wrong?!

Yup! Still haven’t figured it out.

Or perhaps it is just the next person in line that thinks that they are more intelligent than the last one that got it wrong and far more superior to everyone else and cannot make mistakes? This is the theory I have always been fond of.

So any deliberate spreading by governments of fake news would have had one single purpose, if you think about why they would do it. To send people to the mainstream news media for facts. Oh but as it turns out and as many are now realising these are not themselves facts. Added to this they are deliberately avoiding a huge number of proper noteworthy news stories. While at the same time they have turned into gossip mongers for celebrities. Orrrrr have they

Lie many I always lumped much of the celebrities, politicians and movie stars into the same power elite camp. Except … they often expose their own?! Or DO they?

Lately I have started to wonder whether or not that those bing exposed might be ones that did not want to accept being into some weird elite occult or other? I have often stated to others and asked them how many times they have seen an actor or actress and thought they would end up really big but only ended up disappearing from view? I then said that maybe the saw what being in this world was really like and backed away or refused to become involved and were forced out?

You could go further and look at suicides of which there have been a fair few.

At the end of the day it is all down to some sort of element of mind control or just mass influence and if for one second that you thin that if they had the power to use it but would not … well your an idiot.

As for the rest of you … well if they have convinced you of some bullshit or other they think their job is done … because no one wants to admit when they are wrong and will defend themselves to the hilt.

So you could very well be doing their jobs for them. OOPS.


This post will be short and is once again concerning the ‘PizzaGate’ scandal and what could be going on.

I had not intended to do any more and not looked at any more videos on YouTube about it as it is very difficult to get any idea what is going on due to some insane crap being spouted that does not make any sense.

For example .. one of the things I have seen stated a lot is a number concerning how many victims there are and this number is in the hundreds of thousands.

It is really stupid and damaging to any research to simply state numbers like this and merely looks like a shock tactic to attract more visitors, or hits, from naive people?

The problem with using large numbers and especially in a case like this is that … well it seems so unbelievable. Hundreds of thousands of children going missing and no one seems to have noticed anything? No figures or proof of this has ended up in the hands of an endless list of the world’s media? With news media from countries that do not like the USA ,of which there are plenty?

One of the problems with quoting this number is not specifying a time period or worse still, specifying one that is extremely short. Say if someone was to state that 200,000 children have disappeared over a single year? I simply have trouble believing that this many children disappearing would fail to get noticed? I would be absolutely rocked and disturbed to my core to find out that this many had indeed vanished without being noticed!

I have stated many things and may have previously stated this but I have seen very few sensible arguments from level headed people. Lionel Nation being one.

What I have not seen is anyone state anything on both sides of the argument about how little proof there is as well as those people calling everyone concerned about this as belonging to a tinfoil hat brigade.

Until now.

How does ‘shut the fuck up, you ignorant bunch of morons’ sound?

Mr Sargon of Akkad I could never agree with anything more!

Now for what is the absolute best run through of PizzaGate I have seen to date and with an extremely well researched history lesson,, even on Marc Dutroux who I only found out about recently through an online friend I speak to by phone, I would strongly suggest that whatever side of the argument you come down on you watch his video. WHATEVER side of the argument you come down on.

He runs through allegations and countries implicated in such terrible things that has several European countries including the UK as well as Hollywood.

If you have been seriously scorned regardless of what side you fall in to and have been confused s to why .. then watch this video …

WARNING: It will get disturbing in the last few minutes as he shows you a case of one woman who was a victim, the details and her artwork that represents her being victimised and disassociating herself during her abuse.


So the US government are crying foul … still with the US presidential election and stating that Russia deliberately got Donald Trump elected? So they are pushing this ‘fake news’ narrative to gain control of something they have no control over. The Internet and are starting their assault by going after the social networks?

Yes because someone elected as President or Prime Minister based on lies being told has never EVER happened before.

This much has been obvious to me from day one but I had not wanted to spell it out quite so clearly beforehand. There is not quite enough rope and still is not and I am just waiting while all that rope gradually works its way out into the open..

There argument that another country has tried to influence them? Umm yeah well it is not like you have never EVER done that before, have you? Now you know what it feels like … if indeed you truly believe your own bullshit that is?

As I said previously more and more things are coming out all the time and it does so annoy me when YouTubers use the current shocking fiasco to force their own agendas with some bible bashing going on and begging people to turn to some deity.

Really? I mean, REALLY?! In the midst of some accusations of a list of the worst crimes imaginable and being committed against innocent children in the name of Satan and … you want to talk about God?! You claim this kind of thing has been going on for years so where was God or any of his warriors all this time?

Those that want to push their own agendas are not helping matters … just as much as those that over-reacting with some twisted idea of self—entitlement to be able to do as you please because children are suffering and that gives you the right?

No .. it does not, dumb-ass. You may not know it but you will be playing into the hands of those you hate who will use you as a pawn to either hide things away deeper or gain control over freedom of speech, in this case, on the Internet.

See now why I called you a dumb-ass? I have not even stated the obvious yet, that nothing is proven and just because it very much looks a certain way and it does to me it does not mean that is what it is.

Everyone is worried about this attempt to control or shut down certain things on the Internet and even talk of a licence for the Internet but part of me wants to see them try! Yes, you read that correctly. This is because I think this will cause a humongous, not Hugh Mungus (Google it), backlash from the public in the west. A HUMONGOUS BACKLASH.

I find that the more deeply corrupted something is the more shit you need to hit the fan before something truly changes and/or justice is served.

I listened, surprised, to a lady on YouTube whose channel is called ‘thetruthgirls’, though I could only see one, lol. I was actually surprised as she was very level headed and sounded a lot like me and she warns about buying into some of the things being claimed and as I have done, people’s agendas. Or at least using the popularity of this not quite so viral story to force their own agendas or beliefs.

In my opinion these people are acting against the cause for good to achieve some personal gain and considering the level of severity of the claims … this looks really bad.

I do not want to apply tags to anyone because I do not like them or I have some personal agenda that is hidden from view. I simply want to know the truth and if children are being harmed or abused in some way, have it stopped and throw people in jail for a very, very long time. Forever in fact.

Another thing I find really weird is that the extreme right seems to think that all the exposures of the ‘leftist agenda’ awards them some level of vindication. Well, no. It doesn’t.

So as I stated it is a minefield and finding sensible sounding people on these subjects is few and far between.

I am also waiting for some action from many sources but one in particular. I am sure it is only a matter of time before this …. source takes some action and states or publishes something? When it does it will be a case of “Fucking ‘A’!”

In the meantime go and listen to someone more sensible sounding on the subjects I have touched upon ….


This whole scandal is becoming somewhat confusing.

It now turns out that there is a group of conspiracy theorists claiming that the first conspiracy is one created by the elite to hide another conspiracy. A conspiracy within a conspiracy?

Well that has to be a first?

There are videos of people that talk about this and seem to be frustrated at others not seeing it for what they see it as. They run through certain things and make bold claims themselves while forgetting the fact that what is being stated is going on likely … umm, IS going on but whether it is those being named is another matter.

They also seem to be ignoring the fact that many others have been reported while not actually explaining those away? Somewhat odd, that. No mention of the four industries the UK have had claims in with the church, BBC, government and now football. The exact same scandal but in four industries and those are the ones we know about.

In fact after the BBC scandal broke I eventually realised and told many friends that I expect something to end up breaking in the US. When those allegations about Bill Cosby first materialised I told people I know “Oh, here we go?”

Then some things about Hollywood surfaced and mainly through the two child actors of many a year ago, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.

Though I did think that there might be a chance that anyone with fame and money in America might be better at keeping a tin hat on it? Not a tinfoil hat, a tin hat meaning keeping it under wraps.

Some of these other conspiracy theorists believe is that there is a pizzagate thing but that it is invented and false. I think some say that this is to get control, or otherwise censor, the Internet?

Almost as bizarre a claim as this one as also the one that David Seaman, who I have posted a few videos of, is a plant by the government? This claim is backed up by the claimants because David Seaman sort of popped up out of nowhere and then become very popular in a short space of time when others have been blogging about this subject for five years and not even close to what David Seaman achieved in just a few months.

They also point out that his claims about working in the media are bogus and all left-wing organisations anyway? Cannot recall what they said about his Huffington Post position and whether or not that was bogus too.

The thing is if your going to manufacture things such as this they can be so easily disproved and only a complete idiot would make up such claims.

I also watched another video of some American chat show programme with Whoopi Goldberg where the ‘Pizza Gate’ story was talked about on the show. This was being used by another channel called ‘The Red Pill’, or something like that and linked below, who stated something very interesting about it.

Though it never occurred to me it made a hell of a lot of sense that these subjects talked about on the show would be pre-arranged beforehand and so everyone would know what subjects were coming up? This makes a hell of a lot of sense as you could end up mentioning a subject that could offend a significant number of the audience. This goes double for anything that might be filmed live, as this show had appeared to be.

Except Whoopi Goldberg seemed to be oblivious to the ‘Pizza Gate’ story completely and acted in utter shock when someone explained it on the show? Yeah it was understandable that everything was previously vetted prior to broadcasting or filming and does seem a bit odd reacting like that.

When your simply trying to see if you can get a sense of what the truth is it can and is getting a little weird. Some conspiracies some claim to be going on does get a bit ‘out there’ if I am honest.

Another thing claimed is that they faked a shooting at Comet Pizza, or Comet Ping Pong I forget which, so that they could censor the social media?

Two problems with that and the first one is your argument against the censoring of social media by stating that they did not do a fucking thing about guns after each one of dozens of shootings but one single story blown into something it MIGHT NOT BE and your going to take an axe to the Internet?

The second problem they have is that you simply cannot censor the Internet! Well … unless you go as far as China has done but it still wont work.

The funny thing is that all the reactions as well as actions being taken or claimed does seem to be designed to whip up a frenzy among the public? It really does and I have asked myself why they would act and state things the way that they have as it is bound to wind people up on the Internet. I cannot see how they can be THAT naïve that reacting the way that they have will not have that effect? On the show with Whoopi Goldberg they basically stated that people that believed the story were plain idiots. I do not know what the percentage is of those that believe the coded emails meaning skulduggery believe the paedophile theory. So I cannot tell you what percentage of the American public they were patronising towards.

Funny that Denzel Washington recently stated to stunned reporters that the mainstream media lie … so if they will shut down smaller people and news channels will they shut them down too? See bottom for a video that states about what Denzel Washington said and to who.

They have a name they use when the governments are carrying out the things they claim to be carrying out and that term is ‘psyops’.

I deduced that ‘Psyops’ is short for ‘Psychological Operations’ where the government use one thing to cover up something else or get their public agreeable to something?

I had one of these ‘Psyops’ theories myself … for example they want a tax of £15.00 on something, let it leak they are going to force £30 on this tax, everyone goes nuts and then they state what the really want and everyone is relieved it is now half what they originally wanted.

So what some are stating is that PizzaGate is a Pysop and in all honesty this is the first theory I have heard about that does not involve paedophilia and yet it STILL maintains that the whole bunch of pizza related emails are indeed something sinister.

I have to admit if I wanted to leak a false story that was guaranteed to get people reacting as well as a few of them over-reacting, because they are blithering idiots who do not think before they act, a paedophile link is what I would use. It is that one thing that is guaranteed to get a reaction by a large percentage of any given population … oh OK … MOST populations.

They are having their own psychological effect on me as I have told people recently that I wont be coverinng the pizzagate story any more as I am not directly involved in any way, shape or form but then I end up watching something that ends up with me wanting to post it.

I think the last three posts at least I thought would be the last one and then something comes up?

Also in fairness people should hear and read other theories to make up their own minds and I would never want to be one to look one sided. If you ever become one sided and too emotionally invested you wont see the wood for the trees and can get tunnel vision and miss the truth entirely. This will likely involve in you looking very silly?

Whatever the real reason for the pizza emails it does now need to be investigated and found out because I would like to be able to sleep knowing there are not unspeakable things going on at the top of the most powerful nation on Earth.

Added to this I would like to be able to go to a news channel, whether this be TV or the Internet and see real stories reported on, know that I am not being bullshitted.

So it did not help when I discovered that Rupert Murdoch owned Fox News and is now looking to by Sky. Great.

Humans, huh? Ninety nine times out of one hundred give them too much of anything and they will fuck it up. Hmm? I think I am being overly generous on the numbers there?

Speaking of Psyops … I listened to a guy on YouTube called Victurus Libertas VL who states at some point that he could easily believe that the accused were some sort of vampires and talked of some anomaly in the eyes of some children and George Soros. I thought ‘Oh here we go, they are vampires now and not reptiles’ but then paused and remembered something..

I got sick of bloody vampire films and there were so many vampire films and series it was becoming popular and even had some people into this sort of thing in a big way. Some ….. umm let us say … people even believing they were vampires. As I told people I could just not fathom out why there was so much about vampires on TV and in films that it was weird. As I recalled this I wondered of this itself was some sort of Psyop?

Denzel Washington stating that the mainstream media lie and that if you do not watch the news you are uninformed and if you do watch it you are misinformed …

The mental sounding vampire angle and eye anomaly …. sheesh this is a minefield …


Well the PizzaGate story keeps on building up speed. But then this was expected due to recent rumblings that even hit mainstream media for once.

Even in the last 24 hours or so many news media outlets have mentioned fake news and this time with the term ‘pizzagate’, Hillary Clinton has called for censorship, which is a bad thing to do, and even at the now infamous news site Info Wars one of the most prominent characters has quit the outlet and rumour has it, it is over ‘pizzagate’.

Alex Jones himself has been fully open about his hesitating over the pizzagate story and I can fully understand that. I myself do not know what is going on and have done very little research, over than reading some very confusing Wikileaks published emails.

They say there is no smoke without fire but we could be looking at steam and do not even realise it?

The simple fact of the matter is there IS something going on and everyone seems to be unanimous n what it is among those that believe there is something. Those that do not believe there is something are somewhat …. naïve in all honesty. But just because everyone thinks it is one thing does not necessarily then mean that everyone is right. Yes OK much of the time this does turn out to be the case but there are times when it does not. They are just rare in my experience.

I have been in countless situations where everyone I know personally have all thought one thing very different to me and they turn out to be wrong and I turn out to be right. This happened very, very recently over something that did not pan out a year ago. In fact I was on the phone yesterday explaining this to someone I know that was one of those with the wrong opinions. I told him that often when I predict these things it does not mean that I want these things to be the case. In fcat when I reminded him of my original theory I then told him that not only did this theory turn out to be spot on but I would have given anything for HIS theory to be the case because my theory turning out to be true is far worse in my mind. In fact I had a very bad 24 hour period when I realised I had been correct and partly annoyed with myself that I did not follow my gut feeling.

There in lies the curse …. as I told my friend often when I predict something I very much want to be wrong and that no one stops to think about that.

Oddly he had very recently had to go and help a friend fill in a PIP (Personal Independent Payment) form who was in receipt of DLA for the same health condition as him. As he explained it he said in a surprised tone “…they just stopped his DLA?! Then he got a PIP form?!” I had told him they were doing this to everyone on DLA and that even PIP will only be around for 3 years and then it goes over into Universal Credit. .He is one of two people I know of that stated,, the other is indirectly,, “Oh, they wont touch me because I have Type 2 Diabetes and I can die” I have repeatedly told him that first off they simply do not care that you might die and that secondly others with conditions that can turn out to be or even ARE fatal have had their benefits stopped.

But only when this happened to someone he knows has it now started to occur to him that he will get a letter through his door stating his had stopped. I would bet he is still telling himself it will not happen. Despite this happening to not one but TWO people he knows. Saying that it is not like there is anything he an do even if he realises what is coming is inevitable.

More and more people are picking up on my term of ‘The Ostrich Effect’ I have used from time to time on my blog In fact I hear from others the exact same statements said to them and the exact same attitudes I have from other people That was very weird to hear. It did prove what I had theorised so many years ago and blogged about for well over four years … but it was still weird to hear all the same. I was asked why people behave like this and I said I did not know, maybe it was just ignorance, maybe it was just out of fear of reality and maybe they are so used to the way things have been that they simply cannot comprehend what life is really like without the right help and support? Maybe it is some weird combination of all of those things are some of those things?

Often the reasons behind a problem are unimportant, what matters is changing those attitudes before it is too late.

Because many do not realise that we are sleep walking deeper into a dark hole unless they wake up.

Except here we find ourselves in a situation whereby many are waking up from their comatose state, mainly in the US, but are having the places to seek the truth listed as fake news by the only ones to be found guilty of spreading fake news.

Yes that is precisely how mad things are in the world, or the western world at least and God only knows how people around the world are thinking when they read about this stuff?

So Joe Biggs is the name of the guy leaving Info Wars and it is claimed to be over the ‘pizzagate’ fiasco and as Alex Jones is being accused of being ‘flip-flopping’ when he is only being cautious I can only conclude that Joe Biggs thinks they should be covering it more? Maybe even being somewhat more accusatory than they have been?

So there seems to be a rumbling going on a little under and a little over the surface?

A rubbishing of those e-fit photos of the suspects spotted over the Madeleine McCann abduction is going on and I thought ‘Oh so e-fit photos that have been used to catch criminals for the past two or three decades are NOW SHIT are they? Well that is smart!’

The one thing that I have suspected and hoped for, if the sick theories are true, is that with so many and, let’s be honest here, with them lacking common sense having so much to lose that many of them will trip over themselves in their scramble for the exit door? Or better still get so desperate to get any light off them that they secretly plan to drop other big names in it?

If there is any truth whatsoever to these theories I fully expect this is what will occur as many people now increase their efforts to investigate this due to their incompetent knee-jerk reactions making themselves look very worried and ever so slightly guilty.

My word next year is looking to be one very happening year for all manner of things … mostly bad but some other exiting things that will probably get over shadowed by revelations that will continue to stream out next year.

Here is the rub … when it is only a handful of people or a couple of small groups it is easy to silence them but when it is hundreds of thousands and possibly even millions it is impossible. Even with a couple of people disappearing it will not be stopped. In fact it already seems to be having quite the opposite effect?

Now let me do a run down of how the PizzaGate thing got started and hot it unfolded up until this point .. the way that I saw it …

Starts …

  • Wikileaks Emails About Pizzas

  • Obviously NOT about Pizza


  • Podestas look like Madeleine McCann’s e-fit photo suspects

  • Podestas in Portugal at the time

  • The Symbols within Symbols

  • Those Symbols being removed by everyone

  • Disturbing Imagery

  • Mention of Moloch, a demon that involves sacrifices


  • Everyone accused stayed silent

  • Mainstream Media threw stones form their glass houses

  • Social Networks Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google never reacted so fast to anything else in each of their histories and started blanket banning, closing and removing posts, videos and the like

  • Above despite the fact that it was a thing that some had paedophile images that many tried to take down for a fair while (I even voted in a campaign on this against Facebook)

  • Everyone talking about it

  • Over 80% Americans believe there is something in it

  • Accounts of names involved being closed


  • Despite far, far worse things being posted in the past why did the social networks work so fast in such a short period of time over this?

  • Should Pizza Gate turn out to be false why on Earth did so many people believe in it and what does it say about the LAW, GOVERNMENT and NATIONAL NEWS MEDIA?

As to that last point, with all these public service industries in place and the way things are governed, handed and controlled what has gone so very wrong that no one trusts anything or anyone in the public eye?

Now to me the PizzaGate scandal not being true only proves what I have been saying for many years in that things have been going wrong for a very long time. The fact that so many people do not trust the biggest names in law from the FBI to the courts, the national tabloids and TV News Networks and their governments represents a humongous failure in these areas.

So as it turns out something is very, VERY wrong in the western world of the USA, Europe and the UK and I have to ask myself if leaders of the radicalised Muslim world did not know or expect this which is why we are being inundated with narrow minded people with murderous or take over intents?

Think about it for a moment. We have already had scandals of big names in paedophile rings … it is not fantasy … it is known fact, makes me wonder to the naysayers sanities. Now there is another scandal regarding the topic that has already involved celebrities, the BBC, the Church and now football. Is it THAT unbelievable? Really? Right around this time we have seen an unprecedented flood of immigrants with a large number of them being Islamic State fighters and we all know they have plans. You would once again have to be a complete and blithering idiot not to have and no ….. knowing big words does not mean that you are right or have a better chance of being right than the next man. Ahem, or woman, lol. It only makes you a clot!

Also you cannot ignore or refuse to conduct an investigation because someone has a lot of money or be they people influence, fame, power or is in government, Prime Minister, President or monarchy.

The law is the law and is there for everyone or that is what it was intended to be.

Right now they are making it look like and have done for over ten years that it only applies to the poor and the working classes at worst. At best everyone other than upper classes.

I have spent well over ten years hearing about legal cases in the mainstream media between famous people and big organisations over things that have been nothing short of …. petty. While very major crimes have been committed that have not even gone to any type of court, let alone appear on the mainstream media!

So for well over ten years I have waited .. and waited and waited and now that for which I have been waiting is finally happening before my very eyes.

What I find a shame is that it took rumours of terrible things happening to children for this to even begin happening and if indeed children are being harmed ….. well maybe of the Ostriches had pulled their self-centred heads from their sandpits over a decade ago many children could have been saved from harm?

Benefit of hindsight?

No, this was foresight and the only thing I did not foresee was this involving children. Including my very own!

Apologies for fibbing …

Someone speaking about Joe Biggs leaving Info Wars …


Someone I listen to a lot on YouTube and is very popular has had his entire channel taken down.

I was surprised to hear this and heard it when I spotted the headline to a Sargon Of Akkad video and he talked about it, stated what he thought it was over and I agree and linked in a petition.

What seems to be an official story is that his cartoon Bear apparently appeared for a few seconds or a few minutes in an old TV programme.

I think I saw something about someone finding out where the cartoon Bear came from and contacted them about it.

Several people are quite furious about it and I dare say there will be videos about it from the likes of MundaneMatt, maybe even Thunderf00t, Charmingman and many others?

I have no doubt this will turn out to be one of the Social Justice Warriors and one with a well known name too? The list is long …

  • Anita Sarkeesian
  • LaughingWitch
  • Jenny McDermott
  • Kristi Winters
  • Zarna Jooshi
 There are a couple of others whose names escape me.
Either that or it will be one of the followers of the above or someone that swoons over one of the above and do anything to get their attention and impress them?

However in the meantime I thought I would put up the link to the petition as others may well be interested in signing?

Many of the sensible YouTubers and normally you can tell them by their long list of subscribers, likes and followers, like me that has  not subscribed to any of them, have been talking about this happening on YouTube for a very long time. Some of those have created there own YouTube videos about this and even state that they all expected crap like this to start and now it has. Though technically speaking it first happened to the man with the loud feet, Thunderf00t. On that occasion it was unsuccessful.

But this doughnuts really do not give up and do not allow comments on their own channels a majority of the time, say what they like in the name of free speech but want to preach to others about what they can and cannot say.

If that sounds bad already you want to see some of the things they demand.

I predict a hug backlash against YouTube unless the infamous Bear is back quickly and many people have been gradually moving over to other hosting sites with Vimeo, and GAB being some I have seen people mention.


I also am now hearing that it has also happened to someone else known as Edgy Sphinx