Ahh the wonders of work. At least that is what I do at the end of the day as it comes from science and means using force against gravity so well all technically work from the moment we get out of bed.

Oh well OK so with me it is a bit more than that. This blog in particular is technically now over one year old. It was a few weeks or a month after I starting adding the other blogs I now write on and provide media content for. Along with this one on corruption I added…

Reptiles Amphibians Fish

British Wildlife & Bird Watching

Tropical Orchids

CPUS & Computers

All of the above got a fair amount of my attention….while….

Astronomy & Atsrophysics

Comic Book Movies & Other films

Pink Floyd & Other Music

…got started but got a little neglected but still managed to amass a fair amount of visitors nonetheless?!

That was 7 extra blogs along with this one making no less than EIGHT, well DUHHH!!

I also added…

Digital Photography (for more arty photos)

Japanese Maples

Passion for Wing Chun (my martial art)

plus a couple on Doctor Who for the older series and the later series, lol.

That makes THIRTEEN. Yes those keen eyed viewers would remember I said fourteen and it is indeed fourteen, lol.

So for a year as well as divulging anything untoward I discovered in corruption, much I did not expect if I AM honest,  I also run around in my spare time and increased the frequency with something I did a lot each year only this time I intended to use a too for collecting media content in the form of a camera. This started of as a smart phone camera and then a small compact zoom and then a bridge camera. Well FIVE bridge cameras but I am not going to go over all that again.

I also increased the level of content and posts on many blogs while others admittedly suffered a little but this is largely due to many things being seasonal in my world. Throughout the year the emphasis will shift among the subjects and indeed they are going to go through this transitional period right about now. A trip out today strongly hinted at this now about to take place before very long.

This kept me busy and something to work towards, something I thought I was controlling and I knew that if I increased the level of input then the numbers would follow. Only the numbers seemed to have a mind of their own and by the time 4 months had gone by I was already highly suspicious.

A whole year of piling my expertise into all this because a certain someone….GOOGLE…said that I could make money out of blogging. Not based on the input that I have put in and I think they meant to say that THEY can make money out of ME BLOGGING?!

One year, 6 years of input and approaching 50,000 visitors and numbers that can only ever increase have been going backwards?! I have had people somehow and miraculously UN-VISIT themselves from my blogs and my YouTube account?!?! LMAO!

SO the numbers have lied and are lying so therefore the money is a lie to and therefore people are being cheated. To what level and or percentage I do not know but the number of visitors does NOT go backwards!!

Added to this is the fact that for the last 30,000 visitors I have not acquired any more followers meaning everyone thinks Google are crap, evil, no good and deserted them or these numbers are fabricated too?! I have another blog you see and it is on the exact same subject as this. The posts since that other blogs creation have also been identical to this one. I do not really mind if people follow me or not, the object is to show people the evidence and let them realize for themselves what the truth is. But when you are collecting more followers on the exact same blog in ONE SINGLE WEEK than I have amassed on here in ONE WHOLE YEAR….then you KNOW something is really wrong!!

To be able to build on my blogs you would need to expand your horizons.

To be able to build on your blogs you need to delve further, deeper and wider.

You will need to go further than before and improve on what went before and all this takes one thing…..MONEY.

There is way way around it and on many of my blogs I am hitting brick walls to extend, expand and improve on what I have spent an entire year doing!!

So not much to expect then that the company that mislead you into doing all this has not made good on its own innuendos!!

Bloggers have worked their backsides off for a year or more and hit a brick wall and Google have not acted as they claimed they would, now THERE IS A SURPRISE?!

I guess they think they work OUTSIDE THE LAW?!?! LMAO!

Odd that I always knew trhis was all coming and saw it starting some time ago. The disappearing digital letterbox and the raising to aloof status to God like Complexes raged ever onward for several years. It was only ever going to go one way while the big names would get cockier and bolder at not being reigned in?!

It was always a certainty with me and clearly obvious even when others talked it down, I did not care.

So my days of getting up out of bed and thinking what could I do and where could I go today to get content for my blogs and my YouTube account were first dogged by a dozen things and then a great deal more were added along the way.

How as I going to deal with the various areas of my body with physical pains, of which there are many, along with the other things like sudden heartburn or vomiting with little warning?! Also I was having difficulty getting home too without being totally f….buggered and my thighs and calf muscles aching severely and very stiff the next day so that I would not cycle?!

Before long I was asking myself how long my blogs would grow and my visitors grow before I started receiving any cash from Google?! For the last 6 months and with each journey out in pain I wondered if this would be the day I get enough and provide enough content to trigger an obvious first payment?!

Ten months in and I was annoyed at all the FREE ADVERTISING I was obviously providing for a great deal of people and thought that even IF you went to a local newspaper and advertised the cost would be considerable. If you went national the fee would be hugely impressive. Global and my word your talking figures that would look like telephone numbers?!?! LMAO!!

But no here we are and thay have advertised and promoted brand awareness for a whole year and I could not even say how much longer their algorithms are designed to do it for?!

I certainly do no think their algorithms to cheat people took into consideration…

1) Someone who would put so much work into it in such a short periods of time and…

2) Someone who would know so much that would have a whole list of blogs on different subjects?!

Indeed I did get a few emails from them regarding some videos I posted on YouTube asking if it was really ME?!

I said something along the lines of if they keep asking I will come down and show them how good my Wing Chun is too?!?! LOL.

So I have been working for sometime and preparing to do something for myself which I would have done and should have done way before now. But with my disabilities and the hectic life due to the government I have not been able to make a start on it until now…..err a year ago, lol.

Only the last year I have RUSHED somewhat and this became a downward spiral that I think is by design as the numbers always looked like the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and as I did more (ran faster) the light seemed to always remain the same distance away. This is exactly how it has felt for the last 7 months and it looks in all honesty like it will stay that way for another year at least?!

This is lying, cheating and WRONG. Pure and simple. They should not be putting up videos and sending messages to people about making money as if I was someone with a job and little time to invest in a sinlge solitary blog then I dread to think how long it would be before someone like that got their first piss poor payment of a paltry £60!! Ten years maybe?! LOL.

As a blogger you end up feeling you have built your entire house on flood plane and was not informed of it hen you started building it. Only now the house is mostly built so what can you do?! If your America this might not mean much until I say well what if your house is made of bricks?! We do not really go in for the whole wooden housing thing in the UK. Except for log cabins, lol.

I spent a year building a series of Lighthouses on a flood plane and Google cannot even provide the bulb for the top?!

Think about it, all the bogs are beacons of help to all those that cruise nearby and all Google are saying is feck you, lol.

I have an urge over the next few weeks to get somewhat more philosophical yet again and go down deep with my pondering. It is a god time for it too what with the experiences I have had for the past 6 months and how you get no help at all from anyone regardless of your condition or even handing over large amounts of cash.

The whole while my blogs have built up was also to show to all many other things and some of these may not be immediately apparent until I point them out but that was purely intended.

For a couple of examples of this on a very basic views is that no one can say that I am…

1) Stupid


2) Lazy

Now if you think long and hard about it you could expand on those two simple words into all manner of things. There are many that in the coming months will now want to throw and have stick upon my persona but all of these blogs exist to prevent that.

When the idiots that run the United Kingdom say one stupid thing I wanted to shoot hat down in flames. They did not make it that difficult and are so far removed from reality that they just said whatever came into their heads without thinking.

Seems the teachings at Eton and others seem to miss certain …areas, lol. Like REALITY, LMAO!

You could say I am teaching all and that with the government and MPs if they fail to learn then their heads get banged harder into the proverbial table, lol.

It should look obvious when you think about it as the more they have come out with really stupid statements the harsher I have got with my posts.

They think its all simple and I am telling them it is not.

They think it is all easy for us and I am SHOWING THEM it is not!!

The idiots think that the best method is lying and cheating as that is what is expected in politics but I am telling them to look at me and take it on-board that, that was the old way and it is dead and does not work anymore. My blog right here is testament to that at least.

I am also telling them if they ignore me and this post and that anything I predicted comes to be then they cannot escape the fact it is THEIR FAULT. No finger pointing and blaming as it would have already been predicted and posted on here for days, weeks or even MONTHS before it eventually took place?!

Now RIGHT THERE is something else they have all been lacking for some years now and sleep walked into this mess they created…


Just a bunch of monkeys trying to write War and Peace when we do not have the time! We never had the time despite the fact that the public offices were built on time WASTING and siting around for hours moaning about work?!

WHAT WORK? You just spent an hour sitting or standing around moaning about it?! Are you moaning that you do not get paid enough for standing around MOANING?! LMAO!

I know because I myself have witnessed this on many occasions and have been told stories by people I knew that worked for a period of time in public offices. I have also been told things by people that work in public offices. I really have heard the strangest of things and to have these incompetent morons want to look down their noses at me and speak down to me too?! No sireee!! LOL.

AS for the blogs and those that are left…well who knows what may happen?! Hard for me to see anything beyond mid September and my energy and abilities to chase all this up would have ran out. So would my excuses to lean on the NHS too and be referred to another department. But you never know, the opprtunity may come up in a change around that is to come. But I doubt it.

There will be things that crop up in the news that I have long since covered or predicted and then there will be others that I have not, did not envisage and feel strongly enough about to post up something.

As for the NHS I am more inclined to use what I now have on them to get proper diagnosis and treatment, that was what the bonus was going to be for me to actually get proper care. Yes of course they are not the only ones.

So in other words I am thinking about not hiding so much as I have done the last year and not kept this blog a secret, which I still am. Even after all this time I have only ever REFERRED to it and not even uttered the word BLOG. Instead I would say WEBPAGES so that anyone who had an ounce of intelligence, something my current GP lacks, who would think of looking for it would miss it, lol.

There were plenty of times I thought they was aware of it but then it looked like they did not. Maybe someone at the NHS is but not playing fair with others?! LMAO!

You could also argue that this could be the same for all organisations I cover!

I am looking forward to the day when it os found out that individuals have been trembling with fear that this blog would be associated with what THEY did or that THEY WOULD GET THE BLAME?!

LMAO! Oooh now that would be one hell of a day!

I often wonder how long it would take and added to that what it would feel like when it DOES happen?!

Well I started this blog knowing that it would go on for about a year and then a pause and take stock of what has gone, what has failed to transpire and the likelihood of future events. The future events will always be the same the question is the periods of time involved…

How long is a piece of string?



Consider what this one group did over the culling of Badgers, which i think is WRONG by the way.

Now consider what a whole list of existing GROUPS plus those that could spring into existence once enough people have digested all the facts and evidence I have spent the last year providing.

To really realise the magnitude you have to sit down and write a list of the possible victims of each that I have caught out to be lying and corrupt.

The old, sick, dying, unlucky, unfortunate, British born, single mothers and worst of all CHILDREN.

If you have failed to realise the severity of this then what in the world have you been doing?! Lol.

Anarchists say they set police fire


Why do I get the feeling Serco had already been rumbled and knew it?!

Maybe it is just me? Lol.

It certainly seems like Serco could well have been up to all manner of things to make this story look like a walk in the park?!

Still Serco in the news headlines is all good and I am sure that they are currently being scrutinised by the relevant….GROUPS?!


Police probe prison escort ‘fraud’


Oh I’m sorry…my bad I meant people.

It really does annoy me when a twat like him speaks about how terrible it is to use chemical weapons when he really could not give a flying…..Squirrel about them in reality.

You cannot treat your own people like cheap and crap garbage abs then preach a sermon about inhumanity!

That tends to get you labelled as two faced, lol.

But then they have waited a bit longer before getting in there and supporting the underdog as that gets better benefits and prices, lol.

Cameron: I won’t stand by over Syria


Well here is the proof yet again!

It is odd as I do not normally pay too close attention to these figures and so I can say that I have absolutely no idea exactly how many times this has happened!!

I have spotted it about six times and the first time or two I got annoyed with myself for getting the numbers wrong on my spreadsheets and annoyed at how I managed to do it. After the second time I was making doubly sure of my data and was already convincing myself that Google were up to something, lol.

Or maybe with all their computers that can nod do simple maths?! LMAO!

Below you can see the main window ith my YouTube visitors at 8,854 from RIGHT NOW and to the right the figure of 8,945 from YESTERDAY, lol. Only reason I looked is because someone said they cannot hear sound to a rare and one off VIDEO BLOG I put up on YouTube, lol. See next post.



Well now things have still been stalling over at Adsense TOWERS?!?!

Now what will happen is this…. in seven to ten days I am expecting that the numbers should leap by some considerable amount?!

Previously I had Adsense banner on top and one small text box in side bar.

For the last 3 weeks or more I have had the same banner across top, same size again at footer and a bigger box of 300×300 I think in the sidebar….

1) So I should at least be getting 1.5 to 2 times as many clicks as before…

2) Especially as there was a gap of about ten weeks I think and in the time the number of daily and weekly visitors rose a fair bit!

3) So I have gone from like 5 clicks a week to no clicks in a month?! IMPOSSIBLE, LOL.

God they really ARE the corporation from hell and with a name like Schidt….I am sorry Schmidt you do tend to wonder about the obvious, lol.

Adsense TOTALS 260813 JPG