Little did I know that when I tried to get Max Clifford’s attention, though only getting a very nice secretary to speak to me, that he would wind up being accused of being one of those I consolation about?!

It looks very much as if that Max is one of those that think that once you have enough money and fame that the law dies not apply and any dark depraved thoughts that lurk deep within them are gradually allowed to surface much to the distraught of any victims that fall prey to them?

Is it a crime, Mr Clifford? I dunno but I might suggest that your wife is a better judge than I am?

Clifford ‘greedy’ for having affairs



Idiot! Or liar?!

It really matters not to me as I make up my own mind and an very good at seeing the realities and avoiding the swathes of utter faeces floating about in the form of words!

This latest statement about the Police, I just don’t know where their heads are at? Or maybe I should be asking; I do not know where they think our heads are at?! Lol!

Sometimes I do wonder and I wonder hard.

Maybe they see the public as losers and a waste of time? Maybe the majority of people either just do not see or just do not care?

For example I have been typing and posting on this blog for over 18 months and heading for two years now. In reality I have no way of knowing if the majority of people visiting are taking on board what I have laid out on the table? I would have trouble believing that anyone else out there could provide so many details, insights and evidence to so many industries at the same time? I could not even think of an organisation that attempts this? Now I think that the numbers I have seen as regards as my blog are suspicious and manufactured for whatever reason. After all the declarations and revelations that I have produced and continue to produce should have gone wild on the internet. Each and every industry should, in itself, attract very impressive numbers from the large number of victims and anyone linked to them. Despite the figures now getting impressive enough to attract attention from a series of businesses, authors and many more besides I thought I would get to this figure a year ago?!

Now I believe that even those that cannot immediately see the wood for the trees well get it eventually. Maybe they might go away from single posts disagreeing with me but find themselves back here in another agreeing? Maybe they will then realise, make a connection and then realise what I was getting at in the first post they read? Think of it as a slow burner.

But then again, maybe not?

I sometimes wonder if it could at all be possible that those in power of government think like that? Maybe when they explain things nobody takes any notice or they get no thanks for being honest? Maybe they just think they will say whatever they think the majority of the public need to hear?

Despite me not thinking this out is only right as well as fair and that is to consider all possibilities. This is the only way that they can be analysed to see if they fit what had gone on. Only then can you disregard them and move onto the next theory.

Of course this goes up in a ball of flame when professionals within an industry are caught red handed by me lying!

Today I had someone I know in my house and I will not state who he is. I will tell you that he starred a couple of things and one was obvious when you thought about it and one was a surprise. They stated that everyone lies and is up to no good! They have worked briefly with or for the Police and for Doctors and that they are dreadful and greedy and lie through their teeth! If you know this persons history and issues you would be surprised they said it!

This conversation took place because I was exposing the interest in my blog from companies as well as what had happened with my official NHS complaint through the GMC, NHS England and finally the PHSO. He was as stunned to hear what they asked me, the ‘how much money do you want’ question. That is four completely shocked people out of four, there is one that uttered ‘nyeh!’ like Gru’s mother in the animated comedy Despicable Me? I was explaining how each of the Doctor’s lied and how I caught them out and recorded most of them. I then explained what happened when one GP admitted to me what went on and that the NHS ties their arms around their back and holds them to ransom and then closes her practice after seeing my back X-Ray! That raised an eyebrow yet again and I thought I had already told them that part.

Difficult to keep track really and I do have a great deal to keep track of, even for someone without my issues and health problems!

But I was never one to give in and roll over, no matter what the odds. Though there were times I came close and find it highly amusing today that these times if rolling over and dying were actually caused by the very industry supposed to help prevent this, the National Health Service!

What I also find hilarious in my own dark way is the fact that every now and then they bleat on about voluntary euthanasia and how wrong and immoral it is and not allowed! Well this must be purely from a religious point of view, which I find a bit twisted in all honesty, because from what I have witnessed first hand their is little regard for both human life and human well being in the National Health Service!

Maybe I should become religious and be a catholic? Lol!

Police ‘damaged but not broken’


You know I must be missing something here?

I came up with the title for this post based on what I assumed George Osborne was on about when he said he is targeting “full employment”?

Now I am going to assume here that he means that by the end of it everyone will be in work?!

Now if this is the case I can tell you now that not only must he be fecking pissed as a fart but I think he must also use Cocaine?! Lol! Everyone in employment and not using take jobs that you have to borrow money to pay for?!

I am absolutely dying to see what his critics say about this!!  I am afraid to say that the very nature of Conservative ideas prevent this “full employment” idea they could not even get close to! No two ways about it and neither could Labour! In fact I am not sure they’re is anyone smart enough to be able to achieve that.

The funny thing is that to even think like this you would have to realise that with the current and old fashioned and our of date system will always prevent this from happening. Added to this not only have you got an outdated system but it had been heading in the wrong direction going on twenty years. When I predicted the recession way over five years before it hit I simply said to people who thought me mad “the hierarchies and the prices of things is all wrong and way out of touch and if it keeps going like this it will go boom! Once they realise this the more they prevent it from going boom the bigger and longer the boom will be!”

This is because of the same old naivety among people that quite literally think they are higher up than most others, that think rules do not apply to them, that because they managed to con their way to the top this allows them to think they are intelligent and best if all they do not have to pay taxes!!

Yes there are tiers and unless you stop the tiers from racing away from each other you well never gain full control of a society. It does not help when you have powerful tosspots that think themselves higher than God because they own the companies that have their fingers in all the pies.

Yes most of the public were naive and sleep-walked right into this but like the proverbial rats they followed the tune of those playing pipes. What I find highly amusing and is one of the many reasons this blog came about is that they then decided we were to blame?! What for believing their shit?! How fantastic a notion is that? Of we will just do as we please and think everything just heads skywards ask the time and if we get it won’t we will just blame it on you for letting us do it!

When you are communications language like this out is a very dangerous path to tread. The mitre you ignore this and venture down this path the more treacherous it becomes and is also a great deal harder to turn back from too.

That is just the way it is and wishing or yaking that it is different will not change the nature of the beast. Quite unfortunately.

I also remember spotting that Labour was starting something like this too?!

So rather than penalise those with the most power, land, money and assets that are primarily responsible for all this crap they now talk as if the entire nation below the upper classes are complete naive idiots?! Nice!

I cannot wait to see what they come out with next?!

What always staggers me is that for all their political speak even many journalists will not see this for the utter nonsense it is! For to achieve this, without using leather whips and chains, you would have to completely overhaul the system into something not only unrecognisable but one that those in power will not accept in a million years! Well until that I refer to in a previous paragraph as regards treacherous paths when a large majority decides it all ends and many of those who are primarily responsible are made an example of the likes of which have not been seen since the actions towards witches by the church.

Just as one person can be reverted to a primary and ancient animal instinct so can a very large group be forced to do this too. In fact in groups it becomes infectious because each one knowing he or she is surrounded by others just as angry and hurt allows this ire to ebb and flow to rile the individuals up. Seeing and hearing others around you feeling like this only fuels the fires to lash and lap ever higher and hotter.

Speaking to them like they are all bloody idiots is not going to help you half-wits!

Or is really annoying when you tour and talk to try and make people realise that this is just idiots talking and take no notice and get yourself wound up over and then they go and state something even more idiotic than they did before!!

I can guarantee that there are no two ways about it anyone currently staying this had not done all their sums! When you consider that these people are either bean counters or surrounded by them I wonder what idiotic universities they actually attended because they cannot do simple maths!

Full employment?! God, I just do not know with these people and the more they open their mouths the more I want to be living in a different country very far away from here!

Osborne to target ‘full employment’


Well I have made it no secret that I have been highly suspect of the British news media within this blog.

I have purposes several possibilities, some based on the fact that they have moved on from being politically affiliated to extremely chummy!

However, and do not use this as an excuse, the link in my last post stated at the end that out of the top 25 news media 22 of them has requested from the associated governments?!

Now I could suggest that this is the reason they are picky and choosy because if the monitoring?!

I could suggest that they have all the media tied up but just keeping tabs to see if they such to any verbal or contractual agreement?!

Or I could suggest that no one government could possibly tie up the news media to the entire planet?!

Which I can now tell you that despite giving one and all every single opportunity to do the right thing that in the back of my mind going public online would avoid almost all obstacles that could be placed before me.

My attitude was ‘well you may well have been thwarting me but eventually I will create a webpage, show how I have been thwarted previously while I continue being thwarted while posting on here. While for the longest time none had any idea that I was not only doing this but doing so to the world wide public!! That is after all why it is called the world wide web, don’t cha know?!

All I had to do was let my anger show, their hissy fits, do a bit of name calling, threatening and use the word solicitors?! I mean I knew there was no Legal Aid and I always new why! Some things I simply could not post on here too early just in case someone did realise what I knew and decided to nip it in the bud early on?! That was a very obvious danger for this blog from day one! Not let too much of my knowledge and understanding out of the proverbial bag too early. If I did it here and there over a very long period then this in power and public office would to to lazy to join all the dots! Then when everything has been posted with tune and date stamps I like keep going until I had been getting enough attention and then start to put those sparse clues into groups for individual posts. Thereby linking together the separate points into one conjoined list of related points to show what had been going on for quite some time?

For arguments sake it is now obvious from my recent description that removal of Legal Aid then followed by control of the NHS to stop scans and tests that then help the DWP and Local Councils to save money. Note if this has been pointed out early on in one single post I might have been disappeared from here before anyone would even notice?

Of course for this plan to work they had to have something linking all of these organisations together and the closest I could get to that is Serco. The only one I have yet to link in to make the formula work is the legal system as far as solicitor are concerned or in the courts?! Does not need to be both! Oh and not forgetting their involvement in the Police Forces either! Which is probably why the Police also do not act on the very same things there is no Legal Aid for? My, my isn’t that convenient? So involved with the Police and the legal system does not sound that far fetched any more.

So the wider and mostly innocent public have been corralled, manipulated, misled and ill treated because there is a small faction of society that believe they have some kind of birthright to a life of never ending luxuries. Maybe they need to be renamed scientifically and I will borrow a term that I think was from Marvel Comics when I was a kid?

Homo superior.



Oh dear!

Government requests to Google about it’s users had risen by 120% according to the BBC report to which I have provided a link!

Just amazing, is it not, about just how naive governments are! I think that this that get in power want things a certain way, which invariably means their way while the overjoyed public that they have someone new thinks that they will get it their way?!

In fact the while idea of a coup, revolution, spring is that the majority of the people that fight get it their way. That is it and that is all. Yet tome after time it airways end up that the one that gets in power has completely different ideas?!

Now what kind of idiot, or indeed idiots, think that no matter what state their country is in or what the prior expect that they can then lord it up like a new dictator and swan about the place as if arriving from some higher calling then wonder what went wrong when they are booted out 5 minutes after getting in?

Now what goes on in their minds, I have no fecking idea?! Write how the think the wants and whims of one man, or woman, outweighs that if their entire population, or just the majority of it, I simply do not know.

I really wish in reports like this that they provided a bit more information than they do?!

I mean to say that I would be interested to know which countries and how many. Hmm if everyone was to create a list, or an online vote, as to which countries the governments belong to that made these requests I wonder what the top five or ten would be? Maybe these government think it’s the other way around and it’s which governments the countries being too?!


In fact I think that probably the one most people would think can be ruled out as their public need enough money to own computers! Probably made owning a computer at all illegal. But from what I hear they have enough of a problem with food! That would be North Korea, of course.

I would imagine the list would be populated with countries whose government want to keep their jobs or have a large enough fraction of the population belonging to an ethnic minority that could produce terrorists? Perhaps even some with a genuine cause for concern?!

But like I have tried to show on here that it is no good guessing and you never know the facts until someone both tells the facts and then shows the facts.

Google government requests ‘up 120%’


I saw this article regarding a banner attached to a light aircraft with the words ‘Wrong Man – Moyes Out’. This is of curse referring to Manchester United and their new manager David Moyes.

Yes OK I am not a Manchester United fan but when I saw this banner it made me realise just how naive people can be!

It is funny is it not? They have had their best years ever under Alex Ferguson and now he had retired a bunch of fans think that someone can just take things up where he left off and carry on as if nothing has happened?! More annoyingly they also seen to think that being the top team is their God given right?! How boring it has been fur a number if years now, or was, knowing it would be one of the or for teams that will win the Premiership?! How bloody boring it would be if it was always the same bloody team?!

As a Spurs fan since a kid I went for the longest time longing for us to finish to experience that like the days of 1961! If I had seen Spurs finish top just two or the times in the last thirty years I would have been ecstatic! I was ecstatic to see us in the Champions League as well as his far we went! But Man United fans would probably throw huge fit if they only won the Premiership 3 times in ten years?!


I wonder if they considered that speaking as if managing Manchester United is easy as is winning the title with them might just be a bit disrespectful to their previous manager?! If I was him I would feel a bit pissed with these fans as they seem to think it’s dead easy? Maybe they think that what you need to do is just bit the top manager that will win the title?!

The funny part about it is that now that two other teams have appeared as genuine contenders, one is a team that previously owned the title during the 70’s, Liverpool, and one had basically bought most of the top players and managers so of course they would get a title or two? That would be the other Manchester team of Manchester City. Still it is nice to have a different couple of names up there even if yet again it is not Spurs?!


Man Utd fans defend plane protest


Well the BBC seem to be on a roll today?!

After disappointing news reports for what seems like forever, today they have two sounding like they are getting it! Instead of acting all bewildered or speaking about things as if they want to provoke a situation?!

First President Putin and then the National Debt being reported about without sensationalism thrown in.

When will the UK pay its way?


At last someone who has an understanding of President Putin unlike most others on the media!

In fact as soon as he questioned whether people should be surprised before going on to state that Putin made it will know what he wanted I realised here was someone who understood the man.

I mean I myself was not aware that Putin wanted this but this guy does his homework.

What worries me is the fact that sector of the Russian public might go all mother Russia and revert to their old ways over this?! I do not think so myself but you do worry. I have always wanted to visit Russia and had a Russian friend at University as well as several online. You end up learning some very odd things about Russia and to think that the tosser that has faked his way back in charge sends to be speaking of the old ways is somewhat… disturbing!

In particular one woman told me that when at school years ago they did not teach foreign languages and when I asked why she stated that the teachers were adamant that there was no point as everyone in the world would be speaking Russian at some point in the future?!

That was a very eye opening thing to be told, let me tell you.

Vladimir Putin: The rebuilding of ‘Soviet’ Russia


Well not only have they jumped upon a tiny fraction of the number in work but it seems that the debt we offer has barely budged!!

Hmm I will have to keep an ear out to see what he says about that! The always explanations, which is its ‘down to my brilliance and intelligence’ when it works in the favour and ‘here is one of a dozen excuses I had prepared’ when it is not in their favour! Lol!

UK current account deficit at £22.4bn


Yes so if you paid close attention to the letters I copied and pasted in a previous post you may well have spotted it?! In fact I decided it is likely best all round if I just come out and state it that way I can then speak about why it is wrong?!

I was asked ‘How much money do you want?’ in a round about way and I simply could not answer and stated it was twenty years of my life littered with homelessness, breakdowns (I now know to be due to Fibromyalgia), pain, untold stress and breakdowns of God knows how many relationships!

Think about it for a moment. How do you put a price on that?

I knew I would garner the attentions of a solicitor down the line and one with confidence as opposed to one without and too lazy to peruse this blog! Even then I would not be expected to be asked that question! I would expect at some point for a solicitor to turn and say ‘Well I think you can expect ‘x’ amount of money.’

I also know that a solicitor I know who will remain nameless wanted to take legal action against his wifes solicitors practise because he was stabbed by her son, his step-son! Yes you read that correctly and I know through him that in the event of anything taking place that meant a detrimental affect on his life and was inescapable that the maximum amount was £10 MILLION. That was indeed what he was going to sue the practice for! I kid you not but in the end the idea got dropped!

Mine is somewhat different as I was not involved in an accident as such. But I was put through a living hell which was on, mostly, and off, rarely, for well over a decade!

Plus there is all the support I should have had but was refused and the exact reason why I was refused a diagnosis in the first place! Like I stated to a group of diabled people, well two groups actually, this removal of DLA and support from disabled people is not knew. It did NOT come in when the Tories got in power they only took it to a whole new level!

I was an easy victim and an easy target and I like to think that what they did to me and several other people I knew in my life outside of the Internet, I call now ‘The Guinea Pig Run!’ Start off with those easiest to kick off and every so often work your way up the scale. This is why I always say that the Prime Minister and the Cabinet along with the rest of them are merely Puppets and themselves have Masters! It is also why I always refer to them as having no gonads, normal male genitalia as opposed to being very tiny?! LMFAO!

What has annoyed me about being asked that question is that they will give out the impression that it is all over and you have won with some compensation for the horrors and stress. If then nothing at all happens in this case then the question is completely and utterly bang out of order to ask of anyone in my position! It was on a form I was sent so it must be asked of others. Now if I had been asked this a couple of months INTO the PHSO handling my complaint it would make more sense and I would still be shocked. But this was on the form that I needed to sign for them to investigate?! However I have always known that I had provided enough for this to be an open and shut case all the way to the bank which is why I have attacked solicitors and the British Legal System and lack of Legal Aid! In the hope that visitors to this blog would realise something on their own?! I shall briefly explain and yes I am capable of being BRIEF, LOL…

  1. Stopping the NHS diagnosing I always stated that helps themselves the DWP and Council vast sums of money! I have stated this from the beginning but something occurred PRIOR to this…

  2. The removal of legal rights and representation to those that cannot afford the extortinate fees!! Now think carefully this started to occur PRIOR to the NHS interfered with and why would this be?!

So you see a removal of legal rights and then controlling the NHS wwho sabe a whole bunch of money while taking millions themselves and individually while humdreds of thousands of people end up living like paupers from Victorian England?!

There is a French word that perefectly sums up what I have now placed into the mindset of an ever groowing number of the British Public and possibly individuals in many other countries that may or may not have similar goings on, now what is that word? Umm, oh yeah….VIOLA!!