A long time ago now I had a friend who was not very bright, and that is putting it mildly.

He was viewed as someone that was unemployable and would never get a job while I was viewed as someone that would achieve many things.

Since we lost contact I have ..

  • Been to College
  • On to University
  • Screwed over by Uni after turning down a PhD working in medicine
  • GCHQ were later interested in offering me a job as was the MoD
  • Symptom after symptom I was told could not possibly be linked but later proved they were, took 13 years plus
  • Realised corruption
  • Gathered evidence on corruption
  • Ignored by Fake News, including the irrefutable proof
  • Wrote a book based on facts about said corruption ..
  • Had single literary agents show shock and said I needed a much bigger agency
  • Bigger agencies went ‘meh’
  • Started blogging and attracting viewers at a fast rate
  • Then numbers starting behaving suspiciously
  • Started up several other blogs in things that are not only popular but I know a lot about .. cycling miles and spending a lot of money to do it, likely over £40,000
  • Government eyes lit up at my numbers offered to help .
  • Then pulled support
  • Then my ad revenue froze
  • Then my YouTube numbers were played with and was so damn obvious you had to be an moron to do this they way that they did
  • Then I went to Twitter .. and there ..
  • Followers raced past  my Blog follower numbers in three weeks, in what had taen my 6 years on Blogger
  • Then those numbers started playing up
  • Then I was targeted by large organisations hell bent on getting me off Twitter
  • For telling the truth
  • During this whole period of what is now 8 years I have had no benefit, no support and zero money
  • Also during all this I tried to get help and justice with my disability, yes I am disabled
  • Organisations, Doctor and others would react with shock and anger at finding out what had been occurring
  • Then, like my going self-employed and without reason help was pulled at the 13th or 25th hours
  • Even my daughter said WE was being targeted
  • She has been abused several times in all this time
  • During this time through a realisation and gathering of evidence ..
  • Worked with GCHQ and MI5 and other than a phone-call later telling me I am a genius .. it was rather one sided and I got no .. reward nor acknowledgement for it
  • Recorded Police Detectives taking my statement concerning the above .. was called a genius at the end of the five hour ordeal
  • Posted that on here ..
  • She was a grooming gang and domestic violence victim
  • Stabbed in the back, lied to, persecuted and bullied off Twitter during all this by social workers and Police
  • Lies were told not to pay money for her, even having cervical cancer, or her three special needs children
  • One child was given to his paedophile father and taught to say ‘F*ck Jesus’ when he met his mother
  • They confiscated two cars for no reason, one of which I bought for her
  • Media Agent found out about one court case .. said he would end all her worries .. financially .. promised books, magazine series and TV series .. pulls at the 11th hour
  • Take A Break Magazine offers to do a Go Fund Me .. pulls at the 11th hour
  • Meanwhile on social media I see a great many people telling very obvious lies in books, newspapers and on TV and yet ..
  • They get highly paid for it?!

Now here is the thing ..

It is of no doubt to even the Doubting Thomases any more that I know, I have mad MANY apologies, that I was right and that I have been targeted for many years and have had someone .. somewhere .. stepping and and thwarting any plans to.

So why have none of the names successfully met me?

If I was so bad and so wrong .. and while being able to reach so many people, because their attempts to thwart me just had me come up with alternatives, why not take me to court and get their fake news to cover me?
Meanwhile I am now back to trying to up my high resolution photographs for the photography side of my plans they screwed up in 2017. Not without issues, pain, failure three times in a row once and heart issues .. not to mention anxiety and difficulty travelling through s motion sickness that was ignored by the NHS for 8 years!

I have been blocked by Lord Adonis, Labour Left Voice, Mike Stuchbery, Owen Jones, Professor Brian Cox and many others.

They do NOT like me talking up Donald Trump at all, nor grooming gangs and not climate change despite the fact I am very obviously only interested in the truth and therefore the facts.

I have been hammering Jeremy Corbyn in recent times as well as John McDonnell and consistently have asked them if they have explained that wrong-thought leads to wrong-vote and would mean they would do away with elections?

I have consistently asked this to put the question into people’s heads and have done this for many months.

I have slowly watched them drop in the polls .. to about fourth and dropping .. I am also a headache to the leftists in America, Hillary Clinton, Ilhan Omar and friends along with Momentum and Hope Not Hate and others.

Since I have been on my followers raced up to 997 .. then dropped three months ago by 200 and then only crawled upwards. First three months I get 997 .. next three months I do not manage to acquire 203 to get over 1,000?

GAB also raced up and then stopped a few months ago and has since only crawled upwards .. should have gone over 2,000 three months ago and not reached 1,800.

Same as Twitter, except thats now over 6,000 .. 

Only one this has not occurred on is Parler.

Just a coincidence? Yeah people and computers do not work like that and now Twitter has changed and no one can keep track of tweets, even their own! I claim this in intentional and the thread goes mad .. many likes and there in lies the rub ..

My likes grow all the time and yet my followers do not and I am afraid to say that these are linked .. always say the same things .. about the same subjects .. about the same people.

The numbers have diverse enough, them being incompetent, that its obvious that they are messing with them.

So the only conclusion I hope people reach from all this is that they are scared of me either telling the truth and due to the way I come across more and more people will believe it ..

.. or that I will realise the truth in something and people will believe it?
Out of ..

  • Marxist agenda
  • Globalists Agenda
  • Climate Change and Global Cooling/Ice Age
  • Grooming Gangs and Muslim Migrants
  • Or perhaps all of the above?

I often ask myself if I will EVER .. find the answer?!



Well a month has gone by and I have been really busy so much so that I have not been on social media as much as I normally am.

But it always comes at a cost which involves various types of pain and anxiety and I have been filming and photographing. Forcing myself to do it even on days that I should not. Nature, street art and architecture .. and a little night landscapes.

I wonder why I do it ..

Someone asked me today while I was out .. “Was you asleep the other day, during the day?” and I told him I was. I said this is what happens when I try and do anything .. once I am out I push and push myself out of desperation because evil Google have been screwing with my YouTube channel and blogs for several years.

These people claim to be socialists and caring .. sorry but NO. Not in ANY REALITY and they are pure evil, nasty, vindictive and quite stealthy when they do it.

I had a people searching for me a few days ago I was informed .. due to a phone conversation I had when I was out of it.

Falling asleep during the day is something I do not do .. unless something is either not right, its my health condition, or I overdo it.

Now I have been pushing myself for ten days, not every day as its not possible as much as I love doing what I do.

At least three days I recall getting back after just two to four hours and falling asleep suddenly and waking up between 5pm and 7pm. Three days .. after just trying to take pictures and film for a few hours.

My daughter, hoping that I will move up to be with her again, does not even bother asking me any more if I have started being paid yet, despite driving tens of thousands of extra people to my blogs.

Trapped in a hell with the wrst three people in the world in a place I cannot stand with no photo opportunities close by other than a few out of the ordinary ones that have recently presented themselves.

A few species of birds and a couple of Damselflies in places they should not, the Willow Emerald Damselfly and Red Eyed Damselfly (see below).

Managed to get out to Boxhill Surrey and a place I have wanted to go to for over five years due to 17 species of Orchids and some rare butterflies. Too late and no Orchids spotted because we, or I, ran out of steam.

Did photograph Small Blue Butterflies and a Silver Spotted Skipper among others .. the Bee Wolf Wasp that predates on Bees. Cute but deadly to bees. Again I will link below.

So how good at maths are you? Work it out .. the rate of improvement of BitChute over YouTube, the latter having 288 subscribers and tagging the former having none of these, is .. are you ready for it?

6,500% .. and yes that is six thousands five hundred percent.

Sound bad? Yeah well YouTube has had three weeks longer that BitChute on that one!

So here are some screenshots ..

Embarrassing, no?

Well here are the YouTube links but despite linking them and NOT BitChute it wont do no good .. the exact same YouTube videos simply WONT CATCH BITCHUTE!

Remember I am centre-left, if you did not know, and close to Gandhi so unless your far-left and you have said anything they do not like and you feel as if your being fecked with? YOU ARE!

Willow Emerald Damselfly (Chalcolestes viridis) ..

Small Blue Butterfly (Cupido minimus) at Boxhill .. love these guys ..

Silver Spotted Skimmer Butterfly (Hersperia comma)

Bee Wolf Wasp (Philanthus triangulum) thinking of renaming it the Google Wasp ..

Pair of mating Willow Emerald Damselflies .. done for science and nature which leftists claim to be about and are clearly NOT ..

Little Grebe (Tachybaptus ruficollis)