The NHS wants to … err CAP … legal costs and I assumed damages too?

Well even with just the one with legal costs it will prevent many from getting justice against them.

Or as I like to see it and read it thus immediately… we want to continue lying to patients and leaving them in living nightmares and actually be and to save money. Something we are not doing while people are suing us! Especially as our number one enemy had been teaching tends of thousands if not hundreds of thousands to catch them out time after time!! Lol!

Of course there is one other reason. They are currently awaiting a reply from your truly.

They fish on here but catch naught, like so many others, and are worried about what I am going to do. I had been obvious for some time that something big is on the verge of taking place. Something very big that will change the views, attitudes and lives of hundreds of thousands of people and before long … Millions.

It is certainly going to change mine somewhat!

It must be scary for them not knowing?

They had been a pause before I contact then again, which I will do very shortly.

But believe me when I state that whatever stress I have caused anyone to until this point and the extreme and never before witnessed pressure I will exert on them before very long pales into insignificance compared to the horror they have forced upon myself and others.

The idiot jobsworths simply have to know the effects of their actions and those at the top have to be got at by tie truly and exposed. Named and shamed, if you prefer.

Nothing else will suffice. Nothing.

But what I will provide very soon is an example of my abilities and my reach. They know something is coming, well other than four of them who are the first of the victims of the big event. They know but they do not know what.

Deep down inside a voice growing every more quiet is still telling themselves that it’s not possible. I am all aware of this … many things are just so plainly obvious to me. But it won’t alter destiny.

Very soon they will get the message and I think that his that are actually realising something is coming and that after nearly the years it’s very close. Very close indeed.

Oddly this event is likely to coincide with an … umm anniversary of sorts, based upon the date I was given a couple of weeks back?! Ooh did I forget to mention?

My bad! Lol!

Yes a strange coincidence of a date that is the anniversary of something … very closely related, lol.

My … receiving of detailed information is both … distant asking with being … disjointed. Cannot be helped currently but really does not matter. As long as I hear what I need to to tell me is teaching it’s end. Also the discovery that someone is … wriggling … a lot, also tells me a great deal too.

I also recently posted about a disabled guy who was threatened by a Doctor and the Police who were called in? Well turns out there was something I missed about him. He was a priest!!

Oddly enough some months ago I was thanked by someone whose nickname was Pastor something or other. The fact the guy in the BBC report was supposed to be a priest and he recorded these morons, who should be fired and never allowed in public service again, made me wonder… was this the same guy? Lol!

Even if it wasn’t it’s the second time I have read of anyone recording these inhuman morons supposed to be Doctors and Police, BAH … don’t make me … LAUGH!! LMAO!

I wonder if they actually all realise the train track they are speeding along runs out and the very point when the gorge begins?

I see another BBC report that said the Police was resistant to change?

Err … for now maybe.

Not for much bloody longer I can tell you that for nothing.


Medical legal costs ‘excessive and should be capped’ –



I heard some idiot talk tonight regarding the issues over legal aid.

Quite simply I just could not believe what this compete moron had stated.

The most vulnerable in society becoming more vulnerable and legal rights completely taken away is OK because we have no money?!

George Pascoe Watson, or whatever your name was, are you completely deluded? Or are you simply a sadist who loves receiving hate mail?

Umm … of you get it, don’t complain. Self inflicted I’m afraid.

I think the woman sitting next to him could not believe her ears?

The other problem with his terribly lane excuses is based on that beliefs they such to that has brought this country to it’s knees in the first place.

Oh well they are bringing in a be system, you can’t complain now, you can only complain in five years time when it had not worked and everyone has retired or fucked off to pastures new or dead.

Like Middle East Envoy Tony Blair the news media so love asking political advice from, well he was the best liar. Or locking up dead Jimmy Savile!

As journalist Elizabeth Day correctly pointed out that five years of the wrong decisions is hardly the time to ask. As I would like to point out … do you mean like the Personal Independent Payments they announced didn’t after coming to power that were supposed to have been in place three years into power that are not installed over five years of being in power?!

You bloody idiot, PR?! Are you bloody joking? Get your facts correct first you blithering idiot and don’t complain when angry parents are beating down your for for defending halfwits and the ‘accepted’ attitude of taking forever to do the wrong thing which is absolutely clearly the reason that the shite continues nearly six years on as I correctly PREDICTED from day one and correctly predicted for years prior to the recession even arriving?!

Did you predict that?

No, but your good at saying ‘I’m smart, listen to this … oh and you have to wait five years before you pull me in it!’

Don’t stick your neck out for anyone, will you?!

Why do they even entertain idiots and backward thinking people like this? Hmm PR to what, I wonder? I hope to God for his sake its not politics! Lol!

Hmm what is the definition of political PR?

Telling more convincing lies than the idiots you work for! Lol!

I just get sad that either the majority of people don’t see it or they don’t care?

Either that or the system they use for ejecting a government had some very, very serious flaws?

I mean I could not be seen dead voting for the Conservatives. Not with their current attitude. Not could I Labour with their past track record.

But the Conservatives are where they are.

I personally shudder at the thought!

Yet they do not affect me in anyway.

They do, however, effect the country I live in and it’s distant, yes distant, future and still refuses to change from its draconian, unfair and out of date system and ways despite what they do today affecting is for beyond a decade into the future.

Like those that I battle they suffer from the same flaws but contribute to spout verbal diarrhoea, an accurate term for its proved itself to be, to give excuses not even classed as being human, quite the opposite in fact, or fair to excuse the inhumane decisions cast upon the people who voted them in they lied to for years and even decades while they lead is blindfolded towards oblivion.

Best excuse used to the point of being ridiculous?

Well it’s all OK because we were not the ones that caused it.

However you fail to miss that you were the shadow cabinet and were equally incompetent at falling to see it too!!

One borrows far too much the other then sells everything it can to pay for it and they all expect and worse still actually get from the idiots in media and political advisors, pats on the fucking back all the way to their graves.

Until someone afterwards when someone somewhere realised they are all idiotic, amoral, lying twats! Yeah let’s get ’em?! Oh wait? They have been dead for ten years!

How bloody convenient?!

Hmm that’s what I am going to nickname it.

The system of convenience?

Or perhaps the system of convenience based on the expected longevity of the life span of a typical politician/celebrity/rich person/monarch?

As ever, delete where necessary. Lol!

They get so hard to sound like they possess intellect but if you listen … if you listen very careful they do not.


No I do not mean what your loved one just left in the bog for you without warning! LMAO!

No due to en email I will post later I want to get some things cleared up because many or most oare idiots!

The hierarchy of bad things, or crimes even …



Cheating Money


Sitting with your thumbs up your rse earning money for nothing 


Venting Anger

Being Foul Mouthed

Being Unemployed

Things are going to get a little crazy before very long.

Things are going to happen very, very quickly … that is once the starting gun has been fired.

At the very least they are going to be mad and the very worst going to seem completely crazy and constant and dizzying … depending on whether or not that last in a long line is corrupt or not.

For anyone still doubting … what kind of idiot would I have to be to state this if there was any chance they would happen?

Oh yes. I said two ‘Last Resorts’? I forgot one more. Maybe more? LOL!


Wow! Cannot believe I got that musical reference in?! Lol!



When I was a young boy about 7 or 8 years of age I saw a painting. Now I cannot remember whose house I was in but the painting fascinated me.

A little while ago I told the story of this painting to … umm someone over the phone. Someone heavily involved in much of what I speak of … well, ahem … of late.

Now as a kid f this age I thought I was smart … I learned years later to be a bit more humble, lol, but as a kid I was cocky. Oh … except on here of course … where the cockiness and confidence is expressed … very deliberately and are just two of my many, many tools in my expanding tool set.

Now years later I become involved in the world of horses, or the equine industry if you so prefer? Doing so taught me a great deal more about this painting from years earlier because the paintings focus was horses. I understand a lot about horses, like I now do about reptiles, amphibians, fish, orchids, astronomy, astrophysics, cycling, meteorology, seismology, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Long Staffs, Nunchaku and many other things besides. Well I did say it was ever expanding!

But as a boy I did not know what the painting meant. I told my phone friend that there was this old saying but that I was betting that they had never heard of it. Of course it is that in the title of Delusions Of Grandeur. They had never heard of it and I was not at all surprised. Well they was not given the best of parents to bring them up.

I explained that is they were to approach a hell of a lot of people I would wager more than half would be familiar with the term. I also stated that if they then asked where it came from it was highly likely they would no know.

I am hoping it would not surprise you to know that it comes from a painting? Lol!

Well … I state that but the painting may just have made the expression famous and may well of originated somewhere else. But rest assured the painting is responsible for the wide use of the term.

It might be diffucult for you to find a picture of it as I decided to do just prior to starting this blog and all that I found was one used by a auction house of the real painting but was missing on the actual page, despite the listing being there.

I will include the link and the picture itself below.

Hmm, maybe I am now in the process of making said painting extremely famous once again?

Good, maybe the current owner might cut me a percentage of the increased price? As a fee for my endeavours?! LMAO!

I digress.

The painting … yes, as I stated horses. A Shiar horse looks on at a couple of race horses galloping by him or her with jockeys in their saddles. Slightly different to how I remember … but still, well I do have a bad memory, lol.

Horses have a body language and a way … think Horse Whisperer here and they also have a hierarchy they more than love to work out for themselves. This invariably involves which one is the fastest. It is quite fascinating to watch but they will sprint around full of spirit to ascertain who the head of the herd is. Not quite so entertaining when the current head of the herd is pissed off at being shoved to one side and she wants to take it out on the horses perceived owner by using her couple tonnes to bury him in the mud!

Err me!

In the painting the Shiar Horse see the speeding race horses and imagines him or herself at being involved and winning. But a Shiar Horse is large and heavy and built for pulling weight like carts. A racehorse is lean and lighter with little fat and bulging muscles. Designed for speed.

But the Shiar Horse does not understand this. He knows not that the horses racing along are different to him. He merely sees other horses and imagines him or herself racing with and beating them.

The Shiar knows not his own limitations. He is a horse just like every other horse but he is not like every other horse.

So the painting is called Delusions Of Grandeur which means that you think your greater than you are, in its simplest explanation.

For those that now have a keen interest in the painting or just merely a curiosity to see the painting that the term they were familiar with came from …

Artist: Malcom Coward S.E.A

Oh no? Its a print!! Lol! Spotted a price of £98 and thought … WHAT?! Yup…a print, lol.

I explained that I learnt a long time ago that I knew I would come across many, many people that suffered with these delusions. I also explained that I had no idea of just how often this would be nor did I realise how frustrating it would be.

Only that I knew that I would have to overcome it. Not quite seldomly as I imagined but almost constantly.

I was also hell bent on not coming across as more than I am and I strongly believe I achieved this … err well outside of this blog at any rate. Well … umm …

Let us just say that I pretty much think that despite this being unlcear right at this very moment that it will become clear over the next two or three months?

Let us say before 2015 is out? That is what I have said several times on several things and I am going to stick with that. I am playing it safe … just like a certain solicitor! LMAO!




The ‘Eyes’ have made a well overdue return!

HOWEVER … I have to break a couple of rules because I need them to be back.

My own golden rule was that they were to be used while being philosophical and not on rants or just average bleating about some news report or other.

But I need them to be back for a couple of reasons.

Plus I will try to be philosophical.

Plus … well there is that title. A little more long winded than I normally like or allow but … necessary.

First up it brings something back to the fore with the greater monthly visitors I now have compared to that I had when I was using the ‘Eyes’ previously. They are also to convey a message to several sources. The second part is my estimation to that of public services and all that work within them. Oh and lastly because many will have noticed those last three words. I borrowed them. From something. Something simply called ‘The Trial’. Rather apt for the subject at hand. Along with …


The goals can be achieved many ways. There are, as ever, traps. I am afraid I will now have to divulge that in the event that you miss a trap … well there is another waiting and it is exponentially deeper than the last.

In the event that you are able to avoid traps then there is and always has been ‘the last resort’. Well … LOL, you must know me by now … I have several ‘last resorts’.

Now you must be very clear and with no possible misunderstandings here … you have no control over these last resorts. There is no … err wriggling out of them nor corruption of the legal system that will save you from them. They are unknown, of my design and no way of avoiding them. Do you remember that word I like to use so much on my posts? ‘INEVITABLE’? Did you look it up? Do you know what it means? It means that any given thing is completely unavoidable. Not difficult, not hard … UNAVOIDABLE!

Yesterday there were some … hmm let us say … musings from a legal team that included a few questions that made no sense and raised one of my eyebrows. One that does tend to have a mind of its own I might add.

Now I will not go into the details to these questions except to say I was already told that this particular period of time and the events were known about by the courts. It was solely why I thought I could completely stay out of it for the remainder of the legal case. Except they do not. So now I act … a little earlier and somewhat hasher than I expected.

My prey are worms and those worms are a wriggling.

Now before I expand on that …

I find humans … err or people … strange. I have stated this before on many occasions. However I am going to expand my light spectrum on this one a little bit …. wider. And then some.

I do not care who you are and I really have no care about your profession nor your level of intelligence. There are many that think themselves a cut above the rest because of this. As a result it is highly common for these same deluded individuals to think themselves infallible and impervious to anything or any one.

You are most definitely wrong on so many levels.

When I started this course of action I knew I could not trust anyone. When I started this blog almost three years ago I did state and repeatedly stated this as the case.

I do not give a flying … care in the world that the Supreme Court is involved in the case I am close to, no one before them has proved trustworthy, a force of good, honest or even respectable. They think that they are because of career or money. Feck off! Take your misguided self delusions and go fly a bloody great big kite!

Or in other words my plans exist to deal with all eventualities and it might now be clear that one of these may be arising?

You, the Supreme Court, are not exempt from the punishments should you prove yourselves to be as corrupt as the last lot of people, or person. I would have to be a complete IDIOT not to plan for such an event.

I will state right here and right now that should you so much as even try to protect or help those accused in any way I can tell you now that the repercussions will be far, far greater than any excuses you may give to the media.

I can state this because you suffer from the same weaknesses that all those that preceded you did and you neither possess the knowledge, the power and funniest of all the time to alter my course and that stands even if you knew what my plans of ‘Last Resorts’ were. Which you do not.

They have not proved to be corrupt yet.

But you can guess that I have had my alarm bells going off? Well then you would be right and the interesting details lie in those odd questions that were asked only today.

These questions were redundant and yet two things can be extrapolated from them to be facts and each of them will tell a very big story of what transpires behind the scenes. One is that a local council has been informed of the totality of the punishments and damages to be awarded. This is extrapolated from the fact that they are trying to shift the time-line a little to place themselves outside of a period of responsibility.

Remember I was expected to be asked for some paperwork but never was? Voila!

Ohh…this is were it is going to hurt.

This shift in the time-line, if successful, can halve the amount of damages which are relatively large. So large that for several years I kept the true figure hidden and that includes friends and family as they would just state I was mad. They did with the figure I gave them which was only one sixth of the figure I expected. The solicitor expects the same figure as me and yet we have never spoken.

Oooh and then there is that paperwork. Sorry Mr Corrupt Council but it was NEVER going to fly! Ever! The paperwork exists to prove that your current bleatings are bull!

Now a number of other public services have been dragged into this mess and as the result of the lying and corruption of said local council they too have looked very bad. Trying feverishly, I have little doubt, of digging themselves out of a hole before the bar on the case is lifted. Oh dear. One Police Force, the Criminal Prosecution Service and Cafcass.

Your problems, you dont effing listen while suffering with delusions of grandeur!

Dodge the ball and I will drop an orbiting satellite upon your heads!

Imagine that? How damaging would said falling satellite be? More importantly ask yourselves this … ‘Who to?’!

If the solicitors miss this, the Supreme Court ignore this it will be obvious they deliberately flouted the laws they themselves set to help out a big/powerful/wealthy organisation, delete where necessary.

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear oh dear.

Then there are those last resorts.

Make no mistake there are people walking free that should not be doing so. In fact it is so bad and they have gotten so used to it that I have known several different cases where civil servants have either refused to make an appearance under court order and even stood up, ignored the order of the judge and walked out of the courtroom stating that they had ‘a job’, they proved to be corrupt in, to go back to?!

These cases span no less than 300 miles across England. Aww, did I forget to point this out previously?! Diddums!

That is not all I forgot to point out and nor did I state what all of my plans involved. What do you think I am? STUPID?! No! Those titles refer to you and your underlings but I have been posting for three years that this is the case! Aww…did you miss that to?!?

Not looking very good for you right now is it?

There is an email in cyberspace. I love cyberspace, don’t you? There are just so many things you can do with it, both obvious and not. Some things you can be obvious about and they cannot do JACK without you finding out. Meaning that the plans can then be altered, put into place or the speed shifted.

Oh I have no doubt that these evil beings watch this site with eagle eyes. In which case I just burst there bubble. But if they are far more incompetent than even I take them for then they should ask themselves this if the ones stand accused read this…

Thought of the severity of the repercussions if you dragged the name of the Supreme Court into disrepute? No … I bet you haven’t?!

However, what you should be asking yourself is what is it that I can possibly do to make the eyes of not only the entire country but most of the world avert their gaze to what you have done?

Now that is the question you should be asking yourself!

The answer is … TWO THINGS. There could possibly be more but you would never … hmm I will repeat, NEVER guess anyway.

Because you suffer with serious delusions of grandeur and have done for the longest time along with ignorance of certain…things. The one other weakness is leaving these people to have comitted such heinous crimes to be walking around free.

Hmm…twenty years. I have told you all this going back twenty years as regards these people and there crimes. Look through this blog. Take as long as you like. I have documented over and over that I have not only told these people but have I not told many others too?!

We are speaking about the laws of the land here based on the strictest morals!

Ask yourself something …

What happens … no, no that is the wrong way to phrase this question …

What would the possible consequences be when it appears to an entire country, nation or world that the entire legal system and law making system crumbles right before everyone’s eyes and made once and for all and with little doubt to be the most corrupt, or one of the most corrupt on this little planet we like to call Earth?

Imagine this for a few moments.

Forget the little details for a moment.

An entire nation seeing it all for what it really is? How bad would that be?

How about the whole of Europe?

How about the whole world?

Are we fucking there yet?!

What do you think I have been doing all this time? Sitting here with my thumb up my arse?!

A few simple and seemingly innocent questions and immediately I see what is going on and why it is going on. Because it is out of place. Because it is out of context. Most importantly because the questions put are far, far too late in the day.

Missed a spot? Don’t! Because I absolutely guarantee you that I WILL NOT!

I also will not take prisoners.

Nor will I stop and think about the consequences of my actions in pursuit of the truth, justice and exposure of it to the entire world, make absolutely no mistake here!

Because I could hardly be made to look like some kind of criminal by each of those I have exposed on here to be corrupt and evil.

Not when everyone knows the truth you wont. Even if you were stupid enough to take action long after it is too late. You will only make it worse unless the majority of the people are as selfish and evil as you are. But … could you take that chance? Because if wrong you will not survive the repercussions.

Not quite dead but half way to their grave and they have still yet to figure out that they are playing games with the wrong individual and trust me on the no prisoners quote. Are you even aware what the term ‘Grandmaster’ even means?!

Judging form the questions put to my partner in crime…clearly not!

As for the Supreme Court, you have a job to do and I suggest you do it as you are responsible to do and not to miss anything. Because I can assure you of one single and solitary thing …



Well, well, well … now what do we have here?

Someone else had come go with the idea of recording Doctors on their phone and got some great, albeit disgraceful, stuff.

Added to this he mentioned more of his mistreatment which eerily included the Police who wanted to dump the strange man in the middle of nowhere?!

Although none of my victims or digits rowed with were stupid enough to call the Police … a shame as I would have them proved to be hired thugs in the literal sense and already have them as incompetent a dozen tonnes over across two police forces, this is just like another story I covered on this blog!

Unfortunately for the idiots that have this attitude I am not only encouraging people to do what I did and have five foot three years but … I’m still coming for them!

These two evil corporations full of nonces that sell their soul and their own people to the devil himself simply have no clue as to what my owns plans involve.

Now will they ever either!

Well … except that is when I reveal it … which I will … before too long too!

There are a number of public services and careers I certainly would not like to be working in from 2016 onwards!

In fact you can take it to the bank that eventually every single individual that has this protectionist attitude between public services are going to not only look like completely incompetent idiots for their foreseeable future but will fell like it too.

Because despite the fact I explain my things and thoughts on these things in very … complicated ways there are some things I have not explained.

I can explain the most complex of processes without difficulty but eventually I think of a way to explain things very simply, very simply indeed! I don’t actually explain these simple examples … I instead prefer to go around the houses … umm dropping hints as I go. Just to … compound things further still.

Because I have an agenda. I have always had an agenda. The agenda to end all agendas. Full stop!

The clues to my hints and many others are intricately laced throughout the thousands of posts I have made.

I also have a little trick. It is one I’ve used on people for years … many of which are not only too aware of this …

I talk, and therefore type a great deal. In so doing I give the impression I’ve told it all. Well apart from the time I state that I haven’t. It therefore appears that I have said all that there is to say on certain … let’s say subjects.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

This year this will become painfully obvious to many, though right now four of these organisations are about to find out what the penalties and consequences are if you oppose me.

And remember … I have given repeated warnings to each and every one of them.

I’m not done with them yet and least if all the NHS.

The NHS have to endure two more things from my plan whereas most others only have to endure one … except for four particular ones who have found out it’s folly to battle me but are a little … naive when it comes to the consequences.

Well at least I think they still are but only for another 6 weeks at maximum.

Though … I have a sneaky feeling it won’t be quite that long?


Hospital doctor secretly recorded making patient threat –



Truly bizarre.

The more I witness the strange exodus to Europe the more money it needs and the more these travellers speak and make no sense, contradict there actions with words and once again the media are clueless and fail to pick up on it.

When we people that lean to the left realise that being nice to someone, or a group of people, does bit mean they will be nice in return. Or nice for very long for that matter once they get what they want.

No for the bizarre nature of the large group that believe themselves to be the master race.

How in the world do they think they will cope with the numbers conning over to a country, or perhaps countries, where it is cold to freezing for many months of the year? Where do they think the money will come from to keep so many people, housed, warm and fed?

I would like to know where the money trees are the lefties think exist!

Even nitre bizarre when I heard one man complaining there are no human rights in Italy?! What?!

Is he fucking serious with that statement?!

If so then it could not have been all that bad from the country he and his family fled from?!

So unless your given a house, money, electricity and an abundant supply of food all of which for free there are no human rights?!

He quite obviously had not read my blog!

I also see trouble is brewing and there had been some violence? Well it was a full gone conclusion that one.

Whoever didn’t realise there would be violence, regardless of what side of the Mediterranean they are from, was a complete bloody incompetent idiot. If in any kind of job requiring responsibility they should be fired … forthwith!

Speaking of idiots and incompetence the master race simply cannot do simple math. So they are superior, but not more intelligent then?!

They must realise that there have been tens of thousands of people heading to countries that are all in financial difficulties and pushed for space? But they just keep in trying to get where they want to be and they just keep on coming.

Maybe they have never seen a television set?

What I see is that either they are stupid or they don’t care and if it is the latter then I’m afraid they are not coming here for good reason. Maybe they see the numbers of their own in tubes of trouble and rioting in European countries and think if swathes of them cone over they will to the balance and take over each European country in time?

Then there are the questions no one wants to ask about these countries.

I do so fucking hate it when the idiot lefties in the media call Europe inhuman and lacking human rights when …

1 These people have none
2 Neither do the countries they come from
3 Why are they and the United Nations asking … no, forcing money out of the governments and rich and powerful from each of these countries to pay for the upkeep of these people while they are in Europe?

Do the third one and they will soon stop treating their own people so badly that they flee to Europe in the numbers they are!

Also why so the media keep digging at Europe when done Asian countries are letting people starve to death on boats?! They are even more closely related by blood and religion than Europe is!

I also worry because there is a great amount of hated building up among British white people because they are forced to sit up by loony leftie idiots who are all on the way to proving to the entire world why they have been nicknamed ‘loonies’ for decades!

I have been quite surprised of the statements that have been made to me regarding the people on these boats. Very, very surprised.

You see you can shut people up with your political correctness and you think your doing the right thing but your not. The end! In fact, nothing could be further from the truth and write the opposite is happening because a boiling hatred is building up.

I hear it in people’s voices and what they state they want to happen is a surprise. Yes, even for me.

The media ignoring, or like I stated being fucking incompetent, these obvious and deliberate mistakes, like Italy is so bad then why don’t they ask to be returned home, is also making it worse among the British people.

In fact to me things like this stand out so prominently I ask myself if the media know what they are doing and quite deliberately winding the British people up?

Three guys answering the question ‘where are they heading?’ reply with ‘Germany, UK and Spain’ yet no one thinks to ask how these people have come from a country that’s so terrible that they have all learnt a foreign language and all know English?!

Of that the one heading for Germany didn’t answer in German or the one heading for Spain not answering in Spanish?!

Or perhaps these people somehow managed to become multilingual in these terrible written torn countries?

I also envision the European countries getting more and more tightly squeezed while the entire middle east is deserted.

Oh except for the lot that openly admit they think they are the matter race that is!

You know the ones that are so superior to other races yet fail to realise their own contradictions in that …

If God is so fucking powerful and feels so strongly about the evils the master race keep harping on about then why does he not kill these people himself?!

Major, MAJOR flaw in their ridiculously stupid and spoilt child like attitudes and beliefs!

These facts have stared everyone in the face for bloody years and yet desire so their self proclaiming and paying each other on the backs so much their hands are raw and no one mentions these things?!

The fact the entire British Media seen to boy Menton these rungs is extremely worrying.

While the while time the hatred is building and building like a pressure cooker and no amount of building or preaching about political correctness will stop the inevitable outcome. They have only every managed to speed this process up.

I cannot even understand how they fail to see that are doing that?!

Which leaves the only other possibility of them actually knowing this and therefore doing all this deliberately?

Two of these master race families have also acted in complete contradiction to that the Islamic State predicts and claims should be!

Two married Muslim women have completely ignored their husbands, head of the families, and ran off to be in the Islamic State?!

Errrr……… WHAT?!


Either the husbands know more than they are saying and the waterworks are theatrical or the wives are completely incompetent and brain dead, see I said they were not good at working things out, and will get stoned to death upon arrival, for ignoring their husbands, and the children recruited as suicide bombers?

Whichever possibility it turns out to be they will ultimately look completely thick and added to this look like extremely evil parents and should ask be sterilised so they cannot have children.

Sorry lefties, you can’t have it both ways as much as you have got used to…. no, sorry bran under the misconception that you have and can have it all ways! Lol.

I’ve always seen these do-gooders to be acting in fear of the prior they chain to want too help. I thought that maybe they think if they help these people and show a human side then they will bit then their evil actions, ways, beliefs and shirt tempered and angry personalities onto them, their houses or family?

Just the way I’ve always seen this.

I learned a long time a go that people in general are not as honest as they portray themselves or state that they are when cameras and microphones are around. Or just an audience.

This is partly why I decided that no matter what state or mood I was in I would write whatever I was thinking or feeling at the time.

By doing this I thought that in time this would be seen as unique and that others that bottled up emotions could see that they do, sees the damage it has or will do and not be so secretive, subdued or just plain two faced?

The goals and reasons behind this will be seen before very long on here and likely elsewhere in the media in the remainder of 2015.

In fact it’s only several months away before out starts to become plainly obvious, like the proverbial nose, what I was planning and aiming for all along.

It’s all about the planning and the timing.

Despite the signs that an early revealing of this going to happen it does appear now that my original estimate of autumn this year seems to now be holding true?

If I’m still here come mid August then the autumn will be when it all starts to happen. This will be a series or processes that take three or not months too. So to until Christmas 2015.

Bizarre and staggering will be the buzzwords for late 2015 and beyond, maybe a free others too coined by people other than me?


EU solidarity damaged by splits on migrants and Greece –


I am in a right state.

I am falling about all over the place and as high as a kite.

I am also bloody furious!

I have somehow lost 25g of Amber Leaf Tobacco from Tesco to home and I have also dragged my £150 RHA T10 Headphones, which are made of polished steel, 300 yards along the ground and scratched the hell out of them. I may have ruined them because of the bouncing around may have damaged the tiny speakers and the gorged steel may stick into my skin and be uncomfortable when the steel bits sit inside my ear?!

Added to this I have also been to the Boots chemist for the fourth time in two weeks to collect Tramadol, come out without it after more bullshit and a row and am going to fucking cane the hell out of Boots Chemist, the NHS and the Home Office!

Oh boy do they have no idea of the caning they are now going to get off me.

My back pain has been insufferable 80% of the time I have been out of the house since I have ran out. The good days may be down to the fact I have come across a few blister packs of Tramadol lying around the house.

Oddly the Tramadol was prescribed several years back and part of the evidence that the NHS already KNEW what affliction I had and was keeping it from me.

Because I was told that the Tramadol would only work on my back and the Gabapentin I was being prescribed would work on my other pains.

Now this was several years ago and three, count them, THREE, GP Surgeries back!

Also I am NOT supposed to be here and a plan existed for me to leave town for distant lands and a trip that, when I do the heavens are going to open on everyone I have attacked and battled simultaneously.

Or in other words it would be a good idea to not be in my focus right now because the outcome will prove disastrous to those messing me about and in the limelight of my blog when everything else goes haywire.

Unfortunately Boots, the NHS and the Home Office are about to get one hell of a scorching from me because I have been fucked about, not for a couple of weeks as is insinuated but, for months on end without actually realising there was a problem and nor being told.

I was not told by the GP, the Surgery and nor did Boots Chemist say anything to me.

Remember this is for a drug that I have had on repeat prescription for years now.

Also there is going to be one hell of a contradiction that no one seems to realise make the whole process contradictory in nature but ultimately a look of incompetence.

Here we go …

Now for several months I have consistently not gotten all of my pills in my repeat prescription and this has never happened before.

There as a pattern and I had failed to see it as well as a common link between them all!

The link was that the prescription I have had to re-arrange and picked up from the surgery two or three times as well as having sent through digitally, now remember this last point, was for the same drug of Tramadol.

After being missed for the fifth or sixth time I approached the Boots Chemist on the Great Cambridge Road of the A10 in Enfield. I had noted that the staff seem to have changed.

I requested that the Tramadol be sorted out from there end and that for the fourth time I stated that ‘I did not know what was going on and why my prescriptions are suddenly having trouble time after time!’ I did get apologies until this time around when I asked for them to sort it.

So after the drug being initially missing this was my SECOND VISIT!

Boots Chemist told me that they could not. I stated that they had done this before and they looked at me as if I was mad. I was then told that Tramadol was a controlled drug and that I had to collect the prescription in person from the GP Surgery.

Now there is nothing more I love than dealing with jobsworths that think themselves important and defend the system to the hilt and thinking your an idiot. That they are superior.

I attended the surgery and may have mentioned this in a previous post and they confirmed what they lady said. I asked why this had suddenly started happening and that I was getting the drug perfectly well and on time along with all the others previously.

Good God, I am so stoned and spaced out right now!

Anyway I then asked the receptionists about the prescriptions being collected and if there was a problem with that too or it being just digitally sent. Annoyingly I come across a second situation where something has not been explained to me by several idiots all of which think themselves highly intelligent and now contradictory to this rule in that there was no problem with collections.

No problem with Tramadol being prescribed for a collection service but cannot prescribe it digitally?! Wait…WHAT?!

When I complained about this and then said that I would have to insist upon collections they said that they did not think that the Boots I was using did that?!

So thereby telling me that the idiots at Boots had failed to inform me of something! Hmm…reasons on a postcard to the usual place, please! Money! I was being fucked about and dragged all over the place for drugs they want to fuck me about with that are not even close to being the correct drugs for my condition anyway?!


I then have yet another flare up of conditions, now the third and different to the last two after first failing to get to Boots and then being stuck indoors due to something horrid and embarrassing that flared up while I was out cycling! First time for that I think. Well that I am consciously aware of and there were many times I got back on my bike and felt like I was dying in pain everywhere could be the fatigue side to Fibromyalgia kicking in?

Remember I am as high as a kite, been falling down and against things while I was out, did so several times today, ruined a £150 pair of headphones and lost 25g of Tobacco on the way home…

…how often have you found a £10 packet of tobacco while you have been out?!

I then manage to get to Boots after several days of having the prescription and they start being funny with me once again and once again I see staff I am not familiar with and am wondering what is going on with Boots?

“Oh you have to sign here, Sir!” the stand in Pharmacist states to me while pointing at the top right corner of the prescription.

“Err, WHY?!” I ask now getting fed up with being dicked around and now knowing that Boots have quite deliberately fucked me about and are now going to get a caning from me anyway.

“Because it is a controlled drug!” she replies.

“That’s stupid and there is no reason for this” I now snap back before I get this patronizing tone that you usually get from people working in medicine and qualified in it that you get the feeling tells you that an education in medicine trounces all over educations and areas and makes you the smartest.

“Oh YES there is very good reason for it!” she states sternly that now sets me off …

“Look, lady. Do not give me that crap…I KNOW how the system works and you have a few problems with your statement!! First off do I look 16 to you?! I have been getting this medication for several years without an issue! Both here and from several other chemists and this has gone on across five, count them FIVE separate GP Surgeries across Enfield! ADDED to this is the fact that I am on repeat prescription for a drug for my blood pressure that gets me stoned out of my head from anywhere between 2pm and 3pm in the afternoon, for the rest of the day and has me falling down and against objects and I am all over the place! They are NOT even working that well which means that two drugs prescribed consecutively, the other being Ramipril with zero affect, have failed!” Yeah so with not really a good idea to fuck me about and talk to me like shit when I am in pain because your FUCKING me over this FUCKING drug just because your too fucking lazy to go and collect the fucking prescriptions and still want being paid!! Just like a Lloyds Chemist pharmacist asked me to start smoking again after quitting through the NHS system so that I could go back to them, get referred back to the NHS and they get paid for referring me!

I will NOT be fucked about by evil, greedy unprofessional people talking bollocks to me about rules and procedures when they’re grabbing cash every chance they get!

Did she get any of those points? No. How about explaining that if the drug was so bad that how come it has taken until now to suddenly put these stupid rules in place? Umm…NO!

It gets better still. She then asks me for ID?! I said “WHAT?! Are you KIDDING ME?! This is another first after coming in here for the last 18 months! Why?!” More bollocks about a controlled drug of which I am on 200mg a day and the maximum daily dosage is 400mg a day…so you can hardly use the excuse that I am addicted!

I do not get addicted to anything outside of smoking and have quit that habit four times in my life, normally shite like this making me take it up again!

I then tell her that I hardly walk around with ID on me when I have never been asked of it before and then she mentions something with a picture like a bus pass? I say “Ooh wait… I have my disabled persons Freedom Pass” She is happy with that and I go to walk away before she asks me to stop and then says …

“Sir, can we see your HC2”

“WHAT?! Are you serious?!”

I then launch into her verbally and another lady I have never seen before comes over and tries talking to me to calm me down and deal with the situation. There is absolutely nothing that could calm me down I inform them and that I have now been in here several times for the same bloody drugs and keep being fucked about over nothing.

I then tell them about the imminent court case, about the blog, what I do and then state that they should ask Sarah or the lady with the glasses and black hair. They tell me Sarah has moved to another store and I tell them to ring her and tell them who you have here and why I am pissed off. Ask her if it is a good idea to piss me off right now!

The prescription has my name, address, GP name and my national insurance number which is linked to me at the DWP. They KNOW what I have. If any payment was refused, which it has not in all my 46 years, I would soon get a letter.

I then tell her how ridiculous it now is that I am expected to carry around a certificate with me the size of an A4 sheet of paper! I then explain that this being fucked about not only causes me pain but that I have short term memory issues too and am highly likely to forget something.

She says something like “OH, I KNOW you are going to report me but its my job!”

I say “Report YOU?! Why would I be interested in you?! Did YOU make this stupid pathetic and incompetent rule?” She replies with a no before I then say “Well then, WHY would I be interested in reporting you?! No…they WILL hear about this and I can tell you that now you have mentioned the Home Office made this rule I am going to rip them, the NHS and the DWP a new one! Trust me they do not like me one bit as I have published their corruption and the Home Office are going to hate me very soon!” especially as I have an 80 page file posted on this blog on someone they let into the country who was a radicalised Muslim and the questioning is terrible, the applicant is even led to say things in a way that makes it look like they are trying to let him in for some reason?!

Ooh no! The Home Office is now not going to like me one bit!!

She then corrects my ticked box of HC2 certificate, which I do have and a letter from the HC2 people telling me not to worry are my prescriptions will always be paid as I moaned at them for having to remember to re-apply every year which was stupid and the fact that Incapacity Benefit claimants, when they do not want to state your disabled, do not get the NHS prescriptions paid!

I look at the correction as she shows it to me. I then look up at her and say “Did you not just argue with me about who knows the system better?” she looks at me with the look of knowing something is now coming and clueless to what it is. “That is WRONG! You have ticked that I get Income Support and ‘some other’ benefit. I do NOT! I get Incapacity Benefit and IF you knew the system like you claimed you would know that there is yet another incompetently stupid rule that if on Incapacity Benefit you do not get your prescriptions paid which is ludicrous as it is a lower type of disability benefit. (hence the word ‘Incapacity’). Which is WHY I have to get a HC2!! So you have now corrected all over the prescription it has taken me a week to acquire and the umpteenth time I have been in here in pain and made loads of mistakes”

I then go to walk way and she stops me again and starts talking about me paying and keeping the receipt before I interrupt her quite deliberately…”Wait? ARE you saying that you want ME to pay for a prescription for drugs that are not even the CORRECT DRUGS and then fuck about getting my money back”

She says “Yes!”

I lean right across the counter and throw the packet of Tramadol onto the counter right in front of her, I then GRAB the prescription out of her hand and now I have snapped and I say “Right, that is it! Here…take your drugs and give me, bloody prescription back!!”

I turn around and walk towards the exit thinking to myself of how fucking horrible treatment of people with ailments are by both Boots and the NHS and how fucking incompetent they are while have the audacity to talk to you like they are of some extreme higher order of intelligence which is only some misguided delusion!

I am then thinking of how I have not focused much of late on the NHS nor have I gone into battle with the Home Office and have not dealt with the DWP in awhile…

In fact my blog has been very quiet of late as I am sitting in the eye of storm and waiting for a phone-call to see that an extremely bulging cheque has appeared with lots of zeros and a meeting with a legal firm is set. This would also include the final decision of the Supreme Court and one I am very eager to see.

On the imminent completion of this particular…venture all hell will very certainly break loose and I will have now time to focus on other people and fewer people. Now batting several more to one side I can focus all my energies on the remaining parties which are guilty of the most vile crimes against innocent people all for self protection, self preservation mainly of a vastly over paid career and money.

I am currently dealing with the NHS over my complaint that keeps disappearing from the systems of three different departments, well one being the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman.

Little do they know what I have in store for them and I have been busy on other things before the timing of replying to them is just right. Now I have more ammunition to throw at them.

Now I can also throw it at the Home Office and hint at the file I have of theirs and in the process rip the spleen out of Boots and then present it to them on a silver platter!

What they do not know is that not only did I immediately walk out, never, ever to return again and rain a storm of fire over them but that I could easily go to another chemist and get my prescription that day! There are two Lloyds Chemists that have known me for a few years.

Except I did not do that. Instead I wanted to scan the section of the prescription that she insisted she had filled out corectly but which I pointed out quite clearly that she was wrong!

Yes I wanted to do that and to publish that along with the run down and the ltters of ripping shite complaints to Boots HQ, the NHS and the Home Office.

I also want to know why I have been hearing crap about Boots and that if they are struggling they are now going to disappear…or have they been bought out by an American company, sorry…MERGED, and turned into a worse company for it?!

They all get a copy of this and are informed of its publication in e very public site!



Dear Morons

What in the God damn world are you morons doing?!
I have been fecked about for two weeks over stupid, nonsensical and incompetent rules that I am now told by a pharmacist that thought herself both intelligent and highly knowledgeable of ‘the system’ who I systematically ripped apart along with your idiotic decisions!
Although you are totally clueless, well no surprise there, to it this is the second time I have had dealings with you and the last time I did not deal with you directly.
Just trust me when I state I have one of your very large files and published in a very public place of very suspect and/or extremely incompetent mechanics of a system that is very much in the public’s gaze and has been for some time.
I will also warn you that this very public place is indirectly involved in something I am expecting with yourselves or someone else to stick their oar into and completely screw up…this is what I tell the public.
And no I am not about to tell all about this…at least not yet!
What I am going to rip your spleens out over is the fact that I have been facked about over a prescription drugs I have been on for years and suddenly someone seems to be throwing very large spanners into my routine…
They inform me IT IS YOU!!
I also have to rip the DWP a…nother new one and they have more coming their way later in the year.
Umm…lets say much of the corruption stems from my twenty year plan and last 6 years of work?
Oh and you might want to ask Michael Meacher MP about me? He asked in January 2013 if he could use my data in the House off Commons and send it to them media. Much of the corruption reported on stems from my own endeavours.
There is a lot more to come.
For now I will simply paste the latest publication to my corruption website …
Oh and … pleeease! Do not think for a second this is all of it or even this being anywhere near close to being the worst of what I have against public and private orgamisations…oooh no, not even in the same solar system mate!
Martin Haswell BSc

Dear Sirs


I am currently furious over this ridiculous, pathetic and nonsensical idea of the HC2 certificate!

I contacted you previously about re-applying. I was not contacted by you for ages and I then had a ‘go at you’ for not sending me a certificate!

I had a letter of apology and you stated that I had been awarded the certificate and not to worry as prescriptions would get paid…

…so can you explain the bloody following pasted on the end of this email?!

Remember I have Fibromyalgia so therefore Fibrofog!!

Martin Haswell BSc

The same to the Ministers at the DWP … like to remind them I am still here and my best is not only yet to come but almost imminent!

Following Email …


I just found my tobacco. Subconsciously in some crazy way I must have been thinking about keeping it fresh…because I found it in the effing FRIDGE?!

Well I did say I was stoned! I must get of the damned Amlodopine!!


Boots Email …

Boots HQ 10062015

Look at her correction which was completely wrong, unprofessional and dishonest and THEY were questioning … ME?! LMAO!

Tramadol Script 100615


I am stoned!

Stoned like you would not believe.

In fact at one point my legs suddenly felt like they were going to buckle under me and I was going to collapse?!

Fortunately I had been in my house several seconds when that came upon me!

Now here is the funny part…

I have absolutely no idea how this came about.

I had just previously been in Sainsburys and was planning a post about them in my head. No Kingsmill Toastie any more, the Cherry Tomatoes are not Cherry Tomatoes, no White Grapes yet again. Everything seems to taste like crap and I was wondering if it was my taste buds?

Belgian Sugar Waffles. Yeah, Belgian Sugar Waffles taste more than fine.

I had blacked out at the magazine rack like I normally do, well more often than not and quite literally so.

They did not have a single loaf of bread that to me did not taste like crap and feel ultra dry in the mouth, most of them I have tried. Now their bagels and their baguettes are top notch for taste, strangely.

I had been wondering for a while now if there had been a backlash from farmers of that farmers had refused to drop their prices lower and so Sainsburys had turned to sub standard food?

I was walking home across the park with cherry tomatoes on the vine, black grapes, a cheap jalapeno & tomato pasta, which oddly tasted like there was cheese in it and some baps and bagels. Ooh I forgot the strawberry laces I am now eating!

Oh yes and I got my old favourite of Duck with hoisin sauce in a wrap. That tasted like crap too!

I was wondering yet again on the way home what in the world was going on and could Fibromyalgia possibly affect signals going to the brain from your taste buds?

Or as I stated is there some backlash going on or are Sainsbury’s in trouble like Tesco is but have manage to hide it?

As I was walking to my front door I realised the front door was … well, moving!

I thought I was imagining this movement until I got inside and noticed things were … well, swaying just a touch. It was then I noticed my legs felt like they would just go under me, this happened to me a very long time ago and in a stressful situation I found out where the term ‘legs turned to jelly’ came from when they literally buckled under me. My brain was telling them to move forward and the only direction I was actually moving in was downwards!

That feeling is quite … surreal, let me tell you.

I then sat down and realised I was feeling very, very stoned and then I looked at the bags of food and what I had bought.

Well you know that thing they say comes over you once you have been stoned for awhile? That sudden … urge you get to … well, EAT?

Yeah half of this crap I bought home is now … GONE!

My next conversation with my GP is going to be an interesting one!

I am pretty sure it is the Amlodopine. I could be wrong. Well I could always have been wrong all the way through. Done pretty good up until now!



To date and as far as I am aware my own court case, directly involved but through someone else, has been heard for three years and has been twenty years in the making and been heard at a Magistrates Court, Family Court, Crown Court and now a High Court with heavy involvement from the Supreme Court of England and Wales, or the United Kingdom and not sure which name is correct.

A little before this started I started this blog. I piled on a hell of a lot of evidence in the form of recorded audio (meetings, appointments, phone conversations), photos, screen-shots, emails, documents and reports. Not all of it not by a long shot and there is over 100GB of data on my own estimations.

The one thing I stated early on is that there is corruption, cheating and lies everywhere I had looked before and I had predicted that this would follow as I carried in becoming embroiled in different things.

Though I did not know how bad and nor did I know just how much more I would get and from where!

I also stated early on that the one industry that I have no evidence or indeed any awareness of corruption therein are the courts and their judges.

So you can imagine I am rather keen for our case to be over and see what occurs.

I know what I know should take place.

The entire legal firm know what should take place.

Six weeks ago we kept being told it is at an end and from then on in it kept being extended by a week, then another week, then two weeks and the latest is two months. Though it is entirely possible that the last two month prediction might have just been an estimation at the very longest it would take?

Anyway, I saw this BBC News report about two people who took the DWP to court because their PIP application took 8 months.

My first thought was “Bah! Mine took 14 months and was illegally and immorally stopped 5 years ago!”

But then I read on and something very, very bizarre and quite literally this judge made a statement that could have only come from bizarro world?

She ruled that the application taking 8 months was unlawful but that the two disabled people’s human rights were not breached?!


Did anyone do a blood test on her leaving court to see if she was high?!

So what has just happened is that this judge has given the DWP and the government carte-blanche to not pay disabled people anything at all!

Think about it…they can get away with saving money and just how they did with me. Five years of missing DLA and they then award PIP, effectively admitting they were WRONG to cancel it anyway and only helped by the NHS lying about tests and diagnosis anyway.

Now you can expect things with the DWP and its PIP department to now get a whole lot worse for people because the DWP will think ‘Oh well, all anyone can do is take us to court but we will not be forced to pay anything even if we are beaten! WOOHOO!’