Before I get into this .. yet again .. I want to point out a couple of things about China, the Coronavirus and the name Covid-19.

Are you ready?

  • Their numbers are way higher, recently saw a news video I will link below, where its claimed they are 52 ties higher in places
  • China went to extreme measures to prevent the spread and no western countries will go to he extremes that China did

Now if you can accept these as facts as many of us stated for over 6 weeks and keeping this in mind.

Two weeks ago I attempted to relocate to Wales and it went wrong.

During the two day trip I talked abut the virus with a family member that thought it would come to nothing. Several did this. It seems after years of proving fake news and corruption people still want to believe the media over me. Go figure.

Stated previously it wont be long before I am proven right .. yet again .. and today the Associated Press stated in an article that the number of coronavirus cases outside China now has exceeded that of China.

At the time of this journey there were somewhere between 21 and 24 countries with cases, I believe it was?

At the time of writing the number of countries is now 48 and I have no doubt that by the time I post this it would have gone up.

Since then a massive surge has occurred in South Korea and very surprising to me is Italy that has had hundreds of cases and a dozen deaths.

Worse still is Iran who have had way more deaths than Italy and yet way less cases declared which must be wrong as it would make the death rate higher than 33%! So it is generally thought that they have maybe thousands of cases and not 50 0dd with 19 deaths as was listed at one point?

The wife of the person I have since found out told someone I know now panicking about this that it would burn out and come to nothing.

I stated that its already way more than 3 times worse than SARS and is absolutely showing no signs of slowing down and that the person that told her had zero knowledge or understanding of anything in science at all.

Me? Among many things Herpetologist, Batrachologist, Ichthyologist, computer scientist who was offered a PhD by Peter Passmore of Middlesex University working in all of those as well as medicine creating software to teach keyhole surgeons how to perform surgery.

Then there is my high level of knowledge, certainly higher than average, in astronomy and astrophysics, volcanology, seismology, meteorology, orchidaceae and others.

Called a genius by Police Detectives, Secret Services, Doctors, lecturers, solicitors, social workers and others. But to the non-educated I am constantly told I am wrong and called an idiot. Not all, fortunately as one friend’s wife told her friends that her husband has a mate who is a genius.

Might be funny to hear I always get embarrassed when I am told these things.

As I am the various labels I have been given like a Modern Day Robin Hood, Warrior of God and The Messenger and the last two were fro Christian groups and I told them they are barking up the wrong tree as I am not religious. One said ..

“God does not work that way. He chooses those that are worthy”

Would have been a lot more humbling if I had been religious. Have a lot of morals that align with Christians. I am just very scientific and have an analytical mind.

Now despite people still calling me mad for my claims .. this is puzzling as six of those people have long found out in their own experiences that I was right. NHS, Police, Social Services and many others besides.

One I lost contact with for 5 years was unknowingly following me on Twitter and upon realising apologised for me for thinking I was mad and then told his 3,000 odd followers, who were stunned, that I was the guy he had been telling them about for a couple of years. The one that predicted everything that is now happening that people thought I was mad for claiming.

Picked up a few followers for a few days after that tweet of his, I can tell you.

So according to some and I have had to love with this for years .. I am an idiot and wrong, despite my 8 years and 100% prediction success rate .. oh they do not bother to look. But it seems despite all this uneducated people know better?!

Told one friend about this virus and gave him predictions a month ago and he did not think it would get to the stage it is at now. Other than some slight surprises, case rises in places I did not expect and low in others I thought would rise fast, it has continued as I expected.

But they still doubt. It beggars belief, it truly does!

You can imagine my relocation falling through and not hearing anything about it and not being contacted is quite frustrating and then some?

Since then I have had emergency meetings .. one that was fecked up by idiots and a second that was a waste of time and now a third I am waiting for.

This s being done because I do not know what is happening with my move and I cannot stay here when the coronavirus arrives as walking in front of a bus is far more appealing!

Well not its a matter of weeks and the one thing I have in my favour is that here in the UK it has been slow .. but this might turn out to be a bad thing?

After seeing Italy you wonder if this will suddenly occur everywhere? It did the same in South Korea.

The other issues is with 48 countries you now have potential carriers if this virus flying from country to country. More waves.

Also heard today that the Centre for Disease Control in America they have a tele-briefing service where they are stating in no uncertain terms this is coming and everything is going to change.

Like the flu?

Yeah .. on the social media platforms YouTube, Twitter, Blogger, WordPress and Minds and likely others people have noticed an extreme effort to stop people telling the truth and certainly do not want you making money.

But they evil bar stewards will happily promote fake news who have been wrong one very single thing on every single day since the news broke on January 1st 2020. That is 8 weeks.

It is OK to parrot the World Health Organisation and the United Nations both of which have now lost credibility with a humongous amount of people including some very good Doctors.

The best one was ‘Oh we do not use the word ‘pandemic’ any more’ despite their website having pages dedicated to how they would deal with a flu pandemic?!

What pandemics only apply to the flu now .. or what?

Yes they can lie and bullshit and make money from lies and bullshit like they did with Anthropogenic Global Warming which was never a thing in a million years with an army of useful leftist idiots, that also helped cause this outbreak, who kept parroting shite while ignoring scientific data.

It beggars belief.

I have been scratching my head for two decades or more and as they years have gone on I have just scratched my head more and more and more.

Flocking tools in power and tools voted them in time after time after time while sticking their heads in the sand with lines like ‘oh well .. that is just the way it is’

An what you have now is what you end up with when you stick your heads in buckets with idiotic statements like that.

There are a few as mad as I am about this and with both the right and the left and one of those, I discovered tonight, is Canadian Frank Vaughn on YouTube I have been watching.

The part that makes you furious is all those morons have forced you to sleep-walk into this horror story along with them.

Like someone I have to deal with who is a narcissistic socialist who cannot stand anyone else getting attention .. its like the old man in the second Poltergeist movie where he leads people to their deaths in a cave of whatever it was and wont let them leave. Either while they was alive or their spirits.

This is what it has felt like for me for the longest time now.

Absolutely years of my life in torture, pain or just plain wasted thanks to the evil people behind the social media giants who think they can play God and lies are OK and the truth is not. Effectively becoming slave drivers in the process. You could not make this stuff up, you really can not.

I should receive the fist money I have had for many months in about 6 weeks but I do not even know if there will be banks or a welfare system by this time?! It is that bad from my point of view and I hope I get lucky at least for a few weeks or even a couple of months and am able to escape .. to somewhere .. anywhere .. but here?!

Worst [art abut it is those in power that will be complicit in the murder of hundreds of thousands, millions or tens of millions or, God forbid, more will disappear under their rocks.

Then when the dust has settled they will crawl out from under those rocks and reclaim their power, land and make people work for them like the Kings, Queens and the deities I am certain they see themselves as.

Yeah I have a message for them as I assure you it wont go as they planned. Not even close.

Did you know that in Indonesia they frown upon people that wash their hands? How do you think the coronavirus will do there?

We have had a health minister in Iran telling people on TV twice its not big deal and they have control over it, while coughing and sweating and a day or two later posting a film of himself from a hospital bed stating ‘Oh I have tested positive for the coronavirus’?!

Yes its that insane and I a matter of days 11 or 12 countries in the Middle-East declared cases of the virus .. in a week or so?!

  • Leftists possibly created disease
  • Leftists let out disease
  • Leftists concealed outbreak
  • Leftists then lied about numbers
  • Other leftists helped spread the disease with the sheer leftist idiocy
  • Leftists then lied to protect leftism
  • Leftist News Media talked down the disease
  • WHO and UN praised CCP the whole way
  • Naive idiots did not research putting those around them at risk
  • Other idiots lied and said they did not have it
  • Along with the above those that did got on planes to go home, flock knows what for
  • Thereby infecting everyone on the aircraft
  • Meanwhile because of lying leftists and there fake AGW and as I warned them so many times had everyone and all scientists concentrating on global warming which was pure bullshit
  • Ergo leftists once again have killed a very large number of people

They argues, bitched, called names and reported me when I told them over and over again IF they keep getting everyone focused on AGW was is not real and NOT a threat something will come along and bite them in the arse.

Consider their arse having a few small lumps taken out of it before it has giant size pieces removed over the next few weeks.

And I cannot wait for the excuses .. and oddly the usual suspects have all been absent today and I wonder of they have realised, all wonkers from Antifa, and have crawled back under their rocks?

Have been dropping hints for a couple of weeks now and if they have now realised I can assure you they know full well, as I have done this many times, there is going to be a backlash from me.

Only this time I will pain the walls with them and then some.

Well as I was typing this out something I predicted has already happened. I stated that in time what would happen is that the CCP would get shown up to be false. That the numbers of cases outside China would show the numbers being given out would reveal what many of us already knew. That the CCP were lying. They could have covered it up better and could have easily explained themselves away. But that ship sailed some time ago.

Now what JUST happened occurred twice.

Earlier in the day the Associated Press ran an article that stated that for the first time the numbers of new cases exceeded that of China.

Then today and after South Korea announced 334 cases in their morning announcement they then announced 171 others later in the day. This meant that South Korea alone had more cases announced than the whole of China.

Should be pointed out that China has 28 times more people than China.

Yes it is entirely feasible that China slowed the spread but nowhere near the extent of that they have been announcing. It was inconceivable.

You have yet another one coming up that will further show that the CCP have been lying, which they have also done to their own people. This is time and specifically the time since the outbreak began in China and the point the numbers started to fall.

Now this might have taken eight weeks but if this was possible and with South Korea’s population being way smaller it should, in theory, occur sooner? But if that same point goes by and the numbers are still rising in South Korea then the CCP has nowhere to run.

Two things I want to point out and that is the AGW cult which are all Antifa leftists I argue with over their attitudes, lies, agenda and climate change were nowhere to be seen. This has not happened for a single day for eight whole months. Yeah I think they realised. There was one guy called Joe, I called LessThanAverage .. Joe, but on a different thread. But that was it.

I also want to touch on something else that has come up at a great deal and that is these accusations of racism.

Now personally I have not seen this myself so when it comes up in the fake news I have no idea what they are talking about. Well other than leftists that seem to suggest that if you say anything at all about the CCP y are racist?

Yeah that is very helpful to the people in China who are suffering and just another example of their utter idiocy among the modern day left. Idiots pure and simple.

Have had a lot of friends from the orient and several of them were while at university. Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai. They can be really nice people and can make the greatest friends.

I also love China and had planned to spend a lot of time there but it did not work out. But I have always disliked the CCP and think they treat their own people like garbage and this has gone beyond ridiculous since the outbreak started.

Governments are lying too. Was saying to someone recently that there will be so much trouble from this even after it is all over.

Iran health minister claims they have it under control on TV at least twice while coughing and sweating then appears in hospital testing positive?

In am matter of a few days they have 26 deaths and only 245 cases and the disease has spread to three or more other countries from Iran and experts saying that there must be thousands of cases or even 10,000 cases for this to occur?

Bearing in mind they stated something along the lines that it was fabricated to disrupt elections they had going on. I bet they are feeling very embarrassed right about now?

Make no mistake I live in a life of hell, I an area of hell, in a building fro hell in a room from hell with a health condition from hell and have a daughter with a life from hell. We have been absolutely battered about by our own country for years and neither of us trust anyone.

Then in the last year I saw the scientific data that leftists ignore and knew immediately what it meant for the world.

Made my predictions and while many have since been talked about one is unfolding as I type this out and when its over it will be obvious the world is cooling.

What rate this will occur is impossible to nail down and depends on other factors. But it will cool and for many years and would estimate 7 and maybe, if some predictions on solar cycle 25 are correct, up to 20.

A low activity sun and extended solar minimums are causing cooling but leftists ignore that, the reports of up to 7 metres of snow and insist it is still warming.

They cannot explain where the extra heart is coming from, mind you.

Volcanoes are increasing in VEI and frequency which will speed up cooling but they ignore that too and state they have no effect. They are all about the science though.

Now then let us deal with the Elephant in the Room scenarios no one else seems to have touched upon ,. the lying by governments. Why?

Well the easy place to start is China and they have a lot of people to cater for and have spent many decades building themselves up as the manufacturer for the world.

Because other companies wanted to save on costs and make larger profits. Apple, Nikon, Sony, various companies making bicycles and the list goes on.

Now I had a very goof friend years ago who was from Newcastle, so a Geordie. We were both into similar things and one was mountain bikes. I told him several times that this urge to make all the affordable stuff in China was a mistake waiting to happen. That down the line this would go wrong, as I also predicted with the stock markets.

But like so many things I never thought I would live to see my predictions actually unfold.

Now here is how it works ..

  • Country A outbreak occurs
  • They announce because they have to and think they might get help from the world
  • Outbreak gets out of control
  • Money people start thinking abut money and markets
  • They realise that this will spread fast
  • They then realise other nations will be pre-occupied with their own countries
  • Therefore help will not occur or disappear after a short while
  • They lie
  • Other countries, A-B-C etc, now realise this already
  • They then realise that if they appear the least affected they not only look good but ..
  • They may be able to capitalise and take things from Country A

Country A is obviously China in this instance.

A potential Country B? Well say maybe a large country where they had 2 cases only for several weeks despite the fact that several weeks ago they were asking embarrassingly bad errors. Saw a video where they quarantined a bunch of people and at least one escaped.

Now hold on to your butts for this one ..

In the video they had arrested this woman and took her to court .. a small courtroom in a building that was crammed with people and they was surrounded by journalists and photographers more up close and personal than normal.

It was a facepalm moment for me and I expected that within a week there would be up to 20 cases declared from this country. A few weeks later, maybe 3 and no one has mentioned this, there has not been a single case?

Other countries that border it have now had dozens of deaths and they estimate there must be thousands of cases? Yet this large country still remains at two cases?

If it already seems like they are lying I am afraid it is about to get worse .. because, you see, this country shares a very .. VERY large border with China.

It is also the country that China based its whole social system on.

Why yes that would be RUSSIA!!

In the space of two to four weeks and while Russia remained at2 cases we have had dozens of countries added to the list .. DOZENS. Countries like Italy, I did not expect at all, raced up into the hundreds of cases. South Korea now in the thousands of cases and they do not eve HAVE a border with China. Only North Korea and we all know how that one works.

So do you think that Russia might have hoped to gain all the manufacturing from China?

Lets be honest here. China might never be able to do again what it did previously?

Chances are China will collapse and I have said this for over a month. They might not have the workforce available when this is over? My betting is there will be a revolution in China and something like that has bee sparked for reasons for less serious than what is going on right now.

Watched a video from Shanghai where Chinese are all sitting on the floor in a public square and officials are walking around telling them to go back to work. This is a week after the CCP is giving the impression to the world that they have the coronavirus under control.

Everyone knows this is complete bullshit. As do the Chinese.

The people remained sitting on the floor. No one responded to the repeated requests and I was even wondering if they were going to start arresting people?

Because China are losing vast amounts of money and due to the population size a complete collapse would not take long.

They are more or less treating their people like slaves only in this instance the is a very good chance they will contract the virus and die. They have welded people into their homes. There was a video of a tower block on fire with residents reportedly still in it. They have dragged people off the streets and arrested them. They have arrested Doctors and others for speaking out. Anyone talking on social media gets a visit from Police within 30 minutes, even videos of that happening.

Yeah, yeah the CCP have been honest to the world, right?

Well in the public square the Chinese woman taking the video on her phone eventually speaks and says that the control over the coronavirus is a sham and a lie and no one wants to return to work.

In another video a canteen that caters for 100 companies in an Industrial area has very few customers after re-opening. The video was from the South China Morning Post and they talked to several factories .. many had been told to re-open which they did. Only most of the had no workers returning so were doing nothing. Some had anything up to 50% so where not operating at anything like their usual full capacity.

Of course I was waiting for these videos as this announcement that China was going back to work? Never gonna happen.

It is like other people that think this is just the flu, fabricated to get control, released intentionally by the elite and all other manner of theories.

Maybe when the Tokyo Olympics are not held or cancelled they might take this seriously and not just another tool to push their narratives because they have obsessions for those they want to blame everything on?

So far more than 50 countries, thousands upon thousands of videos, a case, death and spread rate that’s 4 times worse than SARS with no signs of slowing down, top tier football matched being cancelled, people fighting in supermarkets over food and by a long way the largest lock-downs in human history that is occurring in a growing number of countries is not enough.

One, trying t prove their point, wanting to tell me it was blown out of proportion by these elite t gain control actually used the line ‘think about it logically’?

Logically ..

  • Ignore the fact a serious virus is out
  • Spreading way faster and wider than anything before
  • Killing at a scary rate
  • hundreds Millions locked down
  • Logical thing to do is run around on social media blaming ..
  • Elite/China/Trump/Bats/Pangolins/Soros

Reality ..

  • Ignoring it wont change anything
  • Ignorance wont stop it
  • It wont care what colour, culture, religion you are
  • Knowing where it came fro wont change a damn thing
  • Wanting everyone to echo you wont change a damn thing
  • You wont get everyone or even enough to listen to your claims anyway
  • Data data data .. you cannot make on omelette without eggs anyway

Timing ..

  • Focus on what is important right now
  • The truth will come out as people will find a way after this
  • If this results in the end of civilisation as we know it then ..
  • The evil ones in power will retreat under their rocks until the dust settles
  • Once over they will re-emerge
  • They will then try to regain power, lay claim to entire swathes of land and the people to do their bidding and work
  • And THEN the people will have their culprits and can deal with them accordingly
  • THIS is ..
  • How you deal with t and make sure they do not get away with their evil plans
  • It is THIS you need to make enough people aware of to stop them ..
  • Because NOW it is the only way to stop them AFTER .. this event is over and like I said to this person ..
  • I would very much like to be around to see that but ..
  • If I contract this virus I am dead for sure

I held back until there as a right time to state these things but they have been in my head for a very long time now.

I have stated previously that I have been limited in various ways by a lot of social media platforms and some of these will surprise you and they have surprised me too.

Now maybe .. just maybe .. looking at the above LOGIC I have provided might make people realise just WHY I have been targeted?

It is not my numbers because despite everything my followers are not exactly big. But what they were doing was growing quickly and I went up to 4,000 followers in the space of a few months.

Imagine what this works out to be over a few years?

I have got through to people on the hard-left and the hard-right. Not every time admittedly but I have achieved this many thought impossible.

Have talked many times and used the hashtag #ProjectDistraction and it seems to me that the divide was almost as if t was created. People going very far to the left to start with, infiltrated news, politics, entertainment and industries. As a result other started oat then venture to the right.

It has been like watching pawns on a proverbial chess board over the past few years.

AS Tim Pool recently did a video about there has been this really annoying habit, by the leftists, to label everything they do not like as a ‘conspiracy theory’ as people have been conditioned for years to retreat in embarrassment from such things.

Quite how saying that someone has a theory about a conspiracy now means your a raving lunatic and best avoided is beyond me. But someone .. somewhere .. came up with the idea to do this.

Have to admit though .. many with the crazier sounding stuff have only helped them do this and therefore hide the truth that for the past couple of years they complain has been hidden from them.

Probably the worst of these is Flat-Earth and Bigfoot? Arguably.

Stories are stories and proof is proof.

It takes someone with some unique insight to separate the wheat fro the chaff and this is something I am very good at. This blog is full of it. Used to have a friend send me YouTube videos on Bigfoot and thought the Earth was flat.

On the latter I ended up listening to a video on Flat-Earth about some map. Two American women on a podcast talk to a British guy who was telling them about some old map and that the font on the map was Times New Roman. Something to do with the dates?

Now I thought he has sent me the wrong link?

But next time I see him I told him and he said “No that is the right link” and 20 years I had no idea he believed the world was flat. And I said ..

“Yeah .. that map does not prove anything”

He replied that it did because this font was not supposed to be around until the time that The Times created it. Times New Roman.

I simply said “No. All it sows is that The Times did not create the font .. they just copied it from some old map”

After a moments silence and thought he replied “Oh [BLLEP]! I never thought of that!”

I cannot emphasize enough that which many that knew me in real life know. I am not perfect but I am big on facts and do not go on faith.

Nor am I a sensationalist and these things would hardly benefit me now.

Never lied and you need a good memory to be a liar and I have a health condition and one of many, many dozens of symptoms is short-term memory loss so I would make a bloody awful liar at any rate.

As for the genius label so many people and organisations have given me and others fear?

My theory is as close a dammit in that my condition increases my brainwave activity and I can analyse super-fast but I do have the issue that sometimes I can shut down .. like a writers block only worse. Even has a name. Fibrofog.

Other than this I deal with anxiety, not over the virus, and many areas of pain and living a life of pure hell.

After watching me tear through dozens of people on Twitter, shhh, and getting blocked by over 40 Antifa climate alarmists on a single thread, muted by a dozen on the same thread. Blocked by Professor Brian Cox and Michael Mann (must do a post about this with screenshots) you might start to realise, I thin I mentioned earlier, WHY I was saluted?

That event literally brought tears to my eyes. Literally. Had to break off and go and make a coffee.

If you compare what has been said by so many people and that they have stated that I am one of the best people they have seen online for my ability to debate, my widespread knowledge, my ability to tear down scientific papers with aplomb you might realise something?

Everything I have said about being limited by all these social media giants is true.

I am good at spotting patterns and numbers and even the virus has spread just as predicted it would and an outbreak I predicted on this blog where I have had tags deleted.

Yeah I should have at least hundreds of thousands of followers .. and tens of thousands of viewers each month. But I do not. Also not being paid, mores the pity and to my daughter’s disappointment who tells people and her boyfriend she has a genius as a father.

Speaking t someone she knows on the phone he said to her “I have just GOT to meet your Dad! He is a genius!”

She replied in the background not knowing I heard her “Oh you have NO IDEA”.

There is indeed a blog post with a recording that will give you this idea and that is ‘Country of the Damned’.

Yeah the powers that be do not like me.

Unfortunately I have waited for help to promote me to get beyond their suppression and I have had a lot of help when people realised what was happening and see for themselves.

But thus far it has really never quite happened. Not sure if I have just had help from people with not enough followers or they are doing a good job at focusing on me?

People have tried for years to bring me to the attention of various famous people and if named you would know each one. One I will mention is Rebel Media and Ezra Levant. There have been four or so that I am aware of?

Some told me I was going in the right direction, keep going it wont last much longer but I was not so sure and yet again I was right.

One even told me they would take away my financial woes and horrific life and once again that never happened.

Both my daughter and I have had 9 years of this .. promises that are broken so much so that today if anything like that is said to either of us we just totally ignore it.

Yes she has had them too .. massive book, TV and film deals for her story and got reduced to local paper article, Take A Break Monthly article and Love It!

At one point she waited for a Limousine to take her to London to appear on Good Morning Britain, or one of those, and Panorama. That never came.

It is like almost the prefect timing that just as I am about 6 months away from actually achieving something by finding various ways around their suppression, am sure they are well aware of, that this damn virus outbreak occurs.

In fact this reminds me of people from my past .. sometimes distant that said two peculiar things and no not the Robin Hood, Warrior of God or The Messenger people that called me those things.

  • You have a highly unusual amount of bad luck?
  • The worse your life get the worse the world seems to get?
  • You have been through so many things it is almost like you have been put here for a test?

These things have continued and it so often feels like this is in fact hell and have been put here for things I did in a previous life?

Yet so many people see me as a hero and anyone knew that comes across me starts thinking that within a couple of weeks.

But still unstable idiots in entertainment seem to get masses of followers and it like a delusional disease affects a large percentage of the population.

Or Ike I said they are just doing a very good job at suppressing me or preventing what I say to spread too far?

So I sit around watching the numbers of the coronavirus hoping I get out of where I am in time before it spreads too fay in the UK. We have been lucky thus far as fully expected to spread much further and faster than it has here.

Unfortunately that has occurred in Italy which has been a humongous shock to me. Now spreading in France and Germany.

Now I did in fact find myself in North Wales in a van with two other people and what is left, that I did not lose no thanks to my own government, of my belongings.

I was within two miles of the house I was to move into. Only the person was not there and there was a mix-up on the dates a week apart.

In all fairness and agreed with by others, it was rushed.

So we ended up in a hotel in Bangor, went and spotted our first Chough, a rare bird, while fighting strong winds there is a video of. Then went to Snowdon and took pictures before coming back again and placing all my belongings back in my room just before midnight.

Due to my condition and just as I knew would happen I then suffered for a couple of days. Annoying there is often a delayed reaction with this condition, it is very weird. It is called Fibromyalgia and even affects my heart.

No medication nor access to Doctors .. because the NHS are evil morons for the most part as is every public service in the UK. Or just part of the concerted effort to stop me.

One friend I know who doubted me has now been lied to by the NHS, DWP, Police and Social Services and had belongings confiscated, been made to work in pain for years before finding out he needs a new hip and still made to work. Not lazy he has always worked, should point that out.

Since heard he was suicidal and speaking to him he said this “I wanted t smash my GP’s face in!” which was a real shock to hear! But these evil flucking morons push you and push you and push you beyond human limit and then have a meltdown and okay the victim when YOU REACT.

The NHS and government’s official line in the UK for the coronavirus?

We are well prepared for an outbreak of the coronavirus” or something to that extent?

What did I hear from Canadian YouTuber and all round sensible guy Frank Vaughn on YouTube?

We will not be treating those that are weak (and/or old and shite)”

Oh yeah sounds well prepared as the institution that has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths over the past few years wants t now speed up the process and save money and resources?

Fucking evil.

Had this myself its on this blog and you really could not make this stuff up about these evil asswipes and I am talking about Doctors here too. In it fr the MONEY. Not the people. THE END.

Yeah feel pretty sure they would prefer it if I was not .. ‘around’ any longer.

As of right now I am getting help from Age UK to get an income I have to wait 6 weeks for and I am even wondering if there will even be a welfare system in 6 weeks time or it will last much longer?

If I did manage to relocate to Wales then sorting this out prior to leaving would be a massive help but that is IF I relocate as I have not heard anything in two weeks regarding this.

In my head an am watching an hour glass and the sands of time slowly running out.

One of the worst health condition in the worst room in the worst building with the worst people while in the worst area while hammering away online to actually try and reach many different goals.

Oh I might add that it was all agreed with the British government for me to start my own business and go self-employed. Now let me just explain this to show you that something is going on ..

  • Government said I could not go on Business Scheme called Enterprise as it would take too long to build up numbers
  • Than I explained I had been at it for four years and showed them the current number
  • Business adviser almost fell off his chair and said ..
  • I can tell you now I do not even have to speak to my bosses, you WILL get accepted”
  • Did a course I did not need to do, admitted by the advisor when he realised what I was, what I did and what I know
  • Two days after going self-employed the government pulled the plug
  • At the exact same time I found out my daughter had been attacked by her husband who had gone to prison
  • Disabled Daughter and Father .. they did all this? Nice people.
  • At the time I was a couple months away from getting my first payment via Adsense and Google
  • That was Spring 2017
  • At the time I was not using Twitter, GAB, Minds, Parler or anything like that
  • In 2020 I have 12,000 followers, despite then knocking off 7,000 followers, on the above
  • So as you can imagine the number of viewers has rocketed in the last couple of years from the point I was about to be paid?
  • In 24 hours I was lucky if I got as high as 20 viewers in 24 hours, 50 after a week
  • Today I often get 50 in the first 24 hours
  • In 6 months that will be way higher
  • So where is the money?

Had a friend who thought I was mad when I stated they were subduing me back in 2015 and 2016 as did others.

A Type 1 Diabetic I know was in a hospital waiting room a year back and got talking to a YouTuber and he told the guy he had this mate who had this made idea he was being subdued and money being held back.

My friend got asked what it was I talked about and after telling him it was rapists, Trump, against climate change and others they guy then told my friend with his jaw open ..

“Oh yeah, he is right. I have lost over £1,000 per month and have friends that have lost several hundreds each month in income”

After a few years of thinking I was batshit crazy my friend apologized.

He later started that everything I had said for years n one believed turned out to be true and including the NHS because after thinking for years he was untouchable because of his illness they started to mess him around and lie to him.

‘You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.’

If the virus spreads fast in the UK I fully expect public services like the NHS, Police and Councils to collapse within 6 months to a year.

When started typing this post and as mentioned there were 48 countries affected by the coronavirus and now that I have finished there are now 56. This does not include the fact that South African YouTuber and nice guy with the channel Loving Life stated yesterday that he received an email alert to state there are two cases in the country and hospitals have been put on emergency measures.

So that is 57 countries .. likely more by the end of today and Russia is still only on two and I have checked .. it has been 16 days now without hearing of a single case.

Now remembering the massive border and the fact that the virus looks to not do well in warmer climates what do you think the chances are that Russia only has two?

I fully expect in a few days that someone somewhere will look at these new numbers and accuse Russia are lying their asses off?

Wil leave you with one to cook your noodle that is taken staright out of my Grand Solar Minimum posts ..

It has been widely known and Carl Sagan stated it in his series Cosmos, I have a copy of, that Cosmic Rays can mutate things like DNA.

We had a record high of cosmic rays in 2008 to 2009 and we are very close to hat yet again right at this moment in time. Now I have heard that according to a nurse or Doctor they are seeing their worst flu outbreak in 13 years.

We have has Aussie Flu and Swine Flu and I have cold symptoms right now that have persisted for weeks, I kid you not.

Now if this new strand of Coronavirus has mutated a few times like some experts fear it has, like in Iran .. are cosmic rays behind it?

Now also consider that for a decade some very weird things and behaviours have occurred and over time it has only become worse.

Did they know?

Or is the behavioural thing brought about by something going on?

Animals show behaviours prior to events and might suddenly leave an area altogether. In recent times and as an animal expert and going from insects all the way up to birds and mammals I have seen some VERY unusual behaviour. Have spoken about this with various experts and enthusiasts and everyone has seen the same thing. A search on YouTube will bring up plenty of videos including birds dropping dead out of the sky. Even my daughter has witnessed this in Wales.

Food for thought.

When all else has been ruled out, whatever remains, however improbable, has to be the truth” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain

Don’t pay attention to authorities, think for yourself” – Richard Feynman

There are a lot more where they came from that I use a great deal on social media

  • OscarsWild1 (T)
  • allnights on two! (P & G)
  • saintallnights (M)
  • Can you figure them out?

You cannot make bricks without clay ..

If Tim Pool is saying it?!
Unreported cases in South Africa?
Chinese factories are not open
Fake News finally realise CCP is lying?
Are the numbers this much higher?
More from Tim Pool who doubted it would come to anything
Frank Vaughn does not mince words and NHS not goint to help the weak?
GSM News I chat to and follow me in shock, cosmic rays and worst flue season
So Google did mess with Evil persists?

As I was about to post this the page froze up and when it came back my TAGS HAD DISAPPEARED!!



Don’t you just love disaster movies? I do.

For years we have had these things based on all kinds of things from asteroid strikes to Tsunamis earthquakes the Earth’s cure stopping, continental drift and right down the a pandemic.

Of late, well where I am, they seem to have played a lot of them almost as if you were watching a series of training videos.

There are always parts that are unbelievable though right down to the politics and actions of governments actions. They always are portrayed as human .. well sometimes. Like Danny Glover in ‘2012’ where he stays behind with the people in a sort of pointless sacrifice breaking his daughter’s heart in the process.

Bizarrely that last one has been something I have thought about daily as despite not being afraid of dying, even with this outbreak, I think about how my own daughter would cope and being without her only family. She has even stated that to others.

The news media in these movies are also not even close to the way they are in reality now are the big organisations like the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. Not even close. There was a time when I thought they were like this. But by 2012, no pun intended, I had already realised a number of organisations were corrupt and, dare I say, evil?

Likely down to the very things I have pointed out ad complained abut for years and have done exactly that for 8 years give or take on my blogs and going back way longer. Like greed, things getting out of control, rush to protect money, property and their positions of power. Power is the one thing those at the top fear.

Someone once said to me a long time ago that hitting those in power in the pocket has zero effect but threaten their power and that s a whole different story.

Now moving on to the science and yes these were based in things that could and have happened but were all possible. Obviously these were educated guesses in most part as we do not fully understand everything in science but do not tell the hard-left climate alarmists that as they think we know and can control everything and that changes are always down to a single thing. Like CO2. Nothing could be further fro the truth.

Also and despite them all being possibilities these were things that as someone whose deeply into various sciences. Have a BSc Single Honours Degree, got a distinction for my thesis and was asked to do a PhD, I stupidly turned down, that would have had me working in the entire animal kingdom, computing and medicine with keyhole surgery simulation software, I never thought I would see any of these things happen in my lifetime.

Not long ago I was walking around an area I grew p in as a child and near a school and even a nursery I attended. As I wandered around I thought about me and my friends jumping on buses, running around, playing football and something kept springing up in my mind.

How would we have reacted if someone came up to us and told us that while we were still alive scientific data would start to emerge that pointed to the possibilities of

  • Pole Reversal
  • Ice Age
  • Asteroid Strike
  • Weakening Magnetic Field
  • Super Volcano eruption
  • Or a series of VEI6 or VEI7 volcano eruption
  • Magnitude 9 or greater Earthquake
  • Global Pandemic

Any one of the above would have knocked me for six, blown my mind so to speak.

Yet here I am in 2020 well aware that a shed load of unprecedented data, we have not seen before so we do not know, has emerged that suggest all or any combination of the above could happen.

As I have looked back at data it turns out many of these things have been building up for a very long time. The magnetic poles have looked suspicious for a decade and volcanoes have been increasing for several decades. Just to give two examples.

Does an ice-age sound mad? Well there are different depths, they are all not the same, and bought about by a combination of things.

The most recent one, a little one, brought about by a stalling of the solar cycles where sunspots went missing for 50 years as recent as 1648 that lasted until about 1700. This lull happens briefly every 11years, give or take. Except in 2007 it lasted for a couple of years and we had a low solar maximum in 2014 and now in another deep minimum that has lasted longer than the last one and everyone is waiting for the sunspots to build up.

I was concerned we would get well into 2020 and the rise of solar cycle 25 would not be occurring and that if this had not happened by the summer scientists would all be talking about it.

It is the 18t February at the time of writing and we have had 17 consecutive days without sunspots and 66% of 2020 without them. Years close to a solar maximum you would not get spotless days.

Solar cycles last 11 years and many climate alarmists have not even realised these have been extending, when they are ruling out the Sun as driving the climate to keep up their political gains. The cycles have been getting longer and the last around 13 years or so.

So the next solar maximum just keeps getting pushed further back and has crept fro around 2022 to now July 2025 the last time I looked. If this solar minimum continues throughout 2020 t will be truly bizarre.

Back in January 2019 and on this blog when I started to realise this data had been emerging and after wondering why to begin with no one was talking about it in the media and the realising they were telling lies about it, I predicted a number of things.

After I realised that the world’s weather would flip-flop it occurred to me this could bring about many things and many catastrophes and one of these was disease. That would be the last one on the list above.

Though to be fair many things I predicted I had down for being much further away. It had been my estimation that many things would occur and start around 2021 onwards. Predicted the UK would have its worst winter record broken by 2024, for example. The real possibility of a little ice-age period by 2022 or 2023. Be more or less in it by 2026 or 2027. Just my estimations based on the data I had looked at.

In the meantime and as I had to fight various personal battles, like my debilitating condition, I had also been watching the world turning even more crazy. People turning on each others, health organizations lying and refusing people even children. Fake news telling even bigger lies, Divisions on social media. Talks and arguments over many things.

Mass influxes of people when the and infrastructure and services could not cope already or has nowhere near enough housing.

But this I had been watching for a large number of years and I had also predicted well over a decade ago.

Even had an old friend turn out to be following me on Twitter I lost contact with that heard me predict all this and thought I was mad. Then told many followers I was the one he had been telling everyone about and had predicted everything that was going on today. That was .. bizarre.

  • Collapse of Society
  • Corruption of world organisation
  • Governments turning on their own
  • Health Authorities breaking Hippocratic Oaths
  • Court Judges lying and not interested n justice and truth
  • Loss of Freedom of Speech
  • Fake News
  • Bias over groups of people that is backwards in cases
  • Sinister political agendas that somehow had a very far reach that affected western nations that left me scratching my head as to how it was even possible
  • Widespread talk in western nations of civil war
  • Widespread talk globally of world wars

Remember when I said that I was in an area where I grew up as a child which was 40 years ago and stating that if someone had come up to us and told us all the above would occur in our lifetimes you would have passed them off as insane.

Yet decades after here we are and me seeing data and reports I did not even think my daughter would ever see.

While writing this Storm Dennis has an even bigger storm to hit the UK. With 150 mph winds possible. Sure that will be a record?

Volcano in Ecuador has undergone massive land deformation so possibility of eruption?

After record snow fall in parts of North America I now see a report that about now and on the 25th February two polar blasts are going to hit and a very large number of records will be broken.

After the Taal Volcano I am now waiting for a big VEI6 eruption or even a VEI7? A super-volcano? Who knows but Yellowstone has been restless in recent years.

Feel absolutely sure that something will emerge that links everything concerning submarine volcanoes over the next year or three too.

But popping up out of the shadows is this coronavirus outbreak. Also expected but not this early and now this has become the primary focus.

Trust me the numbers are pure bullshite. Going down and got a handle on it everywhere? Like flock do they as ..

  • It it peaked they would say
  • If it burn out they would say
  • Because the economy
  • If there was any kind of miracle hey would say
  • If they had a drug they would say
  • If the used a pre-existing drug that worked they would say
  • For cases to fall or stall in so many countries at once?
  • Yeah I have a bridge to sell you! Its mobile, foldable, light-weight and comes with wheels!

The world and society has become a sham.

A hot bed of lies and misinformation that has got worse and just about everyone seems to be involved with in societies where everyone else want to stick their heads in their proverbial buckets.

It is hugely dislikeable and thoroughly unbearable.

Horrible, evil, amoral and dishonest people have most of the power or seem to be the only ones that seem to get on in life. And only see this getting worse.

Feel something coming. Feel it in my bones.

And starting at the year of around 2029 ish it just feels to be getting closer and closer and it keep bring the year closer and closer. 2027, 2026, 2025, 2024, 2023 and now only 6 weeks into 2020 I think it might be this year?

Supposed to relocate and I have been panicking abut getting out in time!

Think I am easily panicked?

  • Nope
  • Had Aussie Flu
  • Also had Swine Flu
  • Thought I had brain cancer at one point, ad t have an MRI

None of these phased me.

Heard al the scare stories and the prophecies of doom.

Today? Well for the first time ever .. today is very different from every other day.

So to finish up .. as well as deleting tags on certain platforms my alarm bells went off when the numbers froze I the US, UK and Europe. After four days of not a single case I knew .. and then the rumours came. From someone whose wife works in health care.

They are lying.

While writing this and according to the Chinese government the number of new cases of infection for Wuhan, the epicentre, went down from day t day from 1660 to 615, a drop of over 1,000.

For the rest of the entire province where Wuhan is located, Hubei, it has dropped from day to day from an already ridiculous lie of 54 to 13. That is thirteen and not a typo.

This is the province of the epicentre and remember that just three or four days ago they banned all use of private cars. For less than 200 cases. And China is supposed to be going back to work. But cars are banned across a large province?

It gets worse as China announced that they REDUCED the number of cases by around 279 but they did not state why.

Since I started typing the numbers of cases on the ship called the Diamond Princess that were up to over 400 and remember they have not tested everyone yet and many have left that might have been negative but might test positive when back on their home countries?

The number of cases on the ship that tested positive is 621. In a few days and with only around 3,200 aboard, I think it is? So 621 is not the final figure but it s about 30%.

The population of Wuhan is a little under 12 million people and very likely tightly packed as I understand it.

The population of the Hubei province in its entirety, including Wuhan, is a little under 58 million.

It is generally reported now that the coronavirus, now known as Covid-19, first appeared around the 1st December 2019.

There is no way on Earth these numbers have been correct and they have falsified them so badly that it will literally be discovered to be false by thw weekend, possibly by tomorrow?

There is also the issue that there are now 28 countries that have the virus and though many could be hiding things, as Americans, Canadians and other countries do, if numbers in other countries surpass China’s or even get close without slowing down? Well there will be a great deal of anger towards China’s CCP. There is already growing anger among the Chinese citizens towards their government.

Even the World Health Organisation, who have a team in China now, have stated they are sceptical of the numbers.

It is like Chinese government want their own people and the world to know they are either lyning through ther teeth or are incompetent?

If it was a manpower problem well they have been getting them wrong long enough now. They have had many weeks to come out and state that they know there are a great many more cases out there but did not have the ability to confirm them.

Now this would technically true but allow them to cover up the numbers and get away with it. Well if they produced better and more convincing numbers to leave people unsure.

But this has been beyond ridiculous for around fur days and one guy that streams live on YouTube, AgendaFree TV, was absolutely dumbstruck ad kept repeating “Thirteen, its thirteen! China are trying o tell us that the the whole of Hubei outside of Wuhan has only had thirteen cases?! Thirteen guys .. THIRTEEN?!” He did this for 30 minutes straight.

And this is someone that does not like talking abut reports of anything unless it comes from more than two sources. If there are many ad it only comes from one he wont post about it or talk about it.

Here is the official page in China where they report it and you might want to watch the video from Frank Vaughn. After watching that and reading the comments you will start to question the official line from everyone.

This wont and well and if lies and cover ups it wont last long either. They failed to consider the reactions from their own people when it is realised they allowed people to get themselves infected and die.

Nope this certainly is not going to end well.

Watch this video, watch his other videos and look at the comments section as rumours abound of people being tested or having the virus.

They handled it badly from day one and they are only succeeding it making it worse.

Additional ..

  • Was to get a call yesterday for emergency appointment with famous help agency
  • Did not get it fell asleep suddenly while watching YouTube video
  • Morning battery was dead, charged it at 9.20
  • Get a text message from help agency telling me I have appointment 20 minutes away for 9.15am .. at 9.25am
  • Call the number but does not seem to exist
  • Get call wanting to book me into a branch even further away
  • Tell them about closer one bur refuses to do this because of jurisdiction and my post code
  • Tell her I do not have a post-code
  • She said I do because I gave them one
  • I said NO .. I was asked for the nearest post-code I was aware of
  • Still refuses to book me and asks me to ring the branch
  • I ring the branch but this acts like it does not exist, try the two again from a land-line same thing occurs
  • I get an alternative number but that one says telephone services not available in my area
  • Except I am calling from a mobile and they do not have ‘areas’
  • Same thing occurs with land-line
  • AT this point the anxiety and heart are now playing up as this was to help me with my situation because of my health
  • Finally get another number and I have been in a queue for 20 minutes
  • And for the love of God and this slays me but these people just do not like using emails and when you have memory issues emails are the best thing in the world as you can take your time
  • Oh dear now they are all confused and asking why I have rung and telling me to ring the people that just rung them and giving me numbers I have been unable to get through on
  • Oh and now I have been told that there are no jurisdictions and they wanted to set me up with the nearest one again
  • Told them ‘no’ as this too stressful as these organisations, Age UK included, have huge issues with people near borders
  • And now I have another 3 day wait as this is what I was told two days ago
  • Was also told to go to Mind for the form filling which Age UK and CAB said that CAB would do?!
  • This is the level of help for disabled people I pain and memory problems in the UK and is utterly stressful to do anything at all

Well you see have not explained everything on social media, maybe I should have done? I do not know. But getting hammered but the tech giants for telling the truth is not the only thing I have to deal with.

It is also a pretty horrid health condition that affects my memory, and pans in feet, calf muscles, thigh muscles, shoulder back, fingers and skin. My heart is also affected.

Pain in my right knee is a separate thing and in a failed relocation to North Wales I found myself near a cliff in some pretty strong winds. Had a nephew trying to catch me a few times as I fell.

When I did fall I fell on my camera. Got fed up .. sat on the grass and lit a cigarette. Was alone at that point, probably why I git the ground.

So trying to get out of an oppressive atmosphere where a narcissist and a nut-job were doing thing and attacking me and blaming me for it .. while away they forgot I was 250 miles away and pulled the trick while I was gone. This led to someone else noticing, realising this was done to set me up and the two got pulled over it.

So the .. appointment was set up before these two force me to lose my mind.

They want to re-establish my disability which I got screwed over by the NHS and the DWP who both lied .. along with the help of a court who also lied.

Not a shred of proof or reason but they know there is no access to solicitors.

I do not expect to have my disability status reinstated .. I am just looking for a form of income so that I can maybe escape?

The building is a living hell and many that are aware know this and the nut-jobs involved. Unlike climate alarmists that ignore the truth to push political agendas that refuse what I post .. there are things coming. Many things.

I am prepared for that I just do not want to be here where I am when these things come.

There are mental things going on and all over milk, bread, toilet rolls and other stupid thing and if the weather seriously cools towards a mini ice-age or the virus outbreak starts to look bad ..

.. life will not be worth living here and not because of cold or viruses but because of the two in the building.

Now whether or not I get help with getting out somewhere or whether or not my relocation to North Wales takes place, I do not know.

Because this is all out of my hands and I am powerless to do anything about it.

Feeling helpless while being trapped with these people is really the worse and with my condition to deal with along with no access to funds, money and even pills like magnesium, as I have hypomagnesaemia, its quite unbearable.

And that is each and every day of the last two years and it s getting worse.

So the above was an act of desperation and some pressure from two help groups .. one being Age UK and the other, above, being the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

But I have many, many years as has others even more daughter, or promises of help and hearing ‘we will do this and we will do that’ and yet nothing has ever come from any of it.

Broken promises each time. One can only wait and hope.

Hammered from all sides with no respite. And then I am attacked on social media too.

Talk about rape gangs, Trump, global warming not being real and now the coronavirus but apparently they do not want me talking abut these things despite my education, being factual and my 100% prediction record.

But if you are fake news and told lies or got it wrong time after time after time this is OK and there is no accountability plus your allowed to make an income.

Mine was frozen back in 2016, my posts buried, my followers knocked off in the many thousands and now even tags are being deleted on platforms.

Cannot get rid of me via proper means as I do not lie, cannot prove I misinform nor am I scaremongering. Do not cheat or abuse in an way either.

If anyone should not be allowed to make money who do you think it is? People like me or these tech and social media giants with way too much money and power?

My Project Distraction hashtag causes them sleepless nights, no doubt? The reality is I am way too close to the truth on so many things and with my prediction record I struggle so hard to get right I think they very much fear me.

Even my daughter realises this now.



This is my third piece now on this dreadful outbreak much of which is still surrounded in mystery.

I will also state at this point that it is odd because there has been up update while I typed this out and its very curious that thus far the only people to have died seem to be orientals.

If this is still the case a week from today this is going to be very curious, very curious indeed. I did not think it was even possible for something like this to occur?

End Fore-note

Well things are still building up with the Novel Coronavirus but the numbers do not make and sense art all and not only do they not match up but are wildly different from place to to place.

Currently there are 17,437 confirmed cases and 362 deaths.

Experts said it would peak around the 4th February yet with 2,103 cases confirmed in a single day in Hubei and the largest rise yet yesterday this shows no signs of happening.

Would estimate that as reports state the virus appeared the 1st December 2019 and it is now February 3rd that it will take longer than 8 weeks to peak in other nations?

Think there were 400 or so more cases than the previous day too? So will today, Monday 3rd February, go up by 2,600? Tuesday go up by 3,200? Wednesday by 3,900? Thursday by 4,700? Friday by 5,600? Saturday by 6,600? This is just China.

Lately many seem to go with a previous report that states the virus will peak in April? Once again not exactly explaining themselves did they mean in Hubei, or China as a whole or globally?

At the end of the day estimating when it peaks means that after this the numbers infected start going down. If these numbers rise for the next 8 weeks before they start going down that is going to be a lot of people.

Also concerning are unconfirmed reports that scar tissue has been found in the lungs of those infected which might suggest that even if you recover you are left with breathing difficulties for life?

This alone, leavng aside manufacturing and supply of goods and food, has the potential to have a lasting and devastating effect on the health services of every country.

As of the 2nd February ..

  • Hubei 11,177 350 295
  • Zhejiang 724 0 40
  • Guangdong 683 0 14
  • Chongqing 300 2 8
  • Heilongjiang 118 2 2
  • Philippines 2 2 1
  • Japan 20 0 0

So not only are the numbers being provided by the Chinese government not making any sense but neither do the umbers outside China.

No you do not expect them to match exactly but these are wildly varying.

Ifyou take a time-period of that of the duration of the virus then in Hubei Province you have 295 recovered and during this time 350 have succumbed. That is over 50%.

In others it is 0%.

Zheijiang has reported 724 cases and zero deaths. Incredible. Heilongjiang has had 118 cases and 2 deaths.

Is there something not being reported? Are their mistakes being made? IS there two viruses, strains or a mutation going on?

Now look a the Philippines? Was pretty sure it was only one case listed when it was reported that someone had died? SO that would have been 100% at the time. Now it is listed there have been two cases.

In Japan they have had 20 cases and zero deaths.

So is it down to the ability to test? I have to wonder if the Philippines has a great many people walking around infected and do not know it yet? If so you can expect a spike in cases fr the country at some point.

It gets far more strange and far more worrying when you consider Africa. This was one place where many Chinese go because of some large scale manufacturing going on. I am not sure of the number of towns or countries yet. But I saw a report that they planned to send 300 million more Chinese to Africa? So maybe a few million already? A few tens of millions?

So how can it be that we have not had a single confirmed case across the entire African continent other than a rumoured suspected case in Botswana?

Being kept under wraps? No test kits?

More to the point how is it that fake news mainstream media always looking for any excuse to talk about the people of Africa have not uttered a word about this?

Is this now going to be a case of where Africa is ignored to the point you hear something about it when there are hundreds of deaths in 2 to 4 weeks time?

Looked it up and thus far its Kenya, Nigeria, Angola according to this Forbes article. In Kenya they are building a railway between Mombasa and Nairobi.

The problem you have now is not just who came in fro China with the virus but how many people now infected in other countries are getting on aircraft and boats to other countries that are carrying the virus?

Because these ones will slip right through the net and this ‘net’ has giant sized holes in it already. I do not want to hear morons on TV and idiot politicians tell me they have the best in the world of this or that when they have already screwed up several times over this.

Not a gambling man but I would wager that Africa would have resulted in more cases than Japan and the latter currently sits at 20.

While writing this I have now discovered that there are five suspected cases of the Novel Coronavirus in Botswana in Africa.

Now maybe China is building things there too? Maybe they are in a great many countries all keen to get help with their infrastructure from China?

But then maybe they do not .. which would be very odd that somewhere without a significant presence of Chinese has had five suspected cases while the countries with Chinese do not.

At the time of writing 23 countries outside China all have confirmed cases. Throw is that there are likely several countries in Africa likely to declare some in the coming week or two. Consider that it may have infected more people than we realise, in Africa. Consider that a week from now anywhere between two and ten countries are likely to declare their first cases.

Now if you consider the likelihood that those with declared cases are likely to see rises, with the US now at 11, Japan 20 and Thailand with 19, there is the increased possibility that spread can then come from these countries too.

How do you stop that without banning all travel?

The one plus point in all this is that only one person outside China has succumbed thus far but then again in the first few weeks since the outbreak I do not think there were any deaths in China.

To give you an example of the early days look at Thailand. They have 19 cases and 7 have recovered thus far. Meaning 12 still have the virus that they know of.

Australia has 12 cases and 2 of these have recovered meaning that they have 10 people they know of still infected.

In France they have had 6 cases and two of these are listed as serious.

Its very possible that by the time I post this it may have jumped up in China? With daily rises of the past few days being ..

  • 22nd January 571
  • 23rd January 830 Rise of 259
  • 24th January 1287 Rise of 457
  • 25th January 1975 Rise of 688
  • 26th January 2744 Rise of 769
  • 27th January 4515 Rise of 1171
  • 28th January 5974 Rise of 1459
  • 29th January 7711 Rise of 1737
  • 30th January 9692 Rise of 1981
  • 31st January 11791 Rise of 2099
  • 1st February 14380 Rise of 2589
  • 2nd February 17205 Rise of 2825
  • 3rd February 20665 Rise of 3460 (Late Addition)
  • 4th February 24582 Rise of 3917 (Late Addition)

It should be noted at this stage that in China they release two figures .. and as of last night there two figures made no sense and are wrong. This could be, arguably, a mistake.

This is suspicious because in China they stated that the Coronavirus was peaking or has peaked and the numbers will go down. Only .. it was the wrong numbers that are quite impossible ..

They release two figures between around 10.30pm to midnight GMT Time .. one for the province of Hubei, where Wuhan is located, first and then later one for the whole of the rest of China.

  • Hubei rose by 3,156 a greater leap than the day before
    • If these was a peak this is where it would be
  • Rest China rose by 675 which was a big drop on increase of recent days
    • This is what you expect in a peak
    • IN WUHAN! The original epicentre is where yu would get a peak first AND NOT everywhere else at once
    • These numbers are flat out wrong .. no ifs or buts .. FLAT OUT WRONG
  • People are being censored inside and outside China for talking about this virus but it seems perfectly OK for FAKE NEWS to spread misinformation
  • Informed people that if the FAKE NEWS does not pick up that these numbers are wrong then stop watching it altogether as they are either IDIOTS or wilfully spreading misinformation

Notice how the number on the right keeps going up? There was one independent news guy I watch that sticks to the facts who thought at one point it was about to start dropping. Think it was the 31st January where the rise only went up by a little more than 100. But then on the first of February this then rose by nearly 500.

These are not accurate and of course there are many reasons why this could be.

  • Not the manpower to test everyone
  • Not enough test kits to test every one
  • Not being fully open
  • Combination of the above

Unfortunately the only way we will know for sure I would imagine will be in at least two weeks time if and when enough people are infected outside China? Sad but true.

If China is being secretive about this it will only come back to bite the Chinese government in the ass before long.

Because if and when cases outside China get to a thousand or more real figures will be available for the maths wizards to do their thing.

You do not need to have the virus in your nation to get affected either and I am amazed how the fake news and others have not picked up on this.

Told a friend that China were in big trouble over a week ago and he did not agree and thought that he was still going to Hong Kong in April. Despite realising now he still thinks there is a chance he is still going?!

I said that the markets will start becoming affected .. his precious iPhones are made in China as are many other things, many Japanese brands build their products in China, including Nikon.

What about computer components? So many things are manufactured in south east Asia and these are all going to get affected .. by people off work through illness to start with.

Dr Chris Martenson a Pathologist ho seems to now have caught the attention of the mainstream and is being called fake news.

But once again and like so many other things in science .. its the mainstream media that is being proven to be fake news and those they now accuse of being ‘fake news’ actually getting their predictions proven to be accurate.

Its like watching the fiasco that is climate change but at 100 times the speed, no?

Whereas climate change has gone over a couple of decades or more this is unfolding in a matter of months.

I wonder of they all realise that they are not taking into account not only the bad name they already have but this can see them being a ‘dead duck’ in as little as a month or two?

I have been ever more baffled at the news media year on year for more than 15 years and I have a few friends from the past that will turn to others and tell the story of a friend they knew that stated all this over a decade ago?

Had to sit and watch for years idiots thinking they are gifted or special steering people down one way streets to disaster. Several conversations with family members about this back in 2003 where I predicted the financial crisis.

Sometimes I just pick up on something and know something is coming.

Right now I do nto know anyone that has not had their lives turned upside down and has

  • Fled the UK
  • Talked about fleeing the UK
  • Fled London
  • Become suicidal (just found out about one)

Its like I have been watching a country fall apart in very slow motion. A car crash in slow motion, if you prefer.

I really do not know where people’s heads have been for decades now. Yet praise upon praise is piled upon idiot after idiot across the board and in all industries.

Yes it certainly looks right now like you have done a damn fine job for the past 30 years, eh? It is a paradise we currently live in though no one seems to recognise it as such.

I have all been about climate change and how it is now cooling for the next 7 years and very possibly next 20? This rate of decline will speed up but when and by how much is impossible to state.

Over time crops are going to be harder to produce due to the flip-flopping weather or ever shortening growing seasons.

Then this novel coronavirus breaks out?

For 8 years now I have warned and warned and warned about people putting all their eggs in one basket and in so doing something will sneak up and but you in the ass.

Now while waiting for one thing to but everyone in the ass for being idiots by 2024 we now have mother nature popping up throwing us a curveball and bopping us on the head.

Added to this was you aware there was a new outbreak of Bird Flu in China very recently? And with no manpower to control this?

Was not that long ago they had to kill many Pigs and Hogs over Swine Flu I believe? This was likely managed to some degree. But what about the latest Bird Flu? No reports of human cases of the latest round of Bird Flu so far so keep your fingers crossed.

Also what with people being monitored already for the Coronavirus chances are Bird Flu is unlikely to spread. In theory. Once again, fingers crossed.

Should point out it is not worth panicking and I for one am only panicking about one thing. That is being trapped in the hell hole I am in of this is to come calling.

Had been planning to relocate for a fair old while, no help was forthcoming though. Then it looked like it might happen by the new year but this did not happen.

Recently it looked like it would happen but then .. it kinda changed and due to this situation and the people .. no idiots and oppressive people around me its currently .. tense and extremely difficult.

It will get to the stage that if this starts affecting London and I am still in this nightmare of a building I will just leave everything behind and wander off.

Due to various health issues I am not liable to last very long but at least I wont be here when the time comes.

It is true some miracle could occur and the virus burns itself out or does not take hold elsewhere but I doubt it. And even if it gets stifled I am sure a second wave will come through from all directions in as little as 3 months time.

Now here is a British Doctor I highly recommend listening to who sticks to the facts but make it aware he has heard of other reports. So he is likely to catch if if these other reports get confirmed at any stage.

Dr John Campbell ..

Now here is a video where it shows that ..

  • Wuhan has become a nightmare?
  • Claims funerals have been banned to stop spread?
  • Claims government ordered bodies to be cremated quickly and locally
  • One person at a hospital tells another there are too many bodies both inside and out?
  • You are jailed if you post about Coronavirus online?

And here is a new site that lists the numbers Wuflu Live

.. and beats BNO News at keeping up to date ..

Once again WordPress limiting freedom of speech to cover the Coronavirus now so you will have to Google BNO News. In fact it refuses to embed the other two links, both above and below. I guess that WordPress, like so man others, insist you believe the lies of fake news, no?

WordPress have also pulled the old Blogger trick, which they stopped a few years back, of deleting tags? Two recent posts have refused to post with the tags I placed with them and removed them every time I tried to post?!

.. which itself beats what I think is John Hopkins at keeping up to date ..

Dr John Campbell talks about lag times when there is a lag out of China .. lag elsewhere .. a lag to Wuflu obviously and then a bigger lag with BNO and an even bigger one with the last link.

Here is a video fro the South China Morning Post and people returned to work in fear but the trains and stations had very few people and every single person wore a mask.

Also note towards the end of the video that t states that patients that recovered and were released are still at risk from being infected again.

So as the numbers jumped again by an even larger amount and no doubt will tonight, 4th February 2019, one has to assume that this will continue. Worrying.

Also bizarre is how of all the 428 people that have succumbed thus far not one of them has been oriental. One death outside of China also oriental, I believe.

That being said no one has died in Japan yet.

This may be down to lag but what is also odd is how for 24 hours barely any new cases have been declared in the western nations.

This should also become clear before very long and my estimation would be a week, possibly two and four at the very most.

On the 21st January there were been 9 deaths confirmed in China. This would have been 4 to 6 weeks after the virus broke out.

Think its been about two weeks since the first cases in the west? Maybe a little less? So it possible that using this as a basis the first deaths in the west will occur in two to four weeks time?

Of course due to being warned this might have had an effect of slowing the spread so it might take a little longer?

What you need to hope for is going at least two weeks with no new cases declared as this might be a very good sign that the spread has been stopped?

Personally I do not hold out much hope on that one. But maybe with a bit of luck?

Also it now turns out and reported by the South China Morning Post that there have indeed been shortages of test kits. Suggesting that the much higher estimate could well be correct?

Only issue is there were two that estimated around 75,000 cases by around the 25th January and others estimated as much as a million?

Doubling time has also been estimated at around 5.5 to 6.5 days. Meaning that if the lowest estimate is correct there could have been 150,000 cases by the 31st January and 300,000 by tomorrow, the 5th February 2020, or the day after?

We also have zero idea how many are trapped in their homes that have not been tested and also how man of these have succumbed to the virus?

Lastly here is Dr Mumbi Seraki in Africa not only in shock that Africa has not closed its borders but mentions how much money and aid they have had from China that makes things .. difficult.

Quite surprisingly she even speaks about a New World Order and globalism. Seems to me more of the world are realising or believing there is some sort of agenda?

Project Distraction?

Now the World Health Organisation is blaming everyone else BUT the government in China?! I am absolutely staggered.