Due to getting worried that something fatal would befall my daughter or me and getting angry that after years of trying to lead horses to water, they might get away with what they did.

My goal was to get as much information, evidence and proof that I discovered to as many people as I could.

The only think is when I was doing this early on either I was not believed or it was the case that until it actually affects them personally, people just were not that bothered.

In the beginning I started a Blogger blog. It was never really intended to do anything more than be a reminder for my bad memory and to use to link things and send to people if I needed to.

Google came to me and lied their asses off. After a short time I realised that too much truth might get me shut down so I started the WordPress blog as a back up.

For years I promoted the Blogger blog and had ads on it and left the WordPress blog to grow on its own.

That was a mistake.

Google used a number of tricks to bury me, altered numbers, deleted hashtags and in recent times were switching off my ads without notifying me.

They owe me seven years of missing revenue.

To get around their censorship I used Twitter for a number of years and ended up being drawn into some very famous battles, all of which were won.

Despite the numbers on this blog, those that have read posts on the Blogger blog runs into hundreds of thousands, I would imagine.

With missing hashtags on Blogger going right back to 2012 when I started it would be hard for viewers to successfully find anything that might help them.

As well as deleting hashtags Blogger also has a limit on them which is utterly incompetent, unless intentional. So if you want to use a search that is way more useful and should find almost all .. use WordPress.

Attempts were made to try and make people realise that this was indeed what they was banking on, that they had piled so much onto everyone’s lives they did not have the time to research anything.

Also that people would fear the truth and therefore put a great number off, they also knew would occur and help with their plans.

Now what I decided to do this morning as I was awake quite early and too early for my usual report search, is go through some old posts that are not Blogger and see how many posts with audio recordings I could dig up.

As I proceeded to do this I was reminded just how many there are as just going through 2013 alone took a fair amount of time.

I would also come across things I had forgotten about while staggered at how bad my titles were before remembering that I did indeed go through periods of being stoned or drunk, due to my health.

So please forgive me for how bad things may well appear to be. Also please not this is not all by any means and my memory is bad, which is why I did this. It is literally only a small section in each case and you will need to search to find something that could be useful to you.

George Orwell
Mark Twain

The Police, Local Councils, various Ombudsman and Freedom of Information Requests, retail scams on electronic goods and the NHS. Among others ..


This was a breakdown in 2016 I did regarding all GP Surgeries, all Hospitals and which ones I recorded at and my ailments.

It has three Pain Management sessions I went to which were nothing more than the NHS trying to recruit people in pain to work for free, I kid you not. Three audio recordings.

Also other audio recording and those private -x-rays of my back that caused Dr Huq to quite being a General Practitioner.

Here is where the NHS tried one of many character assassinations on me on a recording ..

Other notable posts I had forgotten about.

Blogger Numbers

Begging the NHS repeatedly and being left to Rot

When I had my self-diagnosis confirmed at Guy’s Hospital who said he was going to tell my GP to prescribe Pregabalin which I was then refused for a number of years

NHS Wales

The honest friend who died of Kidney Cancer left to rot by the NHS. Thought he was a socialist because he was genuine and caring. Until I explained it to him. Only I looked after him while he carer was doing some very odd things that was causing him stress.

Until I crashed in on her.

GCHQ and cannot recall what

The General Medical Council lying and protecting the lies within the NHS

The Parliamentary Heath Services Ombudsman who lied and dragged their feet beyond the ‘time limit’, Statute of Limitations

QUANGOS or Quasi Government Organisations taking more money for doing nothing

The Law Society

Fibromyalgia, the Symptoms, Government and DWP and trying to find solutions to Plantar Fasciitis that was not Plantar Fasciiitis. Also the Fibromyalgia Association UK.

Posy regarding Osteopenia diagnosis which like so many others, knee, back, shoulders, inguinal hernia, were not followed up on and long before any covid. I am not sure if the Hypomagnesaemia was diagnosed at this point or not?

This has gone on for years and a massive failure by the NHS and one of a long list and added to that is not the only area of my body that was affected by their mistakes. The other has caused me no end of pain and something that now I am very conscious about.

Speak of the devil .. I had a private x-ray that caused Dr Huq of Dr Rooban’s Surgery to quite, having had ‘enough of the NHS’.

I then had one Doctor (Gubbay) refuse to look at my x-rays, another (Maya) I never got an opinion from and eventually the NHS decided to do their own where they lied and cheated me yet again.

Beating a Court over Retail Scam from Mail Order Catalogue, Very .. but I really did not leave them with anywhere to run and they had no choice and Very still tried to lie and bully me for money

Mystery post about .. Lupus?

When I was stating that government was intentionally and slowly over a long time, employing people that are naïve into the public services .. for a purpose

This was posted in 2013 and I had already been seeing this and this was back when friends and family were calling me mad, insane and conversations were going on behind my back.

My claims and predictions likely started around 2007, suspicions went back to before 2000 and fast forward to today and everyone I know has apologised, stated I was right about everything and that its far worse then I predicted it would be.

They also do not see it getting better now and fear for what is going to be thrust upon them against their wills.

After being attacked by Bailiffs, they came out worse off and I nearly hospitalised two very large gentlemen and had one by the throat against a wall (JBW Group), I was then defrauded out of £4,000 and lied to over a parking ticket when I am a disabled person.

I then regretted not putting these two guys in hospital and then when I was contacted by another firm .. make no mistake .. I was done playing games.

They got a run down of what I knew, how they broke the law and a warning for themselves and any poor soul they ever send to my home. There presence, regardless of their message, will not be tolerated. I never heard form them again.

Forgot about this one .. I do not like Satanists

Went through a series of Freedom Of Information Requests

Independent Police Complaints Commission FOI

Office of the Children’s Commissioner

Homes & Communities Agency


Bailiffs & Waltham Forest Council

Legal Aid Board

Just a single post on how one local council, Wirral, ended up in fear of me

Being pointed to something called ‘Common Purpose’ in 2013 and I do not even recall what this was about

When I met Conservative Member of Parliament Nick DeBois who lied to me twice leaving someone present who voted for him rolling around with laughter

Great Grandfather dies as test pilot for AVRO Manchester for the RAF which later became the Lancaster

The Spying Games and How I Reported it to Another Organisation that Did Nothing.

The Investigatory Powers Tribunal Human Rights Claim Form

Child Abuse

Completely forgot .. the only Member of Parliament that actually offered to help was Michael Meacher who was informed about me by someone else. He then sadly died and I recall later his wife, a Baroness, used a line that was repeated in the news that was straight off my blog.

There is one other who has offered to help and literally requested to do so, so we shall see.

Contacted the European Medicines Agency which, if I recall correctly, was about how Sodium Oxybate is only given to sufferers of Narcolepsy and not Fibromyalgia which is insanely stupid.

Contacted Literary Agents. Wrote three books, two on my endeavours with a third planned but never started. Small agents were ‘wow, you need a big agency’ while big agencies were ‘meh’.

Brief mention of an Ice-Age but climate goes way, way back

Me breeding Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, Agalychnis callidryas, for a friend

Me breeding a rare and giant form of Pyrenean Fire Salamander, Salamandra salamandra fastuosa

This one is funny .. I have often stated on Twitter about how Christian Groups seem to like me and give me titles. I am, if I do not drop dead, about to live among two more.

For some reason this really angers the fascist, woke, hard-left bullies or what I call ‘WEF Wombles’ and I was called ‘The Messenger’ by one previously and ‘Warrior of God’ by another.

Well he had better make sure that I get to where I need to be without dying.

Here was a post about meeting one of them.

Now here are some more recent ones and despite odd posts now and then on climate change going back to the start, technically back to 1991, here is the start of a series of close to 100 parts. After I stumbled across some science data I seem to have somehow missed.

A few others selected ..

When Science is Divided it Falls

Philosophy of science is about as useful to scientists as ornithology is to birds” – Richard Feynman

The weakest of enemies can be forged to become the greatest adversaries


The Rivers Deep, The Mountains High

The only way to improve the chances for finding winners is to keep all the choices open and try them all” – Freeman Dyson


The World Falls

I wonder why. I wonder why. I wonder why I wonder” – Richard Feynman


The Killer Queens

The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth” – George Orwell

How a concerted effort to get me off Twitter backfired on them spectacularly


Google and Adsense cheating me


This is lengthy but only a short-list and is to highlight on social media that everything I have stated for several years I have been called a liar over and attacked for, is true.

Plus there is likely things here I never recalled and therefore never mentioned and likely others things not even listed here that are .. shocking, revealing or damning to these bad organisations.

What went wrong with the NHS started a long time ago and was highlighted by the covid lock-downs.

I was repeatedly smeared and falsely accused of being a violent patient and after years and with recordings of them trying this, I proved they were lying.

But they used a group to say that hurty-words were ‘violence’.

Here is Mark Dolan on GB News railing on the NHS and how its finished, a failure and how people being angry are fully justified.



So it would appear that I have been the victim of evil in more ways than one.

I have suffered many targeted attacks and have avoided many, had back-ups for some and have done things now that many have not seen before.

My predictions raced over 100 and I have beaten censorship in all sorts of ways, though its still had a negative effect, and I have overturned some suspensions that stunned many.

Well the last of what I needed to figure out I now have and my plans are coming to fruition, but two people’s lives have been knowingly placed in danger. Oh I wish I was joking.

So now in literally weeks away from a change of scenery and hope that something fatal does not occur with two people from the NHS’ intentional neglect that has persisted for years ..

Here is what I have been writing but not on here and a link to why. The long posts were excruciatingly difficult, if I am honest. There are way more manageable.


“Those that promise you paradise on Earth never produce anything but a hell” – Karl Popper

For years now I have not had my focus on the NHS. Except they have told me several lies, they have done the same with my daughter and several people that thought me mad now realize I was right.

I have a link to all the documents that will hurt them a great deal.

They recently told me two lies, claiming that they cannot open my files twice, then insisted that there was nothing about heart and blood pressure in my files twice.

It is very simple, both cannot be true.

Also very simple is that everything I had was to do with previous GP Surgeries and hospitals and none linked to my current surgery.

So when they talked about redacting names and them kept missing each date they promised to send me my records which went on for 14 months plus, it was obvious the NHS had instructed them.

A few days back I decided, as other plans were coming to fruition, that I had had enough of the games and so I sent them an email after a series of mistakes and an emergency appointment over my heart that was supposed to take place in November 2021 I still have not had ..

So I email the surgery and attached scans of my records I did have with the names which have actually been online on my blogs meaning two of their claims were untrue.

Suddenly an email arrives the very next morning with my medical records attached.

I guess the NHS bosses or Primary Care Trusts forgot to tell them that I had done this years ago and they knew?

I fekken warned them and I did so a number of times.

I am not going to show my ‘hand’ to a dishonest and corrupt organisation.

Now they went and did this which is going to blow up over the coming weeks ..



When Science is Divided it Falls

“Philosophy of Science is about as useful to scientists as Ornithology is to birds” – Richard Feynman

The weakest of enemies can be forged to become the greatest adversaries


The Rivers Deep, The Mountains High

“The only way to improve chances for finding winners is to keep all the choices open and try them all” – Freeman Dyson

You have to look at all evidence, not just the ones you want to show with your Ministry Of Truth


The World Falls

“I wonder why, I wonder why, I wonder why I wonder” – Richard Feynman

When an attacked genius can take you on at every level


The Cold Light of Days

“Science is not a collection of truth. It is a continuing exploration of mysteries” – Freeman Dyson

A shorter simplified overview leading to something more in depth



The Coming Era of the Cruel Devil

“Ignorance is not a simple lack of knowledge but an active aversion to knowledge, the refusal to know” – Karl Popper

Staggering narrow mindedness from this ‘deep state’.

A little play there on Disney’s ‘Cruella Deville’ but not sure if anyone noticed.



The Venus Fly Trap Snaps Shut

“What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.” – Mark Twain

Never underestimate the enemies you are prepared to make


The Killer Queens

“The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became the truth” – George Orwell

When you repeatedly strike someone down, be sure they wont be back to wreck all your worlds



Silence Is Not Golden

“Whenever a theory appears to you as the only possible one, take it as a sign that you have neither understood the theory nor the problem with which it was intended to solve” – Karl Popper

The damage done by censorship and not allowing free speech



The Muted Trill of a Dying Bird

“Anyone that challenges the prevailing orthodoxy finds himself silenced with surprising effectiveness. A genuinely unfashionable opinion is never given a fair hearing” – George Orwell



The Era of the Monkey Hangers

“The further a society drifts from the truth the more it will hate those that speak it” – George Orwell

When people want someone to blame they will do the strangest things over on the hard-left woke


Ode to the Heavens

“Go wisely and slowly, those who rush stumble and fall” – William Shakespeare

Where angels fear to tread.

OK so I got cryptic and philosophical .. finally .. on Substack.



“However much you deny the truth, the truth goes on existing” – George Orwell

An argument of seven years revenue owed and not one word from them. Sorry Google but I knew you was cheating me from 2016 and no one believed me and I only knew some of the things you were doing but was sure there was more.

Number that refused to move which was impossible when the numbers they were linked to had increased by a factor of one hundred made me realise you was doing something else and .. well .. I wanted to know how.

Things that appeared one way for me in such a way that it looked like noting was wrong, appears very differently to viewers with advert message that they were cancelled by Google who failed to mention this to the author.


So I reactivated my Patreon account to throw my enemies off my scent to not find the SubscribeStar and Substack accounts. It was intended as a decoy which worked way faster and better than I expected it to.

Before I would even drop the Patreon account one of them found it and was acting like he was all cool and kept posting it for weeks, I would just post laughing emojis.

He then stopped posting it after several weeks when I explained it was slight of hand and I then started posting the Substack posts and they got really angry.

This led to a mass false reporting of me on Twitter which led to two suspensions, the second a full suspension.

Old enemies came out of hiding and all were celebrating and my followers were getting angry.

Fortunately I had a back-up plan and got word to them to not lose their shit and get themselves suspended and all would be clear shortly.

Turned out to only be about an hour or so and Twitter overturned both suspension and stated I had not spammed. This is in one one the links provided with links to the chaos that ensued and the WEF group looked like they were in terminal shock.

They also did not find my other accounts in years and nor did anyone know that this blog has a back-up that had also been around for years, just in case it turned out that I got screwed over.

The odd thing is, is that I have actually been dangling clues in their faces for years in the way of screenshots. There were clues of where I as posted over and over in different ways plus what I had done in the past.

I would take screenshots from websites or science papers and include the address bar, as one example, and they not one thought to look at the link buttons across the top.

I still have not told them of this as I do like leaving breadcrumbs.


SubscribeStar https://www.subscribestar.com/king-arthur

Minds https://www.minds.com/saintallnights/

WordPress https://allnightsblog.wordpress.com/

There are still other accounts I have not disclosed and a new one I am toying around with styled after Twitter just to see .. how it goes for a few months.