So then thought it as time I updated this.

Many think me some kind of warrior and invulnerable but its not actually true. Being undefeated by any of the thousands of hard-left and regardless of level of education I got a bit of a reputation. Big.

But despite how people have viewed me over time and though I have touched up it I am not without my handicaps. I wonder what one of the original Anonymous members would think of this when he asked me 6 months ago “How are you not bigger then Tim Pool?” and I replied “Because they do not want me to be?”

Despite never losing and even being blocked by Mann, Cox, Hayhoe, Potholer, Honeycutt and others I have had my other battles. My real life battles.

First off is big social media giants like Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook who have been screwing me for years now. But I wont go into detail here and I have in the past.

These have been with the Police on different occasions, local councils and other government departments and public services. In fact I have been asked questions by people within the services who failed to realise that what was preventing me was the very people they worked for.

Among these is the NHS.

They lied to me for 25 years and I am still not getting treatment now. And yet I have had dozens of texts about getting a Covid19 vaccination I would rather die than receive, no fascists are bullying me.

There is simply no getting around it and it is SICENCE this plan and the vaccines were utter lunacy and this was even stated by a man that used to work creating them, Dr Philip Mason otherwise known as Thuderf00t on YouTube. Go and check and go back a year when they said they was going to rush vaccines.

Leaving aside my heart pain and the pains in other areas which include my feet, requiring special shoes and leaving aside my memory problems .. my eyesight is failing.

I resorted to wearing reading glasses over a year ago and yet the ones I found to be perfect are already not enough and I need to get ones a little stronger. I wonder what state they will be in, in two years?

No big deal, right?

Yeah except as my eyesight started going I also started getting a new pain from the lightest of touched and this is called Allodynia.

Now I had never even come across this name but the pain I had around 7 years ago with a friend. A woman I knew had Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome and the most painful condition known to man and at the top of the McGill Pain index at or above 40.

My condition of Fibromyalgia was the next one down on the index at 28.

Now as I learned more about CRPS it sounded a lot like CFS but with more symptoms like this one where this woman experienced pain from the lightest of touches, I did not recall until recently, and skin feeling like its literally on fire, which is the one that stuck in my mind. Well FMS sufferers do suffer from short-term memory loss, you know?

In all honesty I thought she was joking or lying to begin with. It just sounded so mad but over time I realised this condition was bad. She was treated like shit by the UK Government and public services too.

So when I first experienced Allodynia I got it in my hands and my forearms and its always a “oh now what the fork is this now?!” moment.

Over time it become more frequent but here is the rub ..

The bridge of my nose gets exceedingly painful when I try to wear glasses and even now things are a little blurry because I am not wearing them but my nose is burning a little and painful from when I was wearing them an hour ago.

Oh and I am trapped in a building with a socialist bully who thinks the world revolves around her and her politics that a social worker friend calls ‘Hitler’s Wife’ and a relative cannot believe how I have coped.

Thats leaving aside how my daughter was a victim and shat on and how I have lost tens of thousands and over over £250,000 and the horror my daughter went through while they protected rapists only me helping and stopping an attack in London at the same time. Recording with Police on ‘Country of the Damned’.

They say the better you are the worse you are treated? Yeah certainly has felt like that for over a decade now.

If I am honest things go from bad to unbearable and the only time I get any peace is when I am on my mountain bike taking professional photographs for a webpage the government was supposed to help me set up in 2017, before pulling the rug from under me.

Despite my symptoms gradually growing and numbering around 275 (no these are not all permanent) I have been removed from being ‘disabled’ twice, the second time with the help of the NHS and their lies.

Twenty five years it turned out they either got it wrong and lied. They lied for at least two years by the time I self-diagnosed and then lied about there being no specialists. Yeah I have recordings of all those GP consultation lies too.

After a battle and Fibromyalgia Association UK asking me “WTF are they talking about” and giving me Guy’s Hospital I eventually had my diagnosis confirmed by a Dr Kirkham there.

Think about this for a moment. Symptoms that were building up over 25 years, at the time.

Asking if these were all connected and told no and ignored for 13 years.

I eventually successfully diagnose myself and have it confirmed at Guy’s Hospital.

I THEN had my disability re-instated .. and then they took this from me yet again 18 months later.

I was sent back and forth to different hospitals in Merseyside and London for years over my heart and I have Hypertension Stage 2, which I have zero idea if its related to FMS or not.

NHS? Not interested-not interested-not interested and was just given an initial appointment and immediately discharged each time.

Before the diagnosis five separate hospitals contradicted the last one asking if they were insane?


Plantar fasciitis

Pes Cavus

Neurological Disorder

Those are the ones I recall .. the Pes Cavus had two experts state this at Barnet Hospital and they were BOTH wrong.

First was Whipps Cross Hospital.

Last was St Michael’s Hospital.

Sitting in a lot of recordings I tried to get the, now I know is, fake news interested in but they would not even open up dialogue with me.

Many of these are not even online and I tried different social media to get some other independent news or people to approach me but no one came. Had some from Rebel Media once but they did not push for it really and I am not one for pushing.

Tried using Tiger Balm and they do say and it does help, with my chronic headaches but not migraine, but put it on your nose and the fumes cause your eyes to water.

Oh and I have been refused Pregabalin because of cost for 5 years and refused Sodium oxybate the whole time .. but they can give me a vaccine that has tossed the legalities over testing out the window and bully people for it, eh?

Anyway I do not want this to be a long one with me droning on .. so here are some screenshots ..



So then things are going a little insane, no?

It seems the close they get to their dreams ending in tears the more desperate they get and the more we are bombarded with propaganda.

There are glaringly obvious things, facts and data if you know where to look and yet the mainstream news always seem to manage to miss a large portion of it.

Since I dumped being at war on a climate thread I have stepped up my searches for stories for posting on social media and have had a Police Officer 150 miles away tell a shocked daughter .. my name, my blog and that it was their job but that they agree with me.

Since then odd things have happened to some of my channels .. a ‘wallet’ got disconnected, revenue froze again despite tens of thousands of readers, several crypto apps are blocking me in weird ways.

Then I discover these GAS fees and then Elon Musk upsets many and affects Bitcoin. Do not trust him fully in all honesty. I want to and I once did some time ago now.

What is with these GAS fees? Some are higher than the amount being transferred/moved and seem not to be based on either a percentage of a fixed fee? Are you kidding me?! This is supposed to be better than banks, not friggin worse?!

So I will get into some stuff to do with news reports for Mars, Doomsday Vaults, China, Russia and a top university being woke and against freedom of speech momentarily.

First off Coinbase asks too much and makes me nervous and forgets why crypto came about and then refuses to accept my documents when I try. Think I know why this is now .. maybe?

Brave is asking me for a phrase I never set up.

Metamask refuses to accept a phrase I did set up.

Binance did set up but refuses to make transactions and I need to make a phone-call as to why this is and try and change it.

Trust Wallet did not have the cryptocurrencies I was interested in.

OKEX did not have the currencies either and had a £55 minimum limit, think Binance had £15?

Gemini had the same issues as Coinbase. Stupid. Suspicious. Government involvement?

I spent all day doing this and this is after months of watching many videos of people just waffling about cryptocurrencies and not telling me what I needed to know?

They seem to primarily promote some app, wallet or one crypto (likely theirs) over another and always want to tell you what is going to go up. Which is the one thing they CANNOT tell you!

Hence why they are always keen to tell you that ‘this is not financial advice’ at the start.

Oddly I have come to a realisation about driving forces behind crypto that no one else has and will spend the next few months watching this and I am pretty good with graphs too. As anyone that has seen my many posts using them will know.

Have made 59 accurate predictions in science on Twitter which really annoyed the alarmist crowd many of which claimed to be scientists themselves. Who got more and more irate as they failed to get a single prediction right. Who then, instead of failing to acknowledge someone getting their science predictions right, just spent months rubbishing them. Even claiming at times I never made any.

In fact with one and AFTER the time passed with my prediction, which was the length of the solar minimum and as far as I know I am the only one in the world who was right.

So what happened was that I predicted in 2019 that the solar minimum would last until late June to October 2020 and possibly early into 2021.

It was pointed out to be that I was an idiot, wrong and to prove this “no one else is saying that” so of course whenever someone comes up with the correct idea or prediction in science its ruled out as it was not approved by a committee. No consensus.

So Einstein, Feynman, Dyson, Nash, Hoyle, Hubble, Hawking, Darwin, Newton, Copernicus, Bohr and others have all been wrong all these years because they did not get a show of hands from idiots around a big round table?

Also there are the volcano predictions ..

I literally told Friends of Science, some of their followers and my own that the Fagradalsfjall Volcano in Iceland could not go more than three days without erupting.

Two days later I am being told ion a thread I am an idiot and wrong about that because no one else was saying it. Well they must have stated this because apparently four hours earlier experts in Iceland told people it would now not erupt because the quakes had died down.

Then literally as they was tearing into me with the usual names after 50 odd correct predictions a follower popped up on the thread with “that volcano erupted”.

Like roaches they ran for their rocks. I just do not get how the minds of people like this work? Oh and these so-called scientists are very, VERY WOKE.

Everything that you see that either angers you, bores you to death or is obviously to frighten you with the horror stories of doom are always these work hard-left driving it. To distract, to anger and to frighten people to make them pliable and able to control and manipulate.

It really is all quite sinister.

Anyone notice how cold it has been?

Anyone notice the fake news telling you that the global temperatures are currently at -0.05C while you are bombarded with adverts with very dumb sounding people in them telling you about climate change?

Maybe it is just the UK?

Ever since I first heard about the Svalbard Seed Vault I asked people “Why now? Are they aware of something coming they are not telling us about?”


A lot of fascination and focus on the Moon and Mars in recent years


People in the UK realise that the hard-left and Labour Party are condescending to the masses and just wait until they find out their scary stories have all been lies


Of all of the universities would you expect Cambridge University to be woke and want to shutdown freedom of speech? I know someone that worked for this university and he will be livid.

Now you know why they disliked sites like GAB, Parler and Minds as they don’t want you anywhere else when they perform their cancel culture on you.

Steven Crowder was recently suspended again on YouTube and it will only be a matter of time for him and others to go. So I have provided a few links at the bottom.


Healthcare worker I know knows no one with Covid-19 but knows one that died of the AstroZeneca vaccine with a blood-clot on the brain and one that has a blood-clot on the leg.

A Police Officer that watches her because her life is in danger, thanks to British Government and the fascist hard-left, tells her in a phone-call ..

They are not having vaccine, Police and Healthcare are split on it, they have biology background and they were tasked with watching me and my blog and stated I am right. States that there are major cover-ups and it will all come out this year?

So NHS have a backlog on operations after doing sweet FA for over a year?


So the lefties big government care about you, do they? So how is it that over Brexit the European Union want to, have or tried to block cancer drugs coming into the UK?

How does that work exactly when they are supposed to be caring? Something I have argued against for many years against and have now been proven correct on this too.


Now with the marine animal deaths and there have been a lot of them all around the world which annoyed the hard-left as they wanted to put this down to man and fossil fuels.

Now I stated it was geological activity upsetting the chemical balance of sea-water. Now there has been a lot of seals die as well as whales but its the food that is effected first.

Then a Whale Shark ended up dead and here two Basking Sharks and I realised I finally had it as these are filter feeders or things that eat very small things like shrimp.

And let me tell you as someone that used to keep a few hundred thousand shrimp alive each week and get them to stores alive. It is bloomin hard even with the hardiest ones.

So thats a rather large food supply that can vanish and if animals are navigating across hundreds or thousands of miles to get to feeding grounds only to find they are empty or sparse?


Was thinking about Steven Crowder so thought I would do this and show you some on Minds and do not forget .. you also get paid in crypto for posting, using, interacting, liking, reminding and replying.

Plus people can donate to you as well.

Steven Crowder


Tim Pool Timcast


Tim Pool IRL Podcast


Paul Joseph Watson


Alex Jones and Info Wars


The Quartering politics in entertainment and other areas


GSM News couple Jake and Mari but not posting much


Conservative Dr Steve Turley who is good with politics


Project Veritas on excellent work exposing the fake leftist news


Jimmy Dore on politics and an honest leftist calling out his own for lies


Grand Solar Minimum news and David Dubyne and Adapt2030


China Uncensored on politics in China


Styxhexenhammer on politics in general


Sargon Of Akkad and The Lotus Eaters


Yellowflash on politics in entertainment


RK Outpost on politics in our entertainment


Black Pigeon Speaks



Well been busy of late.

Was looking into more on cryptocurrency as I did not quite understand it, what drives it and when Bitcoin first appeared thought it would go nowhere.

Not immune to the mistakes and am not perfect, they just fortunately happen to be rare and one of mind was thinking that new search engine ‘Google’ would go nowhere.

So now I have seen that whole Game Stop thing and dabbled with Minds.com but did not focus on it now turns out I made an error.

I could not get on it for months, lost hundreds followers after 3 months, they said it was a bot clear-out, ands it been slow ever since.

But you get rewarded with Ethereum tokens for your posting, interations like replying, liking and remining and people can even give you donations.

Twitter are now trying to copy it with something called a ‘Tip Jar’ or so I hear?

So I spend a bit of time listening to people talking n videos, sometimes with big followers and susbscribers, but for the most part they waffle, talk shite and try hard to sound like they know what they are talking about.

Might not be up in the crypto but I can tell when people are talking utter shite. Oh and then you have the BitcoinBandits trying very hard to keep everyone away from anything else to keep their currencies up. Special word for idiots like that.

I did find one person I seem to like the sound of and one that happily admits that not only does he not know everything but that there are certain things no one knows about.

Raoul Pal.

He also realised that people were trying to steer him away from Ethereum and this caused hom to take a look at it and he likes what he sees.

The technology does sound extremely interesting and I have some some mad predictions for the next few years. Like 40x to 200x what it is currently?

Actually want to buy a book but I just want something that expplains the tech not someone talking like they are some kind of oracle on the financial side of it.

I wonder if Raoul Pal has written a book?

I also have to be careful because so many times in the past people that I have initially likes have ended up disappointing me.

I also do not like making mistakes or getting things wrong and everything I have done thus far in science and politics has been about being proven correct later down the line.

On a thread with climate, just a single thread and only over 27 months, I got 58 or so predictions while those getting their science wrong while claiming they are about the science and I was not, did not get a single thing correct. But I am done with that particular battle now. Only some crazies left on it at any rate.

So we have had some record low temperatures and record snows across the globe and five months without any temperature rises while it has now dropped to a global -0.05C and look to drop again.

Yeah this is one of two things I expect to drive the crypto market higher over the next four years and it sounds like the CCP in China know this as they have been buying up all the graphics cards which is why there is a worldwide shortage.

Its also why there is talk of China invading Taiwan.

There are well over a dozen chip fabs in Taiwan but they key one is TSMC due to their small lithography and when they are about to move to five nanometres and you have Intel who cannot get below 14 nanometres then obviously they are the target.

Control TSMC and you control the advances in tehcnology for the entire world.

This is why you cannot get mVidia or AMD Graphics cards right now. Heard someone state that China has warehouses of mining machines.

Might surprise you to know that since December 2020 tech reviewers have been blaming Covid19 and then normal miners and I kept saying in comments ‘No, this is China! I am telling you this will be going on for a fair old while yet”.

Do you see all the troubles in the world, right now? East Asia, Australia, Europe, North America? I expct these to drive up cryptocurrencies over the next three years and beyond.

Obviously there will be other factors but this will cause a rising trend upwards that may even start later in 2021?

A rising distrust of the authorities, science bodies, governments and banks are another and these are things that no idiot with a YouTube channel trying to act the big on YouTube has talked about.

None of the above.

Spoken to a few people that know I get things right in science and they went a bit nuts, some swearing with shock, others showing interest in getting into this and me advising them and me saying

Whoa! Hold your horses! I am still figuring this out myself and will take me a couple of months before I am confident and even then I cannot guarantee anything”

so like I said I seriously wished I had realised a few things earier and my crappy laptop has been no help either.

If my hard work and battling dishonest people on Twitter had only paid off more than it has and I had a few more tokens my daughter’s and grand-children’s dream or me relocating to be near them and out of this hell hole might actually become a reality for all of us.

Now then it is my strong belief now that I should have made Minds.com my number one priority, you can find me at the bottom. Everyone should set up an account and just start posting things, even just as a secondary account. It costs nothing to have one and start getting tokens and with the reports around the world getting worse its wise to have a back up.

I mean one Ether has gone up to $3,000+ and there is talk of it hitting anywhere between $40,000 in a couple of years to a million by 2030.

Vitalik Buterin is the creator of Ethereum and is the youngest crypto billionaire.

Etherreum, so I am told, has also risen faster than Bitcoin did. This might be overall or at the same moment in its lifespan?

The technology behind it also sounds very interesting and I will have to hear more from others.

Here is this dude Raoul Pal who so far has piqued my interest.

You can find me on Minds at ..


@saintallnights clearly