People are funny.

I had this disagreement and this .. guy .. he just kept making wrong assumption after wrong assumption and then changing the goalposts because he did not want to be wrong.

At one point he went from saying that infringement was about pissing people off, which is what the disagreement was about with religion, to stating that it was not infringement unless it broke the law?!

What the actual fuck?

This whole conversation went on like this and he actually had people liking his answers and not mine. Claiming things I said were not true when they were and were easily found with a Google search! When I pointed this out .. oooh nooo he did not want to do that .. the onus was upon me to prove to him what the truth is.

Now the fact that I did and do what I do to help my daughter, grandchildren and every other abuse victim out there .. did not matter to him.

Neither did it dawn on any of these wankers that they are not only complicit in this abuse but was complicit in them being successfully covered up because he did not want to be wrong and insisted that the onus was upon others to prove him wrong. So that he could continue being wrong, insisting that he is right and shove his head right back into the sand from whence it came. Though it was more likely to be his arse.

Now because I beat him at every turn and had to repeat what I said four times on occasion because he was just not taking on what I said .. someone defended him and told me, a professional who has spoken to professionals of many fields over 40 years, that I had a superiority complex? For using intellect to win an argument against people that refused to believe, refused to listen and insisted I was wrong. I was asked to provide proof of what I said when not a single slither of evidence was provided to back up a single thing of what they said and nor did I need it.

A little tip arse-wipes ..

When you know your right and the other person is wrong and that is an absolute fact ..

.. we do not ask for fucking proof!

When you arguing and your not absolutely sure of the utter dribble you come out with ..

.. you ask for proof!



Jesus I hope to God there are not too many people in the world like that. Google search or similar on their phone. Google search on their tablet PCs, Google search on their laptops and Google search on their computers and cannot be bothered to do a simple search.

Basically they did not see a problem with any religions ..

Only a tiny fraction of Muslims would sleep with under-age girls when thats simply proven wrong at this point.

A Satanic statue unveiled in Arkansas, oh after they claimed there wasn’t one, with little children standing at his feet was OK. The point I was making was doing things that are incitement to others .. but this is not OK if you anger Muslims but OK if you anger over 100 Million devout American Christians?!

The God damn hypocrisy was staggering. I just could not believe it.

I understood why I was seeing so many people being blocked by others in my stream. Your pointing out facts others are just ignoring because it is what they want, believe or feel.

I have said it over and over and over again until I am blue in the face..

I had a socialist relative argue stupid things which came from her socialist friends and she always used the line ..

I have a RIGHT to an opinion!”

It was a couple of years, maybe several months, before I realised what the problem was and one day when she used it I said ..

You have a right to your opinion and it does not follow that this makes that opinion RIGHT!! You have a right to a wrong opinion and nothing more!”

I have spent over twenty years dealing with this twisted socialist crap and now I am on Twitter to seems to be fucking everywhere?!

When your winning you get called the wrong things and now even that I am .. superior or just think that I am because I whipped someone arse he lied and twisted things because he could not bear the thought of himself being wrong?

Answer to that?

Do not be so sure of what you believe and certainly do not be so forceful of this on others on the Internet where someone that knows your wrong will point it out to you.

This morning I tried to figure out why this is?

Some new age knob that sat around in University with friends repeating crap they know nothing about sitting around in a echo chamber big enough for a group?

Maybe they meet up in some club and exchange anecdotes about how they shot down someone with their beliefs .. kind of like Peer Point scoring with other naïve tools? If so that is dangerous because if only encourages people to be more forceful with others that there little group of wrong’uns believe to be true which in reality are not.

At one point when he refused to go and check facts for himself, exit door to his echo chamber, I answered that when the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of abuse children all come out I will be sure to tell the that I am sorry .. I spent year after year after year of my own time and money, making myself homeless in the bargain, trying to make people aware but am afraid that these .. wankers in their echo chambers refused to do a Google or YouTube search because they did not want to be wrong.

I also know what they are doing .. point scoring on Twitter and this is why I find it hard to give in and in the space of two days I had two of these idiots and they were so far off the reservation I wondered about their real ages as well as their sanity.

Yeah sorry .. but I have known professionals in the legal industry, health industry, science, animals and probably several others and I have come into contact with people that would have noticed something about my personality and no .. no Superiority or God Complex. Sorry to disappoint.

What utter, utter .. TOOLS!

And they wonder why countries are fucked up? Yeah .. too many tools like that!

Generally when I meet other professionals and this even happens with GPs I sometimes cannot get away. They realise what I know and we get into conversations and the next thing I know thirty minutes have gone by. They even know and have to force themselves to stop because it is taking up too much time.

Kinda how I ended up doing work for a solicitors practice in Enfield. That was someone I et over working with Reptiles and Amphibians at the time .. then they chatted longer for longer and longer each time. Next thing I knew I was handling their computer systems. Couple of Power MACS and some G4’s and other devices. Access to bank account containing millions at any one time and could do direct transfers.

You do not get to do that if your of questionable personality or are not squeaky bloody clean!

But I am sure that the residents of all these echo chambers would have some sort of spin on it?!

A bit like the recent protesting in Germany about the lying press? Well yeah .. enough people are aware in the western world that their Press lies to them. But the Press spun it and stated they were far-right Nazis .. except ..

I pointed out to many and Tweeted it that the last time I checked the far-right Nazis were pretty proud of themselves being that and when I checked all of five videos of these protests?

Not a swastika in sight?! I guess tens of thousands of people must have all left theirs at home?

Wow. I guess Fibrofog from Fibromyalgia and Alzheimer’s Disease must be absolutely rife in Germany?!

What is scary right now is that enough people know they are being lied to .. by politicians, news media and many others and nothing anywhere is being done about it?! How the fuck does that work?

So. so much for the laws and courts of the western world? I guess criminality is OK as long as you are either rich or powerful, right? Poor people get sentenced for fuck all while those at the tip are committing the worst crimes imaginable on the grandest of scales and that is OK?!

And they wonder how and why the Muslims are taking over and will take control?!Well fucking DUH!

Sort your shite out before you can sort their shite out.

Either that or there are Muslims holding a hell of a lot of dirt on the powerful in the west? In which case you will need to get rid of those in power before you can deal with the other shite.

A bit of a pickle that one. But things cannot go on the way that they are and only a complete tool will think things will sort themselves out on its own.



Well been at this awhile now. Well OK fairly long on blogs but extremely short on Twitter.

I wish I had worked out how the Twitter streams linked together a long time ago now as I would not be in this mess any longer and Google and Twitter would both be in hot water. Well they are but they threw both me and my daughter into the pits of hell first.

Well it is 3.15pm and still no Internet from Virgin Media as I type and this is an area outage where they have Virgin Media working in the very next property and has been off completely for the 20th day and not long before it goes into the 21st day now. With all of five, maybe six dates missed!

Really good as broadband providers are they not?!

This is in central London!

Last conversation I was having was about two two parties and how votinf for either of them was a waste of time and will destroy Britain.

No doubt that the Puppeteers still believe most of the UK are sheep and will baaaaah away about how you have to vote for one of the big two and crap about wasted votes.

Look where that stance has fucking got us?! For the love of God and all that is holy please wake up for once in your lives?!

The world or the country is not going to end if you vote for someone other than that you carry on insisting on voting for! It has happened elsewhere and will continue to happen. We are not America!

For Britain .. or are they called Britain First? I do not know. Got into a brief conversation with them and I get really fed up when new parties copy the crap that others do and start talking about how they have got a big following so you should follow them too. Just stop!

Stick to what you stand for and do not fall into the trap of trying to lead the Sheep .. people are very fed up with being led by the nose. It will make them pull away.

So my search continues. As it turns out I have a couple of weeks before my daughter’s bank account gets closed down when I previously thought I had a couple of days. That buys me some time.

The only way that I can find someone is on Twitter. Bloody strange as that may sound.

There is a solicitor but .. legal aid solicitors have been explained to me as being, that which I already know, ‘professional losers’ while others may have links to the council and deliberately lose you your case.

We had it explained how to tell in these instances so we are prepared.

Does not help us get someone to help us though and this court case is only a small percentage of everything that is going on.

All the tie I am being linked to more and more of the names I am familiar with from YouTube. So more and more the chances of one of them reading that ‘Country of the Damned’ post. As more and more read it the more it gets retweeted and eventually someone that can geuinely help my come along. I know that there are literally hundreds on Twitter awaiting this to happen. In fact it is safe to say that the chances are this is around 600 viewers now and this number is increasing in speed now.

Now it was this sudden extra string to my bow, well I have been called a modern day Robin Hood, that allowed me to increase the speed of viewers to my blogs which I believed scared the hell out of the establishment? I have had half a dozen notifications from Twitter as I type this out. Hence all of the odd broadband failing and Internet connection issues boy my daughter, 250 miles away, and myself have.

Ask yourself this .. who has the power to do that?

But my search is not over yet.

Funny thing I am wondering is who will stop going after the big names and be the first ones to actually help?!

  • Far Right – Hmm do not think so

  • Right – Possibly

  • Right of Centre – Most likely

  • Centre – Very probably

  • Left of Centre – Very probably

  • Left – No

  • Far Left – Your fucking joking, right?!

Do not think I have spoken to anyone far right.

Right all the way to Centre I have and they have all expressed shock, sympathy and retweeted and continue to retweet.

Left to Far Left I have been called names, insulted, sworn at and blocked. That is the only area I have been blocked. Called right-wing and racist, both of which are not only untrue but I got called a Leftist by Esther McVey because I pointed out she was wrong on one thing. Sorry Esther but you were wrong. There really is no way around it and your not right because you think your right or you keep saying your right. You happen to be right when your right. You was wrong.

That is how fucked up the political parties of this country are.

They have also shown continuously that they do not give a crap about true British people ad before anyone reacts, well it has not happened yet, I am just going to ask .. do you have children?!

Not saying any more because if you do not fear happening to your children what has happened to mine and my grandchildren then you should not be parents. THE END!

God luck trying to prevent it. I am also highly experience din this but am scientific by nature, good with numbers and probabilities. Yeah .. good luck! Your going to need it unless your lucky enough to live in a very safe neighbourhood?!

Unfortunately not many have that luxury and now we are all called Nazis to add insult to injury was is also a bunch of horse shit too because you cannot be racist towards a fucking religion! Half-wits too make up the far-left in politics.

Trying very hard to make eveyone else look like they are evil and racists when the truth is when you venture over to the far-left, opposite to the strictly religious lot on the right, you get more of the heinous acts, satanic worship, animal sacrifice/sex and paedophilia going on behind closed doors and believed to be normal and strives to make it acceptable.

Yeah you might be thinking I am mad as I thought others were until I looked into it more and thought about it. Kind of makes sense if you think if it along the lines or a religious spectrum and not a political one.

The rumours are not hear and there like some mad tinfoil hat conspiracy theory they are everywhere and from top to bottom. Hollywood actors have even made claims along these lines too.

Now I refer you back to what I said above ..

From the centre to the right I have had plenty of support, sympathy, shock and retweets and telling me to remain strong.

Now to the left where I have been treated so badly I am sure that if I had been in front of them and despite the horror stories on here far, far greater than their butt-hurt feelings about words, fucking toilets, TV and cinema movies, I am sure they would have spat at me and even attacked me. Mores the pity as I would genuinely like to get my hands on the guilty ones. It would likely kill me but would make me feel a intense feeling of pleasure before I died.

No sympathy on the left and attacked by them. Evil satanic end of the spectrum suddenly does not sound quite so crazy does it?

By tweeting on Twitter this was my way of kind of putting this theory to the test and within a week of doing that what does Leftist Twitter do?

  • Block me from getting help for my daughter

  • Stops me from retweeting about missing persons

  • Stops me from retweeting about the homeless

  • Stops me from giving advice and retweeting about animals as an animal expert

  • Because of one true story?!

Starting to look evil yet?

Well when they ban wherever they ban these are the things they are stopping everyone doing and not just me.

Good causes everywhere suffer but they do not care as long as they stop you from telling others the truth. Weird, huh?!

Taken that tinfoil hat off yet and started to scratch your head?!

Have you noticed that there has been a backlash towards the news media and that the accusations in Italy, now Germany, the UK and the US all seem to be about the same thing? All the news agencies seem to act in the same way? They all seem to say the same things, often exactly the same things?!

I just hope and keep my fingers crossed that the guilty ones get punished and from what I have read this seems to be Twitter, Facebook, Google (surprise that one) and people like Apple and others.

If you have done immoral things then you have done immoral things. If you have tried to manipulate then you were wrong. If you lied then you were wrong. If you tried to prevent the truth from getting about then you were wrong. If you have gotten people to work as essentially a slave labour force then you were wrong. If you deem yourself as belonging to some higher order than everyone else? Well take a guess at what I will say next?

I have to look up the For Britain Party to see what they are all about?

Someone made a big mistake unveiling that statue in Arkansas ..

Not like a Satanic temple would do anything even remotely Satanic, right?!

Than tinfoil hat in the bin right now?!


Escape is a funny word and one that has become synonymous with both my life and that of my daughter’s.

Last night her electric ran out earlier than it normally does. One of her sons has not been there on his Xbox all day with an extra TV going. This normally goes on for ten hours or more everyday and he has net been there for several days.

Her money did not get paid into her account. Yesterday nor today.

It gets better as after three or four months of finally getting a bank to accept her they now send her an email to say that they are closing the account.

That email turned out to be sent the day my daughter was at a meeting with the council where they told her that they were going to take her to court and force her to sign a Parental Responsibility agreement signing the majority of the children’s responsibility over to them. This would be followed up within a couple of months of them taking the children producing some excuse as to why.

The real reason is that they have no money and no services, though they are still being paid their salaries though to lie and cheat.

Her rent does not get pain in full, not even by half, and the housing association phoned her today and asked if her rent was going to be paid today? That is Riverside in The Wirral.

My broadband here has been cut off by Virgin Media and we was told it was an area outage which was supposed to come back in 5pm the same day. When it did not they said that it would come back on by 6pm the following day. That did not happen and was a Friday night and we was told that it would come back on the following Tuesday. That did not happen and then we was told ten days before then being given a date of the 24th. This would have been around two weeks. Around the 22nd the neighbours returned from a holiday in Poland and we discovered their Virgin Media broadband was on, but slow and that they were leaving them to go elsewhere. So area outage? Lie. We were eventually given a date of the 28th which is today. This is the 20th day in a row with no broadband and it is still not on!

The account holder, upon finding out nearly two weeks after it was swithced off that the neighbours was on .. asked if this had anything to do with what I was doing on the Internet, my blogs and Tweets. Yeeaah, I said, probably.

I have since had to speak to two people that are not very good with anything complicated that it is not I that has broken the law but others. I also pointed out that I am myself bound by laws just like that of a book author and journalists and that had I done anything wrong .. I would have been notified about it via email. I have not nor never have. I said they just do not want to saying certain shite and the selfish twats asked me to stop saying it ..

“Errrr yeeeeaaah problem with that! In every single case no one has informed me of what it is that I did wrong so I do not know what it is I am supposed to stop talking about! Also .. the Twitter thing was something called a shadow ban where they do it so that you do not know because they know that morally and legally they cannot ask you to stop telling the truth!” Yeah they looked confused with that.

But I am doing this to get myself and my daughter out of our troubles and as I explained to them .. I was supposed to start getting paid a long time ago and have not. Benefits gradually cut back and back and back and then stopped completely. Lost my home, car, £20,000+ and more besides .. like my mind .. our minds.

In the last week or two my daughter and I also have a very difficult time keeping a phone-line between us open. Lost count of the number of times it either does not connect at all, connects and one of us cannot hear the other or cuts off within five minutes of talking. There is an odd ten second delay at times for each of us before we here a ring tone when calling each other.

My Twitter App often freezes or Tweets wont send. My mobile data plays up. Even the Internet in the local park has played up for over a week when it never did before. Cannot find the wifi or the logon screen freezes or disappears completely before the go-online button appears.

Last night was tough .. daughter having in just three days ..

  • Council Declaring Court Action to get four kids

  • Social Workers making up lies or having convenient memories

  • Bank Announces closing of account .. again

    • Cannot get benefits without an account

  • Electricity vanishes earlier than normal despite using a lot less electric

  • Has no one

  • Mother is evil selfish and uncaring and no doubt getting a kick out of tall this

  • Cancer to deal with, Vitamin B Deficiency, Magnesium Deficiency, Fibromyalgia

  • Trigeminal Neuralgia was is extremely painful

  • Said they were worried she might have Multiple Sclerosis

  • One child given to paedophile Muslim father, child born while mother was under-age

  • None of three locked up all Muslims

  • Locked up white step-father for being a paedophile

  • All this because they know they do not have the resources, services or money so are protecting themselves and not the children or mothers

  • Happening elsewhere

  • Single Mother Working is form of neglect is the latest one I am hearing from others

We feel .. trapped in akin to living in a torture chamber where these is no escape!

Yet we see a flood of tabloid and TV news stuff about Muslims being offended over words, jokes and cartoons.

The stories of the lies, tricks, cheating and heinous things these people get up to I could fill a book with. And then some.

Numbers do not lie .. a dozen men across three groups and they have all done seriously bad things and we get so annoyed when their defenders state as if fact it is only a small percentage.

They very obviously either no fuck all, too naïve and trusting or are knowingly lying through their teeth for persona gain or political point scoring for their careers. All the time not only dividing the country, into very unequal parts I might add, and therefore destroying it.

Excuses are ‘white supremacists’. Yeah well what are they going to do when 60% of the white population all feel the same?! It is growing and this is why there have been so many bans. This is why I have been banned. They will not only all look wrong but complicit!

Except they are also only making things worse by their actions.

As Katie Hopkins posted last night on Twitter thousands if not tens of thousands and maybe more, white Germans held a protest where they chanted repeatedly “Lying Press!”

Well you you believe it? As it turns out people do not like being lied to! Who would have thought that?!

Help agencies and advice groups along with charities have all been fucking useless in one of the, if not the, worst cases of persecution in British history and the news media have ignored it for ten years. Go figure!

I can show that the lying has gone on for over ten years and can show that I was claiming all this a lot longer .. fifteen years ago or more I started to smell a rat.

I have had a lot of involvement with Muslims of different communities in over ten years.

Ergo I am not someone merely stating of a lie recently but the lies have gone on for a very, very long time now.

That makes us dangerous but instead of a warning or a buy off we have had nothing but persecution after persecution that has had an extremely negative effect on the both of us over a very, very long period of time. By our own country and our own public services who have now decided to ramp things up to en exponential degree.

They are killing us, they know they are killing us and either say that they do not know, did not know and when proved do not change their tactics showing that they did not care and therefore did know and where lying about this too.

Everyone responsible for their own situation are they Esther McVey?! I think .. NOT!

Hence why there is a hatred of voters for both political parties hating their own party, Unless they are one of these naïve and stupid Jeremy Corbyn followers everyone else that is sane hates their own party. They only follow him because they believe he is going to deliver a world that he is not.

I know that he has been working hard to bury these stories like my daughter’s and other victims and for that I am literally close to imagining myself with a sniper rifle. Is is an evil, nasty traitor of his own people while siding up to murderers and rapists. He loves to be around wherever there seems to be violence too. Walks away when it sorts itself out and moves into the next.

Try to explain my point to them and it is the only time that I get called things that I am not, get insults, sworn at and blocked. Guess breaking the rules is OK for them but not for anyone else. In every single case the rules I broke I did by disagreeing with them and I know a lot more about this than they do.

They are also bullying the wrong people here too and it will never … EVER .. EVER .. WORK! I just do not know why they do not see this so I always say it is deliberate incitement. They listen to the invaders and no one else. Traitor. No argument. But these morons love him! Well bravo and very well done as you will single handedly bring your country to a civil war and it will be your fault.

Yeah, yeah you can throw all the labels around that you want but it just wont work because like everything else I have predicted correctly on this blog I have been warning of this for a long, long time now.

I have my own heart problems, fibromyalgia, vitamin B and magnesium deficiencies and with all those come a living hell. I have lost three stone in weight and am currently under weight and I just want to die.

But I keep on going to do this despite all around me .. for my daughter and for everyone else British who have been victims too. Those that have not taken their own lives yet, that is.

Twitter would have gotten us a way out but they do not want this ..

  • Week of telling my story 75 followers

  • Then realise I have been shadow banned, do not know how long for, a week later

  • Cannot grow followers as anyone not on my follower list will not find my hashtags

  • Still I reached 140 followers ten days after realising I have been banned

  • Blog numbers or growing faster, daughter’s story raced over 500 viewers in two weeks

  • What would my followers and blogs be doing had I not been shadow banned?!

  • 500 followers and 5,000 viewers?!

  • Ad revenue from ads present on blog have not gone up from £47 since December 2016, maybe even earlier

  • Broadband cut off for two weeks so would have done even better!!

She is supposed to meet a solicitor too but we have already been warned that you cannot trust them.

Noo bruv .. how could I possibly state that they are coming after us?!

I know there is none but we both talk about the possibility of escape from all this and we just cannot think of a way out.

So I have had to hammer Twitter morning, noon and night to work harder to get the story out to enough people that eventually someone .. somewhere might get in contact and actually help?

I did pass a phone number to someone who said they might be able to help but have heard nothing.

I sometimes wonder if all those that built up a big number of followers now concentrate on news stuff because they think that is the best way. Things that are in the news as opposed to the stories out there that these Fake News tossers of the western world have all been deliberately avoiding.

Weird as the best way to show them all up to be the lying bastards that they are is to expose all the stories out there. Ours being one of the, if not the, most horrific and telling one should be a primary concern of at least .. someone, don’t you think?

Katie Hopkins tweeting about the protest with a video, I think ..

You know the thing about far-right and Nazis that everyone seems to miss? They tend to be proud of that and openly wear swastikas on their clothing, arms or flags. Not seen any evidence of that but you might see the word ‘Nazis’ a lot. Probably a good way to spot if your news source is reliable?

Here is a link that does not slant it into some Nazi rebirth thing ..

If you have not read it yet ..

What happened ..

Taking Children ..


It is difficult trying to get two opposing sides to see that they are wrong.

I see the followers of each side pointing out the faults of the other side though I am pleased to see one side admit their party is wrong .. it is not on the important things and only to the things they perceive to be important. Which is invariably to them.

Now I had one Conservative MP .. well Esther McVey .. make a list attacking Jeremy Corbyn, who I loather because I know what he is.

But in her list she had this statement ..

‘Everyone is responsible for their own situation’.

No Ms McVey .. just no.

She mentioned benefits and caps and this was also not a bright idea. In trying to tell her that she was not only wrong but that I could type one single thing to show that her whole statement was wrong. I also told her that I could produce a list.

This is one thing where the Conservatives, who I now realise are not Conservatives, fall down. Not representing Conservative values and not having any balls are others.

  • Born with a disability .. a long list on its own

  • Developing a disability

  • Financial Crisis

  • Not being employed because of skin colour

  • Not being employed because of beliefs

  • Not being employed because of your political leanings

  • Actually doing work for years for nothing on promises of reputable names and having your money frozen after four years, no warning or reason given effectively putting you into slave labour

    • Google and ME!!

  • Trying to promote your business on Twitter and being shadow banned .. wasting more time and money

  • Selling Photographs online and companies are idiots and unhelpful

  • Job Centre agree to your business, you spend £20,000 and then get stabbed in the back, cut loose, all funding and help pulled and everything else cut off

  • House prices, rent and wages being oceans apart

  • Not having the intelligence to be in control of your own situation or mental disorder

  • Memory Affecting Condition

  • Being homeless

  • Not being employed or getting fired because you will not lie for your company

  • It is not what you know but who you know and not knowing the right people

A number of those above have affected me so I know only too well that there is a list and there may well be other things I have not thought about?

So no, Esther McVey, you cannot make statements like that but believe me when I say that I woud like to see a country and even a world where this actually becomes true.

If it was this way for you and in your life then you were very lucky .. others are not so lucky and people that assume that the rest of society is just as easy for them should not be in politics because this view is so narrow-minded and way off from reality it is not true.

I can also tell you this ..

Your kicking white people out of their homes, never see a Muslim homeless, only to be replaced by Muslims and who do you think they will vote for Esther? Conservatives or Jeremy Corbyn?

How about the people you made homeless?

Also I might remind you that the Conservatives are supposed to stand for Christian values among other things and I recently received a tweet from a Housing Charity that showed someone with cancer living on the streets?

Tell me Esther, when did Christian and Conservative values start believing that people living on the streets, committing suicide and starving or freezing to death was OK? I must have missed that memo.

When I pointed out that these two things were wrong and that she would be well advised to leave them alone as they will do the Conservatives no favours and are obviously desperate due to the sickening pandering videos she has done, Corbyn too, she called me a leftie and said that I wont change her mind.

Funny Esther as every single Conservative voter I speak to have agreed with me on this and many did not realise the repeated shooting in all your own feet that has been going on.

Was you also now stating that to be human you had to belong to the left? Because I was under the impression recently that it was evil over on the left?

Yeah .. this blog has existed for six years and it contains a lot more than just this little post pointing out you was wrong when it should really have been obvious to you.

I can get into the illegalities of how the NHS, DWP, Local Councils work wh combined I call the evil trinity because I know how they do and hw they do it.

I could get into the Police too. The bailiffs, the Ombudsman and a long list of others too.

I can get into the cover ups.

But I wont. Because I already did. If you look to the right there is an archive posts that they have been trying very hard to stop people seeing.

There are over 3,700 posts and I think you will find that everything has been covered and them some?

Here are some of my predictions too to go along with the lists if corruption I have covered ..

  • Financial Crisis

    • Now ho in government predicted that?

  • Trump winning

  • Corbyn Losing

  • Brexit

  • NHS Scandals

  • A Terror attack and where, MI5 (oops!)

  • Grooming gangs (the hard way this and how I discovered the attack above)

  • NHS Scandals and Lies & How they did it

  • Police Lies

  • Mainstream Media Lying

  • That the people would eventually realise and the country would get split down the middle

    • Yeah I kind of contributed by doing that which the mainstream media did not, report the truth and the facts

  • There are a lot of others

Oooh I bet it looks and feels really bad just fro this little post?

Imagine what the rest is like when you take it and all the fats and correct predictions in its entirety?

But I d not have a career but those paid handsomely to foresee and avert al this stuff seem to be doing alright despite their blindness, naivety and incompetence.

Tried to go into business with others twice but they were idiots. Out of my hands Esther.

Wrote two books but could not get them published but I understand why now. Out of my hands Esther.

Spent years taking photos, working my way up to professional camera and have had two years screwed due to public authorities .. out of my hands Esther!

Worked on blogs and YouTube channel for six years but had my money stopped without reason and do not answer emails and now more or less working under slave labour. Out of my hands Esther!!

Numerous times I have asked for help so that I might be able to work while I work on these bogs and photography but told, sorry there is no help any more. Not very helpful Esther!!

Unless some people change their attitudes their will be several civil wars and I will be waiting here to remind you who predicted it, who is to blame and a paradigm shift in power will take place.

So if your white, did start off with the med but includes woman now too, you get screwed by Labour Party in favour of Muslims and you get screwed by Conservative Party, who wont go near Muslims, because of debt that was not our fault.

The ones to blame? Banks and others? They get handouts. No punishment or fines. Makes a lot of sense that Esther!!!

Yes Esther .. of course everyone is responsible for their own situation. Must be why the country is doing so well right now?!

Fucked over by both parties. Nice!

They just do not se it either side, do they? Years of people voting in elections dropping each time but they carried on with their pissing off of the British public while trying to keep the lid on the proverbial pressure cooker.

Seems they will have to lead another civil unrest or even civil war before they realise. Yup they already have the excuses in pace and labels for everyone they will use when this occurs.

Sorry to disappoint you but I am prepared also.


Well let us now move into the next phase.

Hopefully those that read this will already be aware of my daughter’s story.

Not quite sure if anyone worked out that I am the only person the world she has to turn to? But this is unfortunately the way that it is.

However despite making the big sacrifice to move up there to help her in a place where Londoners are not really liked very much half the time. I was driven back to where I am now.

No help from the DWP. No help from the NHS and no help from Frank Field MP despite a few emails.

Ooh remember that little spat I had with Labour Party members who claimed that no one knew about what had gone on with my daughter?

Yeah here’s the thing ..

Out of everyone I spoke to over two weeks and close to 400 people reading the post about my daughter here is how it played out ..

  • Right-Wing people were shocked and retweeted my daughter’s story over and over

  • Centrists were shocked and retweeted my story

  • Leftists and many Labour Party people did not even fucking read the God damn story let alone show any sympathy .. too busy chasing their personal utopia?

  • Sarah Champion MP was the only one and actually apologised to me

  • Oh wait .. does this not therefore equate that TWO Labour MPs at the very least are aware of my daughter’s story?!

Yeah so I am stuck in London in a 5ft by 8ft room.

Cannot register there. Broadband been off for 13 days and missed its third date to come back online?!

Yeah and I have no income. At all.

I also cannot get a GP due to my health and this stupid rule about No Fixed Abodes.

I also cannot get a Dentist and have now emailed a hospital I used to go to as a kid to see if they can help with the pain I am in?!

This does not include all the other pains I am in and nor does it include many dozens of symptoms and nor the conditions that are dangerous and can kill me. Yeeeahh kind of feels like someone somewhere wants both of us to just die?

  • Hypomagnesemia meaning low magnesium which can kill in a number of ways

  • Fibromyalgia with the most annoying thing being memory issues along with pains in my feet

    • High Blood Pressure

    • High Cholesterol

  • Vitamin B Deficiency

  • Heart Issues and Tachycardia

  • Pains in my feet

  • Sudden total loss of energy forcing me to stop

  • Heart Racing, Skipping Pounding forcing me to stop

  • Extreme Anxiety that is more or less phobias now thanks to my country

    • Led to self-harming

  • Right Knee pain

  • Sudden Ankle Pain

  • Shoulder Pain carrying my camera

  • Back Pain

  • Short Term Memory Loss

    • That is loss .. ergo I do not recall and .. not imagine things lol

Recall the issues with my daughters health, my daughter’s repeated abuse, my daughters cancer and the fact that the social services very much want to take my grandchildren away.

Lost my home and most of £32,000 in inheritance trying to stop them burying this story and treating my daughter like crap. With a dodgy heart they deliberately sent me around the houses about when the reason was known all along. Yup .. you had better believe it.

I posted an email from an Ian Josephs he specialises in helping mothers fight off falsified attempts by social workers to take their children. At the very end of his email he stated something I already knew. “Do not trust your GP!” He also said “Be wary of some solicitors” as they ca have connections to the councils. He also warned about courts and Judges too.

Every single time I predict something everyone calls me crazy and years later it ends up being a whole lot worse than even I predicted it to be!

So yeah so .. I sort of found myself back in London without a home and money, sold my car at a huge loss of £4,000 thanks to these arse-wipes working in a corrupt and evil regime.

I was also going to make money selling photographs as I love taking professional photos ..

compliment by blogging ..


  • Do not get out as much as I would like due to all this

  • Should have 10,000 photos by now and only have 3,000

But this might be forced to come to an end to if I have to sell my photography gear?!

Oh .. did I mention?

  • Talked into setting up this business by Job Centre/DWP

  • Agreed to over 13 week course

  • Week after going self-employed they pulled the plug

  • This was a year after stopping my disability money

If you can think of ways you can get screwed they did it to me.

I can also show you ways they can screw you over that you would not dream of. Some should be here.

All because they courts 23 years ago did not act on my warnings!

Everything I have been involved in has been corrupt as hell.

This is also a cut down story that goes with the other cut down story in this post ..


I have shown a lot of interest in all this talk about Qanon.

But it has all been very cryptic and in an American sort of way meaning it has probably been somewhat easier for Americans to pick up on things than anyone else.

I am linked to someone very high profile on Twitter when it comes to Qanon but I did not see the significance of this until last night. There was also a few terms I kept seeing over and over and I did not know what they meant either like WWG1WGA. So last night I looked it up and I came across this web-page that just kind of blew my mind.

What I had figured thus far and picked up from others is that there were three people releasing titbits of information and that they was close to Donald Trump.

They also seem to insinuate that they had a lot of information on a lot of bad things and this seem to mostly centre around the Democratic Party. I had heard many things about the Democrats in recent years from the believable to the unbelievable to the outright crazy sounding. But even the crazy sounding seem to have a lot of evidence and a lot of belief behind it. I felt like there was definitely something there and I even talked about it on this very blog.

In fact there was a point in time that even though I did not state that these things were real or mention that anyone was guilty that it might have bee for talking about this that my ad revenue suddenly froze. It literally froze dead in the water around December 2016, maybe a little earlier? So around 19 months and counting. Anyone that understands computers and viewers knows this simply cannot happen. So I deleted all tags with this particular subject hoping that the ad revenue would unfreeze. It did not.

Google do not mind leaving their adverts there which they continue to get money for, by the way and there has been screw up after screw up with everything and it is always down to the at the end of the day and yet somehow I have paid for it over and over again. This is slave labour no matter what way you slice it. I have believed that about YouTube as well. An English MP even accused these companies of being evil and the owners/directors have never turned up when asked to anwer questions. Only exception was Mark Zuckerberg and even then it was only at the last minute and not every time.

My frustrations with my blogs got to me because they numbers have not behaved quite as they should and have been both erratic and contradictory. Because I have two the same and the numbers of both are the complete opposite of one another. There are two main numbers for each and they really, really do not make any sense at all mathematically when you compare them. Over the years I have made many predictions that came true ..

  • Trump winning

  • Corbyn losing

  • Brexit

  • NHS Scandals

  • Mental Health Cut loose and consequences

  • Financial Crisis

  • Migrant Crisis

  • Tabloids all lying

  • TV News Networks all Lying

  • Even a Terrorist Attack

  • Many others

I have talked about a great many other things to.

Last night and suddenly everything made sense. All from reading a web-page to do with Q because I wanted to know what WWG1WGA stood for?!

I did not understand with Q, however, why it was a trickle and not just dropped as one giant bomb and be done with it?

But this webpage explained it all and the crazy part about it is that it was written by someone who is left-wing and just as I had done he said he had gotten everything backwards.

He even said that he had disliked Donald Trump but has slowly changed his mind and that trough things released by Q he had realised that not everything was how he thought it was.

As you can see from the close to 4,000 posts on these blogs I also did not understand my own country, its leaders and they way it was treating people and have stated it is so in your face. Well now I do!

OK that was weird. My Office suite just closed on me while typing about Q and that has never happened before!

Funny as there have been a lot of weird things of late and that is that the broadband here has been out completely for very almost two weeks?! I kid you not.

I have never heard of anyone’s being out for even as long as two days as far as I can tell.

I cannot even past the webpage address to what I found last night because I had to do that on my phone, whose connection has also played up to. As has my daughter’s 250 miles away.

Of the crimes I and others have talked about nothing seem to come of them. There were a few high profiles cases that came out but I wondered of these were what they call false-flags to distract people? In fact these false-flags have been everywhere of late and everyone is talking about them.

Well Q seems to be about all of them. This webpage author states that it comes from within military and that may be sensible because one of the things reported is that anyone who gets close to the Democrats seems to die. The body count that they link to them numbers above 70. That is a very high number of people to have die around someone.

Here is the shocker. I am directly linked to at least one person who was right in the middle of all this and herself became quite high profile! She awaits for the day when this all comes out.

Believe me when I state that this not not merely a game changer but a world changer!

Because now, not only do I know that these things are all linked to Q but that it actually spreads right across the pond to here in the UK and likely Europe too?!

It is also linked to the Alex Jones banning from social media, a step that took all of the digital dictators out of their comfort zone and opened them up liable to prosecution by making editorial decisions that made them publishers overnight.

I talked on Twitter about my daughter’s horrific story and I was shadow banned myself within two weeks. In the last 24 hours or so I had eight or more people come to me stating they had been banned to various degrees. It has appeared to me they are panicking really badly and last night I realised why.

We are talking about a huge political party I America here along with Hollywood and the TV and News Media and Tabloids along with the biggest Internet names. The whole shebang! Very likely others too and it might even include judges and that extends to here too!

I had joked that the western world was like Steven King’s The Stand mixed up with the third in The Omen trilogy. Turns out the joking might have been close to the truth. Look up a humongous statue they put up of Satan in a town or village in Arkansas. Now that has got to make the news?!

The lady I know, who I cannot name, was a direct victim right in the heart of the absolute worst that has been reported. Something that I was talking about a couple years back I thought was why I was getting messed with over? When I first heard about her claims it was on some news report somewhere and I thought .. no way. Little did I know that before long I would decide to break my Twitter silence and end up connecting with her?! At first I did not realise and then I was looking at her name thinking it sounded familiar. When it first occurred who she might be I thought, no it cannot be. But it was. She had started following me so I followed her back, thinking she might come out with something that made some sense in everything that was going on?

Well she kind of did in a way.

So why drip feed so slowly? Well it becomes obvious once you know .. to stop a complete collapse of society and a civil war.

Why the military? Because many others have died that have gotten too close to this with that number well on its way to 80 that they know about.

In fact as I typed this out I remembered some crazy rumour about a missile being fired and there was even talk of a laser beam hitting somewhere from space?

The laser I do not know but there was a curious picture of a house bing cut clean I half supposedly by one of the raging fires they had in the USA. But the missile? Well .. if it was an actual thing? Well I would expect anyone involved n the military leaking these drops would remain on a secure base somewhere and the only way to get to that? A missile? I do not know if there was one I just saw something somewhere about it and chalked it down to another conspiracy theory to go with the myriads of others.

This appearance the whole thing has taken on as a good versus evil battle is actually how this is seen by many and in t literal sense too.

The whole Qanon thing is based in releasing some very damning information regarding some very nefarious and heinous crimes widespread across America that I have wondered if I am actually involved in?

In fact someone close to me wont even realise when I tell her despite the fact that they asked me “Where the the children all going?!”

No one here would stop to think that there could be any connection between things going on in the UK and a country right across the other side of the Atlantic Ocean? I wouldn’t and it was only very recently that I linked things going on over there to those going on here.

It has added to my stress levels and I have not even been able to tell people about this possible link, despite the fact I am sometimes told I tell people too much .. the truth is they only ever hear half of it and normally only when they are pressurising me over something mundane and insignificant.

If you do not want to know then leave me alone, is what I am often stating.

Also the drops also seem to go to a number of places and from their they are spread out among many others. I am sure that in tie there will be more to it and why they chose the places that they did? One of these is a website which I have checked out and another is Reddit and I find it funny that the colour red comes into this whole data drop thing.

We are talking about things going on right at the top of the Democratic Party with Hillary and Bill Clinton and looking like Barack Obama too. The latter was always a bit odd to me to be honest with you. We are talking about this reaching throughout Hollywood as well as the TV News and tabloids too. And there in lies another reason they are dropping things piece by piece.

All at once might be too much for people to believe as well as having the potential to cause a collapse in one or more societies in the western world?

Oddly enough there was some focus by many of an unmarked Jumbo Jet that had been flying about and many thought that there was evidence on board? If I recall correctly even one of my favourite actors of all time, James Woods, remarked about it? He has remarked about many things to do with all this. Though I do not ever recall him ever referring to Q by name? Or letter?

Many see it as \Donald Trump being this person who clears it all out, years or even decades of crap that has infected the Democrats.

The whole thing has been shocking but you can say you believe in this or not but I would say a few things about it.

First that the data seems to be real so far and has already gotten many into a frenzy and that is likley to get a lot worse as I now understand it.

Second and that is for British people they were covered on BBC’s Newsnight and there are dozens if not hundreds and maybe even thousands of videos on YouTube about it.

Last but by no means least ..

.. if none of this is real then is this not then just another major distraction for people that, when you think about it, is likely to take over the western world and therefore .. for what?

One of my theories has been that all this in your face pissing off of the public in most countries of the western world as been to hide all this crap allegedly going on in Hollywood and the Democrats and maybe even the Q drops? If not for that, then what? One of my other theories I have listed in the posts of this blog?

Oh and if your not American you might not know the following ..

Democrats are often called Demoncrats and Hillary is often referred to as Killary.

Need I say any more?!

They have barely got going and yet the theory makes everything I have ever wondered about make sense.

The fact that the world seems upside down, people are in positions that should never be there while other people that should be doing well are not? All makes sense.

Everything that has ever happened to me and my daughter. Makes sense. Scary sense but makes sense. The fact that the media seem to be full of fools and idiots and political parties spilt in half and chasing things that will be forever out of their reach and idolising unelected people that have fucked up everything? Makes sense!

If I am right then a lot of people are going to have to stop .. take stock .. take a long hard look at themselves and rethink everything they have ever said and what they have ever done.

Unless if course they are one of the amoral evil ones in which case they will not do this at all.

Also do not think of this as the Republicans versus the Democrats because it is not. The Democrats might not be the only ones caught in the fallout?

Which, when I realised, made me think back to Donald Trump running for leader of the Republicans in the first instance. No one amongst the Republicans seem to want him and even the news media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN laughed at the very thought of him being the leader of the Republicans. Was not sure why it mattered so much to them as they all seemed to be behind Hillary Clinton anyway?

Of course unless there was already a rumour going around that he was intending to burst a few bubbles if he became President of the United States?

AS for the cold and callous nature that seemed to be surfacing regarding Hillary Clinton? Oddly this appeared to mirror a certain leader on this side of the pond!

Forgot to mention WW1WGA means ‘Where We Go One We Go All’.

View at


I had a bit of an odd one.

Many people have thought me crazy for years, seen lots of predictions comes true but still always managed to doubt the next one in line.

It takes someone who used to work at Cambridge University .. bit bit of a boffin and known as a little left-wing to put something in perspective.

This is a face-to-face friend who used to be a customer of mind and different members of my family who was around when the BBC setup over the Lion took place. Known him for years and he realised back the the BBC were corrupted liars.

This is what he said to me last night on Facebook ..

“What the hell is going on? I really fear for my daughter’s future!”

And no, sorry to disappoint you he was not talking about leaving Europe as he voted to leave just like everyone else I know online and off did. Despite what the news media told you.

He was talking about how much he has realised the news media is lying, controlling and manipulating along with all the crap going on in politics, the social justice crap that now everyone is seeing. Rumours about the Democratic Party in America and several other in your face things.

He did not know I had been causing a stir on Twitter, do not think he uses it?

He thought it was fear of those in power losing that power, here in the UK, and I said that I thought this but now that I see it is everywhere in the western world I think it is something bigger.

Told him about Italy, Sweden, Hungary and all the others. Told him discussions I had had and he thinks Jeremy Corbyn is out to deliberately destroy the UK and its society. No .. not based on what I told him, based on what he had seen and read. Well he is. I cannot say it is deliberate but he is certainly destroying it.

Yesterday I had read about chants about Tommy Robinson at Luton Town football club and then someone told me on Twitter that it had occurred at Middlesborough?! Oh dear.

I did tweet that it would be hilarious that if all the Premier League fans did this as the cameras will be rolling. The looks on the faces of the football pundits would have been hilarious but at the end of the day it seems the only way for the British public to get their message across because ..

the lying scumbags that re the news media and tabloids have ignored it, pissed everyone off by doing so and they are forced to voice their feelings elsewhere.

Response? They get asked no to do it?!Yeah .. one day someone will stop and say

Umm before we decide to say or do this .. we have only ever made it worse up until this point?! Maybe we shouldn’t?!”

They could but something tells me this might already be too late?

My socialist relative drives us nuts. You simply cannot have a conversation with them without them butting in within seconds and telling you what everyone should think, feel and say. Still doing that despite the fact I ave shown them that we are at the biggest divide in history and will not end well.

Told he what my centre-left friends said, who she knew, and that made her stop and think .. FINALLY?!

They all think it is all crap and just talk .. until someone else on a level with me turns around and states that he is in fear for his daughter and the future or Britain and the western world.

That was just last night.


OK this is getting weirder by the minute.

I posted an article about this on another blog on WordPress and the text is .. umm .. not there? Weird as I got a like on it?! Lol. Hang on let me view the page?

Nope .. text is not there!

Sooo .. either something is now playing up with WordPress’ App now, as if Blogger’s is not bad enough, or .. someone deleted the text?!

Of course that, or this as the case may be, was always a back up blog as when I started blogging I knew things that I thought would get me closed down.

Oddly enough it did occur to me that it might come on the form of some kind of monetary offer? Sort of paying for my silence, so to speak?

Anyway ..

So trying to remember what I said yesterday .. I was using Twitter and was getting a lot of followers at a rapid rate. Which was also weird because I would have periods where it died down an then speed up again? I wondered if I had, had one of these shadow bans and checked but nothing seems to pop up. Then I had somewhere around 200 notifications in the space of 24 hours. Little later I was in the park and I was replying and retweeting things with my opinion for a couple hours when I noticed something. I had not had any notifications despite the fact it was daytime and I had just had two dozen over night alone?! Another hour went by and I thought this was weird. So I checked.

BOOM! Ban hammer had come down.

Oh that is good. No warning and no reason sooo ..

  • Was not told I had been banned so could waste days of my time?
    • Nice and should be sued or controlled
  • Was not told what I was banned for
    • Nice .. so I have no idea how to avoid doing this again?
  • If I was trying to get emergency help form someone I could or would have been wasting my time?!
    • Great so costing lives and suffering over words .. well this just keeps getting better does it not?
If I thought about it long enough I could probably create a much longer list?
Like people thinking they are being avoided or that you have done something to upset them?
So a ban, eh?
Let us run through the possibilities then?
  • Threatened to kill anyone?
    • No .. despite having good reason to
  • Suggested anyone should be killed?
    • No but I have seen people say that
  • Threatened violence towards anyone?
    • No
  • Suggested violence towards anyone?
    • No but i have seen that
  • Swearing at anyone?
    • No .. never other than using the word ‘bloody’ lol
    • Been sworn at though
  • Insulting ..
    • Inly when it is factual .. like ‘idiot’ and ‘moron’
  • Name-Calling?
    • Nope am against that anyway
  • Throwing labels around that do not mean what I thin kit means?
    • No but I have had that done to me
Well it is obvious is it not?
Now I ended up explaining this to a relative last night who is a socialist who loves nothing more than bringing her socialism into it, assuming I did something bad and .. likes to change the subject and talk about the past .. insisting it is relevant and getting annoyed when you try to switch the subject back. Your subject that you bring up.
Once I explained that I had not even so much as swore she paid more attention .. I told her about the others and that violence and threats coming from her side were OK and that anything that comes from centrists or right-wing was banned.
She said that was wrong .. TWITTER!!
I also asked if the little red ‘X’ I have been seeing is something to do with these bans and I was told, yes.
So if your a socialist and a Democrat you get a blue .. thing .. or tick or whatever and if your a Conservative or Republican you get a red ‘X’.
Red and blue? Well that is a bit fucking obvious and something everyone seems to have missed?
What do I keep saying about all this division?
In your face. in your face!
Well now I cannot build up any new followers until I do not know when?
Also a bit hypocritical of Twitter is that if you contact them saying you want to advertise which of course means money? They lift the ban.
What have I always stated about these fake-arsed socialists?
They seem to be socialists except they are fecking biased as feck and socialism goes out the wondow when it comes down to money.
Don’t .. make .. me .. laugh!
Twitter if you want to follow?
Look at the title ..
@saintallnights of course!


I just got an email today ..

Oddly it was right at the moment my daughter was telling me that the social services are back to nasty tricks meaning the last one that turned up lied through her teeth, from Wirral Council.

What follows below is a link I was also told about by my daughter that just popped up on the Liverpool Echo about social services abusing Section 20, which is mentioned below?! Weird!

This is truly scary stuff and I am hoping that some information that has been passed to me is true, that some documents are going to be released very soon that have the potential to bring down the whole sodden house of cards they have created?!

Is this a Jeremy Corbyn involvement or future or is the the typical Tory nasty nonsense?

Or perhaps something to do with Serco who either just run all public services or own all public services?


The Golden Rules

 IGNORE UK SOCIAL WORKERS!! They act like police but in fact they have NO AUTHORITY (they rely on bluff, bullying and fear)  .In the UK only police and judges have the authority to give you orders but social workers have no power  at all except to frighten you!!Don’t talk to them  (Just say VERY QUIETLY AND POLITELY ” I am really very sorry but I have been advised NOT to chat with you !). If however they get angry or aggressive by all means  ask them for their HCPC  registration numbers! (see below)

Never write to them,,never go to their meetings (You will be outnumbered by at least five or six to one and bullied accordingly), They are your ENEMIES !!They earn their living taking children so tell your children never to  answer their questions but to say” mummy (or daddy) says we must not talk to you unless mummy is there too “.Never obey them, you must never do what your enemies tell you to do ! (seems obvious but few parents realise this )Fight every step of the way and refuse every demand they make of you !Think of the “SS” as SPIDERS with a nasty web! If you enter the web at the edge (speaking to them ,discussing your case, and going to meetings) you will eventually be sucked into the middle (the family court system) and swallowed up ;(your child fostered or adopted).Refuse to go near their web (speaking to them etc) and you stand a good chance of surviving.

Never never believe what they say unless it is in writing (and even then be cautious),never sign any documents they give you, (Especially ,NEVER sign a section 20!) . What if a judge orders you to sign a document? I advise you in that case to avoid contempt charges by signing but adding over the signature in very bold letters “Signed Under duress to avoid contempt of court” as this will invalidate any document you have signed !Sometimes the judge will refuse accept the document if you write “Under duress” and still threaten you if you do not sign normally.I advise in this case to say aloud in court”I request that it be noted that I AM SIGNING THIS DOCUMENT UNDER THREAT OF PRISON IF I REFUSE ! That too would render your signature worthless……….

Never allow social workers into your house,fit a small latch chain to your front door, so that if they push their way in and break the chain they will go to jail for “breaking and entering!) If they then call the police let the police in but not the social workers),never make enemies of the police,never let the SS assess you, or send you to the psychobabble charlatans !These hired experts are paid to diagnose nearly every parent who is sent to them with non existent illnesses such as borderline personality disorders or narcissistic traits = you don’t like or admire social workers !Remember also that you cannot trust these experts,counsellors,your midwife or even your own doctor , solicitor or barrister as all have been known to pass on your thoughts and confessions straight to social services who will use them against you in court !

What if the judge asks you why you refused to cooperate  with social workers and other “professionals” ? You answer that they were very rude,hostile , and often shouted at you saying that they would take your children from you and (when applicable) that your baby will be adopted  no matter what you do or say !  Very difficult for any parent to work with people like that !

Remember you have a choice “ignore them ” or “cooperate” and believe me neither choice guarantees success but time has shown that you have a much much better chance of keeping your children by ignoring the ss than by doing what they tell you !If you obey them even though they want to take your children (which makes them your ENEMIES)  you will probably give them the evidence they need in court to take away your children.Ignore them and they often leave you alone to seek easier targets;Never “do everything they tell you “ as they are your enemies not your friends and their intention is to make you lose in court so they can take your kids for good !Everything they tell you to do is to help them take away your children for long term fostercare or adoption.Never “do everything they tell you “ as they are your enemies not your friends and their intention is to make you lose in court so they can take your kids for good !Everything they tell you to do is to help them take away your children for long term fostercare or adoption.

 Remember too if you tell these “professionals” that you “love “your children, that for social workers  and their kind,”love” is a word they never use.They prefer to talk of “bonding ” with children in care,a word more applicable to the players in  professional football teams like Arsenal or Manchester United who certainly “bond” with each other but rarely love each other ! Best to IGNORE social workers telling them politely “I am very sorry but I have been advised not to speak to you “


The “SS” have absolutely NO authority even though they behave like police, so you are not obliged to listen to them or obey them !Their child protection plans , and similar activities have no legal standing whatever !You should obey orders from a judge in court and obey the police but never cooperate with social workers (unless they have been awarded control of your children via the award of a care order by a family court judge ! ) In that case you will have to cooperate with them to some extent otherwise they will brutally reduce or even stop your contact with your children.If the judge asks you to have a “parenting assessment” you will have to submit but make it very clear to the court and the “SS” beforehand that you will be recording everything to make sure there is no later misunderstanding as to who said what and to whom !Be sure to record yourself telling the social workers this this so that it can if necessary be used in court later !Parents often proudly claim that they were open and honest with social workers admitting all their faults and mistakes! I can only say that if they were selling a second hand car and they honestly and openly admitted that the vehicle was a wreck that they had been trying to get rid of for months the buyer would think they were crazy and would bid them a quick goodbye ! Parents should not lie but equally they should not point out their faults and mistakes to the very persons seeking to exploit them and take away their children !

The “SS” are your enemies(NOT your friends !)Anything they ask you to do or any courses they ask you to take (usually set up to fail you ) are for their benefit not your’s and are simply to make it easier for them to win in court and keep your children in care or send them for adoption!Their top priority is NOT the welfare of the children ;it is to WIN their case in the family court, so they will play every dirty trick in the book to avoid humiliating defeat and a black mark on their record!They will even give you a list of solicitors to “help” you ! Legal aid lawyers are mostly “Professional losers” who gag parents in court and do a deal with social services.However nervous you are in court and however ignorant you are of the law you are still better off representing yourself and speaking for yourself rather  than relying on an enemy who is determined  that you will not speak and that you will lose !You do not need a law degree to be a good parent or to say how much you love your children !