SUNS NOT GOT ITS HAT ON (Pole Shift Part 14)

OK this is a big one. One with graphs and maths that will have the most naïve thinking .. oh now wait a minute?!

I have one friend who disagrees with things without looking anything up at all .. using his 50 years of memory as a yardstick for the entire Earth and the weather they see outside their house in North London. Well .. many I know do that.

Now to get a grip of what is currently going on, or not as the case may be, you only really need to understand two things about the Sun ..

  • Sunspots .. which is when the sun is at its hottest
  • Coronal Holes .. which is when its at it coolest
  • This runs on an 11 year cycle currently
  • So spots .. hot .. holes .. cold

Now .. got that? There are many other things involved .. like the Sun’s magnetic field, called he Heliosphere .. Coronal Mass Ejections and other things besides.

Now remember .. spots equals hot while holes equal cold .. except ..

  • Spots were predicted to be at an all time low and disappeared altogether for long periods of time .. like as of right now
  • Coronal Holes are quite big .. maybe bigger then ever?

Heating of the upper atmosphere subsides in a solar minimum, according to NASA, but what if its way, way lover than normal?

It cannot possibly be mere coincidence that in the last 3 or 4 years that the Sun has decreased its activity that the magnetic poles are acting up to, no?

Nor can it be a coincidence that both volcanic and seismic activity has increased and that they lied about that, no?

Nor can it be a coincidence that the expected global warming has had two very cold winters with record breaking snow and temperatures, no?

The universe does not believe in coincidences and I am sure that God does not either .. but you can bet your bottom dollar that hack scientists who have made a lot of money and their naïve cult followers will, no?

So .. it was reported, I posted the YouTube clip in an earlier part in the series, by the BBC in January 2014 that the Sun was decreasing in activity, right? These were scientists that had all jumped onto the climate change band wagon T then started to ignore. Because they were clearly wrong. Now this must have been very hard for them to admit. I also dare say that they must have delayed this for some time before they were forced to admit it, right? Far enough to say?

So when exactly did they realise that the Sun was acting up and things were as as they had insisted and been paid for them to say it, was going to be? Six months? A year?

So then we else can we look at that is directly linked in some way to the Sun which might suggest something else may now come into play with the weather? Not to mention life?

So the Sun is decreasing to less radiation, right? Wrong.

We now now the poles are on the move and split up once already. We also know that the magnetosphere that protects us is weakening. As it turns out we have another bubble that is both weakening and contracting too. That of the Sun’s known as the Heliosphere.

I have mentioned this previously and I am sure people have thought .. well how can we know that and how can you say that this will have an effect and be harmful?

Well that might be because cosmic rays and particle that would never otherwise get here .. are .. umm .. getting here. Also that more and more of the have been getting here because these have risen in frequently and consistently for the last four years and I have no doubt this will be the fifth in a row.

But I do not thin this will continue. A process that will set off an increased frequency of volcanoes I believe will take place that will dim the sky and reduce the cosmic rays eventually. Or this might be the new particles getting in seeding clouds so that we get all the blizzards to put us into another ice-age, mini or otherwise. Or maybe a combination of the two is needed to plunge us into a period that is so unimaginable even to me?

I understand that it is impossible to imagine and trust me it is not easy for me but history and scientific facts, as opposed to ones wrongly interpreted, I have learnt to trust and respect.

It has happened many times before and the chances are it will happen again, we just do not know the processes involved.

Typical of man, of the ones running nations, this has all been ignored because what are the chances, right?

Or they thought one thing was going to happen and wasted trillions of money chasing the wild goose when really they had the golden goose all along ..

Or they knew all along and used your money to research, build and prepare for it ad their survival while deeming themselves, the liars and cheat who created an unsustainable society, worthy of survival.

It is quite frustrating to be unsuccessful career wise while watching for decades others make a fortune out of the lying cheating ad getting it wrong who will be the ones to survive.

Well the record snowfall you have seen. The videos regarding poles shifting faster than ever before, splitting in two, the orange skies and volcanoes have all been covered as I will continue to do so. Seismic activity increase in Yellowstone and in the UK where we were told as kids we would never get earthquakes .. we have now had several in the last few years.

Think they put one down to fracking? Though fracking was not supposed to have any effect and they were not supposed to be doing it anyway, right?

Anyone wondered if fracking is actually .. fracking and not really .. something else? Always thought it was a weird thing to suddenly start doing and .. seemed .. desperate.

So then .. what about cosmic rays, right?

Well you can always look at graphs here and I am sure there are other places that show what comes up on their sensors?

So in order it runs like this ..

  • Vastly Reduced Solar Minimum
    • This is happening (unprecedented)
  • Earth’s Core and Poles Being affected
    • This is happening (unprecedented)
  • Atmosphere reducing
    • This is happening (unsure if measured)
  • Jet-Streams Altering
    • This is happening (possibly unprecedented)
  • Magnetosphere Weakening
    • Reduction reported to be between 20 and 25%
    • Cosmic Rays and particles getting in
    • This is happening (unprecedented)
    • Also unexplained and unusual high energy explosions detected by satellites
  • Seismic Activity start to increase which results in ..
    • This is happening (not sure if unprecedented)
  • Increase in volcanic eruptions
    • This is happening (not sure if unprecedented)
  • More gas in atmosphere
    • Signs are this is happening (orange skies London, New York)
  • Upper atmosphere cooling from reduced Sun
  • Lower atmosphere cooling due to gasses from volcanic eruptions ..
    • Arctic Blasts have to come from somewhere and they have been reporting and even my own daughter realises it lies .. over 10 Degrees Celsius at the North Pole
  • Ergo an ICE-AGE
  • The questions is what is the tipping point?
  • Magnetic flip going to affect navigation and communication as well as electronics and therefore HEATING
  • Magma sloshing could cause continental drift
  • Gasses and Sun going to reduce temperatures
  • Magnetosphere going to increase harmful rays up until a point

Two things to take from this once I get something right out the way first ..

Yes .. it will not be sudden like it was in the Hollywood movies .. ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, ‘2012’ an ‘The Core’. That is just for the movies.

But there are those that parrot idiots and state in comments “Oh but it will take a thousand years, nothing to worry about!” Oh? Know that do you?

Yeah funny because a smart Professor stated that we are heading into a mini ice-age within ten years that will last for three decades. However I am not sure I agree with this as there are things not thought about.

Look at the snowfalls they have in North America .. they were measuring it in feet instead of inches and it shocked everyone. Even in the damn desert. Imagine things getting worse and having a constant winter like that for 30 years? Snow never melting or very, very slowly at best?

How much snow would have built up in that time? How much of it compacted into ice? What depths will we be looking at? Hundreds of metres? Miles?

After the thirty years Sun cooling period .. how long will it take the Sun to warm us up enough to melt the ice? If the atmosphere is loaded with gasses from the volcanic eruptions that might have taken place .. how long before that atmosphere changes to allow the warmth from the Sun to melt the ice?

Scientists just fail to look at the bigger picture and often enough for it to be bloody annoying to me that is for sure. Or they do and they have and simply have not divulged what is really going on.

Solar minimum all sound like a fairy tale? Afraid not as NASA explains but I would not pay too much attention to too much of what they say ..

These guys do interesting videos and are the ones, if I recall correctly, in Part 13 on the YouTube video talking to Professor Valentina Zharkova.

The last solar cycle at its maximum was lower than the previous one.

The peak at that time in Solar Cycle 23 was reached in 2002, Sunspots around 120, while the low point was 2010. So that was 8 years from a peak to the lowest point.

Bearing in mind these work on 11 year cycles .. and this does not vary unless something is very wrong with the Sun .. soo ..

Last peak was early 2015 which was Solar Cycle 24, Sunspots just under 80, and only four years later in early 2019 we are at the level we was 8 years after the last peak. Now the graph actually seems to suggest a few Sunspots and yet a recent video said there had been none for two weeks or a little more.

Now it the size of the coronal holes are linked to Sunspot not appearing .. it may be a fair old while before any do appear..

Bear in mind that in 2014 it was reported by scientists on BBC News 24, who are climate change CO2 advocates, that the Sun did not reach peak activity as it normally does and then dropped away unexpectedly. They also talked about global cooling and a mini ice-age.

Now if you look at the graph below you will see that it is at that time that BBC News clip was uploaded that Solar Cycle 24 failed to reach anywhere close to the previous Solar Cycle 23.

Yes you will get variations but nothing like this degree is change ..

Have you ever owned tropical fish?

If you have .. what did you do? Did you fill up the aquarium and place the heater in and turn it on .. then introduce the fish straight away? If you did and they died .. well that was why.

Or did you sit around four hours waiting for it to warm up?

Aquarium heaters are measure in watts and the bigger the tank the more wattage you need .. otherwise what will happen is this ..

The tank will take way, way longer to heat up and if the wattage is too low it wont reach the required temperature for the fish at all. Only a little low and what happens is the heater thermostat switches off .. and water cools to a temperature and it comes back on. So it fluctuates but not high enough and it takes longer and the temperature swing more.

I say that but the thermostats on these things today might be a lot better than they used to be but you see what I am getting at, right?

Now increase that by factors in the millions.

That chart above only gives you the number of sunspots .. it is not indicative on the Suns temperature. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it cannot get colder because we are at zero as this is just a graph for the number is Sunspots.

Maybe there is one, or not seems there should be, for the size or duration of coronal holes?

I would suspect that someone somewhere keeps video records of coronal holes so maybe someone can figure something out mathematically?

Maybe this is what Professor Valentina Zharkoa does? Not really sure if everything she looks at just yet.

Although Professor Valentina Zharokova states that will are heading into a cooling that will least three decades.

Now I previously showed a graph on the last part in the series about how Solar Cycle 24, the last one, had some peculiar effects. The two main points were these ..

  • Solar Cycle 23 reached 120 odd Sunspots
  • Took 8 years for this to reach zero
  • Solar Cycle 24 reached less than 80 surprising everyone ..
  • Took 4 to 5 years to reach zero
  • Its supposed to be an 11 year cycle
  • Everyone is baffled

Now a graph of that is on the previous post and on the guys website that started me off on this path, though I had seen many signs .. I now find another that goes back to Solar Cycle 22 ..

There are some major notes to be gleaned from this and I wonder as to what else can be gleaned from earlier cycles and I tell you a pattern is starting to emerge ..

  • 11 Year Cycle
  • Solar Cycle 22 – 1991 to 2002 (11 years they always state)
    • Sunspots 200
  • Solar Cycle 23 – 2001 to 2014 (now it is suddenly 13 years plus?)
    • Sunspots 120
    • (Must has set alarm bells of?)
  • Solar Cycle 24 – 2014 to 2025 or anywhere up to 2030? (11 years to 16 years)
    • Sunspots < 80
    • (Must have felt they would have to mention .. something?)
  • The above was only predicted accurately by two people
  • One is Professor Valentina Zharkova
  • We have been a zero sunspots for maybe two weeks already?
  • Two years with previous might go to five years before they reappear?
  • The next peak at 50 -60?
    • 200 (minus 80) to 120 (minus 40) to 80 sooo minus 20 would mean 60 tops?
    • If that cycle lasts longer than this one which might last 16 to 20 year the Professor Valentina Zharkova might not just be right .. she might have understated it be a decade?

Still think it is baloney?

Well take a look at a graph for Sunspots going back to before the Little Ice-Age between 1650 and 1700 they call the Maunder Minimum. Not also another cool period for a little over a decade in the early 1800’s they call the Dalton Minimum.

The data really is inescapable .. as you can see what we are looking at now .. is a period of zero Sunspots that looks like it could last 5 to 40 year. Even 5 would not be good.

No other period other than the Maunder Minimum does this happen, not even in the Dalton Minimum.

No Sunspots for around 45 years in what was a very cold period that could have been 100 years or more?

However .. that is if you go by the graphs .. whereas if you go by scientists and my old favourite the Encyclopaedia Britannica this period is listed as running from 1500 to 1850.

Now immediately this makes no sense to me .. at all! It only takes a glance sometimes ..but according to the graphs we hit zero sunspots which then flat-lined around 1655. There are what appears to be marks in the graph in red (guessing or method of measurement they are not sure about?). After the graph is marked in blue. But it suggests that just prior to flat-lining the Sunspots reached 120 at its peak?

Our last peak was less then 80 .. and its flat-lined several years earlier than it did previously and the last cycle appears to have lasted several years longer the normal? Suggesting that flat-line might last quite a few years?

Might be important to note that Mount Etna in Sicily has a big eruption in 1669. So if there were any other eruptions in the late 1500’s? Also maybe this is evidence that there may have been an excursion going on with the magnetic poles?

Now here is the proverbial Joker in the pack ..

Pole reversals of magnetic flip .. which most certainly did not happen in the Maunder Minimum or little Ice-Age.

However .. that being said .. the pole might have shifted around in what they now call an excursion which is what it could be going now? I imagine that working out when reversals took place is tricky but obviously doable. Excursions, however?

Now consider this .. an ice age that is very rare .. a pole reversal which is even rarer. The former was 12,000 years or so ago and a few thousand years late. Recall David Bellamy stating that when I was a child. We now have a magnetic pole zooming around I what may be a pole reversal which is 300,000 years late?

Even as separate events .. once every 10,000 years and once every 300,000 years both give or take and what are the chances of these events occurring at the same time?

  • Sudden speed and rate of of increase or poles unprecedented in modern times
  • Splitting of poles unprecedented in modern times
  • Solar Cycle not reaching usual number if Sunspots unprecedented in modern times
  • Speed at which Sunspots dropped to zero faster then anything in modern times
  • Lengths between 11 year cycles suddenly add a few years and unprecedented in modern times
  • List getting longer, no?
  • No way on Earth you can say we have seen no effects either ..

This is even before I explain what I have alluded to many times about the levels of cosmic rays entering the atmosphere and reaching ground works.

Van Allen Belts

The areas where both the Sun and Earth’s magnetosphere and heliosphere meet and I very much doubt studied to much degree other than theoretical mostly.

Highly charged particles on the outer edges of the magnetosphere in one zone while their also exists an inner zone. Doughnut in shape and strongest at the equator these are diminishing and the question is how long will this continue and what level will it reach?

Coronal holes may be key in this observation, no?


This is what they call a bullet shaped area that shifts back and forth between the Sun and the Earth which deflects particles .. guessing towards the poles and hence the auroras?

If it seems all very complicated then hell, yeah. But it is about to get a whole lot more complicated if those strong field hit that 40 degree point.

As stated previously .. there is like a 1,000 mile point. It has 300 miles to go. They estimated this would be close to 2030 ish, then said 2027 or 2028. Then they said that it is looking to be 2026.

In recent months and due to the rate of increase of speed it has been theorised that if it continues as it has for the next 3 years it will hit that point or be very close to it.

Continuing on, on its current vector and we will see more changes .. and the likelihood of seismic activity and volcanic activity increases. Poles moving and Sun cooling will be gradual processes and it will be the ones that can suddenly change things that will be the ones to keep an eye out for.

Hence probably a list of studies into volcanoes with a a great many more than just Yellowstone and Mount Fuji now on it.

Due to the Sun cooling everything is changing and we may not even begin to guess at the effects .. the changes, yes but the effects as a result of these changes? Yeaaaah not so much!

Expect in the next post or two to get a list of descriptions and links to the effects most of which you probably have not seen on fake news.


Little Ice Age .. Encyclopedia Britannica ..

Van Allen Radiation Belt – Encyclopedia Britannica ..



Professor Valentina Zharkova ..

PhD Astrophysics, Bsc/MSc Mathematics & Astronomy

Theoretical Astrophysics, solar flares, plasma physics, particle acceleration ..

She received unscientific attacks from global warming advocates .. which does not surprise me at all because I have already seen that myself.

Provided people with so many videos, so many webpages and so many pictures and they refute them without even looking at them most, of not all, of the time.

But I do not even just get this from moronic stupid leftists that think the universe is going to do what they expect of it. I have had this from family and friends.

Her model has a 97% accuracy and I have had higher than this in my predictions for 15 years, on my blog in nearly 7 years and yet people with absolutely nothing at all to give them any credibility or right to argue will do so still quoting what the hack scientists state, despite the fact that none of their predictions have panned out .. they still argue the case.

The sheer stupidity, naivety and audacity of these leftists is not only staggering it is, just as I always stated it would be, dangerous to mankind and will and already has killed people.

There are no ‘IFS’ or ‘BUTS’ about it .. people have already died because of their secret selfish wants they hide by virtue signalling over people that do not deserve it.

When I stated years ago on here that if they do not stop doing what they are doing they could end up being responsible for millions or hundreds of millions of deaths, I had no idea I was going to be proved correct yet again. I also had no idea that I may well have understated this number.

If the pole reversal does happen and fro what I have now seen, if it is a bad one, this could be accompanied by continental drift.

Now picture this leftists .. the events of the films ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, ‘2012’ and ‘The Core’ all rolled into one? Three disaster movies all becoming a reality? Imagine the destruction and the loss of life of those three events? Pole reversal or magnetic flip, an ice-age of some degree and continental drift?

Any you all spent thirty years believing lies, not listening to anyone else and bullying people into silence?

Yeah and did you stop to think about all the animals that will be lost that you also failed to save? I dunno about you but there is one thing that I do know .. there will be thousands of species that will become extinct even if it is an easy reversal. Maybe tens of thousands?

On being complicit and the number of deaths you could end up making Nazis look tame in comparison in all honesty. That is the absolute stupidity of all this.

If your a leftist and you survive this you will never be able to admit what you was before to any survivors s you will be lynched for sure.

Imagine this hits and no one is informed, no one has prepared and there will not be anyone surviving that has not lost someone they cared about. Then you still stand there stating it was man and global warming? You would have survived only to be killed in revenge for the people you lied to and bullied. The actual picture in my head of this outcome is total lunacy.

Professor Valentina Zharkova predicted that the number of Sunspots will vastly reduced or disappear. On another video I heard that she approached NASA and that they laughed at her predictions. On another video I will include below a statement that was made by someone called Martin at NASA was pointed out in the comments to have been from Professor Valentina Zharkova ant they are no repeating the things they originally laughed at.

So much for the biggest names and researches in the business and primary data, eh?

Now she foes state that the Sun’s decreased period and cooling will last 30 years and maybe this is so .. but this interview was uploaded o the 15th January 2018.

It could be that Ice-Ages only last 30 years but that with the constant snow and ice forming .. it ight take another decade or three or maybe even more to get back to where we were at? Let us leave alone the statements about ice being miles think. Even at half a mile deep .. and the planet only warming slowly .. how long will it take for all of that to thaw?

Must look into this theory they follow she calls the Dynamo Theory by Nugent Parker of Chicago a famous scientist.

Here is Professor Valentina Zharkova being interviewed by Grand Solar Minimum GSM News ..

Now a few interesting articles linking Professor Valentina Zharkova to NASA and .. umm .. NASA now stating we are heading into Global Cooling and a mini ice-age?

NASA Predicting mini ice-age ..

So that is now the BBC, yeah I know, I know, and NASA have now mentioned ice-age in the last 5 years.

Climate Scientists Sought to Suppress her research ..

As I have always stated .. leftists and twisted people who now have massive influence everywhere and are causing anger and division .. when there is data they do nto want to believe they refute it and ask you for ‘primary data’ and you provide them with videos and they refuse it.

But when it suits them they do not have to produce anything other than feelings because their feelings make their brains believe it is OK to blame those they want to be ultimately responsible.

Whereas I want to blame those ultimately responsible based on the facts and not because someone lived a lavish life of luxury while I squandered in my living hell with no one giving a crap or helping my daughter or me.

I am funny like that.

As I keep telling one idiot leftist pro climate change troll .. yes the qualifications are very impressive indeed but this does not necessarily mean you are right. That being said she did predict things with a 97% accuracy and NASA are beginning to state a few things she has.

It is a ridiculous state of affairs where scientists that have not proved their theories or models are shutting out other people’s theories and over a long period too.

That video that states NASA are reporting a mini ice-age and where Professor Valentina Zharkova is mentioned I the comments about being laughed at by NASA and then parroting her .. I think .. they fail to mention this at NASA?

Now here is a little something from 2016 where a study shows that the ice in Antarctica is growing at 92 to 112 Gigatons a year. Gigatons. A year.

Or the glaciers in New Zealand growing ..

Or ..

What Antarctica’s Incredible “Growing” Icepack Really Means


You have no idea how much trouble I have had with people in my own life and it is the same old fucking trouble I have always had.

Quite bizarre is that they see me as bad because I am the harbinger of bad news .. when really these things have been allowed to continue because they think that the heroic thing to to is to stick your head in the sand .. because of feelings.

Nooo that actually costs lives and not only have I told them this over and over and over again while they argue while refusing to look into it and then projecting their fears onto you and then blaming you .. this only gets worse. This blog is testament to me stating this for a very, very long time and I have been stating it a lot longer.

Presently there are two very real things going on .. one visual with a lot of victims now speaking out and another scientific. The second I have been busy writing a series on to do with the poles shifting, moving and decreased Sun activity. This has the potential to be so serious I wonder if it is behind the absolute crazy shite going on in the world right now?

No one understands it .. everyone is looking for an answer .. the answer is likely to sound completely crazy .. my answer is crazy but with scientific evidence to back it up.

‘People demand the truth but have limits to what truths it is they actually want to know’ .. yeah I said that!

So the Gilets Jaunes in France? “Oh yeah its about fuel tax” is what I heard to which I would say ..

  • Nooo its not!
  • How fucking long have I told you not to trust the media
  • Have you NEVER heard the term ‘fake news’ and ..
  • Well they scrapped the fuel tax rise .. and they are still protesting sooo what is it now?!

One day I might actually get an apology for the decade plus of shit I have had to contend with?

But I have messaged them .. with links to NASA and the National Geographic, who I so wanted to work for, about the second thing.
Here is a video I have now sent them about the first ..

French lady lawyer who states that is is about how the French people are treated, the disabled people . the children .. the violence .. the EU and the lies and one other thing ..

OH YEAH THEIR FARCKING FAKE NEWS!! Courtesy of TheHoundog on YouTube ..

Most people I know have no idea there is a Yellow Vests UK or where it is occurring and when I mention it they do not even seem to care ..

But its like people on Twitter say .. no one gives a shit until it happens to them or someone they care about ..

Except .. in my case it has.

So still pro-EU? Still against Brexit?


Paypal and Twitter you seem to be doing everything in your power to destroy everything in our society and push us towards conflict” – TimPool 12:47

And not just me any more but I have stated this for several years. I also do not think they are oblivious Tim. Have Hollywood been oblivious to losing money but still pushing an agenda? Is Macron oblivious to country wide Gilets Juanes for 15 weeks?

So Civil Wars .. #ProjectDistraction .. or BOTH?!

BLOWING YOUR TOP (Pole Shift Part 12)

So .. something was beginning to bug me about the first real sign of catastrophic change and then s I was beginning to think on this some more .. the exact thing I was focusing on had yet another story pop up.

I had been thinking more and more about the mega-volcano at Yellowstone Park becoming more active and the ground rising and started to think that the first real thing to occur would be a large volcanic eruption. Something bit enough that the world would stop and think .. wait a minute?!

But I did not think it would be Yellowstone and likely another and I need to familiarise myself with the major volcanoes of the world. I had heard one had gone off and that Mount Etna was more active than usual.

Before I got a chance .. boom! Sorry bad joke ..

A video by Adapt 2030 had a very surprising story and that was that the government in Japan had suddenly decided to do a no holds barred full in depth study on Mount Fuji?! I mean a lot of organisations are being called in to study it?

Even the guy narrating the video wondered of they suddenly either suspected something or prhaps they even knew something?

That close to Tokyo and a big built up area would be absolutely catastrophic and with something like 40 million or more possibly affected .. depending on the size of the explosion if it were to erupt.

Hmm and they did this 6 months ago and I am only finding out now?!

Well my life has been turned upside down for the past few years, which is sooo convenient for them I wonder if this was planned?!

Every single day for the past 18 months I have been wondering how in the God damn hell I have ended up where I am right now?! The stupid thing is I am now stuck with nothing better to do than post on social media, see things claimed and then look into them. Whereas had I received help when I was living 250 miles north I would have been so preoccupied I probably would not have linked everything together?

Not good for Japan as the first in the list of largest volcanoes are ..

  • Sakurajima – Japan
  • Yellowstone Caldera , Wyoming, USA
  • Grímsvötn, Iceland
  • Mount Vesuvius, Italy
  • Galeras, Columbia
  • Mauna Loa, Hawaii (Oh they had an eruption in Hawaii, I forgot!!)
  • Colima, Mexico

There are over two dozen at over 6,000 metres, oddly all in South America.

There are over three dozen at over 5,000 metres and as you drop by each 1,000 metres the numbers rise significantly.

They have also found a great many that they did not know about on the sea floor .. as well as on Antarctica too.

Even if 5% of these all went off it would be devastating and globally so too and even just a few very big ones will have a drastic cooling effect. Which we are already experiencing and those crazy orange skies and those arctic blasts .. if these were from what has happened already could you imagine if a few more things occurred over the next year or two?!

You had Kilauea in Hawaii go off and go off and .. go off for what seemed like forever.

  • Kilauea
  • Villaricca
  • Ijen
  • Anak Krakatau
  • Piton de la fournaise
  • Fuego
  • Kadovar
  • Etna
  • Sinabung
  • Agung
  • Mayon
  • Soputan
  • Shinmoedake

These are just volcanoes I found on a single website that have gone off in 2018 and then at the very beginning of 2019 I spot reports of magma flow being detected under dormant volcanoes even in Germany!

The real danger is the Yellowstone Caldera as this alone has the potential for global catastrophe but even without that going off .. two of three big ones elsewhere can have a big effect for the few years after they erupt.

As for Yellowstone Caldera .. Ground Swelling ..

Also at Yellowstone there has been 121 earthquakes in a given time ..

Yeah data from scientists is not always right as now a study thinks Yellowstone came up from the sea floor?

Now is this scientists or journalists gambling using the odds they think are in their favour as they have done so many other times and got wrong? Michael Fish the weather man and the Hurricane force winds in 1986?

Is Yellowstone about to erupt? “Probably not ..” gambling .. “but the signs are there” they are choosing to ignore while covering their arses ..

One article said it might blow in a few days or a week and yet another suggests there would be a two week warning.

And I get lambasted for disagreeing with these people who are often proved wrong and always contradicting themselves.

Oh my .. GOOD GOD! Now what is the equivalent if a great number of nuclear bombs in power was being held back by a few .. TREES?! They have been watching too much of Doctor Who .. no I know the Tardis is made of wood but its just .. well .. wood!

So I think we will get a bigger than average eruption at some point .. that will either bring worldwide attention to the increased magma movement and lots of awkward question or be buried and not reported on and everyone will ask why that is?

However all that being said .. I think its highly unlikely this first eruption will occur at either Yellowstone or Mount Fuji.

There are thousands of Volcanoes .. and any investigations going off at either is only precautionary .. for now. That does not mean to say that they definitely will not. Just unlikely for them to be the first.

If, however, a couple of above average eruptions go off that are greater than that of 2018’s it might well be prudent to start planning an evacuation.

This is the point where mankind will start realising that allowing cities to become over-populated and traffic that is out of this world is a mistake that many will never forget nor forgive .. if they survive.


Well there has been some high-jinks and I have ribbed a few people online, like the Chief Executive of Hope Not Hate for a start as well as the BBC Panorama thread.

I am also hearing that already the video below has been seen 500,000 times on Facebook, being banned over free speech in 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. 

Because your only supposed to reveal bad things and bad people if they are on one side of the political spectrum because the other side as no debate and no argument so the false allegations and lies is the only way they win.

Here is the Panodrama documentary without being filmed from a smartphone ..


Katie Razzall at the BBC trying to do muddy the name of Tommy Robinson

Tracy Blackwell who was the mother of a victim who herself was disappointed at false reporting about a terrorist ‘losing control of their car’ and cuts off the mother before she finishes her sentence.

Calls Tommy Robinsons once again by his real name which has never been brought up amongst millions of others that have changed their name.

Oh there is Based Amy .. herself assaulted and abused by the Police who lied to her to arrest her .. nasty business that was. Follow her now.

The issues seems to be with upper middle class leftists, which we all knew anyway, that seems to thin that as long as these people are not affecting their personal lives those of us below them should just shut up and put up with it.

Her father is a Lord? Oh surprise, surprise .. got blocked by Lord Adonis .. but then I have been blocked by Brian Cox among others.

Oh and the Yellow Vests are all far-right? Good God I absolutely hate this far-right crap .. the only ones I have come across I am sure about are on GAB and not even British thus far.

A protester on a megaphone states ‘We are not far-right’ and the woman still calls them far-right?! He also says they do not want the EU or Soros, George, the man that is ignored when leftists going on about Donald Trumps wealth.  A socialist I am related to did the same thing until I point out that George Soros who is behind the socialist globalisation push has like five times the amount, at $56 Billion, of money that Donald Trump as. She did not believe me and looked it up.

They are trying very hard to demonise anyone who has suffered enough to speak out and protest and the utter stupidity and the lack of care they show is utterly staggering.

Yes people are suffering enough that they ignore the political correctness bullying and shaming and speak out and what is their answer? Demonise them?

Yeah because that was always going to work?

Thought these people were supposed to be intelligent? These middle class leftists are nothing short of farcking morons that do not have a clue nor do they have an ounce of understanding or sympathy for why people are angry and it was only ever going to end one way.

The suspensions on social media giants like Twitter and Facebook have the same effect and all you do is create a larger group of angry people who will have no respect for you and your lies and feel like they are being used.

Eventually you end up feeling like a slave .. your not cared about .. your just a number and a worker to get tax out of.

Then they are targeting James Goddard.

Oh and there are my favourite Nazi-esque group that like to project onto others and this time none other than Jacob Rees-Mogg .. because if your pro Brexit your also a Nazi according to these geniuses!

Oh the one that cuts you off and tries to twist things is actually accusing Tommy Robinson of choosing his words carefully? Well .. DUH!!

‘Because the killer jut happens to be Muslim’? Errr what?! Yeah .. a very large percentage if not all of them just so happen to be Muslim. But you must not point that out.

The BBC and this woman have proved themselves to be a joke ‘Yellow Vests who MAY BE far-right’?

Well hang on .. either the farcking are or they aren’t, what you mean you do not know?! Well shut the fuck up then about far-right!

Oh and ‘conspiracy theorists’?

Here is that video and for all those that have witnessed the arguments and the fights as well as seen the accusations .. well I wanted to do the test for ages and I finally did ..

Political Compass but I am sure leftists will say only their rules apply ..


I became estranged from friends and family for years .. still am to a degree and still have some that do not believe my claims of 15 years that the news media is lying.

Trust me when I say this that anyone I know or am related to will tell you that I have stated that the news media are lying pieces of shite and have done for well over 15 years. My father ended up dying as a result of this fake news. My daughter repeatedly abuse thanks to these evil fake news evil leftist journalists.

I have also had arguments where I have been accused of being far-right .. and socialists claim that the BBC is far-right. I have laughed at both!

Always disagreed with socialism and I used to think of myself as centre-left. After a decade of hell and realising that leftists and socialists were as much to blame as those only obsessed with money, the Tories, I considered myself centre-right.

I am still living in a hell today and I took my fight to Twitter were withing a mere few weeks I had leftists and socialists attack me, throw names, swear their heads off, try character assassinations and dox me but the absolute worst thing was the threatening children, of Shazia Hobbs, and tell everyone it was not Muslims that abused my daughter repeatedly but me.

These are supposed to be caring leftist socialists?! Like fuck!

Over time I realised they belonged to three groups .. Hope Not Hate, Resisting Hate and Tell MAMA and there were probably others?

I was impressed that single man was making a noise about grooming gangs and child abuse and his name was Tommy Robinson but lo and behold the only man publicly talking about it and getting attention was the absolute focus of attacks from the leftists groups and the mainstream media.

Stood to reason there was a link and it turned out to be between the BBC, who I absolute detest, and Hope Not Hate.

They were doing a hit piece on Tommy Robinson, who had gone quiet for a bit before we found out why, and then we were hit with the fact they were doing this but that Tommy Robinson had turned the tables on them.

They tried to run a false story on him in a national tabloid, still do not know which one, and offered to pay Lucy Brown £5,000 to make up false sex allegations against him?!

Hilariously Tommy Robinson made his own hit piece documentary, set up a large screen outside the BBC headquarters in Manchester and screened the whole thing ..

Just part of our true story they kicked off Twitter is here ..


My memory really is a pain.

Sometimes when I am trying to explain things to people of why I am convinced of something I do not always recall all of the data I have seen.

While at the same time I also might see something and forgot something I had noted which was something bizarre and linked at an earlier date.

This is frustrating on it own because everyone knows I have these memory slips and my social worker friend has told people that when he used to pick me up to do something he use to run through a check list of things for me to see if I had forgotten anything.

Was listening to a chat between people on an Adapt 2030 video and two things were mentioned with one of those being my statement to people, that still think mainstream media will tell them, that if anything global was announced .. “People would stop working tomorrow!”

We have been forced to really on currency and forced into loans that over the years we have needed to by homes and cars along with a great many other things.

If money was going to be worthless overnight and the rent or house you was working your backside off was going to buried in a mile of snow and ice in anywhere between 5 and 15 years .. why would you bother?

Shit having issues with my hands again!!

The chap from Adapt 2030 was asked about the Brown Dwarf theory and this was the first time when I thought ‘uh-oh if he believes that I am going to have to stop listening to him’ but he does not and answered it well.

Like the previously mentioned space-ports another thing I forgot about was this Sun Observatory they closed I now know to be in New Mexico.

Like the aforementioned subject this was another one mentioned to me by my own daughter I thought sounded like some mad conspiracy theory story but turned out to be true.

In this report the reason was child pornography except the local Sheriff was going nuts for week or more because the FBI, who turned up unannounced to close it, refused to even give a Sheriff a reason for it.

“On Thursday, September 6, the Sunspot Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, as well as a nearby United States Postal Service Office (USPS), was suddenly closed down and evacuated. This was reported to be for “security reasons,” but no details were provided, and still haven’t been at the time of this writing.”

So it took two weeks for an explanation.

But fast forward three months and I am discovering there has been a large focus on the Sun due to a decrease in activity that was reported back in 2014 .. missing Sunspots and all manner of other things.

Also bloody strange is I have been telling people there seems to be a difference in the intensity and colour of the sunlight/ They only go and mention this in their talks and all of them agree it is much more white. Yeah it is not going to change to green though! Or blue!

I have also seen a chart that shows that the cosmic rays have increased year on year for four years now at least. I have also stated to friends and family that I notice that the sun and summers have been different for at least three years now. I have a condition where I am sensitive to the Sun intensity, the temperature and humidity. In thirty years the last three have been the least problematic. Other than requiring sunglasses that is.

Also quite interested in one thing being thrown about with the idea that these particles entering the atmosphere may be seeding the clouds? They have increased over at least 4 years and we have had snow, even here in the UK, in places you do not normally have it and record breaking at that in other places.

I have heard chemtrails mentioned a few times but I know nothing about this. Sounded like a tinfoil hat conspiracy theory but these have turned out to be true in the past. It might have something to do with these seeding programs these climate scientists talked about doing?

So what weird things have occurred that seemed like a sign to a massive or global event that were unprecedented?

Well this was after the very first time I thought something was coming and they were hiding it back when the Svalbard Seed Vault was announced .. between 2007 and 2012 I think?

  • Earthquake felt in London
    • People still do not believe this today
  • Strange orange sky and dim Sun
  • NASA announces several space-ports for the UK .. space station orbiting the Moon and a Moon Base
  • Closing Sun Observatory
  • Rift appearing in Africa
  • Increased seismic and volcanic activity
  • Above activity being lied about on the BBC
  • Poles Splitting and Shifting
  • Missed report on reduced Sun activity from 5 years ago
  • Magma moving beneath dormant volcanoes
  • Predicted record breaking snowfall and sub-zero temperatures right across North America and in Russia
  • Learning that Yellowstone increased its activity and the ground has risen in 2018
  • Missing Leonard Nimoy documentary from 80’s stating an ice age is coming
  • Fake News being dead silent on this
  • No Climate Change predictions being reached and yet it is still being pushed

They state it takes thousands of years but tell that to the Mammoths they found had been frozen with food still in their stomachs.

They never thought when they revealed all this information over the years that one day and within our lifetime they might need to cover it all up, no?

I MUST remember to look into this theory on cosmic particles entering the atmosphere and the possibility of any effects.

It is also important to note that a great many global events we know have happened many times in the past we have not known the cause or mechanics behind but which now look to be being answered before our very eyes.

Sun activity looks like it might affect the planet in a large number of ways and the poles shifting look like they are affecting the weather, jet-streams and maybe an ice-age and possibly continental shift if it is bad enough?

But hack scientists either know this and duped us or will ignore this because of the jobs they have had for many years now?

Adapt 2030 video chat ..

Now here is an interesting video theory and before I say what it is and pro climate change idiots think it mad or start yelling ‘debunked’ ..

We discovered exoplanets many light years away by the wobble of stars from the gravity pull of their own planets. Even at those insane distances.

This chap states that a lining up of the planets is coming in 2024 that last happened 100,000 years ago and from his theorising the Earth will be 13% further away fro the Sun?!

Might not seem like much in the big scheme of things but it must mean less heat will get here and add in that the Sun activity might still be at its low point .. or even a little lower and suddenly things look .. a little weird.

YEARS OF SPILLING MILK (Pole Shift Part .. well maybe a little?)

There are times when people disappoint me so much that I end up thinking ..

“You know what? Maybe mankind has had its chance and it blew it?”


This is 12 hours late. Have had a really bad two weeks .. really .. really .. bad. Its like someone released something in the air or the damn water supply? I have been at odds with a number of people that have been pissing me off! Have had to bite me lip while people have whined about a load of things I go into in a bit.

This seems to have set my emotions off on a roller-coater and my pains in my finger-tips from typing and wearing shoes blew up until pains across my hands. I could not type or even hold my laptop without pain?!

End Forenote

I am in a living nightmare and I pray sometimes for a truck, bus or bullet to finally put me out of my misery as I only have a few tools at my disposal, been hammering away at them and nothing seems to come from them? Though in all honesty I have been aware of constant attempts to slow me down or stop things altogether.

I am surrounded by people who are wrapped up in their own lives, do not help anyone .. constantly bitch and whine repeatedly over spilt milk or some time 20 years ago when they farcking spilt milk.

Sound over the top? OBSERVE ..

  • Walked into a kitchen to have someone shouting their head off because the full milk has run out .. yeah except they do not use it and actually use semi-skimmed of which there was plenty
  • From a third I have heard a story 50 times or more in a year, a lengthy story that involves London and Brighton, of how he has been accused of spilling sugar ..
    • But mere minutes ago .. going to tell him how a third heart episode was being caused only yesterday your told
      • Not interested! I don’t wanna hear it!”
      • Repeat a story for the first time and he gives you a sarcastic look and says in a patronising way “Yeah you have told me this before”
      • Of the 50 times he has told me the spilt farcking sugar story how many times do you think I did the same to him?
  • By the spilt milk duo
  • One of the above three has caused three heart/chest episodes
    • Caused a massive family division .. walks into people’s rooms without knocking
    • Thinks they have a right to private information in their own family
    • Tells how a son is evil for not telling them how much they ear
    • Not talking to their own mother because they wont give them control of her money after she passes away
    • Not talking to daughter because she wont agree with her getting control
    • If you do not agree with her your right-wing and Hitler .. oddly I thought I was now centre to moderate right but doing a political test I am somewhere near facrking Gandhi?!
    • Now .. if you recall, if you read recent posts, I am called Hitler by leftists online too and accused of hate speech .. (yup did state there was narcissistic socialist here)
  • The there is the third person in the building ..
    • Has spent years winding one up making them worse .. hates the people in the family that are not related to him
    • Every single night for a year now .. unplugs a router lead to the electrical network in the house .. put a HD video on laptop to a second wifi router and clogs up the internet so it does not work ..
    • Once has has done this he goes into a cupboard and does not even watch the YouTube videos
    • So between 9pm and Midnight every single night I lose not just ONE but TWO routers that are not connected.
    • When they are away for a week this NEVER HAPPENS
  • I was suspected of having a heart attack about 18 months back
    • Did not know this until I was in a hospital later
    • I told them at the time that I could have told them that I had not had one
    • I could not say that with any certainty now though
    • So trolls .. do not go hitting my spam folder with your nasty comments and laughter because professionals previously thought I did when I knew I had not
    • Recent chest events I have never experienced before
    • I was nagged on the phone by hmm NHS ‘111’ to go to a hospital in a town I knew as a child that now feels very unsafe and I always tend to get kicke dout of hospitals in the middle of the night .. yeah .. no!
    • NHS today? Quickly get you in .. are they dying? Right OK. Is it something we could plausibly deny? Yup? Kick them out to fend for themselves then and do not worry about the pain or difficulty .. don’t care what is I their medical record!

I could go on with the bullet points but I think I have made my point. Except it is not just them either.

I have many things I can talk about but due to the situation some I do not and people just DO NOT GET IT!! So yesterday another mate that thinks they know everything decides to ask me if I want to go off doing animals and pant things ..

  • Looking at Orchids and enjoying it it suddenly hits me .. what I had and what I was doing with Orchids and everything I have lost .. heart issues go BOOM as does the anxiety
  • This happens looking at Drosera
  • Talking about exotic animals

It happens a few times.

Major shite in my life and major health issues but according to people .. I am just supposed to forget about that and do shit .. because ..

  • You can just flick a switch the the dangers and symptoms so they wont occur
  • You should not talk about things that depress them and only talk about happy things they want to hear
  • Except your not speaking in a depressing way .. just talking about it is all ..
  • And this coming from someone who walked into a shop .. cried and screamed for over an hour because he got out of prison and wanted his flying hamsters back he gave away because he was going in prison
  • For ‘flying hamsters’ read ‘Sugar Gliders’
  • Insisted for months and shouted at me, never fuck off and leave me alone though, that ..
    • NHS and GP’s work a certain way when they do not because I did as he requested and the “COMPUTER SAID NO!!”
    • Insisted DWP and Job Centres were a certain way .. for months sooo .
    • Yesterday he rings a friend up who works for a Job Centre and what does he say?
    • Yeah .. Universal Credit is shite mate .. it has farcked everyone up, no one likes it in the Job Centres, a fact I already knew

People have no idea or understanding of how I so long to be around like minded people and even of late thinking how nice it would be to have someone that understood who was also into photography.

The thought of not just getting out of my own personal hell but to be somewhere where my anxiety can calm down and stop setting off my heart and chest pains but also getting back to photography is like an impossible dream.

Trust me when I state that every single morning I wake up is a nightmare and I waked into varying levels of anxiety. I so, so wish I could get that to stop and get out of here.

Often think a lorry collision is the only way and many on the Internet are pushing me that way and are praying it goes that way too.

Because of the numbers I was attracting over a short period of time.

They tell me because of my hate speech, read the truth, because of this blog and the recordings on it ‘Country of the Damned’ and the 90% of recordings I do not have on it.

  • So as well as sugar and milk what else do I hear?
  • Most common is someone moaning at some other driver if I am on the phone .. so milk, tissues, mess, sugar and bad drivers.

So I have been in receipt of ..

  • DLA previously .. then that was stopped for 7 years and finally they awarded me ..
  • PIP .. which was then stopped three years ago
  • Had been setting up and working towards going self-sufficient for well over 6 years except ..
  • My health, the public services, the weather and public services and politicians that constantly kept letting down my daughter .. kept farcking it up

Also wrote two books soo .. I figured that as I am currently unregistered and received no help despite promises from ..

  • Mary Ward Legal
  • Age UK

Basically a friend thinks things are easy ..

  • He thinks I can register with any GP when I have already told him they said no
  • He thinks you can do everything ‘Care Of’ when I have already told him that you cannot
  • He thinks that you have to get paid and can do so my cheque when I have told him they do not do that any more
  • He thinks that with a dodgy heart, anxiety issues and everything else I can just go down to a leftist run organisation like CRISIS where he admits there is trouble, fights, shouting, drug running and other crap and I will be fine?!
    • God give me strength!!

Unexpectedly and after nearly 7 years of blogging about possible global catastrophes that are scientific fact and only a matter of time .. it is surreal that I type this out amidst a running series regarding a very real series of events.

I have spent 30 years thinking about these things and I never .. EVER thought I would be sitting around wondering if doing anything at all is worth it?

What started out as an outside chance in a million has become clearer and clearer and clearer and looks closer and closer and closer.

Now at the moment that kinda grew as what was first the magnetic poles splitting and moving ever faster .. this started me thinking. Then the Arctic blast was predicted and I then realised this could be what causes ice-ages and then started thinking about continental drift, drop in crop and food productions .. farming, and any other things. Would have to happen now that I am buggered health-wise and dependent on things like Vitamin B and Magnesium supplements.

Also thinking about my daughter and grandchildren too. How the hell would I help them?

Apart from my daughter .. and at times my sister no one else has wanted to talk about it .. even the ones interested in science and sorry .. there are no excuses for this.

  • Not talking about it is not going to stop it from happening
  • It is going to guarantee that should it start you will NOT SURVIVE IT
  • Yeah you should really not be thinking about yourself and be thinking of talking abou tit to help your own children or grandchildren should the time come

One things for sure .. if it gets right into the swing of it and considering what I have put here .. and telling you now that you cannot remain where you are and this goes DOUBLE if you live in a big urbanised area.

What do you think the chances are I will be travelling absolutely fucking anywhere with any of the above?

By the time you realise you will have to move there will no no cars, buses or trains so people will have to travel in groups. Yeah I would farcking prefer it if I did not have a shit ton of doubting Thomas type people on my arse for days on end doubting every idea I have like they have done for years regardless of how many times I got I right.

I do not mind someone putting forward a logical argument but hearing something somewhere and just parroting it and claiming it is a credible source when they themselves have zero knowledge or experience in what it is their parroting is extremely .. annoying.

It is why I do not make friends easily and on my own. Those that did listen either moved back home or they died on me.

Hmm maybe people should be a annoying Doubting Thomas? They seem to live longer?

  • No I think your wrong .. that is not going to happen” even though it actually already is ..
  • What do yo mean I am wrong? What makes you think I am wrong?”
  • I just cannot see it happening!”
  • In my head I be like “FUCKING WHAT?!”
  • Or ..
  • Well you cannot stop it so what is the point in talking about it?!”
  • In my head I be like ”FUCKING WHAT?!”
  • So I am being realistic ..
  • Others are not thinking of getting the best advice to consider helping their loved ones
  • And I am the one in the wrong?
  • If the shit hits the fan in one to three years time take a wild guess at what I am going to answer when every single one of them calls me for advice?
  • Did you think I was going to say “farck off2? Well I would except ..
  • There will be no communication by then and I would have arranged to meet my daughter somewhere to get her and my grandchildren to safety
  • Bet no one else has thought about doing that .. right?
  • Sound out there?
  • Yeah well they have just had two major record breaking storms in the US with record breaking snow-fall they are measuring in feet and not in inches ..
  • What if you get another two .. they are worse and they start measuring snow-fall in metres and not in inches?
  • And yeah .. climate scientists never predicted even snow ..
  • Nor did the weather men until the first storm was more or less upon them ..
  • So yeah .. I do not think anyone at all in North America right now would consider anything at all being out there
  • My main issues about anxiety and travelling is .. people
  • If anything happens there will be far less people around .. meaning travel will be less of an issue
  • I have been working on a post on just this subject .. the series of events and the psychological reaction fro the masses .. if it were to ever get officially announced

So everyone wants me to pay by their rules, right?

So let us count individuals alone .. that is a lot of different sets of rules now factor in a all the public services who have been moving the goalposts constantly for the last five years and then consider all the individuals that are of the belief that the rules are the same as they was 20 years ago.

My advice to climate scientists and politicians would be this ..

You might want to remove yourself from the Internet and your pictures and pray that you are forgotten because ..

If the shit does hot the fan and with all that grab for money and taxes of all those billions .. people are going to ask where all the help was .. to see this coming and the provisions for the public to survive.

Yeah if I was you there is no way on Earth I would want my face to be seen and recognised and I most CERTAINLY would not ell anyone I was previous a climate scientist .. tell then you worked for Amazon or something, yeah?

Oh my issues and all seemed to be mostly linked are ..

Fibromyalgia, Hypomagnesaemia, Vitamin B Deficiency .. which causes ..

Pain in finger and toe tips, feet, ankles (might be unrelated), back, shoulders and chest along with memory loss, tachycardia, arrhythmia as well as skin issues that require things like Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Grass Oil or Lavender Oil. Or I will eventually get massive sores.

Those oils, it might interest you to know. Are very good for skin conditions and will likely help for eczema, psoriasis and other things? Cheapest way to but them is from those large hair product stores. £5 for like 100ml but you will note it might say 100% pure? Yeah they are most certainly not and will even state they contain other oils.

Seems you can get away with anything in the UK if your a certain nationality or religion while the rest of us get hammered with rules and unfair taxation.

Out of what I have left that has not been taken away from me ..

  • Orchids
  • Fish
  • Amphibians
  • Insectivorous Plants
  • Japanese Maples

I cannot enjoy ..

  • Photography
  • Cycling
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Music

On top of that I get bitched and moaned at other spilt milk and bitched and moaned at that I am not the company I used to be .. pleasurable and interesting.

Now someone I follow I have just seen told has gone down on Twitter and someone has not only announced this but tagged in Piers Morgan. Though I am not sure why this is.

Never say him arguing or even debating for that matter. DO not recall ever seeing him call anyone names?

Oh and he only had 117,000 followers which is he relied on these followers financially .. he might very well be getting punished.

On my blogs everyone only read what I had to say and that was how I wanted it. I was told it would be a good idea to start a forum or chat page. Think now he was probably right but I was adverse to the idea.

People might complain that I think I know everything but I first of all do not and I have a very, very wide knowledge base. But a great many people DO actually think they know everything despute NOT having the knowledge base .. are insistent and yet have nothing to back this up and argue about it. They they fucking hate it when they end up being wrong.

They then go straight back to doing that all over again. Many wont read websites, watch videos or eve listen to the theories but they are all experts. Many wont even watch the God damn news because they say its scary and depressing and I tell them they are not even showing you the worst.

It is like watching the Devil who has blinded everyone leading them all by the hand to oblivion and your yelling at them to stop, they refuse to .. blame everything on everyone else and carry on walking towards eventual death.

I often wonder how in the God damn hell we become so effing stupid and so effing blind. If this ice-age or other catastrophe ever hits and we survive ..

  • Priority in EDUCATION
  • Not about what religion you want to be on
  • Not about whether you should be homosexual or not
  • Not about what words offend others
  • Stop thinking that you know everything and what is going to happen on Earth ..
  • .. based on the 60 years you have been on the planet out of 4 billion years!!
  • Get the news to tell the truth and make it FARCKING LAW that they should watch it twice a week!!

Oh and let us not forget the nasty evil narrative following pro-EU, pro-Muslim and pro- Climate Change tosser that hammers mu GAB spam folder every day still, proven biggest liar on Twitter over and over again and ignores the links to mainstream news, the weather channel, the weather news, the YO .. (gave up at this point .. hands hurt like hell and now I cannot recall what I was going to say!)

Shit while I was typing this things went nuts my hands and arms hurt.

People seem to like wrangling me with their lack of knowledge and experience and do not stop to think and this sets of my emotions I now realise also aggravate my symptoms..

I seem to have to do something to get them back in check and that is altering my .. emotions .. which I know for one that I need to go from anger to being upset. I have to watch something that upsets me. Luckily I do have something I can use .. though I am not willing to admit what that is.

Have put this to someone .. about putting me up in a flat somewhere, where I can run a business for them. Never thought of this previously .. but .. wish I bloody well had!

If I could find somewhere where I could live in, like a caretaker, that would be cool. If this is somewhere, where I could reach nature spots with a camera either on foot or using my mountain bike then even better!

Way too oppressed here and without being registered I cannot do anything.

Had hoped that hitting social media like I have that something would come up .. someone would have an idea? Doing things online for others .. political or otherwise .. promoting things for them?

My .. devices are all playing up now too .. I do not know if this is their age .. but a lot of devices are playing up from wifi to phones and computers so do not know it is down to the magnetic field doing some high-jinks?

Cannot be certain just yet.

Could achieve so much if I could just shake off the anxiety .. get something to calm the tachycardia and arrhythmia down and had access to the right equipment.

Justice or death is what I am all about. Provoke and anger the establishment to do something .. end my turmoil or shoot me. That ha been the plan since I realised three years ago they were messing with what I had spent four years building up. Helping as many as I could along the way.


I had known for a long time that the warming was not what they claimed and that the while things had been warming slowly and gradually long before the industrial revolution even got started.

Now I shall tell a brief story I told to a group of 50 people, many were pro Climate Change sheep and I have told on this blog long ago. In fact the actual story took place .. hmm memory issues let me fink?!

It was around 2001. I had returned from living in Bristol .. just passed up my chance of working for GCHQ and .. the MoD. due to severe relationship difficulties with someone not only emotionally unstable but violent with it.

Someone wanted to go to Italy .. Calabria to be precise and an amphibian expert friend of mine and as I am also one .. and have a habit of finding things everyone else misses I was asked. It was for a type of Fire Salamander known scientifically as Salamandra salamandra gigliolii plus there were other animals I was interested in seeing and namely of interest what was to become my favourite amphibian .. Bombina pachypus, sometimes still listed wrongly as Bombina variegata pachypus.

You might want to ask Emanuelle Biggi on that one who believed them to be a separate species to and submitted a science paper on this. Used to have to fend off email requesting I go out and we hit every bar from the north if Italy to the South checking colonies and variations along the way.

What I discovered when I was there was that things were not good for the Salamanders. I was aware they would be at high elevations but what I did not expect to find was the bodies of water they were breeding in. Which were often tiny pools or eddies in tiny streams that were devoid of food sources meaning that the larvae were always skinny. Funny how scientists often miss the obvious?

The week I was there it was bugging me as pool after pool would show one single larvae skinny in girth and I kept asking myself why this was?

Then it hit me and I turned to the person I was with and said “They are running out of resources!” He asked what I meant and I said the following ..

These are cut off from other colonies by both distance and elevation. Obviously they was at sea level once before they got cut off .. as the weather warmed up the salamanders in each area started ascending the mountains. Today they could NOT survive at sea level it is far too hot.

But they are near the very tops of the mountains .. the water sources for larvae are getting smaller and smaller and in some areas there is not much food.

I then looked down the mountain and I said .. were at .. what say around 2,000 metres? Maybe a bit less? They have been doing this a few thousand years.

Later I heard similar stories from farmers in Costa Rica and I think that scientists jumped onto the wrong conclusions. They noticed this with birds which was the wrong thing to use as a judge as birds can move extremely quickly. they are birds, after all.

I did not know what it was .. I just knew what it was not. I had already stated in many conversations for several years it was not CO2.

There as obviously another process going on .. waxing and waning of the temperatures was widely known and I thought the likely candidate had to be the Sun. But this in itself .. did not quite .. fit.

As has long been known there are many things that have occurred on this planet and a great many of them .. have not happened in modern times and even those that have we still struggle to understand.

I know about all the possible catastrophes from changing things radically to extinctions but when I never considered was that any of the could be linked. Until recently.

The odd thing is the one thing I did not expect to be the culprit presented itself first .. pole reversal or magnetic flip.

Trust me when I state that I simply did not believe it, decided not to act on it and intended to check it at a later date. Then a Forbes article about moving magma in Germany under a dormant volcano sent the alarm bells ringing.

Then there was the one that was down to what I thought it was .. the Sun and its decreased activity and talk of cooling down and possible mini ice-age. He predicted the Arctic Blast in the USA. Oops!

Since then it has started to look like the Sun going through these high and low periods affects things and the north magnetic pole has started moving quick and split. An unprecedented event that has people stumped. Scientists stumped.

The weather was acting up, Sun decreased in activity for a couple of years and I somehow missed that, crazy skies appearing in the UK and the USA. Increased seismic and volcanic activity too.

OK .. so yes on the one hand the decreased activity and temperature seems to have an effect on the polarity and also the weather, which is understandable to a degree.

But it is odd that the magnetosphere is depleting in its strength. I had heard this mentioned and was said to be at a decreased rate of around 20% but .. it started to bug me if this could have an effect too?

It has bugged me and bugged me that .. the atmosphere is just a large collection of atoms and atoms are made up of positively and negatively charged particles. So was well as temperature you have .. a depleting magnetic field.

I previously thought the Sun had a big thing to do with the weird things of recent times and even so it never crossed my mind, and many not that of many others, that the weather or the poles could be affected by this?

The magnetic flip comes about because the cores has two different densities, or so it was stated the last time I read about it. So it this is the case and it flips the denser has to move from one end to the other?

Well I suppose in one way I should be annoyed with myself as the only thing around that could influence this is of course .. the Sun.

I am aware of this whole Nibiru thing and I dare say many people are putting it down to this .. extra .. and very far away planet? Hmmmm no.

I had friends that used to listen to things like that and even wondered if the Earth was flat to which I would have to spend an hour explaining things. Maybe he still believes it is? I did show him that some theories he had heard were wrong. 

Yup sooo .. that thread on Twitter months ago of 50 people? I spent several hours explaining my trip to Italy and they simply would not have it .. as at the end I then ..

Tweeted picture and distribution maps .. I was then blocked by around 15 people or more? I kinda lost count.

Funny think being blocked. I did not really expect it, or being reported to Twitter for the things I was because .. as many said later I was all about the debate, science and facts.

Never used personal attacks, never used threatening violence and I never swore.

Got suspended for speaking metaphorically towards someone who was knowingly spreading some pretty awful lies from a troll, one that had previously accused me of abusing my own daughter as a child. Told another awful lie to friends and I caught him and said that I was going to kick his arse and report him to the Police.

I got banned for that though it was not only obviously metaphorical but ..

  • Would not physically kick someone’s arse and THEN go to the Police
  • Do not know his address but his location was GERMANY ANYWAY
  • He knew I was speaking metaphorically
  • Then hounded me and gloated every single day on another website for over weeks 
  • Said his job was to get THIS BLOG off Twitter

Here he is .. telling me it was about the blog and boasting and he still bothers me today ..
I stated to friends that there are powers that are messing with the blog and do not want my messages getting out .. seems to be scaring a few and he is one of literally hundreds but this one .. this one is a little different ..
Seems like they are three different people and .. they go way beyond anything even resembling normality. Seem like government to me. They spend days and often all evenings now bombarding a spam folder and this is literally to slow me down acquiring followers.
While I was gone off Twitter they actually made an account and used my avatar and went around trying to tell the 2,600 followers I had that I was a liar, a closet leftist, whatever the hell that is, and a troll.
Those that knew me a long time know this was bullcrap .. while others .. that had not known me that long .. blocked me on another account.
Goes crazy when you break a single Twitter rule .. except he has broken dozen while others he knows have broken many dozens.
Not part of the main troll group and not a person of the Muslim faith either. The only thing they ever react to is anything bad said about the EU and .. Climate Change.