SUNS NOT GOT ITS HAT ON (Pole Shift Part 14)

OK this is a big one. One with graphs and maths that will have the most naïve thinking .. oh now wait a minute?!

I have one friend who disagrees with things without looking anything up at all .. using his 50 years of memory as a yardstick for the entire Earth and the weather they see outside their house in North London. Well .. many I know do that.

Now to get a grip of what is currently going on, or not as the case may be, you only really need to understand two things about the Sun ..

  • Sunspots .. which is when the sun is at its hottest
  • Coronal Holes .. which is when its at it coolest
  • This runs on an 11 year cycle currently
  • So spots .. hot .. holes .. cold

Now .. got that? There are many other things involved .. like the Sun’s magnetic field, called he Heliosphere .. Coronal Mass Ejections and other things besides.

Now remember .. spots equals hot while holes equal cold .. except ..

  • Spots were predicted to be at an all time low and disappeared altogether for long periods of time .. like as of right now
  • Coronal Holes are quite big .. maybe bigger then ever?

Heating of the upper atmosphere subsides in a solar minimum, according to NASA, but what if its way, way lover than normal?

It cannot possibly be mere coincidence that in the last 3 or 4 years that the Sun has decreased its activity that the magnetic poles are acting up to, no?

Nor can it be a coincidence that both volcanic and seismic activity has increased and that they lied about that, no?

Nor can it be a coincidence that the expected global warming has had two very cold winters with record breaking snow and temperatures, no?

The universe does not believe in coincidences and I am sure that God does not either .. but you can bet your bottom dollar that hack scientists who have made a lot of money and their naïve cult followers will, no?

So .. it was reported, I posted the YouTube clip in an earlier part in the series, by the BBC in January 2014 that the Sun was decreasing in activity, right? These were scientists that had all jumped onto the climate change band wagon T then started to ignore. Because they were clearly wrong. Now this must have been very hard for them to admit. I also dare say that they must have delayed this for some time before they were forced to admit it, right? Far enough to say?

So when exactly did they realise that the Sun was acting up and things were as as they had insisted and been paid for them to say it, was going to be? Six months? A year?

So then we else can we look at that is directly linked in some way to the Sun which might suggest something else may now come into play with the weather? Not to mention life?

So the Sun is decreasing to less radiation, right? Wrong.

We now now the poles are on the move and split up once already. We also know that the magnetosphere that protects us is weakening. As it turns out we have another bubble that is both weakening and contracting too. That of the Sun’s known as the Heliosphere.

I have mentioned this previously and I am sure people have thought .. well how can we know that and how can you say that this will have an effect and be harmful?

Well that might be because cosmic rays and particle that would never otherwise get here .. are .. umm .. getting here. Also that more and more of the have been getting here because these have risen in frequently and consistently for the last four years and I have no doubt this will be the fifth in a row.

But I do not thin this will continue. A process that will set off an increased frequency of volcanoes I believe will take place that will dim the sky and reduce the cosmic rays eventually. Or this might be the new particles getting in seeding clouds so that we get all the blizzards to put us into another ice-age, mini or otherwise. Or maybe a combination of the two is needed to plunge us into a period that is so unimaginable even to me?

I understand that it is impossible to imagine and trust me it is not easy for me but history and scientific facts, as opposed to ones wrongly interpreted, I have learnt to trust and respect.

It has happened many times before and the chances are it will happen again, we just do not know the processes involved.

Typical of man, of the ones running nations, this has all been ignored because what are the chances, right?

Or they thought one thing was going to happen and wasted trillions of money chasing the wild goose when really they had the golden goose all along ..

Or they knew all along and used your money to research, build and prepare for it ad their survival while deeming themselves, the liars and cheat who created an unsustainable society, worthy of survival.

It is quite frustrating to be unsuccessful career wise while watching for decades others make a fortune out of the lying cheating ad getting it wrong who will be the ones to survive.

Well the record snowfall you have seen. The videos regarding poles shifting faster than ever before, splitting in two, the orange skies and volcanoes have all been covered as I will continue to do so. Seismic activity increase in Yellowstone and in the UK where we were told as kids we would never get earthquakes .. we have now had several in the last few years.

Think they put one down to fracking? Though fracking was not supposed to have any effect and they were not supposed to be doing it anyway, right?

Anyone wondered if fracking is actually .. fracking and not really .. something else? Always thought it was a weird thing to suddenly start doing and .. seemed .. desperate.

So then .. what about cosmic rays, right?

Well you can always look at graphs here and I am sure there are other places that show what comes up on their sensors?

So in order it runs like this ..

  • Vastly Reduced Solar Minimum
    • This is happening (unprecedented)
  • Earth’s Core and Poles Being affected
    • This is happening (unprecedented)
  • Atmosphere reducing
    • This is happening (unsure if measured)
  • Jet-Streams Altering
    • This is happening (possibly unprecedented)
  • Magnetosphere Weakening
    • Reduction reported to be between 20 and 25%
    • Cosmic Rays and particles getting in
    • This is happening (unprecedented)
    • Also unexplained and unusual high energy explosions detected by satellites
  • Seismic Activity start to increase which results in ..
    • This is happening (not sure if unprecedented)
  • Increase in volcanic eruptions
    • This is happening (not sure if unprecedented)
  • More gas in atmosphere
    • Signs are this is happening (orange skies London, New York)
  • Upper atmosphere cooling from reduced Sun
  • Lower atmosphere cooling due to gasses from volcanic eruptions ..
    • Arctic Blasts have to come from somewhere and they have been reporting and even my own daughter realises it lies .. over 10 Degrees Celsius at the North Pole
  • Ergo an ICE-AGE
  • The questions is what is the tipping point?
  • Magnetic flip going to affect navigation and communication as well as electronics and therefore HEATING
  • Magma sloshing could cause continental drift
  • Gasses and Sun going to reduce temperatures
  • Magnetosphere going to increase harmful rays up until a point

Two things to take from this once I get something right out the way first ..

Yes .. it will not be sudden like it was in the Hollywood movies .. ‘The Day After Tomorrow’, ‘2012’ an ‘The Core’. That is just for the movies.

But there are those that parrot idiots and state in comments “Oh but it will take a thousand years, nothing to worry about!” Oh? Know that do you?

Yeah funny because a smart Professor stated that we are heading into a mini ice-age within ten years that will last for three decades. However I am not sure I agree with this as there are things not thought about.

Look at the snowfalls they have in North America .. they were measuring it in feet instead of inches and it shocked everyone. Even in the damn desert. Imagine things getting worse and having a constant winter like that for 30 years? Snow never melting or very, very slowly at best?

How much snow would have built up in that time? How much of it compacted into ice? What depths will we be looking at? Hundreds of metres? Miles?

After the thirty years Sun cooling period .. how long will it take the Sun to warm us up enough to melt the ice? If the atmosphere is loaded with gasses from the volcanic eruptions that might have taken place .. how long before that atmosphere changes to allow the warmth from the Sun to melt the ice?

Scientists just fail to look at the bigger picture and often enough for it to be bloody annoying to me that is for sure. Or they do and they have and simply have not divulged what is really going on.

Solar minimum all sound like a fairy tale? Afraid not as NASA explains but I would not pay too much attention to too much of what they say ..

These guys do interesting videos and are the ones, if I recall correctly, in Part 13 on the YouTube video talking to Professor Valentina Zharkova.

The last solar cycle at its maximum was lower than the previous one.

The peak at that time in Solar Cycle 23 was reached in 2002, Sunspots around 120, while the low point was 2010. So that was 8 years from a peak to the lowest point.

Bearing in mind these work on 11 year cycles .. and this does not vary unless something is very wrong with the Sun .. soo ..

Last peak was early 2015 which was Solar Cycle 24, Sunspots just under 80, and only four years later in early 2019 we are at the level we was 8 years after the last peak. Now the graph actually seems to suggest a few Sunspots and yet a recent video said there had been none for two weeks or a little more.

Now it the size of the coronal holes are linked to Sunspot not appearing .. it may be a fair old while before any do appear..

Bear in mind that in 2014 it was reported by scientists on BBC News 24, who are climate change CO2 advocates, that the Sun did not reach peak activity as it normally does and then dropped away unexpectedly. They also talked about global cooling and a mini ice-age.

Now if you look at the graph below you will see that it is at that time that BBC News clip was uploaded that Solar Cycle 24 failed to reach anywhere close to the previous Solar Cycle 23.

Yes you will get variations but nothing like this degree is change ..

Have you ever owned tropical fish?

If you have .. what did you do? Did you fill up the aquarium and place the heater in and turn it on .. then introduce the fish straight away? If you did and they died .. well that was why.

Or did you sit around four hours waiting for it to warm up?

Aquarium heaters are measure in watts and the bigger the tank the more wattage you need .. otherwise what will happen is this ..

The tank will take way, way longer to heat up and if the wattage is too low it wont reach the required temperature for the fish at all. Only a little low and what happens is the heater thermostat switches off .. and water cools to a temperature and it comes back on. So it fluctuates but not high enough and it takes longer and the temperature swing more.

I say that but the thermostats on these things today might be a lot better than they used to be but you see what I am getting at, right?

Now increase that by factors in the millions.

That chart above only gives you the number of sunspots .. it is not indicative on the Suns temperature. Don’t be fooled into thinking that it cannot get colder because we are at zero as this is just a graph for the number is Sunspots.

Maybe there is one, or not seems there should be, for the size or duration of coronal holes?

I would suspect that someone somewhere keeps video records of coronal holes so maybe someone can figure something out mathematically?

Maybe this is what Professor Valentina Zharkoa does? Not really sure if everything she looks at just yet.

Although Professor Valentina Zharokova states that will are heading into a cooling that will least three decades.

Now I previously showed a graph on the last part in the series about how Solar Cycle 24, the last one, had some peculiar effects. The two main points were these ..

  • Solar Cycle 23 reached 120 odd Sunspots
  • Took 8 years for this to reach zero
  • Solar Cycle 24 reached less than 80 surprising everyone ..
  • Took 4 to 5 years to reach zero
  • Its supposed to be an 11 year cycle
  • Everyone is baffled

Now a graph of that is on the previous post and on the guys website that started me off on this path, though I had seen many signs .. I now find another that goes back to Solar Cycle 22 ..

There are some major notes to be gleaned from this and I wonder as to what else can be gleaned from earlier cycles and I tell you a pattern is starting to emerge ..

  • 11 Year Cycle
  • Solar Cycle 22 – 1991 to 2002 (11 years they always state)
    • Sunspots 200
  • Solar Cycle 23 – 2001 to 2014 (now it is suddenly 13 years plus?)
    • Sunspots 120
    • (Must has set alarm bells of?)
  • Solar Cycle 24 – 2014 to 2025 or anywhere up to 2030? (11 years to 16 years)
    • Sunspots < 80
    • (Must have felt they would have to mention .. something?)
  • The above was only predicted accurately by two people
  • One is Professor Valentina Zharkova
  • We have been a zero sunspots for maybe two weeks already?
  • Two years with previous might go to five years before they reappear?
  • The next peak at 50 -60?
    • 200 (minus 80) to 120 (minus 40) to 80 sooo minus 20 would mean 60 tops?
    • If that cycle lasts longer than this one which might last 16 to 20 year the Professor Valentina Zharkova might not just be right .. she might have understated it be a decade?

Still think it is baloney?

Well take a look at a graph for Sunspots going back to before the Little Ice-Age between 1650 and 1700 they call the Maunder Minimum. Not also another cool period for a little over a decade in the early 1800’s they call the Dalton Minimum.

The data really is inescapable .. as you can see what we are looking at now .. is a period of zero Sunspots that looks like it could last 5 to 40 year. Even 5 would not be good.

No other period other than the Maunder Minimum does this happen, not even in the Dalton Minimum.

No Sunspots for around 45 years in what was a very cold period that could have been 100 years or more?

However .. that is if you go by the graphs .. whereas if you go by scientists and my old favourite the Encyclopaedia Britannica this period is listed as running from 1500 to 1850.

Now immediately this makes no sense to me .. at all! It only takes a glance sometimes ..but according to the graphs we hit zero sunspots which then flat-lined around 1655. There are what appears to be marks in the graph in red (guessing or method of measurement they are not sure about?). After the graph is marked in blue. But it suggests that just prior to flat-lining the Sunspots reached 120 at its peak?

Our last peak was less then 80 .. and its flat-lined several years earlier than it did previously and the last cycle appears to have lasted several years longer the normal? Suggesting that flat-line might last quite a few years?

Might be important to note that Mount Etna in Sicily has a big eruption in 1669. So if there were any other eruptions in the late 1500’s? Also maybe this is evidence that there may have been an excursion going on with the magnetic poles?

Now here is the proverbial Joker in the pack ..

Pole reversals of magnetic flip .. which most certainly did not happen in the Maunder Minimum or little Ice-Age.

However .. that being said .. the pole might have shifted around in what they now call an excursion which is what it could be going now? I imagine that working out when reversals took place is tricky but obviously doable. Excursions, however?

Now consider this .. an ice age that is very rare .. a pole reversal which is even rarer. The former was 12,000 years or so ago and a few thousand years late. Recall David Bellamy stating that when I was a child. We now have a magnetic pole zooming around I what may be a pole reversal which is 300,000 years late?

Even as separate events .. once every 10,000 years and once every 300,000 years both give or take and what are the chances of these events occurring at the same time?

  • Sudden speed and rate of of increase or poles unprecedented in modern times
  • Splitting of poles unprecedented in modern times
  • Solar Cycle not reaching usual number if Sunspots unprecedented in modern times
  • Speed at which Sunspots dropped to zero faster then anything in modern times
  • Lengths between 11 year cycles suddenly add a few years and unprecedented in modern times
  • List getting longer, no?
  • No way on Earth you can say we have seen no effects either ..

This is even before I explain what I have alluded to many times about the levels of cosmic rays entering the atmosphere and reaching ground works.

Van Allen Belts

The areas where both the Sun and Earth’s magnetosphere and heliosphere meet and I very much doubt studied to much degree other than theoretical mostly.

Highly charged particles on the outer edges of the magnetosphere in one zone while their also exists an inner zone. Doughnut in shape and strongest at the equator these are diminishing and the question is how long will this continue and what level will it reach?

Coronal holes may be key in this observation, no?


This is what they call a bullet shaped area that shifts back and forth between the Sun and the Earth which deflects particles .. guessing towards the poles and hence the auroras?

If it seems all very complicated then hell, yeah. But it is about to get a whole lot more complicated if those strong field hit that 40 degree point.

As stated previously .. there is like a 1,000 mile point. It has 300 miles to go. They estimated this would be close to 2030 ish, then said 2027 or 2028. Then they said that it is looking to be 2026.

In recent months and due to the rate of increase of speed it has been theorised that if it continues as it has for the next 3 years it will hit that point or be very close to it.

Continuing on, on its current vector and we will see more changes .. and the likelihood of seismic activity and volcanic activity increases. Poles moving and Sun cooling will be gradual processes and it will be the ones that can suddenly change things that will be the ones to keep an eye out for.

Hence probably a list of studies into volcanoes with a a great many more than just Yellowstone and Mount Fuji now on it.

Due to the Sun cooling everything is changing and we may not even begin to guess at the effects .. the changes, yes but the effects as a result of these changes? Yeaaaah not so much!

Expect in the next post or two to get a list of descriptions and links to the effects most of which you probably have not seen on fake news.


Little Ice Age .. Encyclopedia Britannica ..

Van Allen Radiation Belt – Encyclopedia Britannica ..


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