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Oh God .. this is intended for people from Twitter to visit here but where in the hell do I start?!

Now what I am going to explain here .. I warned the about and went to court over and was commended.

The local council ignored me twenty three years or so ago and did not act on my claims.

She was abused by her step-father ages 12.

When my daughter was 13 they ignored me, conspired with someone, falsely accused a foster family who never ever got over it, Stephen Dean.

This was to cover up their mistakes and it was about to get worse.

She ended up being abused by a Bangladeshi restaurant owner who somehow got away with it and had a child by him.

Instead of reporting him the restaurant owner was used to get free meals on a Friday night.

Got involved with another man who was Kurdish. Got beaten by him and had a child before the age of 16, which was now two children.

Ends up having her children stolen from her in a conspiracy between an evil person and the father.

I help get her a flat and one of the children comes back .. a court case ensues .. the solicitor goes bust and one child is given to the paedophile father and I understand £5,000 was paid to the evil one.

The evil one has been taking money from a relatives bank account for many years and her and her boyfriend are caught and investigated by Royal Mail for mail theft .. she gets away with it yet again.

She ends up with another group of men and a guy called Sabah. Living in the property is a radical Muslim called Star who burned his own skin and prayed while rocking around five times each day. His pastime is filming busy places in Liverpool during rush hour on his phone.

She is beaten by one and locked against her will in the property and her ARM card taken way from her and they help themselves to her benefits.

Long story and all on here but I help her get away.

I also had previously acquired audio from one of their phones and pass this on to .. let us just say an authority.

Hmm think I got the order out of sync? Oh well keep going ..

One time she is away the evil one tries to gain entry into her flat to steal her TV and cooker and tries to use the Police to do it! They refused.

She meets another one .. after all these people are all OK according to leftist morons and we are already on over half a dozen, there were fringe people in each case, and they are all bad. She marries this one and that particular story ended up in Take A Break recently. As did the abuse by her step-father. Not the whole story and all other stories ignored.

This one insists on children and she eds up having three more. But he explodes with any sign of anything western or Christian. Cuts up a Christmas Tree one time. Beats my daughter adnd at one point threatens to throw his daughter out of a window.

Police get involved he gets charged.

Every support under the sun, and no one does anything. I arrive to live there after my own stabs I the back and despite my health issues. Support is all promises in the beginning and I thin we will be OK after a few weeks. But the weeks go by.

I get my car tyres sabotaged a few times.

My heart starts playing up and I am in and out of hospital on a very strange land.

I am stabbed in the back by the DWP and neither of us get any help. They do not offer her a suitable house and not enough bedrooms which was bad because ..

While I am there we discover the two girls ar Autistic. We do not believe it but then start to see it only after a few months of being off the scale on all the tests then then lie to save money and decide they are not.

This is after we discover that my daughter has a bad form of cancer.

I am also noticing she has several of my symptoms which have been ignored by my Doctors for yeats and I do not realise until I run back to London that I was misinformed about some of mine and that these are dangerous.

My daughter is then diagnosed with that and another things too. Currently has four things that are potentially fatal.

After I leave the social workers turn nasty, start lying to my daughter. Accuse her of lying about her health .. despite being told this at one of over a dozen meetings and in the minutes of said meetings.

Do not help her move, this nearly kills me!

Then half her rent payments.

Padiatrician fails to turn up at school but a report turns up stating that Autistic child is not and 3.6 years old. Week later Paediatrician turns up stating that she is a little bit behind and not Autistic. A lie that shocks the school. The girl if our so a little bit behind means 3.6 years old like the report that turned up a week before?!

Daughter tries go get a job .. goes to an agency they say she would be good as a mentor for others regarding domestic violence.

Social workers find out, not happy, insist she does a course herself on domestic violence despite not saying anything about this in the last 8 months. Tell her is she takes the job and does not attend the course she will be taken to court.

They turn up one day asking her to sign a form that suggests that she will be taken to court of she sees her ex but that he has a right to see the kids and she needs to tell him how he can do this?!

A no win situation.

They had previously stated the domestic abuser husband had rights and that of course they would help him and he had a right to see his kids.

Another social worker contradicts that and my daughter is relieved .. but I warn her that the other one could come back and it could all just switch back again?

That is exactly what happens and now my daughter wants to move 250 miles away from where she has lived all her life to London. Asks me for help.

The Internet goes down!

All the while I an watching people rage on Twitter about burkas and how all or most Muslims are peace loving and innocent. I have met a dozen and I have not found one ..

They are either lying, deluded are bing lied to and are gullible.

First paedophile white and goes to prison.

Second paedophile Bangladeshi, wife tries to buy my grandson no one goes to prison.

Third guy gets discovered in court he is a paedophile, claims he did not know my daughter’s age, they discover he previously went up to a 12 year old in a local park and showed her a picture of he private parts .. not only does he not go to prison he is later given his son! I was told some money was taken for some help in this regard. Nether gets found out by local council of Wirral.

The evil one already getting away with many heinous things encouraged the relations while my daughter was under age.

She also continued to steal money from her mother.

She was investigated after a complaint form a staff member at the care home where her mother stays. Adult social services call her in .. nothing happens.

Her own brother has reported her twice that I know of.

Her own sister has reported her twice that I know of.

The care home worker has now reported her for the second time that I know of.

I myself have reported her four times in twenty years.

Some years ago she was also investigated by Royal Mail, lied and got away with it.

From what I heard she may well be under investigation again and this time with Police involvement? But I tell my daughter to stay away from her grandmother because if anything went missing this evil one would say it was she.

Domestic abuser was supposed to get nine years, he got one year and is now out.

He phoned daily from pirson including in the middle of the night.

News report claimed they found and stopped the smuggling into Walton Prison of mobile phones using drones, Granada TV. No they did not. Phone-calls persisted. The Police searched and did not find a phone. He rang us the very next day.

He is now out.

The evil one told his brother that my daughter had cheated on her while she was in prison, in an attempt to have him go around and attack her so the evil one can get the children back again .. BUT ..

Only one, the oldest as he is the quietest. She told a social worker that if my daughter died of her cancer that the other three would have to go into care .. to a shocked look.

She convinced my eldest grandson while he stayed with her his mother was seeing her ex by calling my daughter and weirdly kept on about her seeing him and getting pregnant. I realised and told her what she was up to. She offered for the first time ever to have all of the children for a night and this was so that she could tell the social services she was with him.

Social services turn up a few days later, accuse my daughter of seeing her ex .. and ask to speak to my eldest grandson. How would they know to do that just a few days after he was staying at another house where this phone-call about getting pregnant took place?

My daughter cannot get pregnant, so she made a mistake there.

After moving Liverpool Echo covered the story, got it wring ane never bother to speak to my daughter. The abusers lawyer got him £20,000 in damages. My daughter has never got a penny.

Visiting the old flat for letters my daughter discovers a letter from a media agent in Manchester called Focus Features Independent Media or something like that.

He visits her .. goes mad about her story .. starts talking about her going down to London in a few days throwing about names like Panorama, The Wright Stuff, This Morning and along with a magazine series, tabloid series and a TV series. Tells her she will be living in her own house in six weeks time. That was early February 2018.

Eventually they tell us that two separate parts are going to appear in Love It Magazine and Take A Break but not to tell each of them about the other.

Eventually Julia Sidwell of Take A Break talks to my daughter. Focus Features had previously promised crowd funding to help her and Julia Sidwell does too. Except after a week both agent and journalist go quiet.

The articles eventually appear, one without warning followed by another that are on here, the covers, in the post called ‘The Revealing Realities’.

Then the two magazines go quiet.

My daughter and her friends realise that I am not mad and that everything I ever said about everyone in the UK on my blog is actually true, after all of them going through several things themselves.

My daughter now believes that someone has gotten to her agent and journalist to stop the story getting out. I now tell her she sees what I have said about mainstream media .. I have tried getting it out to everyone for years and just been ignored. This could be the government or the evil one, we just do not know.

After this silence and the five months and promises broken I start looking for other ways to get the story out there..

I think of UK Column and try to contact Brian Gerrish but no answer to my email.

I try emailing him again but get no answer.

I send emails to Sargon of Akkad, Dave Cullen, The Iconoclast and other YouTubers but I know they must get inundated with emails and this could take a month.

I come across John Wedger on YouTube and then I come across Brian Harvey and from there I come across a group that call themselves ‘Truthers’.

I start leaving notes with them.

I break my silence with my six or more year held account with Twitter.

I get noticed by people that know some of these ‘Truthers’ and I leave noted with RedPillPhil, Eddieisok and Reverend Simon Sideways.

I start to build up a quick succession of likes and follows on Twitter and realise this is because I have given a few views and comments. So I start hitting that.

I have a disability, though this has now been removed twice .. despit the fact I have developed ever more complications in that time.

Pains in feet, knees, ankles, shoulders and back along with extreme anxiety and self-harming which was followed by heart palpitations and tachycardia to add to those I already had. I then realise that I was misinformed by the NHS several times when I already knew I had been lied to several times. It turns out the Hypomagnesemia I have had for four years does a wee bit more than cause my painful thighs. It can casue Sudden Death Syndrome and be behind my heart problems and anxiety.

I am also listed as having Fibromyalgia which they not only lied to me about but lied about medication for fifteen years. My daughter gets diagnosed with my help quickly .. Fibromyalgia, Hypomagnesemia, Vitamin B Deficiency and ‘S’ Protein Deficiency which causes blood clots she has already been into hospital with and they missed.

This is only the tip of the iceberg and has been going on now for 12 years but there is an argument for 23 years.

The whole time we have not only been ignored and not only refused any help whatsoever but have actually been threatened, attacked and have had all manner of things to slow us down.

With my health issues I have tried to help and have lost around £20,000 my home and now homeless. Might have to lose the thing I was to start a business with .. oh crap yeah I was setup and stabbed in the vack by the Job Centre and DWP with starting my own business. Yeah, yeah, yeah and they sign all the forms and just as my daughter gets abused by her husband they pull all agreements and cancel everything I have.

Once again I have nothing coming in either.

No GP too. Cannot get one in my situation without a bit of a journey .. which I did but collapsed several times getting back because of my heart and sudden loss of energy.

All this to protect these Muslims .. or to protect themselves from their incompetence getting out or .. BOTH?!

I have lost count of the number of times we have spoken on the phone and have been so down-trodden, broken hearted and fed up with this shit and evil nation we live in that we have talked about taking our lives and be better of dead. Lost .. count!

Oh yeah and I forgot, see if you see the joke here? I have memory problems .. severe memory problems and my daughter is also getting affected by these. It is part of the Fibromylgia set and they call it Fibrofog.

Getting across the road to the park, there I will have to go to post this now, is tricky at times. Oh and I get hot too .. travelling on buses or in cars is crazy difficult for me.

Soo ..

  • Get anxious thinking about going anywher more than 100 yards

  • Which normally sets of the first thing I get anxious about which is my heart

  • My feet pain

  • My sudden loss of energy

  • My overheating

  • My memory

  • Without anything else I have which is an unbelievable amount

Mainstream media I already suspected I contacted? Probably here are all the ones I recall but which I never got a single reply from .. sorry of I disappoint any readers or watchers ..

The Mirror, The Sun (OK I was desperate), Daily Mail, Daily Express, Independent, Observer, ‘i’, The Guardian, Morning Star (still desperate), Manchester Evening News, Liverpool Echo, Sky News, Channel 4 News, Channel 5 News, ITV News and BBC News.

Might have sent one to The Times but do not recall that one well.

Now .. if I got this done right and .. the right person has come onto here ..

.. would you like my daughter’s phone number?!

However I have to be extremely careful because there is a lot more going on here than meets the eye and I am sure that might must come as a bit of a shock to your system as your wondering how all of the above can even be possible?!

Scarily I am sure we are not the only horror story like this one .. but considering all involved me might just be the worst?!

I just heard my daughter cannot get into Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Last few days when mine started playing up and Internet gone down. Had tweets refuse to upload on my phone too.

My own story is pretty long too .. has some other things that have been, or become without me being aware of it, a thing ..

  • One evil partner that still has a horrific effect

  • Another partner that was .. heavy handed

  • Another partner who was not considerate of my feelings

  • Another partner who assaulted me regularly

  • As a result I have been single for 15 years

  • A few years back I discovered this MGTOW thing

  • I then kept hearing that men were all evil and women were perfect and downtrodden

  • I watched videos about feminazis

  • Discovered Anita Sarkeesian

Right now I am in a 5ft something by 8 ft something room going out of my mind while ..

  • Heart and chest pound and skip having me clasping my chest

  • Often coming back from park across the road

  • sometimes going to the park across the road

  • Being talked at by a narcissist socialist not very far from here

  • Loud noises, bus going by, door opening or closing thinking about situation and thinking about going further then the park or what is going to go wrong, money running out, DWP, losing my remaining items from storage, a week away, looking at a Land Rover as I now lost my car

  • Trying to get my bike out

  • Trying to put my bike back in

  • Thinking about my daughter

  • Several times each day

  • That is just my heart and chest issues!

  • Pain and irritations in mouth and head ..

  • Oh .. I did this already and just edited out a list!

  • Memory Issues!

Often when my heart plays up I just want it to stop fucking with me and kill me .. but then I feel guilty because I will be leaving my daughter to this society and country and Jeremy Corbyn and his army of spade wielding lunatics. Not that Theresa May’s has been any better.

So I often want to die and then feel guilty about it!

So retweet or link this because I feel I have to do this to help my daughter just in case y heart does give out, which is a scary prospect.

This would be Wirral Council and Merseyside Police and a absolute catalogue or error, lies and cover-ups spanning at least 12 years. Oops!

All the while trying to just do photography and write about subjects other than all this crap!

Once again .. anyone want their direct phone number need only ask .. well a bit more to it than that.

EDIT: There is over 100GB and I have been stating this ..

Police Detectives Recording ..

Part One:!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZkeJ2VAF9yX_Vk7zg

Part Two:!AnOZtJAkM5l7gZoBeCz1N3flON9Dtw

WAVS Converted to MP3s




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