I had known for a long time that the warming was not what they claimed and that the while things had been warming slowly and gradually long before the industrial revolution even got started.

Now I shall tell a brief story I told to a group of 50 people, many were pro Climate Change sheep and I have told on this blog long ago. In fact the actual story took place .. hmm memory issues let me fink?!

It was around 2001. I had returned from living in Bristol .. just passed up my chance of working for GCHQ and .. the MoD. due to severe relationship difficulties with someone not only emotionally unstable but violent with it.

Someone wanted to go to Italy .. Calabria to be precise and an amphibian expert friend of mine and as I am also one .. and have a habit of finding things everyone else misses I was asked. It was for a type of Fire Salamander known scientifically as Salamandra salamandra gigliolii plus there were other animals I was interested in seeing and namely of interest what was to become my favourite amphibian .. Bombina pachypus, sometimes still listed wrongly as Bombina variegata pachypus.

You might want to ask Emanuelle Biggi on that one who believed them to be a separate species to and submitted a science paper on this. Used to have to fend off email requesting I go out and we hit every bar from the north if Italy to the South checking colonies and variations along the way.

What I discovered when I was there was that things were not good for the Salamanders. I was aware they would be at high elevations but what I did not expect to find was the bodies of water they were breeding in. Which were often tiny pools or eddies in tiny streams that were devoid of food sources meaning that the larvae were always skinny. Funny how scientists often miss the obvious?

The week I was there it was bugging me as pool after pool would show one single larvae skinny in girth and I kept asking myself why this was?

Then it hit me and I turned to the person I was with and said “They are running out of resources!” He asked what I meant and I said the following ..

These are cut off from other colonies by both distance and elevation. Obviously they was at sea level once before they got cut off .. as the weather warmed up the salamanders in each area started ascending the mountains. Today they could NOT survive at sea level it is far too hot.

But they are near the very tops of the mountains .. the water sources for larvae are getting smaller and smaller and in some areas there is not much food.

I then looked down the mountain and I said .. were at .. what say around 2,000 metres? Maybe a bit less? They have been doing this a few thousand years.

Later I heard similar stories from farmers in Costa Rica and I think that scientists jumped onto the wrong conclusions. They noticed this with birds which was the wrong thing to use as a judge as birds can move extremely quickly. they are birds, after all.

I did not know what it was .. I just knew what it was not. I had already stated in many conversations for several years it was not CO2.

There as obviously another process going on .. waxing and waning of the temperatures was widely known and I thought the likely candidate had to be the Sun. But this in itself .. did not quite .. fit.

As has long been known there are many things that have occurred on this planet and a great many of them .. have not happened in modern times and even those that have we still struggle to understand.

I know about all the possible catastrophes from changing things radically to extinctions but when I never considered was that any of the could be linked. Until recently.

The odd thing is the one thing I did not expect to be the culprit presented itself first .. pole reversal or magnetic flip.

Trust me when I state that I simply did not believe it, decided not to act on it and intended to check it at a later date. Then a Forbes article about moving magma in Germany under a dormant volcano sent the alarm bells ringing.

Then there was the one that was down to what I thought it was .. the Sun and its decreased activity and talk of cooling down and possible mini ice-age. He predicted the Arctic Blast in the USA. Oops!

Since then it has started to look like the Sun going through these high and low periods affects things and the north magnetic pole has started moving quick and split. An unprecedented event that has people stumped. Scientists stumped.

The weather was acting up, Sun decreased in activity for a couple of years and I somehow missed that, crazy skies appearing in the UK and the USA. Increased seismic and volcanic activity too.

OK .. so yes on the one hand the decreased activity and temperature seems to have an effect on the polarity and also the weather, which is understandable to a degree.

But it is odd that the magnetosphere is depleting in its strength. I had heard this mentioned and was said to be at a decreased rate of around 20% but .. it started to bug me if this could have an effect too?

It has bugged me and bugged me that .. the atmosphere is just a large collection of atoms and atoms are made up of positively and negatively charged particles. So was well as temperature you have .. a depleting magnetic field.

I previously thought the Sun had a big thing to do with the weird things of recent times and even so it never crossed my mind, and many not that of many others, that the weather or the poles could be affected by this?

The magnetic flip comes about because the cores has two different densities, or so it was stated the last time I read about it. So it this is the case and it flips the denser has to move from one end to the other?

Well I suppose in one way I should be annoyed with myself as the only thing around that could influence this is of course .. the Sun.

I am aware of this whole Nibiru thing and I dare say many people are putting it down to this .. extra .. and very far away planet? Hmmmm no.

I had friends that used to listen to things like that and even wondered if the Earth was flat to which I would have to spend an hour explaining things. Maybe he still believes it is? I did show him that some theories he had heard were wrong. 

Yup sooo .. that thread on Twitter months ago of 50 people? I spent several hours explaining my trip to Italy and they simply would not have it .. as at the end I then ..

Tweeted picture and distribution maps .. I was then blocked by around 15 people or more? I kinda lost count.

Funny think being blocked. I did not really expect it, or being reported to Twitter for the things I was because .. as many said later I was all about the debate, science and facts.

Never used personal attacks, never used threatening violence and I never swore.

Got suspended for speaking metaphorically towards someone who was knowingly spreading some pretty awful lies from a troll, one that had previously accused me of abusing my own daughter as a child. Told another awful lie to friends and I caught him and said that I was going to kick his arse and report him to the Police.

I got banned for that though it was not only obviously metaphorical but ..

  • Would not physically kick someone’s arse and THEN go to the Police
  • Do not know his address but his location was GERMANY ANYWAY
  • He knew I was speaking metaphorically
  • Then hounded me and gloated every single day on another website for over weeks 
  • Said his job was to get THIS BLOG off Twitter

Here he is .. telling me it was about the blog and boasting and he still bothers me today ..
I stated to friends that there are powers that are messing with the blog and do not want my messages getting out .. seems to be scaring a few and he is one of literally hundreds but this one .. this one is a little different ..
Seems like they are three different people and .. they go way beyond anything even resembling normality. Seem like government to me. They spend days and often all evenings now bombarding a spam folder and this is literally to slow me down acquiring followers.
While I was gone off Twitter they actually made an account and used my avatar and went around trying to tell the 2,600 followers I had that I was a liar, a closet leftist, whatever the hell that is, and a troll.
Those that knew me a long time know this was bullcrap .. while others .. that had not known me that long .. blocked me on another account.
Goes crazy when you break a single Twitter rule .. except he has broken dozen while others he knows have broken many dozens.
Not part of the main troll group and not a person of the Muslim faith either. The only thing they ever react to is anything bad said about the EU and .. Climate Change.


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