BLOWING YOUR TOP (Pole Shift Part 12)

So .. something was beginning to bug me about the first real sign of catastrophic change and then s I was beginning to think on this some more .. the exact thing I was focusing on had yet another story pop up.

I had been thinking more and more about the mega-volcano at Yellowstone Park becoming more active and the ground rising and started to think that the first real thing to occur would be a large volcanic eruption. Something bit enough that the world would stop and think .. wait a minute?!

But I did not think it would be Yellowstone and likely another and I need to familiarise myself with the major volcanoes of the world. I had heard one had gone off and that Mount Etna was more active than usual.

Before I got a chance .. boom! Sorry bad joke ..

A video by Adapt 2030 had a very surprising story and that was that the government in Japan had suddenly decided to do a no holds barred full in depth study on Mount Fuji?! I mean a lot of organisations are being called in to study it?

Even the guy narrating the video wondered of they suddenly either suspected something or prhaps they even knew something?

That close to Tokyo and a big built up area would be absolutely catastrophic and with something like 40 million or more possibly affected .. depending on the size of the explosion if it were to erupt.

Hmm and they did this 6 months ago and I am only finding out now?!

Well my life has been turned upside down for the past few years, which is sooo convenient for them I wonder if this was planned?!

Every single day for the past 18 months I have been wondering how in the God damn hell I have ended up where I am right now?! The stupid thing is I am now stuck with nothing better to do than post on social media, see things claimed and then look into them. Whereas had I received help when I was living 250 miles north I would have been so preoccupied I probably would not have linked everything together?

Not good for Japan as the first in the list of largest volcanoes are ..

  • Sakurajima – Japan
  • Yellowstone Caldera , Wyoming, USA
  • Grímsvötn, Iceland
  • Mount Vesuvius, Italy
  • Galeras, Columbia
  • Mauna Loa, Hawaii (Oh they had an eruption in Hawaii, I forgot!!)
  • Colima, Mexico

There are over two dozen at over 6,000 metres, oddly all in South America.

There are over three dozen at over 5,000 metres and as you drop by each 1,000 metres the numbers rise significantly.

They have also found a great many that they did not know about on the sea floor .. as well as on Antarctica too.

Even if 5% of these all went off it would be devastating and globally so too and even just a few very big ones will have a drastic cooling effect. Which we are already experiencing and those crazy orange skies and those arctic blasts .. if these were from what has happened already could you imagine if a few more things occurred over the next year or two?!

You had Kilauea in Hawaii go off and go off and .. go off for what seemed like forever.

  • Kilauea
  • Villaricca
  • Ijen
  • Anak Krakatau
  • Piton de la fournaise
  • Fuego
  • Kadovar
  • Etna
  • Sinabung
  • Agung
  • Mayon
  • Soputan
  • Shinmoedake

These are just volcanoes I found on a single website that have gone off in 2018 and then at the very beginning of 2019 I spot reports of magma flow being detected under dormant volcanoes even in Germany!

The real danger is the Yellowstone Caldera as this alone has the potential for global catastrophe but even without that going off .. two of three big ones elsewhere can have a big effect for the few years after they erupt.

As for Yellowstone Caldera .. Ground Swelling ..

Also at Yellowstone there has been 121 earthquakes in a given time ..

Yeah data from scientists is not always right as now a study thinks Yellowstone came up from the sea floor?

Now is this scientists or journalists gambling using the odds they think are in their favour as they have done so many other times and got wrong? Michael Fish the weather man and the Hurricane force winds in 1986?

Is Yellowstone about to erupt? “Probably not ..” gambling .. “but the signs are there” they are choosing to ignore while covering their arses ..

One article said it might blow in a few days or a week and yet another suggests there would be a two week warning.

And I get lambasted for disagreeing with these people who are often proved wrong and always contradicting themselves.

Oh my .. GOOD GOD! Now what is the equivalent if a great number of nuclear bombs in power was being held back by a few .. TREES?! They have been watching too much of Doctor Who .. no I know the Tardis is made of wood but its just .. well .. wood!

So I think we will get a bigger than average eruption at some point .. that will either bring worldwide attention to the increased magma movement and lots of awkward question or be buried and not reported on and everyone will ask why that is?

However all that being said .. I think its highly unlikely this first eruption will occur at either Yellowstone or Mount Fuji.

There are thousands of Volcanoes .. and any investigations going off at either is only precautionary .. for now. That does not mean to say that they definitely will not. Just unlikely for them to be the first.

If, however, a couple of above average eruptions go off that are greater than that of 2018’s it might well be prudent to start planning an evacuation.

This is the point where mankind will start realising that allowing cities to become over-populated and traffic that is out of this world is a mistake that many will never forget nor forgive .. if they survive.


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