About Me

I am mainly a writer of blogs, these days, on Corruption in the UK, Reptiles, amphibians, fish, orchids, British Wildlife, Computing & Gaming, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Wing Chun and many others, all backed up with videos on my YouTube channel.

I have suffered with Fibromyalgia (with around 120 symptoms) for 20 years and started asking about the symptoms about 6 years later. I diagnosed myself 13 years after that and in so doing realised that I was not only being lied to but they already knew what I had.

I also realised that my current GP at the time and previous ones were sending letters of about me that contained false information and proved it.

I started recording using smartphones and other recording devices and continued this for about 7 years. I still do and will continue to do so until they stop lying and cheating the people.

I branched out and did the same with two Police Forces and I have realised that four local councils were just as corrupt too, making the rest of the local councils in the UK looking highly suspect.

I have a degree in Computing, stupidly turned down a Doctorate,which I was offered due to my knowledge of the animal kingdom and other sciences, while in the third year of my computing degree at Middlesex University at their Bounds Green campus.

I have been through a very, very long list of horrors in my life, any one of which may have led others to suicide and it very nearly did me.

But I survived it all only to walk into a life riddled with symptoms with several that are areas of pain, several embarrassing symptoms and just outright distracting.

I did not like the world my only child was going to grow up in and then found out that she herself had been through some horrors worse than my own … so I set out on a path of vengeance with every intention of changing this country, and hopefully the world, for the better.

Though I am under no illusions that this is a vast undertaking I likely will not achieve until AFTER I am dead. Lol.


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