Well for a little longer.

But it cannot go on forever.

I am centre-left but I do not voted here in the UK and am likely unique in that I have never voted in a general election and certainly not voted for any of the big three.

Did vote fo9r Farage twice but like so many others he disappointed me.

Now I do not like nor ever have lied socialism and in fact in recent years I have come to realise what lying, twisting, deluded fascists they truly are. I despise them. Or at least the ones I have met on social media claiming to be hard-left. So far left they are hanging onto the cliff by their teeth.

That being said I have also hated the Conservatives over their cronyism and greed for money and their attacks, though Labour did this too, on those with health conditions. Like me.

They lie and have lied for years and people thought I was mad as the things I was claiming were not possible and I was ostricized because other people thought it was too scary to even think about if what I said was the case.

Eight years on they realise not only was I correct about everything but it was far worse than even I stated.

A shame then that the problem we are in is the denial of others that stems from fear with some Dunning-Kruger thrown into the mix.

My fear was that while they were patronizing us by telling us we was all in it together they fact was THEY was all in something together.

The decisions they made that the people had to pay for in many different ways while they sat atop their ivory towers was plain old fucking incompetence.

Thrown into this, well in the UK at least and Angela Merkel did this over immigration, was changing their stances on things that was so fucking obvious as it was a complete about-face.

Jeremy Corbyn once hated the European Union and for years wanted to get out. Then suddenly to socialists and all except for the Socialist Worker Part whose stance still remains, if you did not know, that they want to LEAVE the EU.

Odd no one reported this I the fake news, no?

It was assumed I was far-right. Laughable. It was also stated only recently that ‘he is so far-right he has fallen off his flat-Earth’. I kid you not. The fact is they are willing to throw ANY bullshit that they can in the hope that one day one sticks.

Apparently to these shills a single mistake they catch you on means you was wrong on everything you ever said.

Rather odd considering not only have I not been proven wrong but they are all the time while they hope that the one thing they might eventually get right they can use to say they were right all along.

These people belong in an institution. Or a prison. These people are pure calculating, snake in the grass, schemers. And they want power over YOU.

Now you can go through my various posts where I have only posted about 1% of the shite they utter and if you read it all and are shocked at what they say then consider this ..

If they are like this now and without any power what will they be like with too much power?

They are on social media telling everyone that the millions of witnesses and talk of evidence and investigations that had not even started are nothing and should be ignored. Just accept your fate that you have been cheated.

No .. the people will never accept this and nor should they.

That being said we have all waited patiently for years for justice to come and things to change but at the end of the day .. what has actually changed?

Its got worse for me and is still bad and shows no signs of changing, my heath is not being treated, my heart issues continue, my very high blood pressure dogs me along with all the pain and the memory problems.

And I am trapped with a narcissistic socialist everyone thinks, as I have reported for years, need psychiatric help that is forcing me to eat food that triggers my condition and may well be slowly killing me and at best leaves me in pain for hours.

Often I have to bin it while no one is looking or I get bitching and moaning about it, I kid you not.

I am being forced to eat thins that cause me pain I have asked for three years not to cook for me and they continue to do it anyway.

A social worker friend who himself is a Type 1 Diabetic does now know how I have not gone insane or thrown myself in front of a truck.

He cannot believe, as do others now, how I am treated my not only my own country but by those immediately around me.

So anyone that insists to my face that things have improved or socialists saying they want to treat me even worse than they already are will get something far worse then a swift kick to the nether regions. Metaphorically speaking. Or not.

What is funny is no one notices how, in the UK at least, no one has noticed that the TC channels have flock all money. Old repeats for months and months.

No one really talking about the cinemas closing down either.

My social worker friend has been arguing with his girlfriend over Donald Trump and Covid-19 and he said to me recently that there must be something as his teacher girlfriend said that an undertaker told her he had buried 600 people in a week from Covid deaths.

I stated “Well she obviously does not teach maths. AS with over 4,000 undertakers n the UK she just got told around 2.5 million people died in a week from the disease so in a months time half the UK will be dead”

He burst out laughing.

Let us also not forget that I actually predicted a pandemic on this very blog in early 2019, not 2020, and ran a series of six parts about it and no one believed me it was a thing and it was coming.

After 6 parts on it and I had to state on social media that I had to stop as the numbers were not right and when ridiculed and that I predicted it I replied ..

Well actually I predicted it for around 2023-4 because I expect the cosmic rays to go well beyond their record and this causes mutations.”

Seek Carl Sagan out for that one. I was literally “HUH?” when the first reports came in from China and did not expect this so soon. But then this does tend to happen a lot, my predictions arriving earlier than I thought.

I had hoped that something would work out and that my blog and what I said at least got to enough people.

Do you know how many people tried to get the attention of main people? Of just the one I heard about I had people running to Rebel Media, Ezra Levant, Katie Hopkins and Tommy Robinson and jumping up and down telling them they need to talk to me.

One known RM journalist on an anonymous account said they needed to talk top me and then vanished into thin air.

There is plenty of evidence of what I have said, plenty of recordings, plenty of documents and yet as my daughter and friends realise anyone who is a name is shot scared to approach me and I do not know why this is.

Hard-left will tell their usual bullshit and lies, ‘it is because you are a crank and mental’.

No that is only you that makes snap decisions and act prejudiced without actually looking at the evidence ‘cus muh propaganda’ Only weak willed, easily led and small minded people do this.

Over eight years I have been doing this. Eight years I have been battling for others. Eight years. IN pain, with memory issues and costing me £100k without the pain and suffering and attacks on me involved.

Is there anyone familiar with the words ‘reciprocation’. ‘reward’ and ‘help’?

So after eight years I ask myself why I bother?

So after eight years as well as me not getting anywhere and having numbers that just do not quite help me and a long, long way from helping others because said others cannot be bothered to spread it around, where are we at?

Nothing done about Social Media Giants.

Nothing done about Corporate Tax cheats.

Nothing done about those they said would go to jail.

What happened with that wall?

So many impeachment attempts it was ludicrous.

What did the one in politics, everyone thought would be our saviour in the UK, do when it came to the crunch? Who then went and worked for leftists at LBC.

Not noticed any leaders talking about The Great Reset.

AGW has much going against it in the way of DATA and yet apart from some hardcore hard-left no one is talking about either AGW or the emerging data.

The number of acts against the people .. the masses that it is obvious to all and yet nothing is .. EVER DONE. Even Tim Pool has talked about the number of times people have been dragged before some committee and nothing ever happens.

This has been happening in the UK for years.

And yet its the people that end up paying the price and no one ever does anything.

From thousands to hundreds of thousands know that I have been attacked in all sorts of ways and for a great many years. They know I am forced to go through a living hell and have been for years.

I have lost count of the number of times that people have told me ‘do not worry, it wont last for long and will end soon, just keep fighting’.

Each time I have thought ‘yeah, right’.

A couple of nights ago after many years of hell I made my way to a late night store around 1am and had heart issues the whole time and had visions of being found dead the nest morning.

Been planning to build a new PC and been asking myself would it be worth it, will I actually be able to make money before The Great Reset plan takes cash away from everyone and will I live long enough to get the damn thing built?

And then there is the thing that the hard-left think I am lying about when they wrongly assume I am some Trump fan or paid by him, I am worried about this global cooling now occurring and wonder if societies collapse within 5 years? Will we be buried in 10 metres of ice in 10 to 15 years?

The hard-left think I have this massive ego and that I make predictions and just want to be right all the time, which shows you how often I have been accurate.

But someone that predicts a mile wide asteroid is going to strike the city of town where he lives does not want to be right. No I am not saying this will happen it is just an example.

Though to be honest the way that humanity has been behaving towards each other in recent times from large religions sects that think they are the master race of the world to politicians and over paid actors and actresses and public services to Nurses, Doctors and Surgeons I often wonder if it will be a great loss?

Something is wrong and it started a long time ago and is getting worse and you see this in animals to science to people and beyond.

The science is emerging that has a physical connection to all this and several reasons behind these crazy times and yet no one seems to talk about it.

Very recently after using arguments to animate me to get me mad because this is how I get my memory and focus to work I uncovered three things.

  • Link between Antifa and Philosophy of Science and Karl Popper
  • Link between Karl Popper and George Soros
  • Evidence of a master plan I called ‘Project Distraction’ others referred to as the New World Order now known as The Great Reset
  • Sun become inactive, I was the only one that accurately predicted the length of the current solar minimum
  • Volcanic, seismic, magnetic field increased activity

So with all this I actually stated to many followers that there remains two link and all it needs is for someone to find them, along the likes of Tim Pool.

Except Tim Pool recently discovered The Great Reset plan and around 4 months ago he also covered an article in the Daily Mail about the Sun being in an unusual inactive mode.

This scientific data that is all ignored by the hard-left in favour of CO2, suggest that we are heading into a cold period where at the very least the River Thames will freeze enough to have markets on it without fear of breaking the ice.

Sound mad? It happened before. In a period between 1650 and 1700. Which also happened to be the last time the Sun did what it is doing right now, which started around 1648.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. This is what they should do.

Prepare for ourselves, fuck the rest. Seems to be what they are doing.

It is not a question of IF it will happen, as it will and I just cannot tell you right now how bad it will get or even when it will get bad if it does.

No the question is whether or not those that have their hands on the power and the money believe it is going to happen or not. Also, what would you think they would do about it?

What if they have serious doubts about food production in say 5 or 10 years time and maybe they think that you will not be able to produce enough food for everyone?

What if species of food plants go extinct?

Oh well its turned out quite convenient and great timing that 15 years ago they finished a Doomsday Vault in Norway they spent years storing the seeds to all food plants in. That took years to store. Might be only 5 years or so ago they finished that?

They they started on all other species of plants.

Do you think its not funny how they tell you that major catastrophes are hundreds to millions of years away when they have no way of knowing and 15 years after a Doomsday Vault, only one we know of, is built the scientific data suggests a possible doomsday scenario my not be far away?

I can assure you this will be obvious to the biggest idiots by 2024 and I am even wondering it will be after this winter or the next?

Often my predictions happen sooner than I expect rather than later.

I had hoped some things were not as I feared. I am followed by a great many very nice people and they put their faith into something and I hoped they would get what they wanted.

There has been this whole Qanon thing, intriguing and I had hoped there was something real behind it and not just another distraction plan.

Then the election happened and I often tell people I was asked beforehand by a centre-left friends who hates socialists whether Joe Biden would win or not.

I said “He cannot even get close without a great deal of cheating involved”

By cheating I do not mean one great act but many smaller ones as no one would be stupid to do one single thing as they risk of being uncovered is too great

But then as I pointed out none of these people actually have anything happen to them even when seen by all anyway. They still walk around free despite causing misery and horrors to millions of people.

And yet everyone complains about Hitler and Stalin while I have been lied to and cheated for decades and would rather I had been given a lethal injection than go through the last 30 years.

In fact if you have ever seen me at work, which leaves a great many in awe, this is literal revenge and I do it in case I do drop dead at some point.

The thought that these people would get away with what they have done drives me insane and makes me as mad a hell.

In any breakdown of society and a civil war you would not want to provide me with a sniper rifle, a small team I can trust and a list of particular names and their locations, I will tell you that for nothing. Evil is evil and we should not tolerate this.

A great many thought I was mad 9 years ago and yet today it is a different story as everyone has apologised as I got everything right. Everything I said was happening has not only emerged but worse than I stated in most cases.

‘And yet my blogs are still not spread far and wide and people are still looking up to these saviours with sound bites and still missing the facts’.

What has also been missed is that the hard-left are very concerned about who listens to me and this blog. You would think people would pick up on this too? They cannot get rid of me so they hide my tweets and I have had issues with every single platform now. Each and every one.

It is like I am the man that knows too much and no one is aware of it.

Each person that beats a drum about this subject or that subject seems to get handsomely awarded for their endeavours without actually ever achieving anything. While my laptop teeters on the brink almost out of toothpaste.

Oh apparently according to the hard-left if you have no money then you are wrong by default.

Yeah about the hard-left, Marxists and Socialists. Yeah I do not think they are these things despite calling them that and a follower called Jack Eddifyer was right on that. But I had to label them as something that was familiar to others so that they were identifiable.

But these people are insane and way further left than Marxists or Socialists. Way worse too.

In fact it has crossed my mind that these people may not even be leftists at all because they seem to be clueless about their own left politics.

I mean, come on man they attacked Noam Chomsky!

So if they are not what they claim, what are they?

  • Agents for the Great Reset?
  • Agents of the CCP (favoured among many)
  • Democrat politicians on sock account?
  • People making money out of Green Energy?
  • People making money out of fear and have shares in medical supplies?

Another thing I have always hated is the stock market and I think now you can see why?

Told people back in 1999 and before this that it will prove our undoing as its legalised gambling and a way to make money while doing nothing while everyone else is expected to work their asses off even in pain for a pittance. While you cannot even afford to pay someone else to live in a property that person owns.

The problem has always been that there are way too many people in the world.

Handy then that they all just got piled on top of each other with these morons on the left promoting and pushing for it and I am sure nothing will happen and It wont be the lefts fault for being morons cos their feel-feels. Virtue signalling is a great ‘get out of jail free card’.

There are a whole lot of these cards today.

Handy to that if there is a sudden freeze as the volcanoes increasing might spawn a VEI6 or 7 eruption that people are being pumped into the locations where this will take place. Europe and the UK.

Then there is the volcano .. or .. volcanoes.

Italy? The Unites States and Yellowstone? Somewhere in East Asia? Russia? Mount Fuji in Japan?

It is concerning for me as if I do not have enough to deal with what with my health, heart, pain, memory and other things besides.

Always battling to do the right thing and supporting others when I have my doubts about whether I should be supporting them.

This Presidential Election of 2020 has been like absolutely nothing before it and nothing even comes close. It has the whole world .. umm .. distracted?

It is obvious that cheating has gone on and there is no way that with zero turnout, the rumours and videos of Biden touching children and not staying awake, got more votes than Barack Obama. How about ten million more?

Well the hard-left I battle with say the whole world knows he lost. Except as I showed this is not the case in many places. One being Australia.

Turns out Vladimir Putin knows too.

Sidney Powell emerged quickly and rated as a top attorney, author she did not seem to mess around and many conservatives praised her. She was on the Trump Legal Team .,. and then she was not and that has many conservatives asking questions and rightfully so.

And then it emerges she is a big Qanon fan and that is why others distanced themselves from her and I cannot give you an opinion either way. There does appear to be a stigmata that goes with believing in Qanon though I am not sure why.

If this thing is so bad how does a highly rated attorney and author buy into it?

It has just been one lie after another to the people of the world and for a very .. VERY long time.

They said we would all be burning to death but now it is all white.

Pakistan was not only got early season snowfall and again but the amounts and images are staggering.

India, which had the largest portion of believers in AGW in July 2019 and one of only three or four countries in the majority range, has now suffered its coldest November and has had early season snow too.

So bye bye to the majority in India overt the next few months.

Now this one is key. Ice-Storms do occur but ones bad enough to bring down trees and cause deaths are very rare.

Except in October, hottest month ever, there have been several of these and now one hits Russia.

While people bitch and whine one wonders what one is required to do to show these others that they are there own worst enemy.

That they are insisting and repeating utterly made theories no one is going to pay any attention to?

That to win you have to work out what you have got wrong and drop it and focus on what you have got right that you can prove.

That repeating you are right on something you cannot over and over again is not going to prove it to anyone.

You need a damned good track record of accurate predictions and the craziest sets of evidence.

I have possessed both of these for eight years. And yet oddly I struggle were idiots succeed.

I was even told I was better than Tim Pool in a direct message?! I told him you could never believe that looking at my numbers.

But then maybe this is because I did not do YouTube vlogging? Something that Google put me off after lying to me and acquiring me as one of their slaves and not getting paid for years after freezing my revenue and burying my YouTube videos.

Its funny how there are no end of people that are aware of social media giants doing this and yet do very little to help.

No idea how those groups that insisted they were right are going to cope IF Joe Biden becomes president? Or anything happens in the UK or Europe like that?

Maybe .. you should have paid attention to the right people?

I feel certain that if things have not changed in two years from now there will be hell to pay acro9ss the world. Could be sooner and could bas a late as 2024 but ..


Food for thought.

This is Styxhexenhammer telling people that The Guardian newspaper which is very -hard-left on them altering an article and how to find the original where they was OK with child labour.

Probably realising that under sociaslism you wont have anything as good as an iPhone or fancy coffeee shops and maybe they can use childremn to they can keep having them? Socialists see your children as theirs.



Before I start this I should point out that what is explained is a series of lies and failures stemming from bigoted, fascist leftists that have infected everything.

From every public service from the NHS to local councils and including Age UK and people like the Citizen’s Advice who can only be described as

  • Evil
  • Lazy
  • Incompetent


Just got off the phone and the murderer, domestic abuser, multiple rapist Muslim has just dolt Police, while on probation, that he wants to move to Bangor in North Wales. Which is where his victim fled to, to get away from him.

Turns out he is also now driving around in a Range Rover just like his bother involved in a stabbing incident I previously talked about. And he is said to be seeing an ex-girlfriend he met previously that would put her at 12 years old. Ergo a third victim.

And attempting to fish for information he told the authorities he has spent an evening with his previous victim and children to try and fish for details and locations. But as she is over 100 miles away, not likely. Nor would have have taken it will with the new partner his victim has and someone would have got seriously injured.

And he has told them he has £134,000 in a bank account and wants to buy a house in Bangor.

Annoying as if he DOES have money I can assure you he is funded by the evil, fascist leftists who hate me and its widely know I am linked to him.

While I get no support of any kind and Age UK passed personal details onto Antifa which was leaked online several times. Information NOT available online.

So not only do I not get help or any funding or disability as a disabled person these two drive around and get handed money and cars.

The Police are not getting nervous, well of course because if he hurts or rapes someone else with the knowledge I have on his history, it will cause the biggest unrest the UK has seen in decades.

Oh I also had a leg lock up and got froze to the spot in the bathroom.

Very painful but all I can think about is what if this happened to me down by the River Thames?

I have issues with motion and pubic transport has gradually become a problem and a fear and when this started happening on trains I could not believe it. Alcohol is the only thing I know that stops this but you cannot travel around half-drunk all the time.

That was 7 years ago and the NHS and DWP just fucking ignored it like everything else while whipping me like a slave and sticking the knife in my back along with other public authorities for years.

People literally ask me how I have not left a trail of dead bodies and burning buildings in my wake.

End Note.

Getting back on track .. so yeah I may have broken my had a few weeks back, or even re-broken it, as it still hurts. I cannot do the exercise required to deal with my condition. Also I have not been out on my bike because of the weather and currently not even sure I can ride if this had does not heal up.

Not only do I have trouble getting the bike out of the building but I am also having issues with my heart now too, likely because I have not done the exercising I am supposed to do which is cycling.

Now then .. a 4 bedroom house has been handed over, to the victim mentioned above and they remarked about wanting to keeping things off social media .. and now the home is fully furnished and occupied.

Now its time to get out my other guns. Yeah that .. authority will not get my attention but I am far from finished and other authorities need to be focused on.

Covered these for years but whether people are just blind and stupid or whether the powers that be were successful in suppressing me or a bit of both, I do not know. But my social media presence, which also grew like lightning before slowing to a crawl, allows me to get more of this out to more people.

In more places than the leftists are aware of.

Which they have never uncovered.

Funny thing is I was mentioning this to someone the other day .. three years of this and they have dived down everywhere, two platforms I am on and then there are the phishing emails and a profile I set up years ago I have not bothered. I get emails all the time fro them saying ‘You are being noticed’ whereas I went years without anyone batting an eyelid.

Now this is something else I have long covered and trust me when I stated that I have the letters, medical records, witnesses as well as recordings for the institution that had Seals ling streets up and down the country clapping their flippers together like a bunch of brain-dead morons.

The National Health Service.

The have lied about two special needs children that could have cost them their lives and lied about the entire family.

Recently I reported that they had refused to see one child that had very smelly fluid coming out of her ear. They asked the mother to take found swabs over a couple of months .. because they lost them all. There is STILL no diagnosis.

They previously refused to see another little girl who had a fit and seizure and that was 18 months or so ago.

This was a little girl who has had several ambulances called out for her over 3 to 4 years.

Both are special needs that even the various schools they attended know that the NHS have not only dragged their feet, refused to see but then LIED ABOUT. No ifs or buts about it, I am a professional and I was involved and they lied about it. No .. Covid was not the excuse.

So I had the mother crying on the phone as it turned out the daughter that had been rushed to hospital several times as now been recognised as having a heart murmur.

Who, I should add, should not have been made to do Physical Education and this has now had to stop.

They mother and her boyfriend was asked if the little girl’s lips had ever turned blue after stating that the rest of the children would need to be tested. The answer was no.

Sitting in a park later the two adults looked at each other when the father figure in this situation said ‘but the other ‘girl’s’ lips have turned blue a couple of time?!’

This is the older girl who has not been seen, treated been examined and refused appointments and had her disability lied about. The NHS Paediatrician lied about this two years ago. The ear issue has been going on for the best part of a year.

I am only getting back on this now because they public services were all over their rapist, murderer, domestic abuse of a father because the socialists in the NHS and Local Council are racist.

You want confirmation of this you only need speak to the mother. And when people try someone steps in each single time and warns them off.

No one ever comes across as genuinely helping and those that promised to never did and/or only in it for what they thought they could get out of it.

I myself have reported as being in a lot of pain and I am not seen by the NHS because they are lying, cheating, cold, callous self-serving bar stewards.

I am in pain and suffering every single say and for 3 years wondering if I will make it to the next week in one piece, if not dead then lost my marbles.

I have lost tens of thousands of pounds myself, 90% of my belongings, a home, a car and a business because of corrupt institutions likelihood

  • NHS
  • DWP
  • Local Councils

I used to refer to these three as the evil trinity and I stated that it was a ruse to save money and fuck anyone and their pain and suffering and if you get the NHS to lie then the other two also save a bundle.

Oddly it only affects British born people.

I also have a witness to this was was a social worker for over 20 years who is a Type 1 Diabetic who now has also been lied to himself and they keep giving away his medication.

I am trapped with three mental cases and one a narcissistic socialist whose own grandchildren wont have anything to do with because everything has to be about them.

The social worker calls her ‘Hitler’s Wife’ and says that despite having nothing in the way of medical conditions hers has to be worse then everyone else’s despite mine being in the top 20 of most painful.

A legal expert told me I am owed £250,000 in loses and I assure you its £100k more now and that’s without the suffering and pain.

  1. PAIN- in the muscle: often described as aching, burning, throbbing, gnawing, shooting, tingling. Almost always exacerbated by exercise and may or may not be present at rest. Can be migratory and differing from day to day.

Told NHS for years.

  1. FATIGUE- From feeling tired to exhausted and requiring rest periods during the day.

Told NHS for years.

  1. SLEEP DISTURBANCE- not being able to fall asleep and or able to stay asleep. Unrefreshing sleep patterns ” feels like I haven’t slept.”

Told NHS for years.

  1. PARESTHESIA- numbness or tingling. ( non dermatomal)

Told NHS for years.

  1. DEPRESSION- most often reactive as with chronic pain condition.

Told NHS for years

  1. ANXIETY- may include panic attacks.

Told NHS for years

  1. PERSONALITY CHANGES- usually a worsening of a previous tendency.

Told NHS for years


9. SUBJECTIVE SWELLING OF EXTREMITIES- i.e. feels swollen but no-one can find anything.

  1. HEADACHES- tension and or migraine.

Told NHS for years.

  1. COGNITIVE FUNCTION PROBLEMS: calculation difficulties, memory disturbances, spatial disorientation, difficulty with concentration, short

Told NHS for years.

term memory loss.

12. FREQUENT UNUSUAL NIGHTMARES- or being unable to dream.

13. DYSTONIA- stiff muscles due to involuntary contracture. Difficulty in moving tongue to speak.



  1. LIGHT HEADEDNESS- “Fibro Fog”, spaced out, cloudy.

Told NHS for years.



19. MILD BUTTERFLY RASH- (LUPUS TYPE) May be photo sensitive.

  1. NEUROGENIC INFLAMMATION- rashes, may be severe itching. NI causes the symptoms and signs of Dermatographia.

Told NHS for years.


Told NHS for years.

22. MUSCLE WEAKNESS- variable with no “objective” abnormality to formal testing.

  1. SCIATICA- like pain

Told NHS for years.

  1. PHOTOPHOBIA- Intolerance of bright lights.

Told NHS for years.


Told NHS for years.



Do not like noise.

28. TINNITUS- ringing in the ears.

29. OCCASIONAL EXAGGERATED NYSTAGMUS- involuntary rapid movement of the eye ball.

  1. CHANGES IN VISUAL ACUITY- impaired function of the smooth muscle used for focus as well as skeletal muscles for tracking.

Started happening three years ago.


Ah mentioned this too .. sometimes I get drunk way too quickly!!



Yes, Tramadol had this effect.

34. WEIGHT CHANGES- usually gained due to the lack of exercise through pain and or tricyclic antidepressants


Yes and I wonder if Fibromyalgia Rubber Legs is on the list? Given Mirapexin for this many years ago after two years of mentioning it.

36. HEIGHTENED AWARENESS- of symptoms of HYPOGLYCEMIA 9 when blood sugar falls)


Oh fuck .. been telling pepole I cannot eat potatoes and someone keeps giving them to me like they are trying to kill me. Oddly its a narcissistic leftist that thinks everything it about them.


Been telling the NHS about this for years.

  1. HEARTBURN- secondary to I.B.S.

Not only have they treated this and said it was a Hiatus Hernia for 4 years I have suspected they got this wrong and LIED. Because they spent 10 years refusing the operation.



Told them about this for years. Have issues with heat though other sufferers mostly cold. Have to wear shorts and vest in summer.


God, yes! Told them this for years.


Told them this for years.


  1. HEART MURMUR-Mitral Valve Prolapse appears to be more symptomatic in FM than normal.

Now find out my granddaughter has this. My father and grandmother died or heart issues and I have heart issues NOT looked at properly like everything else.

46. IMPOTENCE- reactive and occasionally.



  1. MUSCLE SPASM- twitching.

Told them this for years.

  1. NON-CARDIAC CHEST PAIN- which may simulate cardiac disorder.

Told them this .. Chest Wall Pain. Affected me in 2003.




54. TEMPOROMANDIBULAR JOINT DISORDER- usually due to abnormal muscle tone.

55. RAYNAUD’S- like symptoms.

56. CARPAL TUNNEL SYNDROME-possible related condition.

57. HAIR LOSS-secondary to psychological stress from FM.

58. VULVODYNIA- Vulvar discomfort or pain, burning, stinging and irritation.

  1. PLANTAR ARCH-or heel pain. Exacerbated in FM.

Had already had other symptoms a very long time. Started to ask about this one due to pain walking and especially standing, from around 2001-3. Was fobbed off and lied to by the NHS and diagnosed myself around 2016.

So some symptoms go back over 20 years the NHS were aware of but the key one is this one.

I found this because I had a crying daughter on the phone, herself having cervical cancer missed and her own Fibromyalgia missed.

Had been meaning to look up for awhile anyone having issues with eating potatoes as this has been going on a number of years and, to me, is just weird.

Typical I find it here.

The NHS were told about this in 2016.

This list of symptoms has been correlated by the Arthritis Foundation S.A.

Now lets get this straight.

I have battled all my life, been screwed over by my university, screwed over by the DWP, screwed over by local councils. I have been suicidal at times and they call this the suicide disease because it is just too much.

I have been ignored by authorities, treated like a criminal, had friends and family assume I was lying about this for years.

I have worked, I have asked for help to set up my own business twice, refused the first time, accepted the second time then they pulled the rug from under me and I lost my home, car .. very almost everything.

My daughter was taken away and not given any rights to see me as she grew up. She has a life worse than I told the courts who did not investigate.

She has been the victim of rape gangs, kept prisoner and had her own cervical cancer missed. The Police and Social Workers persecuted her for years on end. She has had two cars taken away from her. She had a child taken away from her and given to his paedophile father. We found out years later he had been beaten and we can only assume it was the father. No I am not kidding.

They deliberately went out of their way NOT to diagnose my special needs granddaughter and then a paediatrician LIED in the diagnosis contradicting all previous claims by professionals, schools, social workers. Two years on they have now reverse their original diagnosis.

Another granddaughter has fluid oozing from her ear. They have point blank refused to see her for months and in that time asked my daughter to take a swab. No less then four times because they kept losing them.

While IDIOT leftist reception staff sit around in the clinics talking utter bollox to one another when they are not doing their virtue signalling to appear human.

A Member of Parliament found out and started swearing over it and become involved.

In 2017 I diagnosed myself and then had a Doctor lie to my face that there is nothing in the NHS to cater for Fibromyalgia. The Fibromyalgia Association UK were shocked that they told me this and gave me a list. After diagnosing myself, do not forget. They then lied and said I threatened them and they did this twice so as not to have to deal with me.

Apparently in modern day fascism you are not supposed to get angry with those that lie to you, treat you like shit and leave you with one of the worst conditions on Earth.

Often think I wish I had cancer as at least I would be given ACTUAL DRUGS to deal with the pain and it wont be long before it is over.

This just goes on and on and on and with every fucking public authority and evil, lying, fascist wanker working for them stabbing you with knives while you try to survive while surround by people that have their heads up their own arses.

While social media giants are all over your ass, using you as a slave to make billions after luring you to work for them before they then start censoring you because you might hurt someone’s feelings somewhere or vote for someone they do not approve of.

While I had to listen to the brain-dead seals standing outside clapping or banging pots and pans to thank the NHS which I do not know is just total and utter fucking blindness of they have heard stories and thought if they went outside and worshipped the New Gods that this wont happen to them if their health fails?

The absolute best one?

Everyone else forgets that I have a fucking memory problem.

All I have ever done is be as honest, genuine and factual as I can but it seems I .. WE .. have been screwed by bother sides. One for politics because they are hateful bigots and hate us but prefer animals over us, the other for money.

No way out and have learned that you just have no one you can turn to and these charities and help agencies are just a cesspool of fascists that fool the public into thinking they do things so they will have over their money.

But shit scared the wider public will discover they too are full or bigoted fascists pushing for power for their own evil desires.


It has been really annoying for me .. I have spent a long time helping others and they are either too stupid to spread this blog around because I am not saying the right thing or the Puppeteers have done a very good job.

Friends and my daughter have just been shocked at the way things have gone and at first the numbers shoot up faster than you can imagine, then go backwards and often reverse and then slow to a crawl which does not do it justice.

Oddly rows have broken out on both GAB and Parler that something is going on and just maybe it is because my posts are having issues uploading and being spread.

The video below vanished from BitChute. BitChute. Set up because of censorship going on elsewhere and recently attacked by Twitter and flagged as untrustworthy.

Bullshit and lies from Twitter as I have been on it for years as has ..

  • Sargon Of Akkad
  • Tim Pool
  • Styxhexenhammer
  • Candace Owens
  • Laura Loomer

You tell people. Theyu do not accept it on face value.

Time and time again they insist it is not true based on a whim, even a friends girlfriend has done this and are not aware of ‘due diligence’.

Maybe people do not spread things because its not the reasons they want to hear that things are happening?

I only ever promised the truth and that if I state that something will happen or something is going on I will be right 90% or more of the time.

I have a rule .. that I am NEVER 100% convinced of something. It is just my way.

I thought it better that I predict things and have people realise I get all this right and that, in time, people would place trust in what I said.

Now to be fair many have done this but not anywhere near enough.

Well either that or the censorship witch-finder generals have been into every social media platform and fooked things up?

Below is a video and it is one of the scariest things anyone will see. No word of a lie and the Romanian talking about it has an Uncle he was told died of Covid-19 and an Aunt that has lost a job because of Covid-19 while he watches politicians getting haircuts when the hairdressers are all supposed to be closed.

A while ago and oddly I was worried that the EU Army they denied was being planned or created might be intended to control the domestics rather than protect them.

The only other possibilities is during a global cooling which could be rapid that they might think the Russians, not being able to grow their own food due to non-existent growing seasons, might march into Europe.

Nazi Germany actually taking place in Germany against an activist against lock-downs who looks very, very scared occurring while he live streamed.

This was literally draw dropping scary and if I am honest I have been expecting this to occur with me.


Well that video got deleted within minutes!

Now I literally flipped out on social media had a go at everyone on every platform .. because they all want their theories to be true, the confirmation bias reality and both side live in their bubbles, did not react fast enough and I rippe dinto them and said if you do not get out of yur whining fucking bubbles, pull your thumbs out of your asses Grorge Soros and The Great Reset is going to be all over you.

All for the sake of clicking a God damned button!

I am disabled, deal with pain and horror daily and have done far more than anyone else and single handed and this means ANYONE ELSE.

But people all look to their fucking deities and its so annoying, like watching robots just continually walking into a wall.

These people are not hanging around. I reapeat, these people are not hanging around. You cannot sit their in your bubble looking for the things you want to be true because these people will kick your ass.

So I have informed everyone they need to pull their thumbs out of their asses, look at what is provided and for the love of God share the fucking evidence someone has worked nine years to get and post about to help you out.

I have suffered and risked as well as LOST a great deal. The LEAST people can do is read and click a button instead of just sitting there bitching into the wind.

HERE is the video as it turned out that on Minds I am followed by a nice Austrian lady and she shot off and found it.

I looked everywhere for this and it was nowhere to be found and YouTube was refusing to show me anything at all.

“Yeah I havbe not got around to looking at the video yet” I have heard so many times and then the video is gone.

Yeah sorry these fascists are really going to just sit there waiting for you to actually make time to look to see how your fucking life is going to be screwed over.


Remember this video was removed from BitChute an alternative to YouTube designed to not have any censorship and I cannot wait to hear why this video was removed.


Well I came across something interesting.

Now I have stated for awhile now that you was never going to see anything big in the way of cheating and that all of the cheating is down to many different things.

A little here and a little there.

The idea being that most would go and detected and those that are? ‘Not enough to have altered anything’.

Heard that lately?

My concern was that they would pull this off so I spent a couple of years scaring the living bejesus out of them because despite the socialists losing badly in the UK they were absolutely convinced and telling everyone ..

1 Trump was going to lose

2 Change and Socialism was coming to everyone everywhere

This was telling.

I had two options with this ..

1 Decide they were utterly insane

2 Treat it as if they were privy to some plan

I get attacked for being a conspiracy theorist all the time. Well the fact of the matter is unless sou agree with the communist socialists you get called this. Its a defence, bullying and deflection tactic,

Outside their bubble and in reality you have the choice to either ignore the possibilities, which would make you naïve. Or prepare for the possibilities.

I started telling people 5 years ago that Google and YouTube were cheating on numbers, had lied to me and effectively turned me and millions of others into slaves. I was called mad by everyone.

Five years on and almost everyone realises it bar two naïve people. One a girlfriend of a friend who even himself now realises.

Many idiots annoy me .. they watch fake news and make their decisions whether there is fake news based on what fake news tells them.

Are you frikkin’ kidding me?!

Today others now realise all these has been allowed because morons who think themselves smart make decisions on things that’s hurting the country or the world based on a whim.

They do not do their research.

Many now talk about this on platforms like Twitter, Parler and others.

I sent someone a couple of videos I have included at the end I simply said

Watch these videos, then show her and the fake news and evidence debate will be at an end”

Of course it stands to reason that there have been many little plans that have gone on for many years designed to go unnoticed. In the early days with many years before the New World Order plan was revealed as The Great Reset plan had to be enforced.

I know it was coming and you can see going back years on my blog since the financial crash the figures, money and things stated did not add up. Something was not right.

Things should have collapsed. They did not. No one seemed to notice.

The other things that these evil people played upon were ..




Maybe they knew deep down most were amoral and selfish?

But I always found it odd that these people doing this are the ones we put up, supposed to work for us but have acted like entitled brats who did nothing but gamble for years and fuck it all up and get us into the mess we are in.

And then they thought the best idea was to lie to the masses o0f the world for years on end and then try to anger and divide us.

Well why actually get your hands dirty if you wanted to depopulate the planet when you can get the people to do this themselves and/or nature?

Claims like these a decade or more ago would have seems insane and had anyone put this to me . Well I would have to say 20 years ago I would have thought them insane.

But over time I kept seeing and hearing things that were weird. After 2007 it started to build up a bit faster. After 2014 it built up faster still and in the last couple years went into overdrive.

Look around the world at the trouble in countries, among the people, with animals and with Earth science events that are linked to a historically inactive Sun.

Cray times affecting the world need an equally crazy theory that affects the world equally.

There are very few of those on the list.

What also annoys me to no end is the people that gambled on this shit and made it worse and then thought it prudent to lie about it while taking your money while they made plans that would only ever served themselves.

Now then lets get into the meat and potatoes of this ..

Right after the election and with mass videos of irregularities and illegal, yeah .. illegal, things going on in the presidential elections I was somewhat surprised to see EVERYONE fire off immediately .. ‘there is no evidence’.


Wait .. WHAT?!

Their are countless rumours and reports coming in before they have even finished counting and a bunch of lying fake news outlets that do not do any on the grounds journalism any more all suddenly knew what was happening when the early reports were coming in and says before anyone said anything about ‘investigations’?

I roared with laughter and realised this was a knee-jerk reaction and they obviously knew .. or at least the people writing the scripts for them knew. Wherever they was coming from?

I have not overly concerned myself as to who is behind this or who writes these scripts and I likely will not be able to uncover this. But the top candidate is George Soros.

But anyone with an ounce of intelligence would know you can not do this with one big plan as they tend to get exposed rather easily.

You need lots and lots of little ones. In ..

  • Politics
  • News Media
  • Social Media
  • Entertainment

Now there are a couple of problems I have with capitalism but only in its current form and one of those is that you have allowed someone like George Soros to become so powerful who can ruin millions of lives.

Apparently he was supposed to have said when asked about it that he ‘knows that lives get turned up down when he meddles but I find it just so much fun’.

Have you tried the software titles of Sim City and Civilization?

Or did you just get bored with games like that and wanted to move up to the real thing?

Now right after I went t bed with Trump roaring away on his train I woke up to hear that Biden had far outpaced him on his boat. Now at first I thought I was still asleep and dreaming.

Yeah but I wasn’t.

And I knew that those allegations would come flooding in. I know the way number behave and hey do not behave like I was hearing. I knew that give it a day or two everyone would know except for the hard-left. Because with fascists they spend years insisting there is evidence when there is none but will now insist there is no evidence when its enough to sink the Titanic.

This is the scary part and I simply cannot have anything to do with socialists, fascists and anyone that dishonest and nasty. Sorry. I swore I would stop you by highlighting this as much as I can and getting it as far and wide as I can. Unfortunately despite the high praise I just never got far enough.

Well thus far.

This is about censorship and you need a lot of help to get around the slave drivers pretending to be about the people, lives and animals. They are not and they demonstrate this repeatedly.

So it was like a day after the election I saw someone on the Australian version of Sky News about the election ‘result’ and gave it a listen only to hear this prat .. talking up Joe Biden and claiming here is no evidence. Well how the FUCK would you know this you utter idiot? Its been 48 hours, come back in TWO WEEKS!

When I looked down it was being disliked to hell and back. Like over ten to one.

I then looked at the Biden speech and that was the same.

Anything to do with Biden winning I looked at was very much disliked and I took a couple of screenshots and posted this at leftists who claimed the whole world was happy to see him gone and were celebrating. “Umm .. now I do not think so!”

So I was talking about this and then had an idea and told others I was going to go around the worlds and look at the dislike ratios to see if a pattern emerges and off I went.

Yeaaaaah .. about that?

They were gone!!

No. Listen to me .. they were GONE!

Did searches and all YouTube would allow me to look at was the usual suspects which only have morons and hard-left watch them. The big names on both sides of the pond. Curiously the numbers of likes and dislikes were not very much and always went in the hard-left’s favour.

I did find one that was split 50/50 with 20,000 clicks.

What I also found is that when I tried to do a location search YouTube told me there weren’t any so that’s no videos from anywhere in the world about Joe Biden winning? With the hard-left telling everyone the whole world was celebrating? Yeah right.

So I was a bit .. creative with my searched and found some but still the numbers did not make sense.

How was it that within 24 hours or so everything was being disliked and that at the last minute and just like Joe Biden’s magical surges that only went in his favour, like the software glitches, homeless, dead people, zombies, twins to quintuplets, zombies and dogs that voted?

Yeah the alarm bells were ringing like Big Ben and then some.

So I then decided to find the one I had originally seen so I searched ‘Sky News Australia Joe Biden Speech’ and guess what happened?

I got videos from all around the world with like/dislike rations mainly in Biden’s favour including Sky News in the UK but the actual Sky News Australia ones failed to appear.

They are burying even the news giants that do not say what they want people to hear.

Now oddly I had noticed a change in YouTube a few months ago and I should have foreseen that this was something to do with the upcoming election. Failed again.

The lots of little things, you see.

Everyone now that looks sees the ratios and thinks that the majority thinks like this and this alters their opinions as they want to fit in with the crowd.

A non-existent crows fabricated by those that control the media. Yes the hard-left would scream ‘conspiracy theory’ over this one where I will only and up posting this ..

“He who control the media controls the minds of the public” – Noam Chomsky

Now I like using quotes against them from famous people and scientists and this is something the hard-left do not do. Only the rare occasion and I would utterly destroy them so now they do not bother.

Feynman, Dyson, Doyle and others are all used.

Noam Chomsky just happens to be a Marxist lecturer and seen as a deity by the left .. except not only have they ignored even him they have also attacked him. Did their cancel culture on him or something or the other.

You can also look up the Jacobean who are socialists and they have done articles about this fringe group of nutters.

Well at least I am sure this is what they want everyone to think.

Because I am convinced these are either CCP or Democrats that are not socialist and only out to destroy socialism so that Joe Biden can kick them out?

The only other option is that they are CCP and doing this to help Joe Biden get in so they can bring in socialism because the shit is going to hit the fan with GSM and due to the powerful that think they are God’s gift, we owe China too much money?

Turning us into a socialist country effectively turns the nation into slaves, no you are not all going to be driving around in free Ferraris. If your forced into underpaid work then you can be used by those that created this mess to pay of the debts they built up.

Plus the bonus is they get to stay in power and morons on the left get to help the do it. Win-win!

Now then there is likely to one at least one if not two blow-outs over the next five years that have the potential to change the world of many people.

My advice would be this ..

‘After the dust has settled and the bodies stopped falling, be wary of anyone that emerges out of the ashes wanting to be leader or leaders and miraculously bearing gifts’

If someone suddenly emerges and has food, medicine, an underground city .. boat yadda yadda yadda .. ask yourself this .. how did they get them and WHY?!

Well if this was or indeed is their plan I think I just flocked it?!

This plan for The Great Reset was created by people as dumb as fuck who thought that they could lie to the people for years, created the mess in the first instance, think everyone in stheir ersonal playthings, servants and slaves and then step up and say .. ‘yeah we are in charge now and y’all do as you are told’.

I think not.

Personally I would rather die. While fighting.

Now then here are all the screen-shots I took during my search for those news pieces on Sky News Australia,

Barack Obama apparently said that the Internet is the biggest threat to free democracy Being able to say more and what you say go further is .. threatening free speech?

Think about this for a moment .. the party that the majority of the world knows has been up to no good, started wars, caused deaths, linked to paedophilia and now cheating in an election thinks that you should be censored. Who benefits form this? You?

If you think that you do and even if your on the hard-left then you are a fool. You are being manipulated and used. And I am centre-left despite the hard-left wanting to label anyone that gets in their way ‘far-right’.

If you decide that free speech should be limited then where exactly where you draw the line? When it affects you personally?

And what if you realise that when it does it has gone too far down the line for anyone to be able to stop without a civil war?

Now then what I noticed when things were first coming up in the first day or two before they changed it at some point ..


During my time battling the hard-left who I now tell others and they agree are not actually hard-left and are shills for some group.

I have also discovered that they use and abuse something called the ‘Philosophy of Science’ about a year back. One, before disappearing thinking he was the smartest on a very large thread, mentioned Karl Popper which was ironic because these people were insisting science be decided by a leftist committee when Popper was the one that came up with the scientific method.

Now then .. I have always stated that I would likely have linked a lot more than I have already had I ..

1. Gone on Twitter a couple of years earlier2. Not had scientific data somehow not pop up on my radar for a whole decade3. Not spent the last 23 months arguing with lying, manipulating top level Antifa on a couple of very large couple of threads on Twitter

I would have around 50,000 to 100,000 followers had I not done this.
I would have a lot more blog posts had I not done this.

But what I did do in looking to prove my case every time with links, as well as destroying their arguments and links with science, is uncover a few things.

Last night I did this again after finding it peculiar that this who hard-left, Antifa, shill push was very heavily reliant on cherry-picking from Karl Popper and the Philosophy of Science.

Now then the Puppeteer in all this, is often alleged to be George Soros and the fact that the evidence is monumental and you are banned from mentioning him even on Fox News now seems to make him look like the one.

So would it surprise you to discover that he knew of Karl Popper and lauded him? Even this ‘Open Society’ is mentioned.

It should be noted that I pass by the London School of Economics in my travels and I spotted a picture of Karl Popper among others nearby.

I stopped and looked and it was weird because the LSE made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end as I thought about what they teach and what has occurred the last decade or so.


If I am honest and certainly with the way I am feeling right now and have done on occasions in recent years is that very often human beings leave me shaking my head in disappointment.

This blog started, you can check the first post, in 2012 and despite wanting to start it sooner I was involved in discovering and preventing an attack that year.

The year mean anything to you? I am in London.

At the exact same time I was also involved in saving someone from what later turned out to be rape gangs, same people with extremists among them with a dastardly plan.

As many come to realise I am quite intelligent when my brain decides to work and like so many others, those I was involved with called me a genius.

Not only was I the one that started all that off with getting it widespread after stating the the victim that there must be a lot more of this going on around the UK, I also had a gut feeling other things were going on.

In fact if I am honest it has felt like something has been going on for decades.

Now at the time everyone ignored me and there was no one online I really came across that was saying the things I did. Many friends knowing I did not lie merely thought I was going a little mad.

An earthquake occurred in the UK some years back and I told friends something was going on coming our way and thought they did not agree with me they did state that the line of ‘oh its not unusual’ was complete baloney.

One married couple I knew at the time were arguing about it when I saw them.

The wife having been asleep when it occurred thinking her husband was winding her up until I confirmed that it did in fact happen and that I had spoken to a mutual friend of ours the night before and he had felt it too. He had thought he had smoked too much cannabis and was expecting to trip out until he got my text and was relieved and called met right away.

I stated a great many things back then regarding British Government, the public services lying and cheating the public and scientific predictions as well as political predictions, Lepen getting close and Trump becoming president.

Every single thing I stated emerged to be true and not a single thing was wrong. Dozens if not hundreds of these in well over a decade.

Today its a totally different story and now as well as apologising that I was right, they was wrong and how I coped with having absolutely no one believe me and people thinking I was mad for year after year with no support while living with a disability, they also ask why I have not gone viral.

Eight years of working and costing tens of thousands of pounds, losing a home, car and business and owed hundreds of thousands of pounds.

One side pulling out everything to try and stop me.

The other side telling me they have never seen anyone like me. Never heard anyone like me. How much they need me, on Twitter that is, and I should keep going.

And it is odd, tiring and frustrating that while one side drives me wild with the lies, bullshit, bigotry and abuse the other side seem to think I can work for free.

It is odd people’s attitudes towards money and yet neither side seem to have a realistic view of it, though with the left this is ‘out there’ in interstellar space.

Google had frozen my revenue in 2016 after messing with my numbers for a year or two. People thought I was mad about this but have since apologised meaning that along with my hell of a life and one of the worst disabilities to live with I am stuck with a socialist because Google that silence people seem happy with slave labour.

They lied to me and then suppressed me. For years.

Social media was supposed to address this.

The idea being that if I went on social media for a few years and built up a following faster than my blog that Google would realise and unfreeze my revenue.

Also that people would want my whole story and evidence collected.

That groups would ask me to become involved with them so I did not feel like I was battling on my own.

That others would, and they did try so thankful for that, get big names interested in me and help get my story around.

That people would help the blog go viral due to me immaculate record with my predictions in politics and science.

Now I was one of the fastest growing new people on Twitter when I started and was not long before people saw that particular blog post and the recordings and it went mad.

Then I destroyed a hard-left troll organisation and it went mad.

Then another.

Then I moved to the leftists abuse of science with AGW and the lies they tell people regarding the processes involved. It went mad.

Was blocked by Professor Brian Cox, Professor Katherine Hayhoe, Michael Mann and then other big names starting blocking me without having a single exchange with me. Obviously by reputation. It went mad.

Then the censorship was obvious so I thought I would give GAB a try as why have a single social media building up when you can have two? That started to grow quickly too.

Then I went to Minds and the same.

Then I went to Parler and the same thing happened.

My daughter was elated as was I.

Then all of a sudden it all stopped all at the same time. In fact number went backwards and then only grew slower than a tortoise on too much pot.

Everyone I know personally now knows the truth and EVERYONE knows that as well as fake news cannot be trusted neither can any of these names.

Now they hear that I spoke to one of the founder members of Anonymous who has since left and told me that even that is political now, hard-left I am willing to bet?

He see some YouTube videos and read several posts and being someone that actually knows about these things came to me privately and said

How the fuck do you not have millions of viewers?!”

Because someone does not want me too and even make any cash and though everyone tells me to keep going no one actually does anything to help. Well other than to keep telling me how wonderful I am”

It feels like the indoctrination process that I accuse the left of having, lure someone in and massage their egos and turn them into soldiers.

And then there is the other issues ..

My side, some of them but not all, seem to think that I am doing things wrong and getting things wrong.

Four thousand blog posts, fully committed, tens of thousands of debates and with the biggest names and done this without losing an account on Twitter every five minutes and coming back. An impeccable track record and all predictions made on social media coming true.

But apparently I am not winning the right way or with the right facts despite the fact they do not and oddly enough do not seem to help.

Even the left are just far too stupid to see the wood for the trees.

I am stressed out every single day because I know a series of things are coming, cannot be stopped and I do not know when they will be or how bad they will be.

I am trying to do the things the government destroyed back in 2017 and get a home and my money back again by doing something other than blogging.

Get absolutely fuck all help with that either and rest assured that in the UK all these help agencies like the Citizen’s Advice Bureau and Age UK are full of lazy, lying socialist morons that do flock all to help anyone. Well certainly of a particular skin colour.

Now I never liked nor agreed with socialism but I also detested the Conservative Party because I got it in my head they were evil rich pricks that were all about money and screw people’s lives. I hated them.

Years later I realised I was screwed over even harder by the left who lie their asses off, are actually all fascists and will fuck you over for their friends who they plan to fuck over later because real Marxists HATE religion, and I question them.

I will not nor will I ever LIE for anyone.

Yes today it appears to me that if your honest you just get fucked and used by both sides.

If ANYONE was to see my life, what I had, what I have, what I lost and what I am having to work with and around right now you simply would not believe it.

And because of the condition I have and the effects this has on my heart, blood pressure and magnesium levels any of which can kill me at any point and are all untreated and unchecked I hope you understand how annoying it is when people just say ..

“Keep going. It wont last much longer”

I mean there was a plan, dontcha know? Everyone has a fucking plan and a theory ..

  • Q
  • God
  • Soros
  • Jews
  • Muslims
  • Tommy Robinson
  • Donald Trump
  • Boris Johnson
  • Nigel Farage
  • EU
  • Russia
  • China
  • Fucking Big Bird from Sesame Street probably has a plan?!

Everyone knows what is wrong and everyone knows you are doing it wrong and not to their liking or saying the things that justify their own theories they have p0ushed for years.

Its funny as one side calls the other ‘Regressives’ because they think themselves ‘Progressive’ and they are right.

But I feel like I am in the middle of a war of mankind where people are too easily used, manipulated and turned on each other purely because they are set in their beliefs and there egos and the Dunning-Kruger Effect render them totally blind.

You think that someone like George Soros is not using your own weaknesses against you?

Tell people it is stunning that despite the number that fall by the way side people go for ‘names’ and not ‘track records’.

It NEVER ONCE occurred to anyone that if I have this many things right and have gradually over a couple of decades worked it all out that I have not been detected by those I am a threat to?

How did you think I would get help?

  • Harry Potter?
  • Donald Trump personally?
  • British Government?
  • Socialist run help agencies?
  • Big Bird?

Every now and then one of my own side comes along and starts telling me I got it wrong on something ..

  • Oh, do I? How does China fit into the bigger picture?
  • How does this connect to that?
  • How is this affected by that then?
  • Replies are always ‘dunno, but trust me this is what it is’
  • Yeah the hard-left do that

I am not going to follow someone’s belief system or theory purely because they have found some thin evidence to convince themselves of this and run with it for so long that Dunning-Kruger has set in deep.

Stated all along if I get something wrong, and I sometimes do, I will hold my hands up and say I am wrong.

This has happened twice but luckily not with any major predictions as these I go over and over and over in my mind and from every angle to see if it really is down to what I theorised.

Throw aside what is not and what is left is what it is. Variation on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle there.

So I am tired, weary, stressed out and confused.

I have been doing this currently when I need to be doing others things and my equipment needs to be replaced and my working area and conditions is also hell on Earth.

But not a single person realises and even the ones that realise and even mention it really do not realise.

No one can walk three moons in these shoes.

There have been those that admitted before it became far worse for me that they would not survive walking three moons in my shoes and ask me how I survived.

Not from any help, that is for sure.

Pure survival instinct and bitter determination. That has in recent times waned.

I am far too tired and yet I have very little other distractions or a viable plan of escape.

I want at least to be able to be somewhere peaceful, calm and quiet.

Now there was a plan to move to Wales but that has since died. So now I want to escape London and with no help available form anyone and with a disability and a lying cheating government that are just puppets for another highly likely to be George Soros. How that evil man is still alive is beyond me.

I cannot stop what is coming but I did have some ideas. I am always full of ideas. But people do not want to hear ideas today.

If my worst fears are realised people will discover in a few years that they spent a decade wasting their time and find out too late to do anything at all about it that they were manipulated. Then left to their own fate.

Oddly it has always been this way but this is the one time when you simply cannot be this way as the consequences of being ignorant and ‘too late’ will be quite severe.

I do not like to think it but I feel this was the plan and I have to consider it because it is a real possibility.

The hard-left hate this and they say they are about science but they rule out things they do not like, therefore exposing they lied about being into facts and science, because ..

  • Conspiracy Theory, I NEVER use this
  • Crank Blogs, I NEVER use this
  • Fascists which is only a right-wing thing (Nope it goes from left to right)

Oh and anything used against me? Yeah I just shut them down and quite easily so too.

It is one of the long list of things I am well known for doing.

Nah I am not interested in your playground labels, the terms do not mean that which you imply and they mean absolutely nothing to me. These have zero effect and I have consistently told them and showed them and it drives them insane.

Often thought that I would get contacted by someone who did want to make improvements using facts and science and thought this would be cool.

Maybe Farage or maybe Lawrence Fox and almost had several media people meet me, like Rebel Media for one, but they always back away.

In all honesty who the world do I trust?

How do I know for sure how I can trust anyone?

Trust from ME simply put, has to be earned.

That comes in the form of something that I personally have never had. HELP.

Oh I have had offers of help and promises of help several times but they never .. EVER come.

Manage to influence things where my daughter is concerned and that is now over and therefore part of my job on social media is at an end. I am far better at helping others than I am myself and where as IU can lay waste to hundreds of people when it comes to helping me? I am shit, limited and seriously need help.

Hindrance of me is not productive and when you are hindering someone with the prediction success rate and the debating success rate that I have because of some belief you have you want to impress upon me?


What makes it worse is the theories that 90% of these people have.


Now while writing this and telling myself to stay away from social media something popped up.

Tim Pool had Alex Jones on and Michael Malice who seem to act as mediator and translator and it was quite interesting.

The talk about The Great Reset and I told you in previous posts that you simply do not come up with a plan like that in 6 months or a year.

This is something that takes years of planning.

The odd thing about this is they are missing one final link and the link I have been on about the whole time. Years I had this gut feeling something weird was going on and arguably it goes back to the 90’s.

Those first scare tactics made zero sense and I found my proof in 2001.

The one think they are missing for the picture to complete is the ..


This is not for Covid and it is not for AGW either. They state in the chat that, if I recall correctly, they want to reduce the world’s population by 90%.

Well if you think about it how many times have you heard in the last decade or so that there are too many people on Earth and that food will run out?

  • They said ice-age
  • This then changes to warming
  • They build a Doomsday Vault
  • Sun goes to sleep into two record long solar minimums
  • They said no more harsh winters and we get many
  • Now looks like a Grand Solar Minimum
  • Crops have been destroyed by ice, snow or floods
  • Fact is its happening faster than they thought
  • Suddenly we have Covid
  • Suddenly we have The Great Reset

Picture starting to look clearer now and it actually has a whole bunch of science behind it too as well as madness, actions, weather, animal behaviour.

How many on the left-side of politics are going to realise they were duped and used.

Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter all fit into that plan. They lied and manipulated everyone and is the worst plan in the history of mankind.

The idea of great secret plans is that there exists no one that could possibly figure it out.


My prediction is that the weather will continue to get more severe and that either the winter of 2020-21 or the winter of 2021-22 the whole world will realise.

What I am not sure right now is just how many and WHO was involved in this whole charade.

Like I always said, a global threat requires a global plan and this one was just plain stupid.


Well as it turns out this got removed and Tim Pool is not happy about that and who can blame him?

They told him he violated the rules when the rules were that Alex Jones just cannot have his own show and Tim has asked them what parts they need to remove. No answer. Fascism and oppression of free speech.

Fauci apparently has said you have to do what you are told

So here it is on BitChute ..


 I have waited a very, very long time to find the final piece of my particular jigsaw.

It was a theory I came up with some time ago now and talked to many about despite knowingly and admitting to others that I did not have all the facts nor all the pieces.

I was spurned by those I know and knowing I was not a liar, they was drawn to the conclusion that I was losing my mind. Not stark raving mad, just quietly and slowly losing it.

I was also involved with events and organisations they also thought was mad. However, they were shocked to find out than when I revealed these details these were events that had gone of several months before. Because WHEN they were occurring and due to the dangerous sensitive nature of these events I simply could not tell.

Not only could knowing put those I told in danger but also if they talked about these things on social media they could be found out. And I had a plan and I did not want it to fail.

Those on social media now realise that I do not like getting things wrong and I do not like losing and sometimes I wonder when they talk about me that they are relieved I am on their side .. or the side of truth. As well as thankful I am not an evil genius.

Yeah I hate evil geniuses.

Details of this event, and one of very many, can be found with a recording in the post titled ‘Country of the Damned’.

The bizarre thing is that there were a few things going on kind of lumped into two different groups, one natural and one .. let us call it political.

After awhile as the two things kept going I started to think how weird this was and leant weight to the phrase ‘the whole world has gone mad’.

Then I saw some scientific data in January 2019 that led me to ask questions about possible links only to go and check, find this had changed too which led me to another link, the same result and so it went on.

These are sets of data that are not merely unprecedented in modern times but also things that occur over long geological time-scales and sometimes very long indeed.

These time-scales can be from 100 years, to 370 years and others likely a lot longer and some we do not have enough records and data on to even say.

Now think about this for a moment. Even going to our parents to our great grandparents lives we, personally, only know very little and in a finite period. Some records really only go back to 1650 odd and even that has question marks.

For example how these things were done back in the day, what was used, what could be measured or seen and were things classed back then as they are today?

Scientists from each field would admit that we know not very much or very, very little of any goven subject.

Indeed and to varying degrees if you actually look you will find a very long list of things that were accepted to be the case for years, decades even and claimed by scientist after scientist in the mainstream news or documentaries that ‘this is definitely how it is’.

This has disappointed me for years. On social media I call this #SimonSays which I also apply to those that immediately reject any science without the authority to do so because it goes against something they desperately want to be true which serves to help their agendas.

That would be man-made global warming or AGW. Until very recently it was the one thing the hard-left had.

In recent imes they have invented more and I have literally watched this unfold and up close with some and from afar with others.

Added to these unprecedented and record things, like Covid which I predicted, though for 2023-4, which at first appeared bad, I gave out dire predictions and run a series on here up top 6 parts and then stopped.

One of the things that scares the hell out of the hard-left is that they lie and they cannot catch me out doing this. It is a much talked about thing. In fact they are so desperate that they have to lie that they caught me lying and get told by others that they have never once done this.

Now I assume that these naïve fools think, or been brainwashed, that the right-wing also lie, which in all honesty in my experience I have not seen.

Mistakes are mistakes but lies have to be intentional.

Therein lies another problem they have as they immediately jump pn everything in the hard-left and scream ‘lie’. Also I get accused of being right-wing.

Bombshell alert. I am not.

Might as well point out that I have not voted for the right or the left. Indeed the only two times I voted was for Nigel Farage I spent a lot of time telling others about.

For the reasons why you can find the main reason for this in my previously mentioned blog post.

For years, as have others, we can not tell the difference between the parties and I have stated to friends with nodding agreements back, that they are all the same and it is all a charade.

I fought long and hard to get the Conservatives in who I had disliked for years.

This was because I had realised that an evern bigger evil that has directly affected my own life with both my daughter AND my grandchildren came fro the Jeremy Corbyn’s of this world.

I realised they were in no way shape or form the humanitarians they claimed to be and in their desperate attempt to grab the power they desire and will stop at nothing to get they dided with evil people and then treated victims like dogs.

No. This is not a gues, wild speculation or conspiracy theories and they really did and still are leaving their own for dead to gain an alliance with others that they will, in turn, screw over if they ever get power and f*cked with my life for decades while leaving me in pain.

The one thing that they did not want happening was me, of all people, realising who was really to blame and why.

Except I did.

I also started piecing things together and despite losing everything, home, car business and experts claim around £250,000 and my daughter £1 Million (was a court case until someone screwed it), I continued on.

Oh I have had to endure oh so much to do this.

But over my cold dead body would I ever stop. They had every chance to change this but they decided no to.

This made me dig my heels in, once getting past various periods of living hell, and back I would come.

I changed tactics, to draw attention and traffic to a blog that had been frozen revenue wise since 2016 because of what I was saying and what I was capable of.

Now I had hoped and prayed for some help, as has my daughter mainly for it to stop for me but in the hope she can get her father back, but it never came.

Its been infuriating that on the left money seems to fly around all over the place for those willing to lie, now we are heading to the crux of what this is about. But I wont sell my soul at any price.

Do not agree with corruption, socialism or this stupid dream of internationalism that morons trying hard to pretend they are intellectuals believe.

Now when this form of socialism popped up for the first tim,e not only had I never heard of it I thought it must be some kind of joke.

Trouble with socialists is like that of Jehovah’s Witnesses or at least hwo they was when I had a best friend at school who was one.

He would show me pictures of little girls walking among nature with their arms over the shoulder of a full on bad-ass Tiger.

“Wait so you saying that eventually this is what it will be like? You can walk down a path with a Tiger like a pet when you are small enough to be swallowed whole? If you have it like that what would be the point of being a Tiger? It has no hands”

Conversations went on like this for like 5 years at secondary school.

Now two things must be pointed out, I was an animal expert even back then as my father was an animal expert and worked in the laboratory department for the same school. Later setup up by the BBC over animals which caused his death.

Also it should be pointed out that my values are for honesty and truth and that despite the fact I am not religious not only do many values line up with them .. but they also give me names.

For instance after I started writing this blog Jehovah’s Witnesses locally nicknamed me ‘The Messenger’ and the title, I was told, was often used at the local Kingdom Hall.

Another one I net form a different Christian religion called me ‘Warrior of God’ and I told him he was barking up the wrong tree.

I digress.

Now than at then same time that all this scientific data was emerging from what seemed like every possible angle that had my head spinning .. there was the other madness going on in the world.

This .. polarization.

Before long I was getting into really rough battles on Twitter that I simply could not believe.

I had gave in and decided to use it to drive more traffic to my blog to get around this censorship attempt by freezing my revenue.

Being honest, factual as well as scientific I was convinced from the early days that it would only take a couple of years and it would go viral. It did not happen and I started to ask myself why this was. Now I know.

Some truths are not OK.

Some lies are OK.

While on Twitter I started to see things from this ‘hard-left’ that were spiteful, nasty, evil, violent and 95% of the time simply a lie.

Then I got friendly with a Jewish lady, have many of those, who showed me a tweet from one where they wanted to hang her children in front of her. Wish I was lying. From the people calling everyone else Nazis who I soon relaised were not only anti-Semitic themselves but actually best friends with the people that want to murder all the Jews themselves and everyone else.

They also happen to be the same people, or one group, that not only ruined my life abut got help from the British Government to do this.

Now this, for those that have been coming here awhile, might seem far-fetched. Well if you have not heard the recording in the aforementioned post.

But the government just handed over a four bedroom house in a river side setting in a beautiful village in the countryside. To my daughter. Who told me along with her friends this will never happen.

They fully furnished it. They said that would never happen either and told me in 2017 they do not have 4 bedroom houses.

My daughter is in shock. She moved in a couple of days who and I have remained quiet about this and am awaiting a phone-call just to find out if she is, indeed, in. She feared Covid would prevent her from moving into the property.

Sound good?

Well no. It is, at the end of the day, a council owned house.

The British Government owe her around £1 Million to £2 Million.

Yeah I worked for solicitors who were friends and I spoke to my own experts regarding our case each of which jaws dropped open upon hearing the story ..

“Have you .. ANY IDEA of how much this case is worth?”

Do not even get me started on the media agents.

My daughter and her friends, like mine in London, thought the same as my own friends and family and that I mentioned earlier. I was wrong or mad.

“No, they would not do things like that”

“No they cannot do that, they swear a Hippocratic Oath”

“No that is insane it wont get that bad”

Today I have a string of apologies form people saying

“It is actually [BLEEPING] worse than you predicted!”

Yeah. Noticed.

Also noticed and mentioned before is that these hard-left promoting socialism and are the same people promoting AGW claim to be into this and the science and but repeatedly demonstrated they know very little about science and acknowledge nothing.

Now they were believed to be westerners but I have shown this so so much that know everyone thinks they are CCP agents. Agents of Xi Jinping.

In fact when they was first accused they all started singing the praises of the CCP and China and a new name popped up with a white Canadian in his photo who also had things on his profile.

They claimed they were winning.

Profile of people talking like far-left who had followers in two digits to around 1,800 at best. But they are winning. And they told this to someone who had amassed 15,000 followers in just a few years. It is funny how numbers work differently to how they think. As does science.

Then there was this Presidential Election 2020. Hooooo boy.

Well we knew cheating would be involved.

So then what could be done about this? Well I was always pretty good at getting my predictions accurate, mostly in science but was becoming good with politics.

So after seeing the first data I wrote a piece, after looking at every angle, titles ‘Magnetic Pole Reversal’ decided this would be part one and with each piece showed where I went next on the path from seismology to volcanism and astrophysics and beyond.

So throughout 2019 I was on this thread arguing with people who were flat-out lying, built up a reputation by getting a record number of blocks, over 80 I know of. Got blocked by Professor Brian Cox and Michael Mann purely for pointing out their errors. Got blocked by Rob Honeycutt and Professor Katherine Hayhoe by reputation only. And others.

Now it should be pointed out that Geologist YouTuber Potholder54, who is baised and far-left leaning as well as disingenuous, told me that an account on Twitter of the same name that the CPP praisers claimed was him, was not him. This Twitter account also lost and blocked me.

Now remember this. Someone claiming to me Potholder who was telling people is a climate scientist, it is not yet a science technically, claimed he did not use Twitter.

That was what he said and I have a screenshot of that.

Now what would you think if I told you he knew Rob Honeycutt of one of the lying scientific sites promoting AGW? I found an article where Honeycutt praises Potholder for being unbiased?

I guess he did not see the three or four videos I watched?

And remember Rob Honeycutt blocked me when I have never been on the same thread as him. Ever.

I would also wager that Potholder also knows Professor Katherine Hayhoe who had also blocked me and when others asked what I had said to her I said “Nothing. I have never been on the same thread as her so not sure how she blocked me. Can only be by reputation.”

Now here is where .. you might raise an eyebrow because already it could be argued that Potholder lied and that account was indeed his. By which case he has been lying on it. Have screnshots of this too.

Potholder on YouTube does not know my Twitter account name.

But he is friends with Rob Honeycutt who blocked me without even being on the same thread as me .. EVER!

Did they get my name form the fairies at the bottom of their gardens?

Certainly have not got it from this blog as, as they like to remind me, be sracastic about and take the absolute piss as if it is a win.

“No one goes to your crappy crank blog as everyone knows you are nuts”

That is one of the more tamer lies.

Now you can imagine that with my daughter pateintly waiting for me to get help .. that being praised, called the King and everyone telling me they need me around and one of the best of not the best at what I do .. its frustrating that not at a single time have I been offered help.

You would think that they way people talk about me with each other that ..

  1. I had millions to my blogs each month
  2. Prominent YouTubers talk about me and I would see my viewership rise

Any idea how many others I have promoted on my blogs?

Any idea how many YouTubers and others I have promoted on social media?

Some that talk to me simply, well NOW, do not get it. They really think the world has gone mad and do not understand how I have not got ten to a hundred times the viewers that I have.

Is it people not helping? Or is someone blocking or hiding the reposts or links?

I am not just on Twitter. I am on a total of four that work like Twitter does and each and every one of them had had strange redesigns where they look alike now. Also a few habve had follower numbers suddenly DROP out of the blue and then only rise slowly.

At the rate it rose in the first year and the way these things are designed to work I should have 50,000 followers plus by now just across those four platforms.

Got over 10,000 in the first year.

Then I started battling ti build up my reputation while doing the right and honest things and this took two years. My followers went up by only another 5,000 or less while my reputation seemingly went through the roof.

Now I have touched upon this before.

However two people came on recently and one started following me and chatting to me via DM and THEY offered to help.

They also stated that this blog was out of this world.

They also stated that it was obviously being suppressed ans should have a lot more viewers than it does.

They said that I was something along the lines of legendary.

They said that they was going to help. Nice to hear but this has happened so many times even my daughter is bored with hearing it.

Did I mention that they was one of the founder members of Anonymous?

I told then that they approached me years ago to write an article and said they would pay me and while they go their article IO never got paid.

They said they were not susprised and it is no longer the ogranisation they knew and it made them furious.

I told them I had noticed this and had warned them but got no response.

It would appear that some groups believe they have the God given right to act like inhuman morons and demonic like beings?

And each time its ‘but everyone else are the bad guys’.

‘Two wrongs do not make a right’. Learnt that one as a child. What do they teach people in school and universities today?

Each one of these posts I think maybe this time it will take off enough to make a difference? Maybe this time it will reach the right person to make a difference? Maybe this time by ad revenue will unfreeze? A lot of maybes and a need to escape my hell and replace my equipment.

Oddly for a bunch of people always going on about money they sure do think that things can just be done for free.

Thought about posting my Patreon account but the issue is here are the links and the hard-left will Sargon of Akkad me.

I should really set something up with Subscribe Star but I wondered if that would just go the same way?

Been told for 3 years it will all end soon and I am still waiting.

And then there was that election.

Where it went nuts.

Well so yeah I made a load of predictions that throughout 2020 all came true bar a couple. None have actually failed. Of the two that are yet to come ..

  1. A Grand Solar Minimum will be announced, kinda sorta has
  2. 2020 is the last year the hard-left have as by 2021 it will all be over when GSM is realised

Now then ..

What do you supposed went through their heads as they watched each and every prediction come true?

Oh on each occasion they tried vbery hard to wist things to claim I was wrong.

In July it was claimed that I had stated that we would be in an ice-age by now. And of course I never said that, only ever said it will get colder for 7 years and then 20 years plus when my prediction for solar minimum lasting until October panned out.

I, of course, asked him to produce the tweet and also, of course, it was not produced.

But they are into the science. Apparently.

Yeah so we knew they was going to cheat. And these were high level Antifa. And two years is a long time to bat at something for 99,5% of that time.

Do you think as they were all talking to each other on the lefty grape-vine they were getting edgier and edgier? Do you think that as the Presidential Elections got closer they were starting to panic?

Is it reasonable to assume that this would result in them becoming sooo fearful that they would attempt to cheat in many ways, in may areas and so over the top it would become obvious very quickly?

They thought my goal was to help Trump.

My goal was one of duty, truth and above all .. REVENGE! Justice, you might say and I do not like losing.

Then all the reports and interviews and details along with affidavits and lawsuits came flooding in and even more so than I imagined. It has been like a Tsunami and I wonder if and when it will ever stop?

What are the hard left doing and saying?

  • Wanted countless impeachments and Trump gone despite no evidence
  • Spent 48 hours and still are insisting there is no evidence of fraud
  • Having a mass meltdowns
  • Incident of Poll watchers being refsed to watch the ballot count
  • This included one registered Democrat in one interview
  • This involved three Republican women in another let in after 10 hours which at ths point was useless
  • Vans and trucks turning up with ballots after a point when they should not
  • USPS worker accounts of postmasters rigging voting
  • Software Glitch that happened to go in joe Biden’s favour
  • Software called ‘Dominion’ the exact word I have accused the hard-left of longing for
  • Late surges that see Biden leap-frog a big lead by Trump
  • Tens of thousands of deceased people voting for Biden
  • 350,000 compromised ballots that I was told went up to 900,000
  • Affidavits, affidavits affadavits which was at thirty something and I heard ninety something at one point

I started to wonder what you were going to hear, before this ie even slowed down, from the likes of ..

  • Sargon of Akkad
  • Styxhexenhammer
  • Tim Pool
  • Count Dankula
  • Paul Joseph Watson
  • The Quartering
  • Alex Jones
  • Joe Rogan

But no none of all that ever happened according to the hard-left and it is all false .. ALL OF IT.

These are the people that spent years insisting there was evidence for impeachment when there was not. I do hope many realised this?

These people are nmot only dangerously insane they are also criminally insane and the only thing that makes any sense would be that if 80% of these people were agents from elsewhere. Like China, for instance.

Now believe me if that interests you or anything else that is coming. Fifty thousand of them are coming. In fact already here. Well .. over there. Likely here too.

In time ..

And then there are the smaller guys talking about these Earth events like ..

  • David Dubyne
  • Jake and Mari of GSM News
  • Daimond Dave of the Oppenheimer Ranch Project
  • Ice Age Farmer

And then there are all the fake news media who were literally declaring Joe Biden as President Elect when he is not and nor is it there job to do so.

Then I noticed after Boris Johnson had congratulated Biden, prematurely, they they both had the same message to the people ..

‘Build Back Better’

Now I have stated on this very blog for years thjat there seems to be some group effort that stretches far and wide of something going on and that the people are bing misled.

They have also been cheated out of their hard earned wages.

I did not care what the hard-left wanted to label it is as the term does not mean what they imply and nor does the term prove anything just because they used it.

You have fact. And you have fiction.

You have truth. And you have lies.

You have science. And you have Pseudoscience.

And then you have a large number of people willing to abuse all those as well as maths while ignoring history because they think they can get something out of it. Money or power os some other perverse ‘turn-on’ from it.

It does not matter today where you look, certainly in the western world, it is completely and utterly insane. Globally.

It also matters not where you look in science .. it is utterly bonkers and very often unprecedented.

How can these two things be occurring at the same time? Could these be linked? Scientifically?

Maybe. Another ‘maybe’.

I had spoken previously about the Bees dying.

This occurred just prior to 2010 when there was a record long solar minimum.

Then I hard it come up again a few months ago during a second consecutive record breaking solar minimum.

Lack of sunspots leads to less crops, we have known this for hundreds of years.

This means less flowers then. Few flowers on all plants likely means that pesticides used they previously blamed that ends up in the nectar would become more concentrated. Reasonable to assume, a real possibility and the occurrences line up with the long solar minimums.

But what of the magnetic field?

We know it affects animals and they navigate by it. But we do not know how. There have been countless reports of animals turning up in strange places often thousands of miles away from home.

We also know that some people can detect or fel the magnetic field.

I have also had a suspicion that some very bad headaches I have been experiencing and my health condition of Fibromyalgia has been flaring up because of it.

Would it be influencing thought patterns and behaviours?

Once again you have a real scientific possibility that line up with two sets of unprecedented events.

Pattern recognition, of sorts, is what I am good at. So much so I had people years ago think I was psychic.

But this, however, does not explain it all.

Now I have talked about what I called Project Distraction.

That everything you see and hear is in fact a distraction. What I did not know is one of two things I have talked about as possibilities ..

  • Is this a unified plan from the elite or what they call globalists?
  • Is it what some believe that this is the elite at war with each other?

We re getting down to it now.

Now imagine its the second? What if there is indeed people influencing things?

Well as it turns out there is indeed what they think might be evidence emerged they are trying very hard to verify that would dwarf that of WikiLeaks.

Yeah you heard that right.

Now this needs to be verified and quite rightly they did not want to name any names but ..

  • 50,000 CCP spies in the USA
  • Politicians been compromised
  • Companies been compromised
  • Hollywood been compromised

Have you any idea what madness has gone in in Hollywood and how many people have been asking what in the world have they been doing to movies?

Why they have been intent for five years to ruin franchises and happy to lose money?

The possibilities are ..

  • All turned into a champagne socialist nut-job
  • For the idolisation of the woke crowd
  • For the money
  • For fear or because of bribery

Yeah this Trump Derangement Syndrome was way, way, WAY over the top and why it was given the name that it has.

In all honesty I thought it was a joke and the hashtag over the top but I soon discovered how wrong I was. Yes it does happen from time to time.

Oh and I am centre-left but I do not agree with socialism and I despise liars and fascists. Just so you know. The hard-left will tell you this is lies because I am not far-enough left. They love to lie like that and is a form of bullying by shaming to get people on side.

If you have enough idiots.

Now consider this .. The Great Reset?

I spoke about this only recently and I clearly stated that this was NOT planned since Covid and this was a plan that needed two decades in the planning.

Svalbard Seed Vault for a Doomsday everyone thinks is silly was done in the 1990’s and shortly after that things started to slowly go to shit.

By 2011 there was a video on YouTube you can still find and is on a previous post from the American Astronomical Society talking about a Grand Solar Minimum.

Forget about how old you are, forget about years, forget about what your daddy told you.

A series of events that only occur across giant geological time-scales all happening at the same time shortly after a Doomsday Vault was built which was shortly followed by the world descending into madness? Yeah right. Coincidence it is not.

Oh and I have not even touched upon my submarine volcano theory I have two parts on that will warm the water from below, create all the snow in rapid cooling events you might spot because sea creatures might die.

Oh and they have been dying.

And many hundreds of whales have died after beaching themselves from Australia to Spain and America.

And hundred of Sea Turtles have died each year.

Which the hard-left told me, and I have the screenshot, they dont give a shit about while claiming to save the world from man. Well if it not animals, saving it for who?

Are the hard-left being from another world like in The Day The Earth Stood Still or Knowing where they only want to save a select few .. that they never actually mention?

I should point out that as soon as I see all this data it become obvious to me that if this was going to happen that the bread baskets of the world would change.

I pointed out that places like Russia and China with all its people will likely become very nervous about losing the ability to produce enough food and might .. MOVE!

I also put the EU Army down to this, which they claimed there were no plans for later to be found out as being liars.

Its funny how trillions have vanished towards global warming and ye you have seen nothing but armies have been planned and put together.

Well it the rich and powerful suddenly got scared do you think they would worry about you or their own asses?

Where would they go to to survive?

Where would they need to go?

That depends on the question, how bad will it get?

Underground facility? Like a city or an old nuclear bunker? LHC would come in handy for that in Europe.

Large boats like in 2012 in case of a super volcanic eruption or they think there might be a continental shift event?

I mean if it was looking to be really bad some might want to live on a base on the Moon or even Mars, maybe? You might see after years of nothing a sudden interest in that? Could be a clue?

Maybe they might think nothing will happen in the UK and many Americans that are famous might start turning up and appearing in our TV adverts? Might? You never know.

But these guys looking into these documents look like they are doing an interesting and fabulous job, even IF his views of tabloids is a little .. well, off.

But what they are doing is ..

  • Looking at the ‘WHAT’
  • Not looking at the ‘WHY’

You will note at one point that they point out that this started building up in 2015.

Yeah that would be a year after a record low solar maximum after a record long solar minimum which has since been beaten when they first said

‘It is just like a Maunder Minimum’ and then saying ‘but we wont get any harsh winters because of all the CO2’

Which was followed by several years of harsh winters and people actually DYING. Yeah the video is in one of the parts and was on the BBC. ‘Why has the Sun Gone to Sleep’.

‘So many people demand the truth but wont see until they open their eyes and when they do, turn their tails and run as it is not the truth they are comfortable with’

Said that. Just now.

Nature has stunning levels of interconnectivity and only the amoral and those challenged would choose to ignore this fact”

I have also said that.

Those that refuse to be taught or unwilling to learn always have preconceived ideas of how the world is and how it should be”

And that.

What gets us into trouble is not what we don’t know. It is what we know for sure that just ain’t so”

It was Mark Twain that said that.

Philosophy is about as useful to Science as Ornithology is to birds”

Richard Feynman said that.

If you thought the science was certain, well that is just an error on your part”

Richard Feynman also said that.

The true definition of madness is repeating the same action over and over hoping for a different result”

The hard-left seem to be unaware Albert Einstein said that.

You are unlikely to cure the stupidity of the person with whom you are talking, but you never know who is listening who will here you truth”

Howell Woltz and another that the hard-left are completely oblivious to.

Though as I was not getting a single response over an argument about whether real evidence does not exist while non-existent evidence does, I did not get a single response.

They have likely all muted me now, those that have not blocked.

I have also been asking people why Boris Johnson has been talking about quitting, or the rumour mill has, and was already asking people “How have we got to a point where we have had three Prime Ministers in a row quit? Why are there these plans to fly the Royal Family out and why are they using Brexit as the excuse?”

Told many people that what I now thought is that there was something bigger coming and in January 2019 I found the one thing that can explain the crazy times and behaviours that is effecting the entire world.

‘For a global effect you need a global threat’

I said that.

And it is not AGW, Covid or Brexit.

Funny that with the three that ..

  • Record Cold and Snow as I predicted
  • Nothing on the news about all the dead bodies anywhere in the world as I predicted
  • We are still waiting for Brexit as I predicted

Very handy that for many years the doors opened to allow the worst of other societies in they blamed on fear of losing foor from AGW and now the places where you can grow food have thinned out.

So if you wanted to go there .. far less nasty people to worry about and a lot more space.

By the time people realise the truth as its yet to go viral with me, the equatorial regions might even be empty?

Now watch the video and though they concentrate on the who and they effects .. ask yourself


And keep an eye on these guys, I eventually realised why the women looked familiar as she is from Subverse which I have only seen now and then.