Been awhile since I did a post on this as I battled on Twitter over AGW and focused oh a human for of malware I have long now ignored.

Cannot trust the numbers, nothing makes sense. Looks like a lot of it is lies, nothing occurring I expected it to and without the number or seeing anything I can not work anything out. Do not trust the reasons given for deaths any more. Guy’s Hospital along with many others are like a ghost town.

Back to the man-made global warming nonsense.

So some may have already seen articles in the national tabloids, one example being the Daily Mail about global cooling and an ice-age? Yeah they embellished that a little.

Anyone that tells you we are going into an ice-age is lying.

Anyone that tells you we are not or it wont even cool because of AGW and CO2 is also lying.

That is it and that is all for the short version.

Now for the long version ..

All last year I was attacked by people that were scientists, claiming to be scientists or just claiming to know about the science.

They did not ..

  • Solar Cycles
  • Volcanoes
  • Seismic Activity
  • Pole Reversal
  • Cosmic Rays
  • Meteorology
  • Meteors
  • Human Malware
  • Psychology
  • Astrophysics
  • Thermodynamics

None of the above did they show they knew anything about and very often got things wrong and then some and this I will get into at the end.

Now then even members of my own side thought I had this wrong all through 2019 and that was this ..

‘That the deep solar minimum will continue well into late Spring 2020 and maybe even October and that this will drop the predicted solar maximum of 110 (by NASA and NOAA) down and down and down. Eventually it will be a low not seen until the Little Ice-Age and may now even arrive in the next decade at all’

Now then here is how it works .. as a solar minimum continues the next solar maximum prediction gets lowered. Here is a gif of NASA doing exactly that as I have spent months trying to work out what they got wrong ..


Now as I did I have to say that I owed to to Dave Burton ( @ncdave4life) for this one as I was provided with a 2006 article from NASA where they predicted that the solar maximum of cycle 24 would be a record high.

Yeah that ended up a record low.

Then they predicted the solar minimum going on now would not be that low nor last long.

The deep solar minimum of 2008-9 was a record for 80 years that shocked them and they still did not see the low solar maximum of 2014 coming nor the minimum we have now.

The one in 2008-9 lasted around 20 to 22 months.

The one we are in now is running at 30 months, we have, as of today the 30th May 2020, run up to 28 consecutive days without any sunspots. As stated and as I predicted and against NASA’s last prediction that a rise would occur around late November 2019. Which had already been pushed back. Yeah that did not happen.


Yeah .. they got this minimum wrong .. and as a result they also got two things wrong about the cycle for the next 6 years or so.

You see as the solar minimum continues what happens is the next solar maximum not only gets lowered but it also gets pushed back. When I first come across the magnetic field data and north pole movement this led me to seismic, volcanic and other activities. The solar maximum for cycle 25 was predicted for 2024.

Before cycle 24 I am fairly sure it was predicted for around 2022. But that last cycle itself become extended and what normally lasts 11 years, give or take a year, ended up close to 14 years.

Even there your adding years to the cooling periods. So as this one is even longer I have watched it get pushed from 2024 to 2025 and if things continue as they are for the next .. say three months they will be pushing it to 2026.

Only .. currently and quietly in a PDF document in April 2020 NASA have now moved their prediction for the solar maximum of cycle 25 from the 110 plus they originally predicted to around the same as cycle 24, at around 90, and now?

Well this graph I believe created between February 2020 and April 2020 as the solar maximum sunspot number for cycle 25 at 30 spots.

Now here is for the obvious and inescapable bits, remembering that all 20260 one of the hard-left scientists told everyone (see bottom) that there will be ..

‘No Grand Solar Minimum now but will be in 2060-70’

Spent over a year asking him where he got his maths from. He ignored this for a year and then stated that he cited a paper.

Umm .. no. I searched his timeline. Four tweets of him claiming this and no paper in sight.

These people lie and they lie a hell of a lot and about things they cannot even lie about (see bottom of the page for screen-shots and links to tweets)

Yeah so .. here is the rub ..

The solar minimum is still flat-lining and therefore the predictions get lowered so either from February 2020 or April 2020. So this has gone on another two to four months and now we are at 28 consecutive days.

Only a rise, exact opposite for a fall, goes like this ..

  • Say 30 days
  • Next one will be around 22 days
  • Next one will be around 14 days
  • Next one will be around 8 days
  • Eventually you are in a rise
  • How many more weeks or months is that?

Yeah .. here is another rub and this HAS occurred

  • It might go down to 14 days
  • Then start rising again
  • Late 2014 we have 40 consecutive days many had not witnessed before
  • Current one might end up 35 days
  • Then it might be 20 days
  • Then it might be 30 days

But the predicted solar maximum is 25 to 30?

Not seen since the Little Ice-Age or Maunder Minimum period that ran from around 1640 to 1700.

We had a Dalton Minimum a little after 1800 but these was 22 years and two low solar maximums, not solar maximums going absent without leave.

I am afraid it gets worse.

The climate alarmists will tall you that a Grand Solar Minimum will not cool or affect temperatures and we we still warm.

This is complete and utter nonsense like everything else they tell you. I proved this by asking them for the specific definition of a Grand Solar Minimum.

No answer like with all other science questions.

Leftists think we know everything about everything and have the power to control it all .. we do not.

Currently a Grand Solar Minimum is a term given to when the Sun goes into an inactive period and the sunspots never rise much above 20. And this continues, in theory, from two cycles, so 22 years, to two centuries.

But they will tell you this will make no difference as they push hard for their power grab for socialism, communism and whatever else they fight for.

But also associated with Grand Solar Minimums is the rise in frequency and size of volcanic eruptions. Once again leftists say now while volcanologists will tell you we know virtually nothing about the field. But leftists know all the answers.

Any climate scientist will tell you, if they are good ones like Joanna Haigh, that the main tow drivers of the climate are the Sun and Volcanoes.

Warned them and predicted this would happen and I told them that their entire argument for AGW global warming is over in 2020 and not even my own side agreed with me.

I always answer the same β€œWell .. we will see. If I am wrong in this you are welcome to come back and tell me and I will happily hold my hands up and admit I got it wrong”

Over 18 months later after working on this little by little and 30 odd posts about it we are now staring into the face of the inevitable. Oh leftists do not know what words mean, see ‘published’ below, when they have clearly lost and try to redefine them.

They tell you they beat you and you lost when you did not.

Prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that have been beaten and they claim it was a ‘draw’ and I have lost count of the number of times sceptics on my side have roared with laughter.

On the then there was the whole Nature website deleting three articles and one to do with this and complete bullshit being made up about it .. so that the general wider public do not find out.

Two teams predicted this and told NASA and NOAA and they both said no.

One of these was the American Astronomical Society who I linked a video to from 2011 in part 6 of this series.

The other was Professor Valentina Zharkova. Who then had her paper removed over the calculations being wrong. The hard-left take the absolute pish out of her for this.

She was published 250 times or something? They was not, not once. But they attack her and she has been surprised by these attacks. She even said it was political.

The hard-left do not care about you, animals or anyone else.

Here is how I understand the situation with Professor Zharkova ..

  • Accused of stating we are going into an ice-age which was false
  • Ridiculed for her maths of Earth’;s orbit being wrong with it was a model created by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Professor Zharkova said their claims made no sense and left her shaking her head
  • Earth’s orbit was not the core of her work was the inner workings of the Sun itself
  • But doing anything new in science now has to be politically correct with the far-left
  • Nature also removed two other things, and so three over around 6 weeks the other two do with with the Human Malware problem
  • In so doing they totally ignored the Replication Crisis issues and have not yet removed half of all scientific papers that are wrong
  • Nor have they said anything about re-submitting the papers if presented with maths they approve of
  • Maths has to be politically correct now?

I quite literally just got reminded of this as a non-scientist posted about the removal of the paper and took the pish out if it. Yeah non-scientist taking the pish out of a scientist because the paper that suggests the planet will enter a Grand Solar Minimum and cool got removed.

They are also all completely insane and ignore everything you say to them.

Told them repeatedly I was the original sceptic and found my own evidence that the Industrial Revolution started nothing at all back in the year 2000.

Yet they have spent 18 months on an almost daily basis claiming that I was convinced by Adapt 2030, Ice Age Farmer, Donald Trump, President Putin or someone else.

Despite the fact that I have shown plenty of my own images with annotations of my own and my predictions and notes.

Oh yes, how could I forget? I got accused of altering graphs and told I could not use them and I had to show the definitions for the word ‘graph’ but they still lied about it.

You might have been told that the global warming has been predicted for 50 years or more? This is not true, the creator of the first model knew Freeman Dyson and both said you cannot use it to predict climate. Has not stopped the hard-left using it.

They will also tell you this has been predicted since the 1950′ by both NASA and NOAA and this is also another lie and even when presented with a NOAA journal from 1974 that states not only was there a cooling trend but an ice-age was coming and you get DROUGHTS with cooling trends ..


These people do not have an honest bone in their body and will lie about absolutely anything. They are the same people behind the inciting of the riots now taking place in America. Antifa.

So to recap here .. the absolute two main drivers of the climate are the Sun and volcanoes, the latter to do with particles that seed clouds and volcanoes are just one.

But NASA and NOAA have got one wrong for over 20 years despite being warned by many and they bare-faced lied about volcanoes.

But they are telling everyone that 0.04% of the atmosphere which is very low and needed by plants to breathe is this terrible demonic thing warming the atmosphere? Which we are responsible for which is not true either as we are responsible for 3% of that.

Or does it seem more like they might have actually known and got a load of obsessed people that refuse to listen when they see a chance of realising a world dream that wont let go and managed to hide the reality form everyone?

Been a bit of a break since I started typing this out. Various things have occurred most of which have been pain plus I have had to contact the Home Office for not doing their jobs again.

Three days after emailing them I now hear they are going to do half their job. We will see?

Pain has been bad and I was affected by three at the same time, two of which were unbearable and such a nice country I live in with such caring public services that do not give a crap about us.

In fact this popped up .. former worker for the Home Office that says they are clueless, always been clueless and seem unwilling to do their job.

He even goes as far as stating that he would like to leave the UK.

This was not the only thing that occurred during the break .. a solar cycle 24 sunspot popped up out of nowhere. Not a good sign for solar cycle 25 starting any time soon.

A village in Siberia beat its heat record by 0.9C, how far do records really go back, which had the climate alarmist Marxists claiming proof of AGW. Except that far north and with a weaker Sun how can this be? Also it then flip-flopped back to cold.


Notcilucent Clouds were see way further south and even here where I currently reside with photos appearing on taken from a park near me.

As I have stated before I think these are a sign of what is to come and will be taken much more notice of in the future.

I also stated there would be a lot more studies into the areas I have linked together like the magnetosphere ..

And one scientist of my own side disagreed with me on this one and a study pops up on submarine volcanoes ..

“Most volcanic eruptions occur at the bottom of the oceans”

“So even under layers of water kilometres thick, which exert great pressure and thus prevent effective degassing, there must be mechanisms that lead to an ‘explosive’ disintegration of magma”

“The water then expands explosively. Finally, particles and water are ejected explosively. We lead them through a U-shaped tube into a water basin to simulate the cooling situation underwater,”

One of those blobs of warm water went past tropical South Africa which for some reason, along with much of Africa, has had below average temps reported that have affected food.

** (WordPress wont allow these links but everyone else does)

This had previous reports regarding the cold along with snowfall too and they have more forecast in the coming days. New Zealand is cold too. Now remember climate alarmists like to ignore all these reports and keep on about global temperature.



And they just had reports of historical snowfall in South America from Argentina to Chile ..


Now what the Marxist climate alarmists are doing is claiming that cold and snow is down to AGW and CO2 and therefore still man-made.

So according them them now both up, down and sideways is all proof of the AGW they have never been able to prove or have any solutions to.

Convenient, no?

They have not been able to provide upon request any links at all ever that more snow and cold was predicted by their climate scientists.

To give you an idea of how crazy these people are in the UK we had a heatwave lasting two weeks predicted. The warm days arrived three days or so late and lasted three or so days. This was in June where the reality was it was below average most of the month. They insisted it was way above average. One leftist from Australia and one from the US telling a Londoner this?

They tried to prove it .. with links .. I disproved their claims.

One week into July its been cold and either grey or raining. They then lied yet again and tried to say it was very hot and above average in the UK. I disproved this too.

I even showed them that the Met Office stated that by Sunday 12th of July the UK would get some much needed sun. It did not state anything about it being hot but did state that they were doubtful that a heatwave forecast for the end of July would arrive.

Maybe because the last two heat-waves forecast did not materialise?

I had doubted the last two forecasts would come to much or last for long and just as I thought, they did not.

They will try and tell you that TSI has little effect, in effect treating the plant as flat for starters and forgetting that it is a globe and that each watt dropped gets multiplied due to the angle between the Sun and the higher latitudes.

Than factor in that this is amplified by clouds and particles from things like cosmic rays, possibly, and volcanoes.

Meteors also leave dust and these have increased in recent years and I can only put the Sun’s magnetic field acting up to this. A Solar Cycle is the sun going through a magnetic flip .. it just does this way, way more often than the Earth does.

One of the best things that these Marxists do is try and say anything you say is a lie. Even that of a joke. This following tweet is from someone that is called Let’s Logic, claims to be a science teacher, dread the thought, and thought that without an atmosphere the Earth would bet down to Absolute Zero?!

This was a joke they later tried three times to tell people I was lying but not by linking the actual tweet and only their own reply that I was lying. Which seemed an odd response at the time. Until, that is, when they started retweeting their reply to make it appear to others I have previously been caught lying.

Here is the science teacher having it explained that absolute zero cannot be reached and a fraction above it is extremely hard and not at our location in the solar system.

They would not have it and I had to go on and state that even at its coldest Pluto only gets to -233C and they STILL ARGUED.

Then their logic told them that in proving it is not getting warmer I must not ‘cherry-pick’ the hundreds if not thousands of reports or record cold, snow and ice.

Yes I kid you not .. this is something they tell me often. But they can pick a single village in Siberia and link it .. which was 0.9C over their record for a single day and this proves that global warming is real and man-made.

At the end of the day they treat people like complete idiots.

At one point they tried to say that -273C was easy because NASA achieved cold temperatures on the International Space Station.

I then pointed out that this would have cost NASA millions to get it up there and was obviously a waste of time as all they had to do to achieve these temperatures is leave the space station .. AT NIGHT!

Remember this is a science teacher that might be teaching, more like indoctrinating, your children?

Also a little weird is there are around six or so accounts that have all claimed that they are science teachers at some point or another, sounded just as moronic and also have a having of retweeting things, and I do mean literally, well over 100 times.

Yes because repeating this 100 times makes you correct in your claims. Einstein, Newton, Feynman, Dyson and all the others were obviously doing things wrong, no?

Oh and now Tim Pool uploads a video where it is emerged that Noam Chomsky and Vox have come out against the hard-left, Antifa, their attack on free speech and cancel culture, which they use against people who disagree with AGW, and the hard-left have turned on them?!

You simply cannot make this stuff up at this point.

I have bee noticing for a year that as soon as I mention particular subjects or people they get brought up by a big YouTuber or someone else with a few weeks to a month or two.

β€œThe smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum” – Noam Chomsky

β€œHe who controls the media controls the minds of the public” – Noam Chomsky

β€œThe world is a very puzzling place. If you’re not willing to be puzzled, you just become a replica of someone else’s mind” – Noam Chomsky

β€œTo live a life of honesty and integrity is a responsibility of every decent person” – Noam Chomsky and Antifa and the hard-left should take note.

β€œIf something is repeated over and over as obvious, the chances are that it is obviously false”- Noam Chomsky

That last one I use all the time against Antifa and the hard-left who can very easily repeat things over 100 or even a few hundred times, I kid you not.

The way I see it and my first suspicions arose a long time ago, but often have difficulties how I can make people look at this themselves, is that this has all been a distraction.

My money is on this inevitable cooling that is coming and maybe they know how bad it will be or maybe they do not but just aware of the possibilities.

They talk about global temperature going up and reaching 2.0C above a baseline. Now it should be pointed out that in the Maunder Minimum period they called the Little Ice Age this was 0.8C below this baseline.

They claimed it was the warmest Spring ever but between March and April we had consecutive drops according to the UAH graphs. This was the second largest two month drop in history. I had stated it looked likely to get a third. This was lied about and claimed by Antifa that I had predicted a third drop. It went up a little in May. But in June it dropped again and certainly from what I have seen it looks like it will drop again.

There has been anomalous cold and snow even in what is supposed to be ‘tropical’ South Africa. The cold has killed livestock in China. Canada has had some cold temperatures too. Here in the UK we have had a below average June and thus far a below average July. The Met Office previously stated that they now doubt a heat-wave occurring towards the end of July.

At the time of writing this part it is July 10th 2020, we have had four consecutive days without sunspots and the spot we did have belonged to solar cycle 24. This suggests that a rise in sunspots for solar cycle 25 is at least several weeks or even months away yet?

The Antifa hoard have been recently challenging me while exposing yet more of their incompetence in that the announcement I stated will be made later in the year has not been made and therefore it wont.

Here is what I said ..

As the solar minimum continues the prediction for sunspots for solar maximum for cycle 25 gets lowered and is currently at 25 spots. In a few months time between August and September they will have no choice but to go public that we are in a Grand Solar Minimum.

At this point and likely has already there will be no more talk or papers about AGW and all the talk will be about how long this will last and how cold things will go. No one can say, in my opinion, for sure at this point in time. But cooler it will get over 20 years.

I said this a couple of weeks ago and they came at me a few days ago that because an announcement has not been made it is not going to happen.

You see the problem here?

First off they predict the following solar maximum based on the length of the solar minimum and we are still in one. I can guarantee you there are scientists looking at this, hard-left say no its all about AGW, and shitting themselves and wondering when or even IF solar cycle 25 will start at all.

It has been like 31 or 32 months this minimum has lasted and the last record breaking one that ended a decade ago only lasted around 20 months.

Now if we go say another 6 weeks and have around 35 days or more without spots then I believe, if they have not already, that the sunspot number for solar cycle 25 will be lowered below 20 or even 15. At some point you are going to have a solar maximum so low that there may well have been solar minimums with more spots.

So they are sitting their crapping their pants and for two reasons ..

  • They have never seen anything like this previously
  • Anyone that was encouraged to write papers promoting AGW will know damn well that in a very short time they are going to look very stupid

If your reading this and tempted to think, well if you are British, ‘Oh the Daily Mail says something like this every few years and nothing ever happens’ then I will say this ..

Something has happened. Something is happening. And what is happening we have not seen since the 17th century. In the second half of the 17th century the Thames was frozen over and they had market stalls on it as depicted in paintings.

Now a change like this, and for all we know it could be worse and we just have no way of knowing, will change the world.

There are a lot more people than there was back then and a lot more food production is required.

As stated earlier in my 30 part plus series farming areas to the north will gradually be lost over time and you will need to farm further south. So any countries at higher latitudes will be in trouble.

If it gets really bad it may well turn out that all the world’s deserts may become suitable for crop production, that would be my guess.

But it is my estimation that rather than telling the people of the world this the leaders decided to play a stupid game to disguise what was occurring? Maybe they thought they were doing the right thing? They was not. Maybe they were doing it just to protect themselves?

Maybe they were waiting because, like myself, they realised that how long this solar minimum would be would tell them how bad it was going to be?

Make no mistake, leftists are morons. They are sup stupid it is unreal and one minute governments are all liars and the next minute you are a ‘conspiracy theorist’ to suggest there is some global plan despite the fact that the majority believe that there is.

These terms exist for a reason ..

  • New World Order
  • Elite
  • Elitists
  • Globalists
  • Globalism

If this is what they did .. it was pathetic and moronic and there was and is a better way.

Can you imagine the backlash if this was discovered to be the case? Well this could well be the case within 6 months to a year.

And they used the narrow-minded, obsessed and nasty amoral hard-left to hide it who very literally try to shut me down on a daily basis.

This is so much so that I have wondered if they are hired by governments and the big organisations to do just that?

They think I am lying when I spend every day wondering if it is worth doing or even planning anything at all? As does my daughter who now see these things also.

As for the hard-left? Yes they are incompetent and naΓ―ve at best. They claim what we do and do not know and what we can and cannot do.

They seem to be under the impression that is such things were known .. about a Little Ice-Age, deeper Ice-Age, comet or asteroid strike or some such other event that they would just tell us all.

Come on, now? How utterly stupid and naΓ―ve is that?

And when I see NASA, NOAA, USGS and others say ..

  • Oh it turns out we are in a period of increased meteor activity we previous did not know about
  • We built the Svalbard Seed Vault .. just in case
  • Predicted Solar Activity wrong for 21 years between 2006 and 2027 and counting
  • Oh those Volcano Graphs are not for increased activity its just how well we spot them, which is shite
  • Seismic Activity is not increasing around the world
  • None of that means anything but we are planning space-ports, stations orbiting the Moon and a Moonbase out of the blue
  • Oh its just like a run-up to the Maunder Minimum but the CO2 we never proved did anything is going to stop cooling
  • Look at our fake OneGraphs

.. I think to myself that you have to be some kind of special moron or a totally obsessed individual seeking power to not realise something is well and truly not right.

When you add in that we have this minimum sprinting towards lasting three whole years when the last record breaking one was less than two .. then you have to be some kind of special to not realise something is happening.

The closer we get to it become more obvious, undeniable and inevitable the crazier things get in the world. Well that is .. convenient, no?

Ergo and to me the whole shindig has been a distraction I have suspected for a fair old while now and it is the only thing that, to me, makes sense.

Even if you look at this push for globalism.

If you consider for a moment that in 5 or 10 years from now we have no idea of knowing what we will be able to grow or where we will be able to grow it .. stands to reason that a grand plan would have been concocted, no?

The only thing is this ‘grand plan’ ended up making things unbearable and bring many countries down so far that they are talking about civil war, wars between nations and even world war.

In recent times all three types of wars are being openly talked about regularly. I cannot think of a time when this occurred.

Crazy times and crazy events require crazy reasons and the one I suggest is not only plausible but is, in fact, occurring as I type.

Another thing that the Antifa Hard-Left who are behind the biggest pushers of the AGW narrative will tell you is that all scientists and weather experts along with governments are in agreement that AGW is real ..

Except maybe for these weather experts in Cyprus where they just had a low-pressure winter storm in July ..

Or the people of Norway where they just had their record snowfall in July at 10 metres, yes that is metres and not feet, deep ..

Here is .. well .. someone pulling someone who has changed their tune, Antifa from Australia who previously stated a year ago that ..

  • No way a GSM happening now
  • But GSM will occur in 2060 he later said he linked a paper to but lied
  • That CO2 and other Greenhouse Gases will continue to warm the Troposphere (this link)
  • But had changed his tune to something else, SOMEONE pulling him about it and getting applauded
  • This person kept jumping on my posts saying I was wrong and mad, probably paid by Donald Trump and/or Oil Companies as they have all done that

Now then .. a little more concerning Pole Reversal as just like I stated from the outset, I find it more than a coincidence that things that occur every few hundred, few thousand, tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years all seem to be occurring at the same time.

There has been much talk about a pole reversal taking place.

Many people say it is imminent while others state that it will not happen for thousands of years and in all honesty neither can lay claim to this. Not even the expert without it being pure speculation.

In fact I would go as far to say that what with the data of the last 20 years the ones speculating it is not far away seem to have the data slowly emerging in over the last decade that they are more likely to be correct.

The experts will talk about this happening every few million years and that the last completed flip took place 780,000 years ago. Which would naturally lead anyone to think that its thousands of years away. And maybe it is?

However .. the truth is the following ..

While it has remained at a certain polarity over hundreds of thousands as well as millions of years the truth is it is also been way way shorter than this.

Between 120 and 140 millions of years ago in the Cretaceous period it flipped two dozen times or more.

This then followed a period between 125 million and 85 million years ago of a period where it remained at the same polarity, normal. The way it is today. There have been no periods since where it remained the same for even close to half this time.

In the last 5 million years it has flipped around 20 times. There was one period longer than the current one in that time just beyond a million years ago where the polarity was reversed and seem to last around 900,000 years plus.

To put this in some perspective and according to an official chart, shown below, by the Geological Society of America the previous period to this one with normal polarity it looks as if it lasted a lot less than 100,000 years.

So again .. the last period prior to this one where your compass would point north lasted less than 100,000 years, maybe less then 50,000 years? The one today has lasted 730,000 to 780,000, depending on who you listen to. The latter number is the one I am familiar with.

The very last period where your compass would point south, Reversed Polarity, looks like it lasted about 200,000 to 400,000 years.

For even more perspective you have to go back in time to find a period where the polarity remained stable for one million years. This would be between 16 million and 15 million years ago.

So yes going by their lengths and regularity we do seem to be pushing our luck somewhat.

Now considering all the data emerging with seismic activity, pole movements, volcanic activity over the last 300 years plus along with the pole reversal records we have I find it difficult to believe that no one thought something was on its merry way.

Of course I have these climate alarmists that are on social media daily trying to turn attention away from both these records along with the emerging data and telling everyone they are idiots, Pseudoscientists, morons and others and should focus on CO2 we have nothing on whatsoever.

Everything with CO2 is contested and the charts of temps and CO2 even going back a few thousand years completely contradict what they claim. Like the two charts lined side by side here.

The YouTube channel ‘Philosophical Investigations’ was where I grabbed the comparison and you should check out his videos.

Now you can only draw two conclusions from this as even their own idols quotes are ignored in that you should always strive to be honest, question everything and seek answers.

These are the names of those they totally ignore ..

  • Noam Chomsky
  • Karl Popper
  • Richard Feynman
  • Freeman Dyson
  • Albert Einstein
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Mark Twain

When you are ignoring the wisest quotes of the above and running around social media telling scientists to ignore the science while accepting their assumptions in science, therefore pseudoscience, AS science .. you are either ..

  • Completely and utterly insane
  • A nasty political movement intend on dominion over others and abusing science to achieve this
  • Working as part of a group to divert attention away form the truth

All these are completely plausible possibilities.

I have been centred around the second one but I have been moving further and further towards the third one.

That being said ..

There have been a lot of changes with the Earth and all its little quirky things from the magnetic field to the Schumann Resonance.

I do not think many would disagree if I turned around and stated that the world, well the western world at least, had gone completely and utterly insane?

Nobody can figure out why.

But as I have stated previously animals are acting up. Maybe there is some connection we have where out thought patterns get affected or our feelings do which drives out thought processes that means that maybe the first one is true?

We still do not know how animals detect the magnetic field to be able to navigate. Spiritual people believe that we are connected to the Schumann’s Resonance which was used by the military and is now out of whack too. Maybe there is something in that, who knows?

Cray things and crazy times require crazy or just very complex theories.

Over a great many years if I see something there is no scientific explanation to then I ask myself why this is.

If I am provided a scientific explanation I go over it and at times I think that this is it or in the ballpark and other times I am like ‘nope’ and then I start going over what is wrong with it.

Sometimes this can be concluded in an evening or a few days and at other times it takes years of me going over it in my mind. Never had the luxury of time and resources as some have sooo .. sometimes it takes a little longer. Especially with the endless upheavals I have had to endure.

I suppose in a way this whole series has been a combination of all those things coming together and I might be a little out on the odd detail.

All in all its been difficult to say the least because if you post anything on Twitter you are inundated with people that know nothing about science, claim that they do, get caught out over and over and will tell you that scientists know everything. About everything.

They will tell you what will or wont happen. What things will have an affect, bizarrely only CO2, and what wont, which tends to be everything else with these people.

Without any prior knowledge they immediately throw doubt on anything that might distract people away fro the AGW issues they have never proven on four decades. And these people refer to themselves as scientists.

If they find a body, or a university or anything, for that matter, that fits their narrative it is the absolute truth.

If it is one they do not they will say they are right-wing nut-jobs, kinda gives themselves away the morons, and paid by ‘big oil’ or Donald Trump and even Vladamir Putin gets used.

Very often you end up seeing a tweet where it states ‘science is my job’ or ‘I am a science teacher’ which is kinda scary. Maybe they are the ones at NASA that come up with the ideas of drilling holes into the Yellowstone Caldera or pouring water on it to prevent a volcanic eruption? Or the ones that have got the Sun’s activity wrong for 21 years? Or the ones that got Pluto wrong? Or any of the other blunders they have made of which there are many?

But they say what these alarmists want to hear and as they are NASA, or whoever, then you have to take it as gospel. Science is done by consensus, dontcha know?

Now in recent months and a few weeks back now I found a buried prediction by NASA for solar cycle 25 which was at 25 sunspots which was revised down somewhere between, though could be earlier, February and April 2020.

Now towards the end of 2019 they still had this at 90, similar to the last solar maximum in 2014 which was low and shocked scientists. So if the 88 odd sunspots in 2014 shocked then what do you think 25 will do?

But that is the CURRENT .. prediction .. or I should say the last prediction they made. Because NASA adjusts this depending on how long and deep the solar minimum is.

Now solar maximum for cycle 24 was revised way down from a record high they predicted in 2006, thanks to Dave Burton for that one, to a record low. Because of the 20 month odd long deep solar minimum from 2008-9. An animated graph, if it works, shows NASA doing this below.

The current solar minimum has run from 2018 .. it is now 2020 .. it has run for around 31 months or more and is still going. With a solar cycle 24 sunspot appearing it tends to suggest a while yet.

So if we are 3 to 5 months on from the last revision and it is currently at 25 for solar maximum 25 then how long before NASA revises this down again? One clever alarmist waited two weeks and then said that an announcement has not come like I said?!

Funny as I stated ‘later in the year’ and between August and October they will make an announcement. Also pointed out to these co-called science enthusiasts that seem to know nothing in any field, including AGW, that NASA do this. So if the solar minimum is still running and they will still be revising they can hardly make any statements now, can they?

Opportunistic idiots that do not listen nor understand anything about science or graphs, quite obviously.

In fact I would go as far as stating that they seem to want the planet to be burning as they show no signs of relief that it is not and are more focused on keeping support in their claims than anything else.

Now remember that the past revision has sunspots at 25 for the next solar maximum but this is unknown territory. The only thing we can go on are the graphs we have and the rates of falls, climbs and lengths of the solar minimums.

There has to be a point when they realise, if the minimum continues long enough, when the solar maximum in 2025-6 could barely be called a maximum. Or even that there wont actually be one at all?

If the minimum continues as it is now for say six months more, until 2021, we might not see a rise of much at all for the next ten to twenty years?

We just do not know. We can work out some things and this applies to all fields. But out knowledge is limited.

Unless of course you speak to a hard-left who seem to think we have all the answers to everything and everything is down to CO2. Like the moronic claims that AGW can cause volcanic eruptions and even ice-ages.

What have they done to science?!#

I have maintained my same theories since I started this particular series on this since January 2019 and along with my predictions for the flip-flopping weather between January 2019 and January and January 2022.

Thus far things are panning out as I predicted they would. In the UK my daughter cannot believe it is July and they forecast 4C to 6C for the night temps a couple of days back. I stated that my fear and prediction was that this will get later into the year for the next couple of years. What if in 2021 or 2022 we are saying this in August? As things have to continue to remain low as far as solar cycles are concerned for at least four years .. in 2023 or 2024 will the UK go without a summer?

I wonder how many countries in the world will face the same issue by that time?

Food for thought.