I became estranged from friends and family for years .. still am to a degree and still have some that do not believe my claims of 15 years that the news media is lying.

Trust me when I say this that anyone I know or am related to will tell you that I have stated that the news media are lying pieces of shite and have done for well over 15 years. My father ended up dying as a result of this fake news. My daughter repeatedly abuse thanks to these evil fake news evil leftist journalists.

I have also had arguments where I have been accused of being far-right .. and socialists claim that the BBC is far-right. I have laughed at both!

Always disagreed with socialism and I used to think of myself as centre-left. After a decade of hell and realising that leftists and socialists were as much to blame as those only obsessed with money, the Tories, I considered myself centre-right.

I am still living in a hell today and I took my fight to Twitter were withing a mere few weeks I had leftists and socialists attack me, throw names, swear their heads off, try character assassinations and dox me but the absolute worst thing was the threatening children, of Shazia Hobbs, and tell everyone it was not Muslims that abused my daughter repeatedly but me.

These are supposed to be caring leftist socialists?! Like fuck!

Over time I realised they belonged to three groups .. Hope Not Hate, Resisting Hate and Tell MAMA and there were probably others?

I was impressed that single man was making a noise about grooming gangs and child abuse and his name was Tommy Robinson but lo and behold the only man publicly talking about it and getting attention was the absolute focus of attacks from the leftists groups and the mainstream media.

Stood to reason there was a link and it turned out to be between the BBC, who I absolute detest, and Hope Not Hate.

They were doing a hit piece on Tommy Robinson, who had gone quiet for a bit before we found out why, and then we were hit with the fact they were doing this but that Tommy Robinson had turned the tables on them.

They tried to run a false story on him in a national tabloid, still do not know which one, and offered to pay Lucy Brown £5,000 to make up false sex allegations against him?!

Hilariously Tommy Robinson made his own hit piece documentary, set up a large screen outside the BBC headquarters in Manchester and screened the whole thing ..

Just part of our true story they kicked off Twitter is here ..


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