THE END OF WAYS (Part Three)

How things change.

How quickly they change and just how much they change.

As I was finishing this part off I was already working on part four and not expecting more than a page or two it has already grown to five.

I had anticipated that based on my predictions that a number of things would occur with both the cold weather and polar blasts as well as blasts from various volcanoes.

With three months left of this year of 2021 much has already been occurring and once again after experts claimed one thing it was later shown by nature, sometimes within 24 hours, that they are wrong.

So this part was about the madness of mankind, attitudes, bad behaviour, how the US has a government doing some inane things.

The idea was that as the parts went on I would swing back around to subjects as I knew there would be more developments but its happening earlier and more frequent than I thought it would

So first up this time around was that mess they call Afghanistan and that pulling out and the rumours I thought were baloney about all the weapons and aircraft left there.

Very long list of aircraft some of which was taken to Afghanistan not long before they left and far more than there are pilots?

Yeah sorry just like with AGW and Covid along with these supposed vaccines .. something stinks.

When I was shown this by a military veteran and after laughing at the Blackhawk Helicopter not even getting off the ground .. I saw the amount of equipment left there.

1 How?

2 Why?

Then something hit me .. hard!

Exactly how are things going to go in the area when the surrounding nations in these areas see these videos and read the reports about just how much equipment the Taliban now has?

208 Aircraft

76,000 vehicles

600,000 weapons

Bearing in mind these are all estimated.

I cannot help but ask myself if someone is now going to end up bombing Afghanistan once they have all the intelligence in?

Well in a changing world where the land suitable for farming might shift, if you wanted to clear people out of a given area, this would be a good way to do it.

War is not only possible but I am sure some would argue before long, if not already, that it is very likely? This could come from anywhere. Any nation close to them could get twitchy and not just Israel either.

Governments, public services, the media and the hard-left are still trying to push and instil fear over Covid19 and Vaccines. Covered in the last part.

After finishing the last part in this series the socialists, Marxist, climate alarmists on kept telling me I am wrong or lying on AGW, Covid19 and Vaccines only to have it blow up in their faces.

They also kept insisting that the majority agreed with them. This was extremely strange to me because hot only had I see evidence myself of what I claim, it is after all how I work, I had showed them. But they would simply not accept what was shown to them.

There is an old saying that there are people that ‘argue that black is white’ and these people are not only a prime example of that phrase but they do it each and every day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

I had warned them that at the end of 2021 the attitudes to Covid19 and the restrictions would change and had seen this for weeks in the UK already, which would be followed by a realisation about global warming.

In each and every case regardless of subject instead of a report they would show me a table of data on some webpage. Very literally and for nearly three years they would do this for everything. Insisting there were far more record heat temperatures than record cold.

It is a really stupid way to cheat because you can be caught out immediately or within a few months at most’

‘Show me all the weather reports of record heat?’

That argument went on for months and I had posted links to Several dozen and maybe even over 100 reports in that year. They never produced any so eventually I did it for them.

There were 7 and the global average temperature had dropped to the baseline.

They would not have it and suddenly averages work differently in their world as does physics.

Apparently I was wrong, an idiot and a liar for saying that attitudes towards Covid19 and the vaccines were changing in the UK. So people and store owners must be lying to me?

Oh and they you get the ‘some random stranger’ fallacy argument.

Yeah I believe his is a news media site in Canada reporting on how the attitudes towards things in the UK has changed and we still have a little under 4 months of the year left?

Another odd one is my keeping score of my accurate predictions. Sometimes these are relevant the the argument I am having on Twitter and sometimes they are not.

But would you believe that when I posted that my predictions were on 89 when I had previously stated it was 88 I was called a liar and reminded what I previously said though oddly they also accused me of saying 90. Yeah that never happened, unless I made a typo, and was likely thrown in because they were desperate to make it appear to others that I lied

Everything they do they cover by furiously projecting these guilty acts onto others and have done it for years. You really do not want to have anything to do with people like this, they are most distasteful and I do not view them as human.

That was literally yesterday.

Last night I saw a video by Tim Pool.

IN this video he talks about a Professor who has resigned from his post at a University for indoctrinating students to Wokeism. Just a cover word for Communism as many view it or something very close.

That is prediction number 90.

Pool states that he is surprised it has not happened sooner and in all honesty so am I. But it has been obvious for a long time and I was told by several scientists who had anonymous accounts on Twitter that they were threatened over their careers and therefore families and mortgages.

I always maintained to the leftists behind this and have said this on the blog that as far as scientists concerned and when too much data is staring them in the face along with the failures that ‘no one wants to be left holding the baby’.

Pool also goes into how this is going on for a long time.

I also stated this when I found out about The Great Reset was a worldwide plan put together in a few months because of Covid19 I could not stop laughing. Anything this group of hard-left tell you is a lie and certainly in my experience. Have friends I can produce that would admit that I said 8, 10, 15 years ago that it feels like we are heading towards .. something.

Also said the same thing when I felt an earthquake in London.

The Professor was accused, with no foundation, by a woke student of beating his wife and student and ended up under investigation.

Oddly I had this too on Twitter from the Woke mob. These people literally are evil and never been married and I have been single for a very .. very long time. They eventually worked that out so just moved to another one.

Its psychological programming and they are taught that if they repeat something enough it gets accepted as fact. Once people accept something as fact long enough and are then presented with the possibility they were fooled then the Dunning-Kruger Effect takes hold.

This happened at Portland State University.

rather interesting and genius is that the Professor sometimes used indoctrination books of old and switched out keywords for words of the woke and they seemed no different.

Would you believe that one of these was Adolf Hitler’s Meine Kampf?

I have stated as have many others, like Pool, Ken Wheeler and others that what these woke are doing is following the same path as Germany did in the 1920’s and 30’s.

But on social media they are calling everyone else ‘Nazis’ within the first post or two as soon as they realise that your going to disagree with them.

Recall me stating that they hide what they are by projecting?

Tim Pool and many others are now saying more often and in almost every video and post that people are acting insane.

A good thing to point out is that Pool even states that he even sees this in his closest friends and this I have no doubts. Because I do to and have mentioned it to people for awhile.

The trouble is I am mentioning this to people that fail to pick up that the are part of that ‘everyone’ and I am also asking myself if I have?

People are behaving out of character and its not because of coofie & the vax but I do believe its something else and something both plausible and scientific and the odd part about it is, is that this is connected to a story that Tim Pool ran well over a year ago. Maybe in 2019?

The Sun has gone to sleep.

Yeah the Sun is doing things we have not seen in modern times and its more than just sunspots but its magnetism too among other things.

I have lost count of the reports of animals dying on mass from insects to whales along with attacks on people by animals even among domesticated animals.

It is known in science that the human brain can detect the magnetic field in some people.

Oddly I have also been asking myself and having conversations with others if the symptoms to my dreaded health condition is affected by it?

When I first realised what I suffered with most people had never heard of it and it was one of those invisible illnesses the government that now claim they are saving your life, left to suffer so they could save money that is not theirs.

I now have a dreaded symptom return that affected me at seemingly the same part of the solar cycle in the last one. This is something I had for several years. Then it went away for several years literally overnight shocking everyone I know. It was confusing at the time. A relief, but confusing.

Several months ago it returned at the worst possible time and it was a month or two before I realised it seemed to be lining up with the solar cycles.

It could turn out that some are affected health wise while others are affected behaviourally?

Now with that in mind and remember what I said about these people being twisted, literally insane and projecting ..

How about a while leftist activist wearing a Gorilla mask who attacks a black conservative and throws eggs at him?

Even in the video above they talk about how the left love chaos and how everything is a mess.

But they have absolutely no concerns about how they are affecting your life, your family and your businesses.

Now then I want to talk in this part about the attitudes and behaviour in the people that I see online and all around me. It has been frustrating to watch and it has deteriorated over time. Oddly I have seen bizarre reports involving animals.

But before I do and trying to get this finished as I am already one third into the next part, I want to talk briefly about a particular attitude and censorship I have talked about for awhile.

Socialists, or people pretending to be socialists and Marxists, claim this is not going on and conservatives are not censored any more then left-wing. Well this is a lie and I am centre-left and I am censored.

Even on Blogger its loaded with ads that according to my design screen are not there. Oddly enough there are more than the limit and must be my my revenue has been frozen for four years.

Have also stated that they have been burying the blog too.

Now I am about to show this with two screenshots with someone from the Czech Republic, or all places.

I also want to show that this blog also talks about the links I have done between George Soros and Karl Popper, something I discovered after getting these socialist antifa types to drop clues.

Very recently he posted that he had received a warning from Blogger for posting an interview with the man that created mRNA vaccines, Dr Robert Malone.

Which you will see further down has now been interviewed by very popular Jimmy Dore, also supposed to be a left progressive. Oddly enough the so-called socialists online despise Jimmy Dore and Tim Pool.

Now here is that interview with Dr Robert Malone and they show you all of the news that ran a fake story on Ivermectin.

They are literally lying to your face while performing some cosmic level hypocrisy and nothing ever happens.

I literally got told during a brief private conversation with an organisation involving scientists that ..

The world has truly gone mad”.

It is like I am in some sick dream or nightmare and I keep expecting to wake up at any moment.

While complete idiots, evil people and liars get paid large sums of money, have power they do not deserve and hold all the money of the people and act as if it is theirs by birthright.

As I was still working on this and pulling away from more grief as on yet another thread packs of liars were attacking me from all angles and swamping the thread .. this happened ..

Dr Robert Malone, creator of the mRNA Vaccines has started a petition to remind Doctors of the Hippocratic Oath and stop forcing needless death and suffering by governments

Against the discouragement of Doctors speaking out (like scientists on AGW)

Against barriers being put up by pharmaceutical companies and more ..

As expected and was inevitable those Doctors as well as scientists would start pushing back against what is going on.

Not the ones that got into their careers purely for the money to be made but those that genuinely wanted to help people, improve things for the benefit of mankind and respect the science.

Unlike those that want to abuse it for their own ends and power.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia has come out with a statement, according to posts on Twitter, where has has accused this New World Order of having a plan of ‘depopulation’. A word that has been stated to me more and more often and every random person I speak to does not believe the news, government, the NHS (in the UK), Covid, vaccines or AGW.

According to reports Peter Daszak and the Wuhan Institute of Virology had plans to re-release engineered coronavirus strains back into the wild with Bats in caves.

An totally insane plan that even DARPA would not get involved with which could have not only had consequences top the wildlife but later to humans. But would have been handy as it would have looked like it came from Bats and not a lab.

Who appear to be progressives working for the FDA think they are superior to you and want to force you to have their vaccines. Your body belongs to them and even want to have a Nazi style registration for unvaccinated people in shocking under-cover video.

Now with that in mind are you aware that in India, cannot believe I am linking The Guardian here (SPIT!) ..

  • 67.7% of the population have Covid antibodies
  • But only 13% have been fully vaccinated
  • But we also know that after a few months the effectiveness drops off and nothing after 6
  • Plus they have had supply issues

Which means that the vast majority have natural immunity.

Meanwhile a federal employee speaks to Project Veritas and has a video of nurses saying that the Covid19 vaccines are ‘full of shit’ and that they are getting many people with adverse side-effects and the reports are being buried.

If I was to have predicted a scenario like this 5 years ago I would not have blamed them for having me committed.

This is certainly a very bizarre period of time where there are a great many instances where truth is stranger than fiction.

Even people I knew that were flip-flopping are finally realizing after resisting my theories that once again it as as I claimed it to be.

Even my daughter and some church people she knows locally believe its very close to a collapse here in the UK and they are certainly talking about it in the US.

Heaven only knows how many other nations are talking about this but Australia surprisingly seems further down the road than anyone else.

I said back in 2020 that 2021 will be worse and I am certain that 2022 will only go further into hell as to me it is inevitable that the masses will realise they were lied to.

Who knows what the backlash will be of years or being lectured, taxes, suffering, illness and including death over things that were not true.

Black Lives Matter are already calling the vaccine mandates as racist. Heaven only knows what will happen when they hear the other reports or burying reports, vaccines doing nothing, the natural immunity and what those FDA people said?

Laws, Courts and judges were created to get justice.

Without them there is only one other way this ends for many places.

There is a meme going around that the difference between conspiracy theories and facts is about 6 months.

Hilarious as well as being kinda scary and true in some instances.

This is what happens when you allow them to fill you with fear and anger and is the oldest trick in the book.

Someone called Nicki Minaj, a celebrity, rapper and with 123 million followers has been at war with lying journalists. Over speaking out about Covid19 vaccines and basically getting messages from ‘Guardian Media’ which sounded like threats.

Here is a good take on it from ol’ Sargon Of Akkad on his Lotus Eaters channel.

It seems this ‘majority of the public’ the hard-left and Antifa types kept screaming and lying about, as its way smaller than they claimed, is now splintering and fracturing right before out eyes.

This will continue until around February to April 2022 and the slow realisation that they were manipulated by a small group using lies will become a primary issue for those that attempted to mislead them.



As I started typing out this follow up I was expecting it to grow somewhat and it has.

That being said it has grown far quicker than I imagined as some things I expected to come to light have along with a few I did not.

I should have realised that this one will end up being the biggest or at least one of the biggest ones on a subject I deserted over a year ago when I realised what I was being told and the numbers I was getting stank to high heaven.

Antifa teachers and two pills on top of risky injections and backlashes from parents along with a very large survey of 1.4 million people to check for anti-bodies for covid.

Now then there is more to go and we are just a few days into Autumn. I knew that there would be a lot more over the next 3 months so this was going to have to be a minimum of three parts and I soon realised .. yeah four most likely?

Been trying to keep these posts as short and sweet but this one has already grown and likely will a bit more before posted.

Starts off with a few early tasters but as you go on you will see scientific evidence that more of my predictions have turned out to be the case along with that of more and more people doing an about face, realising and calling out the evil groups trying to manipulate others.

Yeah many already realise they have been lying but this is about to sky rocket and a few things have happened a month earlier than I thought they would.

Right at the end there is going to be a screenshot that is something of a surprise and though I do get this from time to time .. the names involved are ones I used to adore so much and shake my head as to what they have now become.

Out of 3,371 pregnant women in the whole if the UK infected with Covid19 only four have had the first dose of the vaccine and none have been fully vaccinated.

Now in New York they are persecuting children and disabled people who have been advised not to have the vaccine and Tim Pool points out that this is exactly what they did in Nazi Germany.

If you are not fit or worthy, have too many facts and too intelligent .. do not do as your told then you are for the chop.

The evil lying Marxists insisted to me they were not fascists and no one called them this.

Here is Tim Pool now calling them this and explaining why they are fascists and that when he asked many restaurants about disabled people that have been unvaccinated they all replied as the Nazis did ..

“We are only following orders”

Two Black Guys talking about why the Black Community are hesitant on Covid19 vaccines and talking about the hard-left ripping into them and calling them anti-vaxxers and how they are wrong, bullies and hypocrites. How celebrities so stupid shit because the virtue-signalling hard-left are liars and hypocrites. Like Philip De Franco and is mentioned.

They also talk about how they hard-left so socialists and Marxists are only interested in what blacks have to say when those black people say what the hard-left fascists want them to.

Told y’all.

Here are two videos featuring Tim Pool (centre-left but hard-left call far-right), Ian Crosslands (moderate left at a guess) and Steve Bannon (right-wing and not as he he described by the hard-left either).

In the first one they talk about Elon Musk’s cryptic ‘end of the world’ tweet that contains the word ‘Sun’. Collapsing empires. Food shortages in America. Working class too. The Fourth Turning.

Tim explains how he had to relocate many times as the trouble spread to places they never should have.

Here Tim Pool has guests on, one from Australia ad they talk and agree how the Hard-Left and Antifa are fascists. Now attacking people protesting against mask mandates and in all honesty at the worst possible time too.

Here is Fox News talking about the expose by Project Veritas of a teacher in a school in the US where he openly admits indoctrinating children to Antifa and literally telling children if they are not Antifa then they are pro-fascism.

Of course as is typical of nasty, narrow minded fascists who have claimed moral superiority to go after others and your children as they think they own them ..

Out comes the victim card as they are superior and crying because people are going after his job.

Remember these are the people that are the main pushers of

  • AGW or man-made global warming
  • Scaring people over Covid19 after claiming closing any borders was racist and encouraged everyone to be brought home with said virus
  • But now do not want you leaving your house
  • Want you to be forced to have vaccines that are untested and in my experience have been worse than the virus itself and more reports inevitable from what I am hearing of alerts to hospitals to expect an influx

You really could not make this stuff up.

These people are nasty and control freaks with low IQ’s and no morals whatsoever and I catch them out on a daily basis.

They insist I am conservative when I have proven I am not and currently trying childish and lame reverse psychology and have done a couple of weeks suggesting all conservatives should not be vaccinated.

So on the one hand saying they want conservative people to die while trying to use psychology to trick them into having vaccines which have been causing more deaths than the virus.

I have to deal with idiots still that do not agree with socialists and hard-left but want to pick and choose what they are right about because they are scared.

Oddly enough one was insisted on people being forced and did not agree with me that people were refusing vaccines because all the news said otherwise and they would not lie about this.

Pressurises his girlfriend to to to Crete where they usually spend 6 weeks every year and did not go last year.

Gets there ..

  • Curfew after 1am
  • Restaurants they love all closed .. and .. umm ..
  • Starts asking people about the state of things, remember he thinks people that refuse vaccines are evil and selfish ..
  • No one wants vaccines ..
  • Everyone seems to have had Covid19 ..
  • Gets told repeatedly for weeks 19 out of 20 barely knew they had it
  • Only one in twenty was bad
  • Not one person could tell him of anyone they knew that died from the virus

So I need to ask him if he ever plans to return to Crete as according to him for 8 months solid anyone that refuses to have vaccines are evil and selfish.

By that logic all of Crete is evil and selfish.

Also his girlfriend did not want to go because of the virus they believed was a threat so I cannot even begin to imagine the awkward conversation as once again they insisted I was wrong and I was right, never been wrong and they simply never learn, and she finds herself surrounded by people that could be carriers.

Bearing in mind these were people that agreed with people being locked in their own homes and seem to be now oblivious to the fact that the vaccines do not work that well and drop in effectiveness with each passing month.

Honestly have no idea if they had more shots or a booster before they went.

Also that they could have picked up another strain and brought it back to the UK and is totally possible and plausible.

Its been startling that those that claimed they hate socialists and fascists are quick to agree with them when it suits but then think that the rules only apply to others.

I have acted with far more responsibility over the virus that any single person promoting facemasks, vaccines and lockdowns.

Here is the original exposing of the Antifa teacher by Project Veritas where he admits to having an Antifa flag on the wall in his classroom and a student has since confirmed he has been at it awhile.

The teachers in the school are all far-left so socialists, Marxists and Antifa.

Here he is being confronted by Project Veritas and claims harassment and gets out his victim card while wearing his communist vest with a hammer and sickle on it.

He states “extreme times calls for extreme measures”?

Sooo .. that means lying and bullying people while the world is going to shit to get the society that they want?

No champ, that just sounds to me your a bunch of selfish c*nts that are nasty amoral fascists but have declared yourself morally superior and think that you can lie and instil fear into others to get what you want.

The Nazis did exactly that in the 1920’s and 1930’s and when they were called Nazis they were all for the working classes and no one knew what they were doing to the Jewish people.

Battle with these people online and they are worse than the Nazis, absolutely convinced they are not and do not seem to know their history very well. Or definitions.

I dare say the number of deaths are going to rise over the coming months and that when it does there will be no doubt that these hard-left fascist morons will be directly responsible for ..

  • Deaths from vaccines
  • Deaths from unrest and confrontation they are responsible for
  • Early deaths from Covid because they did not want to close borders
  • Theft of large sums of money over the AGW nonsense
  • Divisions within other countries and the deaths that may occur from these

Married couple I know who were forced to have vaccines have been very ill form them and this is in Yorkshire in the UK and many have gone back to the Doctors to complain and were told ..

‘Your problem, it was your choice to have it’.

So just in the UK and will build over the coming weeks right into 2022 the public are realising they was lied to and are now being blamed for something they was given no choice in.

Funny story as I know a woman teacher who told a health care worker that she had both jabs and tested later embarrassed Doctors told her she had no anti-bodies and did not know what to say.

Only after reports of vaccines amplifying covid symptoms in some cases and then being told by a health-care worker that the NHS put out an alert that hospitals may experience an influx of patients with reactions ..

I then get told that the teacher, not being told about any of this, returned to the Doctors to get another two vaccine injections where she was then told that she did have anti-bodies?

This could only mean that they are now lying so that they do not have to give her another one or they got it wrong last time and misinformed her?

Now considering the reports that the vaccines have ..

  • Not been working
  • Been worse than the virus
  • That have amplified symptoms
  • The NHS have put out THAT alert

It would be reasonable for anyone to think as well as plausible that they knew this was a major league flock up and did not want to give this woman two more injections only to have her hospitalised a few weeks later and maybe even die?

Could you imagine the headlines?

I mean she must have told people and she told her health-care worker, who was the one that told me about it, so if there was a fatality ..

‘Woman gets first two doses, gets side-effects but no anti-bodies, gets next two doses and dies’?

As she is a teacher she was likely forced by the government to have the vaccine too?

Yeah I will put money that they lied to stop her preventing having two more jabs as they do not want it being any harder than it may well be once we are well into Autumn.

Now then before the Autumn has barely had a few days a few reports turn up that raise an eyebrow and the first is one from the CDC suggesting that 80% of Americans have antibodies. No idea how many of those were unvaccinated.

A few days after that CDC Report a scientific study in Israel shows that effectiveness of vaccines is going within 6 months, effectiveness against the Delta variant differs from report to report.

Now then the Doctor that invented the mRNA vaccines is Dr Robert Malone and he started talking of his concerns about rushing this as did Dr Philip Mason, aka Thunderf00t.

Malone also talked of worrying results of tests concerning spike-proteins and was worried about long term effects like ovarian cancer and leukaemia.

Yeah they started to censor him.

Now I heard reports of the vaccines not protecting people from covid and in cases actually amplifying the symptoms though I know nothing about the numbers right now. Though I do expect to hear about them by December 2021.

Then I heard Dr Malone was talking about this and here is an interview with him I found and possibly others have been deleted. As if your Google, Twitter, YouTube et al then you can act as Doctors while Doctors that do not say what they are supposed to cannot.

Now out of the people I know, and I only state what I predict will happen and unlike a fascist group do not tell people what to do, 60% have not been vaccinated. Including two people working in health care.

Now one of those was very quick to decide what other people should do despite not speaking to any epidemiologists and also ignoring my success rate in science and politics. Not to mention the other things I have done.

Now they were under the impression they were protected and despite claiming others should be locked down in their houses .. went off to Crete for 6 weeks.

Considering that Covid19 has been in the UK ‘officially’ for 19 months and we have seen reports that suggest it could be 24 months and the vaccines have been around for .. ten months?

I have had no one tell me they have had either a booster shot or a second round of jabs.

Did the two I now have any jabs before they departed for Crete? I simply do not know.

As everyone they met had not been vaccinated and seem to have mostly had Covid19 and you can still contract it anyway it hardly seems relevant.

That being said if they travelled 4 months or more, they was there for a month, then they would have had next to no or no protection while there.

Now if that last one was the case and considering they were there for 6 weeks among people unvaccinated and many having had the virus .. would it not be reasonable to expect the to contract it? Considering how we are told how they are becoming more and more contagious over the last several months?

Ever since the virus had ‘officially’ been in the UK around 4 months every single thing I have looked at either does not make sense or after all this time they do not seem to know what is going on.

A socialist I know that thought she had some agree with her over covid and vaccines is somewhat confused as those that did have changed their minds. Been told that they do not want vaccines and do not trust the news media, NHS nor government on the subject.

Here is a video on how the hard-left socialists are not human at all. They are nasty, bossy low IQ people that just want to be in charge telling others what to do.

Now these boys right here? They iz not impressed, y’all.

Here is Tim Pool who is centre-left, who misses things but the hard-left call far-right because he does not agree with them. Yeah its a form of fascist bullying. Also talking about how these people are not human people at all and how the media make shit up.

Here is Luke Rudkowski on the same thing and a few others.

Intelligent black guy on a black lady with children who turns up to rip shit out of Antifa and call them names and explains that they are full of shit and that the media have ignored her.

These hard-left have been warned but despite claiming to be scientists have zero idea that winter is approaching and that the reports and data for Covid, Vaccines and AGW is about to get a whole lot worse.

A mother stripped of custody of her own child by a fascist Judge because she had not had the vaccine when her own Doctor advised her against it?

Where is his punishment for overruling Doctors and giving advice on vaccines? If it were me I would reintroduce ‘squads’. That fired people.

So the CDC published study that 83% of Americans have immunity that the hard-left are desperately trying to spin but also forgetting the vaccines only last 5 months or so ..

Tim Pool and guests saying that they must lift all restrictions now and if they do not then this is nothing to do with Covid19 and more sinister ..

Then Tim Pool hears that Pfizer now say you have to have three injections and on top of that take two pills every single day?

Yeah Pool loses it ..

So though I do get attention from scientists from both sides and many fields and I have no idea how many as I often do not check and many are anonymous because politics has destroyed science but ..

This author of a book called ‘Super-volcanoes’ and write for the National Geographic, New York Times, Scientific American and The Atlantic, liked one of my tweets.

It the alarmists that called me all the names under the sun ever found out there would be a mass meltdown as they have spent 2.5 years lying their backsides off and also claiming no one takes any notice of me.


Are those that have been following order and pushing narratives now realising that it is all about to end? Or have they realised it has already and now just a matter of time?

That would be the third author I am aware of to take notice of me in 3 years.

I am scientific, multi-disciplined with a weird pattern recognition skill and have made close to 90 predictions just in 2.5 years on Twitter that have almost all come to pass.

And for some reason many individuals and some very big names have thrown all including the kitchen sink at me and cost me financially just to try and stop me.

I am the wrong dude to do that to for a very long list of reasons.

All this because I am evil for providing the facts, reports, making predictions in science that later turned out to be true and telling people why I am not having the vaccines.

From people that hate others, want anyone that disagrees with them to die, lie about science, bully people, make up shit about others and push them as facts .. order people to have vaccines or they are evil murderers.

Then they do a switcheroo and for a few weeks were telling Conservatives, told them for two years and proved that I am not a Conservative, not to have them.

A stupid and childish reverse psychology that also comes across at the exact same time that they want everyone that disagrees with them to die.

That is everyone from centre-left to far-right.

Or more or less anyone that is not a socialist, Marxist, Trotskyist, Communist etcetera.

Where only the most naïve wont notice over the newt few months I predicted there would be many protests and they started earlier than I thought.

Thousands of cities across the world have had protests against government using the virus to bring about draconian and authoritarian measures against the people.

Now in Paris, France in the last few days there have been not one but many.

To give you an idea and make you question your mainstream news media there were no less than four on the same day in Paris.

Also there and what I have been waiting for were the Gilets Jaunes who I knew in time would start up again as more and more, well of the less naïve, realise they have been lied to, manipulated and that governments are following the path they did in 1930’s Germany.

Rather surprising was the ‘USA’ chants as well as the repeated calls for Macron to be impeached and go to jail.

At least Joe Biden will have someone to talk to when he is conscious, eh?

Water canons and tear gas were used.

Here is Ken Wheeler a guy I have watched for years on Fujiflim and Nikon cameras who himself got dragged into this.

Listen to him on what Australia are doing.

Neil Oliver from the ‘Coast’ series now on GB News and listen to what he says about the news media, government, NHS and Doctors regarding Covid and the Vaccines.

Here is Neil Oliver from TV series ‘Coast’ which I think was on the BBC and now on GB News talking about how covid is madness and no one trusts the vaccines, government, Doctors or the NHS.

Branching off this is Sabine Hossenfelder. Much admired by me I very much enjor watching her videos on science when I can get away from everything else.

Multi-published scientist she did a video on AGW where she got angry with the news media and ‘do-gooder leftists’ using the phrase ‘follow the science’ which is nonsense and explains why.

In another video show helped me prove something these ‘do-gooder leftists’ were wrong about in that she was askd to write an honest piece on speculative physics. We were told that neither Doctors nor scientists were shut down. They lied.

After writing the piece for the American Physical Society, remember they asked HER, she was then rejected for being too honest and that the piece would ‘offend people’.

Here she talks about the cosmological model, something I had long theorised they were wrong about .. and it is wrong. Prediction number 87 .. or is it 88?

Once again some ‘friends’ that have spent years questioning me on views and predictions and always end up being wrong are wrong yet again.

One wonders whether they will take into consideration how this has affected me over the years and whether or not people with a zero score and getting it right should stop telling someone that they have even admitted always gets it right and stop?

Would be nice but I doubt it.

It is why I would like to live on a deserted island until its over but doubt I will last 10 years anyway?

Now then just to repeat because the hard-left hate me and insist I am far-right but along with all the other labels they like to call me .. they cannot prove it. Because there is no proof and it is not true.

Now they are also well aware and have been for years of my political leaning and along with ignoring it and still calling me a ‘right-wing nut-job’ they do another of their many ‘switcheroos’ and run around telling my followers that I am left-wing and even the term ‘closet leftist’ strongly implying I am a socialist .. but they just laugh.

So for the exact same reason that all the hard-left hate me the centre-left to moderate-right adore me ..




Noam Chomsky
Noam Chomsky
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Karl Popper
Niccolo Machievelli
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote
Mystery Quote

Here is part of an all day battle that led to carnage and a deep state of denial on those lying about science tp push an agenda and this is common occurrence and included as a bit of fun as well as insight

They waited a few months to come back and lie abut a scientist whose video I posted
Except my side knows I know every thing they try to pull and had beren prepared for months and so let fly and followers were falling about laughing
Get retweeted and as we will get to in a minute my scientist quotes get a lot of likes now
Due to my knowledge and style along with reputation and being undefeated I often get standing ovations and even salutes
Put in a list of the top 7 people on AGW they think I am like Feynman and sometimes Tony Stark due to me Peacock like struting around with these liars and abusers of science
As a scientist I am unique as my skill extend to politics and humour in the form of extreme sarcasm and efter over a doen or two and with only two left I think I may have made the Antifa hoard angry when I posted this above meme?