I had another rough day.

Not helped by the last few days plus I had to go out in dreadful weather because of things I have consistently forgotten during the last week.

I still came home without things and had to visit my local store after a rest.

I was text by someone early in the day, someone I didn’t really want to speak to buy them I didn’t want to speak to anyone.

Someone who went on the explain to someone what I’m like when I’m like this which is bizarre because no one has been around me when I’m like this. It was also a bit worse than normal and thirdly they wanted to use it to prove to others that it’s my fault when we disagree.

Funny because one of the things I complained about was that no one listened to me when it was my stuff and instead thought they knew better.

The funny part? Well that would be that these bad days were down to my condition and I was having a flare up but never seem to recognise these and no one had read anything abut my condition in the 18 months since I realised what it was.

So no one can actually claim to be in any position to make decisions or cast their opinions about what is … err, up with me.

What I did recall while the day played through in some agony and frustration was that I was indeed having a flare up. The lumpy feeling under my arms and right feeling breastbone I had failed to pick up on for several days.

There was more realisation and I have already posted about this… err I think? I picked up my prescription because I thought I was heading out of town. Except one pill, Tramadol, was missing. I had to drop a note into my GP surgery yet again because something was missing and yet the Quinine sulphate was in the bag.

I had ran out of Tramadol, oddly enough, and I had a few days of really bad back pain added to the normal foot pain and fatigue. I had also had aching and stinging in my groin, the part the NHS lied about in an ultrasound test. Probably due to lack of Tramadol.

Then I overdid it while being confused as to how because I did not do much not venture far but knew by the time I got home. I then pushed myself to do the different jobs before laying down. This was a bigger draw them acquiring tobacco I had also ran out of or milk.

I had also forgotten to take my vitamin pill for magnesium I had to take as well as running out of quinine.

As I had now has several days of the roughest I had endured for awhile while missing a few pills was too much of a coincidence and it has hit home that they do in fact have an affect.

Plus I am pretty sure that yesterday morning I forgot to take all my pills and may have done this Friday morning too?


I simply must remember to take them tonight and once again in the morning!

This is where the memory lapses in Fibrofog can work against you and Fibromyalgia compounded by living on your own. Well when you have it and live on your own that is? Lol!

I had also read somewhere on the Internet that in some study they had found that Fibromyalgia sufferers lost grey matter. Umm yup, that grey matter!

I found this confusing as I am sure in my own case that if anything the opposite was true? I have out down the scrambling of signals to an increase in brain activity that has allowed me to hold onto so much information about so many different subjects and take on everyone that I have on this blog.

Maybe if the years were correct that just like the amplifying and reduction in brain signals that it can work both ways with grey matter too?

Something they could have found out from me had they bothered to study me at any point and ask the right questions. Something I have thought for many years even before I discovered what it was that ails me.

Boy I hope I sleep tonight and feel back to normal tomorrow?

I will take time out to go on a bus ride somewhere, not sure where must yet. Somewhere, perhaps with my camera? Oh, weather permitting of course. I will wager that the weather will put paid to that plan?




God I am having a God awful Sunday morning!

I have had a few bad days in general, something I will post about in a few weeks time.

I wanted to get some clay pots because I have a Samurai Orchid, Neofenetia fulcata, which I thought was dead for the past year suddenly decide to send up a spike, the name of the stem with flowers on it.

I could not believe it and have several Orchids about to flower. Something I actually thought I would miss through being away but will now be here for. My little trip being postponed for at least a month but if the last info was correct, likely two months.

That was a pain in the arse when you have prepared for the fourth of fifth week in a row, I forget, and you have a crappy disability that affects everything. Trust me you could not possibly imagine everything being affected…you really do not want this.

Anyway I wanted to get out as it drives me nuts to stay indoors. So I decided I was going to buy a load of small clay pots from a garden centre situated near me and some sphagnum moss.

I retrieved all the pots I wanted, went to get some Orchid Leaf Food misters but neither of the two I bought there a few months back were there?! God, that is annoying.

I queued up with my pots and wondering if I should have bought one more of each but decided I could go back in the week. This garden centre really is not that far away from me at all.

Anyway I was out the door and up the road when I realised that I had forgotten the sphagnum moss, which was doubley annoying as I intended to bring a small bag out to grab a handful from the wild if I forgot and had forgotten to do that too!

So I decided to venture down to my friends Pet Store as he sometimes has some and a mutual friend was in there. I mentioned the solicitors rates, he got something wrong which was a bit of a surprise and sounded odd, thinking that my partner and crime would get no damages because the solicitor would take it all? Err…no.

Anyway he didn’t have any moss so I decided to get a train to Crews Hill and get some from the several Garden Centres left there that have not gone bust yet.

I ended up seeing some seedling Streptocarpus which is a epiphytic Primrose I only heard existed a few days before. I have t thing for epiphytic plants, well I do have many Orchids, and thought about getting them on the way back. Saw no moss. Next place, no moss. Next place “you sell any Sphagnum Moss?”, “No sorry we stopped doing that awhile back”

Eventually I was in a garden centre called Phoenix Rose and someone said they do not do it and I spotted some Orchid Ultra Plus which I have wanted to try for awhile now so grabbed it. Then I saw a rack of Air Plants, Bromeliads of the Tillandsia genus that you water by just lightly misting once or twice a week. I had disasters with the last ones and had been thinking lately about getting some so I grabbed four of them and the feed spray.

At the till it turned out that they did do Sphagnum Moss and one young lady was kind enough to grab it for me while the other one showed an interest in my Orchid blog…and this one.

I got back on the train, it is only one stop, and eventually got home. Potted up the Streptocarpus, potted up the Samurai Orchid and then used silicone sealant to attach the four Tillandsia to a branch of cork I have.

I was having difficulties with patience and focus and was a little ratty and then remembered I had nothing to eat and was out of tobacco, having recently started smoking again but only when I am home. But I was so bloody tired and in pain I did not want to leave the house even though quite hungry as I had not eaten and desperate for a cigarrette! So I thought I would lay on my bed for a bit around 6pm and when I did before I knew it I was asleep! When I awoke it was dark and I thought it was 3am but it wasn’t. It was half past midnight!

I then could not go back to sleep. So I am still ratty through lack of sleep, tired, cheesed off and the weather is ‘A1’ dreadful! Oh and it is Sunday! So Sainsburys closes at 4pm, I have no food … still and have no …tobacco … still and need milk too. I also WANT to go out but my body is telling me no but my brain is trying to tears itself out of my head and head on its own!

I do not know where it thinks it is going as there is nowhere to go!

Many people I knew are simply not around any more. Died of cancer, ran away, died of brain tumour but had stopped talking to me anyway. Family members I could talk to have all died too.

I get a lot of people telling me about my own dealings about what will happen and will not happen and it does not tally up with what I have been thinking and what I have been saying.

No one realises how really annoying that is. Especially when everyone does it to you about something they have had no involvement with, no experience of, no training in and no education in either.

Yet what I have stated repeatedly has been tallied up by whatever professionals I have been involved with or the subject matter.

Still the telling and lectures of what I can and cannot do are still forthcoming from the exact same sources.

I am wondering whether to stay away as I think that if it turns out as I predicted and I know that it will I will be chastised for them being wrong.

In situations like this you either get chastised behind your back or told you think you know it all because you guessed correctly about things that you are involved in, previously worked in or even have a Single Honours Degree in.

Yet would you believe that if I was to air my displeasure, despite my disability disrupting my sleep, causing fatigue, memory loss, pain in a dozen areas then automatically I am in the wrong if I was to moan?!

People are very, very strange and I sometimes wonder if I am of the same species as some people?! Lol!

I do not do any of these things to others and if I say something and I am wrong I will bring it up that the other person was right and I was wrong. But I guarantee there is no argument when I am talking about something that is nothing to do with me or outside my own comfort zone.

Yet others seem to get very upset and arsey if they get it wrong when its a whole other world away to their own knowledge base?

So I am stuck here on a Sunday morning and the weather is crap, had little sleep, fired up with nowhere to go, nothing to do, no one to go and visit today.

Can someone sell me a gun? I want to go and shoot Lionel Ritchie! (over the song ‘Easy’)


Boy do I wish I was somewhere else!

I am hoping these are not signs as to issues I am going to get off people over the few million quid that could very well appear over the next 6 months?! Yoinks!

Yeah that reminds me…a solicitor that has been scared top mention amounts and decided on £750,000 because that’s the lowest it will be is what it is. It is not something different because you want it to be, it is what it is.

She has no idea how the Supreme Court will decide and sometimes there are things that are just more obvious to me than the professionals within a given area.

Because they have to think about how something like this will look to the public!

It will get attention, not ‘won’t or ‘maybe’ or something else negative. How can it not? Have you seen some of the meaningless crap they put in the newspapers? Sorry, no way they are not interested unless they are paid to avoid it.

Sometimes I simply scratch my head at the way people see things, lol.

Now as for today…exactly what do I do and I do have to go out anyway so no point my body telling me no! Hmm come to think of it is is tipping down on and off so what do I wear?

Damn it!

I really hate it on days like these.


I have been lending one ear to the fiasco… or latest fiasco I should say regarding FIFA.

It has astounded me how widespread the criticism of FIFA is from both ex professional players, UEFA and others.

Yet still that bumbling man who looks like he could play the part of a Godfather in a gangster movie struts around like nothing has happened. When he does speak he tasks about rebuilding trust?!

I have never seen such a good example of anyone in such high authority and position to literally talk as if they think all football fans are just fickle idiots. He might have well have said “Oh as soon as the season starts and their teams are doing well everyone will first this happened and we will go back to normal”?

Also bloody funny is how he states he cannot see everything that’s going on. But the corruption has been rife, there will no doubt be more and even be admits this.

Sooo…you don’t need to see all of the corruption Mr Blatter but with so much going on even if unaware of it you would have to be both blind and stupid to not see or hear of bit over single solitary thing!?! Or in other words…

To the that stupid and blind one had to ask when it is you do, do and surely you are not so stupid as to see that your position had king since become untenable?

But like a radius rabid Limpit toy doggedly refuse to move. But by all means, hand on in there. I am dying to see what the opinions will change into when your ignoring everyone and talking like they are all idiots, I really am!

However I think there is also a lot more to come out of this yet because according to this BBC report they state that Sepp Blatter, or Sausage in Batter as I will now call him, has the majority of the football heads behind him, one being Russia who recently got to host something, can’t remember what, lol!

Well before long I expect journalists to start asking questions about these heads that seem to eat to back him? Because these guys themselves will start to look suspicious and each one will not just have the world’s journalists looking at them with a high level of scrutiny but even their own journalists too.

But then they do not have to worry about their own TV News people and national tabloid journalists because they may control them?

The funny thing is that with enough pressure from journalists from other nations it might just also shite to that these news groups are being controlled?!

It is an odd set of possibilities that could arise so because All Capone…sorry Sausage in Batter, sorry Sepp Blatter refuses to budge from his throne.

I think it will be very interesting to see how this unfolds?

I had also been wondering how the Americans could go barging into buildings in not only another country and not only one in Europe but in Switzerland, famously neutral since World War 2, of all places?

What I read of their response when this was inevitably out to them was very interesting indeed!

They warned Europe about what was going on and what warned them that if they failed to stand up and do something that they would!

And now they have done that they warned Europe about.

But what does this say about Europe and the European governments that they failed to act? Well in my opinion, nothing good!

Now the way I see it, it comes down to one of two possibilities and that is first off everyone is scared of Sepp Blatter and FIFA in Europe? Or so much corruption is going on throughout Europe with all its governments that it’s like adopted the attitude that they could hardly do something when they have done worse?! Or perhaps FIFA has collected dirt on them all?! Lol!

But then I’m reminded that this is America who have acted we are talking about. Corruption and secret hostile take overs of foreign companies and economies to then sell them all your faulty returned crap…sorry I mean goods, lol! Well they sell their crap in the UK at least and I simply do not know if it goes on elsewhere.

I also do not know if the refurbished goods sold here are sourced from countries other than America? I simply don’t know. I just have proof that one of the six refurbished items sold to me as new cave from America.

If you missed it that argument ended up with me being taken to court to extort money it of me over it. I warned them they would not win but they thought themselves a big company and me a Minnow.

Only this Minnow then turned into a Barracuda and chewed them to bits, spat them out and won without leaving my sofa, despite the court being 90 miles away.

Do you know they then lied about what the court has decided?! Yup treated me like some sort of twat and said the court have me four weeks to pay. I said that this was strange as according to my calculations and documents the city told them to fuck off and cone back with better evidence as I proved write wait they lied and that they actually had 14 days left of the 28 days the court gave them to answer?!

Would you believe I never heard another peep out of them? Lol!

In case you missed it and was wondering this is another company that advertises on TV that have got up to no good that I have also battled with, like Wonga, being Very Catalogue owned by Shop Direct.

Ohh dear. But really working out for these people and they fail to realise that it’s not even over for them just yet?! Lol!

Like I said, corruption seems to be everywhere in England at least. So not much of a stretch to think it’s in other countries and Europe wide, is it?

Wise people in glass houses learn pretty quickly not to throw stones!


Fifa: Blatter refuses to quit as president & vows ‘to restore trust’ – http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/32914907


It’s an odd precipice I find myself at.

I suppose I am a in a little daze too, it was weird to finally be told what you expected all along.

Knowing after all this time.

Despite the fact I knew that the real figure I was recently given was in the millions, like that lady trainee lawyer correctly stated, you do have that niggling doubt all the same.

What the ‘Doubting Thomases’ did not know is that I had brought the figure down a long time ago to make it more believable to myself. So an estimation of £4 Million at the top end became about £1.5 Million and I did work for a solicitor practice myself for a bit who were also friends. One of them I was often in discussions over case we got to hear about or was on the news.

My minimum was a figure that had kept nagging away at me for awhile now and that was £750,000. So it was a bit bizarre to hear a solicitor decide on that as a ‘safe’ estimation of the minimal amount without committing themselves. Maybe they did exactly what I did.

Knowing a route and traveling a route are two very different things.

As of right now I was expecting some news tomorrow courtesy of a High Court and one of its barristers in a different city to the one the case had been heard. I had hoped and it has sounded like it would finally be over and things handed out, so to speak?

The fact that a face to face meeting with the barrister a week ago seemed to suggest there would be another meeting at this predicted end? In this other city tomorrow in other words. So to hear today via the usual channel was a bit what I expected and I wondered why then the meeting took place last week?

Not that it matters much.

So the real end of all this we are not told is August, though what I’m saying is this might have been an educated guess by the solicitors? Or maybe not.

My plans for version manoeuvrings has been out on hold once again and I guess I have 8 weeks to kill.

A bit annoying when your eager to get there for various reasons mainly to do with missing everyone and meeting someone… new. Also long overdue but hopefully this will be a thing of the past now?

Something else that was forced upon me by two other public services I still have to deal with. But the end of this legal case and the fact that we have won so emphatically means the others now all get blown down in the aftermath of all this.

Because lying to me, cheating me and defrauding me was just one set of things they did. These themselves, regardless of time and pain, do bit even compare to something I have not been forthcoming about on here, though it’s on record and have witnesses, that they failed to do for me which meant that they contributed to what has been revealed regarding the crimes of this case these public services are guilty of.


So it’s a bit weird. I’m thoroughly bored and the weather really needs to play nice for a couple of months.

If I travelled to where I want to be now I really need to be there up until about 6 weeks after the cheque arrives. To help go through a target big purchase. Be there so that nothing goes awry and to help keep watch of the ravenous wolf. Liable to become rabid if it gets even a whiff of a scent. Especially as I didn’t years in the planning of all this only to see them walk away with something that is not theirs. Making sure a purchase guess through will help put my mind at rest at no one can steal a house!

I do mean steal and it’s been done before!

Keen eyed and smart readers may realise I just set a little trap? Just in case! Lol!

It’s been getting a bit boring here and in desperate for a chance of scenery. Though with better weather I can get out on my new bike and with my camera, which seen to take dreadful photos so wondering if I should get it’s more powerful replacement? Which oddly is £100 or more cheaper then the model I have I bought in PC World!

Therein lies yet another problem. A minimum of 80% of the electronic goods I have bought have been refurbished and faulty, despite them supposed to be new and from Argos and PC World and I do bit want to go through that again!

I already lost months of work previously with this! Right not the camera, or one camera, is a very important to for me. I can’t emphasise this enough. If I get out on a day or two days riding 20 miles each day only to have the camera being faulty this is a huge waste of both fine and energy along with pain I endure and miss out on dozens of photos and videos for each one.

As I went through three Nikons and one Olympus consecutively with Argos and every single one ended up faulty, out the box twice and one a couple of months later, and after a month of this asked for refund, then another weeks work wasted and bought my Sony camera from PC World. This was OK until now, 2 years, but I had four of these Advent Tablet PCs all breakdown a dozen times collectively and a refurbished Corsair Vengeance Keyboard of £120 that has a bend in its aluminium frame…well you get the idea?

The lack of the use of a car and this damn disability is most frustrating in periods similar to this one. Very few more so than this one.

Having someone cry on the phone I moments when these evil bastards are acting as if they are going to win or having someone falsely arrested and falsely charged in an an attempt to cast a shroud of doubt over someone who had turned from being the accused into the accuser was probably the worst I can think of.

Had I been there several Police Officers would be nursing broken noses and being fed through straws when they made their arrest.

This new low asking with refusing a phone call to their solicitor has me in a rage while also realising that we was winning very well and these were acts of desperation.

I knew they were acts in vain but the person being arrested didn’t. After all, who would disbelieve the Police? Or a social workers department? Or the CPS or Cafcass?

Well me for one and a few hours later the entire legal firm too!

But to someone in their early twenties?

Fortunately not they are much wiser and have not only discovered once and for all you cannot trust them, desire my best intentions and lectures, but that the legal team has stated you cannot trust any of these people either.

What I have managed to achieve here is not only scare the hell out of them but in the future when this is over nine of them will come within a bloody mile off the person they did all this to!

At the same time it might be something very scary to get your head around that these organisations that you think do their jobs and everyone trusts cannot actually be trusted.

This is difficult for me to come to terms with at my age and after years of knowing that they are corrupt. So how can anyone expect someone young to take all this onboard?

I have been posting all this sort of stuff on here for almost three years now. I have no doubt that so the victims have not doubted anything I have said but shocked hire suffragist it is before realising that it makes sense because if one is corrupt it’s not much of a stretch that they all are.

Others though would be trekking themselves it cannot be possible and hopefully keep coming back here to check. Only they lose out if they do not. However, the publishing of this case and it’s details, minus a few edits, and suddenly the proverbial did gates will open

All it will do though is rubber stamp everything I have ever said and ever done. It will come as a real shock to the system though and I’ve no doubt any readers who come back to read more but scared or just not sure whether to tell loved ones and friends about this blog will suddenly realise something very real and very bad had been going on for many, many years.

That this has been ongoing in the background the while time I have been working on everything else and that the details to this which is about to be revealed has been right here all along.

Right now I just wish I city’s go into a cryogenic tube to be suspended in stasis fur the next couple of months. Or perhaps go on holiday for a couple of months?!

Fat chance right now.

Being umm…there now would mean too long a stay. I’m difficult to be around for any length of time…lol, well I say that but that’s because everyone thinks I talk utter garbage. Something that is soon to become a thing a thing of the past.

It’s the victory to end all victories, the facts to put paid to all remaining enemies and battles. The war to end all wars not forgetting putting paid to all doubters about absolutely anything.

The thing to come from all this?

Oh just people might actually start to learn to help themselves and others?

Well what did you think the point of all this was?

OK, yes it is multifaceted! Lol! But this was one main goal. Because I had to achieve this goal before my ultimate goal could be achieved.

Yes the protection of the one the legal case is about and letting everyone know that from his on the area is strictly out if bounds with some very severe penalties if ignored. To alleviate the terrible life and childhood that was lived I ultimately feel responsible for and have done for the last two decades.

To shed a curse from my life that has clung to my back like a tonne of bricks and guilt I could never find a way to repay.

I still think that no amount of money can make up for the horrors and therein lies the rub. Therein lies the biggest clue that so many people failed to pick up on, even relatives. One that suggest talked about another ex and how terrible she was?!

I simply said…

‘No, not like this ex. The acts of this one led to this possible million pounds pay out that could be more!’

There simply was no answer to that. What answer could there ever possibly be?

Twenty years ago I both warned and predicted this. In these last two decades I warned and predicted many other things too. It mattered bit what people thought, most of the time.

Because I was simply never going to allow my warnings and predictions to be just talk.

No matter how king it took and what it cost me I add always going to succeed in the end and nothing and no one was ever going to stop me.

I really hate this tablet PC!


I imagine that details for this case will be a matter of public record so likely published when it’s over somewhere? Likely online too as I have read several case files in the last few years. Just don’t ask me which ones or what for!


OK this is going to be am unexpected announcement regarding that quadruple of revelations I keep being told is a week or two weeks away.

Now this has come from the solicitor you understand and not the barrister or the High Court Judge and it is an unknown quantity in several areas because of there being no precedent.

First off I was told I was right in a phone-call. I was correct in everything and finally we have been told that the Supreme Court is indeed involved.

Now remember the High Court barrister stated a week ago that it is at an end and that it will be decided upon by the end of this week. Or by tomorrow.

Also remember that we have gotten a little confused recently with the solicitor but like I said, this has never been done before which means there is no precedent. Also there are four organisations we are talking about here and I know they have all been accused.

However one or two of these might likely not have enough against them for anything substantial. I will state that two, however, do and that this is posted and dated on here.

The solicitor seems to have been under the impression we already knew the figures involved and was surprised when she was told that she had never mentioned anything. Or likely did and someone had tunnel vision or focused too much on the wrong area and did not hear. I think she would have remembered this though, lol. The only one that has mentioned damages throughout, and even before this case started three years ago, yes long before the blog started, … umm … is me!

Now I knew it was going to be very big but the people I know are … well … from a bit negative, doubting Thomas’ to egotistical and jealous people. As I said to the trainee solicitor who said this case was worth millions … “Err there are one or two people I know I wish was standing here right now! Good to talk to someone that immediately understands and all I get is patronizing tones, rolled eyes or looking around the room like I am mental and that was with a deliberate underestimation of the figure of £250,000 to £500,000.

My ‘friend’ remembered me telling her that I believed it would fall somewhere between £750,000 and £2 Million. She was told something within that figure today was put forward to one of the defendants, who actually started this off as accusers, who offered a little under 6 figures. The solicitor said no and we will let the Supreme Court decide.

The solicitor stated previously that she did not want to state what she actually thought would be awarded in case it came in lower and she was wrong. I mentioned this in a previous post. She was open about being worried about stating what she thinks it will be.

Today she gave a figure she felt safe revealing because this was the minimum based on things that may have gone previously that shared some similarity. That figure as also one of those two figures and I was told I was correct about that too. It was the minimum I thought it would be and I thought we would get.

Simply knowing a case is worth millions is not it all, far from it. At the end of the day at least one thing and possibly more have no precedent.

There is of course one other thing that people should consider but do not. As stated this is a big case with a long list of very serious crimes being committed by at least two of the four.

Very serious crimes indeed.

The Supreme Court of England and Wales, I think is its full title, know this only too well and what they will also know is that there is a very big chance that the News Media will be all over this once it is done.

The figure as to match the crimes of which there are many serious ones been proved in court going back 9 years or so. The documentation goes back over twenty years and I am named throughout.

Even if the News Media have no idea currently about this case and maybe the mystery woman hiding in the corner taking notes who would not reveal who she is might have already been someone from the Supreme Court, it will not matter.

The very first solicitor stated they wanted to go to the media from day one. Around day one they knew it was a bloody big case and one worthy of front page national tabloid status. They all now state that the case has become far, far bigger then they ever imagined.

I imagine the thought of selling the story to a national tabloid has crossed the legal firms minds? If only to get another percentage out of another sizeable figure?

Even if they decided not to, my partner in crime might approach them on their own?

Then there are all the other possibilities too? It is entirely possible that relevant individuals know about this blog? They might be thinking about a book deal? They may have even come on here enough to know that I had already written two books on all this?

They may have just found out for the first time?!


There was one other thing too…and remember this is up in the air and no one seems to really know how long it is no more than a piece of string.

Arrival of damages been stated as August.

I do not know why…maybe it is because they will need to take money from their hidden bank accounts in Icel…no wait that went south for the winter…, or Switzerland or Lichtenstein or some Islands somewhere around the world?

So it has left my immediate plans up in the air, if this month of August is right, for whatever the reason which does not really matter.

Still there is the thing about it officially ending and the documentation to publish, after some heavy and very careful editing.

This could happen in the next few days still, even though the monies have been stated to be August, and I can publish them.

I want everyone to know what they have done and what punishments they will receive because the public have a right to know. But as stated I was always worried about them burying it as it is that damaging and I will not state as much as Rotherham Council but a lot more than that. If every council got found out to be doing similar stuff I very much doubt you will get a story like ours…no, no. I would be truly staggered if there was and would not only feel extreme amounts if sympathy for anyone suffering this much but would also offer my help no end.

So remember…it is not over just yet and all I had was the end of this week and now an August date to be added.

Anything could change…in theory. Though not according to the High Court barrister who I was just assuming was a High Court barrister but could well have been a Supreme Court barrister who explained that. The Supreme Court was not mentioned and despite asking my ‘friend’ to ask them this was not asked. Nor was their a question about precedents either.

But is has been explained for the first time today that the Supreme Court is involved and like I said that mystery lady could have been something to do with them? Mystery lady liked to play games about who she is and why she is there. Stating “Oh don’t worry I know you did not do it” along with a smile before stating “Oh you will find out who I am soon enough” could have been a Supreme Court representative. Only other possibility outside of national tabloid or TV News journalist with a confident statement like that one.

There is no big city anywhere near not like London where maybe someone from the Metro free paper, Evening Standard or some other big London rag there may well be out there. A local journalist I do not think would have made comments like that.

The message was to give an insinuation that the revealing of who they are would shock the person asking who she was. There is no other message other than that one. So national tabloid, TV News or Supreme Court are the only candidates on my list.

And now I am smiling!

Remember and as I said to someone today if I am confident enough in my predictions I will state it on here. Very little have I stated on my blogs have I got wrong. So it should be taken that everything I have stated and then fought to the end I have got right. So if I have published it then I am pretty confident I have it right.

There will always be little things I do not know and will get wrong.

I do not know the time-scales involved in setting precedents or even if there is one?!

I can tell you what is going to happen but I cannot tell you when it is going to happen. Sometimes it can come up out of nowhere, can be earlier than expected and can be far later than expected too!

I first thought I would be typing and posting this last year. Then I thought from what I heard it would be another year which would be this Autumn. Huh, I just thought…if it is August and gets pushed back a month then it would be Autumn!


Also remember…now a little reveal about the bigger picture … I, we approached the Local Government Ombudsman about this and they did nothing, indeed they lied to me.

Remember I explained the relevance of calling these things dominoes and that this was a big one and that there would be some very severe fallout?



Here is something I think might just come as a wake up call to those looking on here for information? Sometimes, some things just do not compute!

The one thing I think many do not stop and think about is numbers and specifically numbers of people. Now no doubt with more countries and their people affording smartphones and the world population always growing it’s safe to say the number on Internet users guess yo every year.

Umm, only I’ve just realised that their is something wrong with the headline in the BBC report I have linked below.


It states in the report that the number of Internet users in 2015, but we are still in 2015, is over 3.2 BILLION!

That surprises even me and would have put it closer to 2 billion myself but just a wild guess.

So the potential audience for anyone on the Internet is that 3.2 billion figure.

The more subjects I cover the more unique tag words I add to the ever growing list.

Hmm, I’ve just had a brilliant idea to attract double the amount of people I already am?! Oh how cool is this?! I should have thought of this way before now!! So bloody obvious!

Well I’ll start doing this, if I remember to do it… ooh need to make a list, but not mention it immediately and see if anyone spots it, lol.

So I can now add another dimension to reaching more people along with another coming over the next few weeks to a couple of months?!

Oh very cool. Umm…well if it works that is?

This way many more people can read about the corruption I uncovered in the UK, the amount of evidence I got for the biggest public services, government and big retail companies!

So let’s see over the coming weeks and months if it makes a difference?

Will be very interesting and… extremely bad news for Google!! Lol!

Internet used by 3.2 billion people in 2015 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32884867



Here is something I think might just come as a wake up call to those looking on here for information? Sometimes, some things just do not compute!

The one thing I think many do not stop and think about is numbers and specifically numbers of people. Now no doubt with more countries and their people affording smartphones and the world population always growing it’s safe to say the number on Internet users guess yo every year.

Umm, only I’ve just realised that their is something wrong with the headline in the BBC report I have linked below.


It states in the report that the number of Internet users in 2015, but we are still in 2015, is over 3.2 BILLION!

That surprises even me and would have put it closer to 2 billion myself but just a wild guess.

So the potential audience for anyone on the Internet is that 3.2 billion figure.

The more subjects I cover the more unique tag words I add to the ever growing list.

Hmm, I’ve just had a brilliant idea to attract double the amount of people I already am?! Oh how cool is this?! I should have thought of this way before now!! So bloody obvious!

Well I’ll start doing this, if I remember to do it… ooh need to make a list, but not mention it immediately and see if anyone spots it, lol.

So I can now add another dimension to reaching more people along with another coming over the next few weeks to a couple of months?!

Oh very cool. Umm…well if it works that is?

This way many more people can read about the corruption I uncovered in the UK, the amount of evidence I got for the biggest public services, government and big retail companies!

So let’s see over the coming weeks and months if it makes a difference?

Will be very interesting and… extremely bad news for Google!! Lol!

Internet used by 3.2 billion people in 2015 – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32884867



Well all know they lie.

They know that they lie.

But for dinner bizarre reason the new media which includes both TV news and tabloids seen to rest with shock each and every tiger they catch one?!

Sensationalising, in other words.

Still acting as if they are perfect, respectable and law abiding while pointing the fingers at both the top and the bottom for dishonesty and blame for the financial troubles and continuing financial crisis.

They love to have advisors and experts and love to quote them each time they say it’s getting better.

Yet despite 5 years of being told this and twisting the crap they have been unable to act on why this has been continuous bullshit and wrong nor why this is?!

Funny that!

I’m afraid to say that they simply have no idea what’s coming their way either! From such an unpredictable direction too.

In fact there will be a question put to them and each and every one of them too that they simply won’t be able to answer.

Proving what I said all along, which John German only joked about, with went they sheets ask viewers to send in their pictures and videos of stuff for free! Lol!

Even You’ve Been Crashed Framed give you £250 and that’s a rip off when presenters and hosts can get way, way, way above £8,000 an episode. Lol.

Sometimes you just have to see things for what they are and that is what is staring you directly in the face.

Amazing how many people miss the blatantly obvious.

Bruce defends Alistair Carmichael: Politicians tell lies – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-32881672


Well here is yet another subject I covered on here several months ago that not appears in the mainstream news.

It is to do with mobile phone signals.

Only O2 appears to be mentioned.

For some time things have deteriorated everywhere. In one it had been to do with mobile phones from just about so areas …

Google have made Android, QuickOffice and likely several other properties far worse, oh and Blogger and it’s app.

Not just O2 but all the networks have had connectivity problems for awhile.

Not forgetting that these big companies are allowed to mug and rob you in a way that a small business would have the book thrown at them

By unfairly and without permission… err without telling you install their own software to cripple your phone.

By placing unfair days limits on your phone and despite this …

Want you to pay between two and four times each month due each of your devices that quite possibly did not sell you or manufacture any of them!

This makes the law an ass and shows me beyond doubt that the law is only their for the poorer in society and does not apply to the rich and powerful.

For this reason the laws do not apply to me because they repeatedly she that they do not apply to everyone.

You may have noticed this about me in just this blog alone? I have a devil may care attitude towards things and am guided by morals only.

If it don’t apply to one then it is null and void and does not apply to anyone for me.

A nation is not one giant school where the rich are the teachers and everyone else the kids who the rules only apply to.

Laws and rules apply to morals and morals are never changing. In mathematics, or computing, things that change are known as variables and things that don’t are constants. Computers have systems, or run on operating systems and programs, or software, is itself another system. Get the variables or constants wrong and things may run OK for hours, days or weeks even. But eventually it will collapse.

That’s it. The end.

In any system at all changing a constant to a variable will result in a collapse and if any of them don’t see this then they are idiots.

This is because they very thing, or reason, these rules and laws exist don’t have their intended effect. Either through money, power or a law industry containing solicitors that have become a joke have decked it all for years. Once it’s been seen enough times and obvious to enough people the while thing collapses.

Everyone losses faith, due not give it why credibility any more and asks themselves why they bother paying any intention to it.

In my case people got lucky… because had I been immoral, and look about this blog… I have enough reasons to have become immoral and evil, but I didn’t.

Not everyone would, however and that is what concerns me at times.

What is and will be funny to witness are the lame arse excuses they have and will come it with that get ever lamer still.

I have had excuses so pathetic I wonder how in Earth they got to where they are with their obvious incompetence?! Literally!

The second half of this year and starting very early and even just prior to the second half of 2015 even getting under way, this will become obvious. On here at any rate.

I pull no punches, make promises and not threats and will carry out everything I intended to from day one. I will not take prisoners! I am afraid they had their chances over and over again and these … err chances were not only another chance for them to admit their failings and do something about it but also a trap. Every single time!

The longer they take, the mir they refuse and the more they play dumb and say incompetent things the worse they look.

Right to until the proverbial bomb goes off and the proverbial shit hits the turbocharged and overly large fan.

I passed the point of inevitability with them some time ago but I did not say anything. Oh I hinted a few times but this only adds to view bad they will all look when the time comes.

Very, very late on I will even sort of hint at it in an obvious way only to make them look even more pathetic when the time comes. Making you, the British public, ask how in the world these idiots each for their jobs and what the fuck are you paying them for or how in the world can they do their jobs, run that organisation or investigate, fight it fine anyone when they are clearly… incompetent.

There are still a very large percentage of extremely naïve people out there so in the dark to the truth.

Hmm…except I am pretty sure that this will not last beyond the end of this year… let’s call it a ‘gut feeling’ for now lol, and possibly before the summer is through? Lol.

So what is anyone doing about the fact that O2, and Luke I said not just them, are fucking their customers over? Have the refunded them all the months rental? I bet they haven’t.


That’s what this is pure and simple. Your taking someone’s money without giving them product. The other way around is theft so it’s theft end thereof.

Only now there all already ripples throughout society over this and I have a feeling this is going to go beyond tidal in the not too distant future?

I had someone comment on my letter video of complaint letters to Virgin Media and the three to different NHS departments I have been corresponding with for two years over a very serious complaint about test results and medical notes being altered and with the proof on recorded audio.

Two years.

The last letter said ‘What complaint?’ It’s lies of course and that’s the NHS and PHSO and the only other excuse they could possibly give would be to admit they are so incompetent.

Letters, emails, reference numbers, computers.

Sorry but you don’t lose files these days and if you want to ask about losing files… go ask a solicitor what would happen to them if they lost files! The punishment would be severe, let me tell you.

Bit public services and private companies have done this at every turn and better still …

They do not ask me for mine or even enquire to the different things I possess in the way of proof on absolutely anything.

Oh and I am not sure if a week ago Monday I mentioned that PC World phoned me and kept apologising about their fuck up?

‘Terribly sorry…yes your right… this terribly on us… we look dreadful and unprofessional’

Then I’m told her name and that she will personally make sure that the vouchers to refund their crappy, appalling, useless, refuses to work properly, suspiciously showing down despite the most powerful tanker on the planet and newer dual cores running faster than these QUADS and faulty Android tablets, will be listed to me immediately.

That’s the second time I’ve been told that after being told I was a liar by several of their staff at their HQ. Until I oddly had to prove it because they had no record of the sales?!

Well it’s been two weeks and one again they have failed to turn up!

Timing… is…everything!

They are going to be ripped apart and insulted like I have never done before and the name calling well be bad asking with the accusations about them cheating VAT.

They think themselves clever in all this but they are not.

I will send them both a letter and an email this weekend. Meaning this week be a focus on the blog for the next couple of weeks.

This will also be true of Waltham Forest Council, JBW Group and the NHS along with one or two others for the next could of weeks.

In posts… on this blog…for the next few weeks… is really a place you do not want to be!

I cannot emphasise this enough. Really I can’t!

This will very soon become clear, surprised if it’s not not inside of a week.

Lol, oh and if it’s not bloody obvious on here… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

As for Google, go back to a black screen with a blank field to enter text and with a stupid childish like name to speak to children…

It’s the only thing I can remember you was any good… ooh wait, no. Your being investigated for that too are’nt you?!


MP Sajid Javid tells O2 to ‘sort it’ over network signal problems – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-32878936


Yesterday a series of bizarre things occurred that was topped off by the fact that Google and their ridiculous Blogger and crap app and operating system left me furious for losing several thousands of words of a post I typed out.

So now I am having to do it all over again.

Now I announced that I bought a game yesterday that, in my YouTube account at least, I said I had swore previously I would not buy. I was initially interested until playing the previous game to catch up to the story led to several sections grinding to a very frustrating halt. Added to that it was confusing in places and I am sure there was a glitch because it would not let me move forward in the story until I had done something I was sure I had already done and the game would not let me do?!

Eventually and after a week of going back in and trying to do the thing it would not let me do it eventually did it.

There was also a serious issue with running the game early on and inn fact if I installed beyond a certain patch number it refused to run at all.

Buggy, glitchy and absolutely the worst boss battles, which I do not like a great deal anyway, I have ever seen and I thought Deus Ex Human revolution was bad!

A few days before the game I bought was released I started noticing all the reviewers crowing on about how fantastic the game looked. Enough to raise an eyebrow.

Then literally a day or two before its release an unusual situation where suddenly there were a lot of reviews, which i thought a bit odd as the game had not released yet?! The scores were absolutely incredible and I simply had to take notice. Because across the board this game was getting between 92 and 97 percent and even a 10 out of 10 was spotted.

Thereby suggesting that it simply had to be better than both of Bethesda’s top titles, Fallout and Elder Scrolls.

I had another extension to a few tasks I have to do have another weeks wait added to them. This was initially why I bought Dying Light in the first place. But this had become boring. Oh it was fun and I was surprised when the novelty wore off, though to be fair it did take a while, I am probably not far from the end of the game and … annoyingly just as I started to get my favourite Katana sword.

So I decided to get this other game to fill in the 7 or 8 days in the periods, or days, when there was little or nothing to do and/or the weather was crap.

Only when I installed the game it did something rather strange and I thought I had stepped back in time by fifteen years. Still it installed without fuss, just a little odd.

I ran the game OK but while I was playing I kept thinking to myself ‘No, this isn’t right…I must have done something wrong in the settings?’ which was to do with the graphics but I had put everything on ‘Ultra’?!

I played for around three hours and that thought flashed through my mind a few dozen times and then some. But I did not bother looking back into it and decided I would look today.

The graphics were nothing like incredible and not even close and there were several other titles, some that were now considered old that were better! You do not call a games graphics incredible unless they are now the best graphics available in a computer game on a given platform. The END!

So they lied. Hmm?

I also started to think that a few other things that were mentioned about the game were a little off too, like the map size for one but hard to be sure right now. But I do have a map…and a physical one and it does not look that big. Also, and like its previous game, it does not tally up to the map in game. Bethesda have never had that problem but these guys have had it at least twice now.

Last night I was sitting on my bed when one of my apps sent me a notification about an article that had been published in PC Gamer magazine. It was their latest ‘Face Off’ article which I have always thought a little weird to be honest. I have often wondered if the article was genuine, or both sides were, or they just put an argument in to ‘create’ both sides of any given argument. When I saw the article’s headline I raised an eyebrow!

It was whether or not it is right to show of a vastly advanced in graphics early demo of a game early on that looks nothing like it does when it is released! Ooh dear, I had to go and have a quick look as this was weird based on what I had been asking myself while playing this new title.

Now this was the closest to launch day that I have ever bought a title and these days and in all honesty I tend to like reading customer reviews instead of magazine reviews. Because they are more accurate and this has always been worrying. Now you can take it from me that I am somewhat of a authority on this as I have been into PC’s and gaming a long time. Once upon a time I would end up with four or more copies of different PC gaming magazine titles in my house for the same month because of a game I was hugely interested in. I had PC Gamer’s first issue, and may still have somewhere and used to but titles like PC Zone among others. Now there is only two magazines left and one is not specifically a gaming magazine anyway, which is PC Format.

When I saw the topic of this ‘Face Off’ I was like … WTF?! A debate? How can their be a debate on something like this? What kind of idiot would actually put an argument in favour of gamers being duped and wound up quite deliberately by these greedy companies?! What sort of moron … ahem, well you get the idea?

First off this is simply wrong because you have to create said false impression ion the first place and this costs money, so have at least some knowledge of business when you make statements like this.

Secondly these over the top previews are long before the games come out and your going to try and tell me that the coders had no idea what hardware was going to be out when the game was released? God almighty, even the gamers mostly know what is coming out and when and we always know things get delayed … and delayed and delayed.

Thirdly, and despite the best intentions of the reviewers of magazines and sites…oh wait, did I say ‘best’, graphics cards have not moved on in leaps and bounds in the past couple of years. come to think of it neither have CPUs and APUs either, despite what moronic fanboys who like working for free like to state constantly. So I am pretty sure the game coders have known for a few years that there is going to be a bit of a stagnation going on a couple of years?

So what the fuck are these reviewers playing at?!

Oh wait? I almost forgot! It gets better still!

As I am reading the article…I could not believe it when I saw the very same game mentioned several times that I had only just bought of which I was asking myself those exact same questions about and not even had time to go back into the options today and look into because I thought something was wrong!!

The Witcher 3 the Wild Hunt!

Err so what the fuck are these reviewers playing at?

Now I am not sure if anyone is aware of this but I have a blog and a subject that takes up a lot of my time.

On this blog what I do is I gather evidence and post it up. I often make long term predictions about this stuff and then spend months acquiring what I need to prove what I had earlier predicted.

This has had a 100% success rate thus far and in the next couple of weeks is going to go nuts and there is the likely possibility that the tabloids or TV News media may ba all over it like a rash? Jeez, I am not looking forward to that, let me tell you.

The subject?

Corruption in the UK among all of the public services I have dealt with and that is most including the NHS, four local councils, the DWP, Atos, two Police Forces, HMRC, secret services, debt collectors, bailiffs and all their associated ombudsmen along with half a dozen retail chains like Argos and PC World, among others. The Criminal Prosecutions Service and Cafcass are also under scrutiny right now. Now before you start thinking what most do…go back two paragraphs and read again…SLOWLY until it has sunk in!

Or in other words over 100GB of secretly recorded audio, some video even, letters, documents, emails, screen-shots and all other manner of evidence has been acquired and some go back 20 years. This will all become not only crystal clear but also become immediately obvious what is going in in a mere few weeks time.

My point here being that no matter where I have looked not only have things been corrupt but they have turned out far worse than even I imagine.

Everywhere, everyone gets screwed because for a very long time this was encouraged at first and then told that this was merely the way things are, sometimes with stupid lines like ‘Oh well that’s business!’

If your in the UK…well look where we are now? Even of late how many times and for how long now have we been told on TV and in the tabloids that things are getting better? From the moment they did that four years ago I cried ‘foul!’ I have now done this for the last four years.

One person looks correct while everyone else in the media look wrong!

You just have to love the Internet sometimes! At least I it it to good use, lol.

But like everything else I see and have dealt with those people that are supposed to be asking the awkward questions, are supposed to be their for ‘us’ the consumers or are tasked with being the watchdogs that dish out punishments for abusing the customer base…well, do nothing. Yet get paid for it?! Either via the public’s taxes or straight from our own pockets!

Now I would have liked at any point in the past twenty years for a single body to come along and ask the right questions or make changes to bad things going on but out of personal gain and selfish attitudes no one has done this.

Around a decade back I decided that I would have to be the one to do it despite the fact it would cost me dearly, I wont get paid and people…well they just do not listen.

So I scraped together what I could and started mounting up data. In August 2012 I started up y corruption blog asaintcalledallnights.blogspot.com and started to publish everything I had and for the two years and ten months would continue recording, gathering and publishing.

What those I have attacked full on and front on did not know was this … I had a court case going on somewhere that I had initially set up. This three year case is quite revealing, shocking and has a bar on it currently so no one can publish anything about it. It involves four of the above already names people. It has been won and has leapt from family courts, to crown courts to now a High Court with an involvement from the Supreme Court.

The legal team stated in the beginning that they were shocked how big it was.

Right now the legal team and the family court judge now say that it is far, far bigger then even the huge case they thought it was from the start and had seen nor heard nothing like it.

Oh and it is in its final week, two at the most.

Oh dear, does it all sound so far fetched now?! Lol!

Well think about it. It is just a worse case scenario similar in some ways the the bloody rip offs and lies we are being fed, even us gamers.

But getting back the that ever lasting point?

Well it just so happens that wherever I look it is rotten, corrupt and/or evil.

Now you know why I have attacked certain…publications from time to time and cried foul play?

Now you know why I did this with confidence.

Because I have yet to be proved wrong.

Oh yeah and I have attacked, fought and beaten some of the big organisations going and it is four out of four so far, in case you were wondering, and that does not include the four that have just lost this court case! Or the fact that my four dominoes have now been joined by a bloody great big one that is going to take out a whole list of other names when it clatters to the ground.

Oh dear.

Do you think it would be nice if one day all this crap stopped?

Well hold on there tiger, what do you think I have been doing the last decade?

You may have heard this but Rome was not built in a day? These organisations are big and famously take an inordinate amount of time to do anything, that includes fall into traps I set for them. But then I took and used this inordinate amount of time they take and found a way to turn this around so that this very attitude worked against them.

This year and next year, 2016, will see the first fruits of these labours. Hopefully in 2016 the bullshit surrounding games will stop and someone will have to grow some gonads and put a stop to these evil and greedy publishers who have nothing to do with the creation of a game. Well mostly…well not enough to give them the right to do what they do to us.

What games wont be created without them? Oh, come on now?


I call it all ‘The Do Nothing But Get Paid Brigade’.